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  • Revan's line to Atris concerning his memory:
    Revan (exasperated): No, I don't remember. My memory has more holes in it than a Kaminoan sponge!
  • Just like much of the dialogue in the game implies, Revan does seem to be a Deadpan Snarker and a Troll who enjoys pissing other people off.

    • For example, after Atris insulted him and Bastila, he responded by quoting the Jedi Code at hernote  implying that even as an ultra-traditionalist, she is not very good at keeping her emotions in check, resulted in her storming off.
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    • Then, when meeting Clan Ordo for the first time under a hidden identity, he complimented the clan leader by praising on how good a speaker she is, knowing fully well this is considered a great insult to the clan considering how Mandolorians hate diplomats.

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