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  • The Imperial commander's lines in II's Capture The Flag mode. Hearing him say "The Rebels have foolishly dropped the flag," conjures up an image of a Rebel carrying the flag along and then just kind of spontaneously deciding to throw it away because he forgot what he was supposed to do with it or something. "Whoever dropped the flag will pay for their incompetence!" is also a good one.
    • "The Rebels have lost the flag. A pity."
  • What about the Republic commander when the CIS scores a point?
    • "That's a point for the CIS. Damn!"
  • For once the CIS has one, too, complete with a Shout-Out to their spiritual ancestor.
  • The Artificial Stupidity of your AI teammates. Or better yet, when it's the enemy AI that's stupid.
  • One of the built-in cheat codes is for "Party Effects Mode". These effects include comic-book style hit effects when someone gets smacked with a lightsaber, and humorous captions when Rebels are killed by Wampas.
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  • On maps in II where the CIS' "hero" unit is Jango Fett, troopers will occasionally remark "It's Jango! And he brought his head!"
  • The Imperial announcer in II is named in the manual as "Smarmy British Palpatine Ally". Yes, for realsies.
  • One quote from a clone trooper if accidentally shot by a friendly: "Was it something I said?!"
  • In both games, the Rebel Alliance has different tank unit. Both, however, have the exact same backstory of designs lost by engineers from the same company in a game of Sabacc and picked up by the Alliance. Both designs are considered canon (for the old EU, anyway), as they have both appeared in other games, meaning either both designs were lost at the same time, or the same incident happened to the same company on two separate occasions.
  • The launch trailer for DICE's Battlefront features Boba Fett losing control of his jetpack and hovering precariously over the Sarlacc pit, until he manages to correct his flight whilst saying "That won't happen again"
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  • The very few ways you can kill Hero units in SWBF 1 are amusing in context. The idea of Darth Vader, the highly-feared Supreme Commander of the Galactic Empire, getting killed because a rebel on a speeder bike rammed into him can be pretty damn funny.
  • The Rebels get some of the funniest unit chatter in the second game:
    "I'm takin' you down, plastic boy!"
    "Yeah, that armor worked real well, didn't it?"
    "I can't shake... oh, wait. 'Kay, never mind."
    (when the player is on a killing spree) "Can I borrow some of your midi-chlorians?"/"The Force is with that bro!"
  • Some of the Mission Control's responses to heroes entering/leaving battle, especially the ones of the Oh, Crap! variety.
    CIS announcer: Master Yoda has joined the battle. Refresh anti-panic subroutine!
    CIS announcer: Master Kenobi has joined the battle. Prepare pain receptors!
    Imperial announcer: Darth Vader has entered the battle. Try to stay out of his way.
    Imperial announcer: The so-called "Jedi" Skywalker has left his friends to die.
    Rebel announcer: Vader's exited the battlefield. Now maybe we'll have a chance.
    Republic announcer: Jango Fett has entered the battle. Try not to lose your heads.
    Republic announcer: Ki-Adi-Mundi has joined the battle. Follow the head!
    • The troopers are no slouch either:
    Clone trooper: Boba Fett? Cripes, that kid grew up faster than we did!
    Clone trooper: What's the Emperor doing here? On second thought... who cares? KILL HIM!
    Clone trooper: Look out! It's Major Malevolence! Er, uh... General Grievous!
    Stormtrooper: (fighting Princess Leia) Now, I know most of you haven't seen a woman in three months, but let's try to be professional about this.
    Stormtrooper: Skywalker? No one said anything about fighting Skywalker! I'm outta here!
    Stormtrooper: Yoda? They're not paying me enough for this!
    Stormtrooper: It's Kenobi! Let's give him a great disturbance in his Force!
    Stormtrooper: Do we have to kill Secura? I was kinda hoping to get her holo number...note 
    Rebel soldier: Hey hey, ho ho, Palpatine has got to go!
    Rebel soldier: Pile on the old guy!
    Rebel soldier: It's Boba Fett! Aim for his jetpack, he hates that!
  • Most Game Mods are very serious, ranging from things like reenacting scenes from the movies to creating new storylines to follow. But then, there's this mod, which, while it's generally hated by many due to the concept alone, can also be hilarious because of that same concept. What does it do? Replace the Rebel Alliance units with ponies!

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