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Heartwarming / Star Wars: Battlefront

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  • The Playstation Holiday 2015 ad featuring Star Wars Battlefront. A bored office worker notices his old R2D2 figurine and begins reminiscing about how how much fun he and his childhood best friend used to have pretending they were Star Wars characters. Suddenly, his buddy shows up outside his window in an X-Wing fighter! A second fighter shows up with an empty cockpit, and the office worker pushes his chair through the plate glass window and jumps to the empty X-Wing. The two friends then fly off to do battle with the forces of the Galactic Empire. This commercial also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
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  • Republic ending in Galactic Conquest mode in II, which is also a Moment of Awesome, with Mace Windu killing Palpatine, Obi-Wan killing Grievous, and Anakin becoming a Jedi Master.

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