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Heartwarming / Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)

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Warning! Spoilers Off for moment pages. You Have Been Warned.
  • Iden has shown to be different from the other Stormtroopers and cared about her men.
    • Even captured, she has a Mama Bear moment when the captain mentioned that her droid would be torn apart. Later, she trusted her reactivated droid to find and free her.
    • After escaping, she compliments Meeko as without him, the mission wouldn't have gone as smoothly.
    • After the destruction of the Death Star, Iden and Inferno Squad lead the surviving Stormtroopers to escape the rebel-infested Endor.
  • Luke saving Del Meeko. Despite being on two different sides, the two were able to work together to stay alive with Luke warning Meeko about the dangers of working for the Empire and before they depart.
    Del: So, What happens now? We both walk off in separate directions and pretend like this never happened?
    Luke: I don't think you can. There's still conflict in you.
    Del: Of course there's conflict in me — I'm not blind! I know what the Empire's capable of. But what else is there?
    Luke: A choice.
    Del: The Rebellion?
    Luke: No. A choice to be better.
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  • Combined with Funny Moments, Maz didn't blame Chewbacca for bringing the Empire to Takodana.
  • Iden and Del's Big Damn Kiss at the conclusion of the Battle of Jakku. In a a story full of war and death, there's still places to find love and hope.
  • Leia helps lead the defense of the planet of Naboo - which, unbeknownst to her, is the home planet of her mother.

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