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Drinking Game / Star Wars: Battlefront

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To be played in offline Conquest or Assault mode on any land or any space battlefield respectively.

  • Whenever you're killed, take a drink.
    • Take two if you're killed by a native, such as an Ewok or Wookiee.
    • Take three if you're killed by friendly fire (including yourself) or the map.
  • When one of your Command Posts is taken from you, take a drink.
    • When you capture a Command Post, take a drink.
    • If you capture all of the Command Posts and win off that, take a celebratory shot. Conversely, down a bottle if you lost because the enemy took all the Command Posts.
  • When you use a Hero, take a drink.
    • When you die as a Hero, take a drink.
    • When you die as a Hero as a direct result of either friendly fire or your allies running into your path, take two drinks.
  • When you get into a vehicle, take a drink to make sure you're drunk-driving.
  • Every time you kill the friendly AI, take a drink.
    • Every time it's not your fault, take two drinks. Polis Massa and the Tantive IV will not be kind.
      • Every time it is your fault because you've killed them on purpose for being a pain in the ass, take three drinks.
  • Whenever the AI crashes a ship into a hangar wall, take a drink.
  • In the first game, if an enemy hero is spawn-camping your Command Post, take a drink.
  • If you find yourself face to face with a Droideka while playing as the Republic, take a drink.
  • For the AI's questionable handling of explosives, and to make sure you'll be throwing grenades just like them:
    • Whenever a bot throws a grenade into a wall, take a drink.
    • Whenever a bot blows itself up throwing grenades at a vehicle, take a drink.
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    • If there were no walls or vehicles in the way and the bot still manages to blow itself up, take three drinks.

If you ever somehow play online:

  • Take a drink whenever someone throws a det pack at you
    • Take another drink if it was a land mine.
  • Take a drink if you're sniped
    • Take a sip if they actually sniped you rather than no-scoped it.
  • Whenever the announcer says that the enemy is losing reinforcements, take a drink.

Star Wars Battlefront III

  • Take a sip every time you get killed by the Cycler Rifle/DL-19 combo.
  • Take a drink every time you accidentally jump into your own thermal detonator.
    • Take 2 if it was a thermal imploder
      • Empty the cup if you jetpack into an orbital strike
      • Drink everything you can if you get mid-air roadkilled.
  • Take a sip every time you miss a melee. (I claim no responsibilities for any deaths due to alcohol poisoning)
  • Take a shot every time you get spawnkilled.
  • Take a drink every time you get into an AT-AT but don't get more than a couple kills.
    • Take 2 if you bring down an orbital strike on an area full of rebel scum but don't get any kills.
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    • Take one every time a significant amount of time n the AT-AT is wasted by a clever player.
  • Take a victory sip every time you use the jump pack to dunk on an enemy vehicle or large enemy force.

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