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    The Film 

The Film

  • Poe Dameron taunting Hux by calling him "General Hugs" repeatedly before single-handedly taking on the Dreadnought's defense turrets with his X-wing. The entire exchange between the two is utterly gold.
    Poe: This is Commander Poe Dameron of the Republic fleet, I have an urgent communique for General Hugs.
    Hux: This is General Hux of the First Order. The Republic is no more. Your fleet are rebel scum and war criminals. Tell your precious princess there will be no terms, there will be no surrender...
    Poe: Hi, I'm holding for General Hugs.
    Hux: This is Hux. You and your friends are doomed. We will wipe your filth from the galaxy.
    Poe: Okay. I'll hold.
    Hux: Hello?
    Poe: Hello? Yup. I'm still here.
    Hux: Can you... [turns to the communications officer] Can he hear me?
    Poe: Hugs?
    [The officer nods]
    Hux: He can?
    Poe: With an 'H'? Skinny guy. Kinda pasty.
    Hux: I can hear you. Can you hear me?
    Poe: Look, I can't hold forever. If you reach him, tell him Leia has an urgent message for him...
    Peavey: I believe he's tooling with you, sir.
    Poe: ... About his mother.
    Hux (enraged): OPEN FIRE!
    • Made even funnier when you read the supplementary material and realize that Hux is an illegitimate child.
    • Funnier still is the way the ominous music stops when Poe starts trolling them.
    • Look at a few of the First Order officers during this - a couple of them seem to be corpsing.
    • How quickly Poe gets Hux to accept the inherently insane premise. At first, he patches Poe through just to gloat about how screwed the Resistance is, but by the end, he seems genuinely frustrated and concerned that Poe can't hear him, talking to Poe like he's on the other end of a laggy Skype call.
  • While Poe is rampaging across the surface of the dreadnought, Hux contacts its captain and demands that they shoot him down. The captain says they need to scramble fighters to do that. While he's walking away from the communicator, you can hear Hux's muffled "Oh, no shi...".
  • Hux's face exactly before Snoke contacted him and after the Resistance destroyed Fulminatrix and escaped says it all.
    • The lead up to Snoke's appearance.
    Officer: General; Supreme Leader Snoke is making contact from his ship.
    Hux (Looking nervous): *Beat* Excellent! I'll...uh...take it in my chambers...
    Snoke: General Hux!
    Hux (Still super-nervous): Ah! Good!....Supreme Lead-*AUGH!*.... (Snoke slams Hux on the floor and slides him around like a rag).
  • Just before Paige drops the bombs, you can see that a couple of the bombs have slogans or graffiti written on one of them. One features (in Aurebesh) the slogan "Han says hi", the other features a giant smiley face, making it a literal Happy Fun Ball.
  • While Captain Canady's face can be interpreted as Face Death with Dignity right before Fulminatrix is destroyed without even needing to say any Famous Last Words, you can also interpret his expression essentially saying "...well, shit."
  • After Kylo Ren destroys his helmet in the elevator, he encounters a male and very youthful-looking female officers who both react in surprise as if they didn't expect Ren to be there. If you remember Ren's prone to anger in The Force Awakens is infamous even among the First Order personnel, it's not hard to imagine that they expected to be Ren's punching bag until he merely orders them to prepare his ship.
    • It's also possible that, given how often he wore his mask, they might have no idea what he looks like under it. If so, their jumping in surprise could be interpreted as not just a fearful reaction, but genuinely wondering who the heck this guy is before recognizing him by his voice/outfit.
    • One can almost imagine them thinking; "Who's this weird long-haired Goth kid yelling at us....Wait! Is that....Lord Ren?!"
  • In a tense moment, Leia snaps at C-3PO to take "that worried look off your face," to which a baffled Threepio can only reply with a confused, stuttered "I'll... Certainly try."
  • Finn, Rose, BB-8, and DJ escape Canto Bight prison by releasing and riding fathiers that stampede through the casino. It goes about as well as you'd expect large horse-like creatures running on a slippy floor to go. A lot of stuff gets smashed.
  • Once they’ve all escaped Canto Bight, DJ translates an offhanded remark from BB-8 that he (DJ) stole their new ship. The droid then feigns innocence when DJ reminds him that they stole it "together".
    • Heck; DJ basically being BB-8's potential buddy and calling the droid "Roundy".
  • A lot of DJ’s language tics come off as funny for how out of place they can feel, such as saying “blip blappity bloop” during his description of his plan or referring to Finn as Big-F upon betraying Finn and Rose.
    • In the novelization; The bit with "Blip Blappity Bloop" is replaced by something just as amusing....
    DJ:"Cloaking our approach," he said. "We should be off their scopes. Now we slice a slit in their shield and slip through. 'Slice a slit in…'—hm. Say that five times fast."
  • DJ's looks, expressions and mannerisms can be funny and quirky, too.
  • One of he very first shots of DJ in the entire film is....his nasty feet in holey socks (while sleeping). In the novelization, he even scratches himself. Finn & Rose's first reaction is like "No. Just, no". He then gets up.....struts over to the cell door in a rather amusing fashion (humming a little tune) and breaks himself out, waving at the dumbfounded two as he leaves.
  • More on DJ: Finn and Rose are being chased by the Canto Bight cops and get cornered by a cliff. It all seems hopeless....only for another cool ship to appear and hover over them. The bay door opens and IT'S BB-8! Finn and Rose ask, "You can fly that thing?!" only for DJ to walk down the spiral-stairs, lean on it and smugly call out in adorkable fashion....
    "Y-y-y-you n-n-need a lift?!"
  • BB-8 trying to fix the fried part of the ship's circuits, in the same manner one would plug a hole on a leaky boat, with him letting prongs out from a tool arm. After a couple of times, he lets out the binary equivalent of "Uh-oh."
    • Every time BB-8 plugs one "hole", another opens up. By the time we get a look at his progress, there's at least a dozen "holes" with a spidery mass of spikes plugging them... And one more opens up. At this point he just gives up and rams his head into the whole circuit board.
    • The appendages are funny, too, as they have appendages of their own....which have appendages of their own. It's rather cartoonish-looking and the question comes up as to why such a feature would exist....Crazy-Prepared indeed!
    • The novelization adds to this by showing BB-8 dealing with the intelligent computer on Black One and deciding that it's a pain in the ass. (Yes, BB-8 actually thinks that.)
  • When Poe lands in the Resistance command ship BB-8 says that sees "Finn naked leaking bag" which prompts Poe to ask if the droid "blew a chip". Finn then wanders into the corridor, still wearing a bacta suit which is punctured and leaking everywhere.
    • Just before that; We see Finn struggle and flop out of the gurney where he was recovering with bacta stuff squirting all over the place.
    • Poe then says that Finn must have a thousand questions, but he actually only has one: "Where's Rey?"
  • The first scene between Rey and Luke picks up right from the end of The Force Awakens, with Rey handing Luke his old lightsaber. For two years, the fans have been waiting to see what Luke will do next, and what does he actually do in this moment everyone's been awaiting with bated breath? He casually chucks the lightsaber over his shoulder (and the cliff behind him) and plods off to his hut.
    • Rey's face when Luke tosses the lightsaber needs to be seen to be believed. She goes from reverence to pure "WTF?!" in the blink of an eye.
  • After initially ignoring Rey, Luke goes back to his hut only for the door to be smashed in and Chewbacca charging into the doorway.
  • When Luke takes an interest in Rey, once again, someone makes fun of Jakku. The whole damn planet is like the celestial Butt-Monkey of the Star Wars universe.
    Luke: Where are you from?
    Rey: Nowhere.
    Luke: No one's from nowhere.
    Rey: Jakku.
    Luke: All right, that is pretty much nowhere.
    • This exchange gets funnier knowing that Jakku, as a desert planet where Rey works as a scavenger to make ends meet, is like Luke's home planet of Tatooine, only shittier. Recall Luke describing Tatooine to Threepio with, "If there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from." The whole conversation therefore, comes off as Luke both taking shots at himself and taking shots at the worse version of his home world.
  • When Rey and Luke have an exchange about him teaching her, she argues that he has nothing better to do:
    Luke: You need a teacher... I can't teach you.
    Rey: Why? I've seen your daily routine; you are not busy.
  • The first time Rey and Kylo Ren experience the Force telepathy bond between them, their eyes meet, there is a moment of utter confusion — then Rey promptly shoots at him with a blaster (this time remembering to turn the safety off!) and he cringes in reaction, expecting to having been hit in the gut. Then he runs out into the corridor of the Star Destroyer, sliding on the floor like a puppy, and tries to use the Jedi Mind Trick on her. Of course, neither attempt is successful.
    • When his Jedi Mind Trick falls on its face, Kylo actually looks embarrassed about it.
    • Finally, Luke comes out, which distracts Rey enough to break the link, and asks "What's that about?" The question, however, is directed toward the big hole Rey's blaster made in the hut wall.
  • Luke asks Rey if she knows what the Force is. The interaction that follows sounds an awful lot like a more casual moviegoer annoying a hardcore Star Wars fan with their lack of knowledge.
    Rey: It's a power the Jedi have that lets them control people and... Make things float.
    Luke: ...Impressive. Every word in that sentence was wrong.
    • Once Luke explains more about the universal energy that it really is, Rey reacts as if she's just been given an incomprehensible lecture.
    Rey: Okay...but what is it?
    • And in an amusing callback, Rey uses the Force to rescue the survivors of the Resistance by...making some things float.
  • When Luke proceeds to go more hands-on with his teachings, he tells Rey to reach out. She takes this instruction entirely literally and sticks her hand out. Annoyed and rolling his eyes, Luke starts tapping her hand with a leaf, that he had with him ahead of time. But since her eyes are closed, Rey thinks she's actually feeling the Force. Luke gets incredibly sarcastic at this moment, telling her how strong in the Force she is before suddenly smacking her hand with the leaf and starting the lesson over. Rey awkwardly asks "You meant 'reach out' like..." and Luke gives her a "Captain Obvious" look. When a slightly embarrassed Rey tries to reach out again he tosses the leaf off the cliff.
  • Rey becomes unpopular with the local caretakers after both blasting a hole in her hut while in a heated telepathic discussion with Kylo, and felling a rock with her lightsaber which tumbles down the cliff and smashes into one of their wheelbarrows.
    Rey: I don't think they like me...
    Luke: I can't imagine why.
  • The third time Rey accesses the Force telepathy bond between her and Kylo, she starts to ask him why he hated his father — and gets distracted when realizing he's in his sleeping quarters... Shirtless. "Do you have something, a cowl or something, you can put on?" Turns out Kylo Ren really is shredded.
    • Adding to the funny is how their reactions change. The first one, they're both caught off guard and treat each other as enemies — Rey opening fire, Kylo trying to use the force on her. The second time, it's tense and dramatic. By the third, both of them just seem tired and annoyed with the whole thing. When Rey starts to access the bond, she grumbles, "I'd rather not do this right now". Kylo, who is of course aware of his state of undress, dryly remarks, "Yeah, me too."
  • Most scenes revolving around the porgs, pesky birds native to Ahch-to.
    • Chewbacca has caught and killed a few porgs to eat, roasting them like chickens on a campfire, only for a small audience of living porgs to bother him with their horrified looks. He scares some off, and turns away... Only to find another one. And if you watch closely, you can see Luke sneaking on board the ship while Chewie is distracted.
    • After Luke tosses Anakin's lightsaber off a cliff, Rey sees a number of porgs investigating it. One is standing in front of the blade emitter, and another is hopping around on the activator switch. Rey shoos them off before they can turn it on.
    • The birds are then revealed to be all over the ship, "making special modifications", even building a nest.
    • During the Final Battle, a porg tries to jump up to the controls of the Falcon, before an annoyed Chewie shoves him out of the way.
    • At one point, the Millennium Falcon does a maneuver where the ship turns on its side. This causes the aforementioned porg — which is as light as a feather and loose in the ship, unlike Chewbacca — to land on the interior window, looking like a tacky car accessory with its face all smooshed up.
  • Finn meets Rose: She talks about how sad her sister's death left her, and how she KO'd some soldiers who dared try to abandon ship... As Finn is trying to leave in an escape pod. Once she realizes it, Finn is tased (once he awakens again, he complains a lot about not feeling parts of his body).
    • This scene provides context to Finn's warm "May the Force be with you" bit used in the trailers. In the trailer, it feels like a line put in to address the Fourth Wall (similar to Phasma's "So good to have you back". In context, it's revealed that he's relishing in being on the receiving end of some Hero Worship from a girl, and encouraging her to continue.
    • Rose's ramble about how excited she is to meet a real hero. Then she notices Finn's packed bag and proceeds to taze him without a moment's hesitation.
  • The Force Awakens made a point of addressing the Millennium Falcon losing a radar dish in Return of the Jedi — during the attack on the second Death Star — by giving the ship a new one. Here, that new dish gets lost not because the ship is flying through Crait's chasms under similar circumstances, but because a TIE chasing the ship shot it off. Poor Han must be rolling in his grave.
  • More Millennium Falcon amusement: there’s something to be said about Kylo Ren seeing what is ostensibly the family spaceship and immediately calling it a "piece of junk" as he orders it to be shot down. His mother must have rubbed off on him at some point.
  • This exchange between Poe Dameron and General Organa:
    Poe: Permission to jump in an X-Wing and blow something up?
    Leia: Permission granted.
    • The lead up to that exchange, where after Poe succeeds in destroying a Dreadnought-class Star Destroyer (albeit with a lot of casualties), Leia slaps him, demotes him, and tells him that there are problems which he can't solve by jumping into an X-Wing and blowing something up. Doubles as Hilarious in Hindsight, since most of the problems in the original trilogy were solved by jumping into an X-Wing (or sometimes other vehicle) and blowing something up!
    • And when Finn and Rose tell Poe that they are being tracked by only one of the Star Destroyers following them, Poe's immediate suggestion is that they just blow that one up.
      Finn: I like where your mind is, but no.
  • The otherwise epic "BB-8, punch it!" has BB-8 activate an enormous booster on the back of Poe's X-wing, which accelerates the ship so fast that even in space, BB-8 finds himself tilted 90 degrees backward by the acceleration.
    Poe: Happy beeps here, buddy, c'mon!
  • Artoo re-encounters Luke. First, there's a rapid succession of beeps, with Luke intermittently saying "I know" in different tones, but all pretty cheerful, then:
    R2-D2: *beeps*
    Luke: Hey, sacred island; watch the language!
    • Note that he isn't angry, and his facial expression shows he's kind of amused.
  • Luke isn't too keen on the idea of helping the Resistance, saying that he can't help anyone... Until Artoo shows Luke the original recording that Leia sent to Obi-Wan Kenobi back in A New Hope.
    • Immediately after that, Artoo turns his dome toward Luke as if to say "What?"
  • Before arriving at their destination, Rose recognizes the name and tells Finn it's a place filled with the worst kind of people, bringing to mind the cantina. Well, she means what she says, but it turns out it's a town populated mainly by what we would call "one-percenter" types.
  • In the casino, a drunken patron inserts a coin into BB-8, mistaking him for a slot machine. And apparently he wasn't the only one: once Finn and Rose are released from the brig, BB-8 shoots lots of coins at the guards! (DJ just starts collecting the money afterwards.)
    • It also makes for a hilarious Chekhov's Gun as, in the scenes showing BB-8 immediately prior to the jailbreak, he's rolling around with an audible jingling sound like some kind of mobile piggy bank. Then he fires those coins at guards like a machine gun. To make things even better, he then does the droid equivalent of blowing out gunsmoke after firing off the coins! It almost seems like he was collecting them on purpose just in case he needed to weaponized them later.
    • While Rose and Finn are going on their ride through the casino, they happen to knock open something that sends hundreds of casino tokens down on the guy who mistook BB-8 for a slot machine. He's absolutely ecstatic.
    • One of the beeps BB-8 makes after the drunk first inserts a coin into him and nothing happens sounds awfully like "Sorry."
    • For some added funniness, that character was voiced by Mark Hamill. Imagine Mark finishing off one of his heavy and dramatic scenes as Luke... Then getting dragged into the recording studio to hiccup and laugh like a drunken imp.
  • In an otherwise tense moment: the sequence of an enraged Rey trying to Force pull Anakin's lightsaber away from Snoke... Only for him to appear to let her do it just so he can have it whip round and smack her in the back of the head, for no other reason than to humiliate her, breaks some of the tension, if only a little. Snoke then returns the saber to its original position.
    • In the background, you can see Kylo, still kneeling and looking down, nonchalantly sway to the side to avoid the lightsaber as it flies past his head.
  • Kylo Ren ordering the First Order on the rebel planet and Hux repeating the very same thing, though the officers are right in front of them and clearly heard Kylo the first time. After the third repeat, Kylo even gives a You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! side-glance to Hux's obvious attempt to maintain the illusion that he's in control here.
    • Made funnier by the fact that Kylo doesn’t even look angry at the fact that Hux is still repeating him so much as he does confused.
  • General Hux's ascension as the movie's Butt-Monkey.
    • The aforementioned "General Hugs" scene with Poe.
    • His public Force smack-down by Snoke in front of his officers, after he tried to save face by attempting to receive his punishment in the privacy of his own rooms.
    • Hux getting Force-choked into acknowledging Kylo Ren's new role as Supreme Leader. This was after refusing to give Ren command over his troops, forgetting that Snoke is very much dead and his power can't protect Hux anymore.
    • Being slammed in front of his troops again for trying to counter-command Ren. This time it knocks him out of commission for the rest of the scene. Once Hux gets knocked out, a soldier complies with Ren's orders without missing a beat.
  • While Finn and Rose attempt to board Snoke's ship in First Order uniforms, there's a close-up on an ominous black metal shape, emitting steam... Right before the camera pans back to reveal that it's a droid ironing a uniform. Shortly after, they disguise BB-8 by slapping a black wastebasket on top of him to make him look like a suitably-color-coded droid of some vague design. The scene serves to poke fun at the franchise's use of scale models, Forced Perspective, and clever re-purposing of props and random objects, all in one quick sequence.
    • Finn, Rose and DJ engage in the sci-fi cliche of Dressing as the Enemy. Bonus points for BB-8 to trying to make the same noises as the First Order droids!
    • The bit with the steam iron is hilarious on a meta level, as Rian Johnson confirmed that it was a Shout-Out to Hardware Wars, of all things, a no-budget Star Wars parody where starships were played by steam irons on wires.
      • In the same linked interview, Johnson points out how much fun John Williams must have had composing an intensely dramatic music cue to accompany a descending iron.
    • There's also the simple fact the First Order actually has uniform-ironing droids. Not only is it amusing in itself that something so eminently practical is acknowledged on-screen, but it completely plays into the idea of the Empire, and the First Order in emulation, being all about Villainous Fashion Sense and intimidating their enemies via Putting on the Reich...except undercutting it by revealing the need to be prissily perfect and orderly. Their officers look impressive, but still have droids neatly pressing their uniforms.
    • In a deleted scene where Finn, Rose ond DJ are in an elevator, Finn is recognized by a Stormtrooper. A suspenseful moment follows as the three get ready for a fight. Instead of that, the Stormtrooper remarks in a friendly tone how he never pegged Finn as being worthy of promotion to captain and congratulates him...then smacks him on the ass. Bonus points for the Stormtrooper being played by Tom Hardy with a very heavy Southern accent.
  • Master Yoda returns as a Force ghost to give Luke some much-needed advice, but not before burning down the tree containing the Jedi texts. When Luke calls him out, Yoda just laughs it off, claiming Rey already has what she needs. At the end of the film, we see that Rey actually stole the books from the tree before it was burned down. Not only was Yoda talking literally, he apparently decided to troll Luke and looked like he was having the time of his life doing so; he's pretty cheerful in a way that's reminiscent of his introduction trolling Luke in The Empire Strikes Back.
    • When Luke is initially horrified at Yoda for (seemingly) destroying the Jedi texts, Yoda simply asks Luke if he's read them. Luke's stuttering answer indicates that he most likely hasn't, something that Yoda apparently doesn't blame him for.
    Yoda: Page turners, they were not.
    • After their conversation, Luke and Yoda just sit together and watch the Jedi Temple burn. It's a touching moment, but knowing Yoda you can almost imagine him asking "Marshmallows, do you have?"
    • He also bops Luke on the head with his cane prior to explaining things. It's been a long time, but sometimes Luke still needs a tap on the head every now and then.
    • Also, Yoda's a Force ghost, meaning he has no physical form! Meaning he had to use the Force to give Luke a Dope Slap!
    • Heck, as soon as Yoda destroys the tree, Luke instantly regresses from a stoic, grumpy Jedi Master to the stammering young hothead Yoda met on Dagobah all those years ago. You really never do seem to completely grow up around your parents.
  • Leia's first line to Luke during their final meeting.
    Leia: I know what you're going to tell me... I've changed my hair.
    • Luke's response makes it better, pulling an exasperated face before grudgingly telling her that it looks good.
    • Considering their bond, it makes the moment even more amusing if one takes into account that Leia can probably feel that Luke isn’t actually in front of her- note that she leaves behind the illusion of Han’s cockpit dice when they evacuate. This means that even while Luke is straining to maintain an illusion from lightyears away, his sister still takes a moment to troll him. He likely plays along since he knows how hard she’s been fighting as he kept himself in exile.
  • Phasma is about to attack Finn and Rose. Cue an AT-ST suddenly firing at the guards... And the reveal that it's being manned by BB-8. Even better is how the two just look at each other in total disbelief.
    • As the rogue AT-ST starts marching away from its berth, the restraints actually tear the top off the walker... Which promptly swings backwards to flatten an inattentive stormtrooper.
  • When Rose and Finn crash land in the base on Crait, the Resistance starts firing on them, prompting panicked screams of "don't shoot." Which leads to a good indication of where Poe's priorities are.
    Poe: Finn! Rose! You're not dead! Where's my droid?
  • While the moment itself is serious, you cannot help but chuckle at the state of speeders used by the Rebels during the defense of Crait. At one moment, Poe presses his foot against the thing, prompting a piece of it to fall off, and his expression/reaction after seeing this can be summed up as Oh, Crap! meets You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!.
  • When the Millennium Falcon arrives on Crait and starts taking out the First Order's ships one by one.
    Kylo: Blow that piece of junk OUT OF THE SKY!
    Finn: [with an incredibly satisfied smile] Oh, they hate that ship!
  • Just as the First Order is about to enter the abandoned Rebel base, Luke comes out. Kylo orders every weapon to fire at him, and they do so in spite of Hux disagreeing. Once they stop firing, Luke is unscathed and just casually flicks some dust off his shoulder.
    • Just before the above reveal, Hux asks Ren, "Do you think you got him?"
    • The shoulder brush is even funnier when it's revealed that Luke isn't even there. There was no reason for him to do that except to troll Ren.
    • This also counts as a case of giving the fans what they want; it's reminiscent of a scene from the How It Should Have Ended for Revenge of the Sith in which General Grievous subverts his Leave Him to Me moment by saying "Ah, I'm just kidding. Everyone shoot this fool!" Apparently, Kylo's been reading the Evil Overlord List, specifically Rule 4: "Shooting is not too good for my enemies."
    • Also the Lego How It Should Have Ended for The Force Awakens had Kylo Ren coming after Luke with a bunch of storm troopers, only to be curb-stomped by his Jedi Master powers. This movie makes it clear that if he'd actually been able to locate Luke, Kylo would've have just wiped out the island from orbit rather than bother with such an obvious exercise in futility.
    • During this sequence, Kylo issues orders, and then Hux repeats them. At one point, Kylo pauses and looks at Hux in confusion.
  • It's a Call-Back to what happened earlier, and shows off more of Poe's Character Development into a leader who thinks ahead and acts on reason and logic rather than impulsiveness, but the bit after he realizes the Resistance's means of escape from the bunker can come from following the "Crystal Critters" leads to the hilarious moment where he declares, "Follow me!" Everyone turns and looks at Leia, to check whether it's a wise idea to do so considering his previous track record, and...
    Leia: What are you looking at me for? Follow him!
    • Bonus points for Leia herself adding to the charade by looking back herself!
  • During his assault on the Resistance fleet, Ren sends his TIE Silencer into an unnecessary spin. Just like his grandfather.
  • In a macabre kind of way, Hux sees his hated coworker Kylo prone and helpless on the ground in front of him, starts pulling his coat back so he can reach for his sidearm, and then Kylo wakes up and Hux eases it back shut and acts appropriately concerned and nonthreatening. Domhnall Gleeson's performance turns all the murderous hostility and petty dickery of the character Up to Eleven in this film.
    • Not to mention the terrific Black Comedy of Snoke's severed torso left just lying on the floor with the biggest wall-eyed expression ever. And then his legs comically flop down to join his torso as Hux just stares with an appalled expression on his face.
      • Hell, Snoke's legs still sitting on his chair during the Rey and Kylo's rather intense battle with the former Supreme Leader's guard.
    • The fact that Hux happens to waltz in to that scene brings to mind the sort of situation shown in "Teen Comedies" when grumpy parents unexpectedly return home early from their vacation to finding their house trashed due to sundry teenage hijinks. Hux's expression is like "What the hell happened in here?!"....complete with Snoke's lower body flopping to the floor.
    • Kylo and Hux then try to chastise one another while downplaying their own catastrophic failures.
    Hux: What...happened?
    Kylo: The girl murdered Snoke.
    (looks out the window and sees half the ship floating away)
    Kylo: What happened?!
  • A bit of fridge funny is the moment that ends Poe's attempted mutiny, where Leia casually shoots him with a stun blaster. Threepio and Lieutenant Connix both slowly raise their hands, which is funny in and of itself, but it gets funnier when you remember Connix is played by Carrie Fisher's daughter.
    • Also, Leia gets to wear white and take down a good guy with a stun beam this time. The very reverse of her first scene in A New Hope.
  • Snoke is terrifyingly powerful... And he's going around in a tacky gold bathrobe. It's like he's going "Yeah, I'm so powerful, I don't even need to dress up."
    Brad Jones As Snoke (from The Nostalgia Critic Episode Reviewing This Film): "Rey! Baby! Welcome to my pad! Ya like my Snoking jacket? I'm totally gonna rule the universe!"
  • When contacting Maz Kanata for help, Finn and Poe find her under heavy fire. When they ask what is going on there she simply replies "Union dispute, you don't wanna hear about it".
    • When Threepio remarks that the Master Programmer sounds like a guy who can do anything, Maz chuckles "Oh, yes... He can." in a very lascivious manner. The awkward looks on everyone else's faces really sell the moment. Note that when she says this line Maz is stroking a blaster.
    • Also, her instructions on how to find him are to go to a fancy club and look for a man wearing a red floral broach. Sound familiar?
    • The novelization provides her musings on the gun battle — basically, it's just another dustup she's gotten caught up in, and it'll all be sorted out in a few weeks, with the survivors sharing drinks and toasting the fallen. Until then, she just has to avoid getting shot.
  • Snoke's first scene has him channeling fan opinions about his subordinates. It consists largely of him calling Kylo a whiny poser and telling him to get rid of that stupid mask, but also includes an aside that Hux is at best a useful lunatic.
  • The Thala-sirens, the huge pink manatee-like creatures on the cliffs on Ahch-To. Aside from being pretty disgusting to look at, they have prominent udders (which more resemble human breasts than cows' udders). Luke milks one in front of Rey (which makes the thing groan in a suggestive fashion), then drinks the resulting green fluid in a deliberate attempt to gross her out, complete with milk mustache. All the while, the creatures are casually reclining on the cliffs, as chill as anything. And then the one Luke milked makes eye contact with Rey, and the whole scene becomes even more awkward.
  • Though it's a dramatic moment, Luke's reaction to walking in on Rey and Kylo having an intimate moment has drawn comparisons to an overprotective parent catching his daughter sneaking a boy —and one he isn't particularly fond of at that— into her room.
  • One of the Resistance soldiers in the trenches casually samples some of the salt that makes up Crait's surface.
  • Overly Pre-Prepared Gag meets Crosses the Line Twice as the ground on Crait is a thin layer of salt over bright red crystal, for the sole purpose of duping us into thinking Kylo's first shot at Luke turned him into Ludicrous Gibs.
  • The battle between Luke and Kylo Ren takes place on a battle field of salt. Bonus point for Kylo being salty... which makes Luke being a really massive salt-fuelled troll.
  • The fact that Anakin's lightsaber gets destroyed in Rey and Kylo's fight is hilarious if you remember that Running Gag back in the Prequel era about Anakin constantly breaking or losing his sabers. "Obi-Wan's gonna kill me" indeed.
  • Finn and Rose are placed under arrest on Canto Bight for a parking violation. It's almost a direct quote from Spaceballs.
  • Given the franchise's habit of Serial Escalation and ever-growing variations of the Death Star, it's amusing that the film's climactic battle focuses around a miniaturized version of the Death Star weapon, attempting to attack the Rebel base on Crait.
    • Equally amusing how, even though the situation didn't exactly call for it this time, the First Order still couldn't help but use a (kinda) Death Star! When All You Have Is a Hammer... indeed.
  • The final interaction between Rey and Kylo. Although it’s a dramatic moment, there’s just something amusing about Kylo looking at her with an almost puppy-dog-eyed expression, as if begging her to stay with him…to which Rey responds by effectively slamming the Millennium Falcon’s door in his face.
  • There's something quite funny at the end when Poe and Rey introduce themselves to each other, and the audience realises that for everything that's happened these two very important characters to the new trilogy haven't actually met yet.
  • In a deleted scene where Hux confronts Finn and Rose after they got captured, Rose bites Hux's finger when he touched her face. As if Hux didn't get enough humiliation throughout the movie!
    • In another deleted scene, BB-8 shows a depressed and conflicted Finn a recording of the scene in The Force Awakens, where Rey visits Finn to say goodbye while he was comatose. It doubles as Heartwarming... even with Finn realizing how creepy the implications are.
    • Then there's the "lesson three" deleted scene. Luke tells Rey that bandits are attacking the Caretaker village and that a real Jedi wouldn't intervene, in order to demonstrate the flaws of Jedi philosophy. Rey draws her lightsaber, runs to the village and busts through the gate ready to kick some ass... Only to find that the Lanai are throwing a massive festival. After a long awkward silence, one of the Lanai looks at Rey's lightsaber and starts swinging some sort of ceremonial rope lariat. Rey rolls her eyes and spins her lightsaber above her head reluctantly, and the villagers cheer and jump right back into partying. To piss her even more, Artoo and Chewie are also there enjoying themselves and the only thing Rey can say at them is "Seriously"?. Then there's the conversation between Rey and Luke afterwards:
    Rey: Raid and plunder?
    Rey: Was this a JOKE?
    Luke: Sorry, I didn't think you'd- [bursting into laughter] You just ran so fast!
    • With the short, primitive, tribal people playing bongo drums and partying, doesn't that kinda remind you of... Yub Nub?
    • The cut scene with Tom Hardy is pretty hilarious too. When Finn is undercover on the Supremacy, a stormtrooper recognizes him in the elevator, and he thinks he's been caught... But the stormtrooper merely congratulates him on his promotion and admits that he didn't think Finn was "officer material." Then he smacks him in the ass, making Finn jump.
    Tom Hardy: Batch eight: heigh ho!
    Finn: Batch eight... Heigh ho...
  • There's something darkly funny about Snoke's monologue as Kylo apparently prepares to kill Rey. He's basically narrating his own death, and he doesn't even realize it!



  • John Boyega's stock answer to how much darker the film gets: his skin does thanks to all the time in the sun. He then adds that Disney has spies everywhere and Finn will be killed off if he says a single thing about the actual story (which is itself a Running Gag amongst actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who have claimed that they'll be killed by "Disney snipers" if they accidentally spoil anything).
  • The Production Announcement trailer begins like a teaser trailer, starting off from where the previous film left off. Luke staring thoughtfully at Rey while she hands him his lightsaber as slow, epic music plays in the background. Then Smash Cut, literally, to Rian Johnson saying "Cut! Beautiful!" as the film's first scene completes its shooting before the series number pops up as the iconic Star Wars theme flares up, like they're trolling the fanbase who are expecting to see a full teaser trailer.
  • On Daisy Ridley's birthday in 2016, Mark Hamill tweeted this picture of the two on the Pinewood Studios lot, paying homage to Luke's training on Dagobah with Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back. It seems that Luke took Yoda's last message in Return of the Jedi to "Pass on what he has learned" a bit too literally. Cue the inevitable Photoshop edits.
  • The planet Luke has been living on is named Ahch-To. The gesundheit jokes have been made. The sneezing gifs have been put up.
  • The mere idea that a part of Rey being trained is her getting the approval to be on the island of alien puffins who are connected to Luke due to him being a protector to the islands. Even if the rumors are false, one never knows with this franchise.
  • Really, with all the speculation about the title, just the fact that it has been in plain sight on the Opening Crawl for The Force Awakens for OVER A YEAR is hysterical.
  • After joking around with director Rian Johnson, John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats wrote a song for the film, entitled "The Ultimate Jedi Who Wastes All the Other Jedi and Eats Their Bones".
  • Josh Gad has released some tongue-in-cheek videos asking Daisy Ridley (his co-star in the upcoming adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express) a bunch of questions asking about the plot of The Last Jedi (including some genuine fan theories), with Daisy keeping her mouth shut. One video has another Orient co-star — Dame Judi Dench — getting in on the act.
    Dame Judi: Why don't you answer my damned questions?
    Daisy: [long pause] Okay.
    [video ends]
    • The video also has, depending on your point of view, either a Shout-Out or a Take That! to Reylo (Rey/Kylo Ren).
    • He then gets more people to ask Daisy questions.
    Leslie Odom Junior: How many Musical numbers are there?
    Colin Trevorrow (then-director of Episode IX): Anything you can tell us would be helpful.
    Chris Pratt: I’m in Guardians Of The Galaxy!
    Bryce Dallas Howard: Do the heels of your boots ever get stuck in the grates of the Millennium Falcon?
    Chris Pratt: Jurassic World opens, June 22.
    Penélope Cruz asks some thing in Spanish, before Lucy Boynton translates.
    Lucy Boynton: I have a question also. What is the actual size of Supreme Leader Snoke, leader of the First Order?
    Chris Pratt: Actually, I can answer that...I’m in the Avengers!
    Tom Bateman: Are we going to find out any more about the identities of the stormtroopers?
    J. J. Abrams (director of The Force Awakens): Does Luke finally get to say any lines in Episode VIII? Please tell me, Daisy?
    • And thanks to these videos going viral, Josh was actually the host of The Last Jedi's panel at Star Wars Celebration 2017 — the intro is even a compilation of everyone's questions!
  • When the title was initially revealed, massive debates began over whether "Jedi" was meant to be singular or plural. However, shortly after, the German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese title announcements almost immediately flattened the debates, due to the translations of "The" clearly being plural in said languages.
  • In the 2017 Force for Change announcement by Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley, Daisy acts like a Bad Liar, pretending she's already visited Skywalker Ranch.
  • The fact that the first teaser once again opens with a main character, all sweaty, nervous, and breathing heavily, suddenly bursting into frame.
  • This crossover with Moana.
  • At Star Wars Celebration, to promote Force for Change, John Boyega surprised fans by photobombing them. Special mention HAS to go to the guy who dabbed behind BB-8. And John dabbing with him.
  • Also to promote Force for Change, Mark Hamill surprised fans who thought they were reading lines for a 40th anniversary tribute. And this time he isn't wearing a Stormtrooper costume.
    • The moment when Mark pretended to be a stand-in actor wearing a cheap Darth Vader mask and a toy lightsaber to re-enact the Luke, I Am Your Father scene:
      Mark: [Joker-style voice] Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.
      Fan: He told me enough. He told me you killed him!
      Mark: It's even more frightening than that. I am— [takes off mask] Mark Hamill!
      Fan: OH MY GOD!!
      Mark: I KNOW!!
    • And then a fan named Natalie is asked to re-enact the ending to The Force Awakens. The director gives her a speech absolutely dripping with Reality Subtext, it's all set up to be a touching moment, then...
  • One trailer has Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill bopping along to music together while they're off screen and not currently filming...
  • John Boyega calling the Finn vs Phasma fight a triumph for "Anyone who's ever had a crappy boss."
  • In Vogue's "73 Questions with Daisy Ridley", one of the interviewer's last questions is if she can talk about the upcoming movie. She says yes, hands him a "contract" to sign... Then she proceeds to apparently spoil the entire plot, but everything she says is bleeped.
  • The first behind-the-scenes video ends with Admiral Ackbar saying "It's a wrap!"
  • In the behind-the-scenes training featurette Daisy Ridley accidentally hits her own head while training to use Rey's staff.
  • This hilarious exchange between Finn and Phasma that Rian had to cut due to it causing a Plot Hole.
    Phasma: I was stuck inside that trash compactor for three weeks!
    Finn: (gives her a look) What did you eat?
  • As part of the promotional tour, Vanity Fair makes John Boyega and Gwendoline Christie put their hands in a "fear box" where they can't see what they are touching. First up is Boyega unknowingly touching a pair of baby pogonas. Chaos ensues.
    Boyega: (softly) Breathe... Focus...
    Christie: Really, but gently.
    Boyega: What do you mean, "really, but gently?" What is that?
    Christie: Yeah, be very gentle. Be very— but honestly, really gentle.
    Boyega: Okay.
    Christie: It's fine...
    Boyega: What is that?
    Christie: ... But just—
    • Despite the Action Girl cred, Christie does little better and completely loses it when it's her turn to put her hand in the box (touching a baby boa constrictor). It doesn't help that Boyega is trolling her throughout.
    Christie: (running around in the background in terror) AGGGHHHH, I HATE SNAKES!
  • The cast competing in a Twitter compliment battle for Teen Vogue.
    Ridley: (reading) When will Domhnall Gleeson sweep me off my feet?
    Gleeson: I've got a bad back.
  • John Boyega and Oscar Isaac reading thirsty tweets.
  • The sheer obtrusiveness of the porgs. It's like someone said "Look, we know they're only here for The Merch, and the audience will know they're only here for The Merch, so why don't we just make the joke about how obtrusive they are?" And then they did. They made creatures whose sole role in the film is to get in the way. Like Jar-Jar, but actually amusing.
    • Part of the decision to put the porgs in was because there is an endangered species of puffins that kept wandering into their shots on Skellig Michael, and Ireland's laws forbade them from removing them. So Rian Johnson had no choice but to CGI them into the film. One can't help but feel as though that portraying the porgs as "getting in the way" all the time reflects his opinion on those puffins, especially when Chewie ate one.
    • On the press tour, Oscar Isaac was not shy about his opinion that the porgs looked delicious, including musing about the best porg recipes.
  • Considering the polarizing reactions to the sequel trilogy so far, especially this film, the fact that Crait is a planet with a saltnote  surface can come off as hilarious.
  • The intentional silence in the film actually prompted a notice to be posted at some theaters letting people know that it's not a problem with the theater's sound because people were complaining.
  • To those familiar with Ade Edmonson's best-known work, it's quite peculiar to see him playing the polite and deferential straight man to Hux.
  • Someone made a 46-minute Fan Edit of the movie with the ridiculously pathetic goal of reducing or removing the role of women in the film. The edit became an Internet laughingstock upon release for its ridiculous premise and extremely poor execution, to the point that the director and actors got in on the fun on Twitter.
    Mark Hamill: Agreed. But let me add (wall of laughing/crying emoji)
    John Boyega: Great points. Hope it's ok to make a final point... (another wall of laughing/crying emoji)
  • Mark getting emotional over seeing Yoda's puppet again? Heartwarming. Him being miffed that the latter "hasn't aged a day?" Quite funny.
  • More ironically funny than laugh out loud funny, is that the plastic storm trooper helmets/heads for holding popcorn that some theatres showing the movie were selling, are specifically the storm trooper executioner helmets.
  • In June 2018, someone started a fundraiser to "officially" remake The Last Jedi. Naturally, this was largely laughed off as a blatant scam trying to take advantage of the Broken Base over the original film (not to mention a lack of knowledge about copyright and the original film still grossing a lot more than its budget). Later, graphic artist Fernando Reza made a mock film poster for the remake that reeks of Testosterone Poisoning (with Luke's pose even modeled after the coverart of Duke Nukem 3D), parodied sexism (the three female lead characters are all portrayed in not-so-empowering situations, the most blatant being Rey cooking Porgs like a 1950s House Wife), and some other nonsensical imagery that's just there for nostalgia-pandering.
  • One of Mark Hamill's other sci-fi roles outside of Star Wars was as Christopher "Maverick" Blair, a daring starfighter pilot in the Wing Commander games and animated series. As a nod to his character's origins in A New Hope, it was revealed at the start of Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom that Blair had retired to an arid backwater planet to be a farmer, only to be recalled to fight in a new war. Several decades later, much of the plot of The Last Jedi has Skywalker retired to a backwater planet as Rey (tries) to recall him to fight in a new war.
  • As pointed out here, the film has a startling number of scenes in common with, of all things, Spaceballs.
  • Someone realized that Snoke's final scene in the film is pretty much the Surprised Pikachu meme a year before the Surprised Pikachu meme became a thing. Right down to the same facial expression.
  • When Laura Dern (who first knew she wanted to be an actor like her parents after seeing the original Star Wars at age 10) was first approached about the film, she was absolutely sure it couldn't really be about Star Wars and Rian Johnson was just using the name for some kind of metaphor. After he made clear it actually was Star Wars itself, she blurted out "Are you fucking kidding me?"
  • The Blooper Reel. Highlights include Oscar Isaac getting repeatedly slapped by Carrie Fisher, Daisey Ridley being an absolute klutz, and Mark Hamill climbing into an X-Wing cockpit for the first time in many a year:
    Mark Hamill: It's the targeting computer! Oh, but it's broken.
    Rian Johnson: Yeah, but you don't need it anyway.
    Mark Hamill: Oh right, yeah...


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