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    Promo Shorts 
"The Machine in the Ghost"
  • Chopper gets fed up over conflicting orders from Hera and Kanan over what needs to be repaired while they're being attacked by TIE fighters. His reaction essentially translates as "You know what? Screw it. If you both can't take care of a measly TIE, I'll just do it myself," takes control of the docked Phantom's guns and does just that.
  • In the same short, it's actually possible to decipher one of Chopper's lines (specifically, the one he mumbles when he comes back to the cockpit after Kanan is shouting at him to fix the shields and tell Hera to fly better). It's incredibly distorted, but if you listen closely, you can just make out the words "Kanan says 'Fly better.'" And she does! Given that all his dialogue sounds like someone speaking through a muffler, it makes you wonder how many Bilingual Bonuses can be found by making out what he says.
IArt Attack
  • Sabine's idea of a distraction is to troll the local stormtrooper garrison.
    Sabine: You guys are too predictable. Always by the book. I read your book. It's a short one.


  • Zeb and Kanan's Casual Danger Dialogue.
    Kanan: [hearing battle noise over the comlink] Zeb, are you embarrassing the Imperials, again?
    Zeb: Honestly, Kanan? It's hard not to.
    • Kanan just had to point out that Zeb was late for the rendezvous.
    Zeb: [being chased by stormtroopers] It's possible I might be a little late.
    Kanan: You're already late.
    • And:
    Zeb: Right. So I'm definitely gonna be late.
    Kanan: Later. LATER!

Property of Ezra Bridger

  • The poor schmuck of a TIE Fighter pilot who, after getting roughed up by Zeb and his TIE Fighter blown up, gets his second TIE fighter blown up by the crew of the Ghost, before being robbed and humiliated by the fourteen-year-old protagonist. Only time will tell if this guy will really regret being assigned to Lothal.

    Season 1 
Spark of Rebellion
  • When Ezra steals the speeder bike, he knocks down two stormtroopers. One of them gets back up . . . and then Kanan knocks him back down.
  • During the chase scene in the first seven minutes.
    Kanan: [holding his hands out to be cuffed] Okay, you caught me, I give up.
    Bike Trooper: What the—
    Kanan: Just kidding. [throws grenade]
  • While chasing Ezra, Kanan tells Zeb to turn around and wait with the other crates. Zeb's ears drop, and he has this look on his face that says "Ugh. Fine." You can tell he really wanted to kill the kid for screwing with them.
    Zeb: If Kanan catches that kid, I'm gonna end him.
  • Ezra's first experience in space undergoes a serious case of Mood Whiplash:
    Ezra: I'm... in space.
    [TIE Fighter blasts at the ship]
    Ezra: And I'm about to DIE!
  • The first time Kallus takes off his helmet, and you see that his sideburns look exactly like his helmet.
  • Kanan tries to pass Zeb off as a captured Wookiee slave as part of a plan to infiltrate an Imperial freighter allegedly holding some other captured Wookiees (both a Call-Back to the Original Trilogy and Mythology Gag since Zeb's based on concept art for Chewbacca).
    Stormtrooper: That thing's not a Wookiee.
    Kanan: Haven't you ever seen a rare, hairless Wookiee before?
    [Zeb makes a fake Wookiee sound and the Stormtroopers look at each other awkwardly]
    Zeb: Aw, forget it! [punches out the stormtroopers] Told you they wouldn't buy it.
    Sabine: You didn't exactly give them a chance to buy it.
    Zeb: Heh. There's just something about the feeling of their helmets on my fists.
  • Ezra is thrown in the Star Destroyer's brig, and Agent Kallus demands his name. Ezra's response?
    Ezra: Jabba the Hutt.
    Kallus: [looks skeptical, raises his eyebrow]
    Ezra: Look, I just met those guys today. I don't know anything!
    Kallus: You're not here for what you know, Jabba. You're here to be used as bait upon our return to Lothal.
  • Ezra's escape from the Star Destroyer's brig where he tricks two stormtroopers into coming into his holding cell and proceeds to lock them in; after the door shuts in their face they give each other a "We are sooooo screwed" look.
    • While tricking the stormtroopers into entering, he claims that his uncle is the Emperor.
  • After the rebels go after him, he catches up with them, while wearing a stormtrooper cadet helmet. What's the first thing Zeb does? Punch him. Ezra even calls him out on it.
    Ezra: [pissed] First you ditch me, then you hit me?!
    Zeb: How was I supposed to know it was you?! You were wearing a bucket!
  • While both of them are clinging to a pylon over a considerable drop, looking on as the Ghost makes its escape, a stormtrooper asks Agent Kallus, "First Jedi you've ever seen, sir?" The irate agent summarily kicks him off the pylon.

Droids in Distress

  • The shuttle scene. Everything about the shuttle, from the exterior to the interior down to the pilot are shout-outs to Disney's Star Tours ride. The appearance of Threepio and Artoo, who also had cameos in Star Tours, only adds to the hilarity of the scene.
    Rex: Sorry, ma'am, but these are . . . [puts on visor] . . . Imperial regulations.
  • The cat-like grin that Sabine has when she steps in to take over translating duties under the pretense of being an Imperial Academy student. She's clearly enjoying the fact she gets to lie to the Imperial official's face, and it's hard not to enjoy it along with her.
  • R2-D2 meeting Chopper. Remember how Artoo was described as a dog and Chopper a cat? That plays out here, and it is hilarious.
    • Also, Chopper and C-3PO get along better.
    • 3PO telling R2 that he could learn some manners from Chopper.
  • Sabine and Zeb's blunt response to Ezra after he succeeds in his task to get the hangar open.
    Ezra: Was there ever any doubt?
    Sabine and Zeb: Yes.
    • And if you pay attention, Kanan's saying it as well.

Fighter Flight

  • Ezra tries to move a bowl with the Force and fails. Then, when he isn't looking, Chopper moves the bowl so Ezra thinks he moved it with the Force. Then he provokes a fight between Ezra and Zeb.
  • Zeb laughing maniacally while firing the TIE fighter's guns, then realizing he's about to crash.
  • Zeb and Ezra calling the Ghost to report what they been up to.
    Ezra: Yeah . . . about that, we um . . . we stole a TIE Fighter.
    Kanan: You WHAT?!
    Zeb: He's taking it better than I thought.
    Kanan: Get RID of it!
    Ezra and Zeb: [in unison] Do we have to?
    Kanan: [sigh] At least tell me you dismantled the locater beacon?
    Zeb: [nervous laughter] Of course . . . we're not fools . . . [whispering to Ezra] Under there, the red one. No, wait! The blue!
    Ezra: Well, which one?
    Kanan: [annoyed] It's the red and the blue.
    Ezra: Right, got it! I-I mean, got it a long time ago, heh, you know, back when we first boarded, right away, immediately!
    • Then, after a pissed off Kanan tells them to come to the rendezvous point and signs out, we get this:
      Ezra: That went well.
      Zeb: Yeah.
      Ezra: Do you know which way you're supposed to go?
      Zeb: No idea.
  • Zeb, trying to impersonate an Imperial, decides to go with "Commander Meiloorun".note 
    Ezra: [whispering] Meiloorun? Seriously?
  • The stormtrooper's incredulous reaction when he finds out why Ezra and Zeb made a mess out of his day.
    Stormtrooper: Wait, you did all this . . . for fruit?!
    Ezra: No! [Beat] Okay, maybe a little.
    • Later, when Ezra manages to get the stormtrooper knocked off the transport, he yells back, "All for fruit!"
  • Zeb and Ezra (the oldest and youngest of the crew, respectively) both looking like guilty children awaiting a scolding from Mom and Dad (i.e. Hera and Kanan).
  • Sabine's painting. "You did say you wanted to be my inspiration."
  • The official Star Wars website decoded what was on Hera's shopping list, revealing some amusing groceries such as "space waffles" and "d'il pyykkles".
  • Star Wars is usually about the epic, galactic-scale struggle between good and evil. But Rebels elected to dedicate 22 minutes to two guys accidentally stealing a single TIE fighter, which is hilariously mundane. It's a Lower-Deck Episode for the entire franchise.

Rise of the Old Masters

  • Kanan lets Ezra hold his lightsaber during a training session. He promptly turns it on with the emitter pointed at Kanan.
  • Ezra grinning at Sabine while he's sliding off the ship and towards the ground.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Chopper tries to throw (what looks like) another milk carton at Ezra after the latter is saved from falling to his death, only for it to miss and hit a stray tooka on Lothal's plains far below. Free milk for the cat!
    • The events that led to the fall are pretty funny as well. Zeb takes the entire crate of milk cartons and dumps them on-top of Chopper, who is spinning up like a batting machine. Poor Ezra and his poor lightsaber skills never stood a chance.
    • The fact that Kanan brought Zeb and Chopper to training explicitly to annoy Ezranote . And they're glad to help.
  • Kanan tells Ezra the immortal words "Do or do not; there is no try." Ezra points out that he has to try in order to accomplish the task. Kanan tries to explain what it means before admitting that he never got it, either.
    • Just the fact that it was one of Yoda's go-to phrases whilst teaching.
  • When Hera's trying to hide the Phantom from the Spire's security systems, the cloaking signal she uses is inconveniently a mating call for tibidees — flying manta rays — and a few of them start rubbing up against it. Hera decides she's not going to have a few animals humping her shuttle and flies away with them in pursuit.
    Hera: [notices the tibidees humping the ship] Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Sabine's jammer is operating on the same frequency as these creatures. It's sending out a... mating call? You love birds are attracting too much attention. I hope I'm not needed anytime soon.
    • Only to come back at the end with a whole fleet of tibidees helping her out.
  • After the original plan falls through, Zeb and Sabine have to join Kanan and Ezra in the elevator, leading to this:
    Sabine: Ugh, his plan gets worse all the time.
    Zeb: Just hope he doesn't change it again.
    Kanan: I'm standing right here.
    Sabine and Zeb: We know.

Breaking Ranks

  • Zare's excuse to lure Kallus away from his desk: Trying to get him to sign for a shipment of used podracer parts. Kallus is appropriately incredulous.

Out of Darkness

  • Ezra asking Hera to fly the Phantom after Hera dispatched a pursuing TIE fighter.
    Hera: You? Fly my ship? I don't know, Ezra. You really think you're ready?
    [Ezra smiles and nods before noticing an entire squadron of incoming TIE fighters.]
    Ezra: Not ready. NOT READY!
  • Zeb tells Chopper to purge the life-support filters once Ezra gets out of the ducts. Chopper doesn't wait.
    • Out of irritation, Ezra jumps on Chopper and starts beating him with a wrench.
  • Ezra and Zeb deciding that their problems with each other pale in comparison to their mutual problems with Chopper.
    Zeb: [chasing after Chopper] CHOPPER! I'm gonna dismantle that rust-bucket!
    Ezra: [bringing up the rear] Save a few bolts for me!
  • When Hera tells Kanan that the Phantom is damaged, both Zeb and Ezra try to sneak off. Hera calls their names, and they freeze, then slump their shoulders in perfect sync when she tells them to fix it.
  • As Zeb and Ezra enter Kanan's quarters to tell him that Hera and Sabine are in trouble, Kanan cuts them off and says that same thing. An impressed Ezra then asks if Kanan could sense it, only for Kanan to assert that he heard Zeb and Ezra shouting on the other side of the door.
  • Hera and Sabine's exchange during their tower defense.
    Sabine: It worked, we might just survive this!
    Hera: Wait? You doubted your own plan?
    Sabine: Never.
    Hera: Good, because I sure did.
    Sabine: Hey . . .

Empire Day

Gathering Forces

  • Kanan decides to set a trap for the Inquisitor by continuing the lesson with Ezra learning to manipulate animals through the Force with the monsters from "Out of Darkness".
    Kanan: [giving Ezra a literal pat on the back] I'll get the tracking beacon off our hull, you go make some new friends.
  • The entire fight with the Inquisitor is played as serious as can be, but once Kanan gets knocked out, Ezra takes up his saber and stands between him and the Inquisitor as heroic music swells... only to peter out as the Inquisitor casually yanks it from his grip with the Force. Ezra's "Oh, Crap!" Smile is just the cherry on top.

Path of the Jedi

  • Kanan and Ezra are entering the temple, and Kanan warns Ezra not to lose focus or the temple will fall and cut them off. Cue Ezra seeing the corpses, screaming, and the entrance closing.
    Kanan: You lost focus.
    Ezra: Well dead guys are distracting!

Idiot's Array

  • Lando's a real joy to watch in this episode. Especially when he's needling Kanan or Ezra.
    • They then repay him by trying to throw him under the bus whenever possible.
  • Zeb is losing at sabacc, and Chopper mocks him with the Losing Horns. Cue Zeb hocking him as collateral.
  • Lando winning Chopper from Zeb is funny enough, but the revelation in Solo that he's been known to hide cards up his sleeve adds layers of amusement to the scene.
  • Lando says he wants to see Sabine's impressionistic pieces, as he's a connoisseur.
    Lando: [to Ezra] That means—
    Ezra: [grumpily] I know what it means.
    [Sabine and Lando leave]
    Ezra: . . . Hey, what does that mean?
    Zeb: A lot less than he thinks.
    Ezra: I don't like that guy.
  • Sabine getting in some well deserved snark in Kanan's direction.
    "Quite a day you're having. First you lose Chopper, now Hera."
  • Hera's escape from Azmorigan's ship. Words really don't do it justice, especially the "useful tray" bit.
  • Pissed-off Hera + Lando = Groin Attack.
    Lando: (in helium voice) Okay, I deserved that, (voice returning to normal) but can we get back to the business at hand?
  • After letting the puffer pig out Zeb scares it in the hallway connecting the bridge to the rest of the ship while trying to capture it. Puffer pig promptly blows up like a balloon causing Kanan to come and see what the commotion is.
    Kanan: What is going on out here?!
    Ezra: It's a . . . um . . . puffer . . .
    Kanan: [heading back to the cockpit] I don't wanna know.
    • And in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, when the pig first runs past the cockpit, Ezra gives Kanan a quick "what are you gonna do" shrug before chasing the pig.
  • Kanan has a bit of lightsaber envy when Ezra demonstrates the alternate fire.
    "Mine doesn't do that."
    • Blink and you miss it, but Kanan does a quick Double Take when he realizes that Ezra's pulled out his lightsaber.
    • It also doubles as a Call-Back to "Rise of the Old Masters", where both Zeb and Ezra questioned whether Kanan's saber had the same functions as the Inquisitor's.
  • While everyone's fighting with Azmorigan's goons, Chopper is hilariously trying to steal a fuel canister . . . which he can barely move. This includes the droid version of a Rapid-Fire "No!" when it starts pushing him down the ramp of the Ghost.
  • During the climax battle with Azmorigan, the merchant demands Lando, as well as Hera, the Ghost and crew, and the puffer pig. He then gives some details about what he plans to do with Lando; Kanan, Ezra, and Hera all seem to enjoy thinking about it.
    • Later, when Azmorigan has taken Zeb hostage, he demands to just have Lando. Kanan and Ezra, the Jedi, instantly agree with more than a little enthusiasm.

Vision of Hope

  • Chopper deactivates an Imperial astromech droid guarding a sewer hatch, then shoves the droid in as if he's covering up a murder and laughs. Watch it here.
  • Padawan Jabba. Remember back in "Spark of Rebellion" when Ezra said he was "Jabba the Hutt" in response to Kallus demanding his name? No? Kallus does.
  • Ezra and Sabine engaging in Snark-to-Snark Combat, while Kanan and Hera try to get them back to the task at hand.
    Hera: Think of something clever to say later!
  • Chopper nearly takes Kanan's head off when closing the sewer hatch. Kanan later gets payback by nearly skewering Chopper with his lightsaber when he's cutting the welded hatch back open (which Chopper was hurriedly trying to cut through himself).

Call to Action

  • Tarkin's introduction. He criticizes Tua, Kallus and the Inquisitor for failing to stop the rebels while being a colossal Deadpan Snarker about it. His sarcastic quip to the Inquisitor is especially hilarious.
    Tua: It's said that their leader... is a Jedi!
    Tarkin: [completely unimpressed] Ah, yes. Let us not forget the sudden appearance of a Jedi, as if leaping from the pages of ancient history. It's a shame we don't have anyone who specializes in dealing with them [glares at the Inquisitor, who gives a Death Glare in return] otherwise our problems might be solved.
  • Zeb gets hold of an emplaced Imperial anti-air artillery gun. He doesn't want to give it up.
    Ezra: Zeb, come on! Kanan says we have to go!
    Zeb: But I like this gun!
    Ezra: We'll get you another gun, come on!
    [Heavy weapons fire from an incoming Imperial troop transport hits the emplacement, nearly taking Zeb's head off.]
    Zeb: Yeah, I can get another gun. [jumps onto the speeder bike]
  • There's a point where the Inquisitor gives Kanan a rather mocking chance to surrender . . . which Kanan immediately chooses to accept. The subsequent look on the Inquisitor's face can be summed up thusly: "Wait, what?"

Rebel Resolve

  • An AT-DP (the predecessor of the AT-ST walker) takes out the main body of another walker the rebels captured, only to be knocked over when the destroyed walker's legs run into it.
  • Ezra makes a deal with Vizago and to seal it Vizago bows expecting Ezra to reciprocate. Completely clueless as to what to do, he hesitates then awkwardly slaps Vizago's broken horn. Vizago's reaction can be summed up in the words "What the Hell?!"
  • When the Grand Inquisitor tries to use the Force to torture Kanan and force him to divulge information about the rebels, Kanan responds that he could only see the Inquisitor becoming "more and more frustrated" and not memories and visions about the rebels as the Inquisitor had hoped to elicit.
  • Zeb, Ezra and Sabine all take a liking to the Imperial astromech droid they captured and decide to keep him. Chopper's reaction is pure Comedic Sociopathy.
    • To be more specific, he waits until the last second and then shoves the other astromech out of the Ghost's cargo bay doors and onto Lothal's plains below, much to their open-mouthed horror. Zeb's comment seals it.
    Zeb: Shoulda seen that comin'.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus and Bilingual Bonus of Kanan's prisoner information says he's wanted for theft of Imperial supplies, resisting arrest, assaulting officers, and piloting without a licence.

Fire Across the Galaxy

  • Sabine returns to the TIE fighter docking bay to once again troll the Stormtroopers. They remember her, too.
    Sabine: Miss me, bucketheads?
    Stormtrooper: It's her! (Opens fire)
    Sabine: Yup, you definitely missed me!
    Stormtrooper: We have an intruder on the north side, sector nine. The artist is back. Sound the alarm.
    • Later, when they notice Sabine left a present:
      Stormtrooper: Not again.
  • The grins on Ezra and Sabine's faces when they tell Hera and Zeb about the stolen TIE fighter's new paint job. It's one of those moments where they know they're about to be yelled at, but can't help smiling the entire time.
  • When Sabine's repainted TIE flies into the hangar:
    Stormtrooper 1: That's not regulation!
    Stormtrooper 2: I kinda like it.
  • Zeb snarking when they have to escape in Sabine's repainted TIE.
    Zeb: You had to pick the one that has a bullseye painted on it!
  • Sabine joking under fire.
    Zeb: We're in a tight spot.
    Sabine: Well, these things [TIE Fighters] weren't built for three.
    Zeb: I meant out there, not in here!
  • Later when Kanan decides to take the Inquisitor's TIE, since he had just died.
    Ezra: Well, we know he's not going to use it.
    Kanan: You know what, kid? You worry me sometimes.
  • When Chopper comes to the rescue, he sings the "Charge!" fanfare.
  • The Reveal that The Cavalry is made up of ships from other Rebel cells is equal parts funny and heartwarming:
    Sabine: There are other cells!
    Ezra: We're a cell?... (aside whisper to Zeb) did you know we were a cell?
    Zeb: Uhhh, no.

    Season 2 
The Siege of Lothal
  • During the initial dogfight, Zeb falls over the railing backwards when Hera dodges an incoming TIE.
  • Hera, Sabine, and Ezra's "What the hell?" faces in reaction to Kanan walking up to a stormtrooper, distracting him by telling him he looks familiar, knocking him out, and stealing his armor.
  • When Kanan knocks out a stormtrooper and steals his armour, we get this exchange:
    Sabine: Kanan has gone buckethead.
    Hera: I don't believe it.
    Ezra: I am kind of jealous, I only have the helmet.
  • Kanan making a suggestion where Imperial security might be lax:
    Hera: The Imperial complex? Are you crazy?
    Kanan: Does anyone ever say "yes" to that question?
  • Ezra tries to pull a Jedi Mind Trick on a Stormtrooper . . . and fails.
    Ezra: No, you don't have to look inside.
    Stormtrooper: Did you just try to give me an order, cadet?
    Kanan: No, he just said you don't have to look inside.
    Stormtrooper: I don't have to look inside.
    Kanan: Well, if you say so. As you were, trooper.
    Ezra: I wished that worked for me.
    Kanan: I wished that worked on you.
  • The city is under Lock Down while Imperial stormtroopers search for our heroes.
    Stormtrooper 1: You think we'll find them this time?
    Stormtrooper 1: We better. (bump right into Zeb)

The Siege of Lothal Part 2

  • During the primarily nightmarish battle against Darth Vader, Kanan gets thrown into a box and faceplants hilariously into its side.
  • When Hera suggests turning to Lando for help, both Kanan and Ezra have the same reaction:
    Hera: I think we know the right man to smuggle us offworld.
    Kanan and Ezra: (in unison) Not him!
  • Hera tricks Vader into getting caught by the Imperial fleet's tractor beam intended to catch the Ghost, shifting into light speed at the very minute they activate it. Commander Konstantine and his crew are horrified when they learn who they actually caught.
    • In a moment of Black Comedy, he immediately orders Vader's release and coolly, subtlety announces his intent to blame it on the officer in control of the Tractor's beam to avoid Vader's wrath.
    Konstantine: It's not your fault, officer.
    Officer: (Wipes sweat off in relief. Note that he has a hat on)
    Konstantine: But Lord Vader won't know that.
    Officer: (Oh, Crap!)

The Lost Commanders

  • After getting out of the joopa's mouth, Zeb is initially furious about getting tricked into acting as a bait, but then Gregor tells him that thanks to him, they got their biggest catch yet. Zeb looks over the carcass, and changes his mind, suddenly proud of his achievement.
    • While the situation is serious, Ezra's warning to Zeb about the joopa.
    Ezra: Buddy run! You're the bait! Zeb, it's gonna eat you!
  • Wolffe has been sending messages to the Empire for a while now. They view him as unreliable, senile and a little crazy; they usually don't take his messages seriously. In other words, he is the boy who cried Wolf.

Relics of the Old Republic

  • Kallus and Rex start trash talking at each other prior to the battle. Rex wins that competition.
    Rex: If it's a fight you want, I hope you've brought a better class of soldiers than those . . . stormtroopers.
  • Chopper letting out a long exasperated growl when Hera prods him into continuing repairs.
  • Kallus orders his convoy of AT-ATs to pursue with full speed ahead. Cue outer shot of the terribly slow walkers lifting their legs slightly faster.
  • Part awesome part funny, when Wolffe drives the clones' AT-TE right into the leg of Kallus' AT-AT, howling along the way.
    Kallus: They've lost their minds!
  • At the end of the AT-AT vs. AT-TE battle, a scowling Kallus escapes on a speeder bike with one of the pilots clutching onto the side. The other pilot is left chasing after them, flapping his arms helplessly.
  • Rex and Ahsoka sneak one in during their reunion. Despite the fact that Rex has aged much more thanks to his accelerated aging, Rex's first comment to Ahsoka is on how she got old. Ahsoka doesn't miss a bit, and replies that it had to happen some time. While it's somewhat overshadowed by the scene being a Heartwarming Moment, it's still a pretty funny exchange.

Always Two There Are

  • In the beginning, Kanan and Rex get into an argument about discipline. Ezra rolls his eyes and then boards the Phantom while they're distracted. Zeb and Sabine don't even question it, which gives the impression that they're all kinda sick of this.
  • Hera, meanwhile, just rolls her eyes and walks out after giving Sabine the assignment.
  • Konstantine talking smack about the Fifth Brother (who is within hearing range) and Vader's "mystics" to Kallus (who also looks rather uncomfortable). In the same scene, the Fifth Brother jumpscaring Kallus and Konstantine after they hear about the med station.
  • Sabine getting jumpscared by Ezra after she gets uneasy looking around the medical centre.
  • Ezra whacking his head on a pipe.
  • Zeb getting himself stuck in the air vents when he tries to get in. Later, Sabine walks in and sees his legs dangling from outside the vents.
    Zeb: I don't wanna die this way! I'm the last of my kind!
  • "Commander Meiloorun" strikes again. It's amazing Ezra managed to keep a straight face.
  • After the Ghost crew has escaped, the Mimic Droid riding the Seventh Sister's shoulder echoes her wordless sentiment by doing a frustrated beep and clacking its pincers.
  • Meta: Since this episode aired close to Halloween, it's practically the Halloween special. Sort of funny, since Star Wars is not one for holiday specials.

Brothers of the Broken Horn

  • This priceless exchange.
    Azmorigan: I don't deal with washed-up old relics!
    Hondo: Come, now, let's leave your wife out of this.
  • Hondo hasn't changed one bit.
    Azmorigan: [sees Ezra] I know you . . . from somewhere . . . Calrissian's farm on Lothal!
    Hondo: Well of course you know him. This is my long time friend, Lando Calrissian!
    Azmorigan: He's not Calrissian!
    Hondo: [turns to Ezra] You lied to me? I knew I liked you!
  • Hondo finds Azmorigan's business plan of stealing the power generators they brought to sell, and then collecting the bounty for his own death, impressive.
  • Chopper going Guns Akimbo to rescue Ezra is equal parts awesome and funny, the latter because you have a droid with two big guns in two tiny claws rolling around on one wheel like a psychotic unicycle.
  • A few minutes later in the chaos that ensued following Chopper's The Cavalry moment, he gets his hands on Azmorigan's credit case . . . while trapped on a conveyor belt that would throw him out into space.
    Hondo: I'm rich! [Beat] I'm dead!
    • Making it even funnier, his exclaim of being rich is utterly excited, while his exclaim of being dead is totally deadpan.
  • Hondo summing up his history with the Jedi, and Obi-Wan in particular.
    Hondo: One of my best friends was a Jedi! [beat] I'm pretty sure we were friends.
  • Vizago starts to chew Ezra out for trusting that "swindler" Hondo, only for Ezra to reply that he isn't the one locked up in his own brig.
  • Vizago rants about Hondo stealing his generators, which Ezra points out are technically his generators after making a deal with Hondo. Vizago gives the boy a Death Glare. Gilligan Cut to Ezra and Chopper sitting in an escape pod. Ezra gives a tiny wave with a blank look on his face, and Vizago jettisons them back to Garel.
    Vizago: I hate children.

Wings of the Master

  • Chopper and Ezra getting into a fight over who gets to be copilot of the Ghost while Hera is away getting the B-Wing. Especially the whack Ezra gives Chopper towards the end.
    Ezra: Kanan, would you tell him I'm copiloting?
    Kanan: You're co-irritating me. Both of you.
  • Hera's response to learning that Quarrie put a hyperdrive on the Phantom is to glomp him. Keep in mind that he's half her height and wide enough that her arms don't go completely around.
    Hera: You beautiful, crazy Mon Calamari!
  • When Hera attacks the blockade with the B-Wing, Kanan has a "That's my wife!" grin on his face.
  • Meanwhile, Kallus has an awe-filled Oh, Crap!/Jaw Drop on his face while the B-Wing practically demolishes every ship it goes through before it blows up the ship starboard from his own. Cue jokes that "Kallus wants the B."

Blood Sisters

  • Ezra discovering the messenger when the gonk droid he was sitting on activates.
  • Chopper sabotaging Ketsu's ship. Every so often he reaches in, grabs a ring, stares at it for a bit, then pitches it aside. Then he takes the last one and waves it at Ketsu.
  • When Ketsu and Sabine come back as friends, Ezra is shocked because when he got separated they were shooting at each other. Hera points out they met when he was stealing from them. Ezra doesn't have a comeback for that.

Stealth Strike

  • When Kanan questions Rex's loyalty with the possibility of Rex defecting to the Empire, Rex retorts he would never be on the Empire's side or wear "their junk armor". Cue Zeb appearing with two knocked out stormtroopers, saying "Here are your disguises." This is followed by Rex going "Perfect . . ." and trying to squeeze into one, complaining all the time.
  • Kanan and Rex discussing Imperial security and show continuity.
    Kanan: How is it the Empire lets us keep stealing these things?
    Rex: Oh, I thought it was the same one we used before.
  • Kallus actually entered "Jabba the Hutt" as a known alias of Ezra Bridger in the Imperial database of known Rebel operatives.
  • The elevator scene, where Kanan, Rex and Chopper get in an elevator, but Rex isn't quite fast enough pushing the button and an Imperial officer gets in. And then he comments that Rex's armour looks a little tight. It gets more awkward from there.
    Officer: Your armour's looking a little tight, trooper.
    Rex: [under his breath] I'll tighten your ... face ... a little ... tighter.
    Officer: What was that?
    Kanan: [laughs nervously] Possible hyper-sickness. I'm taking 565 here ... to the ... 267.
    Officer: [derisive snort] The commissary? That's the last place he needs.
    [The elevator stops and the officer gets off, while Rex grumbles under his breath.]
  • Ezra had already escaped from captivity by the time Rex and Kanan, still disguised as stormtroopers, had gotten to the brig. And he had already gotten his lightsaber-blaster back. So guess what he does when he sees two more stormtroopers show up?
    "You shot us! I can't believe you shot us!"
    • Rex, however, is impressed and tells Ezra he should have used the kill setting on the blaster rather than stun just in case it wasn't them. Kanan's reaction is perfect. And doubles as a Lampshade Hanging.
  • When Ezra snaps at Rex and Kanan for their bickering and leaves with Chopper to sabotage the Interdictor, Kanan just sheepishly admits he takes after Hera sometimes.
  • Chopper and Ezra sabotaging the gravity well generator. Chopper decides to shut down the ship's gravity in the middle of a firefight. Then he decides it's time to turn it back on . . .
    Ezra: [floating around] Don't you dare! Don't you do it! Not yet!
    • What makes it funnier is that his voice cracks when he says "Don't you dare!"
    • When Chopper turns the gravity back on, Ezra makes a clear-as-day This Is Gonna Suck face.
    • Then as Ezra is hanging on to the edge of the catwalk, Chopper rolls over his fingers.
  • Rex complains about how he can't see out of his stormtrooper helmet. He then pulls it off and chucks it at the stormtroopers he's shooting at, nailing one in the head.
    • What prompts the complaint is Kanan's quip that Rex shoots like a stormtrooper. Sure enough, once the helmet comes off, Rex's shooting is just fine.
  • Commander Sato's initial disbelief at Ezra saying "I've got this" right before the boy charges at some Stormtroopers is pretty humourous, as is his follow-up of telling his men "He's got this!"

The Future of the Force

  • When Ahsoka and Kanan are talking, Ahsoka tells Kanan to bring Ezra and brief him. Kanan says Ezra knows the mission already and opens the door, showing Ezra was listening the entire time.
    Ezra: She did say this was Jedi business.
  • "Garazeb Orrelios, honored soldier, feared rebel, baby hunter."
  • When Zeb picks up Pypie, the Ithorian baby, he wonders if he's holding him right-side up.
  • The Funny Background Event of Ezra making faces at Pypie to get him to stop crying.
  • Despite the Nightmare Fuel, there are certain interactions between the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother that make them look like actual siblings.
    Fifth Brother: They are here.
    Seventh Sister: Are you certain?
    Fifth Brother: You would question me, Seventh Sister?
    Seventh Sister: Only when you're wrong, Fifth Brother.
    • And when the Fifth Brother falls for a recorder of Pypie crying, his WTF reaction sells it, with the Seventh Sister's playful laugh putting the icing on the cake.
  • During the fight with Ahsoka, the Fifth Brother fails miserably at trying to fight her. Besides only getting to lock blades with her once at least once, he runs up to her several times with his saber over his head, and he also gets thrown out of the fight. Twice. The second time, he runs right into a pillar, head first.


  • The Snark-to-Snark Combat going on between the Imperials.
  • Ezra throwing Kallus across the room, again. Freeze-Frame Bonus lets you see his Oh, Crap! face.
  • Kanan has this reaction when Ezra starts chasing after the white Loth-cat.
    Kanan: [rolling his eyes] And we're chasing Loth-cats now.
  • And later when Ezra tells Kanan he can track the Loth-cat.
    Kanan: You've grown powerful if you can track that Loth-cat with the Force.
    Ezra: The Force? I planted a tracker on it, Kanan.
    Kanan: [rolls his eyes] Of course you did.
  • When Ezra and Kanan track down the escaped prisoner known only as "X-10", who starts shooting at them.
    Ezra: X-10? Hold your fire! We're friends!
    [Another shot barely misses them]
    Kanan: Yeah, that'll do it.

A Princess on Lothal

  • Leia gives Kanan and Ezra orders, and Ezra's pissed that he's being bossed around by a girl his age.
    Leia: Follow my lead, and try to keep up.
    Ezra: Wait, why does she get to give orders? I don't get to give orders!
    Kanan: Do you ever listen to yourself?
    Ezra: Yes, and I happen to be very interesting.
  • Leia badgering Lieutenant Lyste into letting her use his shuttle since he put gravity locks on her ships. Later, when his shuttle and her ships are stolen, she makes him pay for the lost cargo and get her another shuttle.
  • The faked kidnapping — Zeb gets the slyest grin on his face, before proceeding to knock out Kanan and Ezra with his rifle. His cheeky "How's your face?" as they wake up is the icing on the cake.
  • The Stormtroopers' confusion at this turn of events.
    Stormtrooper 1: They're taking prisoners?
    Stormtrooper 2: They do that now?
  • Ezra taking out a stormtrooper by leaping on him, tearing off his helmet, and punching him unconscious. Kanan and Leia look a bit shocked.
  • Kanan charges an AT-AT with his lightsaber, while dressed as a stormtrooper. The driver's response?
    Driver: I don't think he's on our side.
  • Ezra tries to show off to Leia by using the Force to drag the blasters out of the hands of two Stormtroopers. However, he neglects to consider that he needs two hands just to catch one blaster, so the other bounces off his head.

The Protector of Concord Dawn

  • Hera's A-Wing Nose Art, barely visible in the episode itself but lovingly shown in the concept art gallery. It's a pin-up of Kanan. Given the art style, it's clear that Sabine drew it.
  • Fenn Rau turning his back on the Imperial officer and waving him off after the latter tells him to report any further rebel activity.
  • When Sabine gives her house, the Mandalorians realize her family was associated with Death Watch. One of them calls out "TRAITOR!" And yes, in the same way as in The Force Awakens.
  • After Kanan jumps onto the window of his cockpit, it takes Rau a second to look up from his controls and realize this Jedi is right on top of his windshield.
    • There's also Sabine checking on Kanan while he's clinging to Rau's ship for dear.
      Sabine: Kanan, how's the plan going?
      Kanan: JUST GET UP HERE!

Legends of the Lasat

  • Ezra bluntly refuses to pay Hondo a finder's fee for the Lasats. Hondo's reaction:
    Hondo: Wait, wait! Does this mean I am not getting my finder's fee?
    Ezra: You never were.
    Hondo: Perfect answer. I am So Proud of You right now. I never had a student learn this quickly.
  • During the firefight at the beginning, everyone else is ducking for cover or running. Chava's just walking slightly faster than normal, acting more annoyed by the Stormtroopers than anything else.
  • After saving the Ghost crew by sealing the blast doors to block the Stormtroopers flanking them, Hondo calls in to boast about his rescue.
    Hondo: Another rescue by Hondo Ohnaka!
    Ezra: Thanks, Hondo. We owe you one.
    Kanan: No, we don't!
  • Chava catches Chopper calling her weird and the two look ready to fight before Ezra steps in.
  • Kallus being clearly annoyed by Hondo.
  • Zeb whining about having to be the Child of the prophecy, when he wanted to be the Warrior.
    Zeb: [whiny] But I wanted to be the Warrior!
    Ezra: You're kind of acting like a child.
    [Zeb glares at him]
    • Later, when he finds out Kallus is the Warrior:
      Zeb: Wait he is the Warrior? And I got stuck being the Child!?
    • Chava smacking Zeb with her staff.
  • Just the fact that Hondo spends the entire episode repeatedly selling the Ghost crew out to the Empire before informing the Rebels of the Empire's imminent attempt at capturing them. He's literally stabbing everyone in the back, while playing as everyone's ally.
  • After flying through the star cluster, everyone on the Ghost is knocked out. Chopper decides to gently wake up Ezra by rolling right into his head.
    Ezra: Ow! Was that really necessary?

The Call

  • Kanan dialing up the snark to Hera when Ezra's instincts about the purrgil pan out. Hera actually silences him over the comm at one point, only for Kanan to walk to the bridge just so he can finish gloating.
  • Sabine has repainted a Stormtrooper helmet to resemble a Lasat's face, specifically Zeb.
    Kanan: [looking at the helmet] What?! You said you just wanted to look at it!
    Sabine: I did look at it. And it looked bad.
    Ezra: I think it looks great.
    [Kanan shakes his head]
  • While it's explained by his connection to them, it's pretty funny to see Ezra constantly being distracted by the purrgil. Such as wandering off in the middle of a battle to watch them feed.
    Ezra: Kanan, I figured it out! You're not going to believe this!
    Kanan: I believe I need more COVER FIRE!
    Ezra: [remembering he was supposed to be shooting] Yes! Right! Uhh, sorry!
  • Kanan's reaction to the prospect of losing to the facility's boss before Ezra pulls off his Big Damn Heroes moment.
    Kanan: Ugh, I can't believe we're going to lose to this guy.
  • In a morbid way, when Boss Yushyn tries to make a run for it while claiming he's getting more firepower, the purrgils corner him and one of them eats him.


  • When the Ghost crew are just about to meet Cham's cell, Kanan is clearly fussing over his appearance and how the crew reflects on him, even asking Ezra "How do I look?" — obviously wanting to make a good impression on his sort-of-girlfriend's family.
  • While talking to Hera, Cham calls Chopper a rust bucket while he's still in the room with them, and Chopper makes a I'm Standing Right Here gesture.
  • Hera closing the door on Kanan and Cham's bonding is almost like a child being annoyed that their lover is paying more attention to their parents.
  • The MSE (Mouse) droid's reaction when the blast doors close leaving it in the same room as the rebels.
  • Ezra attempting the Jedi Mind Trick. When he finally succeeds, he bounces happily and looks at Kanan like "Hey, I did it!"
  • When the captain (under Mind Control) orders everyone to abandon ship, most of the stormtroopers stand around confused. Except for one who sprints for the escape pod.
  • When the first order to evacuate doesn't get enough traction, Ezra tacks on "I really mean it." Hera's reaction is priceless.

The Honorable Ones

  • Steve Blum was reportedly somewhat freaked out by how the soft-spoken David Oyelowo could change into the dramatic voice he uses for Kallus.
  • Almost all of the listed moments contain Kallus freaking out and/or him butting heads with Zeb.
  • A meta one, but Chopper has now killed yet another of his fellow astromechs.
  • Kallus and Zeb stop fighting when they realize the pod is headed towards the moon and exchange looks before crashing.
  • When Ezra asks Chopper to calculate Zeb's trajectory, Chopper says something along the lines of "Do we really want him back?". Ezra smacks him on the dome, calls him a sleemo and tells him to keep searching.
  • Kallus chuckling at Zeb's failed attempts (that result in him falling right back to the ground) to climb out of the cave.
    • After Zeb falls the first time, Kallus tells him he's going to hurt himself, in response to which Zeb irately yells at him to shut up.
  • How does Zeb deprive Kallus of his bo-rifle (which Kallus reveals is rightfully his according to Lasat honour rules) without actually keeping it away from him? Zeb uses it as the splint for Kallus' broken leg.
  • When the duo start hearing noises from deeper within the cave, the usually confident Kallus begins to cringe and worry.
  • After telling his sob story, Kallus offers to hold Zeb's bo-rifle so that Zeb has free hands. While touched by his story, Zeb still doesn't trust him, so he throws it up to the surface instead. Kallus' reaction is a Jaw Drop, followed by quiet indignation as Zeb throws up the meteorite and the transponder.
    • Made even funnier because he ultimately throws Kallus to the surface as well.
  • Zeb finding Kallus' advice to climb up the pillars rather than the walls ridiculous. Kallus side-eyes as he complains.
    Kallus: Hold it! Don't climb the walls, go up the pillars.
    Zeb: What? The pillars will never hold my weight, nevermind yours added on.
    Kallus: They hold up this cave, don't they?
    [distant growl]
    Zeb: If you're wrong, I'm feeding you to that thing.
    Kallus: Fair enough.
  • Kallus' response to Zeb's Karabast-ing when the bonzami returns with a friend:
    Kallus: "Karabast, Karabast!" What does that even mean?!
    Zeb: Right now, it means you're a lot heavier than you look!
  • Kallus piggyback-riding Zeb as they climb back to the surface and his panic as he gets grabbed by a bonzami and loses his grasp.
  • In a darkly funny manner, when Zeb is trying to keep from dropping Kallus, he grabs him by his injured leg.
  • Zeb and Kallus pulling a Sleep Cute. They both react in disgust when they awaken.

Shroud of Darkness

The Forgotten Droid

  • When Chopper can't buy the leg, he takes all of five seconds to just steal it. Then he tries to run back to the Ghost, realizing too late that it's taking off without him.
  • AP-5 chasing after the much, much faster Chopper with his pitiful tiny protocol droid steps shouting "You can run, but you can't hide!"
  • Chopper slapping the freighter captain with his manipulators.
  • Once they've cleared out the Stormtroopers, Chopper decides he's the new captain. AP-5 doesn't approve, so Chopper decides to settle it by racing him to the bridge. AP-5 gets him back by pretending to accept that and offering to hold the leg, only to immediately drop it and steal the captain's chair while Chopper is distracted, claiming Chopper "abandoned [his] post."
  • The hangar bay crew diving for cover as Hera is Coming in Hot, including one on the catwalk who's frozen on the spot until the Ghost stops just short of hitting it.
  • While Chopper fights the captain and the rebels are in the middle of a battle, AP-5 starts talking to Hera about how he's had a Heel–Face Turn because Chopper befriended him like how she did to him years ago. Hera exasperatedly tells him to just send the coordinates to the new base location. He gets shot at twice and nearly dies because of his Skewed Priorities.
  • After AP-5 is repaired, he and Chopper immediately start arguing again, while Kanan, Zeb, and Ezra look on dumbfounded that Chopper actually made friends with another droid. The two are basically the show's version of C-3PO and R2-D2.

The Mystery of Chopper Base

  • Kanan's "excited face".
  • Watching Chopper chasing after several Dokma (the little snail-like creatures).
  • Zeb really hates multi-leggers.
    "More than two legs is just . . . EXCESSIVE!"
  • When entering the tunnels, Zeb tries to get his flashlight working with some Percussive Maintenance. Ezra coughs while igniting his lightsaber as a source of light in response, earning a shove from Zeb for his snark.
  • When Ezra almost gets himself killed trying to connect with the krykna, and Kanan has to save him:
    Kanan: Maybe I should teach you more common sense!
    Ezra: I had common sense before you started teaching me!
    Kanan: We can argue about this later, come on! [runs off]
    Ezra: You always change the subject when I start winning! [chases after him]

Twilight of the Apprentice

  • Ezra tells Maul that his name is "Jabba the Hutt". It's made hilarious not because it's a Running Gag, but because Maul has met and threatened Jabba in the past. He looks pretty amused by the alias himself. You almost expect Maul to snark back "Hmm . . . You've lost weight, Jabba."
  • When Maul says that all Inquisitors and their masters are his enemies, Ezra asks if he was a Jedi. Awkward. Maul's reply: "Errrr . . . no, no, but I was once a Force-wielder!" Even when he’s trying to sweet-talk Ezra into sympathizing with him, he still hates the Jedi too much to even fake having been one.
  • Maul and Ezra need to get something across a large gap. Ezra suggests Maul Force-throw him to the other side. Maul is visibly stunned and confused and takes a few seconds for him to pull himself together and agree. Meanwhile, Ezra is just chatting up how good the idea is. Maul is clearly thinking "What did I get myself into?"
  • Chopper clearly saying "whoah!" when he's almost hit by the Eight Brother's lightsaber.
  • Chopper steals the Eighth Brother's TIE Fighter and then attacks him with it, clearly enjoying himself.
  • The Inquisitors being able to fly with their lightsabers is a sight to behold. The Seventh and Eighth being able to do so (kinda) makes sense, but the Fifth being able to is something else. Just the Narm of helicopter lightsabers is kinda funny.
  • Maul's bitterly sarcastic nature remains, as evidenced by this insult to Ahsoka.
    Maul: Two Jedi and a . . . part-timer.
    • Meanwhile, when Ezra claims that Maul is on their side, Ahsoka is very obviously rolling her eyes.
  • Maul's excitement over him being on the same team with two jedi and his old friend Ahsoka against Darth Vader's lackeys is a quite amusing bit of awareness from the character.
    What fun. [Delighted laughter] What fun!
  • Maul tries to go on a lift alone with Ezra. Kanan not so gently shoves him off and takes his place.
  • Fifth, Seventh, and Eighth also get into another short conversation that evokes more sibling-esque interaction. Eighth runs off on his own to be the big hero as if he was the youngest Inquisitor there, while the other two decide they'll come in later so that they can see him screw up (and so he'll act as bait).
  • Darth Vader arrives on a Tie-Fighter. On, not in. This means he had to have landed the tie fighter without actually being in it. Even as a Dark Lord of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker just cannot avoid showing off.
  • All of his and Ahsoka's snarking at each other.
    Vader: It was foretold that you would be here. Our long-awaited meeting has come at last.
    Ahsoka: I'm glad I gave you something to look forward to.
  • Ezra watching Ahsoka and Vader fight:
    Ezra: I need a lot more training.

    Season 3 
  • Meta: According to Aftermath, Wedge befriends a Fulcrum, but this Fulcrum indirectly led to Wedge breaking his leg at one point. The Wookieepedia entry for that event worded it like Fulcrum told Wedge to break his leg. The reveal that there are multiple Fulcrums at a time and that the currently known Fulcrums are Ahsoka, Kallus, and Cassian has led to fans jokingly saying that it wouldn't be out of character for any of them to do this.
    • Let us not forget that Kallus actually did break his leg once, which is how he became a Fulcrum in the first place.

Steps Into Shadow

  • There's the part where Terba complains about the share he wants to have with Hondo, which Hondo refuses to give a part to him. When the door opens though, Terba suddenly rushes to it while saying the deal is off. He seems safe... until he sees an AT-DP waiting just outside. The walker blows Terba straight up into the air, screaming, and he does not come back down. Then comes Hondo's response.
    Hondo: Well, I guess the deal is off.
    • According to behind the scenes information, the original line was an awed "They can fly!"
  • More Hondo:
    "I'm a wanted man you know! Very popular."
  • When negotiating his payment with the rebels, Hondo mentions that he needs a ship, and suggests the Ghost. The four members of her crew present turn him down before he even finishes the sentence.
  • Kanan's so used to dealing with Ezra that he warns the Bendu to be careful with the holocron and sighs resignedly when he opens it. He sounds like he's telling off a little kid rather than an ancient mystical being.
  • Brom Titus returns, and Ezra can't resist rubbing his current status in his face. Titus' response makes it clear that he hasn't learned from his previous mistakes.
    Titus: Your capture and execution will mean my return to ranking status!
    Ezra: Yeah, get ready for another demotion.
  • Even though it holds all the telltale signs that Konstantine is on the You Have Failed Me road, seeing him be a Butt-Monkey is admittedly a bit amusing.
    Konstantine: We're not going to attack? I don't understand.
    Pryce: I know you don't, Konstantine.
    • Doubly funnier when you notice that in that scene, not only was Pryce visibly annoyed by Konstantine's confusion, so was Kallus. Considering what happened in the ending of "The Honorable Ones", it looks like Kallus is returning the No Sympathy card right back at the admiral.
  • Meta: The writer that came up with the idea to destroy the Phantom jokingly kept referring to the scene as the Phantom Menace.

The Holocrons of Fate

The Antilles Extraction

  • After Sabine, Wedge, and Hobbie get captured by Pryce, Wedge and Hobbie are put in another cell while Sabine goes through interrogation from Pryce. Wedge tries to think of a plan to save Sabine, but, of course, she breaks herself out and goes to save them instead.
    Wedge: Sabine! We were coming to rescue you!
    Sabine: That's cute.
    • Just before that, we get Wedge and Hobbie arguing.
    Wedge: Maybe we can surprise the guards.
    Hobbie: What, with our lack of planning?
    Wedge: Well why don't you think something!

Hera's Heroes

  • When the Ghost pulls off a Gunship Rescue, a very determined Scout Trooper slips into the Ghost's cargo bay, does a badass leap off his bike and draws his blaster, barking out, "Halt!" You'd be expected to think the Empire has at least one good soldier, but instead Zeb, Cham and Numa are pointing their blasters at him, with Zeb smirking and observing, "Didn't think that one through, did you?" The trooper can only muster a sheepish, "Er . . ."
  • Even though Thrawn loses his composure for a moment when Slavin suggests destroying the Kalikori, a work of art, and grabs him by the collar, he immediately calms himself, and apologizes to Slavin, while basically explaining to the Captain what a tool he is.
    Thrawn: I forgot not everyone is capable of appreciating art, as I do.
    • The fact that he treats Hera with far more respect than Slavin is part awesome and part funny in itself.
  • Chopper is told to find explosives to blow up Hera's home. The little droid reacts like it's Christmas, and is way too happy about his mission as he goes about slapping explosives onto everything in sight like there's no tomorrow.
  • Hera sheepishly apologizing to Cham right before the house explodes, like a teenager who just crashed the family car. Then Cham's utter shock when he realizes what she did. Apparently even he didn't think she'd blow it up.
  • Kanan sarcastically saluting the stormtroopers after stopping a missile with the Force and hurling it into an AT-DP. Remember that Kanan is blind.

The Last Battle

Imperial Supercommandos

  • Meta: According to the Episode Guide, the staff called cubikahd "stabble".
  • Kanan's response to objections of Fenn Rau being allowed to go with Sabine to the Protectors' base.
    Zeb: Wait, isn't he our prisoner?!
    Kanan: More like a cranky guest.
  • Hera definitely remembers what happened the last time Ezra took the Phantom out on a solo mission.
    Hera: And try not to wreck the Phantom II, we just got that thing.
  • Ezra and Rau awkwardly sitting across from each other during the ride to Concord Dawn. Ezra tries to avoid eye contact while Rau just looks on straight ahead.
    • Ezra then sees how wrecked Concord Dawn is, wandering from his seat, which leads to Rau suddenly getting up from his seat and knocking out Ezra and Sabine (who is a second too late at warning him about what Rau could do) when they're off guard.
  • How does Chopper wake Ezra up after he has been stunned? Pulling his nose and dope-slapping him with his manipulator arms.
  • Ezra tries to come off as a smooth-talking smuggler when he gets caught by Saxon, but it's obvious that they're Blatant Lies thanks to his unconvincing acting (noticeably his Motor Mouth). He first tries to pass himself off as part of Hondo Ohnaka's crew, but when Saxon threatens to shoot Chopper, he fesses up . . . he's actually Lando Calrissian.
  • Ezra’s startled reaction when Sabine tightly embraces him so she can fly them away. He’s gotten over his old crush on Sabine, but this clearly surprised him considering for a while, he would’ve enjoyed holding Sabine this close.
  • The Supercommando that yells "I CAN'T SEE!" when Sabine rolls in a smoke bomb is voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.
  • Sabine nearly falls as she flies to the Phantom II due to Saxon shooting her jetpack midflight. Of all things, she angrily says to Ezra that Saxon shot her jetpack, because she really wanted one.

Iron Squadron

  • Zeb's description of "Iron Squadron":
    "Sounds like a ship full of Ezras. (Beat.) Let's get out of here!"
  • Mart constantly mistaking ships for being Star Destroyers — and then his reaction upon seeing Thrawn's Star Destroyer — can be considered kinda funny.
  • Thrawn's downright Troll-ish treatment toward Konstantine here. First, Konstantine is assigned as little of an attack force possible — and Thrawn all but dares him to try and win with them. And then, once Konstantine inevitably loses, Thrawn casually corrects him when he tries to save face by claiming that he actually forced the Rebels to retreat instead.
  • As Chopper and R3 are about to dive onto Mart's ship to remove the mine, R3 looks nervous, so Chopper gives him a pat on the shoulder . . . then a shove out the cargo bay door.
  • In the midst of Iron Squadron cheering, Chopper suddenly slaps R3 right before the ending title card, and there's an audible clang.

The Wynkahthu Job

  • It takes Hondo less than a minute to accidentally make a blind joke around Kanan. Twice. Also, him referring to Kanan as "wise one" in an attempt to placate him.
  • Ezra's nervous little laugh when Hondo tells the crew that he's been in contact with Ezra for a while. It's actually kinda cute.
  • When Hera asks why Hondo thinks the rebels can get the cargo when the Empire gave it up, Hondo almost seems about to make a cheerfully inspiring speech, until . . .
    Hondo: Ah, but you forget. We have an advantage that the Empire does not, for we . . . are DESPERATE!
  • Hondo and Azmorigan reveal why they're on board.
    Hera: So, what's in it for you two?
    Hondo: Riches untold. That sort of thing.
    Zeb: So, we'll split the treasure?
    Hondo: Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho! Split the treasure, that's a classic.
  • Melch, one of Hondo's crew members, is still on board the ship and tries to attack him. The cinematography and music decide to play it like a horror movie, which makes it even funnier, as is Hondo hamming up the danger when Melch jumps on him and starts punching him.
    Hondo: I AM ATTACKED!
  • Ezra gets impatient waiting for Chopper to restore power to the freighter's cargo hold, so he starts cutting a hole in the bay door over Zeb's objections. He finishes cutting just as Chopper restores power, cutting short his gloating.
    • Then, when they're fleeing back to the Ghost from the sentry droids, they try to close the door to stop the incoming blaster fire . . . only to see the door still has the big hole Ezra cut in it.
    Zeb: [ducking incoming fire] Ezra!
    Ezra: I didn't know!
  • Chopper's reaction to seeing the sentry droids and how Zeb, Ezra and the others aren't stopping them? Screw This, I'm Outta Here
    Ezra: What do you mean, every man for themselves!? YOU'RE A DROID!
    [Chopper ignites his booster rocket and starts flying towards the Ghost]
  • Hondo and Azmorigan ultimately manage to save a single crate of treasure. As they're fighting over it, it turns out Melch didn't trust Hondo not to leave him behind again, and climbed inside it, misplacing its original contents (if it had any in the first place). Turns into a Heartwarming Moment when Hondo declares that this is better than treasure, since friendship is the most valuable one (and he really means that, mostly). Then flips right back into funny when Azmorigan declares that half the treasure is still his, since they made a deal, and demands that he get 50% of Melch.
    • Hondo's freaked out scream when he sees Melch in the crate. As shown in Rebels Recon, Jim Cummings apparently had a lot of fun with that.

An Inside Man

  • Pryce's facial reaction to Kallus saying that he'd need more information on the project so he can conduct an effective investigation on the undercover rebels in the factory.
  • The interactions between Kallus, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper are just pure gold.
    • The elevator scene.
    • In order to sell Kallus being overwhelmed by the Rebels, Ezra Force-pushes a soldier into Kallus. Kallus complains that he could've warned him. This is followed up by . . .
    Kallus: Now I just have to make this look convincing.
    Ezra: Okay. [Force-pushes him through a glass pane]
    Kanan: Ezra!
    Ezra: What?! That is convincing!
    Kanan: Yeah, but I was gonna do it.
    Ezra: Well, if he's one of us now, you'll get your chance.
    • What's funnier is that because Kanan is blind, he probably didn't even know there was a glass pane in the room. So imagine being in his place, only hearing the sound of Ezra Force-pushing Kallus immediately followed by the sound of glass shattering.
  • Chopper and Kallus get along pretty well, it turns out.
  • Zeb admitting he must have recruited Kallus... you know... accidentally.

Visions and Voices

  • AP-5 is complaining about how he doesn't get any respect, and Sabine comments about how it's like he and Chopper were made on the same assembly line.
  • Ezra and Kanan seek out the Bendu for advice on preventing the visions Ezra is having. When Ezra's wish is simply to not see Maul anymore, the Bendu's advice is surprisingly direct:
    The Bendu: Then don't turn 'round.

Ghosts of Geonosis

  • Sabine has her priorities completely sorted out.
    Hera: [over comms] How's it going out there?
    Sabine: [out in a sandstorm] This storm is gonna seriously damage my paintjob!
    Hera: [rolls her eyes] I meant with the mission.
  • Rex and Saw reacting to Kanan pulling a pretty impressive jump across a deep chasm.
    Saw: I always forget they can do that.
    Rex: Yeah, but he's no Skywalker.
    Kanan: I heard that!
  • A bit meta. The Ghost's cannons got clogged in the sandstorm, so when the Imperials attack they don't work properly. Sabine takes the opportunity to point this out, as a proof that Anakin's out-of-universe much mocked line in Attack of the Clones was right all along:
  • Zeb and Ezra cheering Sabine on when she goes up against the rocket troopers. They sound like they're at a game supporting their sister rather than in the middle of a fight.
    • When she gets back, Ezra comments that he wants a jetpack. Sabine just gives him a "that's cute" pat on the shoulder, saying "I know."
    • The helmsman on the cruiser tells Captain Brunson that the rocket troopers have sustained heavy losses. When she asks how many they've lost, he sheepishly answers "all of them" and she smacks him upside the head.


  • Even Wedge and Hobbie fear Hera's motherly wrath. They get jump-scared by Hera's voice, causing the two to goofily bump into each other and run off. Behind them, Zeb and Ezra fist bump at the sight of this.
  • When EXD-9 lands on Atollon, we see two krykna fighting each other.
  • Zeb's response when AP-5 asks him for help doing inventory:
    Zeb: Counting crates is not exactly my idea of fun.
    AP-5: Is that because you never learned to count? I could teach you.
    [Cue Zeb snarling and seething with rage.]
  • In fact, AP-5 makes quite a few wisecracks at Zeb's expense throughout the episode:
    Zeb: That gives me an idea.
    AP-5: Really? You can have those?
    [A little later]
    AP-5: Sorry for my delayed response. I was just rather stunned by the fact that you had a good idea.
  • Kallus apparently thought it was a good idea to send the rebels a twenty-second long transmission that amounts to saying "Nice" in regards to Zeb's successful plan in sending EXD-9 back to the Empire as a time bomb, after having just narrowly managed to keep it a secret from Thrawn's recon droids.
  • After that message, Hera glares and demands to know what Kallus was talking about.
    Zeb: It's...ah...a long story.
    AP-5: Which I recall every detail of. It all began...
    • Zeb literally muzzles AP-5 who tries to fight him off as Hera just rolls her eyes.

Trials of the Darksaber

  • Early in the episode, Chopper delivers Sabine a message in her quarters. As she leaves the room, Sabine strokes Chopper's head, and he purrs like a cat.
  • There's something oddly amusing about Rau trying to be a cool uncle to Sabine and Ezra by spoiling the former with new gear to toy around with and telling her that for a test run, she should whoop the latter's butt. Kanan is not pleased and he scolds Sabine off for playing around, during which Rau noticeably looks a bit sheepish as this happens.
    • When Kanan mentions that the Jedi won the war with Mandalore, Rau looks notably indignant to be reminded of it.
  • When Sabine runs off mid-training, she kicks a rock twice to vent her frustration. Once she goes further away, it turns out it was the Bendu. More precisely, the Bendu's back half. And he just smiles like it's funny.

Legacy of Mandalore

  • In a promo image, Sabine's mother is seen sitting on her throne with her helmet by her side. It looks like she has a cushion made especially to hold her helmet as if it were a crown on a pillow, though upon closer inspection, the throne just has a seat cushion and it's not actually a pillow for her helmet.
  • Ezra's adorkable attempts to make friends with Sabine's family.
  • Rau has been dubbed by the fandom as Sabine's Honorary Uncle, which kind of makes it funny when he beats up someone from Clan Wren who is probably one of Sabine's actual uncles.
  • Think about the perspective of the Wrens when you're surrounded by Imperial Supercommandos that are about to kill, then out of nowhere a random Mandalorian makes a Dynamic Entry/Super Window Jump into your house by smashing through your giant glass wall.
  • When Ezra starts to jump into the fray, thus interrupting and invalidating the duel for authority between Saxon and Sabine, Ursa just unceremoniously yanks him down and shoots him a disapproving look like he was some naughty child. Rau and Tristan looking on in quiet incredulity makes it even funnier.
  • Meta: According to Pablo Hidalgo, Ray Stevenson didn't read the script until right before recording, so the crew got to see his reaction to learning his character died.

Through Imperial Eyes

  • In an otherwise serious scene, Kallus' perspective shot from the intro shows that he sleeps with his entire suit on, including the armor, gloves and boots. We at least know that Ezra has pajamas in "Twin Suns", so it's not like they don't exist for rebels or Imperials. Even funnier when he turns on the sink, considering he can't exactly wash his hands if his gloves are on.
  • Ezra faking accents twice in this episode. First, he uses a growl-y one to make it seem like he's a bounty hunter that lives his life roughly, then he fakes a British accent as Lyste. The second one is at least much better.
  • Kallus' Freak Out at Ezra when it turns out the rebels sent him on a rescue mission to retrieve Kallus without telling the agent.
  • The only other Imperials that have survived up to this pointnote , Slavin, Brunson and Titus, eye Kallus and Lyste with This Is Gonna Suck glares as the duo makes their way to Thrawn's office.
  • Kallus sheepishly giving credit to Lyste on the capture of Ezra's shuttle when they run into Pryce in the hallway, in order to stroke his ego and be able to frame him as Fulcrum.
  • Lyste trying to gain some brownie points from Thrawn by stalking Pryce on Kallus' recommendation. It goes downhill from there to the point where it's actually a bit of a Tear Jerker at the end, though.
  • Ezra hiding on the ceiling when Kallus breaks him out of his cell, in case it was another Imperial officer he could jump.
    • It's Kallus' exasperated "Please stop that!" that really sells it.
  • Ezra tries to take the Kalikori, but Kallus tells him off. Bonus points for Kallus' low voice for freaking out.
  • Pryce cuts off Kanan's Jedi Mind Trick and just immediately has him shot without skipping a beat.
  • As Lyste is about to shoot Ezra, Kallus tackles into him from out of frame.
    • And then, while framing Lyste in the front of other Imperials, Kallus hams it up a little bit too much:
    Kallus: "Traitor! You're a rebel spy! Troopers! Seize hiiiiiim!!"
  • Thrawn sarcastically refers to Kallus as "Agent Fulcrum", lowkey lampshading the agent's last name being just a word.

Double Agent Droid

  • AP-5 and Chopper Waxing Lyrical in their argument at the beginning of the episode. What's the song? Anything you can do, I can do better than you . . .
    • This is what makes Wedge realize that he was sent on this mission: so no one else has to deal with these two.
  • Chopper bullying a MSE droid simply because it's there.
  • The Controller failing to do a convincing job as Chopper to AP-5 because he's making Chopper say things he'd never say, like apologizing and calling him "Sir".
    • At the end of the episode, Chopper genuinely apologizes for his behaviour under Imperial control, and everyone is concerned. Then he hits AP-5 and Wedge and says (in binary) "Sorry for being nice."
  • The fact that the Controller has Nerd Glasses in the Used Future of Star Wars is a bit Narm, though it's possible that they're to prevent eye strain.
  • Wedge goes to the bathroom and unzips his pants before quickly zipping them back when AP-5 suddenly walks in. Wedge yells at him and shoves him out.
    AP-5: But I wasn't finished!
    Wedge: Neither was I!
    • Zeb mentions that AP has walked in on him before.
    • And the reason that AP followed him being that he somehow assumed that Wedge was actually trying to find somewhere to talk without Chopper present instead of, you know, following biology.
  • Hera being extremely pissed that someone messed with Chopper's programming, to the point where she addresses the Controller through Chopper's optic sensors and does not hesitate to blow up their ship as payback.
  • AP-5, alone in the emptiness of space, is suddenly surrounded by neebray like a flurry of butterflies or birds, then he starts monologuing about how he actually likes being alone and is about to break into a musical number before he's cut off by the arrival of the Ghost, a Take That! to viewers who dismiss the show for being "Disneyfied".
    • AP-5 futilely telling the Ghost to go away when they arrive since he was actually having a good time. Then the clang when the ship connects, implying that he faceplanted in despair. The shot is even framed in such a way that it looks like the Ghost gobbled him up.
      AP-5: I was so happy . . . [clang]

Twin Suns

  • Just the fact that Maul went after Obi-Wan when all he knew was he was in the desert . . . on Tatooine.
    • Likewise, the implication that not only was Obi-Wan aware of Maul's presence the whole time, but he was planning to let Maul wander aimlessly around the desert forever without ever showing himself, if Ezra hadn't thrown a wrench into things.
    • Hera said that if Obi-Wan was alive, he wouldn't be hiding on some desert backwater.
  • Chopper sneaks aboard the ship and then jumpscares Ezra.
  • Chopper's exasperated "sigh" when he decides to follow Ezra across the desert instead of going off to find a settlement (as Ezra suggested). You wouldn't think a tin can could sound that huffy.
  • Even after all they've been through, Maul and Obi-Wan can't resist snarking at each other when they see each other again.
    Maul: Look at what you've become.
    Obi-Wan: Look at what I've risen above.
  • On another note, there's something darkly humorous about Maul being killed almost instantly, after years of planning revenge on one of his oldest enemies.

Zero Hour

  • There's a bit of Hilarious in Hindsight in Sato ramming Konstantine's ship, considering that Darth Vader did almost the same thing many years earlier as Anakin.
  • Kallus spends his time imprisoned on the bridge snarking at Thrawn and Pryce. He even calls out Thrawn for being so confident, noting that he's been in Thrawn's shoes before and still lost. Doubles as Moment of Awesome for being his way of being a Defiant Captive.
    Kallus: [to Pryce] Thrawn's not going to be happy with you making a mess of his fleet.
    • Once Kallus has snarked at Pryce one time too many, she orders the troopers to throw him out the airlock. As he and the troopers enter the lift, Kallus smirks just as the doors close.
    • And, to no one's surprise, when the lift doors open at its destination, Kallus is just finishing taking his handcuffs off with the troopers unconscious behind him.
    • When Kallus reaches the escape pod, another trooper is shown lying unconscious in the background. One imagines a trail of unconscious stormtroopers tracing Kallus' path from lift to pod.
    • Just like Obi-Wan before him, how do you show that a character just got beat up and is badly battered without stressing out the animators? Make his hair all tussled up. With a floppy lock of hair. Oh, and give him some bruises on his face.
  • Thrawn referring to Palpatine as "my Emperor" sounds a little too reverent.
  • After surviving an orbital bombardment:
    Kanan: I think Thrawn's actually trying to kill us this time!
    Hera: Ohhh, that is only funny because you're still alive!
  • When they're running through the the tunnels, they dodge a squadron of Death Troopers only to run into another group immediately after.
    Kanan: This way! [blaster shots] The other way, the other way!
  • When the Bendu starts attacking rebel ships, Hera asks if this was the friend Kanan spoke of, and Kanan sheepishly admits that he might've made him a bit angry.
    Hera: I can relate!

    Season 4 
  • How did Warwick Davis get the role of Rukh? He had bugged Filoni about it at Star Wars Weekend, and was miffed by Celebration 2016 that he hadn't gotten a role on either The Clone Wars or Rebels yet, partly because Filoni was clueless as to what Davis was trying to do then.
  • Kallus' redesign as a rebel is that his hair is no longer combed back in the severe Imperial style, so now more than one lock of it is flopping around. Also, he seems to be trying to grow his muttonchops into a full-on beard. The Internet promptly went wild again.
  • A bit of meta-humour: Dave Filoni's self-admitted favourite animal is the wolf, and he's been trying to work a scene where someone rides a giant wolf into a Star Wars animated project since the days of The Clone Wars. As of the season 4 trailer, he's finally managed it. He even admits that they're specifically wolves and not some other animal because of this.

Heroes of Mandalore

  • Ezra finally gets the jetpack he wants, and the Mandalorians figure that since he's a Jedi he'll be an Instant Expert. He's not and spends most of the episode figuring out how to even fly the thing.
    • In the opening battle, he finds himself deflecting lasers from two Stormtroopers, and since he's still trying to figure it out, he creates dust over the ground, confusing them. When he lands, he gets ready to fight… only to find he's facing the opposite direction as them. Even the Stormtroopers realize something's wrong before they turn around, finally seeing each other.
  • Kanan has a conversation with Hera through Chopper's transmitter, that inevitably ends with them flirting, until Chopper gets bored and interrupts them. The funny part? If you listen carefully, Chopper actually tells them to "Get a room already."
  • Kanan making the contemplative Obi-Wan chin stroke pose throughout the episode, like in the backgrounds of the group meeting Bo-Katan, and when Ezra, Sabine, Rau, and Bo-Katan are doing lookout.
  • When Ezra first meets Sabine's father, he asks if Ezra is "with Sabine". Ezra gets flustered.
  • At one point, Ezra tries to get atop a TIE midflight and immediately slams into the windshield. The pilot tries to shoot him, but forgets that his cannons are on each side and shooting straight ahead, leaving Ezra free to climb around.
  • When Ezra innocently asks why the Mandalorians can't just wear non-beskar armor, the other Mandalorians in the room give him a Death Glare.
  • While sneaking into the Star Destroyer to destroy the Duchess, Sabine observes that the power core of the Duchess is not in the walker. Rau points this out for viewers who didn't notice this, leading to Sabine to snark at him for being Captain Obvious.
  • Funny in a black comedy way is Bo-Katan's reaction while infiltrating the Star Destroyer when Sabine reveals that she named her weapon "The Duchess", with Bo-Katan getting pissed about how Sabine named a genocidal weapon after her dead sister Duchess Satine who was an ardent pacifist.
    Sabine: It was a series of bad decisions, all right?
  • Ezra and Tristan get into an argument in the middle of shootout, leading to Rau to tell them to knock it off like he's babysitting them.
  • Ezra's Deadpan Snarker tendencies are in full view this episode.
    Ezra: (about two walkers being deployed to reinforce the base) Well this just gets more and more..
    Sabine: "Interesting"! The word you're looking for is "interesting"! (flies off to attack walkers)
    Ezra: ...Nope, just more.
  • Governor Tiber Saxon scoring two Revenge of the Sith memes from good ol' Emperor Palpatine in one sentence.

In the Name of the Rebellion

  • Ezra is trying to pass himself off as an Imperial, but when asked to identify himself, says that he's Brom Titus. Who is it he's speaking to? Commander Brom Titus, of course.
    Ezra: Ugh. This is so typical of our luck.
  • Followed by Sabine's sarcastic congratulations.
    Sabine: Way to go, "Brom Titus".
  • Ezra's sheepish wave and smile to Brom Titus when he and Sabine are discovered, which she smacks him for. Later when they meet up with Kanan and Hera, Ezra repeats the wave and Sabine Facepalms.
  • Brom Titus' panicked reaction at seeing Ezra again.
  • When rescuing the prisoners, Ezra hears people coming and tells them to head back into the container and pretend they're still prisoners. One of them responds "But we are still prisoners."
  • Chopper screaming while he gives out his chop attacks, especially the first time when its a Scream Discretion Shot and you're not entirely sure if that was the scream of a Stormtrooper or Chopper.
  • One of the scientists is so thankful for his rescue that he praises Chopper as a "very kind droid". Chopper is downright insulted.
  • After Saw betrays them, Sabine and Ezra wake up and are understandably resentful of Saw shooting them. Saw cheerfully replies that he didn't shoot them, just stunned them.
  • Slavin's This Is Going to Suck "Oh, Crap!" when he realizes the kyber crystal shipment is about to explode right under his ship.

The Occupation

  • Kallus continuing to do a Reverse Arm-Fold as a rebel officer looks rather amusing, as it means that he's still wound tight.
  • How does Ezra know that their contact is running a "Legitimate Business"? Hondo told him.
    • Hera at this point groans "Ezra". Hera has clearly warned Ezra about these fairly regular chats, and he's ignored her.
  • Zeb complaining about how the puffer pigs are scared of his face, to which Rex says that he at least has a unique face.
    Zeb: Oh, great. What is that, clone humor?
    • Becomes a Chekhov's Gun in a few minutes when they have to inflate the puffer pigs as a diversion. Vizago also gets squished into a wall when he gets caught by an inflated puffer pig.
  • Hera putting one of the captains in charge of the Ghost while she and the others are gone. After she leaves, Kallus remarks how after having chased down the Ghost this entire time, he's now in command of it. This leads to an argument between Rex and Kallus about who she actually put in charge. Kallus tries to pull rank by saying that he actually has experiencing in commanding ships, that is, Imperial Star Destroyers. Rex points that that's exactly why Hera wouldn't put him in charge of her ship, which is followed by a moment of silence from Kallus before he quietly gets up from the captain's seat and sits in the co-pilot's seat.
    • What's funnier is that Rex had just walked into the room right when Hera started talking, meaning that she probably really was referring to Kallus.
  • Chopper making fun of everyone for how they look in civilian clothes.
    Zeb: What's wrong with my hat?
    Ezra: What do you mean we look ridiculous?
    Sabine: Don't make me paint you again!
  • A lothcat can be seen scavenging through the trash as Kanan and Hera pass by it. Might be a Tear Jerker if you're a (loth)cat lover, though.
  • After an Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene of Ship Tease between Kanan and Hera, they're about to kiss... only to be interrupted by Zeb.
  • Ezra and Sabine heading for Old Jho's bar, which Ezra claims is the only place where it felt like the Empire wasn't welcome. As they head in, there are Empire-propaganda posters over the bar counter and a cheery version of the The Imperial March playing.
    • An Imperial officer is asking Chopper for their whereabouts outside the bar. Sabine asks Ezra if he has any other ideas;
    Ezra: Let's get something to drink.
    Sabine: I meant good ideas!
    • Old Jho's bar is being run by... Baron Valen Rudor, who hasn't appeared since Season 1. And he's got a nice Seventies Hairdo and 70's civilian clothes.
    • He's impressed with himself. Ezra and Sabine aren't but transparently act like it.
    Sabine: Gosh, what's an amazing pilot like you doing here?
  • Jai bailing out Ezra and Sabine by calling Ezra, "Oleg". It's also awkward since Ezra and Sabine don't realize who Jai is until after he bails them out.

Flight of the Defender

  • The loth-cats that decide to tag along with Ezra, much to the annoyance of everyone else. They take a particular interest in Zeb, trying to groom him and using his beard as a cat toy.
  • More silliness as the cats volunteer to harass the stormtroopers as a distraction for Ezra and Sabine. It works so well that, several scene cuts later, the troopers are still chasing the damn cats.
  • Thrawn lightly roasting Skerris for the terrible security at the starfighter base, costing them the Elite TIE Defender.
    Thrawn: Was that part of the demonstration, Commander?
  • Ezra's Oh, Crap! when the lothwolf is suddenly right behind Sabine.
  • The loth-wolf is voiced by... himself.
  • The white loth-cat wiggles its ears, and the loth-wolf copies it and grins. Since it was just established that the loth-wolf is sapient, just has difficulty communicating, it comes off as the loth-wolf saying "It's okay, kid, I'm with the cat.".
  • While deactivating TIE Defender's transponder, Sabine said "Almost... there!" and then goes Oh, Crap! because deactivating it also activating the kill switch that dismantle the Defender.
  • Ezra and Sabine spend most of the episode snarking at each other and get in some pretty good zingers. After Ezra's presence is exposed:
    Sabine: Well Ezra, you certainly got their attention.
    Ezra: (shouting as he deflects blaster bolts) I'M GLAD THIS IS WORKING FOR YOU!


  • Pryce trying to greet Rukh like a normal person, and he turns out to have the manners of a beast.
  • When Hera and Kanan finally kiss, Sabine gets everyone's attention so they can appreciate the moment. Even in-universe, everyone was waiting for it.
  • Ryder's disbelief at the Ghost Crew's casual acceptance to follow a loth-wolf out of danger.
    Zeb: This is good. When it gets strange like this, it's a good thing.
    Ryder: How have you people stayed alive so long?
  • And it continues after following the wolves gets them to the far side of Lothal in just a few minutes.
    Ryder: I'm not even gonna ask how we got here.

Crawler Commanders

  • Ezra trying to impersonate the Trandoshan he and the Rebels captured to avoid Imperial suspicion. The Trandoshan asks if he sounds like that. Alternate Character Interpretation if Sabine and Kanan were sighing at Ezra's acting or at the Trandoshan who just realized this.
  • Kanan Sure, Let's Go with That moment when he reunites with Vizago (Who told the other that rebel would come and rescue him for helping them) is this since they had no idea he was there.

Rebel Assault

  • When driving to the city Kanan is cut off by a loth-wolf standing in the road, which promptly vanishes and then refuses to reappear. Angry at them for messing with him, he yells at them to either help or get out of the way. Cue the white wolf appearing right in front of his face, snarling, and Kanan backtracks very quickly.

Jedi Night

  • Thanks to the truth serum, Hera spends most of the episode cheerfully drugged up.
    Kanan: Ohhh, I see, we're in a special mood thanks to the interrogation droid.
    • Laughing at the two stormtroopers who are about to get killed by Kanan. And when they do, she just casually comments that she thought he'd come through the window instead of the door.
    • When Kanan stabs the droid, she tells Kanan that "I didn't like that droid" in a tone that makes it clear she thought it was something he needed to know.
    • It seems like she's about to confess she loves Kanan, but she just hates his new hair. And when he gives her the kalikori back, she just quietly says it's not a good present since it was already hers.
  • Hera doesn't crash; she has "very exciting landings."


  • After Zeb & Sabine turn the tables on Rukh and beat him unconscious, Sabine opts to send a message to the Empire while also serving Thrawn's previously-unbeatable enforcer a great big slice of humble pie by painting him all over in graffiti and sending him out on a drifting speeder for the Imperials to find.
    • When Sabine checks that Zeb did in fact set the homing beacon, his response is... Less than convincing.

Wolves and A Door

  • The crew all get loth-wolves to bring them to the Jedi Temple. Chopper starts to complain about being left behind when a loth-wolf picks him up in his jaws and starts running, with Chopper squealing all the way. And when they finally get there and it puts him down, he starts complaining only for the loth-wolf to mime biting him again, causing Chopper to wheel away very quickly.
  • Ezra jumps through a doorway painted onto a stone wall. Two Stormtroopers try to follow. You've probably seen enough Road-Runner cartoons to know where this is going...

A World Between Worlds

  • Sabine and Hydan's conversation provides a few laughs.
    Hydan: How did you open the portal?
    Sabine: I'm smarter than you.
  • Chopper gleefully attacking Imperials with an excavation drill.
  • It's brief, but the moment Ezra first sees Palpatine (right before Ahsoka shoves him behind her) he just looks bewildered. Then you realize that, since Palpatine used an older image for his propaganda, he probably had no idea who this weird old man was until he spoke.

A Fool's Hope

  • Ketsu revealing that she was the one that had to pick up Hondo and Melch, saying that it wasn't hard since Hondo's pretty chatty for a smuggler. Hondo insists he's a pirate while trying to appeal to her, much to her annoyance.
  • Hondo reveals his plan to sneak past the imperial blockade: to latch the Ghost onto an unseen spot of an Imperial cargo freighter not unlike the Millennium Falcon on a Star Destroyer. The problem is that if they try to grapple on too early, they'll get caught on the scanners, if they try to grapple on too late, they'll crash and explode. Hondo's justification is...less than reassuring.
    Hondo: I have done this many times and I have only been struck...(stops, starts counting on his fingers where Hera can't see, and eventually runs out of fingers)...I have done this MANY times!
  • Upon the arrival of the lothwolves, Gregor points out that now they have Commander Wolffe and lothwolves; Wolffe's got his Wolfpack Battalion back! Dave Filoni obviously couldn't just help himself with that joke.
    • The Loth-wolves proceed to put on a Mook Horror Show with the Stormtroopers by violently biting and trashing the troopers as they run away, Wolffe even says they fight just like the old boys. Cut to two Loth-wolves attempting to tear a stormtrooper apart limb from limb.
  • Pryce's Oh, Crap! when the lothwolves show up, wipe out most of her troops, and then go after her.

Family Reunion- And Farewell

  • Thrawn has completely given up on his colleagues being at all competent.
    Thrawn: I expected Governor Pryce to fail, but not so completely.
  • They need a distraction for taking the command center, so what does Zeb think of? Throw Melch at the window. And it works.
    Hondo: They CAN fly!
  • Melch's tragic death scene with Hondo mourning him, while he's clearly just sleeping. And then Hondo insists that Melch forget the things he said as soon as he realizes it.
  • Zeb jumping down the generator room to fight Rukh in the generators at the prompting of Gregor while Kallus yells at him to not do it.
    Gregor: He's crazy!
  • Rukh's death is peak Black Comedy. And then Thrawn tries to comm him.
    Zeb: Uh, he might have to call you back. [horrific sound of flesh frying and a scream] Actually, don't bother. He's not calling back.
    Thrawn: [bewildered and shocked expression]
  • Captain Pellaeon finally makes the migration to canon... and migrates right back out when the purgill smash through the blockade.
  • Pryce's Redemption Rejection moment when Ryder offers her the chance to come with them before the rebels destroy the Imperial headquarters.
    Ryder: You should come with us.
    Pryce: I serve the Empire till the end.
  • Chopper tosses Sabine Ezra's lightsaber. She catches it by reflex, blinks, and then shrugs and uses it to cut open the window.

    Supplementary material 
  • Sabine: My Rebel SketchbookSabine's journal — mentions that she once spoke Shyriiwook (AKA the Wookiee language) to annoy Zeb, and lost her voice for a day as a result. Considering what sounds Shyriiwook consists of, this leaves little to the imagination. This is Hilarious in Hindsight come Solo, as we get to see Han speaking Wookiee when he first meets Chewbacca, but it's still hilarious to imagine Sabine speaking it.
  • According to the panel at Celebration 2015 and at least one interview with Freddie Prinze Jr., during auditions, the script had minor changes to keep the show a secret, such as referring to lightsabers as "sunswords", but the context in the script was blatant enough to give away what the project was for and about anyway.
  • During an episode of The Star Wars Show, Steve Blum, Zeb's voice actor, was interviewed. Near the end of said interview, Blum read several Star Wars lines as characters he voiced in the past. These characters included Wolverine as Yoda, Starscream as Princess Leia, Grunt as Anakin Skywalker, Spike Spiegel as Darth Vader . . . and Yakky Doodle as Luke Skywalker.
  • In another episode of The Star Wars Show we learn where Andi's Mando armor came from. On one episode she admitted to thinking that Boba Fett was overrated and the Mando Mercs responded by... making her an absolutely beautiful custom set of armor.
  • During the summer (hiatus between Season 2 and 3) of 2016, writer Martin Fisher tweeted a joke that progress on Rebels was being hindered by Pokémon GO. Another tweet by another writer was a photo of Filoni and another writer on their phones, leading to Fisher asking in a reply if they were playing the game.
  • When FPJ was asked by YouTuber Dash Star if Kallus was the new Fulcrum in Season 3, there's a good two or three seconds of him looking blankly at the camera in silence before he goes "Ooh, I would love it! I would love it..." and goes on to digress from the topic, saying how it could be Chewbacca or just a returned Ahsoka. Either FPJ is a Bad Liar or he's good at faking an Oh, Crap!, since he is an actor after all and he should already know the answer via Production Lead Time as he had finished recording for Season 3. It was indeed Kallus.
  • At Celebration 2017 during the Rebels panel, at one point, the conversation completely divulges into #HotKallus, how Kallus's popularity as a Breakout Character/Ensemble Dark Horse further increased in both the fandom and the team behind the show in part because of his loose lock in a One-Scene Wonder, how Kallus/Zeb is obviously the best bromance couple there is and joking that they would settle down on Lirasan to have a family, hence why they're not in the Original Trilogy. Filoni even claimed that he went back and rewrote the remaining Season 4 episodes for more Fanservice of Kallus... though he was probably joking. Probably. Fans particularly of Kallus have stated that it was a rather surreal experience listening to those entire few minutes of Fandom Nod.
  • Dave Filoni posted a picture he did of Kanan doing Bender's memetic pose with the subtitle "Kanan's current mood" after Kanan and Hera finally kissed in "Kindred". And from Freddie Prinze Jr.'s comment, he apparently gave a copy to him.
  • How Dave Filoni ended up permanently with Chopper's role: he acted as temp-voice during the production of the character shorts, because they couldn't find someone to pull off the particular Loveable Jerk vibe he had in mind, which came naturally to him. When they showed the shorts to Bob Iger, his first reaction was "I like that droid". So Filoni ended up trapped, because the big boss himself wanted him to do it.
  • After "Jedi Night", we learned that Freddie Prinze Jr. was apparently very supportive of Kanan dying from the start and they'd often have conversations where he'd just ask Filoni "So, when am I going to die?". Near the end of the series when Filoni had difficulty writing the scenes involving Kanan's death, he'd sometimes call him for encouragement.
  • The voice actors all got to see the series finale for the first time at a Lucasfilm screening, and some cameraman caught Vanessa Marshall's stunned reaction to learning Kanan and Hera had a son. When the Q&A starts, the first question is Taylor Gray asking "They had a kid?" to which Filoni responds "Yeah, people do that sometimes.". Steve Blum starts joking "When a man and a woman love each other very much..." before being cut off by Filoni reminding him they're in a room full of children.

Rebels Recon webisodes

  • The "Ask Pablo Hidalgo"
    • In the Recon for "The Forgotten Droid", Pablo surprises Andi in her office, who reacts with an obviously fake surprised scream, which he mirrors.
    • In the Recon for the Season 2 finale, after he answered the questions and Andi left him "alone", Pablo slums against the wall, exhausted and takes a big grateful gulp from his coffee.
    • In the Recon for "Warhead" Andi prepares a bunch of questions, hoping that he would be unable to answer them. She can only ask the first question, he answers the rest without even letting her finish the sentence.
  • Chopper Cam:
    Employee: It's not your fault. It's really, really hard.
    • In "Inside Always Two There Are" Chopper enters a Halloween costume contest...dressed as Dave Filoni. We see the judges give him very low points, except the last who gives him 10, before revealing it's Filoni himself, who claims he has no idea what it's supposed to be, but he likes it. Became Hilarious in Hindsight Foreshadowing with the reveal that Filoni was Chopper's voice actor on the show all along.
    • Chopper taking time off work to watch a Youtube video of droids being destroyed and laughing at it. Andi just reminds him to get back to work, suggesting that this is normal behavior for Chopper.
    • In "The Forgotten Droid" Recon, Chopper first tries to steal Andi's role as the host, then in the actual Chopper Cam sequence he rolls in wearing orange shades followed by paparazzi, and hands Andi a dedicated photo of himself.
    • In "The Mystery of Chopper Base" recon, a crew member completes a Star Wars shrine, with the last piece being a Jar Jar figurine. Chopper comes in, gets upset that there isn't any merchandise of him on the shire, busts out a lightsaber toy, and wrecks the whole thing.
    • In Season 3, Chopper returns from Britain, now inexplicably wearing a monocle and scarf. In the second episode's Rebels Recon, he surprises Andi with a British breakfast of beans and toast . . . that he kept in a cardboard box all the way across the ocean.
      • It ends up becoming a Running Gag, with the Rebels Recon for "Hera's Heroes" having him switch out the break room's coffee for tea, leading to someone doing a Spit Take when they realize the change and apparently not having a taste for tea at all.
    • The shrine for the now dead Maul in the "Twin Suns" Recon includes action figures and candles of saints with his face pasted over them. Chopper passes by and salutes.
    • The Recon for "Wolves And A Door"/"A World Between Worlds" has Chopper using the eponymous world between worlds to watch his rival R3's death over and over.
    • In the Grand Finale of Chopper Cam, Chopper is watching the final episodes and learns, to his utter horror, that he had a human voice actor all along. He goes into a complete Tomato in the Mirror breakdown, spinning around while questioning his existence and even screaming at his own reflection....and then we fade in to Chopper sleeping under a blanket (somehow) and being woken by Pablo Hidalgo, who assures him that it was All Just a Dream. And then turns to the camera to tell the audience that Chopper Cam is not canon.
  • The Recon for "Twilight of the Apprentice" gives us the ultimate Black Comedy by tying a blindfold over the cutout of Kanan.
    • Freddie Prinze Jr. follows that up by calling it his favorite moment of the season.
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. summing up how many fans felt after the Season 2 finale in an interview.
    Freddie: Darth Maul is a dick.
  • In Season 3's Rebels Recon, Hidalgo is now seen reading through young children's books from Legends, as "research".
    • For the Rebels Recon of "Hera's Heroes", Hidalgo is seen holding a book in one hand and using a Playstation VR (which had just been released at the time of the video) to drink a virtual cup of coffee in the other. He answers the question while wearing the headgear.
    • For "The Last Battle", he has set up a dejarik board, and after he answers the question of the week, he uses his cup of coffee as if it were an actual piece of the game to capture all of the pieces.
    • In separate videos, Hidalgo and Andi were both sick, leading to someone else standing in for Hidalgo and the substitute acting like nothing changed, and Andi sticking her hand from offscreen through Hidalgo's computer console respectively.
    • When asked a question about "Ghosts of Geonosis" in the "Warhead" Rebels Recon, he unhesitatingly starts rapid fire answering all the questions that were raised from that episode, continuously cutting off Andi before she can even say the questions. There's Reality Subtext in that Twitter kept bugging him with those same questions during that week.
    • When he was asked about "Warhead", he was in a photoshoot with a photographer who was taking pictures of him from different standing poses while drinking his coffee (presumably because Rogue One cast shootouts were happening that week), all while the photographer is spewing out things in the way photographers are stereotyped.
    Photographer: [while taking pictures without missing a beat] Oh! Now drink that coffee, now spit it out, it was actually tea!
  • A WikiHow on "How to Start A Cult", and the example pictures use a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo Palette Swap of Chopper. Judging by the contents of the page, the author is clearly One of Us.