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Funny / Servants of the Empire

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  • In Rebel in the Ranks, entirety of Zare having to stall Kallus, as depicted in "Breaking Ranks". It turns out Merei had to throw it together the night before, and Zare didn't look at it prior, forcing him to adlib. We get a couple of paragraphs on how awkward he feels about just standing there in silence in front of an intimidating State Sec agent for good rough ten seconds, not helped when he has to avoid looking at 'Dev' somehow managing to levitate the decoder that Kallus could easily see if he just turned his head.
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  • In Imperial Justice, while carrying out dirty work for the Gray Syndicate, Merei Spanjaf gets in a really good burn against one of its members.
    Merei: Hey, Ort, you ever think about why your duties are limited to riding around in the back of this van? It's because you couldn't wring my neck if you had written instructions. Teaching you to read an address would be like training a loth-rat to fly a TIE fighter.