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Drinking Game / Star Wars: Rebels

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  • Take a sip whenever Kanan tells Ezra to focus. (Could be suicidal)
  • Take a sip whenever a stormtrooper misses the Rebels. (Dangerous!)
    • For extra liver failure, take a sip every time something hilarious/abusive happens to a stormtrooper.
  • Take a drink whenever Kanan practices questionable teaching tactics.
  • Take a drink whenever Hera and Kanan flirt.
  • Whenever Ezra's parents are mentioned, take a drink.
  • Take a drink when the Rebels get into a Curb Stomp battle with an Inquisitor or Darth Vader. (Best used with a few other rules)
  • Take a drink whenever the word "Karabast" is heard. Take two if it's from someone other than Zeb.
  • Take a drink every time you want to scream "KISS ALREADY!" at Kanan and Hera. (Could be dangerous in Season 2)
    • Finish your drink when they finally do kiss.
  • Take a drink every time someone tells Chopper to "Stop complaining" or other variations.
  • Take a drink every time Darth Maul appears. Take a sip every time he calls Ezra "my apprentice."
  • Take a sip for every time Chopper stirs up trouble (ex. each time he hits someone, each time he cracks a joke/insult, each time he kills someone, each time he complains, and anything else that's missing).
    • Do the same for AP-5. Take two sips for each action from the both of them if these actions happen during an interaction between them such as a conversation.
  • Take a drink if an episode starts with an Action Prologue. If a rebel ship/fighter is destroyed, take another drink.
  • Take a drink for everything from the Legends continuity gets brought into the Disney canon.
    • Take an additional sip if it's from the West End Games RPG.
  • Drink every time Ezra gives someone the Kubrick Stare.
  • Drink whenever a character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars is re-introduced.
  • Drink whenever Ezra waves at someone with an "Oh, Crap!" Smile.
  • Drink whenever Ezra uses an alias or impersonates an Imperial officer. Take two drinks if it's one that he's used before. Down an extra shot if someone calls BS on him.

    Season One 

  • Take a drink when someone calls Ezra "kid" or refers to him as "the kid".


    Season Two 

  • Take a drink whenever Kanan and Rex squabble, plus an extra sip if Ezra gets visibly annoyed by it.
  • Take a drink whenever a member of Phoenix Squadron dies.

    Season Three 

  • Take a drink whenever Kallus shows a sign of uncertainty in his faith in the Empire. This includes body language and comments, as well as outright disobedience.
  • Take a drink every time Thrawn references art, literally or as a metaphor for war.
  • Take a drink for every 30 seconds Thrawn stands with a Reverse Arm-Fold pose.
  • Take a drink whenever Thrawn draws attention to two or more data points and says "Taken separately, they mean nothing, but..."

    Season Four 
  • Take a drink whenever Ezra waves awkwardly at someone.
  • Take a drink when a named minor character from previous seasons dies.
  • If a main character dies, everyone must toast said character before finishing their drinks.note