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Drinking Game / Star Wars Rebels

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  • Take a sip whenever Kanan tells Ezra to focus. (Could be suicidal)
  • Take a sip whenever a stormtrooper misses the Rebels. (Dangerous!)
    • For extra liver failure, take a sip every time something hilarious/abusive happens to a stormtrooper.
  • Take a drink whenever Kanan practices questionable teaching tactics.
  • Take a drink whenever Hera and Kanan flirt.
  • Whenever Ezra's parents are mentioned, take a drink.
  • Take a drink when the Rebels get into a Curb Stomp battle with an Inquisitor or Darth Vader. (Best used with a few other rules)
  • Take a drink whenever the word "Karabast" is heard. Take two if it's from someone other than Zeb.
  • Take a drink every time you want to scream "KISS ALREADY!" at Kanan and Hera. (Could be dangerous in Season 2)
    • Finish your drink when they finally do kiss.
  • Take a drink every time someone tells Chopper to "Stop complaining" or other variations.
  • Take a drink every time Darth Maul appears. Take a sip every time he calls Ezra "my apprentice."
  • Take a sip for every time Chopper stirs up trouble (ex. each time he hits someone, each time he cracks a joke/insult, each time he kills someone, each time he complains, and anything else that's missing).
    • Do the same for AP-5. Take two sips for each action from the both of them if these actions happen during an interaction between them such as a conversation.
  • Take a drink if an episode starts with an Action Prologue. If a rebel ship/fighter is destroyed, take another drink.
  • Take a drink for everything from the Legends continuity gets brought into the Disney canon.
    • Take an additional sip if it's from the West End Games RPG.
  • Drink every time Ezra gives someone the Kubrick Stare.
  • Drink whenever a character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars is re-introduced.
  • Drink whenever Ezra waves at someone with an "Oh, Crap!" Smile.

    Season One 

  • Take a drink when someone calls Ezra "kid" or refers to him as "the kid".


    Season Two 

  • Take a drink whenever Kanan and Rex squabble, plus an extra sip if Ezra gets visibly annoyed by it.
  • Take a drink whenever a member of Phoenix Squadron dies.

    Season Three 

  • Take a drink whenever Kallus shows a sign of uncertainty in his faith in the Empire. This includes body language and comments, as well as outright disobedience.
  • Take a drink every time Thrawn references art, literally or as a metaphor for war.
  • Take a drink for every 30 seconds Thrawn stands with a Reverse Arm-Fold pose.
  • Take a drink whenever Thrawn draws attention to two or more data points and says "Taken separately, they mean nothing, but..."

    Season Four 
  • Take a drink whenever Ezra waves awkwardly at someone.
  • Take a drink when a named minor character from previous seasons dies.
  • If a main character dies, everyone must toast said character before finishing their drinks.note 


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