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    Season 1 
"The Recruit"
  • Kaz's introduction to what happens to people who refuse to race on the station two seconds after stepping off the shuttle.
    Kaz: [watching a guy get thrown off the platform for refusing to race] What was that?
    Poe: Don't think about it.
  • Neeku is very much Literal-Minded with a poor grasp of hyperbole, and upon hearing Kaz say he wants to be the best pilot around, decides to share that information literally with several other people. Next, we are treated to a montage of this going through the station's rumor mill and by the time Kaz gets to Aunt Z's, everybody on the entire station knows who he is and thinks he is either a great pilot or a braggart.
  • Kaz getting a gorg for Orka and Flix.
  • Yeager and everybody near him facepalming when Kaz picks Torra to race against. Followed by Kaz belatedly realizing he might have just made a major mistake.
  • Bucket smacking Kaz in the face with a part. Especially the expression on Kaz's face before he falls over.

"The Triple Dark"

  • Kaz is supposed to be undercover as a mechanic on Yeager's crew. Kaz, however, has never actually worked on any spacecraft. He doesn't even know which tool is what; which promptly leads to Neeku getting electrocuted.
  • Kaz's terrible, Bad Liar excuse that he used to work at a factory on Coruscant that made new ships.

"Fuel for the Fire"

  • While at Aunt Z's, Kaz says that he's considering finding another place to live, prompting an elderly blue alien sitting down the bar to make an offer. Kaz turns her down. Later, while Kaz and BB-8 are running for Rucklin's hangar, the alien reappears and makes the offer again.
  • At the end, Kaz's cart of parts-to-be-cleaned falls off the edge of the station, after BB-8 fails to get Kaz's attention in time.

"The High Tower"

  • Neeku's over-the-top glee about Team Fireball's new comlinks.
  • An Ugnaught vendor gets harassed by alien seagulls.
  • After arriving in the Aces Lounge, Kaz spots a serving droid with a bowl full of something he really likes eating and proceeds to wolf the bowl's contents down while Tam stares at him, embarrassed.
  • While Kaz flees from the stormtroopers, the door behind him opens and he stumbles into it. Whose room is it? Torra's. Awkward.
    • Torra, thinking that Kaz came to visit her because he mistook her kindness for "something else", politely turning him down.
      • What makes it funnier is that Kaz, rather than being awkward or embarrassed, just looks completely baffled by what Torra is insinuating. It genuinely never occurred to him how this would look.
    • When the stormtroopers demand to enter her room, she tells Kaz to sneak out through her window.
  • Kaz having to platform-jump outside of Doza Tower. Now, if he were Force-sensitive or an athletic soldier, this wouldn't be too much of a problem for him. So since he's not, it's a miracle that he didn't slip and fall, especially knowing how clumsy he is. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome for the same reasons.
    • But arguably, what makes it funny is when the patrons at Aunt Z's notice Kaz's predicament from the window and start betting on if he falls, all while gasping whenever he nearly falls or cheering when he's got it.
    • And then the stormtroopers start shooting at him

"The Children from Tehar"

  • Neeku gets a call on his comlink from the Chelidae telling him they've found the kids, and repeats it for Kaz's benefit:
    "We... have... found... the... child... ren… Child-ren. Children!"
  • While hurrying to Engineering while being chased by stormtroopers, BB-8 goes down the stairs so fast he tumbles over himself at the bottom.
  • Kaz, having an idea of how to save the kids, tries to pull open a grate in the floor and has trouble, so he asks for a hand... and it turns out his lack of success was because he was trying to open the grate from the hinge end.
  • When Kaz gives Tam the repaired compensator, she's pleasantly surprised, and he tells her some of his friends fixed it. She's surprised he has friends, and jokingly asks if he has any other secrets he's keeping from her. At which point, Kaz awkwardly claims he's the most straightforward guy on the Colossus, before awkwardly excusing himself.
  • Kaz is embarrassed when, while reporting to the Resistance, he realizes of course there are other spies besides him.

"Signal from Sector Six"

  • Kaz having to jump off of the ship onto his X-Wing, like he's walking the plank. He starts prepping himself to jump, but BB-8 and Yeager start getting fed up with him, so BB-8 shoves him off. Bonus in that it appears that Kaz wanted to back out last second until BB-8 pushed him.
  • After BB-8 shoos off some of the monkey-lizards on CB, they share a tender exchange of beeps, as if to say "Wow... you saved me." "Yeah... I guess I did," all while Kaz is getting beat up by the monkey-lizards.
  • Poe hates Kowakian monkey-lizards.
    "I hate monkeys. I hate them so much."
  • When Kaz and Poe see the giant monkey-lizard for the first time, they start to back away slowly while it still hasn't noticed them, only for Kaz to back his foot into a hollow, loud crate. Their eyes widen like the biggest Oh, Crap! and This Is Gonna Suck in the episode.
  • Synara waking up to find Kazuda looking over her, causing her to sock him in the face.
  • After Yeager tells Kaz that Synara is his responsibility and whatever she does will be his fault, Kaz says that it'll be fine, because it's like how he's Yeager's responsibility, and he's turned out well, right? Yeager walks away without giving an answer.

"Synara's Score"

  • Neeku is so Literal-Minded that when Yeager orders him not to talk to anyone about the secret targeting computer job, he takes this as instructions to hand-gag himself. And then he does it to Kaz later.
  • When Synara startles them in the repair shop, Kaz and Tam quickly position themselves in front of the targeting computer with awkwardly large grins plastered on their faces. And then, when Synara asks if they're working on a targeting computer, Kaz awkwardly laughs and claims, unconvincingly, that it's a food steamer for Yeager.
  • While preparing to go reinstall the targeting computer, Yeager tells Doza to "keep [his] hat on".
  • When Yeager tells Neeku he can talk again, he eagerly explains that he and Bucket withstood a "siege" in the repair shop by hiding in the supply closet when a pirate knocked on the door. Yeager then tells Neeku to stop talking again.

"The Platform Classic"

  • Marcus has his own Neeku! Or, well, he has Oplock, a Mountain Nikto, as his personal mechanic. When Neeku introduces him to Kaz and Tam, he screeches, and Neeku explains that it is the language of Mountain Nikto.
  • Yeager proving that he is Not So Above It All when Tam and Kaz successfully goad him into entering the race.
  • Also, when Marcus says he needs a new mechanic since Oplock is being held by the Guavians, Yeager says he can have his best mechanic. He gives him Kaz.
    Tam: Kaz is your best mechanic?
    Yeager: Well I never said what he was best at.
  • Kaz getting excited while watching the Platform Classic and accidentally knocking a pit droid off the railing and into the ocean. The expression on Kaz's face is priceless.

"Secrets and Holograms"

  • Torra tries to get out of her room by telling 4D that her pet Buggles needs to go out or else he'll have an accident, and 4D responds that the last time was "disgusting" in a hilariously robotic tone of voice. Then, after Buggles rumbles Torra when she sneaks out, 4D can't follow her because the pet then pees (purple) on the floor, causing 4D to say the mess is disgusting in the exact same tone of voice.
    4D: Oh. Buggles. Why?
  • When Kaz and Torra nearly walk into Captain Doza and Commander Pyre in the hallway, they both jump to a wall to hide behind. Or really, Kaz literally dives behind a wall and Torra cartwheels behind a wall.
  • Kaz hiding behind Torra's baby neebray plushie when 4D walks in on them. And it works! Apparently, even in a galaxy far far away, facial recognition algorithms leave a lot to be desired.
  • Kaz and Torra escape down a garbage chute and land in a pile of garbage.
    Kaz: Is this a trash compactor?
    Torra: [in her usual perky, enthusiastic voice] No. It's a trash incinerator!

"Station Theta-Black"

  • Poe is not reassured when Kaz says that he was really good in the simulated combat exercises, stressing that they will have to fight real enemies with real guns, and really fight back.


  • At the end, Kaz presents Neeku with a gorg he bought that he can have as a new pet, to cheer him up... only for Neeku to immediately eat the gorg right then and there, shocking Kaz. But it does have the desired effect: Neeku is back to being his usual perky self.

"Dangerous Business"

  • Flix and Orka leave their shop in Kaz's care while they visit Flix's mother. And the fact that Orka acts like this is a thing they do on a regular basis...
  • GL-N is also leaving with them. He bumps into Kaz while carrying two crates that look like briefcases.
  • Flix and Orka still haven't eaten that gorg that Kaz bought them back in the first episode and they've proclaimed it as their pet now. They're surprisingly more merciful than Neeku...
  • When Flix and Orka return to the shop, Flix says that he thinks he looks more like his father than his mother. After all, his father was part-Gungan. Orka tells him to stop fibbing since Gungans don't have feathers.
  • Neeku asks Kaz not to blow Flix and Orka's shop up. Tam replies that he's finally developing a sense of humor, to which Neeku replies that he's being serious. By the end of the day, Kaz has indeed blown something up, although it was a ship, not the shop. Neeku has (correctly) assumed that Kaz is a Walking Disaster Area.
  • When he has to escape, Kaz immediately tempting Bitey to bite his own fingers so he can run with Bitey.

"The First Order Occupation"

  • Kaz decides to warn Synara that the First Order is hunting her by saying he wants to talk about food... food that he really likes, but that isn't good for everyone else, but he still wants to help... what an interesting choice of Spy Speak.
  • Neeku's literal-mindedness strikes again, when, after being told that he knows the Colossus like the back of his hand, he ends up staring intently at the back of his hand wondering what the two have in common.
  • Kaz is saying goodbye to Synara, with plenty of Ship Tease… then he gets hit in the head by the descending hatch of the escape pod.
  • At the end, Neeku interrupts Kaz and Tam talking by bursting in, stating that he's confident "they" (the stormtroopers) didn't see his face, and then announcing he's going to faint now, before doing so.

"The New Trooper"

  • When the rest of his crew leaves the dinner table to help Kel and Eila, Yeager asks Bucket if he's going to be joining them too. Nope: Bucket heads out in the opposite direction. The scene transitions as Yeager takes a bite of food.
  • Kaz does not make the most convincing stormtrooper, with awkward enough behaviour that the real stormtroopers think there's something wrong with "CS-515"'s mental conditioning.
  • When CS-515 wakes up in the room off engineering, he's confused, and Neeku cheerfully tells him he's suffering from the effects of being knocked unconscious and offers to help him get back to sleep, before shocking him.
  • Kaz's fight with the First Order astromech droid. Apparently, the heads on ball droids are detachable and they can still control their bodies while detached.
  • Torra is left mystified when she sees a stormtrooper, the disguised Kaz, wave to her as he walks by the open door of her room.
  • While running from the First Order, Kaz trips over Opeepit, who is scrubbing the floors. He then advises Opeepit that his work would be easier with a floor scrubber, not knowing that the First Order recently confiscated his floor scrubber.
  • Kaz's exasperated "Neeku, I could KISS you!" Neeku considers it seriously for a moment before apologizing that he doesn't feel the same way.
  • When CS-515 is recovered by the stormtroopers, he's confused and wonders aloud where his "green friend" (Neeku) is.

"The Core Problem"

  • Kaz is utterly confident that his transmitter will work, and turns it on... only to produce a loud feedback noise. He sheepishly says it was the wrong button, and presses some more buttons, calling Poe. Then he gets a response... except that it's quickly revealed that Poe is actually there, having snuck onto the platform, and it takes Yeager a few seconds to get Kaz to turn around.
  • The maneuver Poe plans to use for him, Kaz and BB-8 to sneak off the Colossus is called the "Widowmaker". Kaz protests that he isn't married.
  • When the Fireball is parked on top of a freighter as it departs the Colossus, Poe, noting a squadron of TIE fighters flying overhead, wishes that Kaz had given the ship a less conspicuous paintjob. Kaz defends himself by pointing out that, as it's a racing ship, the Fireball was never meant to be inconspicuous.
  • Poe's reaction to the probe droid deploying seekers:
    Poe: Kids! It's got kids!

"The Disappeared"

  • When Tam gets suspicious after noting carbon scoring (a telltale sign of combat damage) on the Fireball and asks Kaz what he was doing with it, Kaz first claims that the damage isn't carbon scoring, it's from a rough atmospheric re-entry. And when Tam asks him where he went on his last off-planet trip, Kaz vaguely claims that he was just... around.
  • Kaz and Torra distract two stormtroopers guarding a turbolift by arranging for them to be attacked by a crate full of gorgs. The small creatures are such a pain to deal with that the stormtroopers' reaction is hilarious. And, in the lift, Kaz is shown pulling one last gorg off of his leg.
  • Hype is not happy when Aunt Z, who is much heavier than him, uses him as a footstool to see out of the cargo container's air vent... twice. The first time, he ends up gasping that he thinks she broke his back.


  • Kel, Eila and the Chelidae rescue Kaz, Neeku, Yeager and CB-23 from the stormtroopers who cornered them by opening a trapdoor beneath their feet, giving them a hard landing. Neeku, while sitting on top of Kaz, expresses glee, and Kel and Eila point out that they found out where they were because they were being really loud.
  • After Kaz comes up with the plan of deliberately sinking the Colossus to make it easier to get to the transmitter on Doza Tower, Yeager, aware of Kaz's Walking Disaster Area tendencies, says that if there's one thing he knows, it's that Kaz will be able to sink the platform.
  • CB-23 mugging a First Order ball droid for the tray it's carrying so she can get into the tower, probably the only droid-on-droid instance of Mugged for Disguise ever.
  • Everyone thinks Kaz's plan to sink the Colossus is insane, especially Yeager and Captain Doza. Torra, on the other hand, is ridiculously excited, thinking it'll be "fun".
    • Then, when the sinking actually happens, Torra remarks that it's not as fun anymore.

"No Escape, Part I"

  • Neeku thinks that Kaz is having delusions of grandeur when he says that his father is a New Republic senator. Then, Neeku, while laughing, jokes that Kaz is next going to claim that he grew up extremely wealthy. As that was what Kaz was about to mention, he decides he'll explain that later.
  • During Kaz's swim, Neeku decides on the callsigns Blowfish 1 and 2. Kaz doesn't like it.
  • Al, drinking in Aunt Z's Tavern, sees Kaz and CB-23 swimming by the windows, prompting him to take a good look at his drink. Then, when Kaz and CB come back, this time pursued by scuba troopers, this prompts Al to decide he's had enough.
  • Kel and Eila's facial expressions when Neeku rambles, wondering if Kaz was saying that either himself or Neeku was impressive, before deciding that they were all impressive. Then, Neeku's hilarious joy when Kaz calls him "buddy", prompting him to later change the callsigns to Buddy 1 and 2.
  • After Kaz manages to stun a trooper he and Torra ran into in the hallways, he's offended when Torra says that was almost impressive.
    • For context, Kaz and Torra walk around a corner and straight into a stormtrooper, so Kaz snatches the guy's blaster and threatens him with it... until Torra tells him that he's pointing the business end at himself. The trooper tackles him, and Kaz wrestles the guy before just barely managing to seize the blaster and stun the trooper with it.

"No Escape, Part II"

  • While freeing Yeager and Captain Doza, Kaz holds a stormtrooper at blaster-point and tells him not to move... sorry, not to move except for giving his blaster to the others.
  • After the Colossus has escaped into hyperspace, Aunt Z gets out of her and Hype's ship and jumps on him to give him a hug and kiss. This causes Hype to fall over, while protesting.

    Season 2 
  • From the trailer:
    • When meeting the Aeosians, Kaz points out upon seeing the queen that he thinks she's in charge. Griff snarks back as though it weren't already obvious.
    • While walking through a marketplace, Yeager tells Kaz to try and blend in by acting casual. Kaz responds that he was a spy, so he already knows how to do that well... before tripping over something on the ground and falling over.
    • Kaz and Neeku infiltrating a First Order destroyer... as radar technicians. Hope they bump into Matt?


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