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Spoilers in their respective seasons bar the finales are untagged. Browse through at your own caution.
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  • Hera's Affectionate Nickname for Kanan is "Love", especially if you remember how their relationship started in A New Dawn.
  • According to Sabine's journal, My Rebel Sketchbook, Kanan recruited her into the crew. We also find out in "Legends of the Lasat" that Kanan recruited Zeb as well. And as we know from A New Dawn, Hera recruited the man himself. Because Kanan joined Hera, he was able to find not only Ezra (though one could argue Ezra found him), but he found Sabine and Zeb, and all the members of the crew would become important contributors to the Rebel effort in the Galactic Civil War.
    • And because Sabine joined the Rebellion, she reached out to Ketsu and Rau, who both joined the Rebellion or at least became pro-Rebel, and she herself ended up playing a huge part in Mandalore regarding the Rebel-Imperial conflict. Zeb found a new home for his people, and helped Kallus find the good within him. Ezra ended up playing a huge, but currently unknown part in the Rebellion and the balance of the Force alongside his master.
    • It's also worth noting that all of them had the choice to turn away from joining the crew, as Sabine, Ezra, Zeb, and Kanan all had the choice to turn away from the opportunities given to them and run away, but they chose to stay and fight for the innocent, as well as to preserve and honor the memory of the fallen.
  • Gooti Terez, Mart Mattin, and Jonner Jin are named after Andi Gutirrez (host of Rebels Recon and The Star Wars Show variety show on YouTube), Matt Martin (with two letters switched) (Lucasfilms' manager of digital content and community relations), and John Harper (the cameraman and producer for both aforementioned variety shows).
  • Kallus's first name, Alexsandr, is derived from production manager Alex Spotswood, who recorded the agent's temp dialogue before it would be finalized with David Oyelowo. Apparently, the crew really appreciated Alex's Large Ham performance that Filoni and David agreed that Kallus should be named after him.
  • Vanessa Marshall, the voice of Hera, recalled how she met a father and son at a DragonCon, and after signing an autograph for the son, his father came up to her and thanked her, telling her that his son was autistic and seeing Hera on the show made him feel calm.
  • In December 2018, young fan who was introduced to Thrawn through Rebels became a fan of the character and read Thrawn's Legends stories in his local library and sent a letter to Del Rey asking if there were any more Thrawn stories for him to read and if Timothy Zahn could sign a bookmark for him. Del Rey sent him a box containing a reply from the editor and several books including a signed edition of Thrawn: Alliances and has forwarded the fan's letter to Zahn.
  • In the final Rebels Recon, Sam Witwer recounts his favourite memory from working on Rebels, which was meeting and becoming good friends with Freddie Prinze Jr. The footage of them together in the studio that plays while Sam is talking is so sweet.



  • In this short, Zeb defeats a squad of stormtroopers simply because they were hassling a fruit vendor. He also refuses the vendors rewards of credits, in place of one of the fruits.

    Season 1 
Spark of Rebellion
  • Chopper, Hera, and Kanan choosing to go back for Ezra, despite Sabine and Zeb believing they don't stand a chance going back for him and relying on the small chance that the Empire will treat a kid fairly.
  • At the end of the episode, after dropping off the Wookiees, it's time to drop off Ezra back on Lothal. Everyone is saddened by this — even Sabine according to the novelization.
  • Ezra officially joining the crew of the Ghost at the end of the episode.
    • Becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight when you read Ezra's Gamble, because Ezra is days fresh off of losing Ferpil to a corrupt Imperial officer, being forced to say goodbye to Moreena when she has to leave for Alderaan because the Empire took her family's farm, and parting on negative terms with an apathetic Bossk due to an argument. Ezra has recently just had an adventure, but it resulted in a Downer Ending and it has done nothing more than seemingly drill in that he has no one... until a family comes along.
  • Wullfwarro comforting his son, Kitwarr, when they arrive on Kessel.
  • Ezra's reaction to Sabine removing her helmet.
  • Hera convincing Ezra to go warn the rest of the crew about the Empire's trap.
  • Ezra deciding to save Kitwarr.
    • When Ezra and Kitwarr get cornered by Kallus, he tauntingly remarks that he'll turn in Kanan and Ezra to his superiors, mistaking them for a Jedi Master-Padawan duo. Ezra snarks that he works alone while defending Kitwarr, then Kanan appears on the Ghost saying not anymore he ain't and saves them from Kallus.

Droids in Distress

  • Sabine calling R2-D2 "little buddy" and saying he can join the Ghost crew anytime.
  • Kanan meeting with Bail Organa, and the senator's sincere gratitude for the return of his droids.
    Organa: The simplest gesture of kindness can fill a galaxy with hope.
    Kanan: Isn't that a Jedi saying?
  • Hera and Ezra's relationship to each other. You can tell that she's like a mother to him.
  • Ezra calling on the Force when he sees Zeb's about to get his head lopped off.
  • Kanan finally deciding to train Ezra after he sees his display of power save Zeb. The way he smiles doing so makes it clear that it's a So Proud of You, or at least a I Will Be So Proud of You.

Fighter Flight

  • Zeb and Ezra finally bonding. This episode marks the beginning of their brotherly friendship, when we see them often acting like a big/little brother duo.
  • Ezra accepts the Imperial helmet Zeb got for him, despite the fact he already has one like it. He says it's a good helmet, and he'll get Sabine to paint it for him.

Rise of the Old Masters

  • Kanan finally accepting the burden of teaching Ezra to be a Jedi in the wake of learning about Luminara Unduli's death, even if he didn't make it past Padawan and didn't really think himself qualified to be taking on an apprentice. The episode ends with the two of them practicing lightsaber defense in a way similar to a father and son playing baseball.
  • In that same scene, Ezra telling Kanan that he doesn't care about having the perfect teacher. He just wants Kanan to teach him. This just says something about how close they've grown to each other.

Empire Day

  • Kanan and Sabine's concern for Ezra when they learn that Empire Day is his birthday and the day his parents were taken. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
    • Especially when Kanan realized Ezra wasn't training as well as he usually does on a regular day.

Gathering Forces

  • When Ezra and Kanan finally get home to the Ghost after a physically and emotionally taxing encounter with the Grand Inquisitor, Hera steps up to offer him very well-meant news of his parents. However, after being disturbed by using the Darkside for the first time, Ezra is in no fit state to process it. Kanan immediately and gently intercepts, saying Ezra needs some space from the rest of the crew, and then takes Hera aside to explain what happened privately.
  • It's rather telling that what enrages Ezra enough to channel the dark side is the Inquisitor threatening Kanan. He's started a bond with Kanan and, after losing his parents, simply doesn't want to lose anyone else close to him. And when the power knocks him out, Kanan's response is to cradle him in his arms and carry him to safety.
  • Sabine revealing she took the disc Ezra was going to leave behind and cleaned it up for him. She then reveals the restored holo-image of a young Ezra with his parents as a gift to him.
    Sabine: Happy birthday, Ezra Bridger.
    • Sabine's actions toward Ezra throughout the entire episode also count. She initially started out as somewhat indifferent to him joining the crew, but now shows genuine concern for him and is finally starting to bond with him.
    • This is also one of the few moments where Sabine calls Ezra by his name, rather than just "kid" (even though she is no more than two years older than he is).

Path of the Jedi

  • Every member of the Ghost's crew donated at least one resource for Ezra to create his own lightsaber when actual saber parts have become scarce. Particularly notable is Chopper donating one of his own power cells (read: his batteries).
  • Yoda helping Ezra realize why he wants to be a Jedi — To protect his new family.
  • Ezra's conversation with Yoda that ultimately grants him the kyber crystal mentions how different he feels with the crew as opposed to when he was alone:
    Ezra: Before I met Kanan, I only ever thought of myself, but Kanan and the rest, they don't think like that. They help people, they give everything away, and I see it. I see how it makes people feel.
    Yoda: Feel, yes. How?
    Yoda: Good. Good.

Vision of Hope

  • Ezra escapes a meeting with Zare Leonis, pursued by Stormtroopers. One stops and makes sure Zare is alright, and assures him they'll catch Ezra. A kind Pet the Dog moment.
  • The last scene in which Hera sits under the stars with Ezra and reassures him that things will get better and he shouldn't lose hope is particularly heartwarming.

Rebel Resolve

  • Chopper, surprisingly, is rather gung-ho about rescuing Kanan. He stays inside an Imperial walker which is about to be blown up to continue hacking a data relay which doesn't work, disobeys Hera to help Ezra and the others find a lead, and infiltrates an Imperial communications ship by himself to get useful intel.
  • Hera and Ezra's heart-to-heart about how his decision to disobey her orders to go after Kanan helped the crew to stand up for what they believed in, and how proud she was because of that.
    • Ezra telling Hera she is as much responsible for how he is growing as Kanan.

Fire Across the Galaxy

  • It's easy to see Stormtroopers as Faceless Mooks, but when Sabine knocks one out, one of the lead Stormtroopers is seen tending to his squadmate, ignoring shooting her until he hears the bombs start to count down.
  • Kanan realising Ezra's alive.
    Kanan: I thought I'd lost you.
    Ezra: I know the feeling.
  • Kanan and Hera hugging after reuniting. The crew's reactions to their reunion as well.
  • Zeb's, Hera's, and Sabine's grins when they hear Kanan's voice again.
  • The end reveal that Ahsoka Tano is both still alive and fighting against the Empire warmed the hearts of many fans, especially those still bitter over the cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
    • The reprise of the character's theme music.
  • The double reveal that not only are there other rebel cells active across the galaxy, they heard and were inspired by Ezra's message in spite of Tarkin destroying the transmission tower.

    Season 2 
  • The trailer reveals that not only are Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe and Clone Commando Gregor still alive, they are now fighting against the Empire. This means that not only have they escaped being brainwashed by the Empire (due to microchips planted in their brains), In fact, it's been noted that their heads bear the scars that indicate said chips have been removed! Fives' death wasn't completely in vain after all.
    Captain Rex: Any friend of Commander Tano is a friend of mine.
    • It's especially heartwarming to see Gregor alive. The last time we saw him, it looked as though he'd been killed.

The Siege Of Lothal

  • Ezra being the one that sticks up for Tua when he recognizes that she is genuine and afraid, while the others discuss out loud on whether or not she's lying or worth saving.
    • Just a moment before Ezra voices his opinion, Ahsoka briefly smiles and nods approving what she deduced he's about to do.
    • Later on, when she dies by a surprise detonator, Ezra is the most shocked about her death. It's likely that Tua had been Minister for years, and thus a well-known public figure while Ezra was on the streets. Witnessing her die is probably as equivalent as maybe seeing your school principal or some other local body that everyone knows of but isn't close enough to be friends kick the can.
  • Kanan and Hera's talk in the hallway after Minister Tua's transmission. Hera tries to reassure Kanan that they're doing the right thing by becoming part of the rebellion, and Kanan has no problem admitting his hesitation about getting into another war to her.

The Lost Commanders

  • When Kanan finds out that Rex and company are clones, he ignites his lightsaber and puts himself in front of Ezra to protect him. Though the situation is defused by Rex before shots are fired, one has to remember that Kanan lost his master to clones, and he wasn't about to lose his Padawan to them either.

Relics of the Old Republic

  • Rex and Ezra continue to bond, with Rex talking about fighting alongside Anakin. He even gave Ezra his helmet (which he'd been admiring in the last episode) during the storm. Ezra repays him by convincing Kanan to turn around and save the clones.
  • Captain Rex's reunion with Ahsoka. Appropriately, Dee Bradley Baker and Ashley Eckstein actually hugged during the recording session for this scene, just like their characters did.
    Captain Rex: You got old.
    Ahsoka: Had to happen sometime, Rex.
    • Especially poignant given what season 7 reveals about their parting.
  • Wolffe, admitting he screwed up when he called The Empire and doing his best to make up for it.
  • Rex gets to step in and give Ezra some guidance on how to use the old Republic equipment... something he probably got do for a lot of Padawans... Then the Padawan gets to explicitly ask him for advice...
  • Kanan, Ezra, and Zeb leap out the back of a speeding Ghost 2 to land on the top of an AT-AT and hijack it. Rex, who had been moments away from death, is more happy that he gets to see Jedi in action again than that they saved his life.
    Rex: Just like the good old days.

Always Two There Are

  • Zeb, Ezra, and Sabine all doing their best to protect and rescue each other. Sabine charges an Inquisitor when Ezra is captured, Ezra stabs the door controls to stop the Inquisitors from getting to Sabine, and Zeb goes up against them in the Phantom in the final rescue. They're outclassed by the Inquisitors and they know it, but despite their fear they won't let their adoptive siblings get hurt.
  • Zeb's speech to Chopper before going back to rescue the others; he knows full well he has little chance of stopping the Inquisitors, but he won't leave Ezra and Sabine at their mercy.
    Zeb: Truth is, I don't really stand a chance going in alone, much less with you. But if we leave this space station, we will never see those kids again; I came here with them, and I am not leaving without them!
    • Note that back in "Spark of Rebellion", he left Ezra behind believing that he was a mere liability (though not without some guilt about it). That's some Character Development right there.

Brothers of the Broken Horn

  • A small moment, but Hondo actually pushes Ezra out of the way of danger during the blaster fight, putting himself at risk.
  • Even after all this time, Hondo still respects the Jedi and appears to miss them. He even admits that he thinks of Obi-Wan as a friend (even if he's not sure Obi-Wan feels the same way).
  • At the end of the episode, Ezra admits to Hondo, that at one time, he might had joined his crew. Hondo's response?
    Hondo Oh Ezra, you really are a Jedi.
  • Ezra's talk with Kanan at the end, where he admits that he had changed since joining the crew of the Ghost.
    Kanan: You're on a different path, now.
    Ezra: And I have you guys.

Wings of the Master

  • Hera's reaction to Quarrie having installed a hyperdrive on The Phantom:
    Hera: You beautiful, crazy Mon Calamari! (hugs him)
  • Quarrie's joy at his prototype being used in battle.
    Quarrie: I... just hammered it together, young pilot. You made it soar.

Blood Sisters

  • Sabine chooses to forgive Ketsu for leaving her for dead. Ketsu is taken aback, but accepts it. They quickly get back to amicable terms.
    • Right before the shuttle blows up, Sabine gets KO'd while still inside it. Chopper tells Ketsu that he can't detach the Shadow Caster from it because Sabine's still in there. Ketsu could have easily left her dead once again, but she runs back and helps her get to the other side before it blows up.
  • It's implied during their trip to Havoc Outpost and back to Garel that Sabine caught Ketsu up to date with what she's been up to ever since they parted ways, including her friendship with Ezra.
  • Ketsu politely turns down Sabine and Hera's offer to join the Rebellion at the moment, but both of them make it clear that she's welcome to join any time.
  • In the end, Sabine confides to Ezra that she's glad to have encounter Ketsu again and knows this won't be their last.

Stealth Strike

  • Kanan hears Rex's suffering through a Force premonition after Rex is captured, and goes back, specifically saying he has to rescue his "friend". After all their bickering, he finally decides to include Rex in his circle of fellowship.
    • And when he does save him, it's at a moment where the Imperial officer about to kill him says that he will die here and that nobody will ever know nor care. Kanan then makes his presence known with the response "I would!"
    • Kanan and Rex salute each other in the episode's closing shot.
    • When Ezra charges ahead, Rex and Kanan both look on stunned, until Kanan says, "He takes after Hera." Apparently Kanan and Hera take their statuses as Team Mom and Team Dad very literally, which is adorable.
  • More of a Pet the Dog moment or could just be that the guy was in fear, but as the Imperials flee the bridge for the escape pods as the Interdictors crash into each other, the lieutenant waits for Titus to get up when he trips.

The Future of the Force

  • The normally grumpy Chopper playing with the infants. Zeb too.
  • Kanan allowing a few moments to smile at Ezra and Chopper playing with the now-safe infants.
  • Ahsoka giving a confident wink to Ezra, after telling him to get Pypey on the ship and leave the Inquisitors to her. Ezra does as told, and even though Kanan asks twice if they should go back help Ahsoka, he has so much faith in her that he just knows she doesn't need it.
  • It's small, but Zeb indicates that since the events of "Always Two There Are", he's now learned Chopper's binary language.


  • Hera's reveal that she's been searching for Ezra's parents since Tseebo revealed what he knew of them, and detailing that she questioned everyone from smugglers to Bail Organa himself. Despite it not coming up with anything conclusive, Ezra is clearly touched by the effort and thanks her.
  • Ezra almost immediately clinging to Kanan after finding out that his parents died only a few months prior. His birth parents are gone, but he still looks to his new parental figure. Also a Tear Jerker.
  • Also crossed with Tear Jerker, Kanan going with Ezra to Lothal. He knows what it's like to lose someone and not have anyone there, and he's not going to let Ezra go through this alone.
  • When Ezra was younger, Azadi used to be his Honorary Uncle.
  • Despite it seemingly being all for naught, you have to respect Azadi for supporting the Bridgers and their transmissions despite it being against his superiors' wishes. It sounds like he does genuinely care about Lothal and his people, unlike the rest of the Imperials on the world.

A Princess on Lothal

  • Despite not getting off to the best start, Ezra and Leia bond over the course of the episode and actually form a pretty deep connection over their strong senses of justice and being too young for all the responsibility they must accept. The most awwww inducing moment being when she comforts and encourages him over the death of his parents.
    • Kanan and the rest of the Ghost crew being concerned about Ezra's well being and offer him their support.

The Protector of Concord Dawn

  • Despite whatever choices her biological family has chosen to make in the past such as her mother joining Death Watch, she still proudly proclaims her birthright to the Protectors and makes it clear that she knows she isn't a mere continuation of her mother's sins; they're their own people, and those problems are her mother's, not hers. And despite knowing the burden isn't (or at least shouldn't be) on her, it's implied that she doesn't love her family any less because of this.
    • Bonus points in that Sabine forged her armor with her family.
  • Once again, it becomes apparent that Hera and Kanan's statuses as Team Mom and Team Dad respectively are treated fairly literally when, after Hera muses that Sabine is starting to act less like a Mandalorian and more like a Jedi, Sabine says "Guess I was just raised right".

Legends of the Lasat

  • Ezra helping Zeb to snap out of his guilt-induced apathy, and accept his role.
  • Later, when Zeb uses his bo-rifle to predict the course through the blackhole-cluster, Kanan and Ezra help him, by putting their hands on his shoulders.

The Call

  • After losing his helmet and falling onto a purrgil flying through a crater of gas, a weakened Ezra asks a purrgil to help him via Force connection. The whale immediately flies out of the gas and brings his helmet back, then the whole pod helps the rest of the crew with their refueling mission.


  • Watching a guy like Kanan act like a fiance trying to impress his would-be Father-in-Law is equal parts funny and heartwarming.
  • Numa returns and she is all grown-up wearing old clone armor on her left arm as a reminder to her "brothers".
    • It actually has Boil's name written on it.
  • When Cham disparages Chopper, Hera calmly asserts his identity - "His name is Chopper."
  • Hera and Cham reconciling and Cham even accepting that his daughter is a great hero.

The Honorable Ones

  • Kallus showing himself to be honorable through out the episode, proving that not all Imperials are racist homicidal maniacs.
  • Kallus referring to his fallen comrades from his first mission as 'the boys'.
    • In addition, while his backstory is a Tear Jerker, him being willing to open up to Zeb (along with their conversations from earlier) shows that since he's coming to trust him. In isolation from the battlefield, the men begin to realize that their hatred for each other (Grudge from trauma on Kallus's end and mostly Black-and-White Morality on Zeb's end at this point) is an obstacle if they want to escape. Overcoming that hatred results in the creation of mutual respect. This is probably the first time Kallus has felt such genuine camaraderie in years, considering the way he acts towards other Imperials.
  • Rather than keeping the meteorite to himself, Zeb (whose species might tolerate the cold better than Humans) gives it to Kallus.
  • Somehow, Kallus chuckling at Zeb's misfortune when the latter falls from trying to climb out of the cave qualifies as this. The guy might actually have some sense of normal humor, and not just the taunting or sarcastic kind.
    • When Zeb's first attempt fails and he falls right back to the ground, Kallus cringes in what appears to be genuine sympathy.
    Kallus: You're going to hurt yourself.
  • Kallus apologizing for Lasan, as it wasn't meant to be a massacre. He also says that the Lasat that gave him his bo-rifle fought honorably.
  • Kallus and Zeb sleeping on each other. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Kallus helping Zeb isn't just out of pragmatism, but there's an undertone of it's because he knows it's the right thing to do. As the episode goes on, it becomes more and more blatant.
  • The duo's mutual intent was that if one's party was to rescue them first, the other would be taken in as a prisoner. At the end, Zeb allows Kallus the choice of willingly being taken prisoner (where while he will still have to answer for his crimes, he will be treated fairly). Kallus politely turns it down.
  • Zeb and Kallus bow to each other before going their separate ways.
  • After parting from Kallus, Zeb is warmly welcomed back by the crew. Becomes a juxtaposition for Kallus when he gets nothing more than an acknowledgement of his return. The Empire didn't even bother searching for more than a day for him, having been found by an independent trader according to the trivia gallery.
    • Special mention goes to Ezra and Sabine, who sprint out into the cold to meet him.
  • Kallus holding onto the meteorite as a keepsake, a reminder of Zeb's compassion.

Shroud of Darkness

  • The final look Ahsoka and Yoda exchange suggests that they had mended the rift brought about in The Clone Wars.
  • The Sentinel holding off the Inquisitors to give the Jedi trio time to escape. Him also knighting Kanan as well.
    • During Kanan's knighting ceremony, the Sentinel uses the name "Kanan Jarrus" rather than the name he was born with, Caleb Dume.
    • Word of God clarifies that the Sentinel is not the Grand Inquisitor redemption, but a figment of Yoda's message to Kanan through the Force. Yet, this also indicates that the Force never forgot the good Jedi that Grand Inquisitor once was.

The Forgotten Droid

  • Chopper actually meets a droid he likes, and it's adorable. Even the crew is shocked that he found a friend.
  • How Chopper gets AP-5 to defect.
    AP-5: How do I know your Rebels will treat me better than the Empire?
    Chopper: [unintelligible Chopper noises]
    AP-5: Because... I'm your friend?
    • Doubles because not only did Chopper make a friend, rare for him, but the implication is that he's the first friend AP-5 has had since the Clone Wars.
  • Chopper allowing his spare leg to be used for parts to fix AP-5.
  • When AP-5 says that no one rescues droids, Chopper just shows a holo of Hera. AP-5's Bilingual Dialogue later confirms that he does care for Hera.
  • Chopper, who has no problem throwing Stormtroopers out the airlock, comforts his new friend when he's been shot, by holding his hand.
  • Sabine's friend, Ketsu, makes a comeback. If she hasn't joined the Rebellion, then she's at least willing to help them out.

Mystery of Chopper Base

  • Zeb and Ezra chilling out together by watching the sunset and listening to rock-and-roll, and just talking (mostly about how this is their last mission together before things go their way in the season finale). Like brothers in arms indeed.
  • Sabine urging Kanan to go comfort Hera, reminding him that even though Hera understands his work and mission, she still needs reassurance from him. He promises her that he'll come back - even if they both know such promises can't always be kept - and embrace for what may be their final time and take the moment to just hold each other. (See the top image of it.)
    • In a blink-and-you'll-miss it moment, when Hera replies, "You know I know when you're lying," a glimmer of devastation passes by Kanan's expression before he reverts to his serious countenance to keep it together for her.

Twilight of the Apprentice

  • Ahsoka and Rex's conversation at the beginning, it comes across more of a dad wishing he could be there for his daughter than a commander and her subordinate.
  • Darth Vader offering Ahsoka a chance for mercy and telling her they don't need to be enemies. It's a very minor example, but given Vader's usual Modus Operandi, it does show that he still has some small sliver of affection for her.
    • A bittersweet moment, but Ahsoka tells Vader that she is certain he's not who she thought he was. Because she could not imagine Anakin would ever become something so vile. Truly shows the faith she had in him, misplaced though it may be.
  • Kanan defeating Maul is pretty awesome, but doing so while using Ahsoka's fighting style makes it this trope as well.
  • Chopper pretty much acting as Kanan's seeing eye-dog.
  • In the midst of all the darkness of the finale, Kanan once again holds Ezra as he cries.
  • When Kanan is stressing about Ezra going alone with Maul, Ahsoka tells him not to worry. Why? Because if Kanan taught him, then he'll be okay. Time will tell if she's ultimately proven right, but it's a heartwarming sentiment nonetheless.
    • In return, when Ezra sees Ahsoka being left behind, he runs forward to help her and has to be physically thrown back. He was willing to charge in, unarmed, against Darth Vader for the sake of his Honorary Aunt.
  • When Ahsoka refuses to leave Anakin after what she did last time, he actually seems to consider it briefly before Vader takes over and he declares that she'll die instead. It may have only been for a few moments, but it seems Anakin was actually touched by that gesture.
    • It also serves as a Meaningful Echo, because Luke refused to leave him to die, too. The last thing Vader probably remembers is that the people that he hurt the most were also the same people that forever stood by him.
    • Chronologically this is the first time in the series where Vader feels conflict within him and lets go of his hate even if it's just for few seconds.
      • Is Vader touched by her gesture or proud of the fact that, whatever their fates before, Ahsoka is willing to die with him of her own free will; no-one is forcing her too - this is her choice to die, whether by his hand or by exploding temple.
  • Despite the Downer Ending, the crew is at least relieved that Ezra and Kanan came back alive. Upon realizing Kanan is blind, Hera immediately walks up to him, caresses his face, then embraces him.
    • Readers of A New Dawn could bear in mind that when Kanan first encountered Hera, he falls for her voice first before her appearance.
  • At Star Wars Celebration 2016, at the panel revolving entirely around Ahsoka, Filoni admitted that while he had been adamant that "Twilight of the Apprentice" would be Ahsoka's final appearance on Rebels, the fan response following the episode's airing has made him seriously reconsider this position and teased that it may very well not be Ahsoka's last appearance.

    Season 3 

Steps Into Shadow

  • Despite having Took a Level in Jerkass, Took a Level in Cynic, and traumatized by the events of Malachor, Ezra is still glad to see Hondo, and likewise. Keep in mind that last time they met back in "Legends of the Lasat", Hondo played everyone. Considering Ezra probably won't react well to other people (like Maul) manipulating and violating his trust for whatever reason nowadays, it's nice to know that Hondo isn't on that list.
    • In the climax, he's initially mad, but smiles and shakes his head when it turns out Hondo ditched him offscreen on the falling station.
  • Kallus objects to the possibility of civilian casualties when Thrawn is brought in (of whom is known for having huge civilian loss in comparison to the entire annihilation of the last rebels he dealt with). Unfortunately, his colleagues overrule his opinion.
  • Everyone congratulates Ezra when Sato promotes him to Lieutenant Commander. Somewhat deterred when Hera says that Kanan would be proud of him and Ezra rebuts that he wouldn't care, and him getting demoted at the end of the episode.
    • And even when he and the others are clearly fed up with Ezra's unreasonable demands as mission leader, Rex refers to Ezra by 'Lieutenant'.
    • Even when he's being demoted, Zeb and Sabine (who were not at all pleased with his leadership) still stand up for him, pointing out that they were equally responsible for going along with his plan, and that they did manage to achieve their ultimate objective.
  • A minor one and might just be protocol or something, but Titus getting on the intercom to tell the station to evacuate before he himself runs off to escape as the station begins to fall counts as a Pet the Dog moment for the guy.
  • Hera's look of joy when she walks into the Ghost to find Kanan sitting at his old place. And then Kanan genuinely smiling when she says it's good to have him back.
  • "Let go." And he does.
    • Earlier than that, "Ezra, I'm here."
    • And right in between, the return of Kanan's Arc Words "I've got you."
  • Ezra apologizes to Kanan in the end. The both of them are pretty glad that he's back in action as well.
  • The Bendu, in some of the earliest previews for the episode it appeared he might at best be a True Neutral. In the episode proper he appears to be actively interested in helping Kanan. Not only teaching him to see again with the Force, but explaining that the Sith holocron isn't an inherently evil object.

Holocrons of Fate

  • Kanan tells Ezra that he doesn't blame him for what happened, and Ezra surprise-hugs him. It is precious.
  • The Ghost crew protectively hovering over an unconscious Ezra after the Holocron fusion separates and knocks him out cold, clearly worried that he's been hurt. They completely disregard Maul just to see if Ezra's okay first. Kanan even pleads as he holds Ezra, "Please come back to us."
  • The shot of the Bendu smiling, sensing Kanan and Ezra's heart-to-heart, showing that despite being a True Neutral, that doesn't mean the Bendu doesn't appreciate these moments of humanity.
  • Kanan coming around to openly trusting Ezra to use the Sith Holocron. Ezra, a bit wary, asks for Kanan's input.

The Antilles Extraction

  • For those who have discovered the audio edit of Fulcrum II, Kallus not only in defecting in a sense, but him helping turncoat officers defect is this. Especially when you remember that Tua died trying to defect thanks to him, meaning that he might actually be ashamed of it, and that he strongly believes in camaraderie, now knowing that the best thing he can do for defecting officers to keep them safe is send them to the rebels. And he doesn't just entrust any rebel cell to take them in, but the Ghost crew specifically.
    • In the comics, we find out that Kallus also had to arrest his student, Swain, as well as her colleague, for attempting to defect. We also have some other instances of his actions against 'innocents' participating in rebel activities, like holding kids of rebel sympathizers hostage in Servants of the Empire.
  • As told in Aftermath, Wedge ends up becoming friends with Fulcrum II. We find out that a little after he defected, Fulcrum II encouraged Wedge to go on missions for the Rebellion (even if one of them ended with the latter nearly getting his piloting career blown by a broken leg).
  • Ahsoka may be gone, but her legacy lives on through the name of Fulcrum.
  • Sabine has her problems with the Imperial Academy, but this isn't going to stop her from going in to help others defect too.
    • The magazine comic "Ocean Rescue" reveals that Sabine was actually in a chase before she made it off Mandalore. Helping Wedge and co. defect (especially to a secure sanctuary) allows them a luxury she didn't quite have when she did it herself.
  • Kallus helps Sabine, Wedge, and Hobbie escape by letting them go and telling them which levels to avoid, but not before telling Sabine to tell Zeb that 'we're even'.
    • Also, earlier on, when the trio are captured, they're placed under Kallus's watch. Pryce comes in and asks which one is the infiltrator and is clearly threatening to start subjecting the other two to Electric Torture if the infiltrator doesn't speak up. Considering Kallus has been after the crew for a couple of years now and knows enough of their identities to recognize them, he could have easily pointed out it was Sabine right then and there. But he didn't.
  • Kanan telling Ezra to calm down and trust that Sabine can take care of herself, sort of like how Kanan was worried about him back in "Breaking Ranks" and was comforted by Hera's reassurances.

Hera's Heroes

  • Hera's soft, loving smile when she finds the Kalikori and brushes the dust off it. In her eyes, it's a relic of her late mother, and it's clear how much she loved her.
  • When Hera is discouraged and worries that she risked the crew for a personal mission, Ezra tells her that they volunteered because it was important to her and didn't care about the risks.
  • Doubles as Tear Jerker; Chopper mourns at the Y-Wing memorial at the Syndulla estate, and we find out that this was the exact Y-Wing Chopper crashed in. He's mourning the pilot and his former Master. And considering this is Chopper, that's saying something.
  • Thrawn retaining his Noble Demon traits from Legends. He's nothing but polite to Hera (even while holding her prisoner in her own home), he nearly beats the crap out of Slavin for holding too much of the Jerkass Ball regarding both alien cultures and exotic art pieces, and he even allows the Ghost crew to escape out of sheer Villain Respect for Hera's unbelievable Take a Third Option via bombing her own house (granted, it's also out of Pragmatic Villainy to learn more about the crew, but still...).
  • It's minor, but Zeb giving Ezra a noogie after the events of this episode, the way a big brother would to his little brother.

The Last Battle

  • The episode is a heartfelt sendoff to the Clone Wars era and series by having survivors of both the clone and droid armies put aside their differences and fight against the empire in one final battle.
    • The fact that Ezra serves as a thematic Audience Surrogate who point out futile nature of the Clone Wars and successfully sways both Rex, a loyal Republic soldier, and a Separatist droid to collaborate.
  • It's also demonstrated in the credits where the usual Rebels logo at the end of the episode has been modified to look like the logo used for The Clone Wars series. Also, the end credits play the old The Clone Wars score.
  • Kalani parting on amiable terms with the Rebels. Though Word of God in Rebels Recon is that it's open-ended on whether he does eventually join the Rebellion.

Imperial Supercommandos

  • In the Cold Opening, Sabine plays a Mandalorian hologame with Rau to try and persuade him to join the Rebellion.
  • Rau is near-speechless when he discovers that the Protectors are dead. As Kanan pointed out in "The Protector of Concord Dawn", Rau was not only with the Empire for the cash and lack of faith in the Rebellion, but he's doing anything to protect/defer Concord Dawn from the wrath of the Empire as long as possible (specifically, from the Imperial Supercommandos). Doubles as Tear Jerker.
  • Despite the situation and the unreliable expositions from both Sabine and Saxon, the latter offers her an ultimatum out of respect for her family. It could just be an honor thing in Mandalorian culture, but if the theory that Kast is Sabine's mother is true, then it means that Saxon still holds respect for her despite their fallout as colleagues that presumably happened after the Siege.
    • Turns out to be a Kick the Dog, as a later episode reveals he was lying and only wanted to catch Sabine.
  • Rau admits to Sabine that she has earned his respect for continuing to believe in the traditional Mandalorian ways, something many, including Satine, Bo-Katan, Pre, and Rau himself have lost in the years after the Great Clan Wars.
  • Ezra allowing himself to be captured to ensure Rau and Sabine weren't. And later when he reveals his Jedi identity, which is a huge risk to do (especially with certain Mandalorians), to prevent Chopper from being gunned down.
  • Rau tries to persuade Sabine (even referring to her by her first name) to leave Ezra behind so they can save themselves. He even says that "pawns are meant to be sacrificed". Sabine absolutely refuses, declaring that Ezra isn't a pawn and doesn't care about the risks; she's going to rescue him. This is a far cry from how she was originally willing to abandon Ezra back in the pilot on the basis of it not being worth the risk.

Iron Squadron

  • The episode emphasizes just how much Sato cares for his nephew Mart. He begs Hera and her crew to bring him back alive, then later, when Mart and the Ghost crew are fighting the Empire, he brings a bunch of reinforcements, and reminds his nephew that he is not alone.
  • Thrawn of all people gets one when sending Konstantine out to subdue the rebel cell. Many see it as a means of Thrawn trying to get rid of Konstantine, but another way of looking at it, especially when looking at the last discussion at the episode's end, is that Thrawn is testing Konstantine's worth. Sadly though, he failed.

The Wynkahthu Job

An Inside Man

  • Old Jho and the Sumars are with Azadi's rebellion. They're finally making moves against the Empire, and you can thank part of that to the Bridgers and the Ghost crew.
  • Kallus being Fulcrum, really. It shows how far he's gone from the beginning of the show to this.
  • Kallus and Chopper strangely getting along. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
    • Also, Zeb realizing that it was his influence that led Kallus to becoming Fulcrum, and he says "We didn't kill each other, so I guess we're friends now."

Visions and Voices

  • Ezra recognizing Maul's danger and only working with him because of the urgent needs. But mostly for turning his back on Maul to try and protect his friends, and being willing to tempt the spirits to himself in order to free them.
    • The whole Ghost crew (okay, maybe not Chopper, but...) being concerned for Ezra, such as huddling around him when he first passes out in the opening and not blowing off that he's clearly going through something.
    • Ezra showed no signs of being upset that Kanan and Sabine followed him, appearing to know that it wasn't a case of not trusting him, but wanting to help him.
    • It's minor, but once he has the information he wants, Maul doesn't force Ezra to come along with him (like he clearly wants) or try to kill him, but just lets him go.

Ghosts of Geonosis

  • Ezra and co. standing up for Klik-Klak and the egg against Saw's abuse.
    • Eventually, Saw allows Klik-Klak and the egg to go free once he realizes that they've both lost family and are trying to do good to make up for it.
    • In general, Ezra and Klik-Klak's friendship.
  • Saw has a picture of his late sister Steela.
  • Rex and Saw are glad to see each other after nearly twenty years of having gone their separate ways in The Clone Wars.
  • Though it ends up fueling Saw's paranoia and wrath, Saw is pissed that Klik-Klak killed his men and wants to make it even.
  • Sabine being cheered on by the others as she takes out the Rocket Troopers.


  • Kallus continues his job as Fulcrum despite Thrawn making it clear he knows about it. And at the end, Kallus takes twenty seconds and another heavy risk in contacting the rebels all just to tell them they did a good job.
  • Despite AP getting on Zeb's back and Zeb being the Butt-Monkey / Dude, Where's My Respect?, when AP expresses worry that he might not have programmed EXD-9 efficiently enough per Zeb's plan, Zeb tells him that even though they may get on each other's nerves, he believes AP programmed the warhead perfectly fine.

Trials of the Darksaber

  • Sabine has a painting in her room of the entire crew smiling and hugging.
    • All There in the Manual reveals that Sabine also has a drawing of Ketsu, as well as Kallus and Zeb hugging it out like best friends.
  • Rau, after having been a jerk to Sabine and the others pre-Heel–Face Turn, is completely supportive of the idea of Sabine learning how to use the Darksaber and becoming the leader of the Mandalorians against the Empire. Everyone is also very supportive as well.
    • After hearing that she's having trouble in her training, he spoils Sabine with new equipment, and they both joke about how this is his fault for getting her into this mess, then he tells her aside that she should test out her gauntlets on Ezra. If anything, Rau is the kids' Honorary Uncle now.
    • Whenever Sabine succeeds at something, like when she defeated Ezra with her new gauntlets, Rau smiles proudly at her.
    • When Rau first met Sabine, he said it was an insult for her to even be Mandalorian because she ditched her family (and being born into House Vizsla didn't earn her any brownie points either). Now he is the first Mandalorian to bow to her authority, knowing full well that she never truly abandoned her family or her traditions.
  • Kanan and Sabine training like father and daughter while Rau and Ezra watch. Heck, even his severe training could be counted as Tough Love since he knows that what they are planning will put Sabine in more danger than she has ever been, turning her from a side target of the Empire to Priority One. By the same token, Hera as the Team Mom calls in to help Kanan when he has trouble getting through to her.
  • When they realize that Sabine's family abandoned and betrayed her, Rau, Ezra, and Kanan reassure her that they will not let that happen to their family. After an episode of more or less forcing the Darksaber on her, they reassure her that they will support her in whatever path she chooses.
    • Likewise, Kanan reassures her that she can rescue her family from their own fear and reunite with them.
  • Ezra trying to get Sabine to connect with her family before it's too late, mirroring a similar scene between them in "Empire Day". Ezra shows no jealousy whatsoever on Kanan taking on a second apprentice, even offering her genuine tips on skill, and they banter like siblings while practicing swordplay.
    • Even when Sabine grows frustrated with her training and rage quits, she's careful to not direct her rage at Ezra who is trying to help as best he can and is innocent of anything. She notes that it's a miracle Ezra has come as far as he has given what a lousy teacher she thinks Kanan is. And when she does say something innocently insensitive, she quickly tries to apologize in horror of what she just said to Ezra; and to Ezra's credit, he knows she didn't mean it that way and doesn't resent her for it.
  • Sabine's training is observed by the mysterious convor and the Bendu, who cracks a wry smile at Sabine kicking him thinking he was just a rock. It implies that whatever is going on is important enough for the Force itself to take notice.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: Ketsu fleeing the Academy with Sabine, who had just been abandoned by her family and clan, even though she is a high priority target that is wanted dead or alive and that they would be hunted down by Imperial supercommandos and Imperials equipped with what is described as 'terrible weapons.' Becomes a Harsher in Hindsight as well, since leaving her for dead also worsened Sabine's trust issues.

Legacy of Mandalore

  • Sabine hugging Kanan before they leave and thanking him and Ezra for all they've done for her.
  • Ezra throwing Sabine his lightsaber so she can duel Saxon.
  • Ursa and Sabine having a talk on the balcony, where it turns out that what Sabine thought was going on with Ursa and the Wrens was actually not as bad as she had believed (though still bad and a very ugly situation) and Ursa shows shades of So Proud of You to Sabine.
  • Despite their frosty relationship, Ursa made a deal with Saxon to give Ezra and Kanan to him in exchange for her daughter's safety. Does it verge into Knight Templar Parent territory? Yes. Would it have put more strain into their relationship had Ezra and Kanan been successfully captured? Most definitely. Is it a testament that even with the Kick the Dog, I Have No Daughter!, and borderline Dirty Coward moments that Ursa has done towards Sabine because of the disappointment and anger she feels for her daughter's workings with the Empire and running away from home, does show that she genuinely loves her daughter? You bet.
  • Subtle, but Tristan immediately calls for his people to cease fire when he realizes that one of the intruders from the downed shuttle is his sister.
  • Tristan choosing to fight with his family instead of against them.
  • Ursa's Mama Bear moment when she shoots Saxon dead before he can shoot Sabine.
  • Rau talking to Sabine at the end of the episode, saying she's made her clan proud and she could lead Mandalore. He looks saddened when Sabine says she doesn't want to be leader, showing that he genuinely does believe in her and that she could be Mand'alor.

Through Imperial Eyes

  • Yularen has returned, and it's great to see our old friend from The Clone Wars, even if he's now an Imperial (though Word of God says that Yularen is still a good man despite working for the Empire). He recognizes Kallus, a star pupil of his from the Imperial Academy, and says he's kept track of him and all his best pupils.
    • Likewise, Kallus is very happy to meet his idol once more. Unfortunately, considering what this episode is about, neither of these feelings will likely last beyond this episode.
  • Lyste's Villainous Friendship with Kallus. While Kallus's actions end up giving Lyste the short stick (which also makes the agent slightly not so different from Konstantine, though the look on Kallus's face as Lyste is being dragged away suggests that it was a reluctant choice), Lyste confides in Kallus about work and can also be seen smiling during Kallus and Yularen's reunion. Heck, the reason why Lyste did everything is because he thought Kallus's advice was reliable and not to manipulate him. Doubles as Tear Jerker at the end.
  • While their interactions are mainly funny, Kallus and Ezra's interactions give us a glimpse of how things could be if Kallus joins up with the main Rebellion one day. If not this life, then maybe another life.
    • At the end, Ezra seems saddened when Kallus chooses to stay behind, especially since at the beginning of the episode, they made it clear to each other that it was Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, but ended up getting along pretty well during the mission, just like Ezra's first interactions with the individual members of the Ghost crew...

Secret Cargo

  • The final scene has Mon Mothma beaming her message of rebellion out, and hoping that those who wish to join the cause will respond. No one seems to respond. Then cue the arrival of one ship, then another, then dozens of ships all popping out of hyperspace. The Rebel Alliance is officially born.
  • Gold Leader and Gold Two complement Ezra's piloting skills, with the latter (who Ezra temporarily replaced for the mission and had previously butted heads with earlier in the episode) saying that he can pilot her Y-Wing anytime.
  • Mothma talking with Hera over a cup of caf, with the captain saying that they appreciate Mothma and the other rebel sympathetic senators' attempted plights at gaining peace through politics, and Mothma saying that she envies Hera a bit in that she gets to actually act on the frontlines and that her job is much more lax than the work of politics.

Double Agent Droid

  • Zeb and Ezra playing dejarik together.
  • Wedge tagging along with the crew, almost like he's another member of the team.
  • In spite of their mutually sardonic friendship, it's still a friendship, and AP shows concern for Chopper's well-being and tries to get the rest of the crew to listen to his pleas about how something is wrong with Chopper.
  • Hera makes it crystal clear to the Imperial Specialist that Chopper is her droid, not theirs. She makes them pay for hijacking him, by blowing up their surveillance ship from half a galaxy away!
  • Though brief and a Take That! on fans who thought Disney ruined Star Wars, AP-5 being surrounded by a flock of baby neebray as he's about to break into a musical number about how happy he was being alone in beautiful space was pretty moving. The Background Music helped.

Twin Suns

  • Obi-Wan catching Maul in his arms after delivering a slash that will kill him. The former Sith Lord, who had realized before their fight that Obi-Wan went into hiding to guard someone, asks him if "the boy" is The Chosen One/the one who will destroy the Sith. Obi-Wan confirms this, and Maul makes peace with it, saying "he will avenge us" before he passes away. Obi-Wan then closes Maul's eyes. (Bonus points for Obi-Wan showing such kindness to the man who killed his mentor, Qui-Gon and his ex-lover, Satine.)
    • "He will avenge us". Despite all of what Maul and Kenobi did to each other, it seems as if Maul has finally recognized that he and Obi-Wan are not so different.
    • Maul's rather peaceful reaction towards his death may imply that he wanted to die all along, and that he was searching for Kenobi not because he wanted revenge, but because he wanted to die by the hands of what seems like a Worthy Opponent.
    • The fact that Darth Maul, the defining example of a sith warrior as a raging berserker, dies content. It may not be a heroic death, but it is a far better death than someone like him could expect. He dies knowing that he will be avenged.
    • From a Certain Point of View reveals Obi-Wan respected Maul enough to build him a funeral pyre.
  • Obi-Wan's conversation with Ezra, especially the end when he tells him to go home to his family. For his part, Ezra listens to him and keeps his secret when he returns. Obi-Wan is especially very gently paternal and never sounds like he's reprimanding.
  • Chopper goes with Ezra to Tatooine, even following him into the wastes and through a sandstorm. Ezra in turn refuses to abandon him when he breaks down.
  • Ezra returning home to the crew and apologizing for the way he's been. They gather round to welcome him back.
  • The very final scene, as Obi-Wan watches the Lars homestead from a distance and Aunt Beru's voice calls out to Luke. For added bonus, the Binary Sunset cue starts playing and continues through the credits.

Zero Hour

  • With the final preparations for the attack on Lothal in its final stage, Ezra talks to Kanan about how proud he is of everyone, but excludes himself, still believing that he still would've been nothing without them. Kanan tells him that he deserves as much credit as everyone else and also says that he is proud of him, noting that he doesn't know of he can even teach any more stuff to the young man. Ezra shoots that thought down, saying that even if Kanan runs out of things to teach him as a Jedi, he wants him to continue teaching him to be a good man.
  • Once Kallus is taken prisoner by Thrawn, the Grand Admiral notes he has the "heart of a rebel". Kallus glares back at him defiantly and says:
  • After the orbital bombardment, Hera immediately comms Kanan to see if he's alright. When he confirms he is and cracks a joke about Thrawn trying to kill him, she says that the only reason the joke is funny is because he's still alive and for the first time in a while, calls him "love". Putting emphasis
  • Sabine telling the other Mandalorians that her friends make the impossible, possible, which shows how much she believes in her surrogate family and the rebel cause, in comparison to earlier on in the season, where she was more convinced that they were on their own and could only dream of doing what they have now achieved and will achieve.
  • Clan Wren has taken to making unique paint job designs on their armor after the events of "Legacy of Mandalore", certainly because of their mending relationship with Sabine.
    • Tristan dumped his Imperial Supercommando armor and went back to his traditional armor. Also, it would appear that Sabine got around to painting parts of his armor in a similar fashion to hers.
  • Unwilling to see any more die on his watch, Sato sacrifices himself to give Ezra the chance to bring reinforcements. He calls for an evacuation of his ship, clearly intended to risk only himself while ensuring the lives of his men. His two helmsmen, however, refuse to leave him to die alone and stay on board until the bitter end. The traces of gratitude and surprise on Sato's face say it all.
  • The Ghost crew's back together again. Not to mention we've got Wedge and Hobbie, Rex, Sato, Phoenix Squadron, AP-5, Rau and Clan Wren, Kallus, the Bendu, Mothma, Dodonna, Gold Squadron and the rest of the rebel fleet, all fighting together to get everyone out of Atollon. Talk about a family reunion.
  • While the scene is mainly a forlorn and badass one, remember that Kallus is a Legacy Character of Ahsoka per his usage of the Fulcrum insignia, and also notice that he's using communications equipment previously owned by the Bridgers as well, making him a bit of a Legacy Character to them too. Neither of them are gone as long as someone continues to honor their memory and/or everything they stood for, whether they know it or not.
  • If "Twilight of the Apprentice" was their Downer Ending, "Zero Hour" is about making a comeback in spite of all of their losses. Borrowing a quote from Jyn Erso, they'll take the next chance and the next, until they win or the chances are spent. They are rebels, after all. Doubles as Moment of Awesome.
  • When they're about to make the jump to hyperspace, the Ghost crew receives a SOS call from Kallus in an escape pod to pick him up. They immediately grab him before leaving.
    • The second the Fulcrum insignia appears, Zeb is the first one to react. Hera doesn't hesitate to search for Kallus on the navicomputer and pick him up.
      • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus, Zeb turns to look at Kallus and Dodonna when they enter the cockpit of the Ghost before the fleet jumps to hyperspace.
    • Kallus thanking Kanan for letting him join the rebels, and the latter thanks him too for everything he's done and risked for them. Particularly since Kallus quite probably feels responsible for what happened to Atollon, but they don't hold it against him and are glad he's now part of the team.
      • Remember that Kallus had helped torture Kanan all the way back in "Rebel Resolve", so their past is a bit personal. But even though Kallus is at their mercy and Kanan has every chance to say something about how karma has struck back at Kallus, he chooses not to kick him while he's down and instead thanks him — not to the man that had hunted him and his friends down in an effort to kill them five years ago, but to the man that learned he was wrong and did his best to make up for the sins he had made.
      • In addition, back in "An Inside Man", Kanan is mad at Ezra for pulling a joke on Kallus that he wanted to do, with Ezra saying that if Kallus is on their side, then there will still be plenty of opportunities to make some on him. If Kallus had died, he'd never get to be subjected to these pranks... And when Kanan and Kallus meet again, the latter doesn't have reason to be suspicious of him anymore — he accepts him as one of their own.
      • Considering throughout the entire season, Kallus had been having doubts in his job and was clearly stressed about keeping his cover, as well as unintentionally being poked at about it by Sabine at one point earlier on ("Looks like they found someone who can do your job.") and Ezra and Kanan having made it clear that they really don't trust Kallus as Fulcrum after everything he's done to them in the past, hearing Kanan saying "Thank you for risking everything." is probably the best show of gratitude he's heard in quite a bit of time and something he's going to remember for a long time as well if his smile at the end is any indication, since almost every "good job" or "thanks" up to that point was likely from a fellow Imperial encouraging him to continue bad things or not genuine compliment. You did your best and that's what matters here. You did good, Kallus. You did good.

    Season 4 
  • While Rebels ending is a Tear Jerker, the fact that we get the comfort of seeing our heroes' stories end rather than wonder what happened to them like with the cancellation of The Clone Wars is something to be happy about. Better to end on a So Proud of You note with them than a Where Are They Now?
  • Hera's monologue at the beginning of the trailer makes you remember where these characters first started. They had all lost their families/loved ones, and all they wanted to do at first was strike against the Empire and help those in need. Never did they expect they would play such a major role in the formation of one of the greatest movements that span the entire Galaxy and change history forever. Never did Ezra and Kanan expect they would be something much more than just a pair of Jedi survivors. Never did Sabine expect to return home and lead her people that had previously shunned her. Never did Zeb expect to shepherd his people to a new home. Never did Hera expect to be more than a leader of a motley crew. Never did Chopper expect to survive past the Clone Wars. They've grown since then, and it's hard to not be proud of them.
  • The fact that Kallus has managed to attain the rank of Captain, showing the Rebellion trusts him enough to put him in a position of authority.
  • Kanan and Hera's Headbutt of Love.
    • Later, Kanan is meditating on a hill, and Hera sits down with him. Then when they're in the tunnels, and Hera takes Kanan's mask off for a moment. Despite her growing responsibility in the rebellion, she clearly still loves him.
    Kanan: I wish I could see you.
    Hera: You could always see me.
  • In a new preview clip, Hera temporarily puts two other people in charge of the Ghost. One of them is Rex, the other... is Kallus.
    • Bonus in that Rex makes playful jabs at Kallus and has no problem working with him, not minding that they tried to kill each other when they first met back in "Relics of the Old Republic" (which was also started with an "I'm better than you." argument).

Heroes of Mandalore

  • A blink-and-you-miss-it, but within the first minute of the episode, while walking with Kanan through the trench, Rau taps Kanan to signal him to stop walking, aware that the Jedi (while still highly competent) is still blind.
  • Bo-Katan has come to view her late sister, Duchess Satine, in a better light since the last time we saw her. Even considering herself inferior to her leadership.
  • Ezra being willing to surrender himself when Sabine is held at gunpoint by Imperials.
  • Alrich and Sabine embracing after the former is rescued.
    • And earlier, when he recognized the paint bombs as his missing daughter's work.
  • Sabine explaining to Ezra that art is just as valid as physical combat in Mandalorian culture. Since a popular Mandalorian stereotype/common misconception about Mandalorians in the Star Wars fanbase is that they're a Proud Warrior Race with a spartan way of thinking rather than persistence and determination, it's good that Mandalorians acknowledge art and appear to have an extensive history of it.
  • After their getaway speederbike explodes in front of them, Ursa stops to check to see if Ezra's okay.
  • When Bo-Katan's people threaten Sabine, her father tries to defuse it while her mother and brother prepare to shoot back, saying an attack on Sabine is a declaration of war against Clan Wren.
  • Alrich pulling his injured wife away from battle when they need to flee. Later, he's seen comforting her and tending her wounds.
  • While Sabine is planning an assault, Fenn Rau and Bo-Katan step aside to have a private conversation about her. Rau advocates for Sabine, calling her a courageous leader and one who exemplifies the best of Mandalore old and new. While Bo-Katan and Rau are still active and indeed, Bo-Katan becomes Mand'alor at the episode's end, they know that their time is ending and eventually Sabine and others like her will replace them and lead Mandalore into a new era.
  • On that note, Rau and Bo-Katan don't seem to hold any animosity towards each other, despite the circumstances the two have gone through that could have made them despise each other. Perhaps they did start out rough if they had met during the Clone Wars or prior, but Character Development on both of their parts (Rau letting go of his grudge against former Death Watch clans, Bo-Katan taking up responsibility as a leader) has led them to look beyond each other's backgrounds and work together.
  • As everyone escapes the Star Destroyer, Rau grabs Ezra's helmet and tosses it to him. Clearly, he's looking out for him.
  • Many of the Clans arrived when Bo-Katan took her place as the ruler of Mandalore. Not only that, the clans present were affiliated with Death Watch, including Clans Vizla, Rook, and Wren.
    • Clan Kryze was there and they were alongside her during the entirety of this episode meaning that her clan has accepted her back.
  • There is a lot to speak about Ezra's accomplishment in the ending of the episode after what happened in 'Legacy'. Even though he lost his family, Ezra made sure Sabine and her family were whole again.
    • At the end, while everyone's focused on Bo-Katan, Ezra's only focused on Sabine. She turns to see him giving her a proud smile and reassuring head nod; silently assuring her she did the right thing. She smiles back at him.

In the Name of the Rebellion

  • Hera wanting to find ways to hurt the Empire back for what they did to her family, particularly Ezra. You could understand how frustrated Hera is that she got some closure from Ryloth and yet unable to do the same for him. While Kanan assured Hera that she is doing the right thing, Hera's desire to help her family is justified.
  • When Wedge and the other pilots try to apologize to Hera for failing, she shuts them down and praises them for their courage and skill and that they mustn't blame themselves for the bad intel. A Mother to Her Men indeed.
  • Kallus lightly remarking on the Ghost crew's reunion and welcoming them back.
    • Something about Kallus calling Ezra, "Commander Bridger", just sounds right. In previous appearances, Kallus always called Ezra, "the Padawan/boy" or "Jabba", and even then in "Through Imperial Eyes", he never called Ezra by any name. Now the two are on terms of friendship/close allies, as we can tell from Kallus's way of acknowledging him.
    • In a blink-and-miss-it moment, Kallus and Ezra briefly exchange looks at the beginning of the mission briefing.
  • Kallus knows not to think of the entire Rebel Alliance as having the same line of thought as Saw's.
  • Ezra and Sabine never stop thinking about the prisoners and do all they can to get them out of the line of fire. Even the perpetually grumpy Chopper takes care of them. The prisoners are moved enough that they decide to join the Rebellion.
  • Ezra and Kanan meditating together, and Kanan comforting him when Ezra admits he feels like he's failing Lothal.
  • While Saw has more or less abandoned the Alliance and Ezra has lost faith in him, they clearly have a mutual respect for each other, with Ezra sympathizing with Saw's motives and Saw respecting Ezra's desire to save as many people as he can and hopes he succeeds. Coming from Saw, that says a lot.

Flight of the Defender

  • The loth-cats make their return and Ezra is more than happy to play with them. It's nice to see that there some things that haven't changed.
  • The loth-wolves are mysterious as they are beautiful with one aiding Ezra and Sabine to pass through the Empire's search party.
  • The loth-wolf picking up Sabine by the back of her shirt and armor in much the same way he'd pick up a puppy by its scruff.
  • Ezra and the loth-wolf have an immediate connection, with Ezra asking permission to ride him and thanking him for his help. The loth-wolf is more difficult to read for obvious reasons, but he does seem to like Ezra as well, grinning in approval a few times and even nuzzling him a bit.


  • Sabine is worried about how well the scavenged hyperdrive will work in Ryder's beat-up U-Wing, but Hera assures Sabine that she has faith in Sabine's ability.
  • It took four seasons, but Hera and Kanan finally share a Big Damn Kiss.
    • Note that it happened right when Kanan was about to apologize to Hera for being too pushy about their prospective relationship. Instead, Hera cuts him off by kissing him and they share a Headbutt of Love before she leaves. Kanan "watches" her and smiles in clear happiness.

Rebel Assault

  • Hera going out of her way to save another downed pilot even in the heart of enemy territory.
    • The scene that Hera finds when she comes across the pilot is both touching and sad: the pilot's droid is standing between his owner and three Stormtroopers, refusing to back down. The Troopers destroy it. If there was ever a time when droids can be compared to loyal dogs...
    • Extra heartwarming (and tear-inducing) when it's revealed that the pilot and droid are Mart and R3.
  • When the attack fails, Ezra reassures Kanan that they will find Hera, and later lets him go back to Capital City. He's come a long way from the kid who couldn't let anyone go.


  • Chopper taking care of Hera as she deals with Kanan's death.
  • Hera adding a new piece to her kalikori to symboliza Kanan, making sure he'll always be part of her family.
  • It's definitely a tearjerker as well, but the way Zeb hugs Ezra tenderly after learning of the sad news, and later leaving with Sabine to help her sabotage the parade. Big Brother Instinct indeed.
  • The giant loth-wolf helping Ezra continue when he breaks down, admitting he doesn't know what to do now that Kanan's gone. Especially given the implication that the wolf is Kanan.
    Dume: Fight.
    Ezra: How?
    Dume: Together.

Wolves and a Door

  • The brief image of Kanan putting his hand on Hera's shoulder. And she smiles for a brief moment and puts her hand up to his, implying she can subconsciously feel his presence.

A World Between Worlds

  • Ezra saving Ahsoka from death on Malachor and undoing one of his losses. After everything that's happened and all they've been through, they both deserved that, and the exhausted smile when Ezra realizes that he saved her is wonderful to behold.
  • As painful as it is, Ahsoka empathizing with Ezra about being unable to save his master, like she couldn't save hers. She's probably the only one who understands how he feels, and the Force let them be together to support each other.
  • Ezra wanting to try to save Kanan, but listening to Ahsoka telling him to not make his sacrifice in vain. Ezra, though saddened, makes a choice that Anakin never did; he lets go.
  • After the destruction of the temple, Ezra whites out and hears Kanan bidding farewell to him, saying "May the Force be with you, always."

A Fool's Hope

  • Kallus and Rex have not only brought the Ghost to Lothal for one last bravo, but also grabbed Wolffe, Gregor, Ketsu, and Hondo (and Melch) on the way, meaning that however it may all end, at least the rebels will fight alongside the family they made along the way.
    • An O.O.C. Is Serious Business moment from Hondo, who says that in spite of his tendency to play both sides for cash, he affirms that he won't do that this time, because of Ezra.
    • Hondo also says that Ezra's spirit reminds of the time when there was something to believe in; the time of the Jedi. This is coming from a man who has butted heads with the Jedi on more than one occasion in the past. It seems like all those times he claimed the Jedis were friends of his, there was more than just a grain of truth to that
    • Kallus working side-by-side with not only Rex, but also Wolffe and Gregor, is saying something since both parties tried to kill each other the last time they met and also held a rivalry over whether Clone Troopers are better than Stormtroopers.
  • Wolffe getting nostalgic watching a pack of angry Lothwolves savagely tearing through stormtroopers. "Just like the boys!"

"Family Reunion — And Farewell"

  • Ezra speaking to the photo of his late parents. Moreso, Hera stops to listen to him. She also glances downward and touches her womb, suggesting that she has her impending parenthood on her mind.
  • Before the mission to the Imperial Complex, Sabine notices Ezra looks worried and asks what's wrong. He simply tells her that he knows he can "always count on her".
    • And the reveal of the context later in the episode: He's counting on her to take care of Lothal while he's gone as well as to find him and bring him back once she's done.
  • Mart revealing that Ezra entrusted him with a contingency plan.
  • Mart, Wolffe, and Vizago getting along oddly well.
    • The lothwolf leaping up to protect them after Rukh knocks them unconscious, then later licking Mart's face to wake him up.
  • Kallus being concerned about Zeb during the fight for the generator room, as well as his interactions with Gregor.
    • Kallus also getting concerned when Gregor is lethally shot. He holds him after the shootout is over until Rex can catch up with them.
    • Rex and Gregor bidding farewell, with the former telling the latter that he's done good. Gregor thanks Rex for allowing them to make their own choices and to fight for what they believe in, likely referencing that Rex saved him from being brainwashed into Order 66. Also, the clones never had a choice about fighting in the Clone Wars, it was what they were made for. The Rebellion is a cause they chose to believe in, a war they chose to fight, unlike the last one.
  • Hondo caring for Melch and having a lot of pride in him, and vice versa. When it seems that Melch has been killed, Hondo mourns him, but when Melch regains consciousness while Hondo mourns, Melch hugs him while Hondo claims that Melch would've dead without him. It really shows that Hondo has come a long way from the scummy, immoral pirate he was at the beginning of The Clone Wars.
  • Sabine (and Chopper) letting Ezra sneak off to surrender to and confront Thrawn personally while distracting everyone else. Neither wants to let him go, Sabine even gives him a clearly sad expression, but knows that he must do this. While sad, Sabine and Ezra's silent moment of communication speaks volumes about their deep friendship; Sabine's face clearly says "Please don't do this" but Ezra's expression silently tells her that he has to. After sharing one last look with each other, Sabine accepts this and turns to cover his escape.
  • Ezra leaving his lightsaber with Chopper, who gives it to Sabine. He never gets it back, but it's implied that Sabine kept it with her, even years later after the Battle of Endor. After all, that lightsaber is his life.
    • And technically, since Sabine's art is still on the Chimaera, Ezra and Sabine are still with each other in spirit and memory.
  • Ezra refusing Palpatine's offer, simply saying "I have a family. I don't need anything from you."
  • Mart trying to see the cheering crowds in Capital City's streets as the Ghost passes over them by using Kallus and Zeb's shoulders as support due to being short.
  • Thrawn namedropping Pellaeon as a captain in his fleet, with Word of God confirming that it's supposed to be the same Captain Pellaeon from Legends. While they could've put any other name in there, Filoni chose to use Pellaeon to make fans happy with the possibility that he could return in a future ''Star Wars'' work.
  • Ezra's final message to the Ghost crew with the optimism he will come home. Also, he leaves Hera her favorite fruit in her cabin, a possible hint that he knew she was pregnant.
    • Ezra jokingly telling Zeb he can his room back... for now. Possibly, Ezra meant that Jacen should bunk with Zeb.
  • The epilogue:
    • Hera was pregnant with Kanan's child during the mission to Lothal. Their child is a boy named Jacen Syndulla. Hera and Chopper fly him around in the Ghost like a car ride.
      • The mere fact he's named Jacen could count for any still mourning Legends fans.
    • After creating a friendship, Zeb taking Kallus to see Lira San and the Lasats there (with Chava and Gron returning). Now Kallus can rest easier now that he knows that he didn't kill all of the Lasats, and the remaining Lasats forgive him and take him as one of their own. The Child truly has saved the Warrior.
      • Zeb putting his hands over Kallus's eyes before surprising him with the other Lasats.
      • This episode was in production when Kalluzeb became a popular meme. Given Steve Blum outright said this would happen, it's quite clear that this scene was a bone-toss to fans of Kallus and Zeb, romantically or not.
      • Upon seeing the other Lasat, Kallus gives what looks like a nervous yet heartfelt smile.
    • Sabine watching over Lothal as its guardian for the rest of the war in Ezra's memory, ensuring his sacrifice was not in vain. Also, the fact that she chose to live in Ezra's old tower during her time protecting Lothal.
      • The beginning of her overlooking Capital City and the rest of Lothal — now looking as it did in Ezra's vision from "Legacy" — from Ezra's tower.
      • The environment on Lothal having been restored, with lothwolves running free without having to hide anymore.
      • Her new color palette is reminiscent of the Nite Owls and the Protectors.
      • Sabine having painted a mural of the Ghost crew with the white lothcat and the lothwolves. She looks at it one more time before departing with Ahsoka to bring Ezra home.
      • The final scene being of Sabine leaving with Ahsoka to find Ezra and bring him home.
      • Ahsoka has survived the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy, despite all the odds. And there's every possibility her and Ezra's stories aren't nearly as over as they may seem.