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When something really horrible happens or someone tells a character really bad news. It can happen three ways, but it usually played for comedy.

  1. Bob tells Alice horrible news. Bob says to Claire, 'I think she's taking it well'. Alice then starts freaking out. (Yelling, getting a weapon, screaming, hurting herself or others, etc)
  2. Bob tells Alice horrible news. Alice immediately starts freaking out. Bob says to Claire: 'I think she's taking it well.'
  3. Bob tells Alice horrible news. Alice does not freak out at all, actually does take the news well considering the circumstances and reacts calmly and with composure to Claire's surprise.


Fan Works
  • Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons: After Blackjack finally confessed to the barely sane ghoul Silver Spoon that she isn't Diamond Tiara, instead of mind-breaking feral-inducing trauma as Nurse Graves feared, she instead opts for this. She still sometimes calls BJ Tiara at times though.
  • In What Might Have Been, most of the Crystal Gems took it pretty well when Rose revealed herself to them, Moss Agate relieved that she isn't the only one that frightens the others, or Biggs asking whether this means they should call her "Rose Diamond" or "Pink Quartz."

Film - Animated

  • Aladdin: When Jafar tells Jasmine that Aladdin has been executed, Jasmine flees the room in tears, believing that her attempt to run away has gotten an innocent person killed. Iago asks Jafar how their discussion went, and he replies "I think she took it rather well".
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  • Monsters University: Type 3 occurs when Mike and Sulley accidentally break Dean Hardscrabble's prized scream canister (which she broke the all-time scare record with).
    Mike: You're taking this remarkably well.

Film - Live-Action

  • In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Roger Rabbit has just learned that his wife Jessica was caught in the act (of playing patty-cake) with Marvin Acme:
    R.K. Maroon: Roger, I know this seems pretty painful now, but you'll find someone new. Won't he, Mr. Valiant?
    Eddie Valiant: Good-looking guy like that? Dames will be breaking his doors down.
    Roger Rabbit: (furious) Dames? What dames?! Jessica's the only one for me! You'll see! We'll rise above this piddling pecadillo! We're gonna be happy again! You got that?! Happy. Capital H-A-P-P-I! [runs through the window, leaving a rabbit-shaped hole]
    Eddie: At least he took it well.
    [cut to Roger outside crying his eyes out]
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  • In the 2004 movie The Stepford Wives, Type 1 happens to Joanna after she loses her job.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: When Harry protests the use of Polyjuice Potion so his friends can pose as decoys, Hermione tells Mad Eye Moody "I told you he'd take it well."

Live Action TV

  • M*A*S*H: The episode "Change Of Command" has Frank Burns, who is now running the 4077th following Col. Blake's death, being informed he is being replaced as commander. He takes it very well until he gets to Margaret's tent. There he throws a tantrum.
  • Happens in Lucifer (2016) when Lucifer reveals his Game Face to Dr. Martin, proving to her that all his Cassandra Truths about angels and demons really weren't an elaborate metaphor, and leaving her staring at the wall in shock. Mazikeen later tells her that she's taking it extremely well — true, since people who see Lucifer's face stand a good chance of ending up as shrieking lunatics.


  • An example at the end of this Order of the Stick, Miko is stopped from attacking the order and swears a vicious, angry blood threat. Elan's response: "Whew! And here I thought she was going to be upset."
  • In Freefall, Dr. Bowman yells about the damage caused by overuse of a shutdown remote on Florence and goes elsewhere to vent his rage. Henri Mer makes a remark on how mellow Dr. Bowman is being.
    Dr. Bowman: MORONS! Do you know when you use an emergency shutdown? In an emergency! It leaves active neurotransmitters in the synaptic cleft! The vesicles don't reuptake! Idiots! Are you trying to cause a cascade failure? I'm fixing this now!
    Henri Mer: Doctor Bowman, we agreed. No brain surgery while you're angry!
    Dr. Bowman: You are right! I shouldn't do this angry. I'm going to my tantrum room and beat the big dummy until its head caves in! Then I'm coming back and changing [Florence's] security settings so every imbecile with a remote doesn't have a direct pipeline into her brain!
    Henri Mer [to Florence]: He has been so mellow today. You're a good influence on him.

Western Animation

  • On The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror V segment "The Shinning", Homer finds that the cable has been cut and there's no beer in the fridge and responds with a cheerful "Well, whaddya know!" As Marge compliments him for taking it so well, he immediately snaps and threatens to kill everyone. He only gets more violent from there.
  • A different form is seen in Futurama episode "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back", as seeing that the bureaucrat officer was about to see Hermes's office torn apart by Bender, Leela calls up to him and tells him, "You are taking it pretty well." Hermes answers, "Don't worry, I've got a plan." He plans to commit suicide from the top of the PE bulding, but the bureaucrat forbids him from doing so as Hermes has not filed the required forms.
  • In Justice League Unlimited, where most of the Justice League plan to give themself in, Batman refuses, calling it the dumbest plan he's ever heard. Wonder Woman comment that he took it rather well.
  • Type 2 happens on occasion in Garfield and Friends. For example, in one episode where Binky the Clown is fired and becomes a handyman, Jon faints upon seeing the "renovations" he's done. Garfield, who's narrating at the time, remarks, "Jon took it rather well, I thought."
  • In the Rugrats episode "Runaway Angelica," after Drew sends Angelica to her room for making a mess in his office, he assures Charlotte that Angelica is a mature girl and says "I think she'll take it well." Description Cut to Angelica trashing her room and screaming "IT'S NOT FAIR!!!"


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