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    General Theories 

Ezra is somehow The or A New Hope.
Without ruining Luke and Leia's role in the OT, Ezra will also take on part of it himself, though likely no one in the OT will ever know it.
  • Jossed, as far as we can tell.

Ahsoka is not as good or trustworthy as she seems.
Maybe she's doing the wrong things for the right reasons. Maybe she disagrees with our main protagonists on moral standards of violence, treatment of others, and use of the Force. Maybe she's more militaristic and cold than we or the Ghost crew would like. It's doubtful she's deliberately harming or betraying her allies in any way, but conflict has a way of happening among all groups of people.
  • Jossed. She did nothing but good during her time on the show.

Someone in the cast will be confirmed gay or bi.
This Troper thinks it'd most likely be either Sabine confirmed as gay or Ezra confirmed as bi, and maybe both if a miracle happens. It would bring much needed diversity to both Star Wars and Disney, make sense in universe (as there's no given in universe reasons why this would be rare or taboo), and would be good for kids who aren't heterosexual or who just need to see some diversity.
  • The team behind Gravity Falls, another Disney XD series, tried to introduce an elderly same-sex couple but got shot down due to Disney's more openly homophobic international affiliates. Doesn't bode well for anything of the sort happening in this series.
  • Jossed: if any characters are confirmed to be LGBT, it wasn't on the show proper.

Sidious will be a Magnificent Bastard while Darth Vader will be a Noble Demon
Under the pen of Greg Weisman, these traits, which are already defining traits of the two Sith Lords, will be highlighted as per his general preference for such characters.
  • Sidious has yet to appear. Vader has only shown up in the ABC version of Spark of Rebellion and the season 1 finale, 'Fire across the Galaxy.
    • As of the Season Two trailer screened at Celebration, he is confirmed for at least a cameo.

Alternatively, there will be five seasons.
Five years leading up to A New Hope.
  • Jossed. Season four will be the last.

The Ghost crew will be the ones who steal the Death Star plans.
In EU, it is Kyle Katarn who steals the plans, but this is a different continuity.
  • Better idea: they help Katarn steal the plans.
  • Probably Jossed, as that will be covered by the live-action movie Rogue One.
  • In fact Jossed though the Ghost appears to be involved in the climactic battle at the end.

Vader will be the most badass character in the whole damn show
He's Darth Vader. He pretty much has an obligation to be.

A world filled with Gargoyles will appear.
Greg Weisman will go for it if he's given half the chance.
  • I think he's more subtle than to do that.
  • Jossed, as Greg Weisman no longer works on the show.

Darth Vader, when he appears, will be voiced by Keith David.
He's one of Greg Weisman's Production Posse, and it's not like this would be the first time he's played a character originally voiced by James Earl Jones.
  • Jossed. James Earl Jones reprises as Vader.
  • Even then, Keith David could get a voice role on the show. He's way too good to be ignored by Star Wars forever. He could voice an annoying Gungan and make it sound amazing.

Crispin Freeman will voice someone in the series
Could you imagine a Sith being played by the guy who did ALUCARD?!? He is one of the actors Greg has contacts with after all, see Electro and Red Arrow.
  • He could voice one of Fulcrum's men. A heroic version of a stooge for the mysterious character.
  • Perhaps he'll voice Commander Sato in season 2.
    • Nope. Sato is voiced by Keone Young.
  • Jossed.

  • It'll be left in tatters with barely anyone surviving. And yet, Palpatine will see potential in possibly creating a rebel alliance so as to draw his enemies into one place and take them down simultaneously.
    • That has been labeled as 'not canon', so no.
      • Just because it's not canon doesn't mean this theory's impossible.
      • The theory is based on a game that is no longer canon, making the theory impossible. The idea can exist outside of the theory however.
    • Word of God has explained that the current Rebels may not necessarily be the founding members of the Rebel Alliance we all know, but they will play a role in inspiring its formation.
  • Even then, the majority of our heroes' getting killed in the finale would make for one very tragic conclusion to the series.
  • Semi-Jossed by Rogue One. Hera (with a rank bump), Chopper, the Ghost, and at least one of the Hammerhead corvettes will make it at least up to the Battle of Scarif, meaning that at he very least, half the cast (Aftermath already confirmed Sabine's survival) will make it to the point where the Alliance fully comes together.
    • Jossed by "Secret Cargo", which shows the formation of the Rebel Alliance over Dantooine.

At some point, Zeb and Hera will hook up.
Purely speculation, but you never know.
  • Nothing supporting it, and one mark against it: Hera and Kanan appear to be an item as shown in "The Machine in the Ghost" promo short, and further supported in A New Dawn.
  • Another mark against, Hera calls Kanan "Love" during episode one. Not exactly concrete, seeing as she was being sarcastic at the time, but it is there.
  • Considering that Hera and Kanan constantly have a dynamic not dissimilar to an old married couple...
    • If Ezra and company don't save Kanan from Tarkin by the end of the season, Hera could grow closer to Zeb, perhaps as a surrogate for Kanan. If she even had feelings for Kanan at all.
      • Well, Kanan was rescued, and he and Hera shared a little moment (go away Chopper!) but a Zeb-Hera hookup would just make them look like enormous jerks.
  • Jossed.

Hera will comment about her race's general dress
Or it will be pointed out she doesn't dress like a general Twi'Lek.
  • I hope she'd have more pride in her race than to dismiss it all as promiscuity brought on by generations of servitude or something.
    • You can comment on how you're different from others without acting like they're wrong for being that way.
  • Azmorigan covers it for her in "Idiot's Array". It seems she's aware of what is expected of Twi'Lek women and would rather avoid such a situation for herself.

Contrary to the popular perception of what Pablo Hidalgo said, The Force Unleashed will not be retconned out of existence
While certain aspects of it might be retconed, it in itself will not be. The Rebel Alliance in SW: Rebels could very well be disunited or represented by the Ghost Crew, the symbol may be just one of a phoenix over Galen's family crest but it may somehow develop into that. George Lucas and the TCW have always retconned the EU to some extent, at the very most it has only forced former stories to adapt to the changes instead of writing them out completely. Furthermore Pablo Hidalgo has said the same thing about the EU not being canon in the Essential Reader's Guide—but he did say they can fit into continuity as what happened so that quote should not be taken as a sign of Canon Discontinuity.
  • Considering that Disney, not Lucas, controls what's canon or not now, we'll have to wait and see.
  • Jossed.

With the EU now Legends/ambiguously canon, the writers will include the well liked bits as much as possible
See Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn. As they are connected to the Thrawn Trilogy, one of the most highly regarded parts of the EU, they would be the easiest to slip back in. Plus, who doesn't want to see Greg Weisman write Thrawn!?
  • Best. Idea. Ever! If you're reading this Greg, make this happen!!!!
  • The problem is that Rebels is part of official canonicity. With the new Star Wars films coming out and the powers that be officially dismissing any and all EU canon. They wouldn't put any EU in their official canon as that could contradict what was established by The Force Awakens.
    • Thing is, in the time leading up to Rebels' premiere, the powers that be have eased up on the "no EU at all" stance — now they say that certain aspects will remain canon in a Broad Strokes fashion, with selected bits being reintroduced over time if the writers so desire. Thrawn would not have to have any impact on the later films if they bring him in, and as it's been pointed out, he and Mara Jade are well liked enough for a possible return.
    • The thing is Rebels is part of official canon and the EU has been given its own Legends banner as an alternate universe as a whole. Due to the new Star Wars 7 film coming out they would most likely leave out any characters that could contradict not only the movie lore of Star Wars 7, but 8 and 9 as well. Of course that's not to say they can't have a tongue in cheek glimpse of someone who may or may not resemble Mara Jade and Thrawn as a throwaway gag for EU fans.
    • The rumors about Season Three hint that Thrawn will indeed be re-canonized in some form.
      • Thrawn is indeed the new villain of the season.
      • Mara Jade was Jossed in a convention over the summer of 2016, though they could always change their mind.

Agent Kallus might actually be a Chiss using a hologram disguise
  • It IS said that the Empire looks down on non-Humans...
  • Is this based on the fact that in his concept he was originally Chiss? Because it's Jossed.

The Grand Finale will end where A New Hope begins.
The Ghost crew will lead the Rebel's "first victory against the evil Galactic Empire."
  • Jossed. Rogue One is taking care of that.
    • Confirmed! Kind of. Rogue One actually places the Ghost at the climactic battle. It's up to the series, however, to flesh out their full role in the battle.
  • Jossed. It's ending before the events of Rogue One.

Ezra and Sabine become an item eventually.
He wouldn't be the first force-sensitive to fall for a woman older than him. He may have a bit of maturing to do first, though... and her too, maybe. Ezrabine?
  • He may just eventually realize that she doesn't want him that way and develop feelings for a new female character who's been introduced by then.
    • Or a male character. His last conversation with Zare was a bit interesting.
  • Sabine only seems to be friendly with Ezra at best. They may end up being "just friends". Something that Zeb and Chopper will mock Ezra for all the time.
  • As a counterargument to previous bullet points, it seems to me that starting from S 1 E 06 ("Empire Day") and as late as S 2 E 03 ("Always two there are"), Sabine grows increasingly interested in and attached to Ezra. But on the other hand, Ezra gets past his early awkward flirting, is increasingly preoccupied with Jedi training and his other issues, and seems less interested in her...
    • Depending on your point of view, her behavior could be seen as sisterly instead of romantic.
  • Jossed. Unfortunately for Ezra, Sabine doesn't seem to see him as anything other than a brother throughout the series.

Senator Garm Bel Iblis will show up in a future episode.
Yes, he's technically now a Legends character, but he's shown up in official Lucasfilm fiction before (the old Holonet News comics they used to put on the official website), and it would make sense for him to appear in a series that deals with the formation of the Rebellion. He could possibly appear alongside his buddies Bail Organa and Mon Mothma as the galaxy starts to edge closer to full-on insurrection and the Ghost crew's actions have begun to inspire others. Maybe even an episode or arc set on Corellia, so we can see what the "canon" version of it is like?
  • A Corellia episode could possibly lead to a Han Solo cameo too, maybe of him just prior to or after joining the Imperial Academy (assuming that still happened, anyway).
    • That's unlikely due to timeline issues.
  • Jossed.

Hera is a Jedi, or a Force Sensitive who was not strong enough to become a Jedi
  • She did know about the Holocron in advance, and that Ezra managed to open it.
  • Or, y'know, maybe Kanan told her about it? Especially since he only came into possession of the holocron after he met her.

The Base Delta Zero Initiative is the precursor to the Tarkin Doctrine
In the Legends continuity, a Base Delta Zero is a planetary-scale scorched earth tactic (how thoroughly one needs to carry it out can vary, but pretty much every source agrees that once it's carried out, at least everyone is dead and nothing worthwhile is left on the planet). However, it didn't use the term initiative in its old version. Possibly because by adding the word "initiative" it no longer is just the command, but rather the policy by which it is used. So, the Base Delta Zero Initiative is simply using the threat of killing everyone and rendering the planet unusable (and carrying it out as necessary). It will have mixed success, because some worlds are better armed than others, so when the Death Star nears completion, the Empire will view its successes with the weaker planets as indication they just need to get better weapons to deal with the better armed planets.

Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy is an unintended side-effect of Imperial brainwashing.
In "Breaking Ranks", one variation of "The Well" training course actually requires the cadets to have good aim with a rifle to progress. Either most of them are really lucky, pass by accident, or something happens with the cadets around the time they graduate.
  • One of the popular theories about why the Stormtroopers are such bad shots is that they've never been conditioned to shoot at someone with a face. Since the cadets were shooting small targets, they get good at it and pass, then have to go out and shoot less impersonal targets.
    • Ames from the tie-in Servants of the Empire seems really out of it after being in trooper training for a while. That would seem to indicate either low-level mind control or high-level mental conditioning, or both.
  • It's possible that every GOOD marksman at the academy is singled out as a potential Force user and then taken into custody instead of being promoted. The Empire is more interested in churning out unskilled, faceless workers in order to weed out potential threats than they are in actually getting the best soldiers.

Ezra will be one of the few Jedi ever to control the Dark Side powers without succumbing to its effects.
Ezra has the connection, and with the Jedi gone, who would say it is a bad thing? Plus, it may occur to Kanan that in order to beat the Empire, they may need to use all the power they have at their disposal.
  • His use of the Dark Side in "Gathering Forces" could potentially support this; his motives were pure, and he knows it. Plus, it worked.
  • He's going through the normal "power corrupts" thing that all potential Fallen Jedi go through, but he can still open both the Sith and Jedi Holocrons. Word of God is also that he won't fall like Anakin did, so his path isn't towards the Dark Side straight away.

Ezra will go over to the Dark Side.
And not just to control it's power with good intentions.
  • Or, he tries to control Dark Side powers while still having good intentions and eventually succumbs to its effects.
  • Jossed.

A younger Luke Skywalker will make an appearance.
The Ghost crew will end up taking to a trip to Tatooine for whatever reason and end up meeting a young Luke. Ezra and Luke would befriend each other, and maybe the latter will help the crew to a degree with (whatever) mission they set out to do. Not only that, this will foreshadow Luke's inspiration to join up with the Rebellion in the Original Trilogy.
  • Luke will be seen hanging with his friends Biggs Darklighter, Janek Sunber, Laze Loneozner, Camie Loneozner, Deak and Windy Starkiller. Also, Owen and Beru will be worried the Ghost crew being a bad influence on Luke, due to protecting him from "some damn fool idealistic crusade".
  • Ezra will have a crush on Luke and spend half the time being adorably smitten.
  • This is unlikely, because it looks likely that Luke doesn't meet any Jedi other than Obi-Wan and Yoda until after Return of the Jedi.
  • Confirmed, but only as a cameo in the distance at the end of "Twin Suns".

Kanan or another member of the team will be killed by the Inquisitor and we will have a time skip to where Ezra is older and more experienced in the ways of the force
It is a common trope for series involving young inexperienced characters that are being trained in something after all.
  • Plus, if Kanan is killed, it lends credence to Yoda's statement to Luke "Last of the Jedi, you will be."
  • Mostly Jossed: All of the Inquisitors yet shown are dead or presumed dead, Kanan is still alive, but blind.

The five-year plan
The Empire plans on harvesting all the resources it can from Outer Rim planets in order to build the Death Star. It fits the timeline, after all.
  • According to the late Minister Tua, the Emperor singled out Lothal as being particularly important to the plan. Perhaps Lothal is rich in some mineral or crystal that's critical to the construction of the Death Star?
    • Oh, yes, Lothal is definitely rich in a resource critical to the construction of the Death Star. Unless you think that Ezra getting a kyber crystal from the Lothal Jedi temple was a complete coincidence, when we all know that There Are No Coincidences in Star Wars.

Zare will become a spy for the Rebel Alliance.
He seems to be on his way. He has helped out "Dev" at least once.
  • In "Vision of Hope", Zare does manage to tell Ezra that Kallus and his troopers are preparing to do something with the Senate building, but that's it. In the Servants of the Empire books, it seems he has retired from the entire stealth gig, hiding out on Garel with his girlfriend and family.

Zare's sister is a Force-sensitive
The Inquisitor took her to either train her to be his apprentice or killed her.
  • In the book Edge of the Galaxy, it's mentioned she's very good at figuring out people's emotions, and also that she can find Zare in a crowd. So there's evidence towards this theory.
  • She's the female Inquisitor.
  • Confirmed. The Inquisitor was torturing her on Arkanis to condition her into an Inquisitor, but she gets saved by Zare, of which takes place a little after "Fire Across the Galaxy".

Davin Felth will make an appearance.
He's the Stormtrooper who said "Look, sir--droids". He'll be portrayed in the series as a young man who just joined the Empire. He'll naively believe the Empire is good and the Rebels as evil. But by the end of the episode, he starts to question certain things.
  • Unlikely in the extreme.
    • And completely jossed.

Lothal will get Base Delta Zero'd by season's end.
Lothal has a rebellion fomented on it, and the Empire... solves the problem. The season 1 Lothal arc ends, and Ezra loses his last connection tethering him to anywhere else besides the crew of the Ghost.
  • With Tarkin showing up, that is a distinct possibility. Maybe they'll hold off for the second season, but Lothal probably isn't going to have a happy future.
    • The Rebels leave at the end of "The Siege of Lothal" to prevent this from happening.
    • They end up returning in "Legacy" and "A Princess on Lothal", and also at least around the midseason of Season 3.
  • Looking Jossed. There's a character in Lost Stars who graduated from the Lothal Imperial Academy a year before ANH, so Lothal's definitely still inhabited by then.
    • Definitely jossed.

Ezra's love interest somehow ends up being related to him.
Because it's not Star Wars without the obligatory accidental incest joke.
  • Even better! Ezra is the product of incest! Muahahahaha!!!!!
  • Alternatively, Ezra will realize that Sabine, his current crush, is more of a sisterly figure to him, or at least that she views him as a newly-adopted kid brother.
    • Well that seems to be confirmed.

A future episode will be a Whole Episode Flashback that details one of the crew.
Possible options include:1. Sabine's time as an imperial cadet. It can go into detail about what the Empire did to her family.

2. Zeb living on Lasan, prior to the arrival of Kallus and the other Imperial soldiers who almost wiped them out.

3. A young Hera becoming inspired by individuals like her father Cham Syndulla to fight the Empire.

4. The first time Kanan and Hera meet Zeb or Sabine. It would be like how Spark of Rebellion had Ezra join up.

  • One of the writers (Kinberg?) said in an interview that there would be no flashbacks (not counting visions or recordings), likely due to budget and the 'ghost of the pasts' theme in the show. We could see a comic series for them, though.
  • Jossed.

The team will have to rescue Jai Kell.
The Inquisitor tracks down Jai and his mother and chases them down all over a city. The rebels know to be there because they were either there already for some different reason, or because Zare sent a message to them from the academy.
  • Jossed.

Mira, Ezra's mother was kept alive by the Empire.
They killed his father after the Stormtroopers took them away. But she was kept alive because an ISB agent saw that she was Force sensitive. The agent ordered her to be kept alive and had her sent to the Inquisitor, who is using her in a secret project away from Lothal.
  • Jossed. Both were alive up until "Legacy".

The second season will involve going out in space in search of Ezra's missing parents.
They've made too big a deal of them being gone. Hera's waiting to tell Ezra that his parents were captured, but escaped, and now their whereabouts are unknown. She needed to wait until they would be able to go out searching for them.
  • Confirmed in a way. This reasoning is why they aren't brought up again until "Legacy".

One of Ezra's parents is a Sith
Force-sensitivity is frequently inherited after all.
  • Jossed. Ezra's parents are reported to have been killed between the episodes "Call to Action" and "Legacy".

Chopper originally belonged to or was commissioned for a criminal
Not being in a A New Dawn suggests he wasn't always part of the Ghost and we have yet to get any hints of a backstory for him. This may also explain his personality quirks.
  • Jossed: "The Forgotten Droid" reveals that he was a Republic veteran, shot down in his Y-Wing during the Ryloth campaign and later saved by Hera as mentioned in "Homecoming".

Kanan either will die, or will lose a crewmate saving him
  • Confirmed: He dies in a Heroic Sacrifice in the second half of season 4, saving the rest of the crew.

The season finale sees Lothal devastated by the Empire's Base Delta Zero protocol
Rise of the Old Masters implies that the BDZ initiative is still used by the Empire in canon, the Rebel cell in Lothal is stirring up further discontent among the populace, and Tarkin is now taking direct command of the situation. Anyone familiar with his character can guess what's going to happen next...
  • And Zare has been transferred off Lothal, for no immediately apparent reason.
  • Jossed.

At some point, Zeb will fight a Rancor.
Why? Because it'd be awesome. Even if it happens as a [1] I'd watch it. Plus, why not?
  • Jossed.

Sabine's family isn't dead.
When Ezra asked her what happened she never gave a clear answer. They're alive but can't see her because of something the Empire did.
  • Maybe they're Bad People.
  • "Protector of Concord Dawn" at least tells us that Sabine's mother was a Vizsla, ex-Death Watch, and one or a combination of those statuses mean that she is considered a traitor to Mandalore/the Protectors by the Protectors themselves. Also, Ketsu is basically Sabine's surrogate sister and she's alive, so that technically counts.
  • "Imperial Supercommandos" confirms that her mother is alive, allied with the ISC, and searching for her.
  • And now fully confirmed, as of "Legacy of Mandalore".

Azmorigan will reappear, working with Vizago.
They can form a Villainous Friendship and antagonize the crew of The Ghost more frequently. After all Aresko and Grint need their spot filled in the show's dynamic.
  • Seems like they'll just show up by themselves every once and a while. They (or at least Vizago) don't have much of a reason to pick on the Ghost crew.
  • Jossed: Azmorigan and Vizago never appeared together.

Governor Pryce is a black woman.
If the USA can have black female Republicans, why can't Lothal have black female Imperials?
  • Alternatively...
    • Jossed.

Governor Pryce isn't human.
Governor Pryce can be Rodian or the hell what Otua Blanc was for all we know. Plus, why not have diverse bad guys?
  • Jossed.

Governor Pryce works for the alliance.
We haven't seen her once, and as Governor she'd have all sorts of useful intel.
  • Jossed. She's very much pro-Empire.

Tarkin will frame the Rebels (Kanan in particular) for murder.
He'll claim Kanan killed Aresko and Grint to try and turn public opinion against the Rebellion and the Jedi. This would be a relatively easy claim since they were killed with a lightsaber.
  • Confirmed, sort of. In "The Siege of Lothal", Tua finds the prospect of meeting Tarkin understandably terrifying, leading to Vader using her as the perfect death to frame the rebels for.

Vizago will get eaten by a monster.
And no one will care.
  • Jossed.

Sabine will get some more episodes focusing on her.
She hasn't been handled poorly...but we could use some more insight on her background.
  • I think Hera is the one we need to learn more about.
    • Confirmed. As of this writing, we have "Wings of the Master", "Homecoming", "The Forgotten Droid", and "Hera's Heroes".
  • Zeb could use some too.
    • Confirmed. As of this writing, we have "Legends of the Lasat" and "The Honorable Ones" (though the latter was more Kallus-centric), though he definitely needs a lot more focus.
  • Don't Ezra and Kanan need more focus?... Actually, that's silly. Please give us more background show-runners.
  • Kallus and the other villains also need a tiny touch more, just to even things out?
    • I actually forgot Aresko and Grint existed before they were killed...
      • There's a magazine comic strip that centers around them leading up to "Call to Action", called "Assessment".
    • Confirmed. See "The Honorable Ones" for Kallus. A lot of the Imperials need to be analyzed in meta for character development despite not having episodes to themselves, though, but there's enough screentime in episodes to make out their arcs.
    • Filoni has said pre-Season 2 that he's all up for Imperial POV episodes, but the writing team seems to be against it.
  • In Season 2, there's "Blood Sisters", which goes a little bit into her Academy life, and there's "The Protector of Concord Dawn", which is a bit more direct about her origins.
    • Season 3 is more Sabine and Mandalorian-centric.
  • It's looking like the Mandalore are will be continuing into Season 4.

Sabine's family are Empire loyalists.
When Sabine ran out on the Imperial academy she ran to her family to aide her. They pretended to support and protect her but then sold her out to the Empire, believing no one who doubted in the perfectness of the Emperor is worthy of their love or trust. Hence, some MAJOR trust issues for Sabine when she escaped from the Stormtroopers her family tried to give her up to.
  • Unlikely. Her mom is ex-Death Watch and probably not a big fan of the Empire, although we're not sure what Mr. Wren's take on the whole thing was.
    • In "Imperial Supercommandos", we find out that her mother is with the ISC under circumstances unknown to Sabine. Sabine believes that she didn't join out of her own choice. Saxon, however, points out that some Mandalorians such as himself believe that the Empire is beneficial to Mandalore's strength, a view that could also be shared by Sabine's mother.
  • Jossed: As of "Legacy of Mandalore": Her mother serves the Empire but only under duress. Her husband, Sabine's father, is a political prisoner/hostage meant to keep Clan Wren in line.

Zeb isn't attracted to women who aren't Lasat.
To clarify, I'm not saying Zeb is gay just because he's a man who hasn't hit on every girl he meets. Heck, I'm not even saying he's gay at all. All I mean is that he may not be interested in women, at least those that he meets in the show. Think about it for a moment or two. Zeb's species is all but wiped out of existence. There are few Lasat left. So why isn't he seeking them out? It could be many reasons. Perhaps he did look for them but never found them. He knows they are out there but he'd rather make a difference. In an aversion of Star Wars' usual stance on alien species being attracted to one another, Zeb doesn't have any of those feeling biologically or mentally. It isn't in his nature. And because there may be no Lasat females alive, he'd rather not think about it. Hence, he never brings it or any previous relationships up. It's probably depressing to think about procreation for him.

Mara Jade will appear as a young Hand in Training in the series
And she'll be voiced by one of Black Widow's VA's.

Ezra Bridger will eventually reintroduce the Jedi Holocron.
Star Wars has been full of biblical allusions. Caleb Dume survived Order 66 and became Kanan Jarrus. This is a reference to Caleb from the Book of Numbers making it to the Promise Land while those who grumbled did not make it in Numbers 14, also known as "The People Rebel." Ezra was the name of a high priest who reintroduced the Torah in Jerusalem. Maybe Ezra will make a trip to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and then broadcast the contents of the Holocron somehow.

Hera and Kanan are expies of Juno Eclipse and Galen Marek from The Force Unleashed.
Juno is the Roman version of Greek goddess Hera. It seems evident that Hera and Kanan may fall in love as Juno and Starkiller did while playing pivotal parts in the formation of the Rebel Alliance.

Ezra and Kanan will have to decide whether or not Jedi are allowed to love.
They may like Sabine and Hera respectively, but romantic love is not something of which the Jedi Order approved.

We will see female Stormtroopers.
They were mentioned in the prelude novel A New Dawn and there's been a huge increase in the number of female Imperials in the new canon.

We will see the Rebels' acquisition of their signature starfighter.
The inception of the X-Wing from the Legends apocrypha will be canonized, with Incom defectors delivering the production blueprints to rebels. They manufacture a few with some funding from Bail Organa, and Hera gets tapped to fly in the design's first sortie against the Empire. Chopper gets to join in too in her ship's droid socket.
  • Close. That's almost exactly what happens in "Wings of the Master", except its the B-Wing. The Rebels Recon for that episode says that the X-Wings and Y-Wings are a different rebel cell, and the ABs and XYs don't join together until Return of the Jedi.
  • Y-Wings are stolen from the Empire in "Steps Into Shadow" and are to be sent to Yavin IV, so it's possible we could see X-Wings eventually too.
  • X-Wings are confirmed for season 4.

We will see Lando again, and in the cockpit of a certain iconic high-performance hunk-o'-junk.
The next time we see Lando, we get to see his days of ownership of the Millennium Falcon.
  • Timeline-wise, that seems unlikely since we're fast closing in on being caught up with A New Hope. Doesn't leave a lot of time for Han to have acquired it and become so familiar with it.

There will be an episode that leads directly into Rogue One
Most likely close to the film's release date.
  • Season 3's midseason finale episodes (which are right before the film's release) are "An Inside Man" and "Visions and Voices". "An Inside Man" is probably going to explore the EU-spanning plot of the kyber crystals as Lothal is said to be full of kyber crystals, likely for use in the Death Star. There probably won't be a tie-in in "Visions and Voices", though, unless one of the visions has to do with the future.
  • Jossed for both "An Inside Man" and "Visions and Voices". The midseason première "Ghosts of Geonosis", on the other hand, guest-stars Saw Gerrera. As for whether there's an episode showing the Ghost crew at the Battle of Scarif, I would guess Season 5, due to where Season 3 currently falls in the timeline.
  • Jossed. Dave Filoni confirmed that the series finale will not show the Battle of Scarif from the Ghost crew's perspective, as he thought doing so would be redundant. Although, he did say he'd like to show that sometime anyways.

The series will end with the Battle of Jakku.
The series will continue all the way through the original trilogy. There will be episodes focused on those three movies (but centered around the Ghost crew, thus explaining what they were up to during the events of the OT). The grand finale will focus on the Battle of Jakku, thus tying the series into The Force Awakens.
  • By doing this, the creators will avoid having to kill off the heroes, and be able to surprise us.
  • Jossed. It ends before the beginning of the Original Trilogy.

Rex was on Endor
This one is pretty simple. Look at this picture. Obviously, Old Rex is meant to resemble this member of the Endor strike team.
  • Not necessarily canon, but does have Approval of God status with a guy Armed with Canon.
  • Looking confirmed, via his Season 4 outfit and the magic of retconning.
    • Absolutely confirmed by "Family Reunion — and Farewell", which reveals in the epilogue that Rex fought at Endor. Still no confirmation if he's the old guy, though.

The series will end on a Downer Ending but there will still be hope.
First, there will be something of a timeskip. Then Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka will die but someone (either Hera or Sabine or both) will be left with Someone to Remember Him By, who could possibly grew up to be a Jedi apprentice to Luke in his new Jedi order. Which will make it horrifyingly sad when you remember what Han said in The Force Awakens.
  • Jossed.

Ezra and Kanan will actually survive the series
...And meet Luke Skywalker again, who will recruit them to help in his efforts to rebuild the Jedi Order after Return of the Jedi. Which would in turn mean that Ezra and Kanan both end up slain by Ben Solo when he goes on his rampage years later. This would answer the question of what happened to them without having to kill them during the series.
  • Jossed: Kanan dies in a Heroic Sacrifice in "Jedi Night", and Ezra disappears into the Unknown Regions.

Kallus had a rough childhood
His body language while interrogating Ezra in the pilot is rather interesting. Perhaps Kallus sees a younger version of himself in Ezra. Also, in tie-in material, Kallus says that he wouldn't have graduated the Academy without the help of a classmate, but he did. At the top of his class. It would also be interesting if of all people, it isn't an Inquisitor that serves as a dark mirror for Ezra, but Kallus.

Kallus was a Coruscant Underworld Policeman
One, his homeworld is Coruscant. Two, CUP (heh) cops were known for being hardened and burly (both of which Kallus qualifies as), being cops in a cutthroat environment, which fits for an ISB agent that probably has to deal with the scum of the Outer Rim on a daily basis. Also, the CUP are trained in dealing with crowd control, which is also something the ISB is good at.

Kallus will become a Rebel spy
He's on the side of evil, but he himself seems morally gray at worst and may eventually become disillusioned with the Empire. He might even defect openly to the Rebel Alliance a la Crix Madine.
  • He might be Fulcrum II, so maybe.
    • Confirmed.

Kallus will desert.
Either he:
  • Stays with the Ghost crew and/or helps key figures of the rebellion (people like Ahsoka, Organa, Mothma, maybe others if there are more) as some sort of personal agent.
    • Kallus won't be comfortable with any other rebel cell, due to his trauma with the Onderon rebels and already having previous ties with the Ghost crew that allow him to at least understand that they won't hurt him (except for maybe Chopper.)
  • Goes solo, on the grey fence. Maybe he isn't as good as the Ghost crew to be or want to be a rebel, but he does oppose the Empire, becoming a vigilante-figure mercenary/bounty-hunter.
  • He joins up with the rebels at the end of "Zero Hour", after getting unmasked as The Mole.

Alternatively, Kallus dies before he can desert.
  • Maybe he lets the Ghost crew and co. go, but one of his superiors finds out and has him and his unit be punished. Kallus tells his men to flee the Empire and find a new life, maybe somewhere far away, maybe join the Rebellion, before providing a distraction that costs his own life.
  • Kallus buying the rebels time to escape.
  • Jossed.

Minister Tua is still alive
Kallus faked her death and smuggled her off Lothal after cutting her out of a specially reinforced escape pod. She will show up as part of Kallus' redemption arc.
  • Unlikely, as Kallus at the time had no reason to save her life.

Chopper has some of HK-47's programming.
It is undeniable that Chopper has low regards for people's lives and safety and is quite psychotic. And like HK-47, he is loyal to his master in his own sick, twisted way.

Hera and Kanan are a couple, and this is already known to the rest of the characters.
If that's the case, they also would share quarters, wouldn't they? Have we actually seen if they have separate quarters or not?
  • They do indeed have separate quarters. We see that Kanan's room is bare and empty, while Hera's is messy. Also, it doesn't seem like Kanan and Hera were a couple until the events of the show, but both acknowledge how rather close their friendship is. Also, Everyone Can See It.
  • What seems to be going on is that they both have feelings for each other, but have chosen to put the Rebellion ahead of romance for the time being.
  • Confirmed that they were a couple. It's unclear exactly how much the others knew, though.

Ezra is the descendant of Revan and Bastila Shan.
He is following a similar path of being a Jedi, falling to the darkside, and then being redeemed. His is also very powerful, as were Revan and Bastila

At some point, Kanan will come across Captain Sloane again.
And Sloane will once again have to suffer through his flirting at her because Kanan loves to troll her as demonstrated in A New Dawn.
  • Well, right now she's a Vice Admiral.
  • Jossed. Rae Sloane never appeared.

Kanan holds racism against Kaleesh.
He didn't trust clones for killing his master. Grievous almost killed his master twice. Who to say he doesn't hold prejudice against the Kaleesh?

The Fifth Brother is from Alderaan.
That would explain the Spanish/European accent. His voice actor said in an interview that the casting call specifically wanted someone that could either of those accents, so it's either a hint towards his backstory via his species and/or his homeworld.

Base Delta Zero will never happen in a plot relevant way.
  • Partially Jossed: Atollon is subjected to orbital bombardment in "Zero Hour".

Who will die, and why.
  • Ezra
    • One of the points of Rebels is to initially follow similar paths of stories that have already been told before diverging to a completely new ending (for example, Ezra is an Expy of Anakin, but Word of God is that he will have a different ending than turning to the Dark side completely before Redemption Equals Death). Kanan had two comic book arcs and a prequel novel back in Season 1 and we already have so much development on him that stuffing him in the fridge to simply be pain for Ezra would mean that telling these stories were a waste and could have been used to tell stories on Ezra, for example (who only had a children's chapter book that took place right before Rebels).
    • Jossed: Ezra survives, but disappears.

The Ghost crew and the others become the canon version of SpecOps.
Basically, the crew fake their deaths, with everyone, both Imperial and fellow rebels, assuming they died as martyrs. The only people who are aware that they survived are Organa and Mothma (both of which helped set it up).

This would explain why we never hear from what happened to the Ghost crew if they're supposedly active during the Original Trilogy; not much to say about a fallen hero when you might as well become one yourself if you don't shush up and focus.

But in actuality, they're doing very covert operations in a remote part of the Galaxy, away from the main events of the Original Trilogy (like maybe the Unknown Regions).

  • Jossed, as far as we know. The members of the crew who stayed with the Alliance after the Grand Finale don't seem to have done anything of the sort.

Other Fulcrums include...
  • Cassian Andor. After all, he's a part of Alliance/Rebel Intelligence and has been a recruiter for the Rebel cause for quite a while before Rogue One.
    • Confirmed in the Rogue One Visual Guide.
  • Several other senators, including Riyo Chuchi, Meena Tills, Giddean Danu, Fang Zar, Nadea Tural, Garm Bel Iblis, and so on. Maybe Jar Jar, but his species' signature speech pattern make it too obvious, and Jar Jar isn't exactly the most subtle guy you want to give secret plans too, even if he is an Accidental Hero at times.
  • Barriss Offee. Maybe Barriss just wants to keep her distance from people even while she's helping them or something out of guilt or not wanting to deal with people asking her about her Jedi past, so Ahsoka and the Senators especially kept her identity under wraps.
  • Characters from Naboo, like Sabe and the other Handmaidens, Captain Typho, Governor Bibble, Olie, the other queens, et al., who want to remove the Naboo-born Emperor from power as he stands for literally all of the opposites of the ideals of the Naboo people stand for. When one of their identities gets revealed, we could get a comment from them about Padme and how she was the true leader of the Rebellion before anyone even conceived the idea of the resistance.

Hera is the Y-Wing pilot who survived the Battle of Yavin.
While it's true that Phoenix Squadron probably isn't the squadron that attacked the Death Star, it's still 2 BBY. A lot can happen in two years.
  • In Rogue One, there are a few hints that the Ghost crew are involved, at least behind the scenes.
  • What pilot that isn't Luke Skywalker or Wedge Antilles can say that they've flown against Darth Vader and lived to tell the tale?
    • Jossed. The Rogue One Visual Guide revealed Evaan from Princess Leia is the Y-Wing pilot.

Darth Fulcrum
So the last we see of Ahsoka is that she goes into the Sith Temple on Malachor after fighting Vader. We know that she has in the past become disillusioned by the Jedi Order (with good reason) and that she still can't forget Anakin, despite his fall to the dark side. Now her walking into the temple seems to hint Ahsoka has been driven to her Despair Event Horizon and become a Death Seeker due to her failure to bring Anakin back, but it might indicate something else:
  • She might search - and find - something else (in the ruins of) the Sith Temple - after all, such a big temple just to house a single Holocron seems overkill
  • She feels a draw to the dark side - it has been confirmed in Disney Canon that Sith Temples emanate some sort of dark side energy
Now here's what might happen:
  • She might find another Sith Holocron and - perhaps to her own surprise - open it
  • She might decide to take Vader up on his offer after all, "faking" going to the dark side to bring him back, but tragically won't remember what she was trying to do when she gets a chance to redeem Vader - Sidious might end up killing her enraged that Vader has a secret apprentice and violates the rule of two (didn't Vader have secret apprentices in Legends?)
  • She might go into exile shaken by what she has seen and become Snoke - hey, every named character who does not die onscreen has to be considered for being Snoke, right?
  • She tries to free Anakin from the evil influence of Sidious and actually fights the Emperor either losing or beating the Emperor only to find out she was battling a clone after all (I know, Palpy-Clones are not Canon any more, but why not bring them back via Broad Strokes?)
  • Jossed.

The Ghost is destroyed at the Battle of Scarif.
  • The rebels lost quite a bit of their fleet at that battle — they only had thirty fighters and bombers at the Battle of Yavin. The show will have a Downer Ending, but it will also count as a "Ray of Hope" Ending since it will lead directly into A New Hope.
  • Jossed by Forces of Destiny and the Grand Finale.

Alternatively, the Ghost isn't destroyed at Scarif, but is missing in action afterward.
  • Hera attempts to jump to hyperspace, but somehow the hyperdrive experiences a malfunction mid-jump, or the coordinates are scrambled, so they jump, but end up far away from Yavin. This would explain why they didn't partake in the Battle of Yavin.

The Ghost doesn't return to Yavin after the Battle of Scarif because it's called away as backup for the Phantom II.
In the long shots with the Ghost above Scarif, it appears that the shuttle dock is empty, meaning that either the Phantom II has also since been destroyed, or that part of the crew have taken it on a mission. Whoever's taken the shuttle ends up needing backup on their mission, and the Ghost, after leaving Scarif, gets the message and heads off to help, thus missing the entirety of the Battle of Yavin.

Ahsoka's montral designs look different from when she was younger because of stress.
They seemed rather strained. This is probably caused by the stress of staying undercover.

Other Inquisitors will appear and will at the very least visibly resemble all the other apprentices Vader's had in Legends media as a Shout-Out
Perhaps even Galen Marek?
  • Jossed.

"Sammie" on Mart's helmet is his father.
His father's name will be revealed to be Osamu (as a Shout-Out to Astro Boy) or Isamu (as a Shout-Out to Macross Plus).

Thrawn won't discover the Ysalamiri until after his campaign here.
Hence why such a savvy guy didn't come prepared with them, despite knowing he'd be fighting Force-sensitives. And after being hyperspaced to parts unknown in the Grand Finale, he possibly ends up in the Unknown Regions — where the creatures resided in Legends.

Kanan is from Lothal... in the past.
According to Freddie Prinze Jr., there's some sort of importance to the paintings in the mountain temple on Lothal. Perhaps the reason why the lothwolves disappeared a hundred years ago was because they took baby Caleb from the natives that lived in the mountain temple and teleported him to another world and time via the World Between Worlds to be found by the Jedi.

The Lasat bounty hunter who killed Kallus first unit is Puggles Trodd.
In the old Legends continuity Puggles Trodd had a talent for explosives and liked to watch them go off.

Tarkin wanted to go blow up Lothal after the whole stolen Death Star plans issue was cleaned up.
The insurgents there did wreck his personal Star Destroyer, after all, and he was still pissed about that. Not to mention the major losses the Empire lost in both resources and personnel during the planet's liberation. Of course, the outcome of the Battle of Yavin meant that fortunately never happened.

An older Ezra will appear in a future work set in the New Republic Era.
And while the audience (and the characters in-universe) will have no idea who the seemingly random middle-aged man is, when he is eventually pressed for his identity, he'll sarcastically reply, "Jabba the Hutt".

The remaining crew of the Ghost was on Yavin IV the day of the fateful battle; they just didn't play an active role due to complications.
Namely, Hera was in labor with Jacen. The others stayed by her side while keeping tabs on status reports from the war room.

Jacen's lack of Twi'lek traits may be due to their age/Twi'lek-Human hybrids may "get more Twi'lek" with age
With the reappearance of Shaeeah and Jek, we are now able to somewhat gage their development. Shaeeh's mottled skin has gone from a balance of a human skin tone and a twi'lek blue, to predominantly blue with a few grey patches. Her brother Jek, previously with an apparently uniform human tone & very stunted leku, now has full-size leku & the start of a pink mottling. The possibility is that Jacen will likewise have the green at the tips of his ears spread
  • There may even be a (very) remote possibility of vestigial leku growing out from under that cute green hair or his. (jury is throughly out on if this would lead to fluffy leku or bare leku peaking out of hair)

    Arc Welding, Characters from The Clone Wars 
Potential character appearances
These can either be one offs, main cast or cameos; but they cannot have already been on the show.
  • Leia Organa
  • The Emperor
  • Hondo Ohnaka
  • Darth Maul
  • Asajj Ventress
  • Governor Arihnda Pryce
  • Shaak Ti
    • Impossible, the Galactic Atlas confirmed she died in the Jedi Temple massacre.
  • Mara Jade
    • Celebration 2016 had Filoni possibly Joss this, though he could change his mind.
    • Jossed.
  • Han Solo and a certain hairy sidekick
    • Jossed.
  • Galen Marek aka Starkiller aka Vader's Apprentice (cos why not)
    • Either Celebration 2015 or some other interview building up to Season 2 had them Joss this.
  • Jar Jar Binks
  • Boba Fett
    • An interview building up to Season 2 seemed to suggest he wasn't out of the possibility.
    • Never happened.
  • Garm Bel Iblis
    • Never happened.
  • Cad Bane
    • Looking unlikely, due to Filoni revealing at Celebration 2017 the details of a planned arc of The Clone Wars where he would have been killed by Boba Fett.
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn
  • Gilad Pellaeon
    • Confirmed, appeared in a voice-only appearance in the Grand Finale.
  • Rear Admiral Kendel Ozzel
  • Commander Firmus Piett
  • Major Maximillian Veers
  • Vice Admiral Rae Sloane
  • IG-88
    • Made an appearance in the Rebels-adjacent Forces of Destiny short "Bounty of Trouble".
  • Bossk
    • If it means anything, Ezra met him in the prequel novel Ezra's Gamble.
  • Aurra Sing
  • Watto
  • Sebulba
  • Dexter Jettster
  • Padmé's family
  • Wedge Antilles
  • Tycho Celchu
  • Winter Celchu
    • Possibly jossed as of the end of Season 3. With all this material on Leia, you'd think that she'd be mentioned or seen at one point if her backstory is the same as it was in Legends.
  • Wes Janson
  • Hobbie Klivian
  • Neena Organa
  • Prince Xizor
  • Tyber Zann
  • Tag Greenley & Bink Otauna
  • Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band
  • Dash Rendar
    • This is looking extremely unlikely, due to many people at Lucasfilm strongly disliking the character.
  • Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes
  • Noa
  • Breha Organa
  • Ferus Olin
    • Never appeared in canon material before, so why would he be canon now? Possibly jossed.
  • Tash and/or Zak Arranda
  • Padmé's former handmaidens, especially Sabé.
  • Luke Skywalker (and maybe the Lars-Whitesuns too).
    • Confirmed, he has a cameo in the distance at the end of "Twin Suns", and Beru can be heard calling him.
  • Juno Eclipse
  • Rahm Kota
    • Given the many similarities between him and Kanan, this is rather unlikely.
  • Qu Rahn
  • Snoke
  • Lor San Tekka
  • Colonel Wullf Yularen
  • Coburn Sear
    • Impossible, he died at the Third Battle of Mygeeto during the Clone Wars, as shown in Kanan.
  • Saw Gerrera and the Partisans
  • Embo
  • Sugi
  • Latts Razzi
  • Dengar
  • C-21 Highsinger
  • Rook Kast and Gar Saxon (and/or Mandalorian Supercommandos/Mauldalorians)
    • Gar Saxon confirmed, debuted in "Imperial Supercommandos". Worth noting that if Saxon is their leader, then it's likely that other supercommandos under Maul joined the Empire as part of the ISC as well.
  • Bo-Katan Kryze and Death Watch
  • Prime Minister Almec
  • Korkie and co.
  • Moreena Krai
  • Soontir Fel
  • Admiral Gial Ackbar and/or the people of Mon Cala.
  • Armand Isard
  • Ysanne Isard
  • Jahan Cross and IN-GA 44
  • The Yuuzhan Vong
  • Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors
    • Given the similarities between them and Kanan & Hera, this is looking unlikely.
  • Rom Mohc
  • Jerec (he WAS an Inquisitor in Legends after all)
  • Dark Troopers and/or Purge Troopers
    • Imperial sentry droids, which seem to be the predecessors of Dark Troopers, debut in "The Wynkahthu Job".
  • Lobot
  • Oniye Namada
  • Mar Tuuk
  • Riyo Chuchi
  • Mon Mothma
  • Jyn Erso and the rest of the Rogue One squad
    • Jyn made an appearance in the Rebels-adjacent Forces of Destiny short "Accidental Allies".
  • Sly Moore
  • Other clones like Commander Cody, Crest, Torrent...
    • Cody was mentioned at least twice ("Stealth Strike" and "The Last Battle"), but that's as far as it went.
  • Meebur Gascon and the D-Squad
  • Malorum and other Legends Inquisitors
  • Shoan Kilian
  • Coburn (the Admiral, not the Separatist)
  • Nils Tenant
  • Jylia Shale
  • Delian Mors
  • Alecia Beck
  • Brendol Hux
  • Adelhard
  • Anyone from the magazine comic strips.
  • Whoever the Operator is/Gallius Rax
  • Great Heep
  • Barriss Offee
  • Corran Horn
  • A member of the Lawquane family (Cut, Suu, Shaeeah, Jek)
  • A pre-Rogue One Orson Krennic, Galen Erso, or Cassian Andor.
  • Eli Vanto
  • Antoc Merrick
  • Davits Draven

Potential world appearances
  • Yavin IV
    • Confirmed for Season 4.
  • Dantooine
  • Mon Cala
  • Pantora
  • Naboo
  • Onderon
  • Dathomir
  • Mandalore
    • Confirmed for Season 4.
  • Concordia
  • Mandallia
  • Shogun
  • Kalevala
  • Kaller
  • Cato Neimoidia
  • Rodia
  • Chandrila
  • Alderaan
  • Corellia
  • Corulag
  • Coruscant
  • Rakata Prime
  • Tython
  • Kashyyyk
  • Trandosha
  • Jakku
  • Takodana
  • Utapau
  • Mirial
  • Terrelia
  • Christophsis
  • Hosnian Prime
  • Arkanis
  • Mortis
  • Tatooine
  • Endor
  • Raada
  • Hoth
  • Bespin
  • Eadu
  • Jedha
  • Scarif
  • Taris
  • Moraband/Korriban
  • Lasan
  • Raxus Prime
  • Kamino
  • Iokath
  • Zakuul
  • Voss
  • Nar Shaddaa
  • Nal Hutta
  • Odessen
  • Hosnian Prime/The Hosnian System
  • Earth
  • Wellspring of Light (the planet from "Destiny")
  • Crait (the salt-flats planet from the first The Last Jedi trailer — Word of God is it used to have a Rebel base)

Palpatine taking control of the banks in The Clone Wars would come to play in Rebels.
One character would bring up how the bank is practically GIVING them money to finance the war.
  • Jossed.

Ahsoka and Vader will have a reversal of the Vader/Obi-Wan conflict from the movies
Which will lead to several really, really awesome battles.
  • This is pretty much a given. They wouldn't waste the potential of this awesomeness.
    • Seconded. Epic battles between Ahsoka and Vader? YES PLEASE.
      • Confirmed? Only one fight happens. But, they do in a way, sense the presence they haven't felt in a long time when they're near each other in "The Siege of Lothal", but when they actually do confront each other, Ahsoka starts it and they both agree that Anakin is dead, having been replaced by Vader, fighting and leading to Ahsoka stalling for time for Kanan and Ezra when she realizes she can't leave Anakin again when it turns out a piece of him still exists in Vader.

Cad Bane and Boba Fett will appear at some point.
  • Expanding on this theory, when Cad Bane and Boba Fett show up, their story arc will be based off of the cancelled game: 1313.
  • Maybe they'll fight each other.
  • Jossed.

The members of Red Squadron will be major characters
Probably not as Red Squadron, for a variety of reasons, but the characters themselves will probably play a role. Here's to hoping Porkins gets his moment in the spotlight.
  • Biggs in particular might have some focus, given that he's arguably the most well known of the original Red Squadron.
    • Dave Filoni has mentioned that he and the crew thought of giving Porkins some focus at some point — Biggs is not that far of a leap.
    • Biggs almost showed up, but was replaced by Wedge (and Hobbie).
  • Partially confirmed. Wedge had important roles in a couple episodes, but wasn't a major character.

Barriss will appear
The change to her history has given her opportunities to survive Order 66 and her motivations and thought processes need to be fleshed out more
  • Given that Ahsoka was planned to be executed had the court found her guilty, there's really little to no chance that they spared Barriss after she confessed.
  • Confessions do generally allow for lighter sentencing.
  • But with an extensive and severe crime list like this? 1: treason; 2: terrorist bombing, that resulted in the deaths of six Jedi, along with numerous military officers and civilian workers. 3: murdering a suspect, and misleading the authorities; 4: assaulting and murdering numerous military officers. Lighter sentence in such case would be giving her the choise between blaster fire or poison injection.
  • Don't forget who controls the government. Palpatine might have kept her around as insurance; if Anakin didn't go dark fast enough he'd let her out and get Anakin to go on a man hunt for her and kill her in vengeance. Not to mention that plenty of people with a similar rap sheet are still alive, Cad Bane for one.
  • With the revelation that her master Luminara is alive and captured by the Imperials after Order 66, they might be a small chance for Barriss. Perhaps Luminara will discuss about her failure to keep her former Padawan from falling into the Dark Side, or we see Barriss as a Dark Jedi under Palpatine's command (assuming that he has uses for the young Jedi).
  • Dave Filoni more or less confirmed in an interview that Barriss was not executed.
  • Here's an idea: the female Inquisitor introduced in Season 2 has been confirmed as a Mirialan. Maybe she'll turn out to be Barriss?
    • We've seen her face now, and it's plausible; she looks a little like what an older Barriss could look like... The fact that she has a different voice actress could be an attempt to throw fans off.
    • Her being Seventh Sister has been Jossed.
  • Jossed.

Hera Syndulla is the same girl who appeared in the episode "Liberty on Ryloth" from Star Wars: The Clone Wars
It would add a nice sense of continuity between the two shows, if it turned out that Hera is this girl. The time frame of Rebels works perfectly, since she would be in her early twenties by then, and the ending of the TCW episode with her leading the parade and waving to the public would also gain extra meaning if she grew up to be a rebel.
  • She's most likely related to Cham, but she's most likely not the same girl since Hera's LEGO mini-fig shows that she has green skin while that little girl in "Liberty" had tan skin. [2]
    • It's already been confirmed that Cham is her father, whether or not she's the same girl is unconfirmed however.
  • Could be an attempt to disguise her identity from the fans for the time being, and she'll have orange/tan colored skin in the actual series, or even on the actual Lego figure. Or maybe sometimes the skin color of Twi'leks changes during adolescence.
  • The Twi'lek girl accompanying Cham in the midseason trailer for Season 2 is strongly implied to be Numa.
    • The Twi'lek girl is Numa.
  • JOSSED: Pablo Hidalgo has confirmed in an episode of Rebels Recon that Hera and the girl are not the same Twi'lek.

Embo will appear
And not just as a doodle.
  • Jossed.

Sabine will have a dark and troubled past that ties to Mandalore and Bo-Katan
The last time we saw Mandalore, Civil War had broken out and it looked like the Republic would have to invade to restore order. With the rise of The Empire this would have turned into a full occupation and given Bo's strong belief that no outsider should rule Mandalore open rebellion probably broke out right away. By now the planet is probably a burned out wreck and this is why Sabine is with the crew of the Ghost.
  • Actually, Sabine's trauma seems to stem from her time as an Imperial cadet in training.
    • Why not both?
  • The second Season 2 trailer revealed she is part of House Vizsla!
    • Pretty much confirmed.

Regarding Clone Troopers and Stormtroopers
The series will slowly show the Stormtroopers becoming the can't hit anyone for their life kind of stormtroopers from the Original Trilogy, and will have a Running Gag of them hitting their heads.

Jar Jar Binks will be Killed Off for Real at some point
Dave may have made him likeable, but Greg loves to kill off characters no one expects. Who'd expect him to be finally killed off long after we actually come to enjoy him.
  • And Palpatine will be the reason why Jar Jar dies. Jar Jar Binks' experiences with the Jedi would make him a major detriment to Palpatine's anti-Jedi propaganda, and since he was an integral part of the Emperor's rise to power the Gungan could blow the lid off his whole conspiracy. Jar Jar will die trying to reveal the truth of the Clone Wars after putting two and two together, purging what little remains of hate towards him.
  • Jossed by Empire's End.

Anakin/Vader and Ahsoka will not physically meet
I have the oddest feeling that this would sort of preclude the need of Luke to affect his father, really. Plus, it would be a good way to show Palpatine as he is, a controlling but intelligent figure. He would realize that Ahsoka is one of the few people capable of putting some sense into Anakin again.
  • Mid-season trailer shows they will fight.
  • Jossed. They fight in "Twilight of the Apprentice".

Rex will appear as an antagonist
As one of Vader's favorite clone troopers, who will be sent to Lothal to deal with the Rebels. Then he will be killed by the Ghost crew, which will bring Vader to the planet for a rampage.
  • Maybe he'll be part of the 501st?
  • Not very likely, as Dave Filoni has stated that at the time of Rebels, all clone troopers have been taken off the front line due to their advanced aging, and are not exactly happy with Order 66 or how the Empire is treating them.
    • Jossed, as in the trailer he warmly welcomes Hera and the Ghost crew, stating outright that "any friend of Ahsoka's is a friend of mine."

Or alternatively, Rex will aid the protagonists
He has shown that he would defy orders if he believes it is the right thing to do, as shown with him defying Pong Krell's orders and his "oversight" of a clone deserter and his family. Perhaps after the mysterious circumstances leading up to the death of Fives, Rex would slowly question the Republic itself.
  • Assuming he secretly got his inhibitor chip removed before Order 66 was issued.
  • With the revelation that the surviving clones have been assigned to labor duty instead receiving compensation and that some of them feel horrible for executing Order 66, Rex might not be the only one.
  • Confirmed. He shows up as an ally of Ahsoka.

We will get some further details on what happened to the original Jango clones
Word of God states that the stormtroopers in this series are recruits and that the original clone troopers have been retired due to being part of the old regime. This would explain not only the change in their voices, but their decline in shooting accuracy.
  • It's possible the old clones realized what they did and something else horrible happened.
  • There could've also been a clone rebellion at some point. And if they all died (and Jango's DNA sample finally expired), one of the last clones may have given the Empire a proverbial middle finger about being stuck with subpar troopers from now on.
  • Sorta confirmed. The clones are now a menial labor force, and some of them do indeed feel horrible about Order 66. The possibility for a clone rebellion is still up in the air, though.
    • Adding on, some seem to be working as instructors in Imperial academies, according to "Stealth Strike".

The 501st Legion will be the only active Jango Fett Clone unit in the Imperial Armed Forces
After all the 501st is Darth Vader's personal legion, and Vader has never been able to let go of things easily. The surviving veterans would have likely have been received medication that has slowed their aging processes down to that close to normal people, due their actual battle experience can not be replace by any amount of training or political brainwashing and they would be the Empire's most effective fighting unit. To avoid them suffering badass decay, the 501st would rarely appear usually only when Darth Vader makes appearances.
  • Seemingly jossed. Rex (and at least two other clones from what we are shown) are elderly now and "retired". The only way this could work is if the current 501st is instead made up of "later run" Fett clones, but that's wishful thinking at best.

Ahsoka, Ventress and Maul will team up with the Ghost crew
Maul and Ahsoka have a reason to fight the Empire, and Ventress could gain one as well. It could make for an awesome team up there and then. Recruiting the Ghosts and fighting the Empire directly would be the icing on the cake.
  • On this note, Vader/Inquisitor vs Maul.
    • The Inquisitor's pushing up daisies, but Vader vs Maul could still happen.
  • Ventress isn't possible as she got killed in Dark Disciple. Ahsoka and Maul could still be a possibility, though.
    • Confirmed. In fact, "Twilight of the Apprentice" has the Jedi trio do an Enemy Mine with Maul.

Maul will show up to be a kind of dark Obi-Wan to either Kanan or Ezra
Maul's out for revenge against Palpatine, and either plays into Kanan's angst about not being experienced enough with the force or makes a more convincing argument than the Obviously Evil Inquisitor to Ezra about learning the Dark Side to gain more power against the Empire. This serves to polarize the group and derpen the plot by analyzing the idea of paying evil unto evil.
  • Given that Maul will probably only return to try to take out Sideous and fail, it would be interesting to see if he attempts to train the two in more agressive forms of combat. We already know Ezra has a connection to the Dark Side, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say his preferred style will be power over defense.
  • Seemingly confirmed in the mid-season trailer for season 2 where someone who seems to be an older Darth Maul asks Ezra to call him "Old Master".
    • Mostly confirmed — he did seduce Ezra enough to the Dark Side that Ezra was able to open the Sith Holocron in the Wham Shot at the end.

Ezra is the reincarnation of one of the Force-wielders of Mortis
Just an idea. He was born shortly after their death, and it would explain why he's so powerful with the Force.¨

Fulcrum is leading a group of minor The Clone Wars characters.
Just to tie the series in more with the continuity. One could be an older Jaybo Hood, or a returning Krismo. Or anyone. Who knows? If it is Ahsoka, it would be whoever she could run into.
  • Sorta confirmed? She seems to still be connected with Rex, and she's working with Bail.
    • Jossed, though Season 3 confirms there are multiple Fulcrums, so it's possible some of them are characters we have seen before.

The crew will meet Han...
...Solo's predecessor as the owner of the Millennium Falcon. He'll be Han Solo's opposite in many ways.
  • Sort of confirmed. They met Lando Calrissian, although we did not see him with the ship.

Ezra will go on an adventure with Rotta the Hutt.
It will be a completely unexplained bunch of off the wall nonsense.

Fulcrum's plans
Fulcrum is assembling rebel cells throughout the Galaxy, concealing herself due to her personal connections to the Empire. She ensures no one cell knows all about the plan, so if someone is captured, they cannot reveal her secrets.Her ultimate goal is to find out what happened to Anakin after Order 66 and get revenge on the Empire by taking out the Sith herself. Her allies will be people previously seen in the Clone Wars, and could result in a battle for the season or series finale.
  • This is supported by Bail Organa appearing on the show, Hondo Ohnaka being confirmed to return for the series, along with the voice actor for Saw Gerrera being rumored to have signed on. And, of course, the obvious implications that Fulcrum is Ahsoka, in-series and out.
  • Sort of Confirmed. Fulcrum is definitely Ahsoka. The rest? Only time will tell.
    • Ahsoka has moved on from the fall of the Jedi and by the time we see her, she's more focused on the Rebellion until she and Vader nearly cross paths in the Season 2 premiere, leading to her plot being discovering what's up with the Inquisition, Vader and why he seems familiar, and other Force-related stuff. Hondo is a happy coincidence and unrelated to her plot, though no word on Saw besides him still being active.

Dialogue that may be exchanged between Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano.
  • Vader: You never would have made it as Skywalker's apprentice, but you will make it as my apprentice.
  • Vader: You always were snippy. Tano: Sky Guy? Vader: That name no longer has any meaning for me!

Vader will try to get Tano to be a Sith.
She did leave the Jedi Order, after all.
  • Doubtful.
  • Partly confirmed. Vader gave her the offer of joining him and the Empire, although becoming Sith wasn't explicitly part of the deal. She refused and instead gave her life for Kanan and Ezra's escape. Maybe.
    • No, he wanted her dead, because she was a relic of a time he wanted to forget.

Ezra is a stand-in for Galen Marek.
While Starkiller s unlikely to appear, it may be possible that several aspects of his character will appear in Ezra's plotline:
  • Ezra may be taken as an apprentice by Vader, as he has the ability to tap into the Dark Side.
  • Since they were the leaders of the Lothal resistance and had a Force-sensitive child, the Brigders may have been Jedi, like Marek's parents were.
  • Ezra seems to be Doomed by Canon and his eventual death may inspire a major consolidation of the Rebel Alliance, like Marek's death inspired the Alliance's creation in Legends.

Ahsoka is a Grey Jedi.
Somewhat confirmed. She's unaffiliated, symbolized by the white lightsabers. It'll be interesting to know if her beliefs have changed much and how.

Jar Jar Binks will be a major ally of the Rebels.
He'll turn out to still be a Naboo senator, however having witnessed the tyranny of the Galactic Empire and his important hand in it, is working as a Rebel spy. He will be Obfuscating Stupidity (somewhat). Depending on how fans may feel about him now, he may or may not have a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Jossed. He doesn't appear in the series.

Barriss Offee was the one who executed Luminara.
It certainly fits with the Emperor's twisted method of revenge and execution, having a once model Padawan student becoming a servant to Empire and then make her execute her former master in cold blood. While Filoni has said that Luminara's execution was overseen by the Inquisitor, he never states if it's The Inquisitor of Season One.
  • Luminara's facial expressions in the scene certainly lend support to this theory.
  • While it's confirmed that the Seventh Sister isn't Barriss, I still think that Barriss being an Inquisitor is a possibility. Perhaps she isn't trusted by Palpitine or Vader to go after Ahsoka (fearing she could redeem her). Barriss might have been a personal instructor to other Inquisitors, and if she's still bitter at Ahsoka, she'll could have spread a lot of stories about the former Padawan. The Seventh Sister wants to capture Ahsoka so she can present her to the Barriss and Vader, and thus move up the food chain.

Some fans theorized that she'd appear alongside Hondo. She didn't, but that doesn't mean she died in Order 66. She could...
  • Still be alive, only not operating alongside Hondo. They could've met up from time to time or Hondo started out helping her before she struck out on her own.
  • Still be alive and working with Hondo, only she wasn't on that particular mission and Hondo (for some reason) decided not to tell the Ghost crew about her.
  • Be dead after all, but not from Order 66; she could have been killed by Inquisitors later on, another reason Hondo doesn't like the Empire.
  • Have faked her death in order to escape the Inquisitors.

One of the young Jedi from season 5 of The Clone Wars is now an Inquisitor
He or she would've been young enough to be swayed, and surviving Order 66 at such a young age would've made Sidious consider keeping him or her alive to train among the first Inquisitors. As for which youngling, my money's on Petro.
  • This would be great, and Petro would make sense, as he was an impatient idiot who, even after getting his Kyber Crystal, was still a d-ck. But if one of them reappears without being on the Dark Side, I really want to see Gungi back.

The Seventh Sister is actually a clone of Barriss Offee
The Seventh Sister is noticeably less skilled than the Fifth Brother in terms of Force powers, particularly when it comes sensing their hidden targets in The Future of the Force. Cloned Jedi have been a part of the original EU but thanks to the reboot, there are no canonical explanation as to what happen if someone clones a Force-sensetive person. Do they have the same Force sensitively as the original or does cloning somehow negatively affects that? And since the Seventh Sister is the same species as Barriss (a Mirialan), it's hard to not see the resemblance between the two. Having the Seventh Sister as a clone of Jedi would potentially solve the problem of keeping Inquisitors underpowered while also using fallen Jedi in custody in good use without the risk of them becoming more powerful than intended. In addition, it's a perfect opportunity to answer the question of cloned Jedi as well as fate of Barriss after her fall.

Barriss Offee will appear as a potential ally to the Rebels.
Barriss is still on the Dark Side but, like before, channels it into her hatred for the Republic (now the Empire). She will offer to use her powers to help the Rebels in exchange for something, perhaps a position of power. The cast will be divided on whether or not to accept her offer: Kanan and Ahsoka will say no but those less experienced with the Force will say yes. The issue will end with an Aesop about compromising your principles to achieve your goals, even when your intentions are noble.
  • Jossed.

Barriss Offee will appear as a hero.
Barris will be revealed to have turned away from the Dark Side some time before the series and joined Ahsoka and the Rebels. She'll be an object lesson in the possibility of redemption and serve as a thematic connection to Anakin Skywalker.
  • Jossed.

Anaxes was blown up to cover up the existence of the Emperor's early attempts at planet-killing superweapons
It's been confirmed that the asteroid field where Fort Anaxes is the same Republic base from the Bad Batch arc, and the asteroid field is what's left of the planet after it got blown up. The databank vaguely a mentions a "cataclysmic event", but the Bad Batch arc had the Separatists attempting to blow up the planet with a bomb, which was diffused in the end. The Empire may have reactivated it up to either keep it from falling into hands of other rebel cells or cover up any evidence of pre-Death Star superweapon technology, similar to how they sterilized Geonosis to cover up their involvement with the Death Star project. The cataclysmic event may just be propaganda.

Rook Kast is Sabine's mother.
  • They have similar physical appearances. They have similar faces. Their hair is also somewhat similar, both being dark brunettes, and their similar hairstyles could be a case of Like Mother, Like Daughter. They seem to be Asian.
  • Sabine's Nite Owl helmet was inherited, likely from her mother. Filoni once clarified it was more of a 'burgundy', and burgundy is the same color Rook's Supercommando armor is. The Nite Owls helmet and Supercommando also have similar markings above their visors. It would make sense that Rook gave up her old Death Watch armor and changed to her new Supercommando armor, but kept her Nite Owl helmet to give to Sabine.
    • Alternatively, if it wasn't from Rook, then it was actually a Tragic Keepsake; it used to be Veraslayn's. Rook gave her late relative's helmet to Sabine, and Rook always kept the same helmet during the transition from Death Watch to Shadow Collective, she just upgraded/redesigned it.
  • During the Pre Vizsla vs. Maul fight scene, there are multiple women present alongside Bo-Katan. At least one follows Maul and fires at Bo-Katan's renegades after Pre's execution. Presumably, the same woman is the one shown accompanying Almec and Maul later in the episode. Also note that Maul ended up being put into Separatist custody shortly after this arc, so there would've been no time for him to be personable with Rook (and Gar Saxon) Son of Dathomir, so it makes sense that the supercommandos at Almec and Maul's sides were people they came to know they could trust and thus know them a little more personally.
  • Hidalgo tweeted that Sabine's design is a combination of 'Nite Owl + Rook Kast + original paint scheme + secret sauce', so Rook's design was kept in mind for Sabine. This can be seen in several concept art pieces of Sabine.
  • A House in Mandalorian culture merely means it's a clan that's allied under a more powerful clan, so Clan Kast under House Vizsla can be referred to as House Vizsla for status. We know that Sabine's family still practiced and encouraged Mandalorian traditions such as having her make her own armor, and that Rook has/had Undying Loyalty for Maul because he legitimately won the title from Pre Vizsla per tradition. Pre also did not argue against his loss to Maul and resigned, acknowledged that the strong survive. Rook going along with this would respect his wishes as well as tradition. This personality trait can easily apply to the rest of Rook's lifestyle.
  • Saxon reveals that in "Imperial Supercommandos", Sabine's mother joined the Empire as a part of the ISC after Sabine ran away, either because she has nothing left but her loyalty to Might Makes Right and her respect as a follower of Mandalorian tradition, she's looking for Sabine, a combination of both, forced into the job, or some other motivation. While he might have said it to sound nice, he allows Sabine a choice to willingly turn herself in 'out of respect for [Sabine's] family'. He may be talking about Dad Wren, but it's possible that he still has respect for Rook despite a fallout they may have had at the end of the Clone Wars due to losing the Siege. Considering Saxon is anything but a nice guy, it makes sense that he would especially show Sabine mercy due to some lingering camaraderie about a fellow Co-Dragon (though then again, it might be because of House Vizsla's reputation or because both Saxon and Kast are fellow House Vizsla members). It also seems kind of weird that only one of them survived and lived on while the other supposedly didn't.
  • Propaganda reveals that Rook may have had a relative in the form of fellow Death Watch and Shadow Collective member, Veraslayn Kast, who was a propaganda artist for the organizations before being killed in the civil war that occurred after Maul established his rule. In the same book, Sabine is also well known for her propaganda artworks and defacing of Imperial propaganda (we have seen the latter in the show itself). Could be a case of Shared Family Quirks.
  • In the Season 3's midseason trailer scenes for "Legacy of Mandalore" as well as the episode's summary, we are going to meet Sabine's family. Sabine's family shares the same helmet markings as Sabine and Kast, and the chieftess is also shown to be Asian (though probably not Rook, because Rook is supposed to be with the ISC) and has a similar helmet design to Rook's. Perhaps they are Clan Kast, rather than Clan Wren.
  • Rau and Sabine seem to know that her mother is an influential person, whom if they can persuade to join the Rebellion, will cause many Mandalorians to take her cue and follow the Rebellion as well. Saxon, the other former Shadow Collective leader, is thus an influential person in the Imperial supercommandos. Kast could easily be of similar rank as Saxon due to also being a former Shadow Collective leader alongside him.
    • And with "Legacy of Mandalore"... this is jossed, because Sabine's mother is actually an original character named Ursa Wren.

Sabine and Kast's eye markings on their helmets are symbols of honor, like jaig eyes.
  • "Legacy of Mandalore" shows that they may be the insignia of Clan Kast instead.
    • The "Clan Kast insignia" is jossed, because that's actually Clan Wren.

Who Sabine Wren's father is, and where everything goes from there. (Assuming Kast is Sabine's mom)
Judging by the lack of comments on Wren's activity, we can assume that he was the Non-Action Guy in the couple while Mrs. Vizsla was the Action Girl. Or he's dead. But since assuming Sabine's mother is Kast is the easiest way to go to make more assumptions, we're gonna do that here.

Considering Kast doesn't seem to be the type to get into a romantic relationship (Pre Vizsla, Bo, Saxon, and Rau haven't been in romantic relationships either as far as we know), it seems a little strange that she got with someone that wasn't of equal power as her and even had a kid in that relationship, even though she's strongly dedicated to the Death Watch cause.

The only way type I think Kast might be into is someone who strongly believes in the Death Watch cause as much as her and shares many of the same ideals as her. I also thought about how in the Avatar franchise, Toph, who was also easily dismissive of others, no-nonsense, and an independent spirit, had a thing for Adorkable (smart yet more lax) people like Sokka, Satoru, and implicitly Kanto. AKA, the Strong Girl, Smart Guy trope.

As Sabine has a strong support for art and free expression, maybe that was something she got from her father. Kast doesn't seem to be the artistic type, but it would make sense that Wren talked a whole ton to young Sabine about art and what daddy likes about it, hence her unwavering love of artistic expression. However, Wren likely wasn't another propaganda artist for Death Watch like Veraslayn, because if he was, then he would've been mentioned alongside her and Sabine in Propaganda (due to being written in the nature of an in-universe factual guide, such as a museum guide), something like 'Sabine Wren of Mandalore, like her father, was a propaganda artist [...]'. More likely, Wren was a filmmaker or writer that glorified Mandalore's warrior past.

Perhaps Kast and Wren met through a common person. Veraslayn is a female relation to Rook, and she's a propaganda artist for Death Watch. It would make sense that Veraslayn would be friends or colleagues with another pro-Death Watch/Mandalorian traditionalist, and somehow, Rook and Wren met through her.

I'm also not sure how long the Kasts were in Death Watch or how long Pre Vizsla has been in control of Death Watch, but if it was around the beginning of the Clone Wars and Kast and Wren met in that first year (as Sabine is born in the second year of the Clone Wars, which was also the year that Maul took over and Kast stayed to fight), this would also support the idea that Kast and Wren's relationship wasn't a completely fulfilling or healthy one.

As Kast probably fled and went into hiding like Saxon when the Shadow Collective lost the Siege, she came crawling back to Wren and their infant daughter Sabine, even though she ditched her familial duties so she could fight in a war she ultimately lost. Though however imbalanced her relationship with Wren was, the couple stayed supportive for Sabine, judging by how proud Sabine is about her upbringing.

  • Jossed. Parts of this could still be possible, but Kast isn't Sabine's mother.

     Season 2 
Ahsoka's history
We know Ahsoka was part of the Jedi Order before Order 66, and has started up a rebellion of sorts in isolated areas. But what has she been doing in the last 15 years apart from that?
  • She could have been working with Ventress, who could get an appearance as a silent partner.
    • Ventress died in Dark Disciple, so jossed.
  • She could have traveled the galaxy, learning more about the Force.

Ahsoka's new lightsabers
Her new lightsabers are slightly curved, similar to Ventress' paired lightsabers. Perhaps she created a new set of sabers after she left the order.
  • Maybe one of her adventures was to get new crystals for the sabers.
    • She got them from the Sixth Brother's saber.
  • Or she created some synthetic crystals.
    • No longer possible in this canon.
  • Her lightsaber blades are now almost white, because of her lack of affiliation to the now-gone Order.
    • We find out this part of her backstory in Ahsoka.

Vader on Lothal
With the Inquisitor dead, Vader is now taking the rebel cells seriously and is handling the problem himself. As the second in command of the Imperial military, he has near limitless resources available to find and eliminate the rebels.
  • Season two will be him chasing after the Ghost cell, visiting various planets of the week, as Vader and his underlings attempt to eliminate them. Culminating in a standoff between Vader and a rebel Jedi.
  • Vader calls in favors from other factions, such as the Hutts, who loan him bounty hunters to find the Rebels off-world while he sorts out Lothal. The season 2 finale sees the Ghost cell return to Lothal, only to see it drastically changed, and the Empire lording over it with an iron fist.
  • He has Tarkin (or maybe even does it himself) Base Delta Zero Lothal.
    • Might happen yet, as the trailer seems to imply that the Ghost crew self-exiles from Lothal to avoid severe repercussions to the planet's population by their continued presence there.
  • Seems that Vader left after "The Siege of Lothal".
    • In retrospect, it was highly unlikely that Vader would be the on-scene villain of every episode. Logically, he would have to either lose each week, or have the Rebels suffer a Pyrrhic Victory by escaping barely alive each week. Either way, it would have taken something away from Vader's mystique.

Captain Rae Sloane, an Anti-Villain in the prequel novel A New Dawn, will reprise in the series proper.
And Kanan will again drive her up a bulkhead with his trolling.
  • Jossed. She didn't appear.

The planet Kaller will be featured.
In the Kanan comics, this is where Depa Billaba gets killed. The first issue even begins with the Ghost crew heading there before flashing back to Caleb Dume's story.
  • Jossed. Kaller also seems to be appearance-exclusive to Kanan anyway, though it could show up later in the show.

Ahsoka has a vision of when Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader.
What else could make her so horrified?
  • Jossed. But she has a vision of an angry Anakin becoming Vader in "Shroud of Darkness".

Gregor's chip was damaged
  • He has at least one case of brain trauma, he could have gotten another in that explosion, and accelerated aging wouldn't have been good to it. It destroyed his chip, at the cost of making him senile.
  • Jossed — he had it removed, like Rex and Wolffe.

Yularen will appear on the show
He's mentioned in a supplementary book as the person who Kallus reports to.
  • Jossed. He didn't appear.
    • And then confirmed: he appeared in "Through Imperial Eyes".

Sabine will inherit the Darksaber
In the Season 2 trailer, Sabine declares herself to be of Clan Wren and House Vizsla; considering the fact that prior to Maul taking control Pre Vizsla was the head of Death Watch and she was born a few years before Order 66 she could very well have been one of Vizsla's heirs. If Maul is now living on Mandalore and no longer capable of defeating Sidious, be it through age or injury, he may pass on the legacy of the Darksaber to Vizsla's heir, with the provision that it be used to bring down the Empire. This is particularly evident by Sabine's follow up line being "I seek justice through single combat." Perhaps she has more in common with Ezra than she thought.
  • Jossed for season 2, confirmed that it comes into her possession in season 3, although she found it, rather than inheriting it.
  • Partially confirmed: She did have the Darksaber for a time, but eventually gave it to Bo-Katan.

At least one Inquisitor will die in the finale.
Maybe the Seventh Sister, maybe the Fifth Brother, possibly both of them.
  • Both the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother meet their ends courtesy of Maul, while the Eighth Brother dies after Kanan damages his saber. Maybe.

There is more to Ryder Azadi.
He is the only source we have of the fate of the Bridgers. Perhaps the Bridgers could've been saved, but he didn't do it for whatever reason (he was a cowardice, they were holding everyone else back, etc.). This may end up as a I Did What I Had to Do moment, which will either end up with him:
  • Being remorseful about it, with Ezra's reaction being similar to how he acted towards Tseebo (although probably worse), OR
  • Having no regrets, saying that the ends justify the means, which breaks Ezra even more (maybe similar to his reaction to Trayvis).
  • Freddie did say in an interview that Ezra would put his faith in the wrong people...
    • The "wrong people" turned out to be Maul. This is all Jossed and he seems to be building up as the Big Good for the Lothal story arc.

Clan Wren WAS allied with House Vizsla, but not anymore.
It has been said that Sabine 'inherited' her helmet, which is the Nite Owl design. This implies that her mother (or similar) was part of Death Watch. As we all know, Pre Vizsla led Death Watch. Perhaps Sabine's family (and maybe the rest of Clan Wren too) was negatively impacted by House Vizsla in some way, prompting Sabine to face (and possibly lose, considering he's probably way older and experienced) the Vizsla alone to bring back honor to her family.
  • Jossed. When she said 'House Vizsla', she was referring to herself and how Clan Wren is allied with House Vizsla. The other guy is Fenn Rau, a mostly Reasonable Authority Figure who needed 'persuading' to join the Rebellion (and Sabine was angry at him for nearly killing Hera earlier — in fact, declaring she was a Vizsla actually completely turned off Rau from willingly joining because the Protectors aren't so fond of Death Watch (and her mother is indeed a former Death Watch soldier, so that part is confirmed)). Later on, we find out that Sabine shamed her Clan (and House) by leaving her supposed obligation to the Empire.

The Grand Inquisitor was a Jedi Temple Guard.
Filoni has said that the Grand Inquisitor was around during TCW in one of the Rebels Recons. It would make sense that he was one of the Temple Guards from the Season 5 finale, since they were masked. The Temple Guards also had double-bladed lightsabers, like the Inquisitors. Who else to instate as Grand Inquisitor than a fallen Jedi that wielded double-blades in the past?
  • And with the mid-season trailer, the Temple Guard in Kanan's vision that seems to warn him about Ezra's susceptibility to the Dark Side has similar mannerisms to the GI, along with the fact that their uniforms look rather similar too. In an EW article, Filoni also refuses to disclose the identity of the voice actor. An edited Jason Isaacs, perhaps?
    • Virtually confirmed as of Shroud of Darkness

The new Inquisitor was a Jedi Temple Guard.
Similar to the above theory, the newest Inquisitor and the Jedi Temple Guard who was speaking to Kanan (from the latest Season 2 trailer) are one and the same. Filoni confirmed that most Inquisitors are former Jedi/Light Side users who were turned to the Dark Side. Both the Grand Inquisitor and the newest one were Jedi Temple Guards - they could possibly have been friends and/or rivals. Perhaps this new Inquisitor is the one who's gotten the promotion to Grand Inquisitor? Tying in with this, the 7th Sister and 5th Brother vs Jedi Temple Guards fight was a training exercise he'd arranged for.
  • That last part is jossed; the Sentinel and the other Temple Guards were visions and were stalling the Inquisitors so that Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra could escape. As for the Eighth Brother, he seems to be younger than the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother (the former likely being in her 20s), so he would have been a kid during the Clone Wars. But beyond that, his past is unknown.

The planet with the Sith Temple is Malachor
The planet itself is canon, being referenced in source material as the place where the schematics of Kylo Ren's lightsaber were found (and indeed, Ezra is shown wielding an abandoned crossguard lightsaber in this location). Furthermore, the planet was known to have underwent a "Great Scourge" disaster in its past, which would explain the Pompeii-esque corpses standing about. While the details of the planet being strong in the dark side are strictly limited to KOTOR 2, it wouldn't be surprising if they updated that detail to canon considering the nature of its canonization in the first place.
  • Confirmed as of "Shroud Of Darkness" - it's the location that Yoda says that the Jedi need to go to.

Ahsoka will die by or in the Season Two finale
She confronts Vader/he confronts her... it doesn't end well.
  • The Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister might help bring her down.
    • Jossed. They get killed by Maul before anything else happens.
  • If the writers subscribe to the notion of repeating themes, this is all but confirmed. In the Rebels Recon episode for "The Mystery of Chopper Base", a clip for the season finale has Rex and Ahsoka go through a repeat of their very first conversation. Specifically, they talk about how 'experience outranks everything', which is how their two characters were established in the pilot movie.
    • Her fate is left ambiguous.
  • Ultimately jossed: She survived . . . thanks to a time-travelling Ezra.

Kanan dies, and Ezra goes to Maul for help.
Stay with me on this one. In the mid season trailer, Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka head to a Sith Temple in search of answers, and Ezra is able to access the temple. Outside of this temple are 'statues' which could in fact be petrified force-users. Later in the trailer, someone with an Inquisitor's Blade is attacking Ezra, and he dodges some explosions by hiding behind what appears to be a statue of some kind. Said statue looks like Kanan. If this is the case, does he use the Dark Side to defeat the Inquisitor, and then seek Maul's guidance? Alternatively, following the Jedi finding the Sith Temple and meeting Maul, they dismiss his help as not necessary, but when Vader and the Inquisitors arrive, Kanan sacrifices himself to save Ezra and Ahsoka from Vader, and with Ahsoka in denial over his identity, Ezra goes to the only option left - Maul.
  • Freddie Prinze Junior is still recording for Season 3, meaning Kanan survives (or comes back as a Force-ghost or something.)
    • Jossed.

One of the finale episodes will go like this:
Ahsoka will show the holocron of Anakin to Ezra. The Jedi trio will go to another temple in search of answers. First, we will see Kanan's vision, where he finds himself in a dojo with the Jedi Temple Guards. The visions will switch between Kanan's and Ezra's (whose vision is unknown, maybe not Maul yet). After being taught and fighting the guards, the main guard will reveal his identity as the Grand Inquisitor. Then, sensing the presence of the Inquisitors, Kanan and Ezra go off to fight them while Ahsoka stays behind and has her vision of Vader and Anakin. Kanan and Ezra are forced to flee back to the temple and hide with Ahsoka due to the Inquisitors trailing closely behind. Suddenly, realistic illusions of the Temple Guards appear and corner the Inquisitors. Kanan and Ezra shoot at the Inquisitors before fleeing with Ahsoka. The Inquisitors end up destroying the temple's insides while fighting. After a scene of the Jedi trio talking about their experiences and their next move, the Inquisitors report to Vader who shows up at the temple.
  • Mostly confirmed. In "Shroud of Darkness":
    • Ahsoka shows the holocron to Ezra.
    • The three Jedi go to the Temple on Lothal (from "Path of the Jedi").
    • Kanan's vision is of the Jedi dojo, he does meet the temple guards and after a duel with them one is revealed to be the Grand Inquisitor.
    • Ezra, Kanan and Ahsoka's visions are intertwined. Ezra's is not of Maul, but of Yoda, and Ahsoka does have her worst fears confirmed, that Vader is Anakin in her vision. Ahsoka's vision, though, happens at the same time as Ezra and Kanan's. She may have had another offscreen though after the one we do see — after her Vader vision, she runs down a corridor declaring she knows something that would help.
    • The Inquisitors do show up and open the temple rather roughly, causing the inside to suffer damage as if by earthquake. They do encounter Temple Guard!Inquisitor and a number of other guards who surround the Inquisitors, giving time for Ezra, Kanan and Ahsoka to flee, but with enough time for Ahsoka to have one final, fleeting vision of Yoda.
    • Vader shows up at the temple at the end to confer with the Inquisitors.

The trailer shows them in a snow-y environment with no one else in sight. Another promo seems to show that they shared an escape pod, possibly from when the ISD that Ezra tells everyone to abandon gets wrecked. They will be forced to set aside their differences out of pragmatism and will be rather tense, such as arguing about Lasan and their alignments & fakeout moments where they think the other is about to shoot them but is actually aiming for a monster behind them. In the end, Zeb and Kallus will still 'disagree' on some things to say the least, but now they really know who the other is on some level, possibly making their grudge personal.
  • Considering the promo shows Kallus at Zeb's mercy and the trailer seemingly shows Zeb at Kallus's mercy, it might be a Book Ends.
  • Also, Kallus's leg might be broken. I don't see why Kallus would point a blaster at Zeb when he's already held at gunpoint. The look on his face seems to suggest he might be in pain, afraid, or both.
    • If one looks closely in the trailer, it seems that Kallus's bo-rifle is being used as a cast.
  • Bonus points if the episode is ultimately about Kallus, not Zeb. Maybe Kallus ends up revealing some of his backstory while talking with Zeb, garnering some sympathy or disgust from Zeb.
  • More bonus points if it turns out that while Kallus may or may not be remorseful about the Cleansing of Lasan, he was not the one that gave out the order. He was lying to provoke Zeb.
  • This episode will end up starting an arc for possible redemption for Kallus.
    • Most of this is confirmed by the episode "The Honorable Ones". Zeb and Kallus do have an "Enemy Mine" episode on a ice moon of Geonosis. There, they start to renew their grudge, and Kallus does break his leg. There are fakeout moments where Kallus seemingly points Zeb's bo-rifle at Zeb, but is shooting the monster of the week. However, the episode seems to put an end to, not intensify the hared between Zeb and Kallus. They part as, if not friends, at least with a healthy respect for each other as beings. It even points to a possible Heel–Face Turn for Kallus in the final minutes of the episode.

The finale will end in a huge wham that will include:
  • The death of an Inquisitor (possibly the Fifth Brother) and at least one good guy.
    • Bets are on Sato and/or Rex.
      • Confirmed-ish. 3 Inquisitors KIA, Vader and Kanan wounded, Ahsoka MIA.
  • The loss of at least one limb.
    • Somewhat. Kanan gets blinded.
  • The Jedi (and the crew) being shaken up by the entire ordeal.
    • Confirmed. No one walks away unscathed.
  • Vader finally snapping at an Imperial.
    • Jossed.
  • The Seventh Sister having a Villainous Breakdown.
    • Jossed.
  • Neither the rebels or the Imperials win.
    • Jossed? Even with their losses, the Jedi got the holocron with the knowledge they were looking for.
    • Vader will report to Palpatine at the end like in "The Siege of Lothal", who will acknowledge this, implying that there is another force at power, a rival (perhaps Snoke), but the continuation of failures is the only thing that makes that power stronger.
      • Jossed.
  • Ahsoka will decide to go on a journey, with a crazy and broken Seventh Sister (ala Azula in TLA's the Search). Ezra, also broken, will leave Kanan and the crew to join her.
    • Jossed.
  • The finale will be as gamechanging as TLA's Book 2 finale and Gravity Falls' Season 2 midseason finale.
    • Certainly looks to be the case.

About the remaining episodes of Season 2:
So there are 22 episodes in the Season, with "The Siege of Lothal" counting as 1. That means S2a was 11 episodes long. There are only 4 unknown episodes.
  • "A Princess on Lothal" makes it 12 episodes, so there are 10 episodes left.
  • Taking guesses from episode titles, trailer scenes, and interview information:
    • The space whales, facility with yellow paintjob, will be 1 episode.
    • Cham and Twi'leks will be 1 episode, due to Hera being said to have only "one" episode left in the season.
    • Zeb and Lasat survivors will be 1 episode.
    • Zeb and Kallus will be 1 episode.
    • Sabine and Concordia Dawn will be 1 episode.
    • Meditating in the temple (see an above WMG) will be 1 episode, possibly part of the finale.
    • Maul and Yoda might be 1 episode, possibly part of the finale.
    • With summaries released of the next four episodes and the release of "The Protector of Concord Dawn", the Lasat episode is "Legends of the Lasat", the space whale episode is "The Call", the Twi'lek episode is "Homecoming", and the Zeb/Kallus episode is "The Honorable Ones". The finale might be at least 3 episodes long.

The Fool, the Warrior, and the Child in Chava's Prophecy:
  • Paraphrasing from the preview, the Fool is simple and selfish, who would lead the bold, bloodthirsty Warrior to hunt the hope of tomorrow; the Child, to destroy him. A new home for the Lasat (or possibly more than just the Lasat) will only be found if the Child saves the Warrior and the Fool. Also worth nothing that this prophecy is almost certainly Force-related and possibly Lasan-related. Keep in mind that prophecies are vague, so anyone could qualify.
  • Zeb himself, the titles referring to different aspects of his character. Perhaps he decides to think brashly and decides that more honorable and kinder methods are impractical, but he soon realizes he is wrong.
  • Palpatine, Luke, Anakin/Vader.
  • Anakin, Vader, Luke.
  • Maul, Ezra, Kanan.
  • Vader, the Inquisitors, Ahsoka.
  • Zeb, Kallus, Ezra. Perhaps Zeb screws up and gets Ezra in some deep trouble w/ Kallus, but Ezra ends up saving Zeb and Kallus (perhaps leading to a redemption arc for Kallus?).
  • By the end of the show, it seems that Hondo is a very good candidate for the identity of the Fool.

Sabine is Maul's Apprentice
Sabine was given her helmet by someone very close to her. Sabine Wren's helmet has a striking resemblance to Rook Kast from Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir. Rook Kast was a member of Death Watch, who remained loyal to Darth Maul. It has been established in canon that the dark side is hard to detect so it would be possible for her to not have been detected. She has also been seen taking an interest in Ezra's training.
  • What? There is no reason to make the story as convoluted as this. The only thing here that's plausible is Sabine being related to Rook. And a Season 3 clip of "The Holocrons of Fate" shows Sabine being held hostage with Hera, Zeb, and Chopper, so if there was something special between her and Maul right then and there, she wouldn't be tied up. Jossed.

Kallus's glowing yellow rock will come back.
After introspection and investigation, Kallus finds out that the order of the Empire he so believes in is indeed a lie; a facade over their Dark Side malevolence. He would use the rock as a sign to Zeb (who would remember the odd little stone) to facilitate his defection in some point after "The Honorable Ones".
  • Looking Jossed.

The episode name "Twilight Of The Apprentice" is a case of Bait-and-Switch
Plenty think that it refers to Ahsoka, but the episode description makes it clear that Darth Maul will debut in the episode. Therefore, it's possible that the apprentice that will die is not Ahsoka (who would be obvious, and while there's evidence that she will die, there's also evidence that she makes it out of the finale alive), but Sidious's other surviving apprentice. Maul's story has pretty much been told, but Ahsoka's still has potential to branch out for another season at the least. Not to mention - who wouldn't want to see the two Darths go at it?
  • Let's list the possible meanings of the title:
    • Ahsoka's death (possibly Book Ends with "the apprentice lives" line - Vader might even say something like "the apprentice is dead")
    • Vader's complete embracing of the Dark Side, possibly when he kills Ahsoka
    • Ezra's falling to the Dark Side
    • Vader vs. Maul (the two are Palpatine's apprentices and if they fight, Maul dies)
    • Jossed. They never meet.
    • Any combination of the above. If it's all of them, it could be Ezra's fall -> Vader vs Maul (though that will probably be reserved for Season 3) -> Ahsoka chasing after them fights Vader and tries to bring back Anakin but fails and is killed -> the last of Anakin is destroyed until he finds out about Luke.
  • Confirmed. Ezra is closer to the Dark Side, Ahsoka dies (maybe).

Maul will wield a double-bladed saber again.
His toy shows him with one that is composed of his old Saber and one that appears to be Savage's (red saber with a straight hilt and a blade emitter claw which is the mark of Dooku and his apprentices). Maul possibly kept is as a Tragic Keepsake.
  • Confirmed. However, it seems to be a modified Inqisitor's lightsaber, suggesting he defeated one in the past.

What Ezra is supposed to find on Malachor and how a crossguard saber fits into this
Yoda sends Ezra to Malachor after Ezra questions him if it's wrong to fight for a just cause. Whatever he will find there must teach him about dangers of fighting a war. Based on the old canon this will be the story of how Revan fell to the dark side and all death and destruction he caused fighting for what he thought was just.Now about the crossguard saber. The one seen in the trailer is green, meaning it's a Jedi weapon, not a sith one. But none of the Jedi seen in new canon wield one. Perhaps crossguard saber is associated with something that Jedi don't want to remember. Crossguard lightsaber was wielded by Revan and/or his followers, representing one of the order's greatest failures.
  • Jossed.

Similar to the above, the Scourge of Malachor involved a Sith superweapon powered by kyber crystals.
Yoda sends Ezra to Malachor to not only learn about Revan and that War Is Hell, but to learn about the past of the Sith in general and how the past affects the present and future. Yoda likely knows through prior knowledge or the Force about abundance of kyber crystals on Lothal and how Imperial presence is stronger there in comparison with other local Outer Rim worlds. Knowing that kyber crystals have had history with being Sith superweapons in the past, Yoda suspects that Sidious is up to something (the Death Star(s), of course).
  • Semi-confirmed? The Sith temple is indeed a superweapon, though no kyber crystals are seen or mentioned.

The planet the Rebel fleet goes to at the end of "The Forgotten Droid" is Dantooine.
During the Mid Season trailer, Sabine is shown shooting at kinrath and there is what looks like a blba tree in the background. Dantooine have both of these things.
  • Since Malachor is mentioned, it may be possible that the Force-attuned among Our Heroes may find and investigate the ruins of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine featured in the KOTOR time frame as well.
  • Jossed. Trivia Gallery for the episode says that it's a new planet called Atollon. Dantooine is always a possibility for a future base, though.
    • It might have been found offscreen by a different rebel cell. We find out in "Steps into Shadow" that Dodonna and his rebels are already on Yavin IV, so Dantooine is either already abandoned or will be a story told elsewhere/later.

The Newest Inquisitor is hunting Maul.
His/her encounter with Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka on Malachor is just a coincidence.
  • Confirmed.

The Presence in the Sith Holocron is…
Meetra Surik. It’s been confirmed by Word of God that it’s not Kreia, but there is another who has a strong tie to Malachor that could potentially rule the Trayus Academy at the end of the game and that’s the Player Character herself. While the official word for Legends games with multiple endings states the light side resolution is the canon one, KOTOR 2 is already a special case as it’s the only Legends game where the player can choose their character’s gender and it’s not canonically male. There is nothing to say Disney has to follow that policy, especially because the full details haven’t yet been brought into canon.The dark side ending is also the only one where Malachor V is not destroyed by the mass shadow generator. That really doesn’t mean much because the planet is only referred to as Malachor in Rebels, so the planet from the game could simply be another planet in the same system, like how the Yavin system is handled.

     Season 3 
Darth Maul will be The Heavy of Season 3.
Sidious will recapture Maul early in the season, or at the end of Season 2. Season 3's story arc will involve Sidious forcing Maul to serve him, and having him chase down the Rebels.
  • Or, Maul might be in a Big Bad Ensemble. His return is definitely confirmed.
  • Well the "Sidious recapturing Maul" part is definitely Jossed.
  • Jossed, it's Thrawn.

Sabine will get another new look.
It'll happen every season. Season 1 had pink armor and violet/orange hair, Season 2 has her in orange armor with blue hair and Season 3 can give her dark maroon armor and pink hair, or possibly violet armor and pastel red hair.
  • Confirmed at least in broad brushstrokes. According to Dave Filoni, the entire crew, with the exception of Chopper, will get substantial redesigns for the upcoming season.
  • Sort of a mixture of both descriptions. She has lavender hair, the main color of her armor (burgundy or maroon) is less faded suggesting she put a new coat on it, and one of the new colors she put on her armor is violet.

Season 3 will have a new Inquisitor.
Perhaps called the Fourth Brother or Third Sister.
  • Or the Eighth Brother survived and will take up the hunt.
  • Jossed for this season.

Zeb will be Killed Off for Real.
And it will be the biggest Tear Jerker in the series.
  • Not saying that the Big Guy Fatality Syndrome will never claim Zeb, but it's been confirmed that he's taking a backseat in this season (along with Hera and Chopper) — Zeb is a main protagonist of the series, so it seems unlikely that the show would reduce his role in the story (and therefore make the audience care less about him) right before killing him off. If Rebels does suffer a casualty from the principal cast this season, my money's on Kanan — Confirmed. Was just one season off.
  • Jossed. As of season 3's end, Zeb is still alive and well.
    • Zeb survives the entire series, in fact.

Zare will return.
He'll defect from the Empire and Take a Level in Badass before joining the Ghost crew for just one awesome episode. Then he will vanish for the rest of the season before making a cameo.
  • Servants of the Empire continues his story. At the end of the book series, he, his girlfriend, and their families are hiding out on Garel with new identities. Considering what happened in "Legacy", we probably won't see them again anytime soon.
  • Jossed for this season.

Aurra Sing will be hired to hunt the Rebels.
Her "final" appearance in The Clone Wars saw her get away scot-free. A person with her skills could easily survive — she wasn't killed when Slave I crashed, after all. In Season 3, she will be amongst a group of Bounty Hunters hired to seek out the Ghost, ala The Empire Strikes Back. She and Ahsoka will have another battle. She will also retain her Knight of Cerebus status, given that she's a Badass Normal and the only person to ever wound Ahsoka in a fair fight.
  • Jossed for this season.

Things fall apart.
Thing will go From Bad to Worse for our plucky rapscallions and they will have to split up for some reason. Two will be left with Phoenix Squadron, one other and Chopper will have to take refuge on some world we haven't seen in the show yet, and the last will captured by the Empire. But fear not, they'll get back to the status quo within three to four episodes. An arc of reuniting, as it were.
  • Jossed? The first half of Season 3 is about recovering from Malachor while continuing to grow the Rebellion and dealing with Arc Villain Thrawn. As for the second half, it is Sabine/Mandalore-centric, and thus there's no time to do a Divided We Fall regarding the crew. It's also been confirmed that Zeb, Hera, and Chopper take a backseat from the plot, which isn't something they would say if they were going to do a spotlight type of arc.
  • The "splitting up" part is partially confirmed — Sabine leaves to build the Mandalorian Resistance in "Legacy of Mandalore".

Tatooine will be the setting of a Two-Parter.
If the focus of it is on Ezra then it will be called "The Padawan of the Sands", if it is on Kanan it will be "Gun Over Saber", if on Zeb it will be "Cantina Chaos", a Hera focused episode would be "Last Stop at Mos Eisly", should the spotlight be cast upon Chopper then it will be "Scum and Villainy", and a focus on Sabine would result in "Sabine on Tatooine", simply for the rhyme.
  • Jossed? The Season 3 trailer hasn't shown them on a desert planet, and the second half of S3 is about Mandalore, which is ways off from Tatooine.
    • Partially confirmed. There is a Tatooine episode, but "Twin Suns" isn't a two-parter.

Kallus will get a couple of episodes where he will have to confront his past again, with his other issues added on.
These could include meeting the Onderon Rebels and the Lasat mercenary again. Perhaps the Ghost crew ends up having to negotiate with them like with the Ryloth cell or the Mandalorian Protectors, but they get traced by the Empire to Onderon. Kallus will reluctantly accept the mission.Also, we could see Tua (and maybe other dead officers like Aresko and Grint) be mentioned (to clear up Kallus's behavior towards her back in the Siege of Lothal, and afterwards in Season 2), like maybe the Onderon Rebels threaten a politician and someone calls out Kallus for not caring again.
  • Jossed.

One of Kanan’s crazy exes will show up.
Why else would he say, "I don't go for crazy...anymore," during a fight with the Seventh Sister?Having this character voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar would be a must:
  • Kanan mentioned her to the Seventh Sister, who is voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  • Freddie Prince Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar are married in real life.
  • Jossed.

The remaining Geonosians will join the rebellion to get revenge on the Empire.
The crew will find a group of Geonosians who escaped the Empire's attempt to destroy them. The Geonosians will be convinced to join the rebels and because of their experience as droid manufacturers they will become the technicians and engineers of the rebellion.
  • Actually, we do meet a sole Geonosian nicknamed Klik-Klak, and he leaves on positive terms with the rebels. However, he chooses to go on his own so that he can take care of the next Queen and thus restore the Geonosians.

There will be a short timeskip to at least half a year later.
It would be a bit weird for Ezra to suddenly have a growth spurt (confirmed by Freddie Prince Jr. that he gets a new character model), so we'll skip to half a year later minimum and get comments about how it's been X long since the events of the Season 2 finale.
  • Confirmed. Filoni says it's been six months since the mission to Malachor, but this is not commented on in-universe.
We might also see that:
  • Aside from changing her colors and maybe being taller, we'll see Sabine with some more armor modifications.
    • Confirmed. The armor mods are minor (leg armor) and she has a jetpack now.
  • At some point, Ezra will start using the crossguard lightsaber due to maybe his gunsaber being destroyed.
    • Confirmed on the latter, have to wait for the former.
    • Jossed regarding the crossguard saber.
  • There will be more rebel cells getting actively involved and interacting with each other.
    • Seemingly confirmed in "Steps into Shadow". We receive a mention on Dodonna and the Yavin IV cell. The main plot of the episode is about stealing Y-Wings from an Imperial base, then Hera reveals at the end that they're being sent to Dodonna.
  • Ezra will cut his hair. Bonus points if he uses a lightsaber, brownie points if it's Kanan's (the gunsaber and the crosssaber look hard to cut with...).
    • The haircut is confirmed, but it happened during the Time Skip, so we have no idea how he cut his hair.

The season will end with Ezra (and the crew) watching Lothal burn.
There will be a huge battle for Lothal when they find out that the kyber crystals are likely being used for a superweapon. Unfortunately, the Empire will see about halfway through the battle that Lothal is beyond saving now, having other planets to harvest from. The rebels will fail to stop Base Delta Zero, and there will be a shot of Capital City and the fields burning in flames.
  • The second half of the season is about Mandalore, so there's not much reason from what we know to go back to Lothal all of a sudden. Likely jossed, though this could happen in a later season.
  • Jossed. Atollon burns, however.

There will be a plot involving cloning Palpatine.
As part of a long-term Mythology Gag, it will be revealed that the intent of cloning in "Dark Empire" is canon here. Our heroes will learn that the Emperor is trying to get immortality using clones, and it will be up to them to stop it.
  • Jossed.

Ezra's new lightsaber will be red.
Kyber crystals are hard to come by, and TCW established that they are used in holocrons. Ezra will disassemble the Sith holocron and use the red crystal from it in his new saber.
  • Jossed. It's green, and removing the Sith Holocron's crystal would presumably deactivate it, which isn't what is shown in the trailer. Word of God also says that kyber crystals are naturally clear and only change color depending on their user/owner's alignment.

Or, Ezra's next lightsaber will be purple.
His old one was blue, and he has a red one from the Sith holocron. Since red is so heavily associated with the very people who have tried to murder him and his friends, and have killed others in their encounters, Ezra will have an aversion to having a red saber. So he asks Kanan for whatever little of blue crystals that they can spare, resulting in a purple saber. And Kanan will say "There was a master on the Jedi Council with a saber that was that color. His name was Windu. I doubt the two of you would have gotten along."
  • Jossed. It's green.

Alternatively, Ezra's new lightsaber will be orange.
The only color of the spectrum we haven't seen yet in new canon. Of course, this would help if his new outfit has less orange, so that the colors contrast.
  • Jossed. The S3 preview shows Ezra with a green lightsaber.

Or, maybe Ezra will take up the Darksaber and will stir up some drama between the Rebels/Jedi and Mandalorians.
Season 3 is said to be more centered around Sabine and the Mandalorians. Maybe the Darksaber was lost on Mandalore during the Siege. Ezra could come across it, and when the other characters see it, they'll say that it used to belong to Maul (invoking another moment of similarity between him and Maul) after he defeated Pre Vizsla, as well as describing how the Mandalorians stole it from the Jedi during one of their conflicts. If Death Watch is among those characters, then maybe the Vizsla loyalists will demand him to 'return' it to House Vizsla. Ezra will refuse, and all of this could end up creating an Ezra vs Sabine plot. Maybe we could also get an insult from Sabine in a tense situation about how Ezra is being a Hypocrite, having been a thief even before they met.
  • Jossed, though the Darksaber was seemingly indeed lost during or after the Siege of Mandalore, and Sabine is the one to use it. Freddie says that Ezra and Kanan end up training her, and the Darksaber ends up being a plot point when the Mandalore arc comes up.

Any Inquisitors seen will have higher numbers that 5, 7, and 8.
Because at this point, Kanan and Ezra would probably warrant more concern with what's left of the Inquisitors. So who better to go after them than the big guns. You know, the ones who could go tow to toe with old Inky himself?
  • Bonus points if one of these "heavy-hitter" Inquisitors is a re-canonized Jerec. You know you want it.
  • Jossed. No Inquisitors this season.

Chopper and AP-5 will go on a romantic date.
The show won't flat out say that the two are on a romantic date...but it will be obvious! Because it only makes sense that Chopper's love would be the one droid he hasn't axed.
  • Jossed.

Kanan and Ezra knowing Vader's true identity will be an important plot point.
At the very least, Rex is going to be devastated that the Jedi he respected so deeply is now his enemy. Add in that Ahsoka knew and didn't tell him.
  • Jossed. It's not even clear if Kanan and Ezra actually know who Vader really is or not, and he doesn't appear this season anyway.

Fenn Rau will end up becoming a mentor of sorts to Sabine.
At first, it could be that Sabine meets him in his jail cell for whatever reason, and they make some small talk. They're still on sort-of bad terms, but it's fairly neutral. We could get some reveals on the Protector/Death Watch rivalry and each others' pasts.

Once Mandalore gets heavily involved, Sabine consults him a couple of times on what to do (her surrogate family cannot provide advice on how to deal with Mandalorian issues and it cannot be solved by following the Jedi way like in "The Protector of Concord Dawn", which might also be brought up by Rau (especially because Kanan is now busy getting used to his blindness and has to keep a leash on Ezra, and Hera is probably getting super involved with the Rebellion)). Eventually, the situation gets bad enough or calls for a cavalry from the Protectors, so she temporarily sets him free. If it's a cavalry case, then it could end up mending some of the bad blood between the Protectors and Death Watch (brothers will look out for one another, after all).

  • Confirmed by Freddie in a Dash Star interview, though for the rest, can't say.
  • The mentor part is confirmed, but everything else is Jossed.

A major theme in Season 3 will be a growing schism between Ezra and Kanan.
Ezra opening the Holocron means he's succumbing to the Dark Side. At best this means he'll end up as a Grey Jedi. At worst, while he likely will not become a Sith (Sith are obsessed with conquest; Ezra is not), he very well may become a Dark Jedi (who are obsessed with their own desires; in Ezra's case, protecting his friends and seeking revenge). The basically-straight-laced Kanan will not like Ezra's growing anger and ruthlessness, while Ezra's own guilt over Ahsoka's assumed death and Kanan's blinding will serve as proof to Ezra that Thou Shall Not Kill is not only ineffective, but ultimately deleterious.
  • It ends up going back to pretty much normal after "The Holocrons of Fate", but Word of Saint Paul by Taylor says that eventually, Ezra's actions end up causing a rift between him and the crew at least midway through the season...
  • Jossed.

Ezra's growing anger and distance from the crew will actually cause Sabine to start pursuing him for once.
And not in an All Girls Want Bad Boys way. Sabine has shown on several occasions to legitimately care fairly deeply about Ezra; as Ezra inches ever closer to becoming a Dark Jedi, he will mostly likely become alienated from the crew. It'd be completely in-character for Sabine to grow even more concerned that her friend is just one step away from Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, especially given her own Dark and Troubled Past. In contrast to the previous seasons, however, Ezra will be the one pushing Sabine away, possibly even meanly, in a misguided attempt to keep her safe, especially since he'll, by now, completely blame himself for the deaths of his parents, the presumed death of Ahsoka, and Kanan being blinded. This constant fighting to get through to Ezra may well lead Sabine to a full-on Love Epiphany just before or just after Ezra suffers a full-on Face–Heel Turn.
  • Jossed.

Ezra will fall to the Dark Side by the middle of the season, and the second half will focus on bringing him back to the light.
Season 3 will build on the Hate part of the Sith Creed, keeping with the theme of Season 1 being Fear and Season 2 being Anger. Ezra already hates Maul for what he did on Malachor, and could potentially hate Yoda for sending them there in the first place. He could hate Kanan's teaching methods, and all this could culminate in a duel with Maul where he finally succumbs.
  • Maybe? Taylor says that Ezra ends up rifting away from the crew halfway through the season (but so far as of this writing (halfway through the first half), he's been relatively fine), and we know that the second half will be busy with more Sabine/Mandalore-centric than Ezra/Kanan/Force-centric, so Ezra realizing what his actions mean will probably come in Season 4 or later.
  • Jossed.

Maul vs Vader
Vader's efforts will be focused on both finding the rebel crew and locating and eliminating Maul. To that end, he could dispatch all the remaining inquisitors to this end, with their final battle taking place on the unfinished Death Star. With the Inquisitors focused on finding the rebels, Maul could sneak onto the Death Star to confront Vader and try to kill him, and after a brutal and intense duel, Vader will finally win, but after heavy damage which would incapacitate him for a while, letting the rebels have a small window of opportunity to eliminate him, which will ultimately fail.
  • No Vader this season, but this could happen in the future if Maul survives this season.
  • This is looking unlikely. Maul could either fight Obi-Wan, or he could fight Vader. He can't fight both of them. They chose Obi-Wan.
    • If Maul survives Obi-Wa and Ezra and somehow escapes, then his subplot in Season 4 could involve him tracking down Darth Sidious to either Coruscant or the unfinished Death Star, but Sidious would sic Vader on him instead in a duel to the death, invoking Rule of Two and promising that the victor would be his apprentice. And knowing that Vader survives to kill Sidious during Return of the Jedi, Maul would do as much damage to Vader as possible before Vader strike him down, but leaving Vader severely wounded. And in a bit of Arc Welding, Vader would be sent back to Mustafar, where he'll heal in his bacta tank until Orson Krennic arrives to request an audience with Sidious.
  • Jossed. Maul is Killed Off for Real by Obi-Wan in "Twin Suns".

The new designs for Kanan, Hera, and Zeb.
Speculation on their new models for season 3.
  • Kanan's will feature a mask over his eyes that resembles the temple guard mask, likely made from the same mask he wore in the Season 2 finale. Accordingly, his outfit will integrate more white and gray, as well as some features of traditional Jedi robes. He wouldn't wear an actual robe, but his top will be more visually reminiscent of one. The armor he wears on his arm and should will be replaced with a new, gray replacement that includes the Rebel phoenix emblem, likely painted on by Sabine.
    • Alternatively, Kanan's new model will take the armor from his arm and expand on it to create a fully armored design. It'd stay the same green and have some tinges of black and painted on white marking for flair. He'll also get a helmet that resembles a Jedi Temple Guard helmet that he'll wear while on missions and to hide his blindness from his opponents and protect his face from more harm.
    • Or, if he's lucky, get ocular implants.
  • Hera's will have her wear a new, more hi-tech looking helmet. Her outfit will lose some of the brown and begin to look more similar to the orange uniforms worn by Rebel Alliance pilots. She'll also get some sort of small coat thing she wears, kind of like a bomber jacket. It'll be brown to reference her own design, while also showing a more militant look while still signifying her as a pilot.
    • Alternatively, Hera's new model will have her dressed like a female, sci-fi Indiana Jones. With a Phoenix Squadron symbol.
      • Jossed. She pretty much just gets a new shirt and gloves.
  • Zeb will get armor that is slightly darker shades of green. It will be heavier and include and alteration of the thing on his shoulder plastered on the front. One of his wrists will have a gauntlet on it that looks like it may be a new weapon. He'll also change the style of his beard, possibly adding in some tiny braids. And a single earring that is actually a claw from a small beast he killed that he felt particularly proud of.
  • Alternatively, Zeb will get Barbarian Longhair and begin to wear a more archaic outfit that will be implied to be inspired by the look of ancient Lasat warriors. Plus some totally gratuitous jewelry...on his ankles!
    • Jossed. He just changes his chestplate.

Ezra's new look?
If Season 3 begins after a Time Skip, Ezra will not only have grown, he may cut his hair slightly shorter, and begin wearing more and more black, like both Anakin and Luke. Like Luke's second outfit in Return of the Jedi, Ezra's outfit will be a sleek collared top & pants with knee-high boots - a more sterile and militaristic look for a character becoming progressively more cold and distant.
  • Partly jossed and partly confirmed. Ezra has indeed cut his hair (though much shorter, not slightly shorter), but as far as the Season 3 trailer shows, he wears a similar version of his previous outfit.
    • In part. He still has an orange shirt with a yellow collar, but it's a different shirt, he's sans the vest, and his pants are now brown, much like Kanan's standard getup. He's also notably taller than Sabine finally.

Our Heroes will encounter a Miraluka Force user.
And after some tutelage from this newcomer, Blind Kanan will learn how to see again with the Force, like the Miraluka do. And, of course, the Miraluka species will be extracted from Legends limbo.
  • Jossed.

Sabine's new model will include...
  • Blue/green armor, to invoke Boba Fett's color scheme and possibly foreshadow at something... The hair can be whatever color, but another reason for her blue/green armor is to follow a pattern on how her outfit in S1 was black/yellow hair with pink armor, then blue/green hair with more yellow on her armor... (And yes, this could possibly mean that in the final season, her hair will be pink to bring things full circle).
  • Jetpack comes in mid-season. Maybe she'll start to get more armor pieces starting from there as well.
  • She'll grow her hair (shoulder length? And maybe tie it, for the sake of animation budget and preventing hair snag in case).
  • Alternatively, she'll cut it into a pixie cut, close scalp shave, half-shave, or mohawk.
    • Pixie cut confirmed. Also, it's a light lavender, almost white, fading into purple tips.

Some of the other characters will have altered looks too.
Not to the same extent as the Ghost crew, but minor things to indicate a passage of time. Possibilities include...
  • Kallus will have grown his sideburns into a full beard. That's it. Maybe get a couple scratches or ornaments on his armor if anything else.
    • Jossed. He has the same appearance from Season 2.
  • Fenn Rau will wear a different outfit, likely just normal daytime clothes instead of armor provided for him by the rebels while he's their hostage. This will likely expose his hair if they do this, so I'd guess that he would be a redhead, with some of his hair thinning due to age.
    • Confirmed. He's sort of a redhead, sort of a blonde. That kind of thing.
  • Maul will get an outfit as well. A nice thing to do would be to have him dress in similar attire to his late brother Savage Oppress, meaning gray and spikes.
    • Jossed. He has regular civilian clothes, probably because he doesn't have access to anything else.

Plots from Season 1 that never got followed up will come back and maybe also tie in with plots from Season 2.
  • We'll see what happened to characters like Jai, Oora, Tseebo, et al. Maybe Senator Organa has them in a witness protection program or relocation system or something... on Alderaan.
  • We'll also see what happened to those that were willing to fight in the rebel cause like Azadi and Quarrie.
    • Confirmed. Azadi is the leader of the Lothal Insurgency.
  • Base Delta Zero will finally happen onscreen.
    • This seems to at least be confirmed.

We will get recordings and visions of the past instead of traditional flashbacks, like in Season 2, which can lead to...
  • Seeing some sort of recording of Sabine and Ketsu training at the Mandalorian Imperial Academy.
  • Recordings of Death Watch around the time of the Battle of Mandalore, like a speech by Bo-Katan that Mandalore will never give in, perhaps.
  • The Sith holocron will cause Ezra to faint and have a dream made of snippets of the building of the Malachor Sith Temple by the Sith Lord within.
  • A recording of an offscreen scene from Season 1 or 2 to juxtapose with how things are now.
    • Minister Tua's call for help from "The Siege of Lothal" was recorded for whatever reason, maybe that's how the ISB apprehension system works, in case they need proof of the traitor's, uh, betrayal. Maybe Kallus reviews it and realizes the Irony of their situations.
    • Something of Governor Pryce.
    • Or someone recorded Ezra's speech.
  • There's a recording of Depa in the Jedi holocron.
  • All of these are jossed.

The Sith Lord in the Sith holocron is Kreia/Darth Traya
And then we could get a parallel to how two of Ezra's masters are blind, but while one was completely caught off guard and was unwilling to lose his eyesight, the other did it for the sake of utility. This will also result in Broad Strokes, like how if this is to be the case, then at the least, Traya probably did not die when the entire ordeal at Malachor ended, and instead of everyone fleeing, they all died on Malachor.
  • Partially confirmed. She's not Darth Traya herself, but an Expy, via Word of God.

Ezra will or has been keeping his mouth shut about unlocking the Sith Holocron and/or is already getting called out on it by the other crew members for continuing to speak to her.
Even if the crew does try anything, though, Ezra will keep ignoring their warnings or get back his Holocron using his light fingers. And every time they make an attempt, it just increases his ire more and more.
  • Seemingly confirmed. In "Steps into Shadow", it seems that the crew is too busy with their jobs in the Rebellion and their own problems to notice why Ezra is doing less scrupulous things, though they're aware that he's been shaken up from Malachor and feels guilty about the entire thing and likely assume that's just it. No one comments on him using the Sith Holocron, and Kanan only realizes this is it once he finally talks to Ezra after a while. Kanan confiscates it after having an argument with him about how the Presence is bad, later giving it to the Bendu. Unfortunately, the damage is already done, as the Bendu put it, 'Once a secret is known, it cannot become unknown', so Ezra still does questionable things throughout the season. Not that confiscating the Sith Holocron ended up being a long-term thing anyway; in the next episode, they have to bring it with them to Maul due to a hostage situation.
  • Ezra stops being at risk of falling for the rest of the season besides getting mad at lesser issues like in "The Wynkahthu Job".

We'll finally see another ISB Agent and they'll be a catalyst to Kallus' character development.
The new addition to the Imperial cast will cause Kallus to stay on his toes, because he can't rebel or be softer on the rebels successfully if someone as equally cunning as him will shut down anything he tries. If said ISB agent is also young, they will also serve as a Foil, perhaps being the Dogma to Kallus' Rex, with Kallus noting how he used to be as oblivious and ambitious as the newcomer is now, until Onderon came along. And when they get a You Are Better Than You Think You Are / Reason Why You Suck Speech or some other Bright Slap speech, in parallel to Kallus' Heel Realization in "The Honorable Ones", they'll instead have a Villainous Breakdown, sort of like Ciena and Nash.
  • Someone who looks a lot like Yularen was briefly seen in the midseason trailer.
  • Confirmed that Yularen appears.

The writing on Ketsu's helmet, Shae, is someone relevant to the plot.
We know that in Legends, there was a Shae Vizsla (or Viszla; the point is obvious anyway), who was also a bounty hunter. With all of the references to Knights of the Old Republic and other associated parts of that era, there might be a tie-in here too.
  • Maybe she's Sabine's mom, but is unrelated to the one from the Old Republic, only by same clan and namesake.
    • Jossed for this season.

Ezra's fall to the Dark Side will be halted by Kallus' redemption arc
Ezra's clearly on the way to becoming a Dark Jedi, and Kallus seems to be pointed towards redemption, and this WMG guesses those two plots will collide at their peaks. When Kallus tries joining the rebels, he runs into Ezra, who, blinded by hatred and alone with the agent, doesn't listen to Kallus' explanations (for bonus drama poins, Kallus knows something terrible is about to happen to the Rebels), instead getting ready to murder the man, which would complete his fall to the Dark Side. At the last moment, he realizes that If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him!, and spares Kallus, saving himself as well.
  • Jossed, unless you wanna count him throwing Kallus through a glass pane for fun.

One Theory that is some of the above:
Okay, So in my opinion, here's how Season 3 is going to go: During the first half of the season, Ezra will be more and more violent, and Kanan will be the only one to be able to keep him in check. Midway through the season though, Kanan will get killed, either by Maul or Vader. If it's Maul, that will probably be his death. If it's Vader, the place they'd be in would collapse due to Plot Convenience. After that, Ezra goes Solo, and cripples the Empire in several important parts of the galaxy, but gets a crazy number of innocents killed off as Collateral Dammage. The Ghost Crew learns about this, and tries to make him come back to his senses throughout the second half of the season. In the finale, he would get a Force Vision of Kanan's ghost, and the "Break the Cutie" trope would no longer be in effect, but he would be way more serious, leading to him being a Gray Jedi.
  • Jossed.

We learn what is special about Lothal.
Perhaps it has an ancient link to the Dark Side that Sidious wants to have uncovered. It could possibly have been the place Darth Plagueis became a Sith. Why not?
  • Possibly, but so far the importance is implied to be that it's the site of a secret weapons research facility building the TIE Defender.
  • Actually, the TIE R&D facility was placed there as a cover story. What's special about Lothal is that it has kyber crystals.

Agent Kallus will go though a Redemption Arc.
Considering what happened in his last Season 2 appearance he realizes the cost of the Empire's actions and many try & turn on them. He may try joining the Rebels but they probably won't trust him.
  • Confirmed, in a way...

Thrawn will be Sabine's Evil Counterpart and arch nemesis.
Both are soldiers with a fascination with art. And how awesome would Thrawn's last words be if spoken to Sabine, an artist?
  • It's alluded to ("Strategy is an art, Rau. Maybe I'm lulling you into a false sense of security." on Sabine's side, making note of the starbird on Thrawn's side.), but it isn't expanded upon.
    • Pretty much Jossed. Thrawn never interacts with Sabine, and they appear to be setting up the rivalry to be between Thrawn and Hera in Season 4 as both survive "Zero Hour".
    • Another factor is that Sabine is headed back to the Mandalore Sector and the ongoing civil war there. Thrawn isn't involved with that.

Compounding the above, Maul will be Ezra's nemesis while Thrawn is Sabine's.
They are being set up as dual protagonists, with Thrawn and Maul as a Big Bad Ensemble. Sabine is both the most vulnerable to Thrawn's analysis (being an artist born in a very well-known warrior culture) and the best one to interpret his strategies. Ezra has a strong connection to both sides of the Force, will probably become stronger than Maul if he isn't already, and has several traits in common with him.
  • I think it will be a combination of Maul being Ezra/Kanan's nemesis, while Thrawn is Sabine/Hera's nemesis.
  • Maul vs. Ezra is kind of confirmed, but Thrawn never directly interacts with Sabine this season.

The new Fulcrum will turn out to be Agent Kallus.
No firm confirmation yet, but two bits of evidence: first the voice, even through the distortion, distinctly sounds like David Oyelowo's, and second the person obviously has inside knowledge of Imperial personnel, more so than Ahsoka would have had access to. This time, they'll probably let the cat out of the bag pretty quickly, as savvy and resourceful viewers dismantled the secrecy early on with Fulcrum mk.1, meaning they're probably not going to bother with the misdirection trick again.
  • One of the audio edits in question.
  • A Youtuber asked Freddie Prinze Jr. about it. FPJ looked caught off guard when he heard the question and there was a Beat (though it could be attributed to connection lag) before proceeding to answer that it could be anyone, from Kallus, to Chewbacca, to a Back from the Dead Ahsoka, etc. Though he does say that there's an actual storyline about it rather than just a wham reveal this time, so it sounds like it'll be steadily explored rather than a background mystery.
  • There's some support for this in "The Antilles Extraction", where shortly after Fulcrum informs the Rebels about the cadets that want to defect, Kallus arrives with Governor Pryce to the Academy to search for said cadets. In addition, in the very same episode, Kallus actively helps Sabine escape. Sure, he explained it as repaying his debt to Zeb for saving his life, but this would also be something a Rebel double agent/informant would do.
  • Kallus has also been having rather suspicious body language and lines (or lack thereof), such as expressing surprise behind Pryce's back when she orders him to deploy troops to Agamar after intercepting a rebel distress signal in "The Last Battle", and the lack of remarks on Sabine's situation in "The Antilles Extraction" (whereas he would have plenty of comments like in "Vision of Hope" towards Hera, snarking about Ezra being "Jabba the Hutt" whenever he gets caught, being all smug like the entirety of "The Siege of Lothal" and "Wings of the Master", etc.).
  • "Iron Squadron" reveals that the whole episode only happened because Fulcrum informed the rebels about the Imperial lockdown on Mykapo. Later, Thrawn and Konstantine hear about this rebel intervention, almost as if they may have been keeping an eye on the area, like how Pryce had her eyes on Skystrike the same time Fulcrum told the rebels about the defectors. It makes sense if Kallus told the rebels once he learned about things as time went on.
  • An upcoming episode, "An Inside Man", mentions that Kanan and Ezra have to put their faith in an enemy to help them escape from an Imperial building on Lothal, hmmm...
    • Confirmed. Kallus reveals he is Fulcrum in "An Inside Man".

Following from the above, how the Fulcrum storyline will go:
The Atollon rebels have been receiving accurate Imperial intel from an anonymous source for some time already. It will be exposition-ed in a conversation on how no one, not even Organa, knows who their mysterious benefactor is, but they don't have time to linger on it and don't want to accidentally blow Fulcrum II's cover like how they did with Ahsoka in "Always Two There Are", so they let the mystery be. Fulcrum II gets introduced at the beginning of "The Antilles Extraction", and occasionally calls in every other episode or gets mentioned like with Fulcrum back in S1.

Meanwhile, the Imperials are getting upset with how the rebels somehow know top secret info, and Thrawn deduces that there is an inside man breaching the information. Kallus acts rather shifty in these scenes, but it's pretty subtle.

Perhaps at some point, the rebels get a warning from Fulcrum, apologizing that it is getting harder to get authentic information, thanks to the Imperials becoming more anticipated to the information breaches, but they (Fulcrum) will try their best to keep the leaks steady and puts faith in that they can tell if the info is fake or not.

Towards the end, amidst the chaos with the Mandalorians and the Imperial Garrison there, Kallus's cover gets blown for whatever reason and he either goes into hiding, joins the rebels, or dies. And it'll be one of the best moments in the season, emotionally.

  • Confirmed? The Mandalorians don't have anything to do with Kallus' cover being blown, and Kallus never warns the rebels about how his cover might've been blown with Thrawn, which kind of makes sense, because it sounds a bit shifty and desperate for trust.
  • Partially confirmed. In "Zero Hour" he gets caught while sending a transmission, and eventually escapes from the Empire and formally joins the rebels.

The Bendu will offer Kanan a Jelly Baby at some point.
C'mon, you know you want him to...
  • Jossed, especially after what happened in "Zero Hour".

Dash Rendar will appear.
The Outrider (or the same model of ship) can be clearly seen in the trailer for season three. And considering that Rebels has not been shy about using Legends characters and ship models, it's possible Dash will return from Shadows of the Empire.
  • Word of God is that the pilot isn't Dash Rendar, so Jossed.

Thrawn was responsible for the death of Hera's mother
The lines Cham is saying in the season 3 trailer sound like he's talking about a past event, and it would both lend credentials to Thrawn as a battle commander and make things personal for Hera. Not to mention her fear of him in the trailer... she didn't act that meek against Maul, so Thrawn had to have done something to rattle her emotionally.
  • Jossed: Hera's mother had apparently passed away long before the series, and Hera was intimidated by Thrawn due to just how much he was able to deduce about her and her family.
    • OP meant that event that killed Hera's mom years ago was because that event was led by Thrawn. And the theory was under the assumption that Thrawn attacking Ryloth in Rebels would be his second time doing so, and Cham and Hera would recall the last time this happened. But still, jossed.

Leaving the Sith Holocron with the Bendu was a bad move.
The presence of such a Dark influence could probably upset the 'balance' of the Bendu, so maybe by the time we see him again, he will act more bias towards the Dark side, leading to Ezra and Kanan taking back the Holocron.
  • Jossed: They take it back almost immediately the following episode.

Something causes Ezra to be temporarily pulled out of action.
His last line in the trailer, "The key to destroying the Sith...", sounds like he's in pain, probably thanks to that holocron fusion. Maybe he gets put in a coma or something like his spirit getting sucked into the holocron fusion.
  • Jossed.

To counter the levels of Ezra's rage, Vader will bring in a familiar face.
Because Ezra vs Starkiller.
  • Unlikely, since The Force Unleashed series has officially been deemed noncanonical. If Starkiller ever makes a return he will be a reimagined character.
  • Jossed.

The Imperial Supercommando Commander is based off of someone from Legends.
  • Not quite. He's Saxon, presumably Commander Gar Saxon from Son of Dathomir. He might be based off of someone from Legends.
    • Jossed. The commander is explicitly confirmed as Gar Saxon in the episode.
      • What I meant is that Gar Saxon might be based off of someone from Legends when he was created, but okay.

Kallus will finally wear the white ISB uniform.
And it'll be sick.
  • Jossed, because in "Through Imperial Eyes" Thrawn reveals he's onto him, and in "Zero Hour" he's exposed as the mole, and then formally joins up with the rebels, so he never gets a chance to wear it.

Fenn Rau will hand-to-hand combat someone and win.
There's a Freeze-Frame Bonus in one of the new promos where he does a Second-Person Attack. Maybe he'll do it on Saxon and/or the ISC goons.
  • Confirmed, but in "Imperial Supercommandos", he just does it to a Mook and never actually confronts anyone else head-on.

Fenn Rau will have a rivalry with Commander Saxon.
Fenn Rau was a mercenary that had to be paid into his loyalty to the Empire (and only loyalty; it's strictly business) and knew that going it alone against them would be futile. Meanwhile, Saxon is the Empire, and is completely dogmatic to it. Seems like a perfect Foil rivalry to me.
  • Considering they apparently killed the Protectors due to his capture, it makes sense that Rau wants to get back at the ISC for his men.
  • Confirmed.

Ketsu being a Mandalorian in Black Sun will be a plot point this season.
In The Clone Wars, Black Sun was part of Maul's Shadow Collective before they bailed out on him. And Maul isn't exactly the type to forgive, and he will find his revenge somehow.

Since Sabine's story will be explored in the next half of the season on Mandalore, Ketsu will likely return, and Maul will probably want to stir up some drama again by doing things like bringing back the Supercommandos and getting involved in the power struggle, and he'll be reminded of Black Sun and want to get back at them, indirectly or directly affecting Ketsu.

  • Jossed. Ketsu doesn't appear this season.

Sabine will kill a Mandalorian she is/was close with using the Darksaber, but not out of her free will.
It'll be a scenario like the other wanting the Darksaber or getting too close to Sabine, leading her to say 'Get off of me!', and the Darksaber is accidentally ignited, right through their abdomen.

Or, it'll be an Alone with the Psycho scenario and Sabine is forced to kill the other to defend herself, like in that one episode of Steven Universe.

Either way, it'll be a stab, not a slice.

  • Jossed. Maul doesn't get involved with Mandalorian issues anymore.

Kallus will be revealed to have a prior history with Thrawn.
  • Jossed.

Lyste will be an Ascended Extra.
Promotional art shows him standing side by side with Kallus, Konstantine, Thrawn, and Pryce. We also see that there's at least one episode where we go back to Lothal, where we'll probably see him again.
  • Bonus points if it turns out Pryce apparently seems to like him more than she ever liked the other Imperial officers in that garrison.
    • Double if it turns out the other Imperials like him too for being smart, except maybe Kallus if he's Fulcrum.
  • Partially confirmed. He has a prominent role in "Through Imperial Eyes".

We'll see Governor Azadi again in the Lothal episode.
And we'll see him showdown with Pryce in some form.
  • Confirmed in a Freeze-Frame Bonus in the new Rebel Beat, from "An Inside Man". However, he doesn't interact with Pryce in any way.
  • The showdown with Pryce occurred in season 4.

The mid-season finale is the Nightsister possession episode.
  • Confirmed.

The rebels will be forced to abandon Atollon Base.
In the Rebel Beat sequel, it appears that Maul has discovered it (and is somehow at Ezra's hesitating mercy), and no one else seems to be in sight. Either Maul got to them first, or packed up and left for whatever reason, knowing Maul was coming.
  • Confirmed, but Maul had nothing to do with it.

That Imperial officer accompanying Thrawn is from the Ryloth Garrison and won't actually be a part of the main villain ensemble, like Titus.
  • Confirmed. He's Captain Slavin.

Fenn Rau's piloting skills become vital to the Rebellion.
  • He used to be a piloting instructor for the clones back in the day, so he could do it again with new Rebel pilots. Maybe he'll even practice with Wedge.
  • He could also end up having to save Sabine and Ezra by piloting the Sheathipede Phantom.
    • Confirmed.

Wedge (and Hobbie) will stay with Phoenix Squadron for a few episodes.
Aftermath says that he was an A-Wing pilot earlier on in his Rebel career, and it's been established in the premiere that Dodonna's Yavin cell is already in contact with the Atollon rebels, the Y-Wings stolen being sent over to Yavin IV, but due to lack of A-Wings in that cell, it makes sense that Wedge temporarily stays here to be an A-Wing pilot, not to mention this would help him settle in (as opposed to immediately being sent over to people he doesn't know whereas he can stick with the people he's already just met and can trust since they helped him defect). We could even get advances on the Fulcrum plot through him.
  • Confirmed.

Sabine will not be Mand'alor or the leader of the Mandalorian Resistance (or at least long-term).
While she will be the 'spark' to ignite the ticking timebomb that is Mandalore, sick and tired of being ruled by corruption, she will ultimately relegate the position to someone else with more experience and wisdom with it, though only after having taken the rein herself for a span of time and having multiple failures.
  • At the end of "Legacy of Mandalore", she says she doesn't want to be the leader, and says she's going to find the person who can be.

Season 3.5 will kill off a bunch of the cast.
Mostly major characters that are Mandalorians.
  • Partially Jossed. "Zero Hour" kills off Sato and Konstantine, via the former ramming the latter's ship in a Heroic Sacrifice, but there are no other major deaths.

Kalani and his battle droids will join the Rebellion.
Either he willingly gets reprogrammed, or decides it would be more logical than going it alone (and he could always try to betray them later, but not right now). Whether he actually joins them on Atollon is up in the air. And he could always join in some other material after Season 3, this isn't necessarily right after "The Last Battle", considering how that ended.
  • Bonus points if he becomes a trio with AP and Chopper.
  • More bonus points if he becomes a chief strategist of the Rebellion. Double the amount of points if he meets Saw Gerrera, who's currently one of the leaders of the Rebellion. Square if they manage to work together without killing each other.

The crew will go to Tatooine at some point.
While it may not be a huge part of the plot like the previous Tatooine WMG, there's hints that we may be seeing the desert planet again. During "The Holocrons of Fate", Ezra mentions that one of the visions he saw was that of "twin suns". Now, what other notable planet with two suns and a connection to the Jedi is out there?
  • Partially Jossed. Only Ezra and Chopper visit Tatooine.

Thrawn will use the Marg Sabl maneuver at some point.
This maneuver was his Establishing Character Moment in Legends. If he uses it again and Rex is around to witness it, Rex will recall that Ahsoka did the exact same thing against the blockade over Ryloth.
  • Jossed for this season.
    • And jossed for the entire show. Thrawn never used it.

Guesses on the titular 'Inside Man'.
According to the synopsis of "An Inside Man", they are an enemy that is helping Kanan and Ezra (and presumably Azadi) escape from a building that is about to be locked down after Kanan and Ezra try to get into an Imperial factory. Who could it be?
  • Kallus: It makes sense, as another theory suggests he may be Fulcrum II. But would the writers really reveal Kallus being Fulcrum so early on in the season?
    • Confirmed. It seems that the endgame for him as Fulcrum is more about what will happen to him due to the revelation instead of who is Fulcrum.
  • Vizago: He's sort of their enemy, though he left Lothal due to the lockdown and is unlikely to return there as long as the lockdown is in place. Same goes for Lando.
    • Jossed.
  • Trayvis: We never saw him again after Season 1 thanks to blowing his cover. Maybe he had a change of heart?
    • Jossed.
  • Thrawn: It's a trap.
    • Jossed, it would have been too predictable a trap if it were him, but it's heavily suggested that he knows about Kallus now.

If Kallus is the Inside Man, then...
He will not actually leave the Empire in this episode. His identity as Fulcrum (if he is indeed one) will be revealed, but not to the Empire, and the Fulcrum plot this time will be more concerned on how long Kallus can keep his cover up for the rest of the season rather than who Fulcrum is.

In "An Inside Man", either he'll be the Voice with an Internet Connection or presently helping Ezra and Kanan escape.

  • Jossed for the first one — Thrawn is implied to be onto him at the end of the episode. Confirmed for the second. He helps them in person and reveals to them who he is.

We will see multiple Fulcrums active at one time.
  • Looking Jossed for this season.

What it means for Kallus if he's Fulcrum, and Konstantine nears the end of his own arc.
It's clear that with "Steps Into Shadow" and "Iron Squadron", Tarkin, Pryce, and Thrawn really don't care that much about Konstantine, and with the Empire, this is a pretty big sign that he's going to kick the can soon.

We've seen this before with Minister Tua. (And Aresko and Grint, but we only got one scene of them getting chewed out before they died.) With Tua, we had Tarkin giving her "The Reason You Suck" Speech in "Call to Action", then in her next episode, "the Siege of Lothal", she got chewed out by Vader, who then said she's going to see Tarkin (which is basically an euphemism that she's going to die).

It's been noted that if Kallus is indeed Fulcrum II, then it means that Tua's assassination due to her seeking asylum and committing treason is irony, and it's almost certain that this event has not gone past Kallus now that he helps provide sanctuary for rebel sympathizers like the Skystrike pilots and the dissidents on Mykapo.

So if Konstantine is going down the same road Tua went, what if this time, Kallus tries to save Konstantine?

Despite Konstantine clearly only seeing their 'friendship' as strict business, post-Character Development Kallus probably isn't willing to let his fellow Imperials die by the hands of their superiors again for mere failures if circumstances allow otherwise.

And the keyword in the question is, 'tries'.

Obviously, there's no way Konstantine is going to make it back to the Rebellion or desert or anything like that, because number one, it's clear his character was always meant to be a minor-ish character. Number two, Thrawn. As we all know, trying to do anything fishy under his watchful eyes will probably screw you and everyone you're involved with over.

And to further the parallel with Tua, what if the Imperial superiors decide to use Konstantine as an Unwitting Pawn one last time?

For clarification, in Tua's situation, Vader and Tarkin's ultimatum tested her loyalty, intended form the beginning or not. Not only did it show who Tua really was in the dark, but it served as bait for the rebels back to Lothal to face the wrath of Vader.

Perhaps Thrawn convinces Tarkin and Pryce with a plan on unveiling the rebel informant (who Thrawn has all but confirmed the identity of) within their ranks; get Konstantine in on the plan (but omit to him that he will be executed for the rest of his incompetence afterwards, sort of like how in Revenge of the Sith, Dooku had no idea that Palpatine was going to have Anakin execute him until he suddenly said so), and Konstantine will play the role of seemingly getting in hot water with Tarkin, Pryce, and Tarkin to where it will force this rebel informant out of hiding, seeing that this informant seems quite fond of shepherding sympathizers to the Rebellion.

Here, Kallus falls for the bait, wanting to help Konstantine, but it ends up blowing his cover, Konstantine betrayed him but died anyway, yeah; Kallus's Darkest Hour.

  • Jossed, Konstantine turns up in "Through Imperial Eyes" and he's fine. Thrawn deduces that Kallus is the mole without Konstantine having anything to do with it.

Kallus' Darkest Hour
In Kallus's Darkest Hour, he will NOT contact the rebels. Why? He knows that it'll just be bait for a trap, just like how Tua's distress call got the rebels screwed by being stranded on Lothal during the lockdown and some other repercussions, and how in the first episode, he tried to use Ezra as bait for the crew.

BUT, like Ezra, Kallus will find a way to escape on his own. AND/OR, during the Insurgency of Mandalore, the rebels find out through other means that Kallus (who they now know is Fulcrum) has been put into custody and so during the finale or something, a small group led by Zeb go off to save him despite the risks involved. Just like in the first episode, when half the crew didn't want to go back for some random kid they didn't really like because of the risks involved, but being outnumbered by those who wanted to go back because he means well and it was the right thing to do.

Basically, the theme of No One Gets Left Behind continues.

  • Jossed. In "Zero Hour", Kallus contacts the rebels to warn them Thrawn knows about their planned attack, but is ambushed by Thrawn at Ezra's tower. He is then held captive, but ultimately escapes and joins up with the rebels near the end of Part 2.

About Ezra and Kanan teaching Sabine how to use the Darksaber.
Ezra does something that starts to screw over his relationship with everyone starting in the ending of "Visions and Voices". But he and Kanan will start to teach Sabine how to use the Darksaber. However, Ezra tries to teach her to be aggressive (knowingly or not aware that he's taking cues from the Presence's teachings), but Sabine will ultimately follow Kanan's teachings more (though she'll keep some of Ezra's teachings in mind), and Sabine and Kanan grow closer, possibly causing Ezra to feel more like a third wheel.

BUT, the Bendu will be involved. Perhaps he'll talk to Ezra about how to be a good teacher, or maybe tell him/Kanan advice on considering how to teach Sabine to fight like a Mandalorian yet open-minded, because Sabine is not Force-sensitive or a Jedi, and she shouldn't have to be in order to be a good fighter.

  • Jossed. Ezra is pretty much Sabine's training wheels, but that's it. The problem is Kanan's worry that she isn't ready for the Darksaber, which further discourages Sabine from taking up the responsibilities of the Darksaber. The Bendu is not involved, but he does get a cameo, listening in on Sabine's imbalance.

Maul will cause Conflicting Loyalties on Mandalore again.
We know that Saxon is an Opportunistic Bastard; Word of God is that he refuses acknowledge his previous alliances in favor of his current one, and if his current one loses, then he'll switch to the winning team.

And going along with the theory that Kast is Sabine's mom, it would appear that Kast is an Honor Before Reason and Undying Loyalty kind of person (for the former, notice that she chose to be in Death Watch instead of taking care of her infant daughter in TCW; for the latter, she has more proof of her loyalty to Maul than Saxon has shown as seen in Son of Dathomir, which leads to the question of how she reacted to Maul's loss in the Siege, considering she apparently never was arrested and went back to take care of her family).

Saxon and Kast being forced to confront a past loyalty would serve as an example and be the leaders of a split in the ISC; those who will return to said past loyalty, or those who prefer the winning team.

  • Seems to be growing unlikely. Maul is busy trying to get to Tatooine and seems to have put Mandalore behind him.
  • Jossed. Maul dies in "Twin Suns".

The Fate of Fulcrum II
In the episode An Inside Man, Fulcrum is identified as Agent Kallus. Kallus in turn appears to be identified as a traitor by Thrawn, and Kallus knows Thrawn knows. Thrawn is also aware that Kallus knows he is aware, so it suddenly boils down to what happens to him. Will he flee and join the rebels full time; will he remain at the ISB as a double agent working for the Empire, feeding them false info and laying traps; will he become a triple agent, working for the Rebels as a spy while working for Thrawn as his pawn in an attempt to destroy the rebels. Or will Thrawn just execute him?
  • "Through Imperial Eyes" reveals that Thrawn plans to Feed the Mole.

Fenn Rau will become the new Mand'alor.
Fenn Rau is an expy of Fenn Shysa from Star Wars Legends who became the Mand'alor, so it seems likely that Fenn Rau will also become the Mand'alor.
  • Jossed for this season.

The snowy world where Sabine and co. meet the female Mandalorian commander is on Concordia.
Considering we're shown that Sabine and co. are seen traveling above Mandalore (which is lifeless besides the hub cities) and Sabine says passively says she has to contact 'them' so that they won't shoot them down, it would make sense that the crew decides to stop at the moon of Concordia first before they go to Mandalore. And Concordia will either be in winter time or near the polar regions.

Alternatively, it's a different part of Carlac.
We only saw cherry blossom trees in The Clone Wars, but maybe we'll see the trees seen in the trailer from the polar/colder regions of Carlac.

OR, it's Galidraan.
In Legends, it was a snow world where Jango led Mandalorians against Dooku and other Jedi. Some sort of parallel is happening here?
  • All Jossed. It's a new planet called Krownest, seat of Clan Wren.

The female Mando commander is related to Sabine.
  • Confirmed. She's the chieftess of her clan.
    • She's her mom. Countess Ursa Wren, head of Clan Wren.

The reason why Kallus is going to Ezra's tower is because he got found out.
Thrawn says to a bunch of Imperials (including Lyste, meaning that they've returned to Lothal) that there is a traitor in their midst, and the camera cuts to Kallus. We then see that a masked figure (possibly Ezra) got captured by Imperials, and Kallus is there.

Kallus probably finally blows his cover and saves Ezra. Because Kallus is now a wanted man, Ezra takes him to a place he knows where they can hide out: his tower.

This leads to Kallus seeing Ezra's stuff, which leads to Kallus and Ezra having a talk with each other. Kallus is shocked by how much of Ezra's life was taken away because of the Empire. Ezra asks Kallus what caused him to become a Fulcrum, and we get our answer.

But of course, this probably leads to Kallus committing a Heroic Sacrifice at the end of the episode or something.

  • Well, that scene isn't from "Through Imperial Eyes" as was previously thought, and he seems to be by himself, but otherwise it's looking confirmed.
  • Partially Jossed. He went to Ezra's tower in "Zero Hour" because it's implied he made his transmissions from Lothal there, and he gets ambushed by Thrawn. However, he had overheard Thrawn mentioning that there was a traitor in their midst, so he probably realized they hadn't bought his framing of Lyste.

The snow Mandalorian supercommandos are Clan Kast.

Saxon will blackmail Sabine into giving him the Darksaber.
FPJ suspiciously put emphasis on the fact that because the Darksaber is such a status of power among Mandalorians, not only would it be able to unite them, but also tear them apart because other Mandalorians would be willing to kill other Mandalorians for it. In the second trailer, we see that Saxon has the Darksaber in what appears to be his last stand while Sabine is forced to take Ezra's lightsaber instead in order to take down Saxon. Either he threatens/kills Rau, her mom, the yellow Mandalorian, that ISC guy with the yellow Mandalorian, or a member of the Ghost crew.
  • Promo images for "Legacy of Mandalore" suggest that everyone agreed to have Sabine prove her mettle by having her fight Saxon for the Darksaber by using Ezra's lightsaber.
  • Jossed. Ursa Wren tried to give Saxon the Darksaber and Kanan and Ezra in exchange for Sabine's safety, and Saxon instead intended to take Sabine prisoner and slaughter Clan Wren. Ezra loans Sabine his lightsaber so she can fight Saxon.

Guesses on the remaining episodes.
  • "Legacy of Mandalore"
    • Kanan, Chopper, Ezra, and Sabine leave in the Phantom II to Mandalore, but not before Rau gives Sabine words of encouragement (but he didn't go along for whatever reason). It was decided that Sabine is going to recruit her family first, so they journey to a moon of Mandalore (maybe a polar region of Concordia), where her mother's clan is. They are met with a yellow-shouldered Imperial supercommando leading a group of regular supercommandos. Sabine and Ezra get upset that there's an Imperial there, but it turns out he had a Heel–Face Turn or something. Ezra also notes the supercommandos have the same helmet markings as Sabine. The other supercommandos are surprised that Sabine is back, and the commander appears later, revealed to be Sabine's aunt. She asks why the crew is here and warns them that they're risking getting the Empire's attention on the clan, until Sabine reveals she has the Darksaber. We learn that Sabine's mother is from Clan Kast (which pretty much confirms that she's Rook), and we also learn more about Sabine's backstory, like why she joined the Imperial Academy, who was Wren and Clan Wren, Sabine's family in general, and so on. We also learn more about how the Empire's occupation on Mandalore has affected the Clan/House rivalries and stuff. In the end, after proving themselves or something, Clan Kast agrees to help/join the Rebellion and get Sabine's parents back.
      • Part jossed, part confirmed. The episode starts with Kanan, Ezra, Sabine, Rau and Chopper dropping out of hyperspace in the Phantom II at Krownest. Ezra does react badly to seeing the Imperial supercommando, who is Sabine's older brother Tristan. Clan Wren is surprised that Sabine's back. The clan leader is actually Sabine's mother, Ursa Wren. Sabine leaves at the end to help build the Mandalorian Resistance.
  • "Through Imperial Eyes"
    • It will mainly be an episode from Kallus's POV. Early in the episode, Thrawn will walk out of the shadows from his cool room (the scene of his introduction in the first trailer) and tell Kallus, Lyste, and Pryce that there is The Mole is specifically a traitor amongst their ranks and that he has a plan on what he's going to do with them. Yularen is there too, because his abilities are the best for this situation or something. Kallus makes an emergency transmission to either the Lothal Insurgency (who then tell Chopper Base) or Chopper Base about how he's in danger. Then, we get discussion from the rebels on how it might be a trap, but they can't let him be caught because He Knows Too Much about the Rebellion and will put it at risk if he's caught, as well as people like Zeb, Wedge, Ezra, and Chopper standing up for him. They also decide this is a good time to destroy the TIE Defender production. Kanan, Rex, Wedge, and Chopper go undercover (but Ezra, instead, is put in some weird garb) and infiltrate the Chimaera over Lothal, under the pretense that Kanan and Rex are Stormtroopers that are arresting a criminal. Phoenix Squadron and the Ghost are on standby and have their coordinates set for Lothal if things go awry. Eventually, things go downhill due to Thrawn per usual, which at least leads to Ezra and Kallus's covers being blown and the duo fleeing to the surface of Lothal. Unable to contact the other rebels and Lothal being put on another heavy lockdown again, Ezra steals a bike and takes the two of them to his old tower to hide out. The two of them end up reflecting about everything that's happened to each other up to now (like how Kallus became an Imperial in the first place, how Ezra feels about everything now in contrast to Season 1, et cetera.). The other rebels show up, but it turns out it is too late to stop the TIE Defenders from being produced. Kallus likely dies at the end of this episode in a Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Jossed, Thrawn does walk out of the shadows and announce there's a mole, but he's talking to Kallus, Lyste, Konstantine and Yularen. The rebels set up a rescue mission because they figured out Kallus' cover was in danger on their own. Kallus ends up framing Lyste as the traitor and staying behind, but Thrawn reveals at the end that he's onto Kallus.
  • Episode where the Mandalorian Resistance is finally re-established. Rau, Sabine, Bo, and the clans will unite. Sabine still needs to persuade her mother to join the Rebellion. She journeys to the surface of Mandalore (accompanied by allies) to find her, but once again confront Saxon and other hostile ISC members. Somehow, Sabine loses the Darksaber to Saxon and Ezra is fallen, so she takes his lightsaber to fight him. Saxon goes to the snow-world either because he wants Sabine to fight him there or he's going to confront Clan Kast, so Sabine goes there to confront him for the last time, this being her Darkest Hour. She ultimately does not deal the final blow to him, just like how she showed mercy to Rau in "The Protector of Concord Dawn". In the end, the Mandalorians join the Rebel fleet.
    • Jossed. It's possible this could happen in Season 4, though.
  • Episode where Ezra and Chopper journey to Tatooine to stop Maul and find Obi-Wan. Maul dies.

"Trials of the Darksaber" will have Sabine reach an understanding with Kanan, then there will be a training montage before the episode ends, of which has Sabine thanking Kanan her training her.
  • Jossed.

Sabine's Imperial weapons had to do with chemical warfare.
We know that Sabine is an explosives expertise, so she knows how to make things go boom with the right material. Considering she's also quite creative and smart, perhaps she helped develop or come up with the idea of doing something unique with chemical usage in weapons.

A counterpoint though is that this raises the question of why Sabine doesn't seem to feel guilty about using explosives in the present. Possibly because just making simple explosives are different from making things that can actually terrorize people like super-mustard gas or super-chlorine or whatever, or that she wasn't too directly involved in the creation of the weapons.

Sabine's Imperial weapons had to do with biological warfare.
Seems a bit extreme and is probably grasping for straws, but possible. Biological warfare was used in The Clone Wars, where Doctor Nuvo Vindi tried to 'resurrect' the Blue Shadow Virus, and he nearly got several clones, Rex, Padme, Jar Jar, and Ahsoka killed from it.

Perhaps doctors became a limited resource after the Siege and/or many were aligned with the Empire. Mandalorian warrior culture is pretty unappreciative of the people who support them yet aren't fighters themselves and would seem to discourage going down that path, and look down on 'weak' people in general.

Looking at the Empire, you have your bombs, blasters, ships, protocols, soldiers, tear gas, and so forth. But Sabine says that they can do better. Fine, they already have chemical weapons, but why not take a page out of someone like Doctor Vindi and use biological weapons?

If people get sick, of course, they have to look to medical care. But all the doctors are with the Empire. The Empire could gladly refuse to give you medical care if you're suspected of treason or disloyalty. That way, the Empire can assure their loyalty, because they're essentially blackmailing them.

And if you get sick in the first place? You could be seen as a weakling. If you die, then that's natural selection.

But Sabine didn't directly give this suggestion. She said that she helped developed the weapon(s), but she didn't realize they would be used to hurt people in the end product. Maybe Sabine came up with the idea that to get people to like the Empire more, they could develop cures for diseases, which gave the Empire the idea to use biological warfare on the populace. So they tricked Sabine and others into believing they were creating cures or antibodies or whatever, when they were actually helping develop artificial/modified viruses/bacteria/fungi/whatever that are difficult/impossible to naturally be immune to, the only cure being in the Empire's hands.

A counterpoint is that the Empire would never get away with using this as a threat to an entire world without gathering the attention of the Senate, like how the Senate banned the disruptors after the Siege of Lasan, forcing the Empire to conduct business regarding the disruptors underground. Though it's possible that perhaps the Empire just somehow managed to keep it under wraps, like claiming there was an outbreak of an unknown disease, but the cure and immunization has become available; it looks like an ordinary outbreak effort from real life, when it's actually blackmail in a nutshell.

The yellow Imperial supercommando is Sabine's brother.
  • Confirmed.

Kallus will die in "Through Imperial Eyes".
It'd be a definite show of strength from Thrawn if he kills off a major character.
  • Since new canon seems to be coordinated in their release dates, Aftermath: Empire's End will be released four days before this episode comes out. Wedge, a major character of that book series, has been theorized to die in that book. Since Wedge and Fulcrum (presumably Kallus) are said to become friends during a time that Wedge describes with what likely may be his time stationed with Phoenix Squadron and the Ghost crew, if Wedge shows up in this episode, then it could be a nod to how the both of them will die for the rebel cause. Something like that.
  • Kallus knows that Thrawn's plan is to attack the rebel fleet when it is most together, so if Kallus dies, he wouldn't be able to warn the rebels that they need to be wary about uniting the fleet due to Thrawn. And as we see in the trailer, the rebels seem all happy-go-lucky about meeting up with the rest of the fleet...
  • Jossed. Kallus stays behind to continue leaking intel, but Thrawn is onto him and plans to Feed the Mole.

Kallus will not die in "Through Imperial Eyes" and he will survive to join the Rebellion.
Because if he's the same Fulcrum that befriended Wedge, and they're intending on showing their friendship onscreen, then Kallus is Saved by Canon, since there's no indication that he's befriended Wedge yet.
  • Confirmed that he survives, but he stays with the Empire to keep spying, unaware that Thrawn is onto him and plans to Feed the Mole.
    • Confirmed that he lives to join the Rebels as well.

Thrawn does manage to cripple the Rebellion.
Hidalgo revealed on Twitter that in Rogue One, Admiral Raddus's warship, the Profundity, was the only warship they had at the time. It was also said in the movie by Senator Organa that they only recently got a bunch of the cells together. So in the end, even if they do manage to defeat Thrawn, it'll be a Pyrrhic Victory.
  • Confirmed. They lose all of their large warships.

The holocrons will be repaired.
The opening clip of the midseason trailer is of Ezra being woken up in the middle of the night because the broken Jedi holocron is playing Obi-Wan's warning message from "Spark of Rebellion". The second clip is brief, but shows Ezra piloting an A-Wing while holding what looks like the Sith holocron. Perhaps the holocrons are repairing themselves, or will be repaired by others.
  • Inconclusive, as of the end of season 3. However, as of "Twin Suns" Ezra now has all the pieces of both holocrons.
  • Ultimately jossed: the holocrons did not appear in season 4.

The unexpected source that Ezra is seeking in the season finale is the Bendu.
FPJ has stated that the Bendu is going to have a show of power and that he's going to show the not-so-nice side of him that we haven't seen yet. Bendu might initially not want to participate, because while he does like Ezra and Kanan, he doesn't want to intervene in other people's problems... unless the Imperials somehow hurt the Bendu in some way, causing him to take action.
  • Jossed. It's the Mandalorians.

The Imperial specialist in "Double Agent Droid" is Yularen.
We briefly see a man in the trailer that looks like Yularen. Either Yularen or one of his subordinates puts a bug in AP/Chopper.
  • And perhaps, if Kallus lives to join the rebels, he'll be a major character, and he'll explain that he knows how to fix it. This could also lead to a Yularen and Kallus confrontation about the latter supposedly ruining his own life according to the former, but the latter defends himself and says he's doing what's best for the Galaxy.
  • Jossed. He's a new character called the Controller.

Sabine will temporarily leave the crew to help lead the Mandalorian Resistance.
  • Confirmed.

"Twin Suns" is concurrent with "Zero Hour, Part I".
It seems a bit curious that 'Hera and Kanan' are specifically mentioned in both summaries for "Twin Suns" and the second part to "Zero Hour". It sounds like Hera and Kanan are in charge due to Sato (who in the trailer doesn't seem to be present during the Siege of Atollon) being offworld, so it could be something like the two of them trying to tell Ezra to stay because they're in the middle of taking off for Lothal, but he leaves anyway. This ultimately ends up being beneficial, because by the time Ezra returns, he finds that Atollon is under siege and he decides to get out of dodge to find help offworld.
  • The synopsis for "Zero Hour, Part I" doesn't mention Ezra at all . . .
  • Jossed. Ezra returns to Chopper Base at the end of "Twin Suns".

The unexpected source that Ezra is seeking in the season finale is Sabine and the Mandalorians.
Following the above WMG, Ezra and Chopper decide to go to Mandalore, where Sabine and the Mando-Resistance are in the middle of doing something like taking back Sundari or whatever, so after quickly helping that, they get a bunch of Mandalorian starfighters and supercommandos to fight off Thrawn's occupation.
  • Well, it's confirmed that the Mandalorians are in "Zero Hour".
  • Confirmed.

Ezra's allies in "Zero Hour, Part II" are either Maul, Kenobi, Bendu, or the Mandalorian Army.
  • Maul seems quite logical. Since Kenobi survives up until ANH,it can be assumed Maul fails in his quest for revenge. In "Twin Suns", Ezra sees the confrontation, and convinces Kenobi not to kill Maul, and asks Maul to join the fight against the Emperor. Maul refuses and goes into exile alongside Kenobi on Tatooine, before deciding to join him after all in "Zero Hour".
    • Jossed. Maul dies in "Twin Suns."
  • Kenobi is a possibility for much the same reason as above, but with a slight twist. If Kenobi is the ally, he will be instrumental in taking out stormtroopers and Death Troopers alike, with survivors recalling the rumor of a powerful Jedi Master in the Rebels' ranks. This will make its way to Vader of course, who will become very interested in the rumor.
    • Jossed. He stays on Tatooine, and the general Rebellion believes him to be dead until Organa calls for him.
  • Bendu is an obvious ally, since Attolon is his home, and the Empire is more than likely attempting a Base Delta Zero on the planet. This will obviously piss him off, and he will decimate the fleet, leaving only the Chimaera standing, for obvious reasons.
    • The Bendu is partially confirmed, as Kanan manages to persuade him to act, but he instead wants everyone, rebel or Imperial, off his planet. He also doesn't decimate the Imperial fleet.
  • The Mandalorians are last seen in Sabine's two parter, and should they be convinced to rally for her in those episodes, but refuse to take action until required, this may be the moment they come to help.
    • The Mandalorians are confirmed.

Palpatine will make a physical appearance in the final scene of "Zero Hour, Part II".
So far the finale episodes have had one Wham Shot after another. Vader's appearance in "Fire Across the Galaxy", Ezra opening the Sith Holocron and Maul's survival in "Twilight of the Apprentice", so what is stopping the biggest evil in the universe from showing his face in "Zero Hour"?
  • Jossed

The Mandalorians will be involved in "Zero Hour", but they're not The Cavalry that Ezra calls for.
  • Jossed. They're the Cavalry.

Commander Sato will die in "Zero Hour".
We know from Rogue One that Hera will be promoted to General. Perhaps Sato's death would be one of the triggers for it?

Sabine temporarily leaves the crew to help build the Mandalorian Resistance.
  • Confirmed.

Sabine will lose the Darksaber in "Legacy of Mandalore".
Sabine will win the fight against Saxon, but she will show him mercy, similar to how in "Protector of Concord Dawn", she went against tradition and let Rau live, and how in "Imperial Supercommandos", Saxon made a Join or Die offer. Sabine will be more genuine about it, but Saxon decides to take advantage of the moment to run off with the Darksaber instead.

Sabine expects her clan to turn against her after the battle, but her mother reveals that they're actually more impressed that Sabine managed to defeat the Imperial Viceroy and sent him off running like a Dirty Coward rather than the fact that she had the Darksaber and lost it. While some clans would place the latter as their top reason to not pledge allegiance to the Rebellion, many would agree with Sabine's mother and would follow her.

Also, Status Quo Is God, though it would feel a bit Deus ex Machina-ish and wasteful since Sabine didn't even have it and know how to use it until the previous episode.

  • Jossed. Yes, Sabine defeats Saxon and shows him mercy, but Sabine had grabbed the Darksaber from Saxon when she cut his arm, so he couldn't run off with it. He instead gets angry and tries to shoot her from behind, but Ursa shoots first and he dies.

Sabine is Force-sensitive.
It seems a little strange for someone with no major connection to the Force to get the Bendu's attention given he hasn't conversed with any non Force Users.
  • As of "Zero Hour", the Bendu talked to Thrawn, and managed to completely unnerve him. This is probably Jossed, because the Bendu only noticed Sabine because she unwittingly kicked him in frustration, thinking he was a rock or part of the giant corals.

If Kallus dies, he will die by fire.
His fellow Co-Dragons from Season 1, Minister Tua and the Grand Inquisitor, both died by fire. Bonus points if he gets killed by a disruptor (which is blaster fire, and turning into ash is pretty relevant).
  • Jossed — he lives to join up with the Rebellion.

Rau will take Tristan under his wing as the next Protector of Concord Dawn.
The What Could Have Been that proto-Tristan was the Protector of Concord Dawn is still possible. It'd also be a parallel to how Saxon also took Tristan under his wing as another Imperial supercommando, but was only his pawn, whereas Rau can continue a line that has protected the Mandalorian throne (who the successor is either Sabine or someone else that she finds worthy) since forever.
  • Jossed for season 3.

The leader Sabine is looking for is Bo-Katan.
  • It looks like this will factor into Season 4 instead.

Thrawn purposely let Lyste and Kallus hear him give the override code as a Chekhov's Gun that will end up backfiring on Kallus.
Since the sentry droids have proven to be a problem for the rebels in the past, it makes sense that with Kallus having heard Thrawn give the code, Kallus could tell the rebels about it to avoid future fights with these droids.

The problem is, the code only works specifically on Thrawn's sentry droids for training, and if anyone else uses the code, it won't actually work and it'll instead send an alert signal that someone tried to use it. And only two other people know about the code: Kallus and Lyste.

This might also lead to either Lyste kicking the can when they narrow the search to the two of them, and/or Kallus sacrificing his cover to save a fellow Imperial officer.

  • Jossed. It ends up being a Bait-and-Switch — Kallus instead disables or changes the override and sics the droids on Thrawn, forcing him to fight them and giving Ezra and Chopper a chance to escape from his office.

Rex and Yularen will have a confrontation.
  • Jossed. Rex and Yularen are unaware of each other's presence.

How Thrawn will find the Rebel Base
Chopper may have tampered with Thrawn's database without Thrawn suspecting it, but since he will discover the Rebel base, there are two ways this can go down:
  • Assuming Maul's beacon on Atollon wasn't removed, Maul will confront Obi-Wan, but since Obi-Wan can't die, Maul is fair game. That will mean Obi-Wan ends up killing Maul, activating the beacon and alerting Thrawn.
  • Thrawn will either pressure or trick Kallus into revealing the Rebel base. Thrawn already knows Kallus is Fulcrum, Kallus probably knows the location of the Rebel base, and if Thrawn asks the question, Kallus will have no choice but to tell him if wants to keep his head.
    • Semi-confirmed. Kallus' transmission does in fact factor into Thrawn figuring out the location, but it's only one factor.

Kallus will steal Hera's Kalikori back from Thrawn.
Though it probably won't happen, since Kallus doesn't seem to know why Ezra was trying to take the Kalikori (since he cut him off before he could say that it belonged to Hera) or why it is important, and Kallus might not be able to escape to the rebels, or even if he did, he wouldn't be able to bring anything with him.
  • Jossed — as of the end of "Zero Hour", the Kalikori is still in Thrawn's possession.

Kallus goes to Ezra's tower to make one last transmission.
It looks like this is going to take place in the first half of "Zero Hour". Kallus's Fulcrum transmission line is compromised (like it gets confiscated and/or Thrawn has a false message be sent through it), but not before probably sending false information because Thrawn fed him that. At the same time, Kallus realizes that his cover is blown too, so he tries to make a run for it. He is unable to re-secure his Fulcrum line. In the meantime, the rebels are probably led to assume that Kallus double-crossed them and was working for Thrawn all along, because as far as they know, his information as Fulcrum was fake.

However, he knows that he won't be able to evade Thrawn's forces and having no idea where the Lothal Insurgency is (even if he did, he'd be putting them at risk if he went to them in search of asylum), so knowing information on Ezra and the Bridger family, he makes his way to Ezra's communications tower. Besides feeling lonely and saddened when he sees Ezra's stuff (which includes defaced and stolen Imperial property), he quickly searches for communication equipment. When he manages to get it on a frequency that can contact the rebels, he tells them the code phrase—which Thrawn probably doesn't know about—and clarifies that he is the real deal and that they have to believe what he is about to tell them if they want to survive, and so he informs them of something important that they don't know yet until the Imperials show up towards the end of his transmission.

  • Partially confirmed. He does go there to make a transmission, but he gets ambushed by Thrawn.

Ezra ends up in a coma at the end of the finale.
We see that Ezra is fighting in space alongside Mandalorian starfighters, but he gets caught in an explosion from an Interdictor's gravity well.
  • Jossed.

"Zero Hour" will contain the largest amount of cast members/characters ever in the show.
From what we can deduce so far, all six members of the Ghost crew will be present. Rex will appear as well. Sato and Dodonna appear through holos and might not appear until the rebel fleet does. Sabine will probably show up with the Mandalorians including Ursa, Tristan, and Rau, as well as other Clan Wren members and possibly miscellaneous Mandalorians. We might get a possible cameo from the Azadi and the Lothal Insurgents. Thrawn, Kallus, Pryce, the Death Troopers, and Konstantine if he's still alive may show up. AP-5 probably shows up, considering he's usually based on Chopper Base. Wedge can also be seen when blaster fire rains down on Chopper Base, and Hobbie probably shows up with him too. The Bendu is also slated to have a 'show of power', and since the other episode descriptions don't fit for that kind of moment, he probably shows up in here to do that. Iron Squadron makes sense to still be on Chopper Base, since that's where we first left them off. So that's a whopping twenty-four (twenty-three voice actors, as Rex and Konstantine share the same voice actor) named characters at the very least.
  • Confirmed: There's the Ghost crew, Thrawn, Pryce, Tarkin, Konstantine, Kallus, Sato, Rex, AP-5, Wedge, Hobbie, Dodonna, Azadi, Mon Mothma, Ursa Wren, Tristan Wren, Rau and the Bendu, not to mention all of the incidental characters.

Maul will not die in "Twin Suns", and instead go after the Emperor.
We already know that Maul's revenge plot against Obi-Wan will fail, but until we see what happens, we don't know if Maul dies or not. If he survives, then he will most likely seek vengeance against another - The Emperor. This will become a plot line in Season 4, where Maul will come into conflict with Darth Sidious on Coruscant, and put up a much stronger fight than the last time they fought while on Mandalore, due having gained more experience since then, but will still be defeated and killed.
  • Jossed. Obi-Wan kills him.

Kallus will be involved in helping fix Chopper in "Double Agent Droid".
The Imperial specialist holds off on telling the ISB about AP-5 and Chopper sneaking into the station until he gets the information he wants. So once he's done doing that, he'll report to the ISB via Kallus about the droids and what he did to them, which causes Kallus to attempt to contact the rebels and provides information on how to fix the problem, though it might not be too helpful since Thrawn might be keeping an eye on him or feeding him false information somehow.
  • Jossed.

The final scene of Season 3
Wulff Yularen will be seen informing Vader of Thrawn's failure to destroy the rebels completely, despite succeeding in destroying Chopper Base. Vader responds stoically, which surprises Yularen, given Vader's usual temper when being informed of failure. Vader however, informs Yularen that he has been training an apprentice for the past couple of decades or so, and that this apprentice will be ready for the final test; destroying the rebels and permanently eliminating the rest of the surviving Jedi. When Yularen asks who is it, a voice replies "Me". Yularen turns, and the camera reveals that Vader's apprentice is none other than Galen Marek/Starkiller, making him a Canon Immigrant, not unlike how Thrawn is.
  • Jossed.

Kallus is not the Fulcrum that befriended Wedge.
There has yet to be any indication that the two know each other besides the incident at Skystrike Academy, and unless Kallus survives and goes around as an information broker akin to Cassian during his stint as Fulcrum, Kallus can't be Wedge's Fulcrum and Wedge would've referred to him by his real name rather than "Fulcrum" if he knew the Fulcrum for Chopper Base's true identity, regardless if Kallus lives or dies in the finale. Also, as Kallus makes prerecorded messages as Fulcrum, there's no way he can converse and befriend Wedge through there.

    Season 4 
Potential Season 4 plots
Because they would have to try and match Thrawn's introduction and Vader's arrival, potential things they could do include:
  • Bringing back Old Republic-era characters like Exar Kun and Revan as ghosts or plot points
    • Jossed.
  • Debut Mara Jade
    • Filoni at Celebration 2016 said that Mara Jade is unlikely (probably due to the Hands conflicting with the idea of the canon Inquisition), though he could always change his mind and create a Captain Ersatz of her or something as an Inquisitor instead.
    • Jossed.
  • Set up a Rebels vs Empire vs Vong plotline
    • The Vong would detract from the Rebels vs. Empire plot that the entire show is supposed to be about, so unlikely.
    • Series like Transformers: Prime show that a one off Villain Episode might be something interesting. Imagine, a episode staring an Empire Ship alone fighting advanced Vong forces. Might even be interesting to see the Rebels and Empire have to team up against Vong forces.
    • Jossed.
  • Introduce legit time travel
    • Unlikely.
      • What fools time makes of us all. Though as you can probably imagine, it doesn't stick around very long.
      • Actually confirmed!
  • The fate of Jar Jar
  • Galen Marek being sent to hunt after the remaining Jedi and the crew of the Ghost.
    • Jossed. Sam Witwer said that Dave Filoni considered making Marek an Inquisitor, but they decided he wouldn't work in the show.

Season 4 will begin immediately/shortly after the ending of the Season 3 finale.
  • Seems to be confirmed.

Hera's X-Wing squadron is called Green Squadron.
  • They're painted green, after all. Given that was the deal with Gold, Red and Blue Squadrons, it's just common sense.
  • In Rogue One and accompanying All There in the Manual, Green Leader is never stated except for in the novelization nor is their identity given (unlike how General Merrick was a minor character in Rogue One and was shown to be Blue Leader, and we already knew who Red Leader and Gold Leader were), and the Ghost piloted by presumably Hera is present at the battle...
  • Jossed: it's Phoenix Squadron.

Wedge breaks his leg and becomes the Sixth Ranger to the Ghost crew.
Aftermath says that Wedge used to be an A-Wing pilot in the early days of the Rebellion, but then he broke his leg after his friend, a Fulcrum, recommended that he takes a mission to a volcanic world, resulting in the crash of his A-Wing. However, Wedge managed to convince the higher-ups in the Rebellion that he could still be of use, so he ended up being a navigator and gunner for a freighter ship until his leg recovered.
  • Since Chopper Base gets destroyed in the Season 3 finale, they move to Yavin IV and join up with Senator Mothma and her rebels there. In that case, Wedge probably had to convince to her and the rest of the Rebel High Command that he could work with the Ghost crew.
  • This could happen in the Season 4 premiere.
    • Jossed for the Season 4 premiere. There's also no indication that Wedge plays a major role in the first few episodes of the season.
  • Jossed: Wedge only appears once in the entire season.

Another Fulcrum will be introduced.
And if Kallus isn't the Fulcrum that became a friend of Wedge's, then this Fulcrum is.
  • Jossed.

Kallus and Wedge will become friends.
After the events of "Zero Hour", while some like the Ghost crew would be accepting of the former ISB agent, some others would not. Remembering that Kallus is the same man that helped him, Hobbie, and Sabine escape the Skystrike Academy and actually did much more by being the one to tell Chopper Base about Wedge and Hobbie in the first place rather than ratting them out to the Empire, Wedge may feel like he owes Kallus, so in return, Wedge decides to befriend Kallus and make him feel more comfortable in the Rebellion, also relating to him in that they were both former Imperials that decided to defect after realizing they were both wrong. And then it goes from there.

Kallus and Cassian will meet and get along famously.
  • Jossed: Cassian didn't appear.

Sabine's new look.
It's mandatory that she has a new look every season, so what's her new look this time?
  • A new set of armor/new armor pieces, since she's back with her family and they have different armor molds than her.
  • She'll add blue to her armor's color scheme, possibly in memory of the Protectors (and Foreshadowing something with Bo-Katan and the original Mandalorian Resistance).
  • She'll add more green to her armor's color scheme, partly to screw around with Mandalorian Jango Fett fans if it's a similar shade of green.
  • Pronounce her phoenix insignia or replace her shoulderpad's convor with a phoenix in memory of Phoenix Squadron.
  • She'll change her phoenix insignia to the Wren Phoenix.
  • No new haircut, like with Season 1 and Season 2.
  • Alternatively, she has no new appearance, because she's too busy fighting in the civil war to have any time to make cosmetic changes to herself.
    • Confirmed. No new appearance, though she might change it later in the season? There's a shot of her with brighter yellow on the back of her helmet in the trailer, likely in honor of her family.
  • Confirmed that she changed her look: purple-and-brown hair with purple and yellow armour.

The leader Sabine is looking for is Bo-Katan.
  • Confirmed? Though it might not have been the case at first... they get into a fight at one point.

The Inquisitors will return.
They'll be the Second and the Fourth. Considering we went a season without any major lightsaber fights for Ezra and Kanan so that we could focus more on the development of the Rebellion, this may be a reason for why Ezra and Kanan are 'gone' (not necessarily dead perhaps, maybe just dealing with the Inquisitors elsewhere), as Season 4 would mean we are about one year away from the events of Rogue One and A New Hope.
  • Bonus if they are the "final boss" of the season.
  • Double bonus if it ties in with Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, since that comic series is supposed to start later this year and will be released monthly alongside Rebels Season 4, and it has been confirmed that the origin of the Inquisitorius would be explored in that series.
  • Jossed.

Vader and Thrawn will interact.
Why not? Two legendary characters in the same room with each other, talking about how to defeat the Jedi/rebels...

The season finale will be about Ezra proving himself.
Just as how the Season 1 finale was about Kanan proving that despite the hardships, he is, can, and will be strong enough to defend what he believes in and the people he loves, the Season 2 finale was the Darkest Hour (though maybe you can argue it was a proving moment for Ahsoka, but technically, that already happened in her fugitive arc in the Season 5 finale of The Clone Wars, even though it was also a Downer Ending), but the Season 3 finale was about the Rebellion proving it is, can, and will be strong enough to defend all that is good against the Empire, so Season 4 will go back to revolving around a character, and that character is Ezra, who needs to decide if he will still be a conventional Jedi or not, which will determine his fate before Luke enters the scene.
  • Kind of confirmed.

Thrawn will be defeated for real in the season finale.
Since "Zero Hour" literally took pseudo-divine intervention and Konstantine sucking at his job for the episode to end in a Pyrrhic Victory, the season will end with possibly Hera and co. managing to find a way to defeat Thrawn, leading to either Palpatine sending him off to the Unknown Regions for the rest of the Galactic Civil War or him dying. It may also lead to Hera getting promoted to General, now that the season is one year away from the Death Star crisis.
  • It's worth noting his Noghri bodyguard Rukh, who in Legends assassinated him, appears in the trailer . . .
  • Confirmed. However, Thrawn doesn't die and Rukh never betrayed him.

Hera will be promoted throughout the season or was promoted during the Time Skip.
She'll be promoted to Commander to replace Sato, and by the end of the season, she'll be a General. Maybe she'll be a Colonel somewhere in the middle of the season if that's how it's gonna be.
  • Jossed, she was not promoted during the Time Skip. However, it's been confirmed that by the end of the season, she will be promoted to General.

We will finally learn what happened to Ahsoka.
Maybe not the entire story, but she will return here somehow.
  • Seemingly confirmed at Celebration 2017 by Filoni.
  • Absolutely confirmed in "A World Between Worlds". Ezra yanks Ahsoka out of the timeline just before she's to be killed by the exploding Malachor temple. She returns after the explosion, with Vader thinking her dead and she seeking the portal back to Lothal.]]

Rook Kast will appear.
And there will be a Fandom Nod/Take That, Audience! to how people thought she was Sabine's mom.

The Lasat Mercenary will appear, and he is the Fool in the Prophecy of Three.
Zeb still has to "save" the Fool, and the Prophecy is probably something they'll only address in Rebels. Considering Saw apparently isn't the Fool, judging by lack of interactions between Zeb and Saw in "Ghosts of Geonosis", and Saw obviously doesn't get saved as we see in Rogue One, who "leads" Kallus/the Warrior into trying to "destroy" Zeb/the Child? The Empire? That's not exactly something Zeb can "save"... but the Mercenary was behind Kallus' Dark and Troubled Past... hmmm...
  • Jossed.

Kallus will get a new bo-rifle.
Since he left it behind in "Zero Hour", maybe he has to undergo a Lasat trial to earn a brand new bo-rifle rather than killing someone with a bo-rifle again. It could tie in with the above WMG of the Lasat Mercenary showing up.
  • It could be the CJ-9 bo-rifle from Battlefront 2015, which looks very similar to Kallus' J-19 bo-rifle minus the blade.
  • Jossed.

Kallus will be involved in more physical fights and will win undeterred for once.
In "Droids in Distress", he technically won, but Ezra cheated him out of it. He didn't win in "The Honorable Ones" or "Zero Hour" since his technique isn't good for fighting in closed spaces.
  • He could fight the Mercenary in a bo-rifle fight, if he gets a new bo-rifle and the Mercenary shows up accompanying Saw.
  • Maybe the rebels run into another Separatist battle droid holdout with MagnaGuards, so Kallus fights the MagnaGuards with his bo-rifle. It's been a common theory for a while that he trained fighting MagnaGuards, so it'd be a cool thing to see.
  • Jossed, sadly.

Kallus will get a change of wardrobe.
He's now officially left the Empire and joined the Rebellion, so there's no reason for him to wear his ISB uniform anymore.

He'll change to:

  • A rebel officer/soldier uniform.
    • Confirmed.
  • Unorthodox clothing like the Ghost crew.
  • A mix between both like Hera, to show something like him being committed to the cause yet he still chooses to be his own person, unlike how he was with the Empire.
  • Something that looks like his ISB uniform, except it is a rebel version (ex. it has chest armor, long sleeves that end in gloves, et cetera).

We'll finally learn Kallus' first name.
  • Turns out it's Alexsandr.

We will get a new ISB agent or introduce the Imperial Intelligence through one of their agents as a replacement for Kallus.
  • Jossed.

Kallus has information that will become useful to the Rebel Alliance, including information on rebel sympathizers in the Imperial ranks that will lead to their defection or more allies to Rebel Alliance.
Perhaps he knows a bit about Imperial officers that are suspected of treason, like maybe Crix Madine, and/or he knows about other rebel sympathizers such as senators like Nadea Tural, Riyo Chuchi, Lux Bonteri, and so forth. This would also make him even more of a Foil to Minister Tua, who also bargained information about rebel sympathizers with connections that made them untouchable by the Empire, with the implication that this is the same list that Kallus would reveal now years later.

Kallus joins Alliance Intelligence.
  • Well, the rank insignia on his uniform in the trailer says he's a captain, which is the same rank as Cassian Andor, who is in Alliance Intelligence.

Galen Marek will be the arc antagonist and deuteragonist of Season 4
Seeing as how Disney is canonizing more and more aspects of the old EU, such as with Thrawn, then this could also be the case with The Force Unleashed, with some aspects of the story being adapted into Season 4 of Rebels. The first half could revolve around Marek's hunt for the Jedi, and the second half could revolve around his redemption, ending with his sacrifice.

Aspects that could be kept:

  • PROXY and Juno Eclipse, albeit with Eclipse maybe wearing some more modest clothing.
  • Galen Becoming the Mask when infiltrating the rebels.
  • Galen being born on Kashyyyk and being taken after his father died.
  • Vader and Sidious' gambit to bring all of the rebels together and identify who their enemies are.

Aspects that could be changed:

  • Rahm Kota and Shaak Ti would be replaced either with already canon Jedi or new Jedi entirely, given that Kanan is too similar to Kota at this point and Shaak Ti is dead in the new canon.
  • The rebellion has already formed, so the series won't end with their formation.
  • The final showdown won't take place on the Death Star, because the rebels only find out about the Death Star in Rogue One. Either Coruscant or a Super Star Destroyer could be substituted instead.

Just as how it seems most of Thrawn's backstory is being kept as the same as it was in the old EU, it isn't out of the realm of possibility that if Galen does appear, then Season 4 will borrow from The Force Unleashed, while changing several details so that it will fit with the new canon.

  • Jossed.

Han Solo, Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon will appear in some way
It could be a cameo or a more major role, but they're now the only heroes of the Original Trilogy who haven't appeared on Rebels in some way yet, so why not?
  • Perhaps Ezra and the crew will be forced to participate in a race over Kessel?
  • Jossed: There wasn't any room for them in the season's plot anyway.

We will see more of Alderaan
When Alderaan was destroyed in A New Hope, it was not as shocking to the audience as it could have been as none of the people on the planet at the time were known to the audience. Of course we knew Leia's (adoptive) father was there, but it took until the prequels for people to get to see him and take a liking to President Santos. So in keeping with a general tendency to make seemingly minor events (like the "Order 66 compilation" of Revenge of the Sith) more of a gut punch retroactively, we will meet some more characters who'll either be stated or strongly implied to be on Alderaan at the time of its destruction. I don't think the show (being a "kiddy show" and all) will get away with giving a ground level view of the Death Star's attack, but just a Wham Line like "General Syndulla, we need you on Alderaan" or an Alderaan subplot would be enough to make the destruction of Alderaan that much more of a Tear Jerker.
  • Jossed.

Bounty hunters will be involved as a major plotline.
  • Ketsu will return as an ally (possibly to the Mandalorian plotline) or is forced to turn against the rebels due to Black Sun's other interests. This would also reveal a bit about Ketsu and Sabine's pasts while also revealing what exactly happened to the two in the Imperial Academy.
  • Bossk, having teamed up with Ezra in the past, either decides to feel particularly merciful/nice to him (and perhaps make a nod to Bossk's Papa Wolf tendencies to Boba back during the Clone Wars; maybe Bossk even says something about how they've both grown up fast) or chooses to side against him because the bounty on Ezra's head is higher.
  • Bounty hunters will appear in order to collect a bounty on Kallus.
  • Jossed.

There will be at least one nod to The Last Jedi.
In Season 2, we had the crossguard sabers on Malachor and touched upon the Scourge of Malachor that was mentioned in The Force Awakens Visual Guide. Then in Season 3, we got Saw, Senator Mothma, and Death Troopers for Rogue One (as well as the film mentioning Hera, Chopper and the Ghost having cameos, someone saying "Karabast!", and the Wren Phoenix insignia). So looking at this, there's a good chance we'll see references to The Last Jedi, maybe not even until the second half of the season.
  • The first trailer shows a salt-flats planet called Crait, which by Word of God from Rian Johnson used to house a Rebel base.
  • Confirmed: one of the portals seen in "A World Between Worlds" seems to lead to Cantonica.

The Wren Phoenix was created by Sabine to show who used to be a member of Phoenix Squadron.
Phoenix Squadron might have to splinter up and join the other squadrons at Yavin since they lost a lot of pilots and other staff from the Battle of Atollon.

The Mandalorian apocalyptic wasteland is once again Mandalore, savaged again recently by Sabine's anti-Mandalorian weapon.
  • Confirmed that it's Mandalore, but it wasn't savaged by Sabine's weapon.

Sabine's anti-Mandalorian weapon is or is similar to Basilisk war droids.
It's worth noting that in back in Legends (the Galaxies video game), engineers managed to find schematics of ancient Basilisk war droids and used them to recreate them in the present — the Galactic Civil War era.
  • Jossed... though Sabine's dad says that the pseudo-nuke is only one of Sabine's weapons... so not entirely jossed.

Rau and Bo-Katan won't get along very well.
Considering Bo-Katan was the second-in-command of Death Watch and later the leader of the First Mandalorian Resistance, she might not be too happy to work alongside the now-leader of what used to be the enemy team to Death Watch and might give a What the Hell, Hero? to him & the Protectors for not doing anything/being effective during the Siege of Mandalore (provided that what we know so far is correct in that the Protectors did not participate or were at least not as contributive as the Mandalorian Resistance).

While Rau has seemingly gotten over his grudge against Death Watch, he might not like how aggressive and hotheaded Bo is. But as time goes on...

...Rau and Bo-Katan become Fire Forged Bash Brothers.
...maybe even cause some Ship Tease through Opposites Attract.
  • Possibly jossed for both. They don't really interact in Bo-Katan's debut episode.

The Nite Owl helmet in the teaser is not Bo's, but rather a new character's.
It doesn't match Bo's color scheme, but it matches the color scheme of incidental Nite Owls.
  • Confirmed.

Bo-Katan tried leading the Mandalorian Resistance against the Empire in the early years, but lost and is initially unwilling to fight.
Making her similar to Rau in that he didn't want to fight against the Empire out, seeing that it would've been futile if he had tried in the first place, and the Wrens, in that they may have wanted to, but knew they wouldn't have been strong enough to do it too. And all were driven by fear, that they needed a push to join the Rebellion. But not Bo-Katan. No. In spite of all the risks, Bo believed she could do it, but failed miserably. Experiencing loss herself without considering the consequences has ruined her confidence, and Sabine and the others have to convince her that it will work this time.
  • And possibly tying in with the above WMG, perhaps some characters like some of the other Nite Owls want to try again and join Sabine's Mandalorian Resistance without Bo, maybe also in hopes of convincing her that they can win this time.
    • Jossed, kind of. We're not sure if she tried to lead a resistance against the Empire, but she does lament that the Empire took away her position as leader immediately after the Siege despite Ahsoka and the Jedi giving it to her, which damaged her self-confidence. She prefers to let others take the rein until the end of her debut episode.

Ezra will get Mandalorian armor and a Jet Pack.
In Season 3, Ezra complains about how he wants a cool Jet Pack like Sabine and thinks that the Mandalorians are bit out there. When the Mandalorians are in danger (maybe in relation to whatever caused the carnage in that wasteland), Ezra is allowed to forge his own armor (and gets a Jet Pack) and fight as one of their own. Maybe toss in a reference/nod to Revan and/or Tarre while they're at it.
  • The jetpack is confirmed, but the armour is jossed.

Ezra's Gauntlet will get a new paintjob.
It used to be Maul's Nightbrother, and it's still got his red-and-black paintjob. Perhaps Ezra will get it repainted in a colour scheme more to his liking.
  • Possibly jossed. If you look closely in the trailer, you can glimpse it and it has no new paintjob.
  • Jossed: the Gauntlet only appears once in the whole season.

The holocrons will be repaired.
As of the end of season 3, Ezra has all the pieces from both holocrons, and they respond to the Force. Perhaps they'll repair themselves.
  • Jossed: the holocrons didn't appear.

Possible episode concepts.
  • Another Ryloth episode.
  • A Flashback episode.
    • They already stated before the release of the show that there would never be (traditional) flashbacks in Rebels.
  • An episode featuring more of the Lasat.
  • A Kallus-centered episode, focused on his integration with the rebellion.
  • Sabine and Mandalore episodes.
  • A bounty hunter episode featuring Boba Fett and his crew, and possibly Cad Bane.
  • An episode revolving around the Empire, quite possibly a Thrawn-centered episode.
  • An episode featuring Saw Gerrera and Mon Mothma, connecting into Rogue One.
    • Confirmed for at least one episode.
  • An episode featuring Leia.
  • An episode featuring Han Solo and Chewbacca, possibly tying into the Han Solo spinoff film.
  • If he is brought back into canon, several episodes featuring Galen Marek.

Kallus' integration into the Rebel Alliance contributes to Saw and the Partisans cutting ties with the Alliance.
According to the Rogue One: Visual Guide, Saw cut ties with the Alliance because he felt that they were becoming too soft. Perhaps there was a rather personal-ish incident that happened and it wasn't just only because of a possible argument between Mothma and Saw. Kallus has had a first-hand experience of the Partisans' brutality, knowing fully well of their ruthlessness and apathy for already-downed enemy soldiers and civilians. Rebel High Commmand likely already knows about the Partisans' brutality and Kallus's eye witness account further proves their point, but as they try to remedy the situation, something happens that causes it to go downhill (maybe Kallus conflicts with the Lasat Mercenary, who has accompanied Saw) and Saw sees this as a sign that the Rebel Alliance is in capable of action and would rather fight amongst themselves, and quits.
  • Jossed. Saw was already disagreeing with the Rebel leaders. There's no evidence he even heard of Kallus at all.

Due to Mon Cala's proximity to Lothal, they'll join the Rebel Alliance and may help out in the attack on Lothal that was supposed to happen.
  • Jossed. No Mon Calamari appear.

Someone calls out Kallus for being a former Imperial and what he's done as an Imperial.
Possibly in correlation to the above WMG about Kallus having to do with Saw cutting ties with the Alliance, perhaps someone calls out Kallus, claiming that he has no place to be calling out an equally so-called heartless soldier when he is/was one himself.
  • Possibly Mart will blame him for the death of his uncle.
  • Someone could defend Kallus, saying that some of them weren't always supporters of the Republic and/or didn't have clean rap sheets (ex. Cassian is a former Separatist, some of the other Rogue One soldiers had done bad things in the past according to Cassian, etc.). Heck, some of the Alliance officers we know in the movies (ex. Dodonna, Draven, Madine, etc.) used to be Imperials as well (though they turncoated before they really did anything bad, only staying because it was a part of the transition from the Republic).
  • Jossed.

A female Rebel fighter will be introduced as a new recurring character.
With Sabine Commuting on a Bus for the foreseeable future, that leaves only Hera as the most prominent heroic female character to appear regularly and participate in missions. The only other prominent Rebel-aligned named female character to appear recently is Mon Mothma, who most certainly does not participate in combat missions. Hopefully, therefore, the show will introduce at least one badass female rebel as a recurring character who'll go along on missions, to try and balance out the male-skewed gender ratio of the show.
  • Gold Two could become a recurring character.
  • Jossed.

There will be episodes focusing on the Second Mandalorian Civil War where Sabine is the only main character to appear.
The rest of the Ghost crew is busy with the Rebel Alliance, and won't be involved very much with the Mandalorian conflict, so any episodes focusing specifically on Sabine will show only her. It would also, incidentally, end Ezra and Chopper's streak as the only characters to appear in every episode.
  • Jossed.

The Ghost crew and Phoenix Squadron will be reassigned to the Massassi unit
Hera did serve under the Massassi unit in Rogue One, so likely General Dodonna will be the Ghost crew's commanding officer during Season 4.
  • Confirmed, though the Dodonna part seems likely but not outright confirmed.

One of the Mandalorian clans supporting Clan Wren will be Clan Ordo.
  • If they're involved, then it hasn't been stated yet. As of "Heroes of Mandalore", the only named participants are Clan Wren, Clan Saxon, and whoever Bo-Katan's group is made up of.

There will be X-Wings.
One, X-Wings are awesome. Two, they're moving to Yavin, so it makes perfect sense.
  • Confirmed.

Kanan will stop carrying his blaster.
After he was snapped out of his post-Malachor funk in "Steps Into Shadow", he's used his lightsaber almost exclusively in all combat situations he's been in. The only time he actually uses his blaster in season 3 is in "Visions and Voices", when taking a few shots at the Nightsister ghosts. He'll finally stop carrying one at all, except if he goes undercover as a stormtrooper or something.
  • Jossed.

Thrawn's fate
Okay, we are working on little info here, but from what we have:
  • Thrawn is not even mentioned in Rogue One
  • Thrawn is (obviously) not mentioned in the OT
  • Thrawn is not mentioned or alluded to in The Force Awakens
From that we can surmise that something must've happened with him before the battle of Scariff. Now of course the timeline is getting close and closer to Scariff and we know Hera and Chopper are around during that time (Hera even presumably part of the rebel fleet). We know little about what Thrawn did before he became the main antagonist of the Specters, but it can be assumed that he won't abandon his quest to quash the Specters willy-nilly, especially since It's Personal between him and Hera. So you'd expect Thrawn to be involved in some way during the events of Rogue One, given that he still hasn't succeeded in his mission to eliminate the Specters by the Battle of Scariff. Now here's three possible explanations for that:
  • Thrawn is dead.
  • Thrawn is "elsewhere" doing "something else"
  • Thrawn is no longer an Imperial
Now the first would of course be an easy explanation story-wise, but I'm not sure Disney would bring back such an iconic character only to kill him off anticlimactically on a "kiddy show" or — worse yet — some comic or book few people will read. That's assuming of course Thrawn doesn't show up in the Han Solo movie.

The second would raise the question of: Why? Sure he could be doing a lot of stuff off-screen or something happens during season 4 that makes his superiors decide he shouldn't be in charge of fighting the Specters (why though? the Battle of Atollon was a 90% success and it would have been 100% success if not for the Bendu and Konstantine) and put him somewhere else. That might explain him never being mentioned, but I think option 3 would be a nice touch and it actually has some things going for it.

Option 3 could entail him becoming a rebel, but that is so against everything we know of Thrawn, his EU/Legends characterization (where he calls the Republic the Rebellion even years after Endor) and it would open another can of worms why the Rebels who are rather short on manpower would willingly go into the Battle of Endor (which is pretty much do or die) without the most brilliant military mind in the galaxy. Plus there's a lot of personal animosity between Thrawn and Kallus as well as Hera. What could however happen is him deserting the Empire (or the Empire deserting him) due to something - let's say The Yuuzhan Vong or the something he found in the Unknown Regions become a threat and he perceives the Empire's response lacking. Or he is deemed too aggressive against some Outside-Context Problem like the Yuuzhan Vong and thus demoted or expelled by the Empire, maybe even sentenced to death. That would explain why nobody ever talks about him - in the Empire he'd be an Un-person and the Rebellion would have little reason to see anything positive in him.

  • Thrawn reveals that in new canon, his exile was fake, as he was secretly sent to investigate the Empire to see if it could be an ally to the Chiss Ascendancy. This gives the "no longer an Imperial" possibility more weight.
  • The season 4 trailer, on the other hand, lends some support to Thrawn being dead — his Noghri bodyguard Rukh, who assassinated him in Legends, is appearing.
  • His last appearance in the series he and Ezra are on the open-to-space bridge of the Chimera as its being dragged into hyperspace by the purrgils. But Ezra's friends are convinced he's alive so it's probable Thrawn also survived.]
    • Word of God confirms that both are alive in parts unknown.

Moreena Krai will finally show up in Rebels.
Now that the rebels are with the main Rebellion, this can mean more interaction with Senator Organa, Leia, and going to Alderaan. Since Moreena is on Alderaan, maybe she's trying to live a normal life under the Empire and may even frown on the idea of a rebellion, saying that they're making things worse, which leads to Ezra trying to convince her that the rebels are a force of good and action is the only thing that will stop the Empire from hurting her family. In the end, either she joins the rebels or she stands by her decision to stay out of it. If she joins the Alderaanian rebels instead of going to Yavin or stays behind, then we all know what that means.
  • Jossed.

The reason why Vader and the Inquisitors stopped chasing after Ezra and Kanan is because they were chasing after another important Jedi, like Barriss.
Or maybe Vos, who survived in Legends.

Cody will reappear as part of the Empire.
During which he and Rex will exchange words regarding the reasons why they chose to follow their respective new sides. If we're lucky, Rex may sway Cody to his side, appealing to the latter's distaste in how the Empire treats clones nowaways. But then the Emperor will command Order 66 on Cody to remind him where his real loyalties lie, at which point he will appear to turn on Kanan and/or Ezra... only to pull a fake-out and reveal he'd removed his own bio-chip after Revenge of the Sith.
  • Jossed.

Cody is at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore.
In Legends, he was an instructor for Imperial clones on Kamino, but since the Empire no longer uses clones of any sort, it can't work in this canon.

A Mandalorian will comment on Rex and/or Kanan's jaig eyes.
  • Jossed.

We will have at least one episode featuring Cassian Andor.
We know that Cassian was a Fulcrum agent at some point. Since he doesn't die until Rogue One, this would be a perfect opportunity to show what he was up to prior to the events of that film.
  • Bonus if he shows up with Kaytoo, and Kaytoo gets along swimmingly (whether or not that's sarcasm or serious is up to you) with Chopper and AP-5.
  • Jossed.

The Mandalorian Civil War will go poorly.
Based on what we saw from the latest episode of Rebels Recon, it appears that many Mandalorians will die — at best, Clan Wren will have a Pyrrhic Victory.
  • In "Heroes of Mandalore", we don't really get to see a Mandalorian Civil War, focusing more on Clan Wren teaming up with the rebels and Bo-Katan's group. A bunch of Clan Wren members get killed, but that's it so far.

Thrawn will now have possession of Kallus' bo-rifle.
The Grand Admiral will use the bo-rifle on innocent people in order to draw Kallus into a trap.
  • Jossed.

Thrawn will find a way to take advantage of Kanan/Rex's jaig eyes.
Probably in relation to Sabine/the Mandalorians.
  • Jossed.

There will be a nod to Eli Vanto.
Since Season 4 will come out after the Thrawn book does, that means that Rebels can then talk about Eli freely since his fate would already have been revealed in Thrawn.
  • He could appear as an ally to Thrawn.
  • Jossed.

Some characters will go undercover, stealing and dressing up in Mandalorian armor in a stealth mission.
Like Obi-Wan did in that Mandalorian arc back in The Clone Wars.
  • Jossed.

There will be further Arc Welding.
  • There's the above WMG possibility that Kallus ties into Saw and Mothma's fallout, as well as a feud between him and the Mercenary, and dealing with his past as an Imperial & his ties to other Imperials.
  • Ketsu being a part of Black Sun and an ally of Sabine stirs up more drama on Mandalore, since the Mandalorians might not be so keen on having any members of the Shadow Collective (bar Saxon apparently) being anywhere near their home again. It also has something to do with bounty hunters going after rebels now.

Hera will get her nice jacket that we see in The Freemaker Adventures, along with her promotion.
  • Jossed.

Not all the parts of Thrawn's investigation were put to waste in "Zero Hour".
Thrawn still knows that:
  • Hera is willing to make selfless sacrifices and literally anything to keep valuable assets from falling into enemy hands/total loss.
  • The Prophecy of Three is important to the Lasats, possibly Zeb to a personal level too. He also knows that there's much more to it than the crew currently knows, as he has an image of an extended version of Chava's diagram.
  • The Jedi Temple Guards are relevant to the Ghost crew, possibly in relation to Kanan.
  • The rebels will always return to Lothal because of their past obligation to the world.
  • Likewise, the rebels will always return for family. (ex. the Lothal example, Sato going back for Mart, Cham going back for Hera, Hera destroying her house and wanting to destroy the Kalikori because both fell into Imperial hands as aforementioned, etc.)
  • The Mandalorians have a bloody history and that war is practically in their bones.
  • The art of the ancient people of Lothal and the lothwolves are somehow important (then again, this might've been a Chekhov's Gun, considering he used their ancient star charts to find Atollon).

These could lead to/are related to:

  • Thrawn getting involved in the feud between Zeb & Kallus vs. the Mercenary, maybe even being a catalyst in the growing rift between Mothma and Saw.
  • Thrawn commissioning Vader's Inquisitors to hunt down Kanan and Ezra again. It's possible that the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother reported that they saw realistic hallucinations of the Sentinel and other Jedi Temple Guards, and now Thrawn has personally had a strange encounter with the Bendu as well. Thrawn likely knows that the Temple Guards are unattached, and he also heard the Bendu ranting about how he's in the middle, so maybe he could do something with that information about how some Force wielders can be less attached to the usual absolute sides than others.
  • Thrawn baiting Mart into revenge or something, with the intent that the boy screws things up for the rebels.
  • Thrawn getting involved in the Second Mandalorian Civil War against Sabine and the Mandalorian Resistance, especially since that part of the reason why his plan failed is because the Seventh Fleet got outflanked by the surprise appearance of Clan Wren.
  • Thrawn, now probably aware that Sabine has left to join the Mandalorian Resistance combined with the fracturing of Phoenix Squadron into the greater Rebel Alliance, will take advantage of this to further splinter the crew. Harsher attacks will force Hera to take command of larger groups more often, deploying Inquisitors will force Kanan and Ezra to focus on staying alive and keeping the Inquisitors away from the Alliance, and Zeb will either be the only one left that hasn't been actively torn away from the crew unless drama with the Partisans comes up. No longer will there be any hit-and-runs by the dreaded Ghost crew, so the Empire won't have to worry as much (...subjectively. They could be raided by larger rebel military groups.) anymore.

Whatever is up with the Lothal Jedi Temple and the lothwolves is relevant to The Reveal of what happened to Ahsoka.
  • Confirmed. It turns out that the temple contains a portal to the world between worlds, which is how Ezra rescues Ahsoka.

Rook Kast is the Duchess of Mandalore.
  • Jossed. The "Duchess" was Sabine's superweapon.

  • Wild rumour from mid-May: Ian McDiarmid is reprising his role as the Emperor.
    • Confirmed that the Emperor appears voiced by none other than Ian himself. Still unknown if he will end up being the Final Boss.

The lothwolf is Ahsoka in another form.
Maybe it also has something to do with Ahsoka running down the hallways in "Shroud of Darkness", which we never found out what it was for.

The rebels will find out about Lothal's kyber crystals.
Hints have been dropped in Rebels, its tie-ins and other material that the true reason for the Empire's interest in Lothal, as mentioned by Minister Tua in "The Siege of Lothal", is because it is a source of kyber crystals. However, the rebels have yet to discover this. Perhaps, as the show moves into its endgame, the rebels will finally learn about this.
  • Jossed. It's ultimately not even clear if Lothal actually has them.

The first trailer is the last trailer we'll ever get until maybe the series finale (not counting sneak peeks/commercial promos).
  • Jossed.

Ezra is the only one in the main hero cast that dies in the end.
  • Jossed. Ezra survived. Kanan was the only one who died.

Sabine leaves the Mandalorian Resistance after putting Bo-Katan in charge.
  • Confirmed.

A rather sizable portion (like maybe five to ten minutes, possibly more) of the finale episode will be the Dénouement.
Alternatively, it'll be a Dénouement Episode.

There will be a shot in the series finale that Book Ends Ezra looking up at a descending Star Destroyer in the morning all the way back in the series premiere, instead being Ezra or another character (like Hera) watching a ship of the Rebellion take off into the night sky.
  • Confirmed: The epilogue begins with Sabine at Ezra's tower, standing in the same position that Ezra was at the beginning of "Spark of Rebellion", watching a shuttle and two X-Wings fly overhead towards Lothal City.

One of the Ghost crew members will pass the torch by telling another rebel(s) that this is The End of the Beginning, just as Ahsoka told them in the Season 1 finale.
Bonus points if it's similar to "One chapter has closed for you."

The series finale will include an ending scene of Ezra walking alone in the middle of nowhere but sees something curious — hope, like in "Property of Ezra Bridger", which is technically the first episode he debuted in.
  • Jossed.

The series finale will have some random guy encounter Ezra, who runs off, leaving the guy to wonder who he is, like the Gotal merchant in the series premiere.
  • Jossed.

The ending theme in the series finale will be the Star Wars main theme.
  • Confirmed.

The ending theme in the series finale will be Ezra's theme/"Twin Moons".
Just as how the finale of The Clone Wars caused by the show's cancellation ended with a variation on Ahsoka's theme playing.
  • Jossed.

The final episode's title will once again have something to do with fire and rebellion.
  • Jossed: It's "Family Reunion — and Farewell".

Continuing off of the above WMG, the title will have something to do with the phoenix/starbird.
Phoenixes/starbirds never truly die, just reborn. It would fit for the ending of the show, because while the story of Rebels may end, the characters will continue to live on in other Star Wars stories; to drill in the point that this is not the end.
  • Jossed.

Alternatively, the finale will simply be called "Ezra" or "Ghost(s)".
Originally, "Spark of Rebellion" was supposed to be called "Ezra". Perhaps they'll reuse it for the finale, or use the same idea except with "Ghost(s)" to include other characters.
  • Jossed.

Someone will finally say "I have a bad feeling about this."
It's a tradition for Star Wars works to include this phrase, and Rebels has gone three seasons without a single use of it, coming closest with Ezra saying "I have a good feeling about this" in "The Call". As this is the last season, it's about time someone said it.
  • Jossed. Chopper may have said it in Binary in "Warhead", though.

Rukh will not kill Thrawn
In fact, Rukh will not even be connected to Thrawn's death. After all, what sense would there be in mentioning him being canon again at Celebration and saying what he did back in Legends if not to throw a curveball out of left field?
  • Thrawn doesn't even die.
  • Confirmed.

Branching off from the above WMG, what will happen instead is that Rukh is involved in faking Thrawn's death, which leads to Thrawn returning to the Unknown Regions to help in Palpatine's plans.
  • Or in Thrawn Faking the Dead to return to the Chiss Ascendancy as the novel reveals he was never really exiled and could, theoretically, be recalled any time.
  • Jossed.

The ending theme in the finale will be the Star Wars: The Clone Wars main theme.
Since Rebels is in many ways finishing what The Clone Wars started, it would make for a nice Book Ends and would symbolize the end of what was a very long story.
  • Jossed.

Ahsoka did not survive going into that Sith Temple
But she didn't die either. I seem to recall that Pablo Hidalgo said something to the effect that he might bring Ahsoka back but fans might not like the way it happens]. Maybe she is pulling a Gandalf, but fighting the Balrog [[CameBackWrong has some unforeseen consequences. Maybe there is a "in the middle" equivalent to Jedi Force Ghosts and whatever death defying magic the Sith have. Maybe that's how whatever the Bendu is are made.
  • Jossed.

Ezra and/or Kanan leave the Rebellion to hunt down the remains of the Inquisitorius so that the Inquisitors don't go after the Rebellion.
  • Jossed: Ezra disappeared, along with Thrawn and the Chimaera. Kanan died several episodes prior in a Heroic Sacrifice.

Kanan will die and become one of the ghost Temple Guards on the Temple on Lothal, leading Ezra to either enter the Temple to explore, much the way Ahsoka descended into the "underworld" of the Malachor temple, conveniently removing both from the OT period's plotline.
  • Confirmed that he died, jossed that he became a Temple Guard.

The series finale will have a scene where Kallus comments on how the Rebellion has grown from just a bunch of scrappy crews to an organized movement and analogizes it in relation to fire before saying that he's happy with how things turned out, just as how he said he was going to snuff out the spark of rebellion before it would catch fire in the series premiere.
  • Jossed.

Lothal isn't just full of kyber crystals... it literally has a core made of kyber.
  • Unconfirmed.

The final episode in the arc about Lothal and its kyber crystals will be called "A Heart of Kyber".
Regardless of whether or not Lothal actually has a core made of kyber crystals. Bonus points if it's the series finale.
  • Jossed.

The series finale will have a scene where Sabine comments that Ezra isn't some kid anymore, in parallel to how she dismissed him as being some kid in the beginning of the series.
  • Jossed.

The official poster for this season will look similar to the original movie poster of The Clone Wars pilot movie as a Book Ends.
  • Jossed.

Gold Two will join Hera's Green Squadron.
  • Jossed, and it's still Phoenix Squadron.

Sabine's father is from Clan Kast.
  • In one of her depictions, Rook Kast was shown as having (South)eastern Asian features, similar to Sabine. If you look closely, Ursa and Tristan both have lighter skin than Sabine and Mr. Wren, so Clan Wren must have a different ethnicity than Sabine's Southeastern Asian features (Ursa looks more oriental such as Japanese or Chinese [also might be worth mentioning that Sato and also Mart are very likely supposed to be Japanese], whereas a lot of people seem to agree that Sabine looks more Filipino-ish.). It's harder to pinpoint Rook's ethnicity since having messy dark hair can kind of apply to just about every Eastern Asian race there is and the coloration seems to suggest her skin color is light. Word of God has already stated that Sabine's design is partly based off of Rook's.
  • Sabine's father is well-versed in art. Who else is a professional in the art field and is also Mandalorian? The late Veraslayn Kast. Perhaps they were siblings or cousins that shared the same interests and hobbies.
    • Counterargument: Wouldn't Propaganda bring up the relation between the famed Mandalorian artists Veraslayn Kast and Sabine Wren?
      • Counter: Being related to The Dragon of one of the Mandalorian Civil War's sides and being the daughter of a clan countess as well as temporarily leading a Mandalorian Resistance after killing the Mandalorian Governor by using the Darksaber were not mentioned either.
  • For an unknown reason, Rook bears the markings of Clan Wren on her helmet, unless the markings are also used as a symbol of honor or something like jaig eyes. Why would Rook have another clan's markings? Perhaps Rook is close to Clan Wren somehow, very likely through Sabine's father. Being a close cousin is possible, but being a sibling would deepen it even more.

Kallus, Zeb, Sabine, and possibly other characters (but no Rex, Hera, and Chopper) become a spec ops team.
  • Not Sabine, anyway. She stayed on Lothal.

Hera will end up pregnant with Kanan's child
  • Deliberately mirroring elements of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy in Legends.
    • The trailer shows Thrawn sending Rukh after Hera Syndulla, much like how Thrawn sends the Noghri after a pregnant Leia Organa in Zahn's Heir to the Empire to give her and her babies to the hands of a Dark Jedi. While Thrawn's reason to send Rukh after Hera is not to capture potential Force-sensitives that could threaten the Empire, Hera would be discovered pregnant during Empire custody and under the whims of Inquisitors.
      • As of the Grand Finale, it has been confirmed that sometime after Lothal's liberation, she gave birth to Kanan's son, Jacen Syndulla.

Ezra will fade out from the Rebellion and became a pirate, at Hondo's suggestion.
  • Jossed: Ezra disappeared from known space.

We will finally learn about Kallus so far unmentioned parents and it will turn out that they died fighting for the Rebellion.
  • Jossed.

Some of Green Squadron will be made up of characters we've met throughout the show.
  • Mart Mattin is already confirmed to be one of the pilots.
  • Gold Two could be one of the pilots, explaining why she isn't in the Gold Squadron roster for Scarif/Yavin.
  • Hobbie Klivian. Rogue One All There in the Manual states that he was the back-up Red Six during Scarif/Yavin, but it doesn't say if he was on active duty or not. The same All There in the Manual also never said if Hera was active duty or not either, and it turns out she was.
  • Mizel Pomdak. Counterargument: He's a mechanic, he's not quite a soldier.
  • Reann Tomvig. Counterargument: She has never displayed any skill in piloting. This is also the same reason as to why Gooti and Jonner probably won't be in Green Squadron either.
    • Jossed for all of them. The squadron isn't even Green Squadron, it's Phoenix Squadron.

We will see Ketsu again.
As Forces of Destiny shows that she joined the rebels sometime after halfway through Season 3 of Rebels, as well as that Forces of Destiny is easily accessible to watch, Ketsu could easily return as a part of the rebels at some point this season.
  • Confirmed.

Other characters will get an updated look for the series finale, not just Rex.
  • Jossed.

Mon Calamari or Mon Cala will show up in the second half of the season.
The Lothal sector is suspiciously close to Mon Cala…
  • Jossed.

The final episode of Rebels will mirror the first chronological episode of the Clone Wars episode 'Cat and Mouse'.
Ezra or Hera will lead the Rebels in a last stand against Grand Admiral Thrawn or Governor Pryce. A decisive move by our hero/heroes will caused Thrawn to retreat or kill Pryce. With it, the Rebels won and saved the people of Lothal.
  • That's pretty much confirmed.

Lothal is connected to other worlds due to something like Force ley lines.

Ezra and/or Kanan end up in the "world between worlds" or are Force-warping between worlds, which is why they aren't around during the Original Trilogy.
  • Jossed for Kanan, who died. It could still be possible for Ezra, if he's trying to find a way back home.

The meaning of the soundtrack title, "Sabine Sees Ezra"... Ezra bidding farewell to Sabine one last time before he leaves, maybe disappearing into the Force. Kind of like how in The Last Jedi, Luke via astral projecting through the Force bid farewell to Leia before he went to stall Kylo and died/passed into the Force.

In Jedi Night, Kanan's line about saving Hera "and everybody else" refers to the destruction of the Death Star.
The whole episode feels like Kanan knows what is going to happen. He chose the fuel depot as their escape route. The destruction of the fuel cripples the TIE Defender project. Thrawn was was called to Coruscant earlier to convince the Emperor that his project should get resources that were meant for the Death Star. With the Defender project crippled, the Death Star gets full funding and has an exploitable weakness the Defender lacks.

Thrawn will not punish Governor Pryce for her actions in Jedi Night when he returns.
Instead he will leave it up to Darth Vader or Darth Sidious to punish her when they arrive, because they will punish Governor Pryce far worse than Thrawn ever could.
  • Jossed: He certainly intended to, but never gets the opportunity.

The finale will have include at least one completely Unexpected Character, even if just as a cameo.

Anything is on the table at this point— Gallius Rax, Rae Sloane, Iden Versio, Cassian Andor...I feel like they just can't resist a chance to throw one last curveball for fanservice's sake.

  • Confirmed, sort of with the Purrgil.
    • Confirmed! Captain Pallaeon makes a vocal camero...before getting attacked by a Purrgil.

Hondo will kill Thrawn in cold blood.
The trailer has Hondo declare undying loyalty to Ezra. Thrawn plans by following people's patterns. And while Hondo is fond of Ezra, during the Empire based episodes with Hondo he tends to betray the Rebels over a minor matter. (see the Lasat episode.) He also betrayed the empire, but in a way that sets him up as someone who wants money and Protection.

So, Thrawn, outgunned. Possibly Injured, finds Hondo who is looking for Ezra. Thrawn tries to pay Hondo to betray Ezra and save Thrawn. And Hondo kills Thrawn in return. But not before declaring his loyalty, to Ezra.

  • Jossed. Hondo never even meets Thrawn; instead, Ezra hyperspace-jumps himself and Thrawn to parts unknown.

The "greater evil" than Thrawn that Ezra will confront in the grand finale will be Emperor Palpatine appearing in the flesh and/or Darth Vader appearing again.
The Emperor now likely desires personal revenge against Ezra for thwarting his plans to exploit the "world between worlds" and reshape the universe to his liking (making Ezra go beyond being perceived as a minor league threat to his plans), and knows where he is. Vader appearing in the finale alongside Thrawn (and possibly his Sith master) might directly lead into the upcoming novel about Thrawn and Vader teaming up for a mission. Therefore, one or both of them appearing in person to face Ezra as the Final Boss would make sense.
  • Confirmed. Palpatine tries to tempt Ezra into helping him wield a remaining portal salvaged from the Lothal Temple.

All the plot points left unanswered in the Distant Finale epilogue will get a story arc in the Rebels comic.

    Confirmed Theories 

The TIE fighter that Ezra and Zeb tucked away will show up before the season ends
And it's going to be really awkward when they reveal they didn't crash it.
  • Confirmed. Sabine painted it sometime around 'Path of the Jedi'.
    • And it survived the end of the season finale! Sabine's masterpiece might be seen again.
    • And it was quite awkward revealing to Hera that they'd lied. The only thing that saved them from her ripping them a new one was that they really needed that TIE.

The episode "Idiot's Array" will have Chopper save the day.
Seriously, we NEED that damn droid to actually give Hera a reason to keep it on her ship. Plus, Chopper hasn't done much in the grand scheme of the show yet. His Day in the Limelight has to happen at some point, right?
  • Well, he did steal the fuel for them in the end. Confirmed, kind of?
    • More like Jossed. Necessary, the droid is not I thinks.
    • I dunno... he did save Zeb's life. And turn negotiation against Azmorigan.

Ezra was born on Empire Day.
He is already as old as the Empire itself.
  • Confirmed.

Senator Gall Trayvis could be one of several things
He's either:

1. An actual rebel senator-in-exile who legitimately hijacked the transmission to broadcast about Luminara Unduli, unaware he was basing it on faulty intelligence.

2. An actual rebel senator-in-exile. However, the Empire replicated his voice and used it to trick the rebels into going to Stygeon Prime, where the Inquisitor was waiting, as a trap.

3. A supposed Senator-in-Exile, but is actually a mole for the empire, who intentionally misleads potential rebel elements into traps.

4. Not an actual person, but a means of which the Empire leads rebels into traps. His voice may be that of a real person, possibly an ISB agent.

5. Ezra's parents, or at least one of them. Too easy, I know, but the parallels are too obvious to ignore.

  • It has been confirmed that number 3 applies to him. He's been misleading rebel groups in hopes of capturing them, and nearly did the same to the Ghost crew.

Darth Vader won't appear until at least the first season finale
He'll be The Ghost, never seen but mentioned a lot, until a final epic scene of the season finale where he makes a "surprise" appearance.
  • Jossed, he'll be making an appearance, voiced by James Earl Jones no less, in the extended version of the pilot.
  • Sort of Confirmed at the same time. In the aired version of the pilot the scene is not present, he does not appear again during the season proper, though is mentioned from time to time by the Inquisitor as his "Master" and he does appear as the final visual of the finale.
Hondo Ohnaka will be involved.
Because of his Ensemble Dark Horse status. And Greg Weisman has a long-standing history of working with Jim Cummings.
  • And with him, one should expect Katooni.
    • Please make this happen.
    • Hondo, at least, will be appearing!

Ahsoka will become an important player during the series
The events of the season 5 finale are a perfect justification as to how she managed to survive the Jedi Massacre Having left the order long before The Emperor made his move. Bonus points if she become The Mentor to someone.
  • Er, does she have the right temperament for that? Though if she pops up, I'd like to see Barriss too.
    • She might have to learn to become one during the series, but considering all the crap she would probably go trough after Sidious rise to power, a possible feeling of guilt over having left the Jedi Order and not being there to help when the massacre happened, or even her discovering Darth Vader's identity, her personality may have changed to a more level headed person.
    • Considering how she was shown to be pretty good with kids, I wouldn't be half surprised if she had some perky little apprentice or something. On the other hand of the good equation is the scary equation where one considers the possibility that above mentioned guilt causes her to go crazy and start up a dark side cult.
    • I don't think she needs to change that much at all. She lost her temper-issues over the Time Skip, and by Onderon she's also grown out the attitude that made her tag along on the Citadel-mission. On both Onderon and during the Gathering, she was shown to be very mature and level-headed. Really, by the time of the Battle of Cato Neimoidia, the only thing left that she had to get over was her naiveté, and the events of the finale surely took care of that.
      As for her turning to the Dark Side, eh, not going to happen. Both Filoni and Ashley discussed it separately, that Ahsoka is kind-of an anti-Vader, in that while she's compassionate and forms strong bonds with everyone like Anakin does, she's not attached to the point where she can't let go of them. If she learns about Anakin's fall, she surely will blame herself for it, but it's more likely to drive her to try to fix things, than to make her fall as well.
  • It's actually possible that she might be the mysterious Fulcrum, since the symbol he/she leaves on the supply crate for the Ghost crew to pick up resembles one of Ahsoka's markings.
    • Confirmed as of the finale of Season 1, Ahsoka is Fulcrum.

Who will fall?
The Season One Finale is teasing that a character or characters are going to die. Here's a list of guesses as to who might be kicking the bucket:

  • The Inquisitor.
  • Cikatro Vizago.
  • Agent Kallus.
  • Maketh Tua.
  • Kanan Jarrus.
  • Ezra Bridger.
  • Any of the other Ghost crew members.
  • Fulcrum.
  • Tseebo.

    • Alternatively, it is being literal, and someone literally falls over/off something. My money is on Ezra and/ or the Inquisitor.
      • Ezra is also shown falling off a catwalk in a ship, so unless someone does die, it could just be referencing him falling.
    • Confirmed. Farewell, Inky. We hardly knew ye!
    • Maketh Tua dies attempting to defect during the first episode of Season 2.

Sam Witwer will voice someone at some point.
Possibly even as Starkiller himself; the timeframe of the show is just about right for him to be around.
  • Starkiller is jossed, according to a twitter post by Pablo Hidalgo The Force Unleashed has been subjected to Canon Discontinuity.
    • Well, there's always the possibility that Starkiller's story could be adapted to fit the new canon. Tarkin has already included the character Armand Isard, who was a fairly influential figure in the old EU. Who knows? Maybe we will see Starkiller again in some form.
  • Confirmed. Sam Witwer provides the voice for Emperor Palpatine in Season 2.
    • And then he also returns as Darth Maul.

Minister Maketh Tua will join the rebellion.
She hasn't done anything too terrible in-show, leaving the real villain work to Kallus and The Inquisitor. And after Tarkin had Grint and Aresko decapitated via lightsaber for failure she seem especially horrified and nearly ready for a change of heart

Darth Maul will appear as an antagonist in the later seasons.
Palpatine has said that he has other uses for Darth Maul. Obviously a group of people that has somehow persuaded the population to oppose him is something that Palpatine would see as a pretty big problem that his pawn Maul would have to take care of.

    Jossed Theories 

The Inquisitor will be played by Mark Hamill
  • Because he's only the best villain voice actor ever to walk the earth, plus he's a Star Wars veteran. It would be very awesomely meta to have the guy who played Luke Skywalker playing a villain during the rebellion era, especially since Luke himself might not be turning up.

Ezra's parents abandoned him
  • Or at least he thinks they did. It's not yet confirmed what happened to them, and given how quickly he assumed Kanan was trying to get rid of him, it's clear he's got some abandonment issues that run deeper than his general cynicism.
  • Jossed. It's confirmed in "Gathering Forces" that Ezra's parents were arrested and presumably executed by the Empire.
    • Alternatively, only one was executed and the other is force-sensitive, so the Inquisitor kept her/him alive.

Fulcrum is an ISB agent
  • Or, at the very least, not on the rebels' side. They didn't bother to tell Hera that the base she was picking up crates at was infested by dangerous creatures hurt by the sun, and that the sun is periodically blocked out. Holding back intel that might be strategically important is one thing, but there was no reason for them to leave out the creatures. They also underestimated the Imperial defenses at the beginning.
    • Fulcrum was likely not expecting their shuttle to be stranded due to losing all its fuel to an unnoticed leak. Barring that, it would have been a quick pickup, and there would have never been any encounter with the Fyrnocks.

Fulcrum is a Mandalorian criminal.
Or at least that's what "he" told Hera. at first.
  • Jossed

Fulcrum is of no importance whatsoever.
A case of the creators trolling us fans.
  • Jossed

Fulcrum is a former Empire agent.
Hera won't let anyone meet him because they would be smart enough to figure it out. Given that the Empire destroyed the Jedi Order, took Ezra's parents away, killed the majority of the Lasats, and did something so bad that Sabine abandoned her life as a recruit, Hera knows that they just couldn't trust him, especially since he could have been indirectly involved with any of those things before defecting.

Fulcrum is Governor Arihnda Pryce.
Governor Pryce has been away from Lothal the entire first season, with Minister Maketh Tua running the planet in her absence.
  • Jossed

Fulcrum is Obi Wan Kenobi
Two appearances and no listed voice actor could be important, and they already have his voice actor for the holocron.
  • Jossed

Fulcrum is Darth Vader
Perhaps Hera thinks it's Ahsoka, or whoever else we've guesses he/she could be, but really it's Darth Vader tricking them so that they will fall into a trap, similar to Vader's scheme in The Force Unleashed.
  • Jossed: It's Ahsoka.

Kanan will die in "Fire Across the Galaxy."
The trailer seems to suggest that someone will fall. Tarkin acknowledges that Kanan has the resistance of a Jedi, yet by A New Hope he believes that Vader is all that remains of the order.
  • Jossed. Freddie Prince Jr confirmed via Twitter he'd be returning for season two, and that it would have twice as many episodes.

Obi-Wan will be the one to defeat the Inquisitor.
The Inquisitor has been busy searching the Galaxy, knocking off the remaining Jedi one by one. Eventually, his search will bring him to Tatooine, where he will finally meet his match.
  • Unlikely. Word of God is that the Inquisitor is just Vader's attack-dog, and he's fully aware of his limitations. If he came across a member of the Jedi Council, he'd alert Vader, but wouldn't confront them personally. And for well-known reasons, Vader can't learn Obi-Wan's whereabouts.
  • Jossed. The Inquisitor takes his own life after being defeated by Kanan.

The Mirialan Jedi that is being held prisoner at Stygeon is not Luminara Unduli as we have been led to believe, but Barriss Offee
Think about it - Luminara had last been seen on Kashyyyk before Order 66 took place, and it's not clear if Yoda had time to warn her of the betrayal of the Clone Troopers, so her chances of survival are already limited to say the least. However, Barriss Offee was last seen in Republic custody, and given that she apparently made no attempt to escape (and that she publicly expressed disappointment and anger toward the Jedi Order), she may have been spared by the purge for political reasons. In addition, the Empire's policy seems to be to kill any Force-sensitive individual on sight (children included) - unless, of course, they are allied with the Empire. An important question is raised from this: why would the Empire take Jedi prisoners when they want them dead? Plus, the Inquisitor already knows that Kanan was a Jedi, so telling an Imperial to broadcast Luminara's (a Jedi Master) name would surely catch his attention better than Barriss's (a Padawan). The episode descriptions have already made it clear that the protagonists are in for a trap from the Inquisitor going in, but what if the trap itself involved a Trojan Prisoner?
  • Jossed. The prisoner was Luminara Unduli, and she was dead all along.

Luminara is actually half-dead.
How else would the Inquisitor be able to lure surviving Jedi into a trap with just a corpse? According to Legends material, there is a Force technique for keeping spirits in a tether between life and death and controlling what they do until the user decides to let them free and become one with the Force. That might also explain her "ghost" in the cell.
  • Jossed. Wordof God confirmed that the "ghost" in her cell was a holographic recording of the moment of her execution.

Kanan is a grown up Petro
  • Petro would be somewhere in his early twenties by the time of the series. Kanan seems older than that.
    • Petro has green eyes, while Kanan's are blue.
    • Jossed. Kanan's Master is Depa Billaba, and his real name is Caleb Dume.

Sabine is the daughter of Bo-Katan and Pre-Vizsla
  • Unlikely to be Pre Vizsla's daughter. Sabine's surname is confirmed to be "Wren". However, she could still be Bo-Katan's daughter (assuming families are named for the husband on Mandalore).
  • I really don't think there was any romance between the Vizsla and Bo-Katan. To me, they seemed very strictly just officer and his lietunant. It would also make Sabine 13-14 years old, and she looks at least a few years older than that. Also Sabine is clearly of "asian" descent.
  • JOSSED. Dave Filoni stated in an interview with IGN, that Sabine has no connection at all to Satine (and by extension, to Satine's sister, Bo-Katan).

Kanan is actually a younger Rahm Kota
It has been noted they bear a remarkable resemblance to each other, they are both rough-on-the-edges, tough-as-nails Jedi rebels and their ages match. If one ignores the statement of TFU non-canoness, it can be theorized Kanan is a younger Rahm Kota, going by a different name to protect his identity from the Empire.
  • Problem, Rahm Kota is too old. Kanan is 20-30 at the most, Rahm looks at least 50.
    • Well that's why I said younger Rahm Kota.
    • So, your saying he aged at least two decades in two years?
    • Standard solution: they're not the same person but they're related.
      • That's the best way to go— it wouldn't make much sense for Kanan to change his names THREE times in his life.

Kanan will escape on his own.
However, he will be a broken shell of his former self. On top of this, he will be unable to contact the others due to being stranded in a backwater town that is revealed to be on Tatooine. He will become alcoholic again and have hallucinations that the struggling young couple he's mooching off of are Ezra and Sabine and that the local bartender who appreciates his service is the Inquisitor, mocking him with the fact that he is no longer a Jedi or a rebel. The crew finds him eventually, after he's been beaten up by thugs in an alley, and try to help him recover.
  • The Ezra hallucination can speak in Hera's voice and refer to Kanan as Caleb and the Sabine hallucination can sound like Sabine, but occasionally "speak" in Chopper's noises. The Inquisitor could refer to whoever is sitting next to Kanan at the bar as Hera, but whenever they talk, it sounds like Zeb morning the Lasats.
  • Kanan will grow a beard in the time and begin to wear a robe. He'll talk in his drunk voice and begin to leer at women, who then transform into his Jedi master and tell him to stop doing so. He will not bathe and the townsfolk will call him Stinkoo and throw rotten fruit at him, which he eats. He begins to think his life was merely a dream and that his life has always been as Stinkoo, the rotten fruit eating, young couple's home crashing, unwashed drunkard who always lived on Tatooine.
  • Wait... what?
  • It is a comedic guess!
  • Well, jossed.

Aresko and Grint's sons will want revenge on the Inquisitor.
He'll kill one of them with ease, but the other will escape and join a different rebel cell.
  • Since when do they have sons?! I mean, I suppose as older men they might have children, but their isn't really anything to support the theory that they do.
  • Wait now, they had kids with one another? The Empire is more inclusive than I thought...
  • Jossed. Unless the Inquisitor comes back from the dead...

Zillo Beast
The last we heard of this seemingly unstoppable monster was at the end of the Clone Wars episode, "The Zillo Beast Strikes Back," when Palpatine ordered Dr. Sionver Boll to clone its corpse. Perhaps the crew of the Ghost will have a run-in with the Emperor's new pet...
  • Or maybe they'll have a throwaway line saying that they couldn't be controlled. Either way, they need an excuse for why the Emperor doesn't have one or two lightsaber-proof giant monsters under his command.
  • Jossed.

The Zillo Beast clones will come to play during a Vong story
Part of their stick is bio-engineering. A bio-engineered Zillo Beast is the sort of thing that would be utterly terrifying.
  • Jossed.

The Female Inquisitor is Dhara Leonis, Zare's sister
It's been hinted that Zare's sister disappeared during her training because she was Force-sensitive. This would give the audience an up-close-and-personal, incredibly tragic look at how the Empire makes Inquisitors, without making the show be all about The Clone Wars characters.

That, and she totally dresses like a Darth Vader Expy, so it would make sense that she's written as one.

The Female Inquisitor is Mara Jade
The Star Wars story group has re-adapted a few characters who originated from the old EU and included them in the new canon, such as Armand Isard. Re-working Mara as a young Inquisitor would make her different enough from the old EU to avoid any copyright confrontations. And, if the speculation thatshe will appear in the new movie holds water, it would be smart to make her a major player in the series in order to properly introduce her to movie-going audiences before that film comes out.
  • Another smart thing to do would be to hint that The Female Inquisitor is someone else in the cartoon - say, Barriss Offee or Dhara Leonis - as a Red Herring. Then, the Inquisitor is revealed to be Mara, the audience is properly shocked, and Barriss's and Dhara's fates remain mysteries for a while longer, letting Zare's storyline be drawn out a bit more while still keeping it relevant.
  • Jossed. Freddie Prinze Jr confirmed that she is a Mirialan.

The Female Inquisitor is Barriss Offee.
We know she wasn't executed, and she does have a yellow-green skin tint.
  • The Female Inquisitor also has a fighting style very similar to the one Barriss used in her Season 5 fight with Ahsoka.
  • In addition, both the Emperor and Darth Vader know that Ahsoka is with the Ghost crew and given Vader's first-hand knowledge and experience of Ahsoka's skills when he was Anakin Skywalker, her former master, and that Kanan managed to best the last Inquisitor on his own, they would likely send an Inquisitor who is experienced enough to handle both Kanan and Ahsoka. And who better to send than a former Jedi Padawan who has close history with Ahsoka and even manages to beat her in combat.

There will only be two seasons.
You all know why.
  • Doubtful. Weisman is only one new comer compared to the returning vets from Clone Wars. Besides a show isn't cancelled because of the producers but because of ratings.
    • Tell that to Young Justice (2010), The Spectacular Spiderman and W.I.T.C.H.
    • Young Justice, at least, seems to have been killed by sales. Do you think it would be hard for Disney to sell merchandise for Star Wars?
      • Well, there are two kinds of WMG. Serious theories and silly ones, and I believe this is the latter.
  • Given that he's off of the show now, the evil monsters who brainwash executives to cancel all the stuff he has a major role in will target whatever he does next.
    • Season 3 is confirmed.
  • Apparently Filoni has confirmed that annual renewal for additional seasons is in the case of Rebels just for show. The series is in fact permanently "renewed" until he finishes its story.

Sabine will lose in her fight against Fenn Rau.
This will result in her using a bomb (that was probably planted earlier) as a distraction, leaving her injured (if the fight didn't injure her enough already), causing Kanan to help bail her out. Phoenix Squadron will have to find another route, this will take a huge blow to Sabine's ego (causing her to maybe have some alone time and think about her family as the episode closes), but Fenn Rau will consider Sabine's and Kanan's words, resulting in him possibly saving the rebels' lives later on in the season.
  • Jossed, Sabine wins the duel by shooting his blasters and then detonating the Mandalorian fighter, knocking everyone to the ground. Kanan later captures Rau and brings him as a prisoner into the rebel fleet.