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Kazuda is a non-human.
  • Jossed.

Kazuda is a girl.
  • Jossed.

Kazuda's team will be a Five-Man Band
Albeit with a sidekick of some kind, either a cute animal or a small non-speaking droid not unlike BB-8.
  • Maybe. Kaz, Yeager, Tam, Neeku, and Bucket make five, but Torra might make six if she's a main character.

Kazuda will be confirmed as LGBT+ (specifically, gay).
Christopher Sean, an openly gay actor, has responded to a question over whether or not he is the main character with "We'll have to wait and see." The likelihood of this WMG becomes higher if he is indeed playing Kazuda.
  • Sean is definitely voicing Kaz.
  • Alternately, Kaz will develop a crush on Torra. Not impossible considering they appear to be in the same age group.

The show will be cel-shaded.
But it will be an example of doing it right for once. Think Iron Man: Armored Adventures (but not as plain) or TRON: Uprising (but not as exaggerated or dark).
  • Confirmed and it does resemble Armored Adventures to an extent, and seems to be more colorful, so there's that.

There will be a new Force-sensitive character in the cast, but they will not be a main character.
They could be anything from a surviving student of Luke's Jedi academy and/or a Knight of Ren or something else entirely.
  • Eila might be Force-sensitive, but one undiscovered by both Luke and almost the First Order.

The show will explain why there was a Cavalry Refusal at the end of The Last Jedi.
  • Perhaps the Resistance members who weren't present in The Last Jedi were meeting up with Kaz and the team he'll presumably gain in the show.

Kazuda will be voiced by Christopher Sean.
To start, Sean was the first listed cast member while Kazuda was the only character revealed. Continuing on that, "Kazuda Xiono" sounds faux-Japanese, and Sean is half-Japanese himself which would make it a partial case of Actor-Shared Background. On the off chance that Kazuda could appear in a live-action medium, this would make it more likely for Sean to reprise the role if Kazuda looks close enough to him in design.
  • Confirmed.

Some vehicles, starships, and starfighters of the New Republic (from Legends) will appear.
The New Republic will use Vehicles, Starships (Viscount-Class Star Defenders, New Class Starship Classes, etc.) and Starfighters (E-Wings, K-Wings, etc.) (from Legends) and use them to fight the First Order. The Resistance might obtain some of them.

There will be new vehicles, starships, and starfighters for the First Order.
The First Order will develop new war vehicles, starships, and starfighters and will use them against the New Republic, and the Resistance.

Myrna Velasco plays the female lead.
  • Confirmed. Tam is also the female lead, like with Sabine and Hera.

One of the main characters is Force-sensitive, but won't know it at the beginning.
  • Eila seems to be Dreaming of Things to Come, which is usually something that only happens to Force-sensitives, like Anakin, Ahsoka, Ezra, and so on.

Events between The Last Jedi and Episode IX will be depicted.
Depending on how long before the beginning of The Force Awakens the series starts, and given that it's highly likely to go on for several seasons, Episode IX will come out in the middle of its second season. As a result, it is entirely plausible that the show will, after that, be able to show what happens during and after TFA and TLJ.
  • Apparently the show starts only six months before TFA...

One of the main characters is an antagonist who has a Heel–Face Turn later.

We'll see other Knights of Ren.

Hype Fazon is...
  • The orange Klatooinian-looking guy who is seen in the trailer possibly threatening Kaz and throwing someone off the platform.
  • The alien who's seen briefly just before the shot of the gold Stormtrooper.
    • All jossed. He's the Rodian racer.

Yeager's shop will get destroyed as a part of the show's Darkest Hour.

Alternately, the Colossus will get wrecked or destroyed as part of said Darkest Hour.

Torra is a fan of Sabine.
Somehow. Because they're both associated with the Number 5... and that's it.

Orka is a Herglic.
Because Herglics are whale-people, and Orka could be a reference to orca whales.
  • Jossed. He's the mouse-people Chadra-Fan. He has an Ironic Name.

The cast don't have dark and troubled pasts or are at least not as bad as the ones in Rebels.
Kaz, Tam, Neeku, and Torra seem to be teens and don't seem too troubled for their age. Although it's a good question as to where their parents/families are (especially Kaz, whose parents/guardians would probably worry if their keet son enlisted in the military and would freak out if they learned he secretly joined the Resistance, yet this doesn't seem to be a big concern for him). Yeager is probably the only exception to this. At the very least, one of them is an orphan.
  • Kaz has Daddy Issues, but that's as far as it goes. It sounds like Tam's life back on Kuat wasn't ideal. Torra's father is an Overprotective Dad, though we don't know what happened to her mother.

Torra is Alderaanian.
Because she might be space-Latina, like how her voice actress is Latina.
  • Or, more specifically, descended from Alderaanians, since she's never been off the Colossus' planet in her life and is only 15 at the beginning of the show.

Torra is related to Sabine.
They both have similar faces, eyes and skin tones as well as both having an Aurubesh Five on their shoulder pads. So it has been theorised by some that they are related, perhaps Torra is Sabine's daughter.
  • Her being Sabine's daughter is unlikely as, according to Women of the Galaxy, Mrs. Doza was a Rebel pilot, while Sabine spent most of the Civil War on Lothal.

The red First Order pilot is related to someone we know.
They'll pull a Char Aznable and have it turn out that this pilot is an evil family member, like Torra's dad/mom or something.
  • Her dad is jossed, since he's been shown as a separate character.
  • The dude's named Elrik Vonreg and he currently doesn't seem to have a connection to anyone.

Kazuda is from Hosnian Prime.
Hosnian Prime blowing up will give him even more motivation into defeating the First Order.
  • He's confirmed to be from an upper class family and a city world, and early reports for the episodes say that his father is a senator...
    • Early reports say that he grew up on Hosnian Prime.
  • Confirmed.

Hype will dance like Turk in that one episode of Scrubs.
Bonus: People will complain that he's doing the Fortnite dance, just like when AP-5 sung in Rebels.

Kazuda's background in being the son of a senator from a urban Core World will come up
What I mean is that Kazuda could do stuff like display a greater than normal knowledge of galactic politics and even show that he has skills as a politician himself. He could also perhaps be able to put on a Core World accent in order to trick the First Order. If these things were to happen it could tip off his friends about him being a Core Worlder.

It will be revealed that Kazuda is gay.
Will it make the massive, pre-emptive Hatedom triple in size? Maybe, but it could be worth it.
  • Looking unlikely, as he's had Ship Tease with two female characters, one of whom he seems to be interested in. But he could still be bi.

Much like with The Clone Wars and Rebels, the series will get darker as it goes.
This is a Dave Filoni series we're talking about. His first two ventures started out light and soft, before becoming dark and grim. It'll become even darker once the events of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi occur.
  • Pretty much confirmed by the season 1 midseason trailer.

The Kadas'sa'Nikto are a Literal-Minded Cloudcuckoolander species.
Thus the reason they're a Seldom-Seen Species because not many other races can deal with them.

Bucket will get more focus after BB-8 leaves.
Bucket is supposed to be one of the main characters, even getting Character as Himself status in the credits, but we still don't know that much about his character because BB-8 is around. Since it's a Foregone Conclusion that BB-8 won't be sticking around for all of the first season, it's likely that Bucket will get more focus once BB leaves for good.

Tam's usually-unpleasant attitude towards Kaz is because of her past, specifically...
Encounters with jerkass rich people. Tam is Locked Out of the Loop and knows nothing of either Kaz's mission or his background, but she's observant and has definitely noticed things, like Kaz's lack of mechanical skills and being unused to hard work. It's likely that Tam has correctly guessed that Kaz comes from a well-off background, but knows nothing beyond that. Given hints that Tam's life before coming to the Colossus wasn't that great, and combined with her comments about her past with Hype Fazon in "The High Tower", it's likely that Tam comes from a far less privileged background than Kaz does. The only wealthy people she may have encountered were likely corrupt and unpleasant, not caring about the less privileged, and Hype ditching her after he made it into the Aces only reinforced that. So she's understandably bitter about those with privilege. So, even as she's getting the impression that Kaz is a good person, she still has yet to get over bitterness about the rich in his case, which is part of the reason why she's usually rather smug to his face (combined with a lack of tolerance for clumsiness and incompetence).
  • It's looking more like she just has a very low tolerance towards incompetence.

An eventual plot will be about recruiting help for the Resistance after the end of The Last Jedi.
We will learn why no help came, and an overarching story will be about the people that Kaz/Team Fireball comes across, who will become inspired by them to join the fight against the First Order. Some of these characters will be returning characters, such as Kix, the Crimson Corsair, etc.

We will meet pockets of other Resistance survivors through the Galaxy.
Side material says that some of the Resistance members in The Force Awakens like Black Squadron and Admiral Statura were sent on missions elsewhere during the events of The Last Jedi.

    Season 1 
Kazuda will meet someone at the race in "The Recruit", who he recruits to the Resistance at the end of the episode.
So that the title will be referring to Kazuda himself being recruited onto a mission by Poe and Kazuda recruiting someone to his mission/to the Resistance. This character will also become one of the main characters.
  • Confirmed? Torra seems to be this, although Kaz has only told Yeager about his mission.

BB-8 is at the Colossus to help Kaz get into his role as a spy, and will leave once that's done.
The trailer shows BB-8 is sticking with Kaz at the Colossus. Since he's Poe's droid, it's likely that he's staying to help Kaz out in the early stages of his undercover mission, and that, probably by the end of the first season at the latest, he'll be leaving. After all, it's a Foregone Conclusion that BB-8 can't be permanently working with Kaz.
  • He'll leave because Poe visits the Colossus to see how Kaz is doing and take him back with him, possibly giving Kaz a new droid as well.

Torra is a spy for the First Order.
  • Unlikely, see below.
  • Jossed.

Alternatively... Torra is a spy for the New Republic.
Would be interesting if true. Since it would show us more of the New Republic plus could give us some storylines of a New Republic spy and a Resistance spy co petting over who is the best covert spy.
  • Unlikely, since she's the daughter of the Colossus' owner and has apparently never left the planet in her life at the start of the show.

The season ends with Kaz's mission being revealed to his friends.
  • Confirmed.

The red Mandalorian racer is a major character.
They could be a rival to Torra.
  • At the very least, she's a Friendly Rival to Torra but otherwise works with her and the other racers as the Colossus’ defense. She's also not Mandalorian, at least from what we currently know.

There will be a mid-season twist that will give the show Cerebus Syndrome.
Like with Rebels Season 1 when they gave Ezra his lightsaber, delved into his Dark and Troubled Past, and brought in Tarkin to show how exactly pissed off the higher-up Imperials were with the Lothal Garrison's incompetence and demonstrated this by beheading two recurring characters and capturing Kanan, there will be something game-changing that happens in the middle of Resistance Season 1.

The season ends with the characters seeing Starkiller Base blow up the Hosnian system.
After defeating their own villain, the season finale ends with the cast seeing a strange red light shooting across the sky and realizing that something bad has happened, so they desperately try to contact the New Republic and/or the Resistance, only to learn that they're on their own for now.
  • Early reports say that the Season 1 finale leads into and/or is concurrent with The Force Awakens.
  • The season 1 midseason trailer shows stormtroopers watching the speech Hux gives just before the Hosnian system is blown up, so looking extremely likely.
  • Confirmed that they see the Hosnian Cataclysm, but it happens in the middle of the season finale.

Bo Keevil is a spy
He's outright described as mysterious! Who he would potentially spy for is another matter.
  • Jossed.

In The Clone Wars, the original plan for Plo Koon was that he would only speak in the Kel Dor language, not Basic. Given that, in the "Team Aces" featurette, Bo was not mentioned to have a voice actor, they could be reusing that idea with him.

Bo will be voiced by Dave Filoni.
  • "Sixty Seconds to Destruction" gives his very first line, but his VA remains unidentified for now.
  • Confirmed by "The Doza Dilemma".

Kaz will assume Griff Halloran to be a spy.
Griff is a former Imperial who does absolutely nothing whatsoever to hide this, complete with wearing a modified Imperial uniform, flying a modified TIE fighter, and having tattoos of the Imperial crest. As a result, he will serve as a Red Herring for Kaz, who will spend a while assuming that, because a lot of former Imperials went on to support or join the First Order, Griff must be working for them.
  • Jossed.

...leading to Griff performing a Heroic Sacrifice while holding off a First Order attack.
  • Jossed.

The Colossus will be destroyed by the end of the season.
The second trailer shows the station under attack repeatedly, and Captain Phasma is shown giving an order for it to be destroyed.
  • Captain Phasma was ordering the destruction of Station Theta-Black and the Colossus was under attack by pirates, although this WMG could be right for different reasons.
  • Jossed.

Captain Doza will be revealed to be working with the First Order
It would be easy for him to do so given his position and it would be a pretty shocking twist for both the characters (Torra Doza in particular) and also, he is shown meeting with the First Order in a picture in a behind the scenes video, it’s unclear what’s happening in the scene and why he is meeting with them so we’ll have to wait and see.
  • Confirmed, although he's trying to keep them from taking over the Colossus rather than because he's willing to work with them.

When BB-8 leaves...
Poe will drop off Kaz's X-Wing and other astromech, C4, at the Colossus. C4 will then take a proper Robot Buddy role, since BB-8's been serving more as Kaz's experienced minder at the moment.
  • Jossed, it's CB-23 instead of C4.

Poe will take BB-8 back in "Signal from Sector Six"
The synopsis reveals he's returning in that episode, so why not?
  • Jossed. BB-8 is still with Kaz at the end... but Poe tells him he'll be seeing him again soon. Poe takes him back in "The Core Problem".

After the events of TFA...
The First Order will launch an attack to take the Colossus by force. "The Triple Dark" revealed they want to use it as a staging area, after all, and the only reason they're hiring pirates and the like is because prior to the Hosnian Cataclysm, they took care to act deliberately under the radar. Presumably, if Kaz and other Resistance allies foil their plans to take the Colossus earlier, they'll just launch a full-scale military takeover of the place, and Kaz and company will have to fight and, possibly, flee.
  • Jossed by the midseason trailer: the First Order manages to strong-arm Captain Doza into letting them take over the platform before the events of TFA, and Kaz and company fight back against them.

BB-8 is the real spy for Poe and Leia.
Hence why Poe and Leia were alright with sending a Naïve Newcomer like Kaz. While Kaz isn't the main spy, BB-8 doing the work since the Resistance has been established to have a secret spy droid system and it wouldn't be expected for a droid to be a spy (ex. In The Clone Wars, Goldie turned out to be a Separatist spy, Grievous sends a bunch of bomb droids disguised as cleaner droids to Coruscant, etc. And in Rebels, there was a GNK droid who was a rebel courier, Chopper and AP-5 constantly disguised themselves as Imperial droids...). Teaching Kaz to be a real spy is a bonus.
  • Looking jossed.

Neeku is the First Order spy.
  • Neeku was Kaz's first friend on the Colossus, which would make his betrayal the most emotional.
  • Neeku would be an Evil Counterpart to Kaz: A spy using Obfuscating Stupidity as a cover.
  • Neeku is the reason that Kaz was forced into his first race, which almost gets him killed.
  • Neeku tells the visiting Stormtroopers in Episode 4 that Kaz is wondering why they are at the Colossus, nearly exposing him.
  • Looking unlikely, since Neeku helps Kaz rescue two kids from the First Order in "The Children from Tehar".
  • Jossed.

Yeager's racing ship is the starfighter he flew for the Rebellion.
Possibly with some modifications. There has to be a reason it's being teased but hasn't been seen yet, and that would only work if it's a model of ship the audience is expected to be instantly familiar with. It would also echo Griff Halloran, who is, or at least claims to be, a former Imperial pilot, flying a heavily-modified TIE fighter.
  • Jossed, it's a completely different model of ship.

Someone will work out Kaz is a spy but by being Right for the Wrong Reasons
What I mean is that I think that someone (or multiple people) will work out Kaz is a spy but they won't realise he is a spy for the Resistance. Perhaps someone will think he is New Republic Security Bureau for example. Or even (ironically) a First Order spy.
  • "Secrets and Holograms" reveals that Captain Doza researched Kaz and found out his past as a New Republic pilot, so this seems likely.

Torra will be the first person on the Colossus besides Yeager and BB-8 to learn that Kaz is a Resistance spy.
And, given that the décor in her room suggests she's a fan of the Rebellion, she'll help him with his mission.
  • In "Secrets and Holograms", she knows that her father believes that Kaz may be a spy for the New Republic, and at the end of the episode, she starts to consider it. However, she continues to be an ally to Kaz.

Poe will take BB-8 back in "Station Theta Black".
It's the midseason finale, after all, and the synopsis reveals Poe to be in it.
  • Jossed. However, the episode ends with Kaz still on a Resistance ship, having not yet returned to the Colossus, so he could return to the platform with a new droid.
    • This is also jossed: the midseason trailer indicates that BB-8 won't leave until after the First Order gains a permanent presence on the platform.
  • Poe takes BB back in "The Core Problem".

Torra's mother was a colleague of Yeager's.
In Women of the Galaxy, we know that Torra's mother was a pilot for the Rebel Alliance. In the preview for "The Platform Classic", Captain Doza calls Yeager an old friend. It could just be that Yeager's been on the Colossus long enough to be friendly enough with Captain Doza, but maybe it means more if Yeager had been friends with Mrs. Doza.

Captain Doza is an Imperial that escaped trial.
No one on the Colossus, not even Torra, knows that Captain Doza is a former Imperial, and he wants to keep it that way. It's possible that not even his wife knew of his true identity. This along with his connections to the criminal underworld are why he refuses to get the New Republic involved on the Colossus — they might investigate him and find out he's a war criminal.
  • Looking unlikely. Word of God is that he defected around the time of Return of the Jedi because he realized the Empire was evil. The New Republic doesn't seem to put turncoats on trial.

Captain Doza is an ex-Imperial that had a Heel–Face Turn.
During or near the end of the war, he deserted from the Empire, possibly out of love for the rebel pilot that would become his wife. Because he had a Heel–Face Turn and his lover vouched for him, he wasn't put on trial in spite of the role he may have had in some atrocities, which may have been controversially received. After the war, he and his wife retired to a quiet life on the Colossus. He doesn't want people to know about his past out of shame and fear that he may not be accepted for what he had done.

Those are shin'yah trees in Captain Doza's office and they mean something.
In Inferno Squad, Vardosian myth says that the Maiden of the Shin'yah committed suicide when she was forbidden from marrying her lover, and her body became the first shin'yah tree. Since we know that Captain Doza was an Imperial officer while his wife was a rebel pilot, this could hint at them being Starcrossed Lovers and that something bad happened to Mrs. Doza that caused her to become a Missing Mom.

"Bibo" is Kaz's new droid.
That's a very odd word, and fairly similar to the BB-series astromechs the Resistance prefers to use...
  • Jossed, it's what Neeku names his new pet.

CB-23 will be assigned to Kaz.
  • She does have a more prominent role in the mid-season trailer...
    • Not to mention that CB is in scenes where BB would usually be.
      • Confirmed.

Kaz's spying skills will still be an important skill after his mission on the Colossus.
  • The Season 2 announcement seems to indicate this is true.

The system with no star...
Was a testing site for Starkiller Base's star-draining systems. I mean, what else could it be?
  • Well, All There in the Manual confirms that the Dassal system's planets were cored out as tests for Starkiller Base, which only adds fuel to this theory.

"Bibo" will be a Breather Episode before things really heat up.
Considering that it's apparently the last episode in the season not to directly involve Kaz's mission against the First Order, just being a fairly standard Monster Is a Mommy plot, this is highly likely. However, it also looks like the episode after it, "Dangerous Business", also qualifies to a degree, what with the comedy surrounding Bitey the gorg.

At the end of the season, Kaz will leave to help the Resistance.
After the First Order is defeated, Kaz listens to what Leia told him earlier and leaves to help them.
  • Since the finale looks likely to overlap with TFA and TLJ, this is looking unlikely.
  • Jossed.

Alternatively, Kaz stays with the Colossus or the Colossus folks.
  • Confirmed. However, the Colossus is rather more mobile than it initially seemed.

What happens in "The Doza Dilemma"...
Is what will finally cause Captain Doza to bow to the First Order's overt and covert pressures and allow them a permanent presence on the platform. The synopsis hints at another, potentially devastating, pirate attack, and just look at the title.
  • If the titles for the episodes afterwards are correct, this is looking confirmed.
    • It's not so much he lets them take over and more that the First Order welcomes themselves in because of the episode.

Eila is Force-sensitive.
  • She can see the future, so... yeah.

Bibo's mother will return.
There's a shot of her in the midseason trailer that isn't in "Bibo". Perhaps our heroes will recruit her as an ally to help the First Order.
  • She has a cameo in "The First Order Occupation"...

Captain Doza defected from the Empire because of his later-wife.
In "The New Trooper", Commander Pyre asks Captain Doza why he left the Empire and Captain Doza answers that it was a personal choice about something that he doubts Pyre would understand. Women of the Galaxy said that Torra's mother was a rebel pilot. Defecting for Love and similar tropes are typical in Star Wars stories, and Captain Doza is right in that someone who is fiercely loyal to the Empire/the First Order would likely never understand love or why someone would change for love.

The Colossus will be permanently sunk.
  • Jossed. Actually, it's the complete and total opposite of that.

Tehar is the moon Kaz and Poe visit in "The Core Problem"
The moon used to be inhabited, there are signs a massacre was carried out there, and a symbol seen briefly on the temple is similar to the one on Kel's charm from "The Children from Tehar".

Leia will tell Kaz that Hosnian Prime was destroyed.
In the midseason trailer, he looks upset from something Leia just told him and seems angry in another scene that seems to take place afterwards when he tells the others that they're going to take back the Colossus. It could just be that the events on the Colossus have just made him more serious about it, but he has no idea of telling what happened in General Hux's speech or what those red streaks in the sky were, so Leia probably catches him up to speed before asking him to return to the Resistance.
  • Jossed. Kaz, Torra and CB-23 witness a hologram transmission of the event while sneaking around Doza Tower.

Aunt Z and Hype will return to help Kaz and co.
It's implied that Maz Kanata is the friend on Takodana Aunt Z intends to go to. Now, this is taking place simultaneously with The Force Awakens, and anyone who's seen the movie will know that Maz's castle gets demolished during a First Order attack. Therefore, it's likely that Aunt Z and Hype will arrive after the castle's destruction, and maybe talk to Maz, before deciding that their best shot is to return to Castilon and help the others fight the First Order.
  • Confirmed: They picked up Kaz's distress signal and turned back to go help them.

Tam has something to do with why Pyre is there to arrest Team Fireball at the end of "The Disappeared".
She has been shown to have a massive case of Genre Blindness regarding the First Order, buying every single lie they spit out without question for the most part, and in her last scene prior to Kaz's return to the repair shop, she says that she knows there's something suspicious going on with Kaz. It's entirely possible that she decided to report something out of a naïve sense that she's helping Kaz, only to realize far, far too late just how wrong she's been about the First Order.
  • Jossed by the preview clip.

Alternatively, Pyre is there because the Fireball was recognized.
"The Core Problem" was the first time Kaz took the Fireball itself on a Resistance mission, and Major Vonreg survived the fighting, likely with his fighter having recorded the skirmish, or the destroyed probe droid having images of the ship in its memory. In that case, it's likely that the First Order may have uploaded any images of the Fireball to their database and gotten a hit with the ship almost always present in Yeager's repair shop, which has been seen by patrolling stormtroopers. It's also possible that the First Order discovered evidence of the sneaking on- and off-platform that Poe and Kaz did in the previous episode.
  • Confirmed; Pyre says that the Fireball was seen in restricted First Order territory. Looks like Poe's concerns about the ship's paintjob were correct, in a way.

Tam will realize she was wrong to trust the First Order after Starkiller Base blows up the Hosnian system.
  • As of "No Escape, Part II", Tam doesn't appear to know about what happened to the Hosnian system yet.

Captain Doza will die in the season finale.
  • Jossed.

Kragan's pirates will help the people of the Colossus take back the station from the First Order.
  • In "Descent", they hear Kaz's message to the Resistance about the First Order having taken over the station and it looks like Synara wants to do something about it.
  • Confirmed, they help fight off the First Order forces in "No Escape, Part II".

While imprisoned, Yeager will tell Tam about his experience in the GCW to try to convince her that the Empire and the First Order are evil.
He'll tell her of something horrifying that happened in the war, like how the Empire built a superweapon and used it to blow up Alderaan because Tarkin wanted to scare the galaxy into submission by making an example out of one of them... which foreshadows that Hosnian Prime will be blown up in a few hours.
  • Jossed.

Captain Doza will tell Tam that he used to be an Imperial to try to convince her that the Empire and the First Order are evil.
Tam won't listen to Yeager when he says that people rebelled against the Empire for a reason or to Kel and Eila when they told her the First Order massacred their home and called her out for not listening to her friends, so maybe what she needs is to hear from the perspective of someone who used to be an Imperial, but had a Heel–Face Turn because he realized that they were evil. He could explain to her that yes, not everyone in the Empire is evil, but there were also many people in the Empire who were there because they were hungry for power and enjoyed oppressing people, which is part of why he left. We could also find out about what happened to Torra's mother this way, like maybe she helped him see why the Empire is evil. Alternatively, Torra could tell Tam about her father, but Myrna Velasco has implied in an interview that whether or not Torra knows about her father's past isn't addressed (although she does know), at least in Season 1.
  • Jossed.

The Colossus can fly.
Captain Doza seems surprised that the station is capable of surviving of being submerged, and we have seen other Imperial facilities like the Lothal Imperial Complex and Skystrike Academy be able to fly/float.
  • Confirmed: In "No Escape, Part I", Neeku, Eila and Kel discover that the Colossus has a Class 2 hyperdrive, the kind used on Imperial capital ships, as well as thrusters.

Yeager will decide to give the Fireball to Kaz…
...because Tam, by siding with the First Order and refusing to listen to warnings about them, has lost his trust. And if Tam rejoins the heroes, she's going to have to work hard to regain everyone's trust because of what she did, especially since they're likely to tell her that her ignorant sympathy for the First Order is why they never told her anything about their Resistance connections to begin with, since she blew off any warnings they tried to give her.
  • Well, Tam has certainly lost his trust...

    Season 2 
Kaz's teammates from the prologue will return in Season 2.
Kaz will likely be in on the Colossus or at least the Outer Rim for the next six months while his teammates are still in the central systems with the New Republic. When Hosnian Prime gets destroyed (possibly by the end of the season), Kaz will end up crossing paths with his old friends while trying to get a hold of the Resistance and New Republic. And there will probably be some sort of Brick Joke/Call-Back to when Kaz promised he'd be "right behind them", only to disappear and be presumed dead for the next six months.

The season will be about finding help for the Resistance.

The first half of the season will take place during The Last Jedi and the Time Skip before Episode IX.
After the events of The Last Jedi have occurred, Kaz and the others will lose contact with the main Resistance to prevent spoilers about what has happened to them during this time.

There will be new Aces
The new aces will appear with new ships such as.
  • Orange Ace
  • Purple Ace
  • Grey Ace.
  • White Ace.
  • Diamond Ace.
They will meet the other aces, along with Kaz and the Fireball crew.
  • It doesn't work that way. They're not like the Power Rangers.

We will get more guest star appearances from the Sequel Trilogy.
Rumor is that Episode IX takes place a year after The Last Jedi, so once Resistance gets past the The Last Jedi timespan, we'll get into the timespan between The Last Jedi and Episode IX, which will probably include content of the Resistance recovering into whatever shape they'll be in by Episode IX. It's also a prime opportunity for guest star appearances from everyone who survived The Last Jedi, like Rey, Finn, Rose, Kylo Ren, General Hux, etc.
  • Maz could actually be a prime candidate for appearing, since it's not clear what she's been doing since her castle was destroyed and she might be a friend of Aunt Z's.

It will get mentioned that Captain Phasma died in The Last Jedi.
Someone like Commander Pyre or Major Vonreg will say that Captain Phasma was KIA, so now Pyre is the head of the Stormtrooper Corps now.

We will meet Yeager's old squadmates.
Law of Conservation of Detail is likely in place, mostly because one of the pilots has a specific design (pink male Twi'lek). Perhaps Kaz and co. will meet them and recruit them to the Resistance.

Tam's arc
Tam will eventually come to a Heel Realization about the true nature of the First Order, and possibly by extension the Empire. She will then have a hard time escaping the Order, and will have to eventually throw herself at the mercy of the friends she betrayed, who won't be feeling particularly welcoming.

Kaz will avenge the Hosnian system, and the New Republic
After the destruction of the Hosnian system, and the New Republic, Kaz and the Aces will regroup with the remaining New Republic forces and/or the Resistance. He will put together a team to avenge his home world and it's people in order to take down the First Order.

Rucklin and Lin will cause trouble and wind up in the brig.
In "No Escape, Part I", the two are seen being escorted by stormtroopers in Doza Tower, unrestrained, indicating they've sided with the First Order. However, there's no indication that they were taken away in a First Order ship like Tam was, so they're likely still onboard the Colossus, and they may cause trouble and get locked up because of it.
  • Looking at least partially jossed, as the Season 2 poster has someone who looks like Rucklin in a First Order uniform, suggesting that he, at least, was taken offworld by them before the Resistance took back the Colossus.

Tam will defect from the First Order, but she still won't join the Resistance, at least initially.
After discovering how horrible the First Order is firsthand, she quits, but just because she's not a supporter of the First Order anymore, it doesn't mean she supports the Resistance. She'll come to view them both as terrible and/or just wants nothing to do with the new war and just wants to live a normal life as a racer like she originally wanted. Kaz and the others understand (since they figure they've put Tam through enough) and/or are too busy with the war to persuade her otherwise, and tell her that she can take the Fireball and leave. She does, but after some time (possibly including talking to someone about it), she realizes that this isn't what she really wants and decides to go back and help the Resistance. It would make her arc similar to Han and Finn.

Torra will want to become a Resistance pilot, but her father will forbid her.
With the rising stakes, Torra decides she wants to help the Resistance by becoming an actual pilot. Doza will refuse, because he believes that it is too dangerous for her to stray too far from the station, especially now that the First Order is hunting down the Colossus. Through this, we could also learn the fate of Torra's mother as well as officially reveal that Torra's mother was a rebel pilot.

Tam will begin to doubt the First Order because someone in the First Order will screw up the masquerade.

The first half of the season will largely take place during The Last Jedi.

The Colossus will also have to deal with economy changes.
The Colossus's economy was built on being a stationary refueling platform, but now that the Colossus is on the move and in space, a lot of people (who weren't prepared to get caught in a war) will be forced to adapt to their new life. Its previous role as a pit stop town and civilian center will become a lot less feasible now that it's on the run and unlikely to pick up outside traffic, which will also hurt jobs that rely on imports. Jobs that didn't rely on imports depended on being on Castilon, such as fishing and salvaging, and will be put out of business. While some of the civilians may have ships and can move to another planet (as the First Order is no longer locking down the station), not all of them can afford that, so the Colossus will have too many mouths to feed with limited supplies.

The first half of Season 2 will have the Colossus crew constantly just behind the main Resistance.
They'll make it to D'Qar only to find the base a smoking crater and the wreckage of the Fulminatrix in orbit around the planet. From there, they'll perhaps tune into some kind of repeating Resistance warning message over the airwaves or even be contacted by Leia directly, either way learning that Crait is to be their next destination. And of course, they'll arrive there to find another deserted base and wreckage everywhere. Along the way, they might run into and perhaps hook up with other Resistance agents currently at large, like Zay and Shriv or Snap and Black Squadron.

The First Order ball droid in the premiere is the same one CB-23 fought in "No Escape, Part I"
Descriptions of the premiere from Celebration Chicago state that one of the things that happens is the discovery of a First Order BB unit which stowed away on the Colossus, which CB fights. The droid could possibly have survived its first fight with her, and would have been on the Colossus when it took off.

The First Order will find out about certain things thanks to Tam.
In Season 1, Tam meets Kel and Eila, who are in hiding from the First Order, in "Bibo"; and participates, somewhat reluctantly, in Kaz's disguising himself as CS-515 in "The New Trooper". It is entirely likely that the First Order will find out that the last survivors of Tehar are alive thanks to Tam (although she doesn't know they're fugitives yet), and it's possible they could find out about what happened with CS-515 thanks to her. (There is a remote possibility that she may not tell them about this incident because she doesn't want to get in trouble.)

    Crossovers and Returning Characters 
Hera will be one of Kazuda's superiors.

Jacen will appear.
He could be revealed to have become a pilot like Hera, rather than a Force-sensitive.

The cast of Join the Resistance will appear.
  • This is becoming unlikely, as the events of that series take place right before The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.
    • It may be possible again, now that we know the season 1 finale will intersect with The Force Awakens.

Characters from Poe Dameron will appear.

We will see Holdo's past victories as mentioned in The Last Jedi.
As an Author's Saving Throw to criticisms of Holdo's character in The Last Jedi.

Snoke's origins will be revealed
Spoilers if you hadn't seen the second film, but Snoke was killed without ever revealing his past.

The search for Ezra and Thrawn
will be the theme of an arc.
  • It's been thirty years, Ahsoka, Sabine, and whoever else probably would've found them long before now.

Shriv Suurgav from Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) will appear.
He's canonically a veteran Resistance soldier by the time of TFA, and has shown up in the IDW Adventures comics. Bonus points if we see Iden, Del, or even Zay too.

Finn will cameo in the show
He'll be upset that he's going to be a janitor on "the secret base".
  • Jossed, at least in that circumstance.

Whatever happened in Sabine and Ahsoka's journey will be cheekily referenced, but not answered.
Like in the very first episode of The Legend of Korra, when Jinora asked Katara about what happened to Zuko's mom, only for Ikki to cut off Katara's answer. But hopefully, like how Katara at least said it was "an incredible tale", it'll be hinted that whatever happened had a happy ending.

The Crimson Corsair and his crew, including Kix, will appear.

Admiral Statura will be Kazuda's team's direct authority figure.
It'd be kind of a stretch to include Leia and Poe on a regular basis.
  • Jossed. Kazuda sends occasional reports to Poe. Leia only talks to Poe, and Statura isn't Kaz's boss.

Kallus will show up.
Perhaps as the head of the New Republic Security Bureau.
  • Kaz could discover that Kallus and Yeager fought the Empire together and became friends.
  • Unlikely that Kallus would head the New Republic Security Bureau, as it was stated he retired from service after the war ended.
    • It sounded like Sabine was just talking about what happened immediately after the war ended. Kallus could've came out of retirement after some time.
  • Given Tierney is a Kallus expy, maybe we could get a Kallus-Tierney fight...

Fenn Rau and his Protectors are idolized on Colossus.
And maybe someone mentions him and talks about how he's a Mandalorian war hero, vaguely referencing whatever happened after Sabine left Mandalore in Bo-Katan's hands.
  • Looking unlikely, as apart from brief appearances of their logo in Aunt Z's they haven't so much as been mentioned.

Iron Squadron will be mentioned or at least Mart will show up.
And maybe Mart will say that he used to be like Kazuda.
  • No word on Mart, but an adult female Theelin that strongly resembles Gooti Terez can be seen.
    • Jossed that that Theelin woman is Gooti. Something would have been said about it by now.
    • Gooti would look much older than that incidental by the timeframe of the Sequel Trilogy. She'd be closer to Luke and Leia in age than Kaz or Poe.
    • Officially jossed by Word of God. Her name is Jooks.

Yeager is an old friend of Shara and Kes.
  • In "Fuel of the Fire", it's implied that Yeager retired to Yavin 4 with his family like other soldiers in the Rebellion, and given that he's said to have known Poe for a long time, it's possible that the Yeagers were neighbors of the Damerons and Yeager's kid was friends with Poe.
    • Unless you think that the photo is set on Batuu, although the point could still stand.

Rose Tico will appear.
The show is about racing teams so it makes sense that a starship mechanic would appear.
  • Jossed in that aspect since she's with the Resistance during Season 1 and likely the part of Season 2 that takes place during The Last Jedi, but she could appear later with the Resistance.

Yeager was a member of Alphabet Squadron.
  • Alphabet Squadron will be released after Season 1, so Season 1 might reveal Yeager's past, which will then be elaborated more on in a novel like Alphabet Squadron, kind of like with Kanan for Rebels or opposite of how '’A New Dawn was released before Rebels''.
    • Looking doubtful, as the members of Alphabet Squadron are described as being hardened and wanting revenge, and Yeager would've mentioned working for a team that was specialized in hunting down a secret Imperial project by now.

Torra's mother was a member of Alphabet Squadron.
Bonus: Both her and Yeager were in Alphabet Squadron.
  • Double Bonus: Torra's mother met Captain Doza while she was in Alphabet Squadron.
    • Triple Bonus: The female lead of the Alphabet Squadron books is Torra's mother.

Yeager is Naomi Ackie's character's father.
  • Looking unlikely unless Yeager's daughter was alive this whole time.

Zay and Shriv will appear.
They're looking for allies of the Resistance to help against the First Order.

Moxie, Ka-Pao, and Roger will appear.
For the same reason as Zay and Shriv.

Agent Tierny is Naomi Ackie's character in Episode IX.
They resemble each other, especially their facial structures.
  • Probably jossed, since the show tries to get original actors to reprise their characters.
  • Jossed. Ackie's character is named Jannah and, from released images, is not with the First Order and does not look or dress like Tierny.

Bo is actually an amnesiac or disguised Plo Koon
The fact that he's a member of Plo Koon's species, is an expert pilot (Which if you recall was the very thing Plo was doing during Order 66), and he rarely speaks or shows his face is a little suspecious. Also, the clone unit he lead, the Wolfpack, is one of Dave Filoni's wolf motifs.
  • What.
    • If they were to do something like that, a relative or secret descendant is more likely.

Kijimi and/or Pasaana will appear.
Those are the new ice and desert planets, respectively, appearing in The Rise of Skywalker. The protagonists of this show could visit them on a mission.

Zorri Bliss will appear.
Bliss is Keri Russell's character, and she's described as a "scoundrel". Since there's a Time Skip, the Resistance characters could encounter her chronologically before The Rise of Skywalker.

Batuu will appear.
As the setting of Galaxy's Edge, the planet has been appearing in a wide variety of EU material in order to introduce it to Star Wars fans. Not only is that one reason why it might be visited, but the theme park's plotline is set shortly after The Last Jedi and appears to deliberately lead into The Rise of Skywalker. Having Resistance also link into this seems almost inevitable,


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