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Recap / Star Wars Rebels

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The recap page for Star Wars Rebels.

All spoilers are unmarked. Read at your own risk.

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    Season 1
"Do not return to the temple. That time has passed. And our future is uncertain. We will each be tested: our trust, our faith, our friendships. But we must persevere, and in time, a new hope will emerge. May the force be with you, always."
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Young Ezra Bridger joins up with a ragtag team of rebels on the desolate planet of Lothal. Their leader is Kanan Jarrus, a Jedi survivor of Order 66 who's been helping Lothal resist the oppression of the Galactic Empire. Kanan takes Ezra as his Padawan, and together, the group tangles with the local Imperials, chief among them the Grand Inquisitor, a trained Jedi killer. Though they start out small, the Ghost crew slowly begin to realize just how huge their movement and its implications may be - and how big their enemies may get as well.

  1. "Droids in Distress"
  2. "Fighter Flight"
  3. "Rise of the Old Masters"
  4. "Breaking Ranks"
  5. "Out of Darkness"
  6. "Empire Day"
  7. "Gathering Forces"
  8. "Path of the Jedi"
  9. "Idiot's Array"
  10. "Vision of Hope"
  11. "Call to Action"
  12. "Rebel Resolve"
  13. "Fire Across the Galaxy"

    Season 2
Fifth Brother: The Jedi are growing in their power.
Darth Vader: It will be their undoing.

The Ghost crew, now a part of the larger Phoenix Squadron, find themselves regretting their critical victory against their foes when the Empire's almighty hammer itself swings down upon them - and that hammer's name is Darth Vader. Forced to flee Lothal, the Ghost crew takes their mission into the far reaches of the galaxy with Phoenix Squadron, searching for a base and tangling with more Inquisitors that are hunting them. As Clone War veterans Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex join the fight, Ezra makes a critical discovery, one that sets him down a questionable path. It all comes to a head when a mission to Malachor becomes the stage for a climactic showdown - one that leaves the fledgling rebellion forever changed.

  1. "The Lost Commanders"
  2. "Relics of the Old Republic"
  3. "Always Two There Are"
  4. "Brothers of the Broken Horn"
  5. "Wings of the Master"
  6. "Blood Sisters"
  7. "Stealth Strike"
  8. "The Future of the Force"
  9. "Legacy"
  10. "A Princess on Lothal"
  11. "The Protector of Concord Dawn"
  12. "Legends of the Lasat"
  13. "The Call"
  14. "Homecoming"
  15. "The Honorable Ones"
  16. "Shroud of Darkness"
  17. "The Forgotten Droid"
  18. "The Mystery of Chopper Base"
  19. "Twilight of the Apprentice"
  20. "Twilight of the Apprentice Part II"

    Season 3
"I will pull the rebels apart piece by piece; they'll be the architects of their own destruction."
Grand Admiral Thrawn

Six months after the battle on Malachor, the Rebellion continues pushing on and has grown strong enough that even Grand Moff Tarkin has recognized them as a persistent threat to the Empire. In the midst of preparations for a direct assault on Lothal's Imperial factories, a still-recovering Kanan is losing Ezra to the influence of the Sith Holocron, making the boy more prone to violence and newfound ambition, while Sabine continues to confront her people and her birthright. As Phoenix Squadron takes in allies old and new, the legendary Grand Admiral Thrawn arrives on the scene, and he may just be cunning enough to tear the Rebellion apart from the inside.

  1. "The Holocrons of Fate"
  2. "The Antilles Extraction"
  3. "Hera's Heroes"
  4. "The Last Battle"
  5. "Imperial Supercommandos"
  6. "Iron Squadron"
  7. "The Wynkahthu Job"
  8. "An Inside Man"
  9. "Visions and Voices"
  10. "Ghosts of Geonosis"
  11. "Ghosts of Geonosis Part II"
  12. "Warhead"
  13. "Trials of the Darksaber"
  14. "Legacy of Mandalore"
  15. "Through Imperial Eyes"
  16. "Secret Cargo"
  17. "Double Agent Droid"
  18. "Twin Suns"
  19. "Zero Hour"
  20. "Zero Hour Part II"

    Season 4

After the devastating loss of Atollon, the Rebel Alliance moves forward. With tensions rising in the ranks of the rebels, for the Ghost crew, it all comes back to the home front as they return to Lothal with the race on to destroy the planet’s Imperial factories. As a dire threat looms on the horizon, the Force begins to carry out the full extent of its plans, and so our heroes must finally face their destinies.

  1. "In the Name of the Rebellion"
  2. "In the Name of the Rebellion Part II"
  3. "The Occupation"
  4. "Flight of the Defender"
  5. "Kindred"
  6. "Crawler Commandeers"
  7. "Rebel Assault"
  8. "Jedi Night"
  9. "DUME"
  10. "Wolves and a Door"
  11. "A World Between Worlds"
  12. "A Fool's Hope"
  13. "Family Reunion — and Farewell"
  14. "Family Reunion — and Farewell Part II"