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Elon: Why must you always put yourself at risk like this? We all know how dangerous the forest is! Furthermore-!
Myari: That's easy! I like it when your eyes bug out!
Elon: My eyes DON'T bug out! note 

You see it all the time in manga or anime: During a comical scene, a character may express anger in a way that's meant to incite laughter from the audience.

In such cases, you can expect the character to have enlarged, distorted and oftentimes pupil-less eyes; fangs or otherwise distorted teeth in their mouth; and No Indoor Voice — angry waving of hands or over-the-top violence are optional descriptors. Usually invoked when another character says or does something extremely stupid.

Of course, when anger is displayed in more dramatic scenes, a person's anger will be portrayed (and drawn by the artist) in a much more realistic manner.

Also possible to pull off in live-action works, but also more difficult since the physical distortions aren't as readily evident as in works of animation.

May overlap with Demon Head, where the angry character's entire head expands to large size. Often accompanied by Cross-Popping Veins, and sometimes completed with a Facepalm. Compare Goblin Face.

When listing examples, state which characters are most prone to this convention; if it's plot-relevant, note it as such. Western animated works which are inspired by Japanese animation conventions may also be included.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Aggretsuko: Whenever she goes into Rage Mode, Retsuko gets an over-the-top screaming face complete with Glowing Eyes of Doom, Scary Teeth, and a tongue that would make Gene Simmons jealous.
  • Assassination Classroom: Nearly all of the students in Class 3-E get afflicted with this from time to time, often over each other's weirder quirks or the just plain crazy stuff Koro-sensei pulls. The teachers of 3-E get this way, too; even the usually even-tempered Karasuma.
    Karasuma: She said she wouldn't tell anyone about my toupee! What the hell is up with that?!note 
  • In Bleach, the most frequent users of this trope are Kon, whenever he's inside his lion plushie form and is upset at some circumstance that makes him into a Butt-Monkey, or Ichigo and Rukia when they're annoying each other.
  • In Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Beauty does this often, and by often, we mean as in every five seconds in in response to all the Comedic Sociopathy going on.
  • Rosette Christopher of Chrono Crusade, being a Tsundere, often has this combined with physical violence toward Chrono. Made even funnier by the fact that he's got incredible power at his disposal.
  • Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist whenever his more comedic Berserk Buttons are hit (His height and his relationship with Winry being prime examples). In fact, the current trope image for the Berserk Button page shows Ed displaying this kind of face.
  • Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple: Frequently happens among Kenichi's friends, most usually directed toward Nijima. Even Tanimoto isn't immune to expressions like this.
    • Miu oftentimes has this expression toward the Ryozanpaku masters when they do something idiotic. An example is shown in Chapter 77 of the manga, where Miu ropes Sakaki and Shigure into pretending to be her parents, along with cover occupations of jet pilot and fashion designer, respectively.
    Sakaki: Wouldn't a wrestler be better? Or an assassin or something.
    Miu: YOU'RE A PILOT!
  • Narusegawa Naru in Love Hina is that series' most frequent offender, accompanying her usual Tsundere tendencies. Poor Keitaro just can't catch a break around her (though it doesn't help that he's an Accidental Pervert).
  • In March Comes in Like a Lion, Nikaido's video-taped lecture to Rei induces one from the latter in Chapter 14, a noticeable change, even to others in-universe, from his usual calm or melancholic expressions.
  • In My Hero Academia, Katsuki Bakugo pulls off a SPECTACULAR one in Chapter 44 after winning U.A.'s Sports Festival that even unnerves All Might.
  • Any Tsundere-type character in Naruto will have this expression when their being upset is played for comedy. Sakura is one of the most readily-available examples; in her case, it's usually directed toward Naruto when he's done something particularly dumb or annoying.
  • Happens frequently in One Piece, with even usually-serious characters like Roronoa Zoro not being immune. Among the Straw Hat crew, Nami, Sanji and Usopp are the three who most usually get this treatment in response to some outrageous or idiotic act committed by the others (though they themselves are often not much better). In fact, Nico Robin is the only crew member who doesn't show a Comical Angry Face at any time (she makes up for it by being a Comically Serious Deadpan Snarker, however).
    • Brook, the newest Straw Hat member, never pulls the Comical Angry Face off either. On the other hand, he's a skeleton, thus has no face to pull it off.
  • Kaoru Kamiya, Yahiko Myoujin, Sanosuke Sagara, and Misao Makimachi in Rurouni Kenshin frequently have moments of this among the main characters. This usually accompanies physical violence against the titular character, which is always played for laughs.
    • Interestingly, a flashback during the Kyoto arc shows that when he was still training under Seijuro Hiko, Kenshin himself had bouts of this during the argument that led to him leaving Hiko's tutelage.
  • Happens a lot in the Tenchi Muyo! series, usually from Ryoko and Ayeka whenever they have their spats.
  • Kuwabara in YuYu Hakusho has this expression a lot, often in response to Yusuke or Hiei provoking him (exacerbated by him being ugly). Keiko also has expressions like this, though not nearly so often and usually directed only at Yusuke.

    Comic Strips 
  • In recent Garfield strips since the 1990s, this is what a character (especially Jon) would often get when he gets really angry.

    Film — Animated 
  • Toy Story 2: Immediately before leaping into a fight, Mr. Potato Head attempts to switch his normal eyes with his "angry eyes". Instead, he accidentally pops his extra shoes into his eye sockets.
  • In Turning Red, Abby makes this face often as befits her Hot-Blooded Genki Girl personality.

    Film — Live-Action 

  • The Hunger Games: In Mockingjay, during the invasion of the Capitol one rebel soldier is told by Katniss' camera crew to make an angry "badass" face as part of their propaganda video. They try to suppress their giggling at how phony it comes off looking. Then a bomb goes off and everybody's screaming for real.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Doctor Who: Done intentionally by the Master in "The Sound of Drums" as he insults his cabinet ministers, then gasses them all to death.
    The Master: You see, I'm not making myself very clear. "Funny" is like this: [beaming grin]. "Not funny" is like this: [deep, wide-eyed scowl]. And right now, I'm not like [grins], I'm like [scowls], because you are traitors. YES, YOU ARE!! As soon as you saw the votes swinging my way, you abandoned your parties and you jumped on the Saxon bandwagon! So... [sits down] your reward!


    Video Games 


    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Done often in Adventure Time, though Marceline is best at it.
  • As exaggerated facial expressions are a large part of the show's humor, you'll find a lot of these in The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • Bill Green from Big City Greens has "the disappointed face".
  • Mr. DeMartino from Daria, who has one eye pop out of its socket when he gets pissed off (which is often).
  • In Filmation's Ghostbusters, there is nothing funnier than a fully-enraged Prime Evil. Jake seems to bring this out in him the most.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
    • Billy sometimes does this when he gets really passionate.
    • A Running Gag in "Duck!" has Mandy being accused by her superiors of farting (when it was an Underworld duck Blowing a Raspberry) and making faces that look like they're about to explode.
    • In "Keeper of the Reaper" when Billy starts to get the upper hand over Mandy in the episode's trial, he gets cocky and points and pinches Mandy's face with his pointer finger, which could be best described as a screaming on the inside memetic face.
  • In The Legend of Korra, we have Tenzin do this in response to Korra mentioning his mother. This has only happened once so far, however.
    • Actually, it was also used in a Book 1 scene (complete with fire and lightning strikes in the background) when Ikki tells Asami that Korra likes Mako. Later on in the same scene after Korra tells her to run along, Ikki makes this face as well along with growling and cat scratching.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Pinkie Pie does one of these in "Pinkie Pride". She also makes a rather exaggerated expression in "The Last Roundup" after Applejack breaks a Pinkie Promise.
    • In "Tanks for the Memories", when her friends show concern about her being angry, Rainbow Dash denies being angry, yelling at the top of her lungs "DO I LOOK ANGRY?" before making this face.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: "OVERTIME!?!?"
  • Steven Universe: Yellow Diamond pulls a rather magnificent one when Peridot calls her a clod.
  • Teen Titans gets examples of this often, usually with Cyborg. Not even Robin (the protege of the ultimate master of stoicism) escapes being affected.

    Real Life 
  • Alabama college student Jack Blankenship became an overnight sensation by sitting behind the backboard at NCAA playoff games, and waving around an oversized cutout of his own hilariously scowling face in order to distract his team's opponents during free throw attempts.


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