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  • In Issue #9; We find out that the whole Eravana/Rathtar/Guavian/Kanjiklub mess in Star Wars: The Force Awakens happened because C3PO had a big mouth.
  • The cover of issue #10 has Poe on the floor looking like he sustained a beating....but he appears to just have an annoyed expression while pointing with a Declarative Finger as if he were making a statement or asking a question.
  • Terex smarts off to Phasma in issue #11, complaining she never actually does anything and tells her to go polish her armor while he goes to work.
    You really are a First Order commander through and through, Phasma. You threaten, and whine, and wail, but you never do anything.
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  • Agent Terex also asks a random Stormtrooper "Did I ever tell you that I used to be one of you?" The Stormtrooper replies "Yes sir. Many times." Even though he's wearing a helmet, that trooper looks so completely done.
  • Jess laments that the Resistance droids refuse to fly with her anymore because she's lost so many.
  • Poe watches two giant monsters fight and just says "Kind of makes you think."
  • The official Star Wars website has provided an official translation of all BB-8's dialogue during the Ovanis arc which includes such gems as "I hate your (Terex's) mustache!"
  • Remember back in The Force Awakens when no one was sure whether BB-8's lighter was meant to be a thumbs-up or a middle finger? While Word of God states that it's a thumbs-up, Issue 20 gives us the same gesture, used instead as the finger.
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  • In Issue 21, Lor San Tekka is put on trial for trying to steal an ancient Force artifact. He admits he broke into the vault but only because the owner would not let him study it. He is found guilty and is genuinely baffled that this was not an adequate defense.
  • In a post-TLJ comic, Rey mentions that she was tortured by Kylo Ren. Poe says this also happened to him, making them "torture buddies."

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