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Awesome / Star Wars: Poe Dameron

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  • The fight between the two Kaiju that hatch from the giant egg.
  • One of Black Squadron's astromech droids singlehandedly beats up three Megalox prison guards.
  • C-3PO uses his skills as an Omniglot to tell a bunch of bat-like monsters to attack Terex and his soldiers.
  • Poe reprograms an unhelpful commando droid with Mr. Bones' personality, who wipes the floor with Terex's Rancs.
  • Poe gets stabbed through the hand. His reaction? "This is less than ideal."
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  • BB-8 zaps Terex (the second time) and the following issue reveals that in doing so, he bricked C-3PO's memory unit that Terex had taken, basically saving the Resistance by preventing the data therein from falling into First Order hands.
  • The Resistance find Lor San Tekka is being held prisoner and is about to be executed, so Leia takes the lead in executing a Leverage-style caper to get him off-world without his captors being any the wiser. And then, just to one-up them, Terex and Malarus swipe Lor San Tekka right out from under their noses.
  • Terex plays both sides like a fiddle in issue #24. To get the First Order to remove the Restraining Bolt they stuck on his head, he keeps control by repeatedly electrocuting himself, stating that he would rather die than be enslaved again. He offers to give Lor San Tekka over to the First Order in exchange for his freedom, and when he's meeting them face-to-face he drinks an unlabeled bottle of poison, ensuring that if they try to screw him over then he'll die before they can torture San Tekka's location out of him. Once they've done the work and let him go, he gives the First Order the location... then gives the Resistance the same information so that all of his enemies can battle it out between themselves.
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  • The last two issues show a battle on planet Ikkrukk between the Resistance and First Order, which the former wins in a Curb-Stomp Battle (the Resistance loses a single X-Wing, while the First Order's forces are wiped out). Not only is this the Resistance's first victory since Crait, the Ikkrukkian government outright joined the Resistance, thus giving the Resistance a solid manpower, financial, and manufacturing base.

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