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Don't worry, Finn. BB-8's got your back.

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    The Film 
  • The First Order has invaded Jakku, killed innocent civilians, and lost a few troopers themselves, all to capture the most dangerous pilot in the Resistance. Caught, bleeding, and forced to his knees before the imposing Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron stares into the black soulless mask that silently stares back...
  • In an awesome and serious Establishing Character Moment, Ren stops a sniper's blaster bolt in mid-air... And promptly forgets about it. It finally goes off as Ren makes his way back to his shuttle, scaring the crap out of Finn in the process. He's not the only one either. You can see the trooper behind him sweeping the area with his blaster, as if wondering where the hell it came from.
  • When Rey tries to get BB-8 to leave her alone, he beeps sadly and does the robot version of Puppy-Dog Eyes to convince her to take him in like a stray. And when she agrees, he does a cute little happy dance, and says the astromech equivalent of "Yaaay!"
    • Before that, when Rey freed him from Teedo, BB-8 beeps angrily and repeatedly to Teedo... And only stops when Rey shushes him.
    • BB-8 doesn't just make Puppy-Dog Eyes, he purrs at her.
    • Before all that, when she and BB-8 have their "Top Secret/Big Secret" exchange, BB-8 answers her question with a "Yep!"... A noise is clearly a "Yep!"... It's precious!
  • When Finn breaks Poe out.
    Poe: Why are you helping me?
    Finn: Because it's the right thing to do!
    Poe: You need a pilot.
    Finn: I need a pilot.
  • Later on in the Hanger Bay, a composed Poe and agitated Finn have this exchange:
    Finn: Stay calm, just stay calm...
    Poe: I am calm.
    Finn: I'm talking to myself.
  • Finn and Poe board a TIE fighter and are on their way out of the Star Destroyer, but in his nervousness Finn forgot one little detail: the fighter's anchor.
    • Which, of course, brings up the question that was actually asked by CinemaSins of why the TIE was anchored in the first place.note 
  • As Finn and Poe blast the hangar apart with the TIE fighter, a stormtrooper sent flying through the air lets out our old friend the Wilhelm Scream.
  • When Poe says they have to go back to Jakku for BB-8, Finn argues that they need to leave. When Poe says BB-8 has a map to Luke, Finn literally responds with "You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!".
  • Poe and Finn's reaction to fighting off their pursuers and destroying the Finalizer's guns; whooping and cheering and congratulating each other like excited kids, or FPS players who just pulled off an amazing shot.
    Finn: Yeah!
    Poe: YES!!!
    Finn: Did you see that? DID YOU SEE THAT?
    Poe: I saw it!
  • After Finn's desertion, Hux tries to defend the stormtrooper training program, insisting that his troops are the best that the First Order has to offer. Kylo Ren is less than impressed.
  • Much of the sequence after Finn reaches the outpost at Jakku where Rey sells her scavenged goods:
    • After dragging himself through the desert for however long, and making it to some semblance of civilization, he immediately starts begging for water. When his pleas fall on deaf ears he's resorts to more... Desperate options. The watering trough then comes into view, whilst being occupied by an ugly, foul-smelling happabore. Finn goes for it, and after taking a few swigs, his face makes it clear that something is very wrong with this picture. The crowner? He continues to drink anyway. Then the happabore headbutts him away from the water as if to say, "Go away, this is my water."
    • After refreshing himself, he notices a brawl has broken out by one of the tents. Finn sees Rey being attacked, outnumbered and surrounded, by a group of thugs. He shouts at them and runs towards her, all ready to be heroic and rescue Rey - but slowly realises that she is beating the tar out of the thugs herself. The fight ends before he's anywhere near and he kind of awkwardly stops running and looks around, in an "Oh God, how do I pretend I was doing something else" sorta way.
    • After the scuffle, BB-8 notices him (and more importantly, recognizes Poe Dameron's jacket) and points him out to Rey; it takes Finn a few moments to realize she's charging at him. Cue Finn having to run from a tough girl wielding a big staff who just beat up a pair of thugs, before she manages to get around him and knock him to the ground. It's followed by her interrogating him, with BB-8 now and again using his shocker to zap Finn.
      • Director J. J. Abrams drops a Shout-Out to his own film with Star Wars' rival franchise, Star Trek (2009), when Finn snaps, "Stop it!" at being repeatedly zapped, just like Kirk snapped at being repeatedly jabbed with inoculations, and in the same annoyed-but-not-angry tone.
    • After the situation finally calms down a bit, Finn and Rey carry a conversation, and Finn inadvertently finds the one person who falls for his Bad Liar attempt, but it's still funny.
      Rey: So you're with the Resistance?
      Finn: (beat) Obviously. Yes, I am. I'm with the Resistance, yeah. (whispering) I am with the Resistance.
      Rey: (impressed) I've never met a Resistance fighter before.
      Finn: Well, this is what we look like. Some of us. Others look different.
  • Finn, Rey, and BB-8's escape from Jakku also manages to be hilarious despite the drama of the situation: as they run for the quad jumper, Finn points out another ship out of camera view, then this exchange takes place:
    Finn: (pointing at another ship out of frame) What about this ship?!
    Rey: That one's GARBAGE!
    (the ship they're running towards explodes from a shot from a TIE fighter; both of them pull up short)
    Rey: ...The garbage will do!
    (they both turn and run towards the garbage ship, the Millennium Falcon.)
    • Once they take off in the Falcon, Unkar Plutt, the merchant whom Rey had been trading scrap for food portions with, runs up and yells out "Hey! That's mine!"
    • What really adds to the humor is the five seconds of classic Star Wars fanfare when the camera pans over to the Falcon.
    • Since the movie's release, a Lego set of the quad jumper they were intending to take has been released. It has a specific exploding feature to reenact its turbines flying into the air.
  • In the initial escape from the First Order on Jakku, as they're being chased by stormtroopers, Finn grabs Rey's hand and starts pulling her along. Rey does not appreciate this, and when Finn does it again to pull her out of the tent they're in away from the incoming TIE fighters, Rey angrily says, "Stop taking my HAND!" Ironically, this second gesture ends up narrowly saving both of their lives.
    • It's made funnier later when Finn falls down and she is the one who reaches for his hand.
    • At one point, both characters are blown off their feet by the airstrike, with Finn momentarily knocked out. Rey is able to shake him awake, which leads to:
      Finn: (coming to) Are you OK?
      Rey: (beat) Yeah.
    • Finn's No Sense of Personal Space continues when he tries to get a better look out of the Falcon's canopy by climbing onto the console and bracing his hand against Rey's forehead. By this point she just half-heartedly tells him to get off and looks annoyed, having given up trying to tell him off.
  • As he gets into the gunner station on the Falcon, Finn mutters to himself "I can do this, I can do this..." It immediately cuts to Rey in the cockpit also muttering "I can do this, I can do this..."
  • During the chase, when Finn finally manages to shoot down one of the pursuing TIE fighters, he grins a little and says, "I think I'm getting pretty good at this!" That's right - he got cocky.
  • As for the TIE fighter itself... Scavengers are immediately upon the wreck while the aerial fight continues on overhead.
  • During the escape from Jakku, Rey shouts to BB-8 to hold on while she does some evasive maneuvers in the Falcon. Cut to a shot of the armless BB-8 being violently thrown around the ship's corridor. He eventually secures himself with cables, and when the action finally ends, he drops to the ground and bobs his head as if dizzy while Finn and Rey are gushing about their performance.
  • The first time Kylo Ren pitches a fit. An officer, who seems to be savvy about the whole You Have Failed Me thing, reports that BB-8 has escaped. He fully expects to be killed as Kylo ignites his lightsaber... Then slashes the computer console into slag while the officer is standing there, terrified. As soon as he's finished his tantrum, Ren quite calmly asks "Anything else?" as if nothing happened. The officer visibly gulps and hesitates before he reports that there was a girl (Rey) with the droid. Ren's violent reaction really sells it.
    Kylo Ren: (immediately drags the officer into his hand with the Force) WHAT GIRL?!
    • Kylo Ren also gets to display some decent snarkery during the initial briefing after the escape. He'd never admit it, but some of his father got into him after all:
      Officer: We were unable to obtain the droid. It escaped capture aboard a stolen Corellian YT model freighter.
      Kylo: The droid... Stole a freighter?
  • Kylo Ren talking to Darth Vader's charred helmet is a dark, creepy moment, sure... but if you look closely, the helmet seems to be raising its eyebrow, as if its owner couldn't believe such nonsense.
  • As they're attempting to fix the Millennium Falcon's leaky motivator, Rey says she needs the location of the Resistance base. Naturally, this puts Finn in a pickle.
    Finn: (to BB-8) You gotta tell us where your base is.
    BB-8: (beeps)
    Finn: I don't speak that. Alright, between us, I'm not with the Resistance, okay? (BB-8 rolls backward in surprise) I'm just trying to get away from the First Order. But you tell us where the base is, I'll get you there first. Deal?
    BB-8: (cocks head)
    Finn: (hissing) Droid, please!
    Rey: So where's your base?
    Finn: (nonchalant) Go on, BB-8, tell her.
    BB-8: (looks at Rey, then at Finn, then back at Rey, then back at Finn)
    Finn: (through gritted teeth) Pleeeaaase!
    • Then, when BB-8 tells Rey the location and Finn immediately responds ("That's right! The Ileenium System!") to hide his not having known, then gives BB-8 a thumbs-up. BB-8 gives one back with his blow torch.note 
  • Finn's understandable exasperation at Rey wanting to go back to Jakku, then launching into a bunch of different questions as to why.
  • Finn proving himself hopeless at telling tools apart when Rey asks for a specific thing, constantly holding up the wrong tools while Rey says "No!" in an increasingly annoyed tone. Eventually, BB-8 helps by looking down directly at the tool in question.
    Rey: No. No! The one I'm pointing to. No! NO! NO!
    • The novelization goes for an equally funny bit, where Finn does know the tools she needs, but Han was terrible at storing them so he has to keep rooting through the whole mess.
  • When Rey and Finn are preparing to hide under the floor, he climbes down first, and she hands him BB-8. Since he's a freaking heavy droid, Finn instantly flops down under his weight but then assures the very concerned Rey that he's okay.
  • When the Dejarik game starts up on the Falcon, one monster hits another over the head... It's the exact reverse of the game from the original movie. Also, unlike the new holograms, the Dejarik game is in a jerky stop-motion style just like the original.
    • When Finn accidentally switches the game on Chewie leans up looking like he's ready to play a round. This is after Chewie almost killing Finn an alleged six times while he was bandaging the Wookiee up just moments ago and complaining to Han about Finn's work seconds before.
  • Han basically explains his entire philosophy in life when he plans to jump to hyperspace from inside a freighter.
    • It's even better when you consider that it's an indirect Call-Back to Han's "Never tell me the odds!", albeit the line is different.
    • And when he attempts to jump without taking the compressor into account, we get a familiar engine-failure sound, because it's just not the Millennium Falcon without getting shot to hell or failing at least one hyperjump.
  • When Rey realizes that she's talking to Han Solo and they're actually aboard the Millennium Falcon, with all the energy of an overly-excited fangirl.
    Rey: This is the ship that made the Kessel Run in fourteen parsecs!
    Han: TWELVE! (scoffs) Fourteen...
    • Finn is clearly shocked as well, and asks Chewbacca if Han really is "a war hero" like the legends say. Chewie just replies with a growl that says "Ehh, kind of".
  • Han referring to BB-8 as "ball".
  • Finn being shocked that Rey is able to understand Chewbacca.
    Finn: Wait, you can understand that thing?!
    Han: Yeah, well that thing can understand you too, so watch it!
  • For terrifying tentacle-beasts, the rathtars are the source of plenty of snarky comedic dialogue from Han.
    Finn: You're not hauling rathtars on this freighter, are you?!
    Han: I'm hauling rathtars.
    • Finn expresses shock that Solo managed to capture three of the creatures. When asked how he did it, Solo casually responds that he used to have a bigger crew.
  • The rathtar's entrance is no less amusing:
    Finn: What about the rathtars? Where are you keeping them? (one suddenly slams into a viewport behind him, causing both Finn and Rey to scream)
    Han: (casually gesturing to the viewport) There's one.
  • Han and Chewie are constantly bickering Like an Old Married Couple.
    Rey: What are you going to do?
    Han: Same thing I always do: Talk my way out of it.
    Chewie: (grunts)
    Han: Yes I do! Every time!
  • After Chewbacca is wounded and while Rey and Han are piloting the ship, Finn is the one stuck with having to patch the Wookiee up.
    Han: You hurt Chewie, you're gonna deal with me!
    Finn: Hurt him?! He almost killed me six times!
    (Chewie grabs Finn by his collar in an attempt to make it seven)
    Finn: (having trouble breathing) Which is fine.
    • One of the items Finn tosses around while trying to find medical supplies is Luke's old lightsaber training bot.
    • Also, BB-8 tried to help Finn in treating Chewie's wound, but the Wookiee roars impatiently at him, startling him and prompting him to roll away.
      • This was a Call-Back to the mouse droid scene from A New Hope, since the exact same roar effect was used in both scenes.
  • When Rey says she needs to go back to Jakku, Finn asks why people want to keep going back to that planet. When Han calls it a "junkyard," Finn responds "Thank you!" and mutters "junkyard" to Rey in a tone that screams "I told you so", followed by Rey looking offended.
  • Han trying to negotiate with the two death gangs seeking his hide.
    Han: Fellas, come on, have I ever let you down before?
    Bala-Tik: Yeah.
    Tasu Leech (in Huttese): Twice!
    (Chewbacca nods, conceding the point; Han pauses, pondering.)
    Han: ...When was the second time?
  • Rey tries to shut the doors to cut the two gangs off from Han but accidentally allows the rathtars to escape. Hearing them roar from somewhere in the ship, Han gives the appropriate reaction:
  • Rey and Finn share an Oh, Crap! once they realize what they have just done.
    Finn: This was a mistake!
    Rey: Huge!
  • Finn is snared by a rathtar but Rey is able to free him by following him on a set of security monitors and closes a set of blast doors on the tentacles to free him, then goes to retrieve him.
    Finn: It had me! But the door—!
    Rey: That was lucky!
  • Finn trying to tell Han he's a "big deal", which Han uses as his nickname for the rest of the film. Han may be a badass grandpa, but he's still a grandpa, and that is unquestionably a dad joke. Han then warns Finn he has a bigger problem:
    Han: Women always find out the truth. Always.
    • The two don't stop trading barbs there: Finn gets into the bad habit of calling Han by his last name. Han is not amused, not in the slightest.
  • So how do they get the faulty hyperdrive to work?
    Rey: (rips out a chunk of circuit board with some wires hanging off it) I bypassed the compressor!
    Han: ...Huh.
    • Made even better by the way Rey has a huge dorky smile on her face when she tells Han this. And when he just responds with "Huh..." this smile is immediately replaced with a frown of disappointment from Han's lack of reaction.
  • This exchange between Han and Rey before he introduces her to Maz Kanata.
    Han: (handing Rey a blaster) You might need this.
    Rey: I think I can handle myself.
    Han: I know you do, that's why I'm giving it to you!
  • Maz Kanata's introduction; Han brings Rey and Finn to a glorious, mysterious temple next to a beautiful lake in the middle of a lush jungle on a strange planet, says that the wise person they're meeting is over a thousand years old, the courtyard is full of statues and banners, all solemn and spiritual... And then the doors open to reveal an Up to Eleven version of the Mos Eisley Cantina scene from A New Hope.
    • The buildup to Maz's reveal: a sweeping shot of surroundings, the music setting the scene, Rey and Finn taking it all in, and a close up of what looks like an unassuming barmaid... Who then whips around at yells, "HAN SOLO!" at the top of her lungs. Everything, including the music, comes to a screeching halt; Han can only meekly reply before it all comes back to life.
    • And this tiny 1000-year-old alien woman inquires as to Chewbacca's whereabouts, referring to him as her "boyfriend". There's a certain lasciviousness in her voice when she says "I like that Wookiee."
    • Note that Chewie stays with the Falcon until things start heating up, waaaaay the hell away from Maz...
  • This doubles as Awesome: When Han, Finn, and Chewie emerge from the castle wreckage, Han shoots 3 troopers, one in front, and one on each side. He shoots the third one without looking... Then looks shocked at the action. One can speculate that he unknowingly used the Force.
  • Han using Chewie's bowcaster when dealing with the gangs on his freighter. He fires a single shot but the look on his face shows how floored he is by the power. He liked it so much he asks to borrow it again for the fight on Takodana. He's just as impressed the second time.
    Han: (pointing to Chewie's bowcaster) Hey, can I try that?
    Chewie: (casually hands Han his bowcaster)
    (Han fires at a pair of Stormtrooper, misses, but the force of the blast sending them both ragdolling away)
    Han: (turns to Chewie, enthused) I like this thing!
  • The Battle of Takodana ends with one of these. A Resistance shuttle has landed and revealed Leia, and Han is there to meet her, it's all sweet and dramatic... Then C-3PO literally leans into the shot, points at Han and says "Goodness! Han Solo!" Plus, he's not sure if Han would recognize him with his new red arm.
    • Later on, the two argue Like an Old Married Couple (which, to be fair, they are). Han says he's just trying to be helpful, and Leia snaps, "When has that ever helped?" and just as Han's opening his mouth to answer she cuts him off with, "And don't say the Death Star." Clearly he's leaned on that story a few too many times in their relationship and his expression is priceless.
  • Finn is talking with Maz and asks for a weapon while holding the lightsaber.
    Finn: I need a weapon!
    Maz: (grabs the hand with the lightsaber) You have one!
  • When the group finally gets to the Resistance base, Chewie is being seen to by a medic. The exchange that goes between them involves Chewie acting like a little kid and the doctor being very understanding with such phrases like "It sounds very scary. You must be so brave." You half expect her to offer him a lollipop after she's done. Bonus points for the medic being played by the real-life niece of Count Dooku's actor Christopher Lee.
    • Oddly enough; Some reviewers would describe this as her flirting with him instead.
  • While the rest of the Rebels react with fear to seeing the schematics for Starkiller Base, Han snarks that it just looks like a bigger version of the Death Star.
    Han: So how do we blow it up? There's always a way to do that.
    • When Leia then says that Han is right, he looks genuinely surprised.
  • As Finn, Han, and Chewie infiltrate Starkiller Base, Han expresses doubt as to how they're going to make the base vulnerable so that the Resistance pilots can destroy the weapon. The following exchange takes place:
    Finn: Solo, we'll figure it out. (sudden inspiration) We'll use the Force!
    Han: (in a long-suffering, familiar tone) THAT'S NOT HOW THE FORCE WORKS.
    • That it's the cynical non-Force user who once dismissed it as a hokey religion (and who himself has worked with half-cooked plans to get out of sticky situations in the past, Force involvement or not) who's correctly schooling Finn is what adds to the hilarity.
  • Before this, Han's You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! reaction to Finn's revelation that he worked on Starkiller Base in the sanitation department.
    • Chewie's "Keep me out of this" reaction when he sees that Han is about to lay into Finn.
  • Chewbacca, covered head to toe in fur, complains about the cold on Starkiller Base to Han's disbelief.
    Han: Oh really? You're cold?
    • And just before they are are forced to go back outside again, this gets a Call-Back as Chewie offers Han a warm jacket.
  • This exchange between Han and Finn, who finally realizes he's in way over his head.
    Han: You sure you're up for this?
    Finn: Hell no.
  • Kylo's response when Rey comes to and asks where she is:
    Kylo: You're my guest.
  • Rey's first time using a Jedi mind trick:
    Rey: (haughty) You will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.
    JB-007: ... What did you say?
    Rey: (nervous) You will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.
    (trooper walks over)
    JB-007: I will tighten these restraints, scavenger scum.
    Rey: (serenely) You will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.
    JB-007: (beat) ...I will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.
    (trooper removes the restraints turns to leave, and just when he is almost out of the room...)
    Rey: (frantic) And you will drop your weapon.
    JB-007: (casually) Aaaaaand I'll drop my weapon. (drops blaster)
    • Made even better by Daniel Craig being the one under the stormtrooper armor! IMDB lists his character's name as "JB-007". (His actual stormtrooper designation, as established by officially released material, is actually supposed to be FN-1824.)
      • A meta one - when an interviewer asked Craig about the cameo rumors, he exploded on him about how idiotic the idea is to prolong the charade.
  • An unmasked Kylo is talking to Snoke about Rey's powers when General Hux walks in. Kylo moves to put his mask on and realizes, to his visible chagrin, that he doesn't have it with him. He immediately stops talking, frowns, and even tries to hide his face by looking away and staring straight ahead awkwardly throughout the rest of the scene. And in turn, while Hux barges in yelling, he does a visible double take when he sees Kylo mask-less.
  • Snoke tells Kylo that the droid is aboard the Falcon, in the hands of "your father... Han Solo." It's supposed to be a big, dramatic reveal, but the only people onboard the ship are Rey (who's obviously not a father), Chewbacca (Squick), Finn (who's younger than Ren), and Han, so it ends up just being completely Narmy.
  • While it's a chilling, tragic scene and a prelude to genocidal horror, Hux's speech can be kind of funny in a Narm sort of way. Hux really cranks up the Evil Is Hammy to ludicrous levels.
  • When he discovers her escape, Kylo Ren pitches another fit, and begins to slice up the interrogation gurney and, from the sounds of it, most of the room. Cue a shot of the hallway where two guards approach, one of them signalling the other to stop upon hearing Ren smashing the place up in anger. When a piece of flaming wreckage comes flying out of the room, both guards decide they have somewhere else to be and promptly turn around and walk right back the way they came. Even better yet, the guards' relative nonchalance implies this is something that Kylo Ren does regularly.
    • The stormtroopers' reaction can be best summed up with a single word: "Nope."
  • To take the shields on the base down, Chewie and Han grab Captain Phasma. Her dramatic walk down the base hallway (the exact same shot used to showcase her as a badass in the trailers) is abruptly ended by Chewie tackling her straight out of frame.
    Finn: You remember me?
    Captain Phasma: (coolly) FN-2187.
    Finn: Not anymore. The name's Finn, and I'm in charge. I'm in charge now, Phasma! I'm in charge!
    Han: Bring it down, bring it down.
    • Then, when Finn asks what they should do with Phasma...
      Han: Is there a garbage chute? Trash compactor?
      Finn: (grins) Yeah, there is.
    • You can also see the cogs click into place in Han's mind when trying to figure out what to do with the Captain to make a clean break, then it hits him: "I've been in a situation like this before..."
    • Also funny is the way Phasma looks up at Han after he makes the suggestion. Despite the expressionless helmet, you can just see the look on her face.
    • And to over-analyse the scene even more, he's asking Finn to suggest a trash compactor to throw her into. Finn, you will remember, was a sanitation worker on the base. He has bad memories of some of the worst ones, which puts his massive grin into a new context...
    • In the novelization, it's said that they actually do find a trash compactor to throw her into.
    • In the comic book, you actually see her going into the trash compactor.
    • In the Lego game, there is a hidden scene where she's in the trash compactor. She is complaining to her subordinates to get her out before a monster steals her helmet, angering her.
  • Finn making up a plan to rescue Rey when Han looks over his shoulder to see Rey outside the window behind Finn. He nods in her direction and Finn spends a few moments asking "Why're you doing that? What are... Why are you doing this?" as he mimics the nod.
  • Rey and Finn's emotional embrace is curtly interrupted when Han tells them "Escape now, hug later."
  • Artoo has been inactive since Luke left. The first thing he does upon reactivating? Insult Threepio. And Threepio goes from having a joyful reunion with his best friend to dope slapping him in about half a second for having insulted him (judging by Threepio's scandalised "How dare you call me that?!"). Some things just never change.
    • Plus BB-8, who reacts with a shocked look like he just saw one of his parents hit the other!
  • That Kylo Ren keeps wearing the mask. He doesn't need it to live, and his enemies generally know his identity already. He's only wearing it because he thinks it looks badass. Imagine your co-worker being such a Darth Vader fanboy that he shows up to work in cosplay every single day, and then suddenly one day he shows up without it, and you can start to see how long-suffering Hux, Phasma, and the First Order in general must be.]To be sure, if Rey's vision where she's surrounded by Knights of Ren is anything to go by, it seems the mask is part of Knights of Ren's standard uniform.
  • Unlike R2 who was wedged into the X-wing's socket in one position, the much smaller BB-8 has significantly more room to move around, which it uses to comically duck and dodge whenever Poe flies too close to an explosion or gets shot at.
  • When Rey and BB-8 descend the stairs to Maz Kanata's basement, BB-8's descent becomes a Funny Background Event. In order to keep himself from falling, he rolls over one step at a time, constantly pausing to glance downwards at the next step. About halfway down he just looks so annoyed at all these steps, it's one part adorable and one part hilarious.

  • There was a set leak in June of 2014, showing off the Millennium Falcon along with other things. J. J. Abrams responded by tweeting that the leaks were unfounded and denied that the Falcon was present in the film... In the form of a note left on top of the ship's iconic Dejarik board.
  • In a subtle Brick Joke, the Falcon has a new satellite dish slapped onto it because of the old one getting knocked off back in the climax of Return Of The Jedi.
  • Right after Kylo's lightsaber was revealed, various memes and photoshops of Kylo's lightsaber were created, such as giving his weapon a swiss army knife capability from turning it into a menorah lightsaber.
  • Stephen Colbert explains why Kylo Ren's lightsaber is a totally legit design, and how he is completely qualified to judge this because he's been a Star Wars fan for two weeks longer than any of you (starts about a minute in). And according to the Visual Dictionary he's mostly right!
  • One of the many captions for the reveal of Finn:
    Thirty Years Later
    Finn: Wait a minute! Those were the droids we were looking for!
  • Top Five Reactions to the second Star Wars teaser trailer. Though really any reaction video is hilarious, as 99% of them consist of people completely losing their shit.
  • Mark Hamill's description of how the movie was pitched to him. After being invited to lunch along with Carrie Fisher by George Lucas, he laughed off his wife's suggestion that maybe they were making a new movie, instead thinking that perhaps George wanted them to do promotional material for 3D remakes of the original trilogy. When Lucas revealed that was actually the case, Mark admirably kept up his poker face while cackling giddily inside, while next to him Carrie immediately yelled "I'll do it!" Upon being asked, he felt like he was being drafted, knowing that if he refused he'd have a legion of fans in an angry mob outside his house like something out of a Frankenstein movie. Seen here.
  • Although the movie version of the scene plays out very differently and isn't funny at all, those watching the trailer who noticed how Finn's face very quickly goes from "C'mon! Let's do this!" when igniting his lightsaber to challenge Kylo Ren to "OhShitOhShitOhShitOhShit he's coming!" when the two appear to be engaging in a duel has led to some rather funny remarks ranging from; "well I thought just igniting it would scare him off... Crap" to "I never got past turning it on during my training!"
  • John Boyega's description of his father's reaction when John broke the news that he'd got the part.
    John: (in a strong Nigerian accent) Oh my God! You are in Star Wars? That is fantastic, I knew it!...What is Star Wars?
  • John Boyega and his friend's reaction to the trailer
    John: (getting visibly more excited) Yep... Yep, yep, yep!
    Friend: Oh, oh, oh oh!
    (trailer reaches the part where Finn faces off against Kylo Ren)
    John: (kicking his feet) WHOA-HO-HO!
    Friend: WHAT?
    John: (leaps up and throws himself over his couch screaming with laughter)
    Friend: WHAT?! WHAT?!
  • In response to Luke Skywalker being absent from the trailers/marketing for the movie, somebody decided to make a full edit of the final trailer. The description on YouTube sums it up best:
    Description: Luke Skywalker is in EVERY shot of the new Star Wars trailer. Not sure what all the fuss is about.
    • They even photoshopped the Lucasfilm logo to say "Lukefilm"!
    • Also, this gem from the comment section:
    Called the cops.
    Alerted the Empire.
    Joined the Dark Side.
  • From Harrison Ford's interview with Jimmy Fallon:
    Jimmy Fallon: So did you get emotional when you put the wardrobe on?
    Harrison Ford: No, I got paid.
    • And when Fallon brings up JJ Abrams' earlier appearance where he brought up Ford's ankle injury from a piece of the set falling on him:
    "Oh, is that what he said happened? They closed a fucking door on me!"
  • Mark Hamill going onto Sunset Boulevard to promote the movie and Omaze's Force for Change campaign...disguised as a stormtrooper.
    • Bonus points for one of the people he interacted with proclaiming that her favorite Star Wars actor was "Mark Hamilton", and Mark's responding Aside Glance.
    • His little "Oh boy..." when coming across a Darth Vader street performer.
    • He comes up to a guy dressed as Iron Man...."C3PO?!"
    • Mark approaching a street performer in full Jedi-gear (lightsaber included), the music kicking in as they prepare to fight... Then making "pew pew" noises as he pretends to blast him.
    • In a montage of him taking pictures with fans, he says "cheese" a few times, but on the last one, he says "I'm Mark Hamiiiillll!" Of course, the fan doesn't get it.
    • Then near the end he faces the poster for the movie for a few seconds, then looks at the camera and shrugs. Nice lampshading of Luke's Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Trailer status.
    • "Well, that was something. I'm not sure exactly what, but definitely something."
  • The Emo Kylo Ren Twitter account that sprung up after opening weekend and already has 300,000+ followers. Imagine Kylo Ren as an angsty high schooler. Highlights include his friendship with Hux.
    • The official Spotify playlist for Kylo Ren are all songs from bands mostly associated with the emo/hardcore subgenre and "angsty high schooler" soundtracks.
    • There's also a "Very Lonely Luke" account... And the two went at it in a Twitter war.
    • And they're joined by Dad Joke Han Solo.
    • Now all are frequently embroiled in family bickering with Tough Love Leia, as she tries to balance being a badass general with trying to manage her manchild son.
  • Several graphical fan images of Kylo Ren and Stimpy have appeared with Ren dressed appropriately. It's doubly hilarious given how both Rens share the same temperament.
  • One fan took the created Snoke fanart and, instead of making him a gigantic hologram, drew him as Backpack Yoda from the Dagobah training scenes. Size matters not, after all.
  • The number of "Rey" puns has grown exponentially around Christmas 2015, especially since Ridley herself egged it on.
  • There's a half-joke theory that Kylo Ren's true identity is Jar Jar Binks, of all people, as an invoked kind of The Dog Bites Back/From Nobody to Nightmare. Thankfully for us, the theory is proven wrong.
  • The 2005 bootleg of Episode III, Backstroke of the West, is known not only for being a Translation Train Wreck, but also for its use of Pluralses. Ten yearses later, who should be cast in a role in the new Star Wars saga, but the most famous user of pluralses in film?
  • In this interview, about 27 minutes in, Gwendoline is asked if she had a song that got her into character for Phasma. The result is her, John, and Oscar having an impromptu jam session to "Kashmir".
  • TR-8R note  the riot control stormtrooper becoming a much-beloved meme within less than a week of the film's release. "He died for our spins."
  • Hosting Saturday Night Live, Adam Driver did a skit of Kylo Ren on Undercover Boss posing as "Matt" the radar technician and working undercover at Starkiller Base. Hilarious shots at his character and the way the First Order drones work, becoming a Fountain of Memes within DAYS of its release.
    • The outtakes are just as good.
    • The way Adam Driver plays Kylo as an unstable, tantrum-throwing manchild is pretty in line with his appearance in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi! To the point that Kylo can't even say a regular sentence without it sounding stilted and like he's holding himself back from yelling.
      Kylo: I'm looking forward to having some real talk with some real folks.
    • either a Hilarious in Hindsight or a sneak, but Matt is right: Kylo Ren IS buff and have a 8 pack.
  • During their appearance on the Graham Norton show, Carrie has some rather choice words to get Daisy ready for her future with the Saga.
  • Disney put out a Star Wars Crawl Creator in the days leading up to the film's release. The Internet ran with it.
  • Ben and Han as a modern dysfunctional father-son duo.
  • During a 2014 interview with Conan O'Brien, Conan tries to bribe Harrison Ford into divulging information on the ultra-top-secret production process of The Force Awakens, by giving Ford a thousand dollars. Ford takes it expressionlessly. When asked the inevitable question:
    Conan: Can you tell us anything about the new Star Wars?
    • Ford, completely straight-faced, answers:
    Ford: I hear they're making another one.
  • In 2016, Disney released a short video, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Told By Emoji", re-telling the film entirely in animated emojis with almost no dialogue. Naturally, there are many laughs to be had.
    • Finn and Rey's initial reactions to the Millennium Falcon are a thumbs-up and a trashcan emoji, respectively.
    • The First Order blowing up the 5 planets is represented by Hux, Captain Phasma, and the Stormtroopers using a keyboard consisting entirely of bomb emojis to text a dozen bombs to Hosnian Prime.
    • The fight with Nines is represented by a gif of Nines spinning his baton. When Han shoots him, the gif switches to him flying away- which, as gifs do, repeats on end.
    • Han attempts to persuade Kylo Ren to return to the Light Side. Kylo's response is "UGGGGHHH", a hair flip, and an autofill pops up with "cry | betray | play catch". What happens next is immediately covered by a big "Spoiler Alert!" popup.
    • How does Rey get to Luke's planet? "Your Driver Is Arriving Now: Chewber".
    • At the end, Rey holds out the lightsaber to Luke... Except he just stands there, causing her to get annoyed and repeatedly shake it at him. She continues to do so as the credits roll, getting more and more frustrated. You can almost hear her yelling, "Take it already!"
    • During the end credits, the mention of the background music composer, John Williams is accompanied by a tiny emoji-caricature of (presumably) Williams himself, directing an orchestra of emoji-Stormtroopers in bowties playing tiny violins.
  • Kylo Ren's formal apology to General Hux.
    Additional Notes: I can do whatever the fuck I want, you fucking ginger space nazi.
  • When the novelization stated that "[The Order] did not expect a picture of [Finn] holding up a sign that read "I am going to go berserk and free a prisoner and steal a TIE fighter", someone drew this.
  • At Star Wars Celebration 2016, at "An Hour with Mark Hamill", he describes (starts around 52:40) the moment where he thought he came into the movie when he first read the script — when Kylo Ren was trying to summon Luke's old lightsaber from the snow, he thought that it would go flying off to LUKE:
    Mark: I said: Oh, what a great entrance— AAAH! (beat) REY CAUGHT IT?! She hasn't even been to Dagobah for training!!
    • Also, his entire response to a fan asking what his reaction was when he was told that he doesn't say anything in the movie.
  • Some fans thought that BB-8's gesture with the lighter was him Flipping the Bird rather than a thumbs-up.
  • One particularly famous meme video parodying the ending has Rey stumbling across Tim the Enchanter instead of Luke.
    • In a somewhat bizarre parody of the ending, someone thought of the grand idea to replace Rey with Johnny from The Room. Highlights include Johnny's "Oh hai, Mark", and chucking a football at Luke's head.
    Johnny: You're just a little chicken! CHEEP-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep...
    • Luke may in fact view Johnny as The Dreaded judging from the horrified expression he wears when the football bounces off his head. Which makes it all the more satisfying when Luke explodes Johnny at the end and lets out one hell of a Joker laugh while a militarized version of "Binary Sunsets" plays in the background.
  • Kylo Ren has breakfast with Harry Potter. Basically, it takes a scene from the movie "What If" and modulates Adam Driver's voice to sound like his Kylo Ren voice. Needless to say, hearing Kylo Ren say "I just had sex and now I'm about to eat nachos!" might just be the best thing ever.
  • While promoting The Last Jedi, Mark Hamill revealed that he wasn't told Luke only shows up right at the end when he was given the script, leading him to wonder "Am I actually in this?" through the whole reading.


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