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  • Han trying to scare Lady Proxima and the Corellians with what he says is a detonator.
    Proxima: That's a rock! And you made a clicking sound with your mouth!
  • The droid that gets hit during the speeder chase. Not like he's gonna let a silly thing like getting run over and losing his head stop him from lecturing people about protocols.
  • The Imperial recruitment officer cheerfully assuring Han that he's going to love working for the Empire! It's such a bizarre change of pace from how Imperial officers are almost always portrayed in this franchise.
    • Not to mention the cheesy, upbeat version of The Imperial March being played in the recruitment ad.
  • The recruiter's final words to Han: "Don't worry, we'll have you flying in no time!" Gilligan Cut to Han being blown through the air on a muddy battlefield on Mimban.
    • The line was originally from a deleted scene where Han was drummed out of the fighter corps for crashing his damaged TIE into a ship due to an inability to land. The setup was apparently so nice they had to keep it in.
    • During the battle, a soldier screams "MY LEG!!"
  • Han notices Tobias is not an officer, and asks to be brought along. He proceeds to out Han as a deserter. And then there's this exchange between him and the troopers carrying him away:
    • Said beast turns out to be none other than Chewbacca. And Han only gets his trust once he starts speaking Shyriiwook (the Wookiee language).
    Han: (in Shyriiwook, frantically gesturing to Chewie) Me have plan of breakout. You and I freedom secret battle of pretend. Look...big...stick... note 
  • "What's your name?" "ARWRRGGARRGRRGRHHH!" "Chewbacca? Well, we better get you a nickname, I'm not gonna say this every time!"
  • So what happens after Han and Chewie finally manage to get on Beckett's ship? They take a shower. Together. You'd kind of have to be friends after that.
    Han: We couldn't have done this one at a time?
  • Han's explaining that he got kicked out of the Academy for having a brain sounds like your typical bitter washout, except that since it's The Empire, he's very possibly correct.
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  • Lando saying "Yoo-hoo!" to Han in a voice that definitely reinforces his Ambiguously Bi persona, and then hushing him with "The grown-ups are talking" like he's shushing a naughty child — which, from his point of view, he kinda is. And then when L3 attacks a man who's overseeing the droid fights, Lando tells her "Let go of the mean man's face" like he's scolding a naughty child. He's very funny when he's being condescending.
  • L3-37 is another case of a Comically Serious robot, basically a Distaff Counterpart of K-2SO - only instead of jaded Brutal Honesty, this time it's idealistic will to rebel (she's been described as a "feminist droid"), introduced trying to induce robots in a cage match to break themselves free. And once she releases the slaves in Kessel, L3 is ecstatic ("So glad we took this job!", "I found my true purpose, Lando. That's what I've done!", "REBELLION!!")
    • After Han and Lando discuss the Falcon, L3 interrupts saying "You done flirting?"
    • When Lando is leaving the cockpit at one point, he turns to L3 and asks if she wants anything. Without missing a beat, she responds, "Equal rights?" Lando can only roll his eyes and walk away after that.
    • When Qi'Ra suddenly displays her Teräs Käsi skills, all she can manage is a stunned "...Whoa."
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    • "Congratulations, you're liberated. Now scooch."
    • How about the sheer fact that we have a droid named L337, and the movie plays it completely straightfaced.
  • L3 telling Qi'Ra that Lando has feelings for her, although she doesn't reciprocate. Well, sometimes she thinks about it...but no.
    Qi'Ra: How would that work?
    L3: (beat) It works.
  • When L3 frees a droid, the little guy asks something along the lines of "Now what?" Her response? "I don't know, go free your brothers and sisters or something, just gimme some space." She says it so off-handedly that it sounds like she were an aloof older sister telling her bored younger sibling "well, try to entertain yourself."
    • Just the alacrity in which the androids celebrate their new-found freedom, one of them even jumping up and down on the control panel while they free more prisoners. Even a Gonk droid (which is functionally a power generator with legs) has enough awareness to realize it's liberated and joins in the destruction of the control room, happily gonking away.
  • Lando's wardrobe on the Falcon. The man owns a lot of capes. He's also very protective of them, to the point where he objects to Qi'Ra using one to smother a fire.
    Lando: Whoa, that's a custom piece!
    Han: Thank you, Lando, very helpful!
  • Tobias acting as a Moment Killer to Han and Qi'ra's passionate kissing in the Falcon.
  • When Chewbacca starts to flick some of the Millennium Falcon's switches...
    Han: Since when do you know how to fly?
    Chewie: *growls*
    Han: A hundred and ninety years old?
    Chewie: *growls*
    Han: You look great!
  • Han and Chewie pull the Trojan Prisoner trick to get into a mine elevator. After Han knocks out his guard, he turns to see Chewie holding the torn-off arms of the other.
    Han: Nice. That was the uniform that would have fit me perfectly, but it's fine.
  • Lando is sitting in the Falcon reciting into a holographic projector the latest chapter of his autobiography. And getting interrupted when The Plan goes Off the Rails.
    Lando: You guys are not gonna believe what I'm seeing up here.
    L3-37: Is it a mass breakout?
    Lando: (resigned) L3, what did you do?
    L3-37: I've found my true purpose, Lando! That's what I've done! So glad we took this job!
    Lando: (muttering) That droid...
  • For what is probably the first time in the entire franchisenote :
  • When a TIE Fighter hits the Falcon’s gun and the controls blow up on Beckett, he informs the crew that he’s lost the gun, aka their only defensive measure, and that he really hurt his thumbs as well.
  • Han starts bragging to folks on how he "made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs" (none of them seem to care and go about their business). When Chewie growls, Han shrugs and says "not if you round it down."
  • During a card game, Han shows his hand to Chewie. Chewie responds with what is essentially a "This Is Gonna Suck" growl.
    • And when Lando tries to get a card from his sleeve, he discovers Han has already taken it.
  • When facing the Cloud-Riders, Han threatens them with reinforcements from the Falcon, saying he only needs to snap his fingers to summon them. Immediately, Lando flies away with the ''Falcon'', and Han bashfully backs up next to Beckett.
  • Han decides to do a crazy maneuver to evade a pursuing TIE fighter, noting he learned it from a street racing friend of his, referring to him as the best street racer he ever knew.
    Han: A little something I picked up from my pal, Needles, best street racer in all of Corellia... till he crashed... and died... doing THIS!
  • Something of a Black Comedy inside meta-joke; Han, knowing Tobias is a better gunfighter and could never take him in a fair gun battle, shoots him before he could draw his blaster. Get it? Han shot first!
  • The very last line, when Han decides to go on a mission for a Tatooine gangster and Chewie is getting cold feet, has Han basically ask when he ever got them both in trouble. Cue Chewie giving him an enormous Aside Glance.
  • It's very much in the Black Comedy category, but the final fight with Dryden Vos starts in a hilarious fashion. Tobias makes his exit after holding everyone at blaster point. Cue Han, Dryden, and Qi'ra having a collective Oh, Crap! moment as they realize they're alone, all out to kill each other, and there are weapons scattered across the room.
  • Seeing the sheer amount of punishment the Millennium Falcon goes through during the entire Kessel Run can be funny in itself. By the time it reaches Savareen, the Falcon turns from a state-of-the-art luxury ship into the piece of junk it is famous for. The reaction of Lando upon seeing his beloved ship in ruins just makes it funnier in a Black Comedy sort of way. No matter what movie, the Falcon can't catch a break!
    • This leads to this brief exchange between Han and Lando, referencing another, more beloved exchange from The Empire Strikes Back:
      Lando: I hate you.
      Han: I know.
  • While the context is serious, it's hard not to laugh out loud when, during an attempt to turboboost her engines, the Falcon instead flickers and dies with that...classic...power-failure sound effect. Just in case you forgot what ship this was. After all, is it really the Millennium Falcon if she doesn't suffer at least one catastrophic engine failure at the worst possible time?
  • The Coda of the film, where Han challenges Lando to a rematch to win the Falcon at the sabacc table. Han tells Lando there's no hard feelings and that he and Chewie are messing with him, even pulling him into a warm hug. They play a lengthy match, and Lando magnanimously offers Han the chance to back out. Han persists, Lando goes for his hidden ace card. . .only it's gone. Han notices his discomfort and with a wickedly cunning expression asks:
    Han: Got everything you need?
    • Right before this scene, you can hear Lando chatting with the other players. One of his lines sneaks in some of his trademark flirtatiousness:
    • A meta joke: When Han and Chewie show up, they both seem angry about Lando leaving them to die and ready to attack. Lando is visibly nervous before Han laughs and hugs, saying it's okay. Thus, when Lando does the same thing to Han years later in Bespin, he's paying back for that old gag.
  • During a conversation in her room, Qi'Ra asks Han what they could do. Han wastes no time in suggesting the bed.


  • While en route to Kessel, Lando lets Chewie use the shower on the Falcon to wash off the rest of the mud from Mimban — and quickly regrets it as Chewie leaves hair all over the shower and uses up all of his most expensive hair-care products.
    Lando: Oh mercy, what did I do to deserve these beings on my ship?

Deleted scenes

  • In an extended scene of meeting Dryden, Beckett is having his tense meeting with Dryden while Han eats an alien crab leg, slurping up the meat like noodles.



  • When Ron Howard announced that filming officially wrapped up on 17 October 2017, he asked if he could reveal the long-awaited title. Cue the arms of Chewbacca handing him a sign with Solo: A Star Wars Story. And he was quite adorkable the whole time.
  • The first trailer ending with "I thought we were in trouble there for a second, but it's fine. We're fine." almost feels like a meta-joke on the Troubled Production of the film, complete with a sudden Diabolus ex Nihilo proving Han wrong providing some Tempting Fate and Self-Deprecation.
  • Someone took the trailer for the movie but replaced the music with the "I'm Han Solo" song from Star Wars Kinect. It actually adds a slightly more playful tone to things (down to making it so that a soft *ding* sound plays when Lando smiles as if to indicate that his teeth are giving off a glimmer).
  • The fact that the film was called 'Red Cup' during production — and then it teamed up with Solo Cup, the ubiquitous red cup of parties, keggers etc.
  • Ron Howard recapping the first film in the style of his narrator from Arrested Development.
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge was completely unfamiliar with Star Wars, and was lost when she was asked to make her audition more "droid-y." Luckily, she was able to pick up from one of the crew members' hand gestures that she was supposed to be a robot.
  • Once the film was released, it turned out that Ray Park had been trolling the internet and hinting at his role in the film for quite a few months. When he and Ewan McGregor saw the film at the premiere, McGregor nerded out to say the least, and his friend could barely hear his own scene!
  • Charlie Cox's story of blowing his audition for Han, because after years of playing Matt Murdock his eyes tend to act more like a blind person's, and everyone was weirded out by his refusal to look right at them.


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