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  • On Christophsis, a flustered Anakin is arguing with Ahsoka, and when she calls him "Skyguy", Rex immediately bursts into laughter. Anakin quickly gets revenge on him for this by ordering him to show Ahsoka around, about which he is less than thrilled.
  • Anakin and Ahsoka infiltrating the Separatist lines... by hiding under a box.
  • Obi-Wan buys time for the reinforcements to arrive by surrendering, and then being a complete Rules Lawyer as he insists on settling every single practical matter of his men’s imprisonment right there.
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  • After telling Yoda that actually, Ahsoka will do just fine as his Padawan, Anakin realizes that Obi-Wan may have actually put him up to it in the first place, a theory Obi-Wan's satisfied smirk does little to discredit.
  • Not long before the Battle of Teth, Anakin comes into the Resolute's hangar to find Ahsoka regaling a number of clone troopers with the story of how she and Anakin destroyed the shield generator on Christophsis. When a clearly amused Rex asks him if the story is true, Anakin responds "Most of it."
  • Most of Anakin's and Ahsoka's one-liner exchanges:
    Anakin: [referring to Rotta] How do you like your little buddy now? Still cute?
    Ahsoka: No, he's reminding me of you more and more. [holds Rotta up] See? You're two of a kind.
  • The battle droid commander at the monastery and his sergeant provide one every time they speak:
    Commander: [pointing] Concentrate fire on sector 11374265!
    Sergeant: 1137... What was that again?
    [the droid commander forces the sergeant to look where he was pointing]
    Commander: Just fire right there!
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  • As Anakin and Ahsoka make their escape, Ventress watches angrily. Cue a battle droid poking his head out.
    Droid: Count Dooku demands an update on your mission. [Beat] Should I tell him they got away or what? [Ventress Force-throws him off a cliff] Whyyyyyy?
  • One battle droid proves to be Too Dumb to Live when, while holding several clone troopers prisoner at the monastery, it hears a loud beeping noise coming from the prisoners, courtesy of Rex's wristcom. He lowers his arm and "offers" to show the droid how it works, and it decides to get close enough that he backhands its head straight off and takes its blaster.
  • This scene:
    [Rex and five clone troopers are surrounded by hundreds of Separatist droids]
    Battle Droid: Surrender, Republic dogs!
    Rex: We've got you outnumbered!
    Battle Droid: Outnumbered? Wait! [turns to the other Separatist droids and begins counting them] One, two, three...
    [the Separatist droids are all destroyed in an airstrike]
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  • This silent jab at Anakin's speech from Attack of the Clones, as he and Ahsoka are crossing the desert on Tatooine:
    Anakin: ...I don't want to talk about my past.
    Ahsoka: Okay, fine. There's so much more we can talk about here, like... the sand.

  • A deleted scene has a rancor accidentally sitting on Ventress. As Anakin and Ahsoka escape, the rancor looks confusedly to right, then to left, then jumping up and grabbing on to the ceiling with a painful yelp, as we hear Ventress' lightsaber activate.
  • In another deleted scene Ahsoka tries to empty the cargo hold of the Twilight so they can gain some speed, by opening the hatch manually. After she almost fall outs, she goes back to the cockpit cockily remarking that it wasn't easy but she found a way, only for Anakin to point out the hatch controller was right under her nose, on the console board.


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