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Diego Luna Alexander (born December 29, 1979 in Toluca, Mexico) is a Mexican actor, producer and director.

Luna is known for his childhood telenovela work, activism, and supporting roles in American films like Milk, Elysium, and The Terminal. He also starred in Y Tu Mamá También with Gael García Bernal, his childhood best friend and fellow actor and voiced lead character Manolo Sanchez in the film The Book of Life.

In 2016, he starred in Star Wars anthology film Rogue One as Captain Cassian Andor.

In addition to his acting career, Luna is also a social justice activist for Mexican immigrants and citizens and has spoken out against the current corruption of the Mexican government. The documentary that he directed on famed labour leader Cesar Chavez was shown at a special screening at the U.S. White House.


He and Gael García Bernal co-founded Canana Films, an independent film company. They also partnered in founding Ambulante A.C., an organisation that works to bring documentary films to places where they are rarely shown.

He is not related to Gabriel Luna.

Selected filmography:


  • Bilingual Bonus: Often Getting Crap Past the Radar in his Rogue One interviews.
    Conan O'Brien: Please, I’m sure you didn’t say that. I’m sure you said something much more appropriate for television.
    Diego Luna: Can I say it in Spanish?
    Conan O’Brien: Sure, you can say it in Spanish.
    Diego Luna: Can I say *bleeped* in Spanish?
    Conan O’Brien: Yeah. He’s allowed to swear in Spanish, right? Go to town! (to producer off to the side) What do you mean ‘no’? Why not!?! […] You don’t know what he said!
    Producer (able to be lip-read): I know what that meant.
  • Dawson Casting: A few notable examples. He was in his 20s when he played 16 year old Button in Open Range and in his late 30s when he starred in Rogue One where his character was officially 26 years old (but that's Star Wars time for you).
  • Those Two Actors: With Gael García Bernal; they have known each other practically since birth. After both did Mexican telenovela work as children, co-starring in the film Y Tu Mamá También essentially brought them to international attention and they later went on to co-found Canana Films and Ambulante A.C. Each continues to describe the other as their best friend and, fandom being what it is, there is more than one tribute to their Bromance out there on the internet [1] [2] [3].


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