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Multiple Languages, Same Voice Actor

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When a TV show or film is exported around the world, every country has its own dub with its cast of voice actors. But sometimes, it could happen that some voice actor, able to speak in multiple languages, reprises their role from the original version in other dubs too.

Compare with Non-Dubbed Grunts, where the original voice is kept for sounds that are not actual lines; The Song Remains the Same, where a song is left in the original language, and Role Reprise, where an actor does the same role in multiple works.



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  • Mari Iijima voiced Lynn Minmay in both the Japanese original and the 2006 English dub of Super Dimension Fortress Macross.
  • While Iijima is commonly credited as the "first Japanese voice actor to voice her own dub", she was actually beaten to the honors by Miyuki Sawashiro, who reprised her role as Puchiko in the 2005 English dub of the Di Gi Charat OVA.
  • In all foreign dubs of Pokémon, Ikue Ohtani voices Pikachu as she does in the original Japanese, except for some episodes in the first season where Rachael Lillis filled in (the same happening in the German dub, where Sabine Bohlmann voiced Pikachu throughout the first season, and briefly in the Hindi dub in the mid-10s when it aired on Hungama TV). Of course, since all Pikachu can say is "pi", "ka" and "chu" in varying combinations, there is no reason to change, except for special occasions such as the first Mystery Dungeon special episode (in which most Pokémon speak human language).
  • The Castilian Spanish and Galician themes for Ninja Hattori are sung by the same singer, Maika Aguado. There's a whole video covering this example, which is especially strange since the Castilian dub for Ninja Hattori was done in Seville at the SURCO studio (rather than Barcelona as typical with Luk Internacional's dubs at the time) and not Galicia.
  • Japanese duo SONIA performed the theme song for Tenchi Universe in Japanese and English.
  • Toshinori Yonekura performed the ending theme of Bastard!! in Japanese and English.
  • The anime of Parappa The Rapper is an unusual case, as it was never dubbed from Japanese into English, but is based on a game series where the dialogue was only in English. This means that none of the voice actors from the games came back to reprise their roles, except for one; Ryu Watabe as Chop Chop Master Onion.
  • D4DJ: The American-born Karin Kagami voices Maho Akashi in both the original Japanese recording and the English dub.

     Film - Animation 
  • In the Italian dub of Aladdin, Frank Welker redid the part of Abu's monkey screeches to hide some actual lines in Italian in the middle.
    • Welker is also listed as the voice of Abu in the credits for both French dubs (Canadian and European). As such, much like the examples involving Welker mentioned in the 'Film - Live-Action' section, it's very likely that he voiced the character in most, if not all, foreign dubs of this film.
  • In The Last Unicorn, Christopher Lee voiced King Haggard in the English and German dub.
  • In Beauty and the Beast, Jesse Corti voiced LeFou in English and Latin Spanish, as he was born in Venezuela.
  • In Big Hero 6, American actress Genesis Rodriguez (who is of Cuban and Venezuelan descent) voices Honey Lemon in both the original English recording and the Latin American Spanish dub.
  • In the foreign dubs of The Lion King 1½, Mexican voice actor Mario Filio was hired to redub Jim Cummings' lines as Ed the hyena in most languages.
  • In The Book of Life, Diego Luna, Ana De La Reguera, and Kate del Castillo voiced their respective characters (Manolo, Carmen, and La Muerte) in the Latin Spanish dub, as they are natives of Mexico.
  • In The Little Mermaid (1989), in all the Scandinavian dubs (Swedish, Danish and Norwegian), Ariel was voiced by only one very talented actress/singer, Norwegian Sissel Kyrkjebø.
  • In Lilo & Stitch, Dutch actor Bob van der Houven voices Stitch in Dutch, Flemish, German and... Italian dubs. Although Bob continues voicing the character in Dutch dubs of the sequels and the series, he was replaced by James Gardiner and Larry Kapust in German and Italian dubs of these productions respectively.
  • In The Lorax, Danny DeVito voiced the titular character not only in English, but also in Italian, Spanish (both Latin and European), German, and Russian.
  • In The Prince of Egypt, Israeli singer Ofra Haza sang the lines of "Deliver Us" in 18 out of 21 different languages.
  • In Robin Hood, Peter Ustinov voiced Prince John both in English and German.
  • In Saludos Amigos, José Oliveira voiced José Carioca in the English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian dubs. Same for The Three Caballeros, where Joaquin Garay also voiced Panchito in all the aforementioned languages.
    • Also, back then, Clarence Nash voiced Donald Duck in every production and in every language.
  • Antonio Banderas voiced Puss in Boots in the Shrek movies in English, Spanish and, except for Shrek 2, Italian.
  • To not have the songs feel different in tone with another singer, Phil Collins sang all his songs for the Disney animated films Tarzan and Brother Bear in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.
  • Child actor Adam Ryen who voiced Cody in The Rescuers Down Under also voiced him in the Norwegian dub, as he was the son of the Norwegian TV writer Tore Ryen.
  • In Mulan, Jackie Chan voices Captain Li Shang in all three variations (Cantonese, Standard Mandarin, and Taiwanese Mandarin) of Chinese.
  • In Coco, Gael García Bernal, Sofía Espinosa, Aldonso Arau, Carla Medina, Luis Valdez and Salvador Reyes voiced their respective characters (Héctor, Miguel's mother, Papá Julio, the departures agent, Uncle Berto and a security guard) in English and Spanish. The Mexican dub was also released in Spain due to the film's explicitly Mexican setting, a particularity in the 2010s.
  • In Moana:
    • Rachel House (Grandma Tala), Temuera Morrison (Tui), Jemaine Clement (Tamatoa), and Oscar Kightley (fisherman) voice their characters in English and the te reo Māori dub.
    • Auli'i Cravalho voices the title character in the original English and reprised her role in the Hawaiian dub.
    • Shruti Rane does the singing voice of Moana in both the Hindi and Bengali dub.
  • The Italian Dub of Atlantis: The Lost Empire has Pasquale Anselmo as the voice of Vinny, and he also provided the voice in Spanish for both the European and Latin American versions.
  • Ulla "Sniff" Neumann voiced Shanti in both the Danish and Swedish dubs of The Jungle Book (1967).
  • Pitbull voices Ugly Dog in both the original English and the Spanish dub of Uglydolls.
  • In the film adaptation of Persepolis both Catherine Deneuve and her daughter Chiara Mastroianni voiced the mother-daughter duo of Taji and Marjane "Marji" Satrapi in both the French original and the English dub.
  • In the Cars series, Italian voice actor Danilo De Girolamo voiced Guido in multiple foreign dubs, including French, Spanish and Portuguese (but the only time he did it in the Italian dub was in his few lines in some of the Cars Toons).
    • In Cars 2, Thomas Kretschmann voiced Professor Zundapp in both the English and German dubs.
  • In Frozen (2013) and Frozen II Elsa got this treatment several times. Willemijn Verkaik voiced Elsa in the Dutch dub and was also the singing voice for Elsa in the German dub. Gisela was the singing voice for Elsa both for the European Spanish and Catalan dubs. Anaïs Delva provided Elsa's singing voice in the both the European and Canadian French dubs of Frozen. Charlotte Hervieux did the same for the European and Canadian French dubs of Frozen II.
    • Norwegian singer Aurora, who played "The Voice" in the original English version of Frozen II, also played her in the Norwegian and Japanese dubs.
  • Jean Reno voiced Le Frog in both the English and French version of Flushed Away.
  • In Song of the Sea, Brendan Gleeson (who voices Conor and Mac Lir) and Fionnula Flanagan (who voices Granny and Macha) voice their respective characters in both English and Irish Gaelic.

     Film - Live Action 
  • Many Spaghetti Westerns featured multi-lingual casts who dubbed over themselves for the English-language release (the most famous example likely being Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy). This was done more out of necessity than an attempt at preserving authenticity, as by design films of this genre had fairly low budgets, so the fewer actors that needed to be paid, the better.
  • Thomas Kretschmann (of Downfall fame no less) often dubs his own roles in German-language releases of the films he appeared in.
  • Christoph Waltz is fluent in French and speaks German natively; accordingly, he usually does his own dubs in the French and German dubs of his movies.
  • German actor Horst Buchholz often dubbed himself in German dubs of his own movies.
  • Jodie Foster voices herself in French dubs. It helps that's she's perhaps the American actress who speaks French the best, very fluently and with no trace of American accent.
  • In the English dub of Das Boot, the entire cast redubbed themselves in English except for Martin Semmelrogge, who anyway managed to do it in the Director's Cut version.
  • For the James Bond film The Living Daylights, Maryam d'Abo (who partly grew up in France and first trained on stage there) dubbed herself in French, even affecting an Eastern European accent doing so.
  • Vin Diesel recorded full voice work for Groot in every version of Guardians of the Galaxy, although some dubs (such as the Hungarian and Italian ones) replaced him with a local voice actor.
    • Similarly, Pom Klementieff does both the European and Québécois French dubs of Mantis and has reprised her role in the later movies.
  • Amusingly defied in the German dub for The Terminator: Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to dub himself, but it was refused because his Austrian accent makes him sound like a hick in that country.
    • Similarly, Jean-Claude Van Damme does not voice himself in French dubs of his films, despite being a native Francophone, because "the Muscles from Brussels" has an accent that sounds strange to Parisian ears.
  • Jean Reno voiced himself in the French dub of Godzilla (1998). Averted in the Quebecois French dub, where he's voiced by Guy Nadon.
  • Rogue One: The Mexican-born Diego Luna requested to dub himself as Cassian Andor in the Mexican Spanish dub, and Disney obliged.
  • In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Frank Welker voiced Soundwave in almost every foreign dub because, according to what Welker said in an interview, Michael Bay thought that foreign voice actors wouldn't do justice to Soundwave's voice, but at the end every dub except the Italian and French ones replaced Welker's performance with someone else's. The American Spanish and German dubs still credit Welker as Soundwave's voice, albeit the voices heard in these two dubs are clearly not Welker's. In Dark of the Moon, Soundwave has different voices in each language, leaving Welker to the English version.
  • Frank Welker dubbed Stripe's lines in most foreign dubs of Gremlins. Howie Mandel also voiced Gizmo in the Spanish dub.
  • Although his voice was dubbed over by Alice Playten in the film, David Bennett who played Gump did his own voice for the German dub of Legend.
  • Isako Washio voiced Julia in the Japanese dub of the 1995 Fist of the North Star movie, meaning she was the only member of the Japanese cast who didn't work on the anime.
  • Keoma was shot with Franco Neronote  speaking English, he then dubbed himself in Italian for the original Italian release.
  • Petula Clark sang for herself in the French dub of the movie adaptation of Finian's Rainbow.
  • Jackie Chan very often does his own characters in foreign language versions of his films, whether it's the Chinese dub of an American movie, or an English dub of a Chinese movie.
  • As a rule of thumb, Japanese dubs of foreign films featuring Japanese actors speaking in Japanese are normally redubbed in Japanese by the same actors back in Japan. There's a few exceptions to this rule:
    • In the Japanese dub of Pacific Rim, Megumi Hayashibara voices Mako Mori, instead of being voiced by her Japanese actress, Rinko Kikuchi. On the other hand Mana Ashida, who played her younger self, reprises that role in the Japanese dub.
    • The dub of Black Rain has almost all the Japanese characters dubbed by professional voice actors. The only exception is Ohashi, who is voiced by Shigeru Koyama, his actor in the film.note 
    • The dub of 47 Ronin use this trope to its logical conclusion, as almost all the characters are voiced by their original actors from the original version in the Japanese dub. The only replacements, other than minor characters, ar the main character Kai, who is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa and the Shogun, voiced by Takayuki Sugo in the dub, and played by the Japanese-American Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.
    • Ken Watanabe dubbed his role for the Japanese dub of Inception. He also does this for the Japanese dub of Detective Pikachu.
    • In the dub of Isle of Dogs, almost all the characters played by Japanese actors are dubbed back in Japan, with two notorious exceptions: Hiroshi, played by Nishiro Murakami, is voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki in the Japanese dub and Yoko Ono is dubbed by Rie Ishizuka, despite Ono being able to speak Japanese herself (Ono and Nishiro were presumably too busy to redub themselves into Japanese).
  • In The Last Jedi, Guilherme Briggs provided the voice of Yoda in Latin Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Paul Lazar, who played the American doctor operating on Gang-du in The Host, not only played the role in English but dubbed himself in the German dub.
  • Swedish-British actress Julia Winter, who played Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, also voiced the character in the Swedish dub.
  • Shiori Kutsuna dubbed herself as Yukio in the Japanese dub of Deadpool 2.
  • Brazilian TV hostess Xuxa dubbed over herself for the Latin Spanish dub of Super Xuxa Contra Baixo-Astral.

     Live Action TV 
  • The short run of Wonderfalls afforded French-Canadian actress Caroline Dhavernas such an opportunity. She dubbed the voice of her own character (Jaye Tyler).
  • Choushinsei Flashman had the same voice actors from the Brazilian Portuguese dub also doing the Latin Spanish dub (save for the narration which was instead dubbed by legendary Puerto Rican comedian Luis Antonio "Yoyo Boing" Rivera.)
  • Andrew Sachs, who was born in Germany, reprised Manuel in the German dub of Fawlty Towers, complete with Spanish accent.
  • Magnus Scheving, Stefan Karl and Gudmundur Thor voice Sportacus, Robbie Rotten and Ziggy in both the English and Icelandic dubs of LazyTown.
  • The five main actors in the Dutch series New Kids all dubbed themselves in German, thick accents and all.
  • The Japanese dub of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is a bizarre aversion of this trope: Rather than dubbing herself back in Japan, Marie Kondo is voiced by professional voice actress Hana Takeda instead. The bizarre part came with the fact Kondo herself is not very fluent on English either, and one could think speaking in her native language with her own voice would be a better choice back in home.
  • This has become standard practice for Netflix as of recently, nearly every foreign series or film they produce has the original actors dubbing themselves in English whenever possible, for example Delhi Crime has Shefali Shah dubbing himself as Vartika Chaturvedi.
  • An interesting example: for the 1000th episode of Sesamstrasse, the German version of Sesame Street, Caroll Spinney made an appearance as Big Bird (known as Bibo in Germany) and recited all of his lines phonetically in German. Otherwise, Wolfgang Draeger dubs Big Bird into German when he appears in American segments.
  • Marcin Czarnik and Maciej Musiał respectively played Ronin Mage and Sir Lazlo in The Witcher (2019). They would later reprise their roles in the Polish dub of that series.

     Video Games 
  • Emiko Shiratori sang the theme song, "Melodies of Life" for Final Fantasy IX both in English and in Japanese.
  • Utada Hikaru sang the theme songs for the Kingdom Hearts series in both Japanese and English.
  • In the Mainland Chinese dub of Overwatch, Mei's English voice actress reprises her role in Mandarin. Chloé Hellings also voices Widowmaker in both the French and English version of the game, as she's of both nationalities.
  • League of Legends has Neeko share a voice actress between the English and Brazilian Portuguese dubs. Unlike most examples, the actress was chosen specifically because she wasn't very fluent in English in order to show the character's inexperience with spoken language.
  • Takenobu Mitsuyoshi voiced himself in both Japanese and English dubs of Phantasy Star Online 2. He also performed the song called “ We’re Arks” in both languages.
  • Super Kirby Clash's ending song, "Green Tree Memories from Kirby" is sung by Natsumi Iwaide in both English and Japanese.

     Web Original 
  • Some multilingual ASMR Video creators play with this concept by recording a video in one language and then recreating the video but speaking in a different language, in order to reach audiences who speak those languages.

     Western Animation 
  • Alfred J. Kwak:
    • Ryan van den Akker (original Dutch voice of Alfred) voices him in the German dub. In the German version, she sings the show's intro and outro alongside Herman Van Veen.
    • Herman Van Veen (creator of the series) voices Johan, Professor Paljas, and the Pierrot in Dutch and German dubs. He alongside Ryan Van den Akker both sing the show's credits song in both languages. Van Veen is also heard singing songs in both languages throughout the series.
  • Along with being a Descended Creator, Alan Ituriel provides both the English and Spanish versions of Villainous.
  • The original voice of Donald Duck, Clarence Nash, would dub Donald by phonetically reciting the lines in the foreign language dubs, even though he didn't speak them fluently. He did this because he felt no actor could accurately portray the uniqueness of Donald's voice.
  • In Total Drama, Owen was voiced by Aleix Estadella in both the Castilian Spanish and Catalan dubs.
  • Gaby Moreno sings the Elena of Avalor theme song in English as well as many Spanish dubs, including Latin America.
  • Victor and Valentino creator Diego Molano voices Victor in English and Spanish.


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