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New Kids is a series of comedy sketches from the Netherlands about five antisocial youths from the village of Maaskantje who drive around in a tacky green Opel Manta, listen to happy hardcore, and have a very outdated fashion sense. Their first appearance was on the sketch series "De Pulpshow", but eventually grew into its own series of shorts on Comedy Central. Shortly thereafter, two films based on New Kids were released, New Kids: Turbo and New Kids: Nitro. The creators of the series, Flip van der Kuil and Steffan Haars, who both played characters on the series, have ended the series, but nevertheless still remains a staple in Dutch media.


New Kids contains examples of:

  • Berserk Button: Do not ever touch Richard's beer!
  • Black Sheep: Rikkert is the only member of the New Kids who lacks a mullet.
  • Call-Back: Steffan & Flip's third film, Bros Before Hos features a few references to the New Kids series, such as the posters clearly seen in the shops and the parody of the shootout from the first film during the credits. Bonus points for featuring most of the cast from the series.
  • Car Fu: A common way to kill characters in the series off is to have them run over by a car, which is later lampshaded in the second movie.
    • He got hit by a car? That's getting common around here.
  • Cool Car: Rikkert's Opel Manta B, even though it's been wrecked, towed away, and eventually blown up.
  • Creator Provincialism: Steffan (the actor who plays Robbie, as well as one of the directors/writers) & Tim Haars (the actor who plays Gerrie) were both born and raised in Maaskantje.
  • Defictionalization: Even though the snackbar the five buy their food from has been there since before the series started, it's currently filled with New Kids merchandise and is the hub for many fans of the series.
  • Genre Shift: The first two seasons resembled a sketch show being viewed on a television set by the five New Kids. The third season, however, dropped the sketches entirely and focused on the five New Kids going about their daily business.
    • Could also relate to the movies, as Turbo was more true to the series than Nitro, down to the soundtrack (Turbo kept the original Happy Hardcore, Nitro tried to shift to Eurodance)
  • Lower-Class Lout: The five New Kids are an example of this to the "T".
  • Naked People Are Funny: Richard in the episode "SWAT". See also Going Commando.
  • Police are Useless: Ardie, seemingly the only cop in town, is particularly inept at his job, showing this by accidentally shooting himself with his own gun, running people over (see Car Fu above), constantly trashing the squad car in Nitro, and letting the New Kids constantly push him around.
  • Put on a Bus: There was originally a sixth member of the New Kids named Danny played by Peter Vernhout. He was later booted out of the group for reasons unknown.
    • He made minor roles in both the films, though, both of which involve him dying.
  • The Quiet One: Both Barrie and Robbie, who are coincidentally played the two directors and writers of the series.
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  • Reset Button: Many characters in the series have been shot, blown up, fired, etc. only to return later in the series.
  • Small Town Rivalry: Shown throughout the series, with Maaskantje going up against the neighboring village of Schijndel.
  • Speedy Techno Remake: Most of the music in the series consists of this.
  • Those Wacky Nazis: In the first movie, the five guys stop at a barn to get some weapons, only to find out that the farmer is a Neo Nazi who obtained the weapons by handing hidden Jews over to the Nazis. Gerrie ends up accidentally shooting him.
  • Ultimate Job Security: In one of the sketches, Gerrie takes a forklift from his work, which ultimately ends up with a coworker getting killed as a result. Despite this, he keeps his job until the first movie, where he looses it by driving the forks through a television.
    • Also applicable for Adrie the cop, who loses his job in the first film by running over a family with a police van. He is later given his job back in the second film, only to loose it again.
    • Even for Robbie and Richard, both of whom are maintenance workers at the local park. None of them are seen doing any actual work and are finally fired in Turbo after their boss catches Richard's dog gnawing at a hoe.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Occurs in the second movie, as well as an episode in the third season.
  • '80s Hair: Where do we begin with the mullets and mustaches?

Alternative Title(s): New Kids Turbo, New Kids Nitro


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