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Whether human or vampire, Dracula's always evil.

"Death followed him wherever he went. Those five girls were not the first to be butchered. He killed many more using them to enhance his powers. No one could prove anything of course, but we all knew. The boy was a curse. We'd done our best to stop him ourselves, but it's not enough."
Sir Thomas Rotheram describing Lord Henry Blackwood, 2009 film

Throughout the years and generations, the famous Sherlock Holmes has faced countless murderers and other scoundrels. These are the very worst that the Great Detective has had the displeasure of encountering.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!


Comics by Sylvain Cordurié et al.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Vampires of London: Selymes, the Vampire Monarch who serves as the first supernatural threat Holmes encounters, runs a huge network of vampires that he uses to amass dozens of victims at a time for himself, who he gleefully drains of every ounce of their blood, killing them in the process. When Selymes himself turns a man named Owen Chances into a vampire, he forces the man into his service by threatening his innocent brother, and, when Owen slowly becomes savage due to Selymes's tainted blood, Selymes covers up his taint by torturing and killing Owen's brother in front of him, then leaving the corpse at Owen's side for the years he is locked away, blaming Owen's vicious bloodlust on the stress of said experience. After massacring dozens of people who try to rise up against his evil, Selymes gleefully tries to murder Owen while promising to butcher Sherlock Holmes's best friends before turning him into a vampire so as to torture him for all eternity.
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  • Sherlock Holmes and the Necronomicon: Taher Emara initially starts as the sinister accomplice of James Moriarty himself before gradually revealing himself to eclipse even Moriarty in wickedness. Initially helping Moriarty in his own plan, including being willing to murder the entirety of London's populace with his black magic—magic he later practices on three upstart muggers, reducing them to piles of flesh—Taher betrays Moriarty and locks him under his thrall, magically killing all of Moriarty's men and revealing his intention to use the Necronomicon to allow the eldritch Elder Gods themselves passage into Earth and sentence all mankind to a horrifying death. Further demonstrating his callousness by forcing a score of guards to shoot themselves and using Moriarty as a conduit for the Elder Gods—torturously killing him in the process—Taher's last words upon being killed by Holmes are a defiant assurance it's already too late. As cunning as he is vile, Taher manages to trump the Napoleon of Crime himself in sheer evil.
  • Sherlock Holmes Society:
    • Graham Taylor, the understudy of Moriarty, is the leader of the enigmatic Council and a fanatical madman seeking to purge England of all "false Christians"; Taylor's idea of a purge is forcing a Zombie Apocalypse onto London to infect and kill millions. Taylor robbed from Edward Hyde a poison capable of infecting people and commissions immoral experimentation with the poison, turning dozens of unfortunate guinea pigs into zombies. Further testing the poison's capabilities on a village of hundreds, leaving no survivors, and ordering several assassinations of both failed subordinates and liabilities to the Council, Taylor ultimately releases the poison into London itself, leading to 30,000 fatalities. Taylor even stops to give squads of soldiers sent to stop the zombies a sporting chance before gunning them down out of nothing more than self-admitted sadistic amusement, ultimately planning to release the poison to six more major cities before committing suicide as one last part of his divine mission.
    • Ryan Shelvey is a slimy psychiatrist whose first atrocities began when he hypnotized his own patients into becoming psychotic killers, notably turning one into a Jack the Ripoff who kills three women. When approached by the aforementioned Taylor to assist in his and the Council's plans, Shelvey happily uses his own patients as test subjects for the zombification virus, resulting in dozens of innocents being fatally experimented on. Fully aware that Taylor plans to use his own research to aide in wiping out most of London, Shelvey later sends 3 more of his hypnotized patients after Sherlock Holmes to stop his investigation, with orders to force him to watch his friends and landlady are killed in front of him before ending his life. Even when faced with life in prison, Shelvey refuses to reveal the details of Taylor's plans, knowing that, unimpeded, Taylor would arrange the annihilation of 7 major cities across the planet, starting with London.

Victorian Undead, by Ian Edginton et al.

  • Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs. Zombies: Professor James Moriarty is the man behind the titular undead. Having sustained fatal injuries after falling down the Reichenbach Falls during a confrontation with Holmes, he ordered his henchman Colonel Moran to inject him with a serum that turned him into a revenant. With his mind still intact, he returned to London and began to secretly abduct people to turn them into mindless revenants under his control. As soon as he had a sizeable army, he unleashed them into the streets of the city, killing or turning a large number of its population. When Moran, the man who saved his life and served him with Undying Loyalty, refused his offer to be turned into a sentient undead, Moriarty attempted to forcefully turn him into another one of his minions. Already a ruthless man with great ambition in life, his only goal now was to turn every living souls on Earth into a revenant and establish a kingdom of death with himself as eternal monarch.
  • Victorian Undead II: Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula: Vlad Dracula was a ruthless warlord who threw plague corpses into cities, impaled captured enemies and drank the blood of his victims. Centuries later, he reemerged as a vampire and—with the help of the British agent Arthur Holmwood—attempted to take over the Empire. Growing impatient with Holmwood, who preferred a more subtle approach, Dracula decided to take matters into his own hands by starting a plague outbreak and claiming the throne in the ensuing chaos. To achieve this he abducted several people, turned them into mindless thralls and planned to use them as plague carriers. When the plan failed and Holmwood called him out for his impatience, Dracula told him that he had outlived his usefulness and had one of his vampire minions feed on him. Finally being exposed and cornered by the heroes during a masquerade ball, Dracula grabbed a body-double of the Queen, whom he believed to be the real one, and ripped out her throat in front of everyone before attempting to flee.

Films, by Release Date

The Baker Street Dozen
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon: Professor Moriarty, during World War II, has betrayed Britain to side with the Nazis. Murdering a group of scientists who each have a quarter of a genius inventor's new bombsight, Moriarty hunts the inventor down and brutally tortures him for the final piece. When unable to locate the final one, Moriarty takes the chance he has with Holmes in his clutches to try to torture the detective to death by slowly bleeding him "drop by drop". Intending on selling the bombsight to the Nazis, allowing them to level London, Moriarty gloats that he will commit the greatest crime in history, allowing him to profit off the deaths of countless innocents and prove himself superior to Holmes at last.
  • The Pearl of Death: Giles Conover is a career criminal and Serial Killer who steals the Borgia pearl and hides it within a bust of Napoleon. Not knowing which bust contains the pearl, Conover traces them to the owners and has them brutally murdered by his brutish subordinate, the Hoxton Creeper, to mask the theft; this victims range from a retired colonel to a harmless old woman who could not have stopped him from simply stealing it. Conover even intends to have his old associate Naomi murdered, freely admitting that the deaths of so many are just as much from his love of killing as from greed.

A Study in Terror

  • Jack the Ripper, the sadistic Serial Killer of Whitechapel and Sherlock Holmes's nemesis for this film, stalks the night and butchers prostitutes in brutal, horrific ways, slaying five of them and taunting the police about his murders. In actuality, Jack the Ripper is the aristocratic Lord Carfax, Edward Osborne, who balks at his noble brother marrying a prostitute. Edward decides to search for his brother's wife with his knife, killing one after another in an attempt to find her with no intent of stopping until he finds his target, and tries to slay both his brother's wife and Holmes himself when he finally tracks down his target.

The Guy Ritchie series has the Big Bad of each film.

  • 2009 film: The wicked Lord Henry Blackwood murders five women in occult rituals and is stopped from a sixth, though it is later revealed he has butchered far more. Supposedly returning from the dead, Blackwood begins purging his former Temple of the Four Orders organization of those insufficiently loyal; cruelly killing his own father; and burning another man alive. Intending on starting a massive war to strengthen Britain and reclaim America, Blackwood intends on injecting cyanide gas into Parliament to kill all those there, except for his most loyal followers, standing as one of the most sinister and vile foes Sherlock Holmes ever encountered.
  • A Game of Shadows: Professor James Moriarty, dubbed "The Napoleon of Crime" by Sherlock Holmes, is a heartless criminal mastermind, as well as Holmes's equal and opposite in terms of intellect. After fatally poisoning Irene Adler to remove her from his employ, Moriarty makes it clear that he has no intention of sparing Holmes's best friend Dr. John Watson or Watson's wife Mary if Holmes continues to interfere with his plans. True to his word, Moriarty tries to have Watson and Mary killed, destroying the train they were travelling on in the process. Engineering a plot to jumpstart World War I so that he can profit from the bloodshed through the sale of munitions, Moriarty enacts this plot through manipulation and murder, staging a series of bombings to increase tensions between nations, driving a French revolutionary to suicide, and having his henchman, Sebastian Moran, assassinate a businessman so Moriarty can acquire his company, killing many others in an explosion to conceal the murder. After capturing Holmes, Moriarty brutally tortures him with a meat hook, calmly singing Schubert as he does, going on to massacre many of Madame Simza Heron's Gypsy tribe when they rescue Holmes. Having forced Simza's brother to act as an assassin, Moriarty plans to kill a dignitary at a peace summit to incite war. After this plan is thwarted and his assets are seized by the police, Moriarty intends to kill Holmes and his friends in revenge, only being stopped when Holmes throws them both over a waterfall. Ruthless, sadistic, callous, and cruel, Moriarty stands out as the most dangerous criminal Holmes has ever encountered.

Literature, by Publication Date

Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula (OR: The Adventures of the Sanguinary Count), by Loren D. Estleman

  • In this revision of the original Dracula novel with the inclusion of Holmes and Watson, Count Dracula himself has arrived in England in order to make it his new hunting ground and expand his influence. Upon arrival, Holmes investigates the wreck of The Demeter, whose crew and captain were killed by Dracula on his travels. Dracula turns Lucy Westerna into a vampire who'd feed on children, leading to her having to be killed. Perceiving Holmes as a threat, Dracula warns him of the armies he commands, and boasts about the deeds he committed against Jonathan Harker, and later rips the throat out of a prostitute to intimidate them. Failing this, Dracula kidnaps Watson's wife Mary, threatening physical harm if Holmes continues to interfere. Dracula locks Mary in a box as he plans to travel to America to start his operations anew, leading to the deaths of his ship's crew, as well as Holmes and Watson's guide in the ensuing pursuit. In the end, Dracula questions Watson on why he was as devoted as Holmes and Van Helsing to stop him, apparently disappointed at Watson's simple answer that Holmes is his friend.

Sherlock Holmes and the Terror Out of Time, by Ralph E. Vaughan

  • Laslo Bronislav is a sorcerer whom even Aleister Crowley fears. Hunting down the M'Tollo idol to achieve godhood, Bronislav leaves a trail of bodies, manipulating criminals and one lord to commit murders on his behalf before eliminating them as well, with no regard for the massive damage committed by the serpentine hunters of the idol. Learning of a plot by Irish separatists to bomb key government places, Bronislav decides to allow the plot to continue as the chaos will prove beneficial to him. Deciding to clear up any loose ends, Bronislav proceeds to even murder his own loyal manservant by having him torn asunder by demons, showing no remorse for all the misery and death he has left in his wake.

Gaslight Grimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes

  • "His Last Arrow", by Christopher Sequeira: Sherlock Holmes himself is depicted here as an evil Djinn responsible for most of the murders that he's claimed to solve. Holmes wreaks havoc on London and the surrounding area, causing fantastical and seemingly impossible murders before coming up with a seeming solution to gain fame. Influencing the minds of his victims, Holmes even has countless innocents take the fall for his crimes and sends them to lifelong imprisonment, and even the gallows, simply to satisfy his hunger for fame and attention.
  • "Merridew of Abominable Memory", by Chris Roberson: Phipps, better known as the Dockside Dismemberer, is a steward running a nightmarish con game that entails serial murder. Abducting his victims, Phipps proceeds to torture them for days on end, slowly dismembering them before killing them after repeated torture.

The House of Silk

  • Reverend Charles Fitzsimmons is the head of the House of Silk and the headmaster of the Chorley Grange House for Boys, a guise that obscures his far more wicked pastimes. Using his position to regularly pimp out his young boys to wealthy clients to rape and sodomize at their leisure for profit, Fitzsimmons enforces a brutal campaign to snuff out any potential threats to his operation in the cruelest ways possible, Charles has a young homeless boy named Ross brutally tortured to death and left with a white strange of silk tied to his mangled carcass as a warning. In response to Sherlock Holmes himself picking up the case, Fitzsimmons kills Ross's sister himself and frames Holmes for it, trying to have him murdered later. Fitzsimmons's response to his operation finally being exposed is smug, cheerful indifference to the well-being of the children and a gloating assurance that the position of himself and his clients will assure his immunity. A sociopath specializing in the agony of children, even Moriarty himself willingly helps Holmes against Fitzsimmons's operation.

"Lestrade & the Damned Cultists", from Sherlock Holmes: Cthulhu Mythos Adventures, by Ralph E. Vaughan

  • Lord Alathon is the leader of the Order of the Eldritch Gate, brushed off as a raving madman until he and his cult start engaging in brutal sacrifice, leaving four murdered with their throats cut and the Elder Sign upon them all across Whitechapel. When Laverne and his men interrupt his affairs and interrupt an attempted fifth sacrifice, Alathon reveals his plans to let the Great Old Ones rise to enslave and feast on all humanity, as he rises above the ashes a god.

Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell, by Paul Kane

  • Professor James Moriarty, having escaped to Hell itself, has contrived to become the new Engineer, the keeper of the Lament Configuration. Plotting a coup, Moriarty has many souls smuggled to him, torturing them physically and psychologically to twist them into Pseudo-Cenobites to serve him and expand Hell's dominion. Intending on capturing Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty horrifically tortures him to break him for good, showing him all his failures amidst the agony, all to satiate his ego and power.


  • Adelbert "Del" Gruner, from season 3's "The Illustrious Client" and "The One Who Got Away", uses his corporate executive status and charming facade to attract many women, before kidnapping them, and torturing them with his branding iron, while also raping them. This kind of brutality would last for weeks before his victims would succumb to their wounds, while Gruner would find more women, having doing this for years racking a body count in the dozens; Kitty Winters was the only survivor of Gruner's cruelty. When Gruner learns that Kitty is trying to bring him to justice, he tries to incriminate her, while continuing his killing spree in New York.
  • Tyus Wilcox is introduced in season 5's "Scrambled" as the seemingly-innocent brother of Bonzi Folsom, the leader of the South Bronx Killers gang. He is later revealed to be secretly running the gang, and has Folsom killed with bleach laced cocaine when Folsom receives too much police scrutiny. In the next episode, "Hurt Me, Hurt You", Wilcox kidnaps Carmen, the innocent sister of Mara Tres gang leader Halcon, forces her to read out a message on camera, kills her, and sends her body along with a recording of the video to her brother. Halcon, in retaliation, has a SBK party massacred, killing ten people including two children. Wilcox, knowing that the police would want to prevent the war, sells out his entire gang to receive a full immunity deal. Wilcox then calls Joan Watson, mocking her over the death of gang informant Shinwell Johnson, and scoffing at the idea of being loyal to his gang.


  • "Consulting criminal" Jim Moriarty lends his genius to help other crooks commit crimes, in the name of alleviating his own boredom and obsessively trying to capture the attention of Sherlock Holmes, not caring who he hurts while doing so. Behind the villains of the first two episodes, Moriarty takes center stage in "The Great Game", selling out his own clients and challenging Sherlock to solve his puzzles lest bombs he has strapped to innocents—one of whom is a child—detonate, considering the whole spectacle a demented game for himself. When an old woman begins describing the sound of his voice to Sherlock, Moriarty immediately detonates her bomb, killing her and eleven others. Later, threatening the family members of a jury to force them to declare him innocent when arrested, Moriarty goes on to poison two children; murders his own accomplice; frames Sherlock for his own crimes; and tries to force Sherlock to commit suicide, threatening to have his loved ones killed if he does not. When Sherlock attempts to force Moriarty into calling off his killers, Moriarty happily shoots himself dead to "win" his game with Sherlock. Even after his death, Moriarty arranges a plan with Sherlock's sister to continue forcing him through Sadistic Choices, resulting in the death of more innocents, unwilling to let go of his obsessive chase with Sherlock even with his own passing.

Video Games

The Awakened
  • Lord Rochester is the head of the Cult to "The One", the Great Old One Cthulhu. Rochester masterminds a number of brutal murders while also having pockets of his cult active in other parts of the world to murder and abducts others so he can fulfill the conditions for sacrifice. Rochester intends to summon Cthulhu to bring an apocalypse upon the world, dismissing all humans as "flesh" that is disposable and having the captives lobotomized to sacrifice themselves in order to bring Cthulhu upon the world.
  • Dr. Gygax is a member of the aforementioned cult who runs the Edelweiss Institute. Gygax facilitate the procurement of sacrifices and mistreats and brutalizes the patients in his care, even cutting out pieces of their brains to make them compliant. Gygax also experiments on his own patients, torturing them to further the cult's ends and to satisfy his sick scientific curiosity.


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