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Whether human or vampire, Dracula's always evil.

"Death followed him wherever he went. Those five girls were not the first to be butchered. He killed many more using them to enhance his powers. No one could prove anything of course, but we all knew. The boy was a curse. We'd done our best to stop him ourselves, but it's not enough."
Sir Thomas Rotheram describing Lord Henry Blackwood, 2009 film

Throughout the years and generations, the famous Sherlock Holmes has faced countless murderers and other scoundrels. These are the very worst that the Great Detective has had the displeasure of encountering.

Entries in each folder are by approximate publication/release date.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories:
    • The Hound of the Baskervilles: Jack Stapleton, real name Rodger Baskerville, wins the trust of the Baskervilles family while using an abused, trained hound to simulate the dark legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles. Terrifying family patriarch Charles to death, Stapleton uses his own wife Beryl as a Honey Trap for Charles's nephew Henry, viciously abusing Beryl to force her under his control. Murdering a convict with the Hound that he mistakes for Henry, Stapleton later beats Beryl to keep her from interference and sends his beast to murder Henry to claim the family estate, even callously feeding the family doctor's little spaniel to the Hound and stopping at nothing to satisfy his cruel greed.
    • "The Adventure of the Red Circle": Giuseppe Gorgiano is a brutish thug and the most prominent member of the secret society "the Red Circle". With over 50 deaths tied to his commands and personal rap sheet, Gorgiano takes a sick interest in Emilia Lucca and attempts to kidnap and rape her, thwarted only by her husband Gennaro. In retaliation, Gorgiano tries to force Gennaro to burn the couple's father figure alive lest they both be slain, and when Emilia and Gennaro try to flee, Gorgiano intends to track them down, murder Gennaro, and take Emilia for himself to do as he pleases with her.
    • "The Adventure of the Illustrious Client": Baron Adelbert Gruner is a depraved, hedonistic aristocrat who prides himself on his "collection" of his women whose souls he has ruined, keeping a journal detailing the countless women he has seduced then "broken" for his own pleasure. One of his victims, Kitty Winter, was forced into a life of debauchery and prostitution thanks to Gruner, a fate hinted to be the regular for women who catch his eye. Using his hypnotic wiles to lasso another potential victim, Gruner tries to murder Holmes and Watson for attempting to save his latest target, the detective knowing she will meet the same fate as Gruner's last wife: murder at his hands, and elimination of any witnesses to the crime.
  • Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula (OR: The Adventures of the Sanguinary Count), by Loren D. Estleman: In this revision of the original Dracula novel with the inclusion of Holmes and Watson, Count Dracula himself has arrived in England in order to make it his new hunting ground and expand his influence. Upon arrival, Holmes investigates the wreck of The Demeter, whose crew and captain were killed by Dracula on his travels. Dracula turns Lucy Westerna into a vampire who'd feed on children, leading to her having to be killed. Perceiving Holmes as a threat, Dracula warns him of the armies he commands, and boasts about the deeds he committed against Jonathan Harker, and later rips the throat out of a prostitute to intimidate them. Failing this, Dracula kidnaps Watson's wife Mary, threatening physical harm if Holmes continues to interfere. Dracula locks Mary in a box as he plans to travel to America to start his operations anew, leading to the deaths of his ship's crew, as well as Holmes and Watson's guide in the ensuing pursuit. In the end, Dracula questions Watson on why he was as devoted as Holmes and Van Helsing to stop him, apparently disappointed at Watson's simple answer that Holmes is his friend.
  • The Tangled Skein, by David Stuart Davies: Count Dracula was once a brutal Romanian conqueror who desired to overwhelm humanity and rule the world. For centuries, Dracula has fed on and vampirised women, having them painfully tortured both mentally and physically before twisting them into loyal "brides" for himself. Traveling towards London, Dracula targets a girls' academy and turns several of the students into ravenous beasts, planning to create colonies of undead all around the world to overwhelm humanity and allow him governance of the world.
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Terror Out of Time, by Ralph E. Vaughan: Laslo Bronislav is a sorcerer whom even Aleister Crowley fears. Hunting down the M'Tollo idol to achieve godhood, Bronislav leaves a trail of bodies, manipulating criminals and one lord to commit murders on his behalf before eliminating them as well, with no regard for the massive damage committed by the serpentine hunters of the idol. Learning of a plot by Irish separatists to bomb key government places, Bronislav decides to allow the plot to continue as the chaos will prove beneficial to him. Deciding to clear up any loose ends, Bronislav proceeds to even murder his own loyal manservant by having him torn asunder by demons, showing no remorse for all the misery and death he has left in his wake.
  • "The Mystery of the Hanged Man's Puzzle", by Paul Finch, from Shadows Over Baker Street: New Tales of Terror: Julian Rohampton is an enigmatic American man from a sleepy little New English village named Innsmouth. Rohampton holds his share of secrets-—namely, he's a Deep One who came over to England for the purpose of his dark and ambitious experiments. Rohampton orchestrates a series of grisly murders using a violent Serial Killer named Jobson in order to cover up the kidnapping of Professor Langley and his daughter, burning alive two bodies to pass them off as the Langleys and abandoning Jobson to execution when his job is done. Rohampton kills another man through a mutative virus and experiments even upon his own kind, bleeding them out and forcing Langley to distill the Deep Ones' blood into a virus through which Rohampton intends to forcibly transmute all mankind into Deep Ones, with London as its breakout point.
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Plague of Dracula, by Stephen Seitz: Count Dracula, residing in a castle in Transylvania, frequently abducts the children of the nearby village, vampirizing and torturing those who dare to challenge him. Dracula teams up with Professor James Moriarty, helping him to cause an economic crisis as a way for Dracula to get to England and feed on the people there. Massacring the ship he travels on, Dracula attempts to vampirize Watson's wife, turns Lucy Westenra into a vampire, and has her become a Serial Killer of children known as the "Bloofer Lady".
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Chilford Ripper, by Roger Jaynes: The Chilford Ripper, aka Stephen Langley, was a former British soldier who along with his friends robbed a shipment of money in Bombay, killing the guards, intending to make themselves rich. When Langley starts to rack up debts, he starts to pick off his friends, knocking them out and then mutilating them in order to disguise the motive for murder, even later killing an innocent bystander to cover it up. When his pregnant mistress asks for him to marry her, Langley butchers her as well out of greed and malice.
  • Gaslight series:
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Zombie Problem, by Nick S. Thomas: Professor James Moriarty is the leader of London's criminal underworld, responsible for several murders before the events of the novel. After confronting Sherlock Holmes about his interference with Moriarty's operations, Moriarty tries to have him killed and proceeds to unleash zombies on Europe, slaughtering countless people and turning others into more zombies.
  • The House of Silk: Reverend Charles Fitzsimmons is the head of the House of Silk and the headmaster of the Chorley Grange House for Boys, a guise that obscures his far more wicked pastimes. Using his position to regularly pimp out his young boys to wealthy clients to rape and sodomize at their leisure for profit, Fitzsimmons enforces a brutal campaign to snuff out any potential threats to his operation in the cruelest ways possible, Charles has a young homeless boy named Ross brutally tortured to death and left with a white strange of silk tied to his mangled carcass as a warning. In response to Sherlock Holmes himself picking up the case, Fitzsimmons kills Ross's sister himself and frames Holmes for it, trying to have him murdered later. Fitzsimmons's response to his operation finally being exposed is smug, cheerful indifference to the well-being of the children and a gloating assurance that the position of himself and his clients will assure his immunity. A sociopath specializing in the agony of children, even Moriarty himself willingly helps Holmes against Fitzsimmons's operation.
  • "All the Single Ladies", by Gini Koch, from Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets: David Corey is a Serial Killer and Serial Rapist of college-age girls who uses a local reality competition as a cover to commit his crimes. Driven by Envy over his superior, Dr. John Watson, having a job he wants, David intends to frame him for the crimes and later tries to rape and murder Watson's friend out of spite.
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Golden Years Stories  : Ciarán Malastier is considered by Holmes to be the worst man he's faced in his long career fighting evil. Malastier is a creepy eugenicist who wants to purge humanity of its "imperfections" and, to this end, has set up a baby farming operation where pregnant mothers can give up their babies so they may be adopted. In reality, Malastier kills any who he deems imperfect. Desiring to put his plans to wider use, Malastier works for the British Government to make poison gas for them to use in the coming world war one but instead uses it for his own schemes. Malastier releases the gas in a slum called Undertown, which kills hundreds, including Holmes's greatest love Irene Adler, hoping to purge what he views as a "stain on his perfect Britain".
  • "Lestrade & the Damned Cultists", from Sherlock Holmes: Cthulhu Mythos Adventures, by Ralph E. Vaughan: Lord Alathon is the leader of the Order of the Eldritch Gate, brushed off as a raving madman until he and his cult start engaging in brutal sacrifice, leaving four murdered with their throats cut and the Elder Sign upon them all across Whitechapel. When Laverne and his men interrupt his affairs and interrupt an attempted fifth sacrifice, Alathon reveals his plans to let the Great Old Ones rise to enslave and feast on all humanity, as he rises above the ashes a god.
  • Mycroft Holmes, by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Anna Waterhouse: Adam McGuire is a racist businessman who plans to reintroduce slavery to the world. After discovering oil across the beaches of Trinidad, McGuire uses slave labor to illegally mine it and in order to scare away the locales, murders their young children and has their bodies placed on the beach in order to frighten them off. McGuire, contrary to the façade he puts on to his investors, treats his slaves horrifically, having them beaten, chained and starved into submission and chains them to the island's defensive guns to be used as Cannon Fodder, before detonating a failsafe to kill them when they get rescued. McGuire captures Cyrus Douglas and tries to murder him in front of his best friend Mycroft Holmes before trying to beat Mycroft to death personally for foiling his operation. A total sociopath out to fuel his racist beliefs and get rich, Mycroft sums up McGuire well as "a human being devoid of the common thread of human decency."
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell, by Paul Kane: Professor James Moriarty, having escaped to Hell itself, has contrived to become the new Engineer, the keeper of the Lament Configuration. Plotting a coup, Moriarty has many souls smuggled to him, torturing them physically and psychologically to twist them into Pseudo-Cenobites to serve him and expand Hell's dominion. Intending on capturing Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty horrifically tortures him to break him for good, showing him all his failures amidst the agony, all to satiate his ego and power.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Zombies Over London, by Stephen Mertz: Professor James Moriarty, Holmes's lifelong Arch-Enemy, steals a powerful drug which transforms people into flesh-eating zombies yoked to his will and has it tested on dozens. In order to test their destructive potential, Moriarty unleashes them on a small town, having dozens of men, women and children ripped to pieces. Capturing Holmes, Moriarty reveals to him that his ultimate plan is to unleash his zombies over London, causing mass death and havoc and clearing the way for Moriarty to be able to strip London dry of valuables, while gloating to Holmes's face on how he will make him suffer.
  • Sherlock Holmes and the House of Pain, by Steve Seitz: Dr. Alexandre Moreau is a consummate sadist who perfected a way to give sapience to his animal subjects who he'd frequently torture in horrifying ways, not relenting as he inflicted pain on them. When Sherlock Holmes investigated and disgraced him, he had his pet murder an innocent to lure Holmes out, planning to kill him too. Having failed at this, Moreau goes to his own deserted island, creating sapient animals who he tortures and vivisects without anesthesia in his house of pain, and upon capturing some innocent sailors, has them whipped and tortured as well, intending to start human experiments soon, and after capturing Holmes has him inflicted with horrifying mind-bending chemicals as his newest test subject.
  • Associates of Sherlock Holmes series:
    • First book's "Peeler", by Nike Kyme: The Peeler, real name Morris Duggen, is a twisted Serial Killer and one of the most wicked men Inspector Lestrade has ever encountered. Previously a constable who moonlighted as a thief, Duggen uses a botched heist to fake his death. With the heist resulting in the disfigurement of his face, Duggen prowls the streets of London killing people and skinning their flesh, which he uses to create a mask for himself. Searching for a lockbox full of money, Duggen burns down a workhouse full of people to ensure nobody gets it, then tortures his partner Wainwright to death for the key.
    • Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes's "The Curious Case of the Vanished Youth", by Mark A. Latham: Lord Percy Montagu is a well-respected High Judge who in truth is a depraved Serial Killer with an obsession with art and beauty. Kidnapping beautiful youths who take his fancy from the East End, Montagu has them chained in his basement and starved to death if they aren't perfect enough for him. Those who Montagu considers to be his perfect subjects are placed into a cage in his personal tower, where he watches them, intending to turn them into taxidermy exhibits to be able to fully appreciate his "art" forever. When Langdale Pike and Watson confront him, Montagu smugly states his influence will keep him free, and threatens to add Watson's wife to his collection if he interferes.
  • The Cthulhu Casebooks trilogy, by James Lovegrove: Professor James Moriarty, later known as the Outer God R'luhlloig, is the grandiloquent Arch-Enemy of Sherlock Holmes whose criminal mind is so keen it transcends humanity itself. Moriarty first bargains with the Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep in a bid to gain some of its godly power, sating the god with human sacrifices until Nyarlathotep devours him instead. Moriarty's will proves too great for the Crawling Chaos and he kills and possesses Nyarlathotep from the inside-out, becoming a new Outer God. Moriarty is cunning enough to manipulate the Outer Gods and the Great Old Ones into a cataclysmic war, once stirring the Outer Gods into annihilating the heavenly land of Cathuria. Embracing the name "R'luhlloig", Moriarty begins to target Sherlock's loved ones to hurt him, murdering Mycroft Holmes and a slew of other innocents besides him while executing and bodyjacking his own minions at his whim. Moriarty ultimately seeks to bring the Outer Gods to Earth all so he can rule over creation, regardless if the universe is left in ruins behind him.
  • The Instrument of Death: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by David Stuart Davies: Gustav Caligari, a sadist since he was a small boy, murdered his teacher just because he could. Mastering the art of hypnosis, Caligari takes in a derelict and has him commit murders for the thrill of his own experiments. Facing Sherlock Holmes himself, Caligari sends his somnambulist to murder others just to arrange a game with the great detective. Fleeing London, Caligari leaves a trail of corpses all over Europe until arriving at the town of Holstenwall.
  • The Lost Husband: A Weird Sherlock Holmes Adventure, by William Meikle: William Gatherford is a fiendish adventurer and scientist who discovers a way to make zombies during a trip to Haiti and decides to use this method to enrich himself. Gatherford persuades hundreds of poor, disenfranchised workers into signing up with him, before having them experimented on and tortured to death and brought back as undead puppets which he uses to increase the profits of his business enterprises by decreasing costs of labor. His zombies kept in an eternal state of pain, Gatherford sics them on Holmes and Watson and reveals that he intends to spread this operation across the entire world, killing the world's poor and disenfranchised in order to maximize profits for the rich, all in the name of his smug elitism.
  • "The Investigation into The Dawning Od: A Sherlock Holmes and Dr Arthur Conan Doyle Mystery", by Andrew Salmon, from Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Was Not: Otto Von Reichenbach is a practitioner of the dark arts who desires power over the Od. During the Boer Wars, Von Reichenbach has an army of British soldiers positioned in South Africa poisoned, turning them into monsters under his control who slaughter their loved ones upon returning home. Unleashing them on Britain, Von Reichenbach harvests the power created from their carnage, intending to use to it open a portal using the Od to release an army on the world to brutally put it under his foot.
  • "The Barrel of Lagavulin", by Craig Stephen Copland, from Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realms of Edgar Allan Poe: Montresor is secretly a vile, snobbish Italian wine smuggler named Diletto. Having murdered the brother-in-law of C. Auguste Dupin for insulting him by having him walled alive, Montresor later becomes a full-blown Serial Killer. Over the course of thirty years, Montresor kills anyone who he feels to have bruised his ego and walls them alive as punishment, with countless victims. Near the end of the short story, Montresor attempts to kill Holmes for insulting his winemaking skills and make him the latest victim in his collection.
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Father of Lies, by C.J. Lutton: Vlad Dracula was a monstrous tyrant who tortured thousands to death in life and forced children to consume the roast flesh of their mothers. Even worse in undeath, Dracula has killed countless innocents, with a special hunger for the blood of children. Aiming for a bloody revenge on his nemesis Sherlock Holmes, Dracula leaves a trail of corpses in his wake, even imprisoning the souls of his many victims in eternal agony. Keeping up his old habit of impalement on living victims, Dracula gleefully tries to murder Holmes's brother Mycroft by impaling him in front of his brother just to savor his pain.
  • A Study in Crimson: Sherlock Holmes 1942, by Robert J. Harris: Karl Braun is a Nazi spy who took the alias of trusted British official Philip Raynor, planning to kill Winston Churchill and destabilize Britain. When an air raid of the Blitz leads to Karl injured and accidentally blurting his identity to a group of women, he decides to kill them to cover up his identity. Modeling his murders of these women after Jack the Ripper himself, Karl takes the alias Crimson Jack to cover his crimes. Eventually picking off his victims one at a time, Karl is even willing to sell out his own country to save his own hide when captured.
  • Sherlock & Dracula: Lifeblood, by Kev Freeman: Count Dracula himself, returning from the dead after the end of the original novel, now desires revenge against the heroes who bested him. Setting off a wave of crime and murder in London, Dracula gains the enmity of Holmes. Mentally breaking and torturing his way across London, Dracula starts to pick off the surviving cast of his novel, turning them into his insane minions. Dracula ultimately plans to murder the boy Quincy in front of Holmes and Watson as his ultimate spiteful act of revenge.
  • The Nefarious Villains of Sherlock Holmes Volume 1:
    • "Think of the Children", by Chris Chan: Beryl Pearlshire is a beautiful, seemingly kindly women who runs an orphanage in Britain. In truth, Pearlshire is a greedy, spiteful woman who becomes enraged at the idea that her father has given his inheritance to the orphanage rather than her. To get the fortune for herself, Pearlshire has been taking out insurance policies on the children and then poisoning them before blaming a local industrialist. Pearlshire has taken the lives of three children and ultimately plans to burn the entire orphanage down in order to secure her fortune.
    • "The Legend of the Yeth Hound", by Mark C. Richardson: Sir Hugo Baskerville is a psychopathic military officer who's pitched his favor in with the Royalists against the Roundheads during the English Civil War. A horrible boss, Baskerville routinely abuses his men and threatens their lives. After capturing the Huntsman, Hugo tortures and threatens to castrate him, only relenting when he is wowed by the Huntsman's showing of brutality against Hugo's men with his demonic hounds. Making a deal with the Huntsman, Hugo uses his hounds to tear the Royalists to shreds and sets himself up as a brutal tyrant after achieving victory.
    • "The Beast of the Baskervilles", by Nick Cardillo: Sir Hugo Baskerville is a vile knight and landowner of Devonshire who abuses his power to murder, torture, and enslave anybody he so desires. With a long list of past crimes, Hugo once tried to claim a tavern owner's daughter as his property, chopping the man's finger off for refusing to comply, then burning his tavern down after the two left. Masterminding a plan to kill the Hamer family in order to preserve his family's royal legacy, Hugo forces Sir Humphrey Fairfellow to assist him in his plan to slay the young witch Griselda Hamer for the supposed murder of a witchfinder, just so he can be seen as the hero of the village.

    Live-Action Films 
  • The Baker Street Dozen:
    • Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon: Professor Moriarty, during World War II, has betrayed Britain to side with the Nazis. Murdering a group of scientists who each have a quarter of a genius inventor's new bombsight, Moriarty hunts the inventor down and brutally tortures him for the final piece. When unable to locate the final one, Moriarty takes the chance he has with Holmes in his clutches to try to torture the detective to death by slowly bleeding him "drop by drop". Intending on selling the bombsight to the Nazis, allowing them to level London, Moriarty gloats that he will commit the greatest crime in history, allowing him to profit off the deaths of countless innocents and prove himself superior to Holmes at last.
    • The Scarlet Claw: Alistair Ramson is a petty, cunning, sadistic Serial Killer who terrorizes the Canadian town La Mort Rouge. An actor imprisoned for murdering a love rival, he was believed killed in a prison escape, but in reality survived and sought revenge on not just the actress who spurned him, but also the magistrate who sentenced him and a guard at his prison. Before the film, Ramson killed La Mort Rouge's mailman to steal his identity, and promptly set about killing his targets by tearing their throats out with a garden rake, causing some to die quickly and others over the course of hours by bleeding to death. Using a variety of identities, he dispatches first the actress, then the magistrate, and attempts to kill the investigating Holmes and Watson at every turn. He even kills the prison guard's teenage daughter with the claw when she refused to give up her father, and when lured into a trap by Holmes and the police, makes one last ditch attempt to kill the guard before being killed.
    • The Pearl of Death: Giles Conover is a career criminal and Serial Killer who steals the Borgia pearl and hides it within a bust of Napoleon. Not knowing which bust contains the pearl, Conover traces them to the owners and has them brutally murdered by his brutish subordinate, the Hoxton Creeper, to mask the theft; this victims range from a retired colonel to a harmless old woman who could not have stopped him from simply stealing it. Conover even intends to have his old associate Naomi murdered, freely admitting that the deaths of so many are just as much from his love of killing as from greed.
  • A Study in Terror: Jack the Ripper, the sadistic Serial Killer of Whitechapel and Sherlock Holmes's nemesis for this film, stalks the night and butchers prostitutes in brutal, horrific ways, slaying five of them and taunting the police about his murders. In actuality, Jack the Ripper is the aristocratic Lord Carfax, Edward Osborne, who balks at his noble brother marrying a prostitute. Edward decides to search for his brother's wife with his knife, killing one after another in an attempt to find her with no intent of stopping until he finds his target, and tries to slay both his brother's wife and Holmes himself when he finally tracks down his target.
  • Sherlock: Case of Evil: Professor James Moriarty, seeking to corner the drug trade, begins murdering crime lords to take their operations and refine his own morphine. To make the drug illegal, he plots to flood the market with many dying of overdoses and many more addicted so he may control the supply and demand alike. Attempting to torture Holmes with a fatal dose, Moriarty later murders Holmes's lover just to hurt the detective as a penalty for challenging him.
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles (2002-2003 Made-for-TV Movie): Jack Stapleton, even more wicked than his original incarnation, wins the trust of the Baskervilles family while using an abused, trained hound to simulate the dark legend of the Hound of the Baskervilles. Terrifying family patriarch Charles to death, Stapleton uses his own wife Beryl as a Honey Trap for Charles's nephew Henry, viciously abusing Beryl to force her under his control. Murdering a convict with the Hound that he mistakes for Henry, Stapleton later sends the Hound to savage Henry and, deciding he cannot trust Beryl, murders her himself before killing an officer and attempting to murder Holmes and Watson in order to flee.
  • The Guy Ritchie series has the Big Bad of each film:

    Live-Action TV 
  • 1954-1955 series:
    • "The Case of The Thistle Killer": John Phoenix, enraged at being rejected by Scotland Yard, turns to murder to satisfy his bruised ego, becoming "the Thistle Killer" to prove himself smarter than them all. Taking advantage of a particularly bad fog for cover, Phoenix would stalk the streets and upon spotting an unaccompanied young woman, would approach her dressed as a policeman, charm her into letting her accompany him, and when unseen strangle her to death, subtly mocking each victim beforehand just for his own enjoyment. Murdering one woman an evening for six consecutive days, by each body Phoenix would leave three thistles, challenging the police to find him through the subtle pattern of his murder spree. Interrupted from killing his seventh and final victim, Phoenix died attempting to shoot Holmes and Watson.
    • "The Case of The Reluctant Carpenter": The unnamed arsonist, while seemingly a simple carpenter, is secretly a greedy extortionist and the leader of a small gang, who devises the ambitious plan of holding the city of London for ransom. Acquiring several incendiary bombs, he uses them to start a series of massive fires, setting off the first in a warehouse one evening, causing two workers to be critically injured and one fireman to burn to death. Setting off the second bomb the next morning, he starts a massive blaze that consumes numerous homes throughout Convent Gardens. Demanding the government pay him a fortune or else the fires will continue, the arsonist also murders the other two members of his gang once he no longer needs them, ensuring he won't have to share the money. He then plants a bomb at his next target, a barracks full of soldiers and explosives.
    • "The Case of The Perfect Husband": Russell Partridge is a handsome, charming wealthy art dealer who always goes out of his way to appear the kindest man imaginable, all to hide the fact that he's truthfully a twisted, gleeful sadist whom Holmes considers "the most insane killer I've ever encountered." Having selected his victim, Partridge always tells them that he will kill the one day in advance, purely for the enjoyment of watching them descend into panic as they come to realize that thanks to his well-cultivated reputation, absolutely nobody will believe them. Having already strangled seven people in this gruesome manner, including his two previous fiancées, Partridge hides the bodies in his home, allowing him to continue enjoying their murders. Marrying Janet for his most twisted game yet, Partridge spends an entire year playing the perfect husband, ensuring her fear is the greatest yet when he reveals his true nature and that she's his next victim. Framing her as hysterical, Partridge stalks and gaslights Janet all to terrify her even more before he kills her.
  • The Adventures of Shirley Holmes' "The Case of the Precious Cargo": El Condor is a gangster who, with the help of a corrupt diplomat named Charles Tucker, smuggles people out of South America and into Canada. The refugees are led to believe that they will be released once they reach their destination, but in reality they are enslaved and put to work in sweatshops overseen by El Condor. When one refugee, a little girl named Luisa, escapes, El Condor abducts Luisa's aunt and threatens to kill her unless she helps him reclaim Luisa, also threatening to use his connections to have Luisa's imprisoned mother murdered back in South America. After Charles captures Luisa, as well as Shirley Holmes, El Condor elects to murder the girls and Rita and make it look like they were killed by Charles, who he is also going to kill, having decided the latter had outlived his usefulness.
  • Sherlock:
    • Jim Moriarty is a "consulting criminal" who lends his genius to help other crooks commit crimes, in the name of alleviating his own boredom and obsessively trying to capture the attention of Sherlock Holmes, not caring who he hurts while doing so. Behind the villains of the first two episodes, Moriarty takes center stage in "The Great Game", selling out his own clients and challenging Sherlock to solve his puzzles lest bombs he has strapped to innocents—one of whom is a child—detonate, considering the whole spectacle a demented game for himself. When an old woman begins describing the sound of his voice to Sherlock, Moriarty immediately detonates her bomb, killing her and eleven others. Later, threatening the family members of a jury to force them to declare him innocent when arrested, Moriarty goes on to poison two children; murders his own accomplice; frames Sherlock for his own crimes; and tries to force Sherlock to commit suicide, threatening to have his loved ones killed if he does not. When Sherlock attempts to force Moriarty into calling off his killers, Moriarty happily shoots himself dead to "win" his game with Sherlock. Even after his death, Moriarty arranges a plan with Sherlock's sister to continue forcing him through Sadistic Choices, resulting in the death of more innocents, unwilling to let go of his obsessive chase with Sherlock even with his own passing.
    • "The Hounds of Baskerville": Dr. Bob Frankland was once one of the lead scientists in Project H.O.U.N.D., working with the group in testing an awful new hallucinogen on unwitting innocents who were subsequently driven into homicidal or suicidal mania, resulting in countless deaths attributed to the project. Going into hiding after the project was shut down, Frankland continues the experiments in the hopes of creating a new method of chemical warfare he can sell. When one of his co-workers tries to expose Frankland's heinous machinations, Frankland infects the man and his young son Henry with the chemical and beats Henry's father to death, spending years after trying to drive Henry to suicide with the hallucinogen to cement the cover-up.
    • Series 3: Charles Augustus Magnussen is the "Napoleon of blackmail", regarded by Sherlock Holmes as one of the few people who can disgust him. A vile predator who uses gathered information on everyone around him to blackmail them, Magnussen abides by his creed of "knowing is owning" to then dominate, bully, and sexually prey on whoever is under his thumb, using them to satisfy his sadistic ego. Molesting and threatening worse to Lady Smallwood while blackmailing her husband, Magnussen showcases what happens to those who don't cow to his whims by using his media network to demonize and drive Lord Smallwood to suicide with his blackmail material, the Smallwoods both serving as just one example of his many victims. When Sherlock and John Watson interfere in his affairs, Magnussen threatens to expose Mary Watson's past as a gun-for-hire to get her and her loved ones slain, and forces John to withstand his eyeball being flicked repeatedly by Magnussen, who brags all the while that he torments his secretary and entire countries in whatever ways he likes for his own petty enjoyment.
    • "The Lying Detective": Culverton Smith is a seemingly charitable philanthropist who uses his public persona to hide the truth that he is a sadistic Serial Killer whose greatest desire is to kill anyone he can. Having taken part in the construction of a hospital, Culverton secretly outfitted it with a variety of secret passageways and doors, which he uses to enter the rooms of patients and murder them, framing their deaths as accidents or natural causes so as to enable his murder spree to go on for years and claim countless lives. Spending his free time playing with corpses in the hospital's mortuary and drugging people so as to confess his crimes and enjoy their horrified reactions before the drugs wipe their memory of the confession, Culverton taunts Sherlock and Watson with his crimes when they begin investigating him, before ultimately trying to kill Sherlock with obvious sexual glee. Boasting the simple motivation that he just loves to watch people die and make them into "things" for him to toy with, Culverton cheerfully confesses to his immense amount of murders when caught, musing about how famous he's going to be for the killings.
  • Elementary:
    • "Child Predator": Adam Kemper is The Man Behind the Man to Samuel Abbott. When Abbott kidnapped Kemper, Kemper was able to bend Abbott to his will, even forcing him to live in squalor. Kemper forces Abbott to kidnap and murder five children. When Kemper is arrested, he pretends to be a innocent victim with Stockholm Syndrome, and is offered an immunity deal. After Abbott is confronted and commits suicide, Sherlock realizes he's been had. Kemper brags that he will escape prosecution, until Sherlock notices a loophole in the deal, and confronts him while he observes future victims on the playground.
    • "One Way to Get Off": Wade Crewes murders couples by tying them to chairs and executing them with a bullet to the head. Crewes would gloat to the cops when questioned, until Gregson's partner planted his prints on the scene. Years later, his secret illegitimate son, Sean Figueroa, reaches out to him. Crewes convinces Figueroa to continue his crime spree, killing another two couples as well as a guest, and attempts to frame a man with the gun and cigarette butts. When Figueroa confesses the crimes, Crewes is confronted with the evidence, but still insists that he is innocent and denies having a son.
    • "The Illustrious Client" & "The One That Got Away": Adelbert "Del" Gruner uses his corporate executive status and charming facade to attract many women, before kidnapping them, and torturing them with his branding iron, while also raping them. This kind of brutality would last for weeks before his victims would succumb to their wounds, while Gruner would find more women, having doing this for years racking a body count in the dozens; Kitty Winter was the only survivor of Gruner's cruelty. When Gruner learns that Kitty is trying to bring him to justice, he tries to incriminate her, while continuing his killing spree in New York.
    • "Scrambled" & "Hurt Me, Hurt You": Tyus Wilcox is introduced as the seemingly-innocent brother of Bonzi Folsom, the leader of the South Bronx Killers gang. He is later revealed to be secretly running the gang, and has Folsom killed with bleach laced cocaine when Folsom receives too much police scrutiny. In the next episode, Wilcox kidnaps Carmen, the innocent sister of Mara Tres gang leader Halcon, forces her to read out a message on camera, kills her, and sends her body along with a recording of the video to her brother. Halcon, in retaliation, has a SBK party massacred, killing ten people including two children. Wilcox, knowing that the police would want to prevent the war, sells out his entire gang to receive a full immunity deal. Wilcox then calls Joan Watson, mocking her over the death of gang informant Shinwell Johnson, and scoffing at the idea of being loyal to his gang.
  • Miss Sherlock: Akira Moriwaki is behind most of the villains in the series, as the mysterious Stella Maris. After her "Leading Crime" theory was shut down, Akira went into hiding and, under the identity of Dr. Mariko Irikawa, founded the Dock, a counseling facility which she uses to brainwash patients who went through trauma into becoming killers. Throughout the series, Akira brainwashes multiple people into killing and torturing others, with all of them killing themselves due to her programing, while befriending Wato Tachibana in the guise of a friendly counselor. Preying on Toru Moriya's PTSD to get him to steal a deadly virus, and framing Sherlock for it, before having him inject it all into himself, leading to his death. Brainwashing Wato, Akira plans to have her detonate a miniature nuclear bomb in Syria, and tricks Sherlock into finding the blueprints for her. Striking a deal with Sherlock after she destroys the blueprint, Akira later orders Wato to kill Sherlock instead. Determined to prove her theory correct at any costs, Akira Moriwaki is Sherlock and Wato's most personal and dangerous foe.
  • The Irregulars:
    • The Linen Man, presenting himself as a kindly mentor figure, is a powerful Ipsissimus who is in truth a sadistic monster with pretensions of godhood. Having first broken the mind of his best friend over jealousy, the Linen Man has tortured and shattered the minds of countless people since. Causing a massacre upon his arrival in London, the Linen Man kills all in his way to gain the power of the Rip and achieve dominion over the Earth, with even his supposed affection for Jessie being a front so he might see her breed with his son to produce a powerful race of psychics to be his legacy.
    • "Chapter Three: Ipsissimus": Patricia Colman Jones is a member of the Golden Dawn who murders its leader in the fashion of The Hanged Man. Patricia uses the murder to brainwash Mycroft Holmes into bringing The Irregulars to their headquarters where she kills more members, basing her murders on Tarot Cards . As the Irregulars try solving their deaths, Patricia lures Jessie to a tower where she brainwashes her into latching herself onto a lightning rod, which slowly drains Jessie of her life while Patricia plans to steal Jessie's powers for herself; when Spike frees Jessie from Patricia's brainwashing, Patricia resorts to shooting the two adolescents.

    Comic Books 
  • Comics by Sylvain Cordurié et al.:
    • Sherlock Holmes and Vampires of London: Selymes, the Vampire Monarch who serves as the first supernatural threat Holmes encounters, runs a huge network of vampires that he uses to amass dozens of victims at a time for himself, who he gleefully drains of every ounce of their blood, killing them in the process. When Selymes himself turns a man named Owen Chances into a vampire, he forces the man into his service by threatening his innocent brother, and, when Owen slowly becomes savage due to Selymes's tainted blood, Selymes covers up his taint by torturing and killing Owen's brother in front of him, then leaving the corpse at Owen's side for the years he is locked away, blaming Owen's vicious bloodlust on the stress of said experience. After massacring dozens of people who try to rise up against his evil, Selymes gleefully tries to murder Owen while promising to butcher Sherlock Holmes's best friends before turning him into a vampire so as to torture him for all eternity.
    • Sherlock Holmes and the Necronomicon: Taher Emara initially starts as the sinister accomplice of James Moriarty himself before gradually revealing himself to eclipse even Moriarty in wickedness. Initially helping Moriarty in his own plan, including being willing to murder the entirety of London's populace with his black magic—magic he later practices on three upstart muggers, reducing them to piles of flesh—Taher betrays Moriarty and locks him under his thrall, magically killing all of Moriarty's men and revealing his intention to use the Necronomicon to allow the eldritch Elder Gods themselves passage into Earth and sentence all mankind to a horrifying death. Further demonstrating his callousness by forcing a score of guards to shoot themselves and using Moriarty as a conduit for the Elder Gods—torturously killing him in the process—Taher's last words upon being killed by Holmes are a defiant assurance it's already too late. As cunning as he is vile, Taher manages to trump the Napoleon of Crime himself in sheer evil.
    • Sherlock Holmes Society:
      • Graham Taylor, the understudy of Moriarty, is the leader of the enigmatic Council and a fanatical madman seeking to purge England of all "false Christians"; Taylor's idea of a purge is forcing a Zombie Apocalypse onto London to infect and kill millions. Taylor robbed from Edward Hyde a poison capable of infecting people and commissions immoral experimentation with the poison, turning dozens of unfortunate guinea pigs into zombies. Further testing the poison's capabilities on a village of hundreds, leaving no survivors, and ordering several assassinations of both failed subordinates and liabilities to the Council, Taylor ultimately releases the poison into London itself, leading to 30,000 fatalities. Taylor even stops to give squads of soldiers sent to stop the zombies a sporting chance before gunning them down out of nothing more than self-admitted sadistic amusement, ultimately planning to release the poison to six more major cities before committing suicide as one last part of his divine mission.
      • Ryan Shelvey is a slimy psychiatrist whose first atrocities began when he hypnotized his own patients into becoming psychotic killers, notably turning one into a Jack the Ripoff who kills three women. When approached by Taylor to assist in his and the Council's plans, Shelvey happily uses his own patients as test subjects for the zombification virus, resulting in dozens of innocents being fatally experimented on. Fully aware that Taylor plans to use his own research to aide in wiping out most of London, Shelvey later sends 3 more of his hypnotized patients after Sherlock Holmes to stop his investigation, with orders to force him to watch his friends and landlady are killed in front of him before ending his life. Even when faced with life in prison, Shelvey refuses to reveal the details of Taylor's plans, knowing that, unimpeded, Taylor would arrange the annihilation of 7 major cities across the planet, starting with London.
  • Victorian Undead, by Ian Edginton et al.:
    • Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs. Zombies: Professor James Moriarty is the man behind the titular undead. Having sustained fatal injuries after falling down the Reichenbach Falls during a confrontation with Holmes, he ordered his henchman Colonel Moran to inject him with a serum that turned him into a revenant. With his mind still intact, he returned to London and began to secretly abduct people to turn them into mindless revenants under his control. As soon as he had a sizeable army, he unleashed them into the streets of the city, killing or turning a large number of its population. When Moran, the man who saved his life and served him with Undying Loyalty, refused his offer to be turned into a sapient undead, Moriarty attempted to forcefully turn him into another one of his minions. Already a ruthless man with great ambition in life, his only goal now was to turn every living souls on Earth into a revenant and establish a kingdom of death with himself as eternal monarch.
    • Victorian Undead II: Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula: Vlad Dracula was a ruthless warlord who threw plague corpses into cities, impaled captured enemies and drank the blood of his victims. Centuries later, he reemerged as a vampire and—with the help of the British agent Arthur Holmwood—attempted to take over the Empire. Growing impatient with Holmwood, who preferred a more subtle approach, Dracula decided to take matters into his own hands by starting a plague outbreak and claiming the throne in the ensuing chaos. To achieve this he abducted several people, turned them into mindless thralls and planned to use them as plague carriers. When the plan failed and Holmwood called him out for his impatience, Dracula told him that he had outlived his usefulness and had one of his vampire minions feed on him. Finally being exposed and cornered by the heroes during a masquerade ball, Dracula grabbed a body-double of the Queen, whom he believed to be the real one, and ripped out her throat in front of everyone before attempting to flee.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Year One, written by Scott Beatty: Professor James Moriarty is a madman with delusions of grandeur, convinced he is the rightful heir to The Roman Empire and seeking to prove it to all. Moriarty murders 9 men in ways reminiscent of the deaths of the "Twelve Caesars" though creative means, from stabbing to death to burning alive. Planning to round out his murders with Sherlock Holmes and his partners, Moriarty forces one of his own men to drink mercury and die a horrible death, at which point Moriarty reveals his intent to use "Greek Fire" chemicals to firebomb London and kill countless people to usher in his claim to dominion over the planet.
  • Moriarty issues #1-4—"The Dark Chamber" arc: Tartarus, real name Gottfried, is a masked anarchist and terrorist who worships chaos. Tartarus manipulates the organization the Black Hand into assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, which kickstarts World War I. Funding the creation of the powerful Dark Chamber which creates psychoactive visions of the future, Tartarus uses it to drive the Black Hand members insane and kill themselves in order to get rid of them after they've outlived their usefulness. To tie up loose ends, Tartarus frames Moriarty for a murder and bombing and has the scientist who created the Dark Chamber starved. Tartarus reveals that his ultimate aim is to release a version of the Dark Chamber to destroy London by driving it insane before selling it to all sides in the coming war and watching as Europe crumbles, after which he will rule the ashes as a god.
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Liverpool Demon, written by Leah Moore & John Reppion: Drummond is a vile crime boss from Liverpool. After he loses at an illegal dogfight ring, Drummond responds by stealing a panther. He then unleashes it on the crowd, mauling several to death before it goes on a deadly rampage on the streets, endangering a baby as it goes wild with no one to control it. Being tracked by Inspector Thornton for his crimes, Drummond tries to feed him to a pit of ferocious dogs.
  • Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini, written by Anthony Del Col & Conor McCreery: Grigori Rasputin is a master hypnotist with a desire to disprove Harry Houdini's "fake" magic and cripple London for its disrespect of the Russian autocracy. Using his hypnotizing capabilities to force innocents and even his own men to commit suicide during Houdini's show; bombing the glass ceiling of another show and killing many with the falling glass; and trying to force Houdini to shoot several of Sherlock Holmes's close friends, Rasputin also forces Sherlock to turn a gun on himself and reveals his intention to bomb a massive London block and use the chaos plus his hypnosis to kill dozens and whip hundreds up into violent riots. His actions having temporarily crippled Houdini's wife, Rasputin straps a bomb to the woman's wheelchair and forces Houdini to watch as he she is put in danger, just to spite the man Rasputin views as a lesser magician.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives, written by David Liss: Baron Bombastus von Hohenheim is a cruel alchemist who boasts that he is descended from Paracelsus himself. Lording over a town in Switzerland, von Hohenheim terrorizes and murders the townsfolk into submission. A cruel scientist, von Hohenheim participates in ghastly experiments, in one case murdering a near-term pregnant woman and removing her unborn child to place it into the womb of a cow. Desiring the key to a locked safe, von Hohenheim tortures the young son of the safe maker and places mirrors around the boy so he can see himself being tortured and killed. A monstrous sadist, when confronted about his crimes, von Hohenheim turns on even his wife and starts to torture her, planning to cut out her heart.
  • Mycroft Holmes and the Apocalypse Handbook, written by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Raymond Obstfeld: Mr. Mason is a sinister Arms Dealer boasting a gallery of hundreds of apocalyptic superweapons, each capable of wreaking horrific carnage. Mr. Mason has people grotesquely murdered to showcase the power of his weapons to his clients and in one instance levels a museum filled with 200 people. Mr. Mason's finest display is a poison rain he intends to subject the entire city of Washington to in order to dazzle his bidders with the screaming of thousands. Utterly unafraid of killing people himself, Mr. Mason frequently kills his own minions and doesn't even care about his own clients, murdering the Spanish representative for being the lowest bidder and uncaring when he accidentally decapitates another bidder in an attempt to kill another one of his own goons.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Moriarty the Patriot: These are the worst of the corrupt aristocracy that Moriarty faces:
    • Charles Augustus Milverton, the self-styled King of Blackmailers, is the mastermind of the Ripper murders, forging the local fanatics into a serial killing unit to butcher the lower classes of society, all so he can cause a mass conflict and seize control in the ensuing chaos. Delighting in corrupting people into monsters and destroying their lives, Milverton targets a good-hearted reformer, Parliament member Adam Whiteley, by blackmailing a man into killing his brother and servants so Whiteley will murder the killer, after eliminating anyone who could possibly trace the crime to Milverton. Milverton ends up threatening Mary, the fiancée of Sherlock Holmes's best friend Watson, to turn Holmes and Moriarty against one another, relishing in referencing to himself as "evil itself" to contrast Moriarty.
    • "A Study in 'S'": Duke Enoch J. Drebber is a prolific Serial Killer and Serial Rapist of women who delights in torturing and breaking his victims. Using his noble status to dodge any repercussions, Drebber kidnaps women from his area who take his fancy and subjects them to horrors, including forcing the wife of Jonathan Hope into being his latest victim.
    • "The Hunting of the Baskervilles": Moires Baskerville is a creepily jovial noble who orders manhunts of children. Charming street children into coming into his carriage, Baskerville kidnaps them and then removes vital body parts from them before having them hunted down alongside his gang using his dogs and killed in horrific ways, with Baskerville having an entire collection of the skeletons and heads of the children he's killed as an exhibit. On one occasion, Baskerville forces a brother to take out his own eye if he wanted to save his sister before lying and forcing them to participate anyway and killing them both anyway. Disgusting Moriarty himself with his acts of horror, Baskerville is taken down just as he gleefully plans to kill a new pair of child siblings for his collection, which already numbers in the dozens if not hundreds.
  • Case File nº221: Kabukicho: In the darkness of Kabukicho, these criminals stand out as particularly vile individuals:
    • "Don't Take Off the Swimsuit": Milverton is a vile businessman known as the "king of all blackmailers". Milverton frequently blackmails celebrities for money or sex, and will release their personal information if they are even a few seconds late with their payment. It is also revealed that Milverton blackmails young girls into becoming prostitutes, and even plans to sell his own very young daughter to a pedophile.
    • "Jack the Ripper": Jack the Ripper, real name Maki Hokari, was a transgender woman who could not get a sex change. Developing an obsession with becoming perfect, the Ripper began brutally murdering attractive men and women, castrating them postmortem and eating the women's wombs. When Irene Adler steals a USB drive with incriminating information, the Ripper murders her friend and threatens Irene's life, eventually attempting to make good on that threat. When confronted by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson and called out on the crimes, the Ripper tries to torture Holmes to death out of rage, and when confronted by James Moriarty, the Ripper taunts him about killing his sister and eating her womb.

    Frogwares video game series 
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened:
    • Lord Rochester is the head of the Cult to "The One", the Great Old One Cthulhu. Rochester masterminds a number of brutal murders while also having pockets of his cult active in other parts of the world to murder and abducts others so he can fulfill the conditions for sacrifice. Rochester intends to summon Cthulhu to bring an apocalypse upon the world, dismissing all humans as "flesh" that is disposable and having the captives lobotomized to sacrifice themselves in order to bring Cthulhu upon the world.
    • Dr. Gygax is a member of the cult who runs the Edelweiss Institute. Gygax facilitates the procurement of sacrifices and mistreats and brutalizes the patients in his care, even cutting out pieces of their brains to make them compliant. Gygax also experiments on his own patients, torturing them to further the cult's ends and to satisfy his sick scientific curiosity.
  • The Testament of Sherlock Holmes: Hans Schielman, aka the Rat Killer, is a brilliant chemist who works for Professor Moriarty. Spending several years in the high security wing of London's Westgate Prison for trying to poison drinking water reservoirs of London, Hans escaped with the help from both Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty. Eagerly helping Moriarty to finish his formula of a dangerous poison that turns people into feral madmen who attack anyone they see, Hans gleefully experimented on and tortured several people before he finished the formula. Hans injected the poison into countless soup carts that were being sent to Whitechapel, so that thousands of poor hungry people would be fed with poisoned soup, which would turn them into feral "animals". Planning to assist Moriarty in sending them rampaging across London, which would cause a lot of death and destruction, Hans made it so that his poison would also kill the poisoned people after 48 hours, which would have left thousands more deaths in the wake.

    Other Media 
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Vengeance of Dracula (link): Count Vlad Dracula is an aristocratic vampire who seeks to rule England as his new vampire dynasty. Originally Vlad the Impaler of Romania who was previously slain by Abraham Van Helsing, Lord Arthur Holmwood, and John Seward for the murder of Lucy Westenra, Dracula survived and sought revenge. Traveling to London and killing those who stand in his way, Dracula kills Holmwood and Seward before forming an alliance with Professor Moriarty. Seeking the death of Sherlock Holmes, Dracula turns Moriarty's henchmen into his own personal servants, while killing those who fail him, an act which disgusts even Moriarty. Turning Sherlock's love Constance Blackwell and Watson against him, Dracula later devises a plan to inject his own blood into the city's gaslight network to turn everybody in London into vampires, preparing to rule a country of his own kind with Constance by his side as queen.
  • Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century:
    • Dr. Martin Fenwick is Professor Moriarty's right-hand man. Assisting Moriarty in his crimes, Fenwick would commit many crimes, but his worst crime, in "The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb", is creating a black market organ trafficking ring by tricking homeless citizens into giving him their DNA. He would then clone organs for back-alley transplants that would inevitably fail without warning, and attempt to freeze Holmes and Watson to death when they uncover his scheme. He would exploit the love of a woman named Jill to manipulate her into stealing technology that would allow him to mass produce even more faulty organs for his ring, only to abandon her to save his own skin. Despite being Moriarty's minion, Fenwick proves himself to be even viler than his master.
    • "The Adventure of the Deranged Detective": Dr. Culverton Smith is a neurosurgeon turned thief. When Inspector Lestrade finds evidence of his crimes, Smith uses stolen nanobots to turn her into a feral, insane lunatic to destroy the evidence while lighting several buildings full of people on fire, conscious but unable to stop herself. Framing his superior for his crime, he would attempt to drive Holmes insane too when he catches on in order to have him kill Lestrade and then wipe his memory. When Holmes outsmarts him, Smith orders Lestrade to execute a helpless Holmes, smiling as he watches.