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"I can do this all's no skin off my back."

"I had every reason to kill the others. They just had no reason to die. They never saw me coming unless I wanted them to see me coming. I could wave at a lady and smile, chew the fat with her in church, knowing I killed her husband. There is something beautiful about that ball of silence at a funeral, all those people around you, knowing that you made it happen."
Lawrence Wells, Hannibal, "Trou Normand"

Television has evolved a lot over the years. It used to be that you couldn't even say the word "damn" on the airwaves. Now you've got entire cable channels where people can say anything they want without restriction. These looser standards have also made it that much easier to showcase genuinely dark and horrifying villains, some of which are so depraved that it's a real wonder how they are even allowed to be on prime television. These characters can be either recurring or, especially in the case of Crime and Punishment Series, Monsters of the Week (no pun intended).

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Alternative Title(s): Ripper Street