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"There is only darkness for you, and only death for your people. These ancients are just the beginning. I will command a great and terrible army... and we will sail to a billion worlds. We will sail until every light has been extinguished. You are strong, child. But I am beyond strength. I am the end."

Cartoons have always been home to supervillains whose whole lives seemed to be dedicated to committing evil acts, without any redeeming qualities to speak of other than humor. And then there are some who took it even further. Much further.

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  • 3Below: General Val Morando, the exiled leader of the Talyon Phalanx, is an inveterate user of disposable pawns who fancies himself a Galactic Conqueror. In the premiere, Morando seizes the throne by launching a destructive coup on Akiridion-5, oppressing the populace, with their resistance punished with death. Morando manipulates the royals' protector, Varvatos Vex, by having a civilian satellite destroyed to kill Vex's family and hundreds of innocents with them, using it to turn him against the royals and gleefully pledging to make him watch as he kills his new family when Vex realizes he's been played. Throughout the series, Morando attempts to torture one of the heroes' allies into becoming his new general; murders his failed minions and bounty hunters for reasons as petty as delivering him bad news; falsely promises the bigoted Colonel Kubritz a world without aliens, before killing her when she disobeys him; lobs a meteorite at Earth merely to disguise his own arrival upon it; and, after slaughtering his way through swathes of the royals' allies, integrates himself with the core of Gaylen to make himself a virtual god, intending on destroying and reshape the universe to give it the "order" he so craves.
  • Action Man (2000): Dr. X is the mastermind of all the evil in the series, committing all his crimes in the name of evolving humanity into perfection for him to control. X kicks the series by off by kidnapping, torturing, and bodyjacking the young athlete Brandon Caine, using his body to form the Council of Doom and carry out a variety of atrocities against humanity. Seeking to weed out the weak and useless parts of humankind and replace them with a "Neo-Humanity" of his own design, X unleashes lethal plagues, threatens nuclear and winter holocausts, and attempts to copy his mind into every human on the planet to reign supreme. X's supposedly well-intentioned goals are disproven time and time again with his sadism and egomania, before he finally snaps and drops all pretense of improving humanity to instead try to drag an asteroid down to Earth and wipe out all life on the planet—including his own Council of Doom—before creating a new race of humans in his own image.
  • The Adventures of Puss in Boots: The Bloodwolf is an ancient being of fear that existed before time itself begin, once attempted to destroy the entire world before being sealed away by a wizard named Sino in the Netherworld. Upon being released by Uli, the Bloodwolf shows no gratitude and tossed him aside while coldly stating that he'll destroy him and the whole town of San Lorenzo. The Bloodwolf later tortures the whole town with their greatest fear so that he could wait for the Blood Moon where he would reach his full power, so he could continue his quest to bring about the complete destruction of the world.
  • The Adventures of Tintin: R.J. Rastapopoulos is, much like his counterpart from the original comics, Tintin's most ruthless foe, and personal Arch-Enemy. Initially appearing to just be a benign film producer, Rastapopoulos is eventually outed as being the leader of a massive drug smuggling ring that is operating out of Africa and Asia. Anyone who opposes Rastapopoulos is either killed or driven insane by a special poison, and when Tintin begins dismantling his organization, Rastapopoulos tries to have him and his allies, the Wangs, beheaded by the Wangs' own poison-maddened son, Didi. Later, in attempt to rebuild his criminal empire after it was toppled by Tintin, Rastapopoulos draws up plans to steal the wealth of a millionaire named Laszlo Carreidas using a truth serum developed by his new ally, Doctor Krollspell. When he is accidentally injected with the serum, Rastapopoulos inadvertently lets slip that he was going to shoot Krollspell as soon as they finished with Carreidas. When this plan is foiled, Rastapopoulos, under a new identity, starts promising Arab refugees safe passage to America. After the refugees give him all of their valuables, Rastapopoulos has them drowned in the Pacific. When Tintin begins investigating his latest activities, Rastapopoulos tries to get rid of him by planting a bomb on a passenger airplane that Tintin had boarded, and by blowing up one of his own refugee-filled ships when it is taken over by Tintin.
  • Adventure Time: The seemingly sweet land of Ooo has many villains, but while many are either very tragic or not serious, the same cannot be said of this despicable duo:
    • The Lich is an evil, ancient sorcerer and the "last scholar of GOLB", who returns time and time again from seeming destruction focused solely on one thing: the destruction of all life. With his first few attempts to use his well of power to restore his power and bring about the end of Ooo foiled by Billy and later Finn, the Lich possesses Princess Bubblegum to use her body for his purposes. The Lich later murders Billy in retribution for his past defeat, wearing his skin to trick Finn into giving him the Enchiridion so he can enter the Time Room and wish for the extinction of all life across the multiverse. The Lich spitefully murders Prismo and his physical body and tries to use an army of cosmic breakouts to destroy a billion worlds across the universe, turned into a harmless baby named Sweet P afterwards. Even then, a version of the Lich from a parallel reality later manipulated that world's version of Finn to gain access to the multiverse and build up a mountain of broken bodies, even mentally torturing Sweet P for nights on end to try and turn him back into the Lich as his last scheme. Permanently changing the tone of a once-zany show with his presence, the Lich and his endless devotion to the destruction of all life immortalize him as the most horrifying villain in the series.
    • "Preboot" & season 8's "Islands" miniseries: Dr. Gross was formerly a scientist and doctor on the series of islands founded by Minerva Campbell as a refuge for the remnants of humanity, training children to become "Seekers", with no hesitation in brainwashing them and having them brutalize their own friends to prevent any escape from the islands. Dr. Gross eventually turned to twisted experiments on sapient beings, with her recklessness accidentally unleashing a virus that killed off two-thirds of all humanity on the islands—to her complete apathy. Escaping the islands, Gross continued her experiments, scheming to return to the islands and forcibly augment all humanity into cybernetic abominations like herself, even trying to cut apart Finn and his friends to use as raw material. An unfeeling scientist with zero empathy, Dr. Gross proves that, sometimes, Humans Are the Real Monsters.
  • Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers: The Queen of the Crown is an evil sorceress who starts off by ambushing Kirwin, and putting a heavy bounty on humans for every two-bit thug in the galaxy. She is mashing the humans down to power Slaver Lords, artificial creatures through which she can see, hear, and administer her Empire; this is not only an exceedingly painful process, but leaves the victim fully awake and aware of what's happened. The Queen also slaughtered millions on the planet of Tortuna, leaving a few domed cities behind in a lot of wasteland. She was hunting humans because the last race she used to power Slaver Lords has been hunted to near-extinction and she needed replacements. If that wasn't bad enough, she enslaves an entire planet, making the inhabitants work in concentration camp conditions to build a massive hyperspace cannon she uses to blow a chunk out of Earth's moon, threatening to do worse to Earth unless they gave her 5,000 humans in tribute. On a personal level, she uses the only psychocrystal she's made from a human—Zach's wife—to commit Mind Rape nightly on both of them.
  • Alfred J. Kwak's two-parter "The Strange Bottle" and "Flying Carpet": The Evil Spirit Of Darkness is an evil genie who terrorized the land long ago for fun, causing droughts, floods, storms, plagues, and fires, destroying cities and killing many people. After The Almighty One sealed the spirit inside a bottle, the spirit vowed that when it was freed, it would kill whoever freed it to spite the god who punished it previously, before returning to its homeland to terrorize the people once more. When Dolf and Alfred free the spirit, it tries to eat Alfred despite the fact that he is a child.
  • Alienators: Evolution Continues:
    • General Granger is a high-ranking general with ambitions of establishing a New World Order to control humanity, believing that humanity is prone to violence and self-destruction without the guidance of a strong leader. To achieve this goal, Granger allies with SCOPES and the Genus, supplying the Genus with missiles to infect the entire planet and breaking SCOPES out when the latter is captured by the Alienators. During the series finale, Granger plans to launch more missiles to spread the Genus across the planet and planning to give the Eastern Hemisphere to SCOPES so he can rule over what's left. When the Alienators foil project Alpha-Omega, Granger tries to restart the project through using the satellite defense system to launch a nuclear strike on the moon so the Genus cells there could be spread across Earth and successfully acquires most of the launch code. During the final battle, when Ira reveals to Granger that SCOPES has no intention of keeping his end of the bargain, Granger refuses to listen and continues to believe that SCOPES was under his control.
    • SCOPES is the sapient presence leading the Genus invasion. Believing that the Genus were superior to humanity and seeing human empathy as a weakness, SCOPES seeks to spread the Genus all over the planet and destroy humanity. To this end, SCOPES attempts many times to kill the Alienators while taking every opportunity to spread Genus cells across Earth such as trying to use the fallout from a nuclear submarine as well as missiles supplied by General Granger to ensure the evolution of the Genus goes unimpeded. In the finale, SCOPES works with Granger to nuke the moon and spread the Genus cells across Earth, with SCOPES himself planning to spread the moon debris across the universe. When confronted by Ira in the series finale, SCOPES reveals that he has no intention of dividing the world between himself and Granger. Instead, he plans to change the Earth's atmosphere to be inhospitable to humans so that only the Genus could reign supreme.
  • Angel Wars: Morg was once a heroic angel, but betrayed his kind to ally with the satanic Dragon for power. Failing to kill his best friend Michael and deliver a powerful Foundation Stone to the Dragon, Morg was imprisoned for ages before escaping by nearly driving a man insane and feasting on his negative energy. Morg immediately murders his former partner Graven upon escape and steals back the Foundation Stone, using it to nearly wipe out a moon colony of humans and following it up by trying to destroy all life on Earth. After merging with the Foundation Stone, Morg begins devouring everything and everyone in sight, primarily his own minions, and then reveals his goal to ensure that nothing in the universe is "higher" than himself by devouring all life in existence.
  • Animalia: Wooster Q. Weasel—better known as the Creeper—is the former king of Animalia, and brings an unprecedented darkness to a series that had otherwise been very lighthearted. Having become drunk on his own power during his tenure as king, and exiled for the safety of Animalia as a whole, the Creeper resolves to take back the power of the Core regardless of the consequences to Animalia. A refined manipulator, the Creeper attempts to start a war in Animalia through Tyrannicus, and after this fails, moves on to tricking his old friend King Livingstone and his young friend by pretending to undergo an epiphany, only to backstab the two and try and have them blown away to their deaths into the Winds of No Return purely out of spite. The series finale sees the Creeper at his nastiest: Upon taking the power of the Core and resuming control of Animalia, the Creeper brainwashes and captures all resistance and ultimately strives to use the knowledge contained within the Corespore to travel to and subject other worlds entirely—at the consequence of killing off everyone in Animalia.
  • The Animals of Farthing Wood's season 2: The blue fox Scarface is a ruthless bully who begins killing the Farthing animals when he can get away with it. After having a litter of children with his mate, Lady Blue, Scarface becomes incensed by his rival Fox's children and murders Fox's young daughter Dreamer. When he has an excuse, Scarface rallies his other foxes and kills one of the Farthing rabbits, hunting the Farthing animals down and intending to massacre them one and all. When defeated by Fox, he returns to kill another of the rabbits, showing his lack of honor and refusal to ever stop. Even his son Ranger admits upon attempting to broker peace that his father would murder him should he know of the talks. Vicious, cruel and without any remorse or care for others, Scarface embodies the sheer savagery of the wild, even in a place of peace such as White Deer Park.
  • Archie's Weird Mysteries:
    • "Mega-Mall of Horrors": Calvin Gianni Avericci was an insatiably greedy shopaholic who made a Deal with the Devil, getting all that he could ever want in exchange for becoming a demonic servant of the Underworld, charged with providing it with a steady stream of young, innocent souls. Traveling from town to town, Avericci sets "Mallhalla" up overnight, lures teenagers into it using hypnotic music, and gives them credit cards that they can use in the mall's various stores, which are all stocked with whatever their hearts desire. Once a card's credit limit is reached, Avericci has its owner "pay up" by turning them into an immobile—yet fully aware—mannequin, which he places on display in Mallhalla for days or even weeks before sending it to Hell. Avericci's music lures all of the young people away from local businesses, causing them to go under, and erases everyone's memories of the abducted teenagers, making it seem like they never even existed. Within weeks of arriving in Riverdale, Avericci manages to turn every one of its teenagers into mannequins, except for Jughead Jones, who he decides to simply kill when Jughead proves able to resist the temptations offered by Mallhalla.
    • Time-Travel Trilogy: Vinnie Wells was just a two-bit thug until he got a hold of the Chrono Field Generator, a time machine which he tried to use to rob the Riverdale Bank. After being thwarted by Archie Andrews, Vinnie teams-up with his future self, and together the two torment Archie by repeatedly altering history before creating a timeline where Archie is a pariah and Young Vinnie is God-Emperor of Earth. Old Vinnie then tries to stop Archie from being born, but instead accidentally erases his own past self before becoming lost in the time stream while fighting Archie. Eventually escaping back to present day Riverdale, Vinnie decides to simply destroy the town and kill everyone in it using a time-displaced Tyrannosaurus rex. When the beast corners Archie, Vinnie taunts the teen by describing how happy it makes him that Archie's last thoughts before dying will be of how he failed to prevent his family, friends and beloved Riverdale from meeting the same grisly fate.
  • Argai: The Prophecy: Dark Queen Orial is a serpentine sorceress whose ultimate goal is to one day reign in Hell as the bride of Lucifer. Having made a Deal with the Devil for eternal life, Orial maintains her youth by regularly placing young maidens in magical comas, with one of her victims being Angele, the fiancée of Prince Argaï. Originally a marauding medieval warlord, Orial eventually conquered the world in a bloody campaign that killed a tenth of the population of the Earth, which she then turned into a dystopic Police State in which anyone who steps out of line is either executed or condemned to a Hellhole Prison. Orial regularly disposes of her own allies at the slightest provocation, and when she learns that Argaï is destined to slay her, she resorts to increasingly extreme attempts at eliminating him and his allies, like burning entire villages, leveling a city block, and razing all of Chinatown. In the end, when she realizes that she has been beaten with no way out, Orial spitefully tries to blow up the Earth.
  • Avatar Universe:
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Fire Lord Ozai is a genocidal, child-abusing fascist dictator who has dedicated weeks at a time and large portions of his national army to hunting down and killing a twelve-year-old and his friends. He forced Ursa into marrying him, and tried to kill her old lover out of spite. He obtained the throne when he manipulated Ursa into murdering his father to usurp the throne from his grieving older brother Iroh. He then thanked her with banishment from the Fire Nation and threatened to hunt them down and kill the children if she took them with her. He abused his son Zuko out of spite when Ursa claimed that Zuko was not his son even though he knew it was a lie, burned his face for speaking out of turn, and tried to shoot him with lightning when he decides to join Aang. He manipulated his loyal daughter Azula into becoming his perfect little villain to the point where she snaps from the pressure, only to later discard her to a completely meaningless position. Finally, his reaction to news of rebellions in the Earth Kingdom is to try to incinerate the continent. Even after his downfall he still tries to manipulate his son Zuko into being a tyrant like himself.
    • The Legend of Korra: Unalaq is Korra's Evil Uncle, the leader of the Northern Water Tribe, and one of the primary villains of Book 2. Years ago, Unalaq, jealous of his older brother, Tonraq, had him exiled from his home tribe after framing him as responsible for the destruction the Dark Spirits inflicted on their tribe. Later trying to have Avatar Korra, a child at the time, kidnapped, Unalaq abandoned his partners to their fates when the plan failed. When the Dark Spirits return, Unalaq takes control of the Southern Water Tribe from Tonraq and has anyone who may oppose him disposed of, triggering a war between the water tribes. Later attempting to open a spirit portal, Unalaq tries to leave his son to die when he is injured, and, realizing only the Avatar can open the portals, threatens to destroy the soul of Jinora, a little girl, to force Korra to assist him, then tries to condemn Jinora to the Fog of Lost Souls and to murder Korra even after she opened the portal. Revealing his true colors, Unalaq assaults the Southern Water Tribe; beats down Tonraq, sparing his life solely so he can see Unalaq win; then frees Vaatu, the spirit of darkness and chaos, with whom he has been partnered with the entire season, fuses with him into a Dark Avatar, and tears the spirit of light and order, Raava, out of Korra and attempts to obliterate her. Unalaq then attacks Republic City and announces his plans to rule over humanity after destroying all world order. A sociopath with a god complex, Unalaq stands out as the most monstrous villain in this series.
  • Babar: The unnamed hunter, the Big Bad of the first five episodes, focusing on Babar's childhood, is the darkest and cruelest villain in this mostly lighthearted series. Initially seeming to be a simple Evil Poacher, who relentlessly hunts a herd of elephants, one of his successful kills was Babar's own mother. The hunter continues this, even when he witnesses multiple instances of the animals being sapient, eventually calling in a bigger team of poachers to wage war on the animals. His only apparent motivations are greed and wounded pride over being beaten by a young Babar. This eventually comes to a head when he has the rhino village destroyed, and sets fire to the jungle to wipe out all its inhabitants. When the fire is beaten back, the hunter dies defiantly screaming how he'll stop at nothing to destroy the animals.
  • Ben 10 franchise:
    • Vilgax, the Overarching Villain of the entire franchise and by far Ben Tennyson's most personal enemy, is a psychopathic galactic warlord. After his evil caused him to be banished from his homeworld, Vilgax went on to assault and conquer numerous planets across the cosmos, outright annihilating the entire planet of Petropia and its billions of inhabitants to make an example of those who resist him. After discovering the existence of the Omnitrix, Vilgax becomes obsessed with possessing the gadget to modify it for his own gain, and spends much of the first series sending wave after wave of his forces to Earth solely to kill Ben Tennyson, a 10-year-old-boy, and steal the watch from him, later trying to viciously saw the boy's arm off and blow up the entire Earth for the trouble it has caused him. In Alien Force, Vilgax builds up his image as a law-abiding citizen by "legally" conquering 10 planets, though ultimately ditches this persona and tries to use the Omnitrix to lead a full-scale war against all who would stand against him. In Ultimate Alien, Vilgax becomes the herald for Diagon before betraying and killing his master and stealing his power, hoping to use it to mind control all life in the universe. In the final series, Omniverse, Vilgax, though at first seeming to have decayed in his evil, pulls out perhaps the most wicked scheme in the entire franchise, using a Chronosapien Time Bomb to wipe out all dimensions and timelines, his own included, to leave only a single, more submissive universe for him to conquer and rule. Vilgax was a purely evil madman who would kill first billions, then insurmountable trillions, just to satisfy his raging desire to be the most powerful being in the universe, and stands out as the most iconic villain in Ben 10 for this very reason.
    • Ultimate Alien: Aggregor is an Osmonian warlord who is wantonly murderous in his quest to achieve omnipotence. Aggregor killed aliens by absorbing their energy and matter to gain their powers. Generally this caused his victims to turn into desiccated husks, but for his plans to become powerful enough to reassemble the Map of Infinity, he turned five aliens into energy and absorbed them into himself. Aggregor killed Magister Prior Gilhil by stabbing him in the back, killed two other Plumbers by sucking them into space, and absorbed the life and powers of a pacifistic alien just because he could. His two most vile crimes, however, were when he nearly destroyed an entire inhabited world by stealing a component from the device that kept the planet from breaking apart, and when he tried to kill and absorb a baby alien capable of Reality Warping to complete his ascension into godhood.
    • Omniverse's season 8: Maltruant is a rogue Chronosapien bent on ruling all of time and existence. He masterminded the original Time War in his first bid for universal control, but was defeated and his body separated across time by Professor Paradox. Seeking to restart the Time War and win, He hired Dr. Psychobos to help repair himself. After Subdora and Exo-Skull complete repairing his body, Maltruant turned on Dr. Psychobos, easily defeated Ben Prime and Ben 23, and left both for dead in Mad Ben's dimension with his minions to restart the Time War. Once he travels to the time period of Ben 10,000 to steal the Anihilaarg and the Dwarf Star so he can create a more deadly weapon, Maltruant traveled back to the very beginning of the universe and snuck aboard the Contemelia's ship, where he switched their Anihilaarg with his own in order to recreate the universe in his image.
  • Blake and Mortimer: Colonel Olrik is even more fiendish than in the comics. A mercenary willing to work for the highest bidder, Olrik is first introduced working as a military adviser for an empire and leads bombing runs against several major cities, devastating them and killing thousands in the process. Olrik wants to steal Professor Mortimer's new invention the Swordfish plane, betray the Empire and rule the world himself. After that scheme is foiled, Olrik returns, leads a military coup that turns a democratic country into a dictatorship and joins forces with a rogue general in Atlantis, trying to encourage a military coup there as well that would leave hundreds dead, just to plunder Atlantis's resources. Olrik later shows up and commissions a Mad Scientist to build a machine that controls the weather. Olrik uses this machine to cause disasters across Europe, until he unveils his master plan to blanket Western Europe in a toxic fog, killing everyone, so that a foreign power can successfully invade. Much later Olrik is seemingly killed after trying to using alchemy to gain immortality, but he is merely banished to an alternate world, where he takes over and rules as a dictator. Wanting revenge for being banished from the Earth, Olrik plans to use a powerful moon medallion in a ritual that would destroy the Earth.
  • Bob Morane:
    • Doctor Joseph-Athanase Xhatan weaponized sunlight and seeks world domination by mass murder. In "Operation Wolf", Xhatan steals a device from a benevolent professor and attempts to use it to turn water into radioactive material. Returning in "The Mysterious Dr. Xhatan", he enslaves tribesman and make them unable to breathe outside the atmosphere of his lair. After abducting heiress Jane Sotesby for a ransom, he reveals that he engineered the death of her parents and that he plans to use a diamond to power his laser light cannon enough to destroy all capitals of the world. In "Xhatan, Master of Light", Xhatan throws Bob and Bill in a Drowning Pit, locks Sophia in a machine which slowly drains her life; and creates an artificial sun to blow up the planet, all in order to fulfill a prophecy that will grant him godhood.
    • "The Towers of Crystal": Prince Zelgung, angered over losing the throne of Mu to his sister Taima, proceeds to destroy his own civilization by launching a nuke on the city, causing the population to die from the blast or painfully succumb from the radiation. Despite himself and his loyalists getting caught by those radiations, Zelgung displays no remorse and repeatedly attempts to slaughter the survivors lead by Taima. When they leave the continent on a time traveling ship, he tries to launch a missile at it.
    • "The Angels of Ananke": Emperor Hang and his chancellor Golo are tyrannical leaders of the city of angels, with any man who trespasses on their territory ending up enslaved. When Bob defeats the champion Korto in combat, Hang forces the hero to train his army, threatening his friends Bill and Sophia if he refuses. Golo at one point threatens a group of slaves who tries to take a break, while Hang tries to have Korto executed for his failure and gets rid of a servant for spilling wine. It's finally revealed that Hang and Golo regularly abduct humans and angels and hook them in pods that drain their mental energy to power the anti-gravity field. When Bob and Korto discover their scheme, they put the latter in the battery and attempt to have the former publicly executed.
  • Brats of the Lost Nebula: The Hosts are a pair of ancient Energy Beings who, to maintain their power and immortality, assembled the Shock, a mechanical army which they used to enslave an entity called the Eye. The Eye is Forced to Watch as the Shock destroys inhabited worlds, with its sorrow over the genocides being converted into a special energy that invigorates the Hosts. The Hosts have razed thousands of planets and wiped out an untold number of species like the Artisans, a benevolent race whose only remaining member they tortured and brainwashed into becoming their sadistic second-in-command, High Commander Hextar Vigar. Even though Vigar serves them admirably, obliterating numerous planets at their beck and call, the Hosts treat him with nothing but contempt, and take perverse pride in the fact that they twisted a once good man into a monster who they believe is incapable of loving anything, even himself or the Hosts.
  • Cadillacs and Dinosaurs:
    • Hammer Terhune, who works for Governor Scharnhorst, one of the leaders of the City in the Sea—New York City After the End—tries to discredit Jack Tenrec's philosophy of promoting a balance between humans and nature. To do this, Hammer uses a sonic transmitter to torment a T-Rex and have it attack nearby settlements. Hammer also tries to discredit Tenrec by trying to cause a bunch of Triceratops to stampede and kill people in a mining town. Unhappy with taking orders from Scharnhorst, Hammer hijacks a killer satellite and plans to use it to destroy the City in the Sea, so that he can take over. Later Hammer discovers a boy who can control dinosaurs and wants to use him in his poaching business. To test the boy's skills, Hammer throws him a pit with a hungry raptor and sees if he can control it. In his final appearance, Hammer uses some stolen dynamite to try to flush out some dinosaurs, but this causes a wildfire instead. The wildfire is heading towards some gas wells Scharnhorst recently constructed and if the fire reaches the wells, it will cause an explosion that will devastate the jungle, resulting in mass starvation for the City in the Sea. Scharnhorst orders Hammer to work with Tenrec to fix this problem, by helping Tenrec use nitroglycerin to create a barrier between the fire and the wells. However, Hammer intents to kill Tenrec instead and steal the nitroglycerin for himself, not caring that his actions have endangered millions of lives.
    • "Duel": Sean Russel is Jack Tenrac's old friend and rival. Russel sabotages Tenrac's car and steals a helicopter engine from him. He uses his new helicopter to go to the home of the Grith, a race of peaceful sapient lizard creatures who communicate through telepathy, and steals the life stone, a gem they need to survive. Russel uses the stone to summon several dinosaurs to a valley. Russel captures Tenrac and says he invited Hammer Terhune and his brothers to come and slaughter both the dinosaurs and the Grith, planning to sell their meat and bones on the black market. Tenrac lectures Russel about selling out the Grith to make a profit and Russel seems to briefly feel guilty over it, but quickly decides he cares far more about money then his old beliefs and continues with his genocidal scheme.
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers has these two Knights of Cerebus, who are proudly motivated more by sadistic enjoyment than mere greed:
    • Zarm, the Spirit of War and Destruction, is arguably the strongest and most deadly adversary of Gaia and the Planeteers. A former Spirit of the Earth exiled by Gaia, Zarm dedicates himself to bringing ruin and destruction in all forms to Gaia and all she protects out of vengeful spite, having consumed at least one planet to the tides of destruction and constantly attempting to do the same to Earth. Zarm attempts to initiate all-out nuclear war on Earth; painfully reverts Gaia to a withered old lady incapable of stopping the Earth from dying and taking over the Earth for a ten-year-period of time where the Earth has become desiccated and ruined; coins a strategy he calls "Scorched Earth" by convincing world leaders to obliterate their own land and people—and claims to have been "a part of every important tyrant in history"—and nearly dooms the Planeteers' efforts to stop an alternate timeline where the Eco-Villains' descendants rule the planet by smugly ordering a young girl Ma-Ti saves murdered. A sadist drunk on his own capacity for destruction, Zarm is one of the single greatest sources of human misery within the show.
    • The appropriately-named Verminous Skumm is a humanoid rat-man who, despite being far less powerful than Zarm, manages to be just as evil. Taking a sick pleasure in the polluted and festering, Skumm's schemes vary from willingly endangering and trying to destroy entire cities, and include deliberately trying to destroy an entire city with a cloud of acid rain and flooding Venice with oversized, carnivorous rats; peddling mind-altering drugs and even murdering Linka's cousin Boris through them; attempting to bait two sides of the Arab–Israeli Conflict into using a nuclear bomb in Jerusalem Mount, as well as bringing nukes into The Troubles and apartheid South Africa; and attempting to flood the entire world with his "Rat Rot" chemical to turn everyone into his mutated rat slaves. Skumm's end goal is to destroy the civilized world and enslave what remains to his mutated Rat Men followers to rule over them all as a king. Happily admitting " I'm ignorance; I'm fear; I'm hate" and taking delight in everything from ruining the life of a single person—a teenager with AIDS—for giggles, to the attempted annihilation of millions of lives, Skumm stands out as the darkest of the recurring Eco-Villains due to his propensity to target people rather than the environment.
  • Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys: Lord Nebula is a half-human half-black hole creature who seeks the destruction of the entire universe so he can rebuild it in his own image. Nebula orders his henchman Rhesus-2 to acquire the anti-force, but ends up tricked and reduced to a humanoid form. During the series, Nebula frequently threatens to kill Rhesus-2 when he fails him and shows how awful he truly is when it is revealed that when Rhesus-1 failed him too many times, Nebula violently killed and disposed of him. To complete his plan, Nebula captures Simian's crew, but since Simian was able to escape, Nebula orders Rhesus-2 to torture them until they give up Simian's location. When Simian does return and promises to give up the part he needs, Nebula reveals to Rhesus-2 that he lied to him and was never planning on giving him a Pocket Universe to rule over.
  • Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos: The Claw is the leader of VULTURE, a cabinet of terrorists willing to wreak vast destruction under the Claw's firm eye in their goal of world domination. The Claw, throughout the series, hijacks an undersea lab to use its powers to try and wipe out coastal cities; tries to seize a NATO memory core to disable their defenses; coldly orders Norris's young friend Too Much murdered; attempts to seize a powerful laser robot to use it to attack and devastate Tokyo and orders a train full of people transporting it spitefully destroyed; and steals a shuttle to try and extort billions of dollars out of all the world's major powers lest he use a Kill Sat to obliterate all of the capital cities of each powerful country around the world. Throughout the series, the Claw regularly tortures and murders his own minions with aplomb and is happy to claim as many civilian lives as it takes to further his own nefarious agenda.
  • Class of the Titans: The Titan Cronus, when released from his prison in Tartarus—where he was imprisoned for being an evil tyrant and for trying to kill his kids—wastes no time in seeking to resume his dominance over the world and all in it. With nothing but hatred for his children and the other Gods, Cronus is utterly brutal and merciless in his tactics, which include torturing and trying to kill his own children while throwing the world into chaos and disarray. Cronus eventually gets tired of the human heroes resisting him and makes it a point to attempt to exterminate the entire human race in retribution. At other points, Cronus releases the savage werewolf Lycaon from imprisonment to eat "whomever he may please" and tries to get his mother Gaea to kill Zeus for him. Sophisticated, suave, seemingly polite and never at loss for a vicious plan, Cronus repeatedly proved how nothing would stand in his goals of domination and destruction.
  • Code Lyoko: XANA is a rogue multi-agent program living on the virtual world Lyoko that evolved to the point of achieving sapience. Gaining a desire to rule over and/or destroy humanity, XANA tries to kill its creator, Franz Hopper, as well as his daughter Aelita. Trapped inside the supercomputer for a decade, once revived, XANA regularly launches many vicious schemes upon the real world, not caring about the sheer amounts of potential casualties that would result from the attacks. XANA shifts strategies to absorbing Aelita's memory to gain the power to leave the supercomputer and into the network, the success of which nearly killing Aelita in the process. Using the internet to access supercomputers across the world, XANA gradually builds a robot army to rule over humanity. In the mean time, XANA tries and almost succeeds in destroying Lyoko, taking William as a slave. When Lyoko is revived, XANA decides to lure out and kill Franz Hopper by using Aelita as bait and plans on keeping the latter as its eternal prisoner. In the one episode where it appears before the heroes, XANA shows sadistic enjoyment in trying to kill them.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog:
    • Katz, Courage's most recurring foe, is a ruthless and sadistic Serial Killer. While his motives tend to change, each episode he appears in generally has him using some sort of illegitimate business as a front for committing murders, and his list of past victims is strongly implied to be quite long. In his first appearance, he ran a Hell Hotel where he fed all his guests to spiders. Other episodes have seen Katz transforming the guests of his health spa into machines and forcing them to fight to the death for his entertainment; attempting to turn Muriel into candy as revenge for her always beating him in a candy-making competition; and trying to blow up a submarine full of people to drive a rival vacation submarine company out of business. Not content with simply killing Courage, Katz sometimes challenges him to some sort of game solely so that he can inflict more physical pain and drag out the dog's suffering for as long as he can.
    • The Great Fusilli, from the episode of the same name, is a traveling stage magician who lured people onto his stage under the guise of making them famous actors. He would then have them perform for an imaginary audience, in order to use enchanted puppet strings to convert them into lifeless puppets, which he would then play with for his own amusement. Once Courage finds a room filled with the dozens of people he's converted into marionettes, Fusilli turns his owners Muriel and Eustace into puppets—an act not reversed by the end of the episode, causing Courage to suffer Sanity Slippage—while at the same time attempting to dispose of Courage.
    • "The Quilt Club": The Stitch Sisters, Eliza and Elisa, are the owners of an antique quilt shop and reclusive quilting club who make Muriel work day and night to pass the standards they use to admit those into their club. The club itself is a front; since the dawn of humanity the Sisters have walked the Earth, ensnaring the souls of women to prolong their own youth and binding them forever to their quilt. The souls of their victims are kept within the quilt for centuries on end, forever ripped of everything that once made them unique.
  • Cybersix: Dr. Von Reichter is a cruel scientist with two concerns: conquering the city of Meridiana, and exterminating his hated creation Cybersix. Throughout the series, Von Reichter engages in various ploys to achieve his goals, such as: resurrecting Cybersix's little brother Cyber 29 as a panther, only to wipe his mind and use him as a weapon against his sister; sending in the werewolf Elaine, who attacks civilians and transforms them into more of her kind; and making countless attempts on Cybersix's life. In the final episode, Von Reichter grows weary with his failures, and tries to wipe Meridiana and its populace off the face of the Earth with a gigantic living bomb known as the Isle of Doom, so that the rest of the world will take him seriously as a threat. Even when he is thwarted and moments from being blown to kingdom come, Von Reichter still makes one last effort to ensure Cybersix's demise by setting his remaining creations upon her.
  • Delta State: Sven Ragnar is easily the worst of all the Rifters that appeared in this series. Sven is a super Rifter, in charge of the Rifter invasion of the human world, and is opposed by Broody and his proteges: Martin, Phillip, Claire and Luna. In his first appearance, Sven kills one his Rifter minions for lounging around in a hotel room instead of performing her appointed tasks. Later he kills a psychic that could detect Rifters, fearing she is a threat to his invasion plans. In another scheme, Sven uses his shapeshifting powers to impersonate a hospital administrator, who is pushing a new microchip that would be implanted in the human brain, claiming it had medical benefits, but which in reality this chip simply allows Rifters to take over human minds more quickly. 20% of the patients who received this chip would have been taken over by Rifters, while the rest would die. Sven also kills Martin's father to prevent Martin from discovering his past. Sven decides to torment Phillip, mocking him over the fact that his mother abandoned him. Sven's sister Marie falls in love with Phillip and saves him from Sven's wrath, so Sven kills her. Broody eventually revels that he himself is a Rifter and has been training his students to fight Rifters so they can be powerful enough to kill him, before his Rifter energy overwhelms him and causes him to explode. Sven does everything in his power to stop Broody's students from preventing this disaster.
  • Di-Gata Defenders:
    • Lord Nazmul and his brother, Professor Alnar, were members of the Wizards of Yan, the protectors of RaDos. Obsessed since childhood with unlocking the secret of immortality, Nazmul betrayed the other Wizards and freed the Megalith, which he tried to use to acquire the power necessary to create a spell that would turn him into the eternal ruler of RaDos. Nazmul killed many of his old allies during his campaign, which ended when the Di-Gata Defenders and the remaining Wizards sacrificed themselves to defeat him and seal away the Megalith. Reduced to a shadow of his former self, Nazmul becomes reliant on Lord Brackus and his Yin-Tos Army to do his bidding and bring about the return of the Megalith. Since his body is failing him, Nazmul tries to possess Kara, the youngest member of the new Di-Gata Defenders, and when that fails, he resorts to taking over his fanatically loyal servant, Malco. After realizing that Brackus is untrustworthy, Nazmul kills a prisoner in front of him as an example, makes failed attempts on his life, and eventually condemns him to the Dark Realm after terrorizing the Yin-Tos Army into siding with him over Brackus. Nazmul is later trapped in the Nova Stone, but is released from it by Malco, who offers up most of his own life energy to restore Nazmul. Nazmul thanks Malco by tossing him into an abyss before trying to feed on the young Di-Gata Defender trainee Rion.
    • "The Lost Children": The Professor lost his job at a prestigious university due to his "crazy" belief that the RaDosians were descended from aliens that had immigrated to RaDos from a theoretical RaDos Prime. After triangulating the approximate location of the Prime RaDosians' lost ship, the Professor abducts children to use as slaves to help him dig it up, having discovered that the ship is housing an adult-killing contagion called the Toten' Ka Virus. When he finally finds the ship, the Professor orders his henchmen to kill all of the child slaves while he boards the vessel, followed by Seth and Rion. After incapacitating the two Defenders, the Professor reveals that he is going to fly the ship to the university to show up all of his old colleagues before killing them and all of the planet's other adults by releasing the virus, leaving a world of only children for him to mold "in my ways." When Rion damages the ship's engine, the Professor refuses to evacuate it, and instead tries to crash it in a way that is guaranteed to release the virus on an unsuspecting RaDos.
  • Dinofroz: Neceron is the lord of all dragons and the Big Bad of season 1. Desiring more power, Neceron broke the treaty between dinosaurs and dragons and declared war on the dinosaurs. He then spent several years ordering his dragon armies to eradicate his foes and kidnap humans to use as slave labor. When the Dinofroz arrive and start interfering with Neceron's plans, Neceron repeatedly tries to destroy them all, even going as far as nearly drowning the residents in a village just to lure them out of hiding. After one of his generals tries to start a rebellion, Neceron and his army simply kill all of the rebels without hesitation. Upon finding out that the Dinofroz are merely four young boys, Neceron and his dragons kidnap three of them, and he threatens to kill them all one by one if they don't surrender. He later drains all of the power from his three loyal generals and leaves them for dead before going after Tom Carter in his Dinofroz form. Once Neceron begins to lose the fight, he tries to make Tom submit by threatening to murder his father right in front of him.
  • Double Dragon: The Shadow Master is the leader of the Shadow Warriors, and the uncle of the Double Dragons, Billy and Jimmy Lee. Shortly after the brothers were born, the Shadow Master trapped their mother in the Abyss and abducted Jimmy, raising him to be his second-in-command, Shadow Boss. Despite promising his sister that he would never harm Jimmy, the Shadow Master callously orders him killed when Jimmy fails him, which spurs Jimmy into joining forces with the heroic Billy. Ruling the criminal underworld of Metro City with an iron fist, the Shadow Master has flooded the city's streets with drugs and weapons, enslaved most of its marginalized mutant population, and terrorized its citizens with illusions of their greatest fears and a massive beast called the Shadowmonster. The Shadow Master's other plots include hacking all of the world's banks; consuming minds to increase his own intellect; and starting a race war between mutants and humans by framing the mutants for the abduction of a little blind girl, who he then tries to kill. Any minion who displeases the Shadow Master is magically added to the Shadow Mural, a tapestry which is covered in dozens of victims, all of them frozen mid-scream.
  • Exo Squad:
    • Governor General Phaeton is the falsely-noble despotic ruler of the Neosapien Empire who manipulates his people into throwing their lives away to increase his personal power. Once a Neosapien rebel, Phaeton cowardly sold out his cohorts to save his own skin, then rose to power while ordering the genocide of humanity while consolidating his grip on the Neosapiens. Running brutal death camps, Phaeton has any who resist his orders taken there to be killed and proves a horrific war criminal, with tactics including forced starvation and labor. With cloning technology, Phaeton takes advantage of an unending supply of troops and cruelly executes his commanders for even minor failures only to replace and replenish his army. A completely disgusting madman, Phaeton eventually sends so many of his loyal followers to pointless deaths that even his most loyal aide abandons him when he discovers Phaeton's endgame involved wiping out his own race to guarantee victory.
    • General Draconis is the Neosapien Governor in charge of Venus. Cruel even by the brutal standards Phaeton has set for their species, Draconis doesn't even have Phaeton's pretense of trying to help the Neosapien people. Everything Draconis does is for his own advancement. Draconis enacts a scorched earth campaign on Venus, creating a planet-wide famine that wipes out the majority of the civilian population, with the few survivors sent to toil in forced labor camps. Draconis's treatment of his own race is little better, even murdering two Neo Megas assigned to him as advisors because he felt their "suggestions" undermined his absolute authority. As a contingency if Venus fell out of his control, Draconis rigged a hydrogen bomb to the city of Vesta, intending to spite his enemies by murdering thousands of human civilians. Draconis assigned a noble soldier named Thrax to detonate the bomb in order to "redeem" himself for showing mercy to an Exo Squad member. Except Draconis lied about there being a timer for the bomb, and once Thrax activated it, he and Draconis's remaining Neosapien soldiers would've died in the resulting blast. Draconis's lust for power was so great, he plotted to betray Phaeton and usurp control of the Neosapien Empire for himself. He eventually seized his chance by leaving what he thought was Phaeton to die in an exploding ship.
    • Dr. Albrecht Ketzer proves that Terrans can be just as evil as the Neosapiens. It is revealed that he turned an entire village of natives in the Amazon—as well as himself—into half-plant monstrosities, a rather horrific process. Later injecting Nara Burns with the same DNA formula he used on himself, he withholds the antidote unless the exotroopers attack a nearby Neosapien command station; while this may seem like a good cause, in reality this was for his own purposes. When the heroes point out that there were still Terrans in that area, and an attack would lead to Neosapien retaliation, Ketzer dismisses these concerns. Even worse, when the squad relents and attacks, Ketzer reveals that there is no antidote. Injecting Medusa with the same formula, Ketzer later reappears to kidnap Nara again and finish his "work" on her.
  • Faeries (1981 CBS special): The Faerie King's Shadow was given a will of its own through magic. Growing evil, the Shadow would gain enough power by draining the King of his own strength, desiring to drown Faerie Land in eternal darkness and rule over, only keeping the King's daughter Niamh alive to serve as his bride. Sending goblins and trolls to threaten the land, once Oisin and Puck encounter him, the Shadow gleefully declares his intent to kill them, and then all of Faerie Land afterwards.
  • Final Space:
    • The Lord Commander is a tyrannical overlord bent on harnessing the powers of Specimen E35-1—otherwise known as Mooncake—in hopes of prolonging his life. The Lord Commander establishes his viciousness by physically contorting the body of a man he was interrogating and tops this by ordering his minions to eat the remains. The Lord Commander would continually demonstrate his madness throughout the series whether by ordering his lieutenants to kill their firstborn children as a display of loyalty; massacring an entire crew in order to retrieve Mooncake; manipulating a portion of the Infinity Guard to his cause; or overseeing the construction of a laser designed to expand a breach to space-time. Becoming fierce enemies with the Galaxy One after maiming Gary Goodspeed, the Lord Commander lures the team to a prison planet. He then tries to force a possessed Little Cato to murder his own father culminating in Avocato performing a Heroic Sacrifice when the Lord Commander plants a sticky bomb on Little Cato's back.. Believing himself to be a harbinger for the Titans, the Lord Commander traps Mooncake in a laser machine which painfully forces him to create a portal to Final Space. A psychotic despot with a god complex, the Lord Commander would risk the destruction of the universe itself in his pursuit of power.
    • Invictus, the Greater-Scope Villain of the series, is an ancient, malevolent being whose only desire is destruction on a mass scale. In the beginning, it poisoned the Titans' minds, turning them against their creators, before being sealed away in Final Space. Spending millennia calculating escape, Invictus corrupts the Lord Commander and uses him as a means of opening Final Space, making it indirectly responsible for the Lord Commander's worst crimes. Upon his death, Invictus takes Quinn hostage—as well as killing alternate reality versions of Gary to make them apart of its morbid collection—and possesses Gary, using him to try to kill Avocato and Little Cato. Sensing Avocato as being stronger, Invictus takes him as a vessel, forcing Little Cato to shoot his own father to save Gary. Invictus returns in the second season finale making several attempts on the lives of the Crimson Light in order to prevent them from releasing Bolo.
    • "The Grand Surrender": Werthrent, the fire serpent god of Ash's homeworld, is a cruel being who demands endless sacrifices. Devouring countless innocents, including children, Werthrent keeps them alive and suffering within himself, draining their minds and turning them into agonized zombies who remain in agony forevermore.
  • Generator Rex:
    • Van Kleiss is the ruthless dictator of Abysus. Though he uses propaganda to claim he's trying to build a better world for E.V.O.s, in actuality Van Kleiss cares only for his dream of world domination, and nothing for his subordinates. Van Kleiss makes a habit of petrifying E.V.O.s by sucking the nanites out of them, or turning regular people into E.V.O.s to act as muscle for him, not caring that such an action could leave them permanently transformed. In his bid for power Van Kleiss murdered Rex's parents, experimented on his Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds follower to amplify her powers while causing her excruciating pain, and threatened a little girl to force her father to turn the people of New York into his zombie army.
    • "A Family Holiday": Dr. Branden Moses announced a breakthrough in nanite research that allowed him to dramatically reverse E.V.O. mutations, giving a faux demonstration using an E.V.O. and either an actress with a set of prosthetic tentacles or an E.V.O. with tentacles, playing the part of the "cured E.V.O." Having convinced hundreds, possibly thousands, of people—including Dr. Holiday, who added her sister Beverly Holiday to Brandon's ranks—that he had made a breakthrough, dozens of intelligent but physically deformed, incurable E.V.O.s lined up to be cured. Instead, they were kidnapped and brought to a lab in the Arctic circle where their mutations were amplified and were ready to be auctioned off to the warlord with the deepest pockets.
  • Godzilla: The Series: Cameron Winter takes control of Godzilla and makes him destroy properties so he can collect insurance money, even making Godzilla attack a military base and endanger the lives of 500 soldiers. Defeated by H.E.A.T., Cameron returns for revenge and creates a giant monster called the Chameleon to have it attack humans and frame Godzilla for the attacks, before having the Chameleon defeat and kill Godzilla so Cameron can be seen as a hero for creating the thing that kills Godzilla. Foiled again, Cameron breaks three men out of prison and equips them with battle mechs to kill Godzilla, ordering them to also attack H.E.A.T. and the military when they get in the way. Though the hunters are defeated, Cameron denies any connection with them and claims they stole his mechs and attacked Godzilla on their own.

    H – Q 
  • Hero: 108: Twin Masters is a malevolent entity who wishes to plunge the Hidden Kingdom into everlasting chaos. Originally a prince with aspirations of conquest, Twin Masters had since become a master of chaos energy, altering their plans to decimate the Hidden Kingdom and lord over the remains as a despot. Several of Twin Masters's plans are designed to cause massive damage, including forcing Oyster-Rahmas into draining the oceans; trying to revert all life to its prehistoric state; changing the course of an asteroid to crash into Hidden Kingdom; creating a chaotic storm with Mighty Ray's eyes; and, in the finale, absorbing all life energy into themselves as well as condemning their former minions to die alongside Hidden Kingdom. Forming a deep hatred for First Squad—Lin Chung in particular—Twin Masters corrupts Commander ApeTrully with their chaos energy and forces him to attack First Squad against his will. Drunk on their love for carnage and destruction, Twin Masters darkened the setting of an otherwise lighthearted show with their presence.
  • Hero Factory: Savage Planet: The Witch Doctor was originally an instructor named Aldous Witch, who had a secret desire to possess a Quaza Core. When he was exiled for attempting to install a Quaza Core into his body, Witch travels to Quatros in order to illegally mine for Quaza. Upon creating the Skull Staff, he would use it to transform into the Witch Doctor, before using it to painfully enslave the animals of the jungle and force them to mine for Quaza, which causes the planet to slowly start breaking apart and dissolve, which will kill all life on it, to Witch Doctor's utter lack of concern. Sending a fake distress signal so he can steal an ship to escape the planet with the Quaza, he has two Fangz brutally attack Rocka when he arrived on the planet, severely wounding him in the process. When a Raw-Jaw attempts to convince Witch Doctor not to mine for any more Quaza, he painfully brainwashes the Raw-Jaw into submission. When the Alpha 1 team tries to stop him, he sends the animals to kill them while preparing to leave the planet with the Quaza, leaving everyone to die, and then build a powerful army to take revenge on Hero Factory for exiling him. A selfish, cruel tyrant with a complete Lack of Empathy towards the animals he enslaves, Witch Doctor would gladly destroy an entire planet full of life in order to become more powerful.
  • Highlander: The Animated Series: Lord Kortan, refusing to take the pledge the other Immortals took After the End, declared himself the de facto winner of the Game, and decreed that he was now entitled to all of the world's knowledge and power. After killing Connor MacLeod—the only Immortal willing to break the oath to challenge him—Kortan conquered and enslaved most of the planet, ruling unopposed for 700 years. When Quentin MacLeod's immortality activated after Kortan's slavers murdered him and his mother, Kortan set out to slay this new Highlander through any means necessary. Kortan's worst acts included firing an atomic bomb at Quentin's homeland; feeding dissidents to mutant ants; lobotomizing people to make disposable "human keys" to his armory; regularly executing his own followers for failure and outliving their usefulness; deploying them as suicide bombers against a city; and inciting hatred of Quentin by founding a cult in his name, one that enslaved kidnapped children after staging their sacrifice. In the final episode, Kortan destroyed whole towns with salvaged missiles, and threatened further bombardments unless Quentin confronted him at midnight. Even though the deadline was met, Kortan ordered that more rockets be launched anyway, laughing, "Why stop at MacLeod when we can crush them all?"
  • Hot Wheels franchise:
    • Acceleracers: Gelorum is the leader of the Racing Drones, an army of alien robots created by the Accelerons for one express purpose: to race through the realms they created, and to win every race in which they took part. When her creators deem the realms fit only for humans, she rebels against them and gets banished to Earth with the other drones, where they hibernated for thousands of years. In the present day, disguised as a human, she manipulates a young Kurt Wylde to cheat and hurt other drivers during the events of the World Race. Once her human disguise fails, she tries to openly kill other drivers, including a young Vert Wheeler, before disappearing. Two years later, she fully assembles the Racing Drones into an effective team, and begins claiming Accelechargers in an attempt to get the chance to race against, and eventually kill, the Accelerons and later Take Over the World. When the production of the brand-new Sweeper is delayed due to technical issues, she simply disposes of the Drone reporting the situation to her. When faced with human opposition, she captures those trapped in the realms and then tortures them for information, turning them into mindless cyborg minions. During the final phase of her plan, she promises to kill Dr. Peter Tezla while denying him the chance to see the Accelerons, only sparing him so that he can be Forced to Watch. When she loses the Ultimate Race thanks to failing the Accelerons' Secret Test of Character, she attempts to kill Vert Wheeler, winner of said race, before being banished once more by the Accelerons.
    • Battle Force 5's season 2: Krytus was known as the most malicious being in the multiverse. Ambitious and power-hungry, he restarted an eons old war between the Red and Blue Sentients to conquer the multiverse. When his own twin sister, Sage, froze the Red Sentients in stasis, he retaliated by carrying out a genocide on the Blues. It was also revealed that he had several thousand Blue Sentients tortured to death, and the one who managed to enter hibernation to escape him was punished by having his body sabotaged, dooming him when he woke up. After being freed from his prison, he then throws the one who released him off a cliff. He then spends most of the series trying to kill Sage. After being forced into an Enemy Mine with Vert to escape the Shadow Zone, he sets up an ambush for Vert the moment they're out of it. Not even the other villains are safe from his wrath, as he starts an Enemy Civil War among the Vandals through Grimian. In the season finale, when he and Sage finally have a confrontation, he asks Sage if it was worth it to imprison the Red Sentients, in which she replies that if she hadn't, Krytus would've endangered not only the Blue Sentients, but the multiverse. Krytus actually agrees with her as he plans on using them as an army to conquer the Multiverse itself and cares nothing for them.
  • Huntik: Secrets & Seekers: The Betrayer, originally one of the sorcerers and seekers who helped found the Huntik Foundation, turned upon his fellows to summon the Lovecraftians monstrosities known as the Nullifers to destroy the world. The Casterwill family fought back and destroyed the Betrayer, but his spirit endured, forming the Bloodspiral Brotherhood to work at his revival. The Betrayer eventually had the Casterwill family "purged" with any who served as obstacles treated the same way. Upon his revival, the Betrayer revealed that he had double-crossed the Bloodspiral Brotherhood and they would not be spared from destruction either. The Betrayer proceeds to summon a comet the destroy everyone present and summon the Nullifers, plotting to destroy everything that lives on Earth to satisfy his lust for chaos.
  • Inhumanoids:
    • Metlar is the tyrannical leader of the Inhumanoids. The former slave of Sslither, Metlar overthrows and imprisons his former master before waging a genocidal war against the Mutores to Take Over the World. Awakened from his seal eons later, Metlar launches an all-out attack on Earth with his fellow Inhumanoids, razing a Soviet weapons department to a smoldering heap and stealing several cluster missiles while having his servants attack and destroy all they can. Metlar's ultimate goal is to use the missiles to obliterate the crust of the Earth and drown the entire world in fire, killing everything—his own loyal servants not excluded—so he can rule over the ashes that remain. Throughout the rest of the series, Metlar brutalizes and threatens to torture his own minions for every slight and attempts to destroy everything he can get his fiery talons on.
    • D'Compose, Metlar's terrifying second-in-command, is a hulking, undead monstrosity who pulled an entire city underground to turn it into his personal domain, killing everyone who lived there and reducing the city's knights into his undead slaves, cursed to wander the ruins of the town forevermore. Able to painfully transform anyone he touches into his undead slaves, D'Compose demonstrates his powers on the noble scientist Sandra Shore and tries to use her to kill her own friends, eagerly decomposing anyone he can whilst aiding Metlar in his conquest. D'Compose's vilest actions come when he has Blackthorne Shore amass countless disaffected teenagers into a cult in his name, reducing them all to his decomposed slaves and having them attack the nearby city, proclaiming his intention to shroud the world in darkness and turn all that lives into the undead.
    • Blackthorne Shore is a wealthy industrialist who came across the secrets of the Inhumanoids. Blackthorne attempts to free them to use them to take control of the world, allowing them to first wreak death and destruction at their whim. When his own sister Sandra is turned into an undead monster by D'Compose, Blackthorne acts horrified—but then abandons the heroes to die when they try to save her so he can take control of Metlar, settling for allying with him to present him with a way to destroy most of the world so Blackthorne can rule over the remainder. After being foiled, Blackthorne eventually starts a Cult with D'Compose, convincing numerous young men and women to submit themselves to the evil Inhumanoid to be changed into his undead slaves. Blackthorne continues to try to control the Inhumanoids and kill the heroes in his quest to dominate the world, fully admitting that he himself is an utterly evil, monstrous human being as wicked as any Inhumanoid.
  • Invasion America: The Dragit is the military commander of Tyrus and the Evil Uncle of the planet's ruler Cale-Oosha. When he makes an attempt to overthrow Cale, Cale manages to escape, ending up on earth where he fathers a son named David. Upon learning of them, the Dragit attempts to murder the baby and his mother. Installing a secret base on the moon, the Dragit reveals his plan to use a weapon to have asteroids bombard America, causing countless deaths, until the country gives in whereupon the Dragit will continue the process with every nation on earth, killing millions until the human race gives in. When David is captured in the finale, the Dragit opts to personally attempt to murder his great-nephew, his rhetoric about saving Tyrus a front for his own cruelty and lust for power.
  • Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors:
    • Saw Boss leads the Mind Monsters, who were created by Jayce's father, Audric, initially for a peaceful purpose before rebelling against him in order to conquer the galaxy. A bellicose commander, Saw Boss orders the invasion of many planets destroying several of their ecosystems; institutes mass enslavement; causes the starvation of worlds' worth of people; creates horrific plant creatures in order to enrage a warlord and steal his weapons after he and his armies are defeated; and manipulates the population of another into a civil war for his own gain. As resistance groups rise up against him, Saw Boss infects their water supply in order to weaken them. His thirst for power knowing no limits, Saw Boss even used slave labor, capturing innocent scientists to build a weapon to allow him to conquer other universes and, when stopped sabotaged a satellite to make it crash into a planet out of spite. In order to get the ultimate weapon Jayce possessed and get rid of him and his companions, the Lightning League, Saw Boss manipulates several people to do his bidding while betraying them once they're no further use to him. He even creates a black hole by crashing three planets; destabilizing another inhabited planet; and crystallizing another one, including its population, all just to get what he wants.
    • Vantu is a slimy magician who betrayed his own race by stealing the Liberty Stone that protects his race for years, before allying himself with Saw Boss in order to defeat the Lightning League. Disguising himself as the former leader of his race, he tricks one of the Lightning League members, turning him into stone, and after Jayce saved him, Vantu went into the nearby village and petrified most of the population with his Liberty Stone. Returning in the next episodes, he aids Saw Boss by causing much mayhem, with his worst act being his attempt to drain the core of a certain planet in order to boost his magical power—with no intention of sharing with Saw Boss—which would result in the annihilation of all life in the planet. In his final appearance, he made a magic generator that resulted in the fabric of the universe getting torn apart so that he could give Saw Boss more power.
  • Jonny Quest franchise:
    • The New Adventures's "Temple of Gloom": The wicked Deprave is from a nation bordering two countries formerly in peace talks. Kidnapping Hadji's kindly mentor, Deprave subjects him to painful mental control to use his powers to sabotage the peace talks, with her intention being to force both nations to go to war and completely obliterate one another so she may preside over attempts to pick up the pieces.
    • Jonny's Golden Quest & Jonny Quest vs. the Cyber Insects: Dr. Zin is the Arch-Enemy of the Quest family, having killed Jonny's mother in Golden Quest. Returning in Cyber Insects with an army of genetically modified insects to invade Earth, Zin utilizes a stealth satellite to cause vast parts of the world to freeze or be subjected to horrible storms, causing starvation with potentially millions threatened. A truly horrible boss, Zin is also fond of horrifically killing his minions for petty reasons, having one fed to his "mosquitoids" for entirely pragmatic advice and another frozen to death for Dr. Quest's escape despite never being in charge of watching him. Plotting to invade Earth, Zin stops at nothing to ensure his total domination, likening it to "breaking a few eggs" for an omelette.
    • The Real Adventures:
      • "AMOK": James Compton is a former special forces operative thought killed in action but now working as a freelance mercenary for whoever can hire him. Paid by a private party to investigate a hindrance to the drug trade in Borneo, Compton assumes the identity of "Mitchell Stramm" after his party is seemingly wiped out by the native Amok monster, winning his way into the Quest's family's good graces and finding the village that's been disrupting the drug trade. Smugly betraying the Quests at this point, Compton opts to simply massacre every last native man, woman, and child in the village to remove them as an obstacle, gloating that his employers will pay him handsomely for each head he brings back to them, attached to the bodies or not.
      • "Rock of Rages" & "General Winter": General Vostok is a frozen-cold ex-KGB terrorist who yearns for a world "free of having to make decisions." Vostok introduces himself icily murdering two treasure hunters to procure a destructive golem with which he attempts to assassinate the President of the Czech Republic, and later attempts to create a flash-freezing superweapon he first tests by flash-freezing a base full of soldiers to death. Vostok strong-arms a scientist friend of Dr. Benton Quest into perfecting the device, and when the scientist chafes, Vostok shoots him dead in front of Quest to hurt him. Vostok appears one last time in the comics where he attempts to convert a nuclear reactor into the world's most potent nuclear weapon, one he spitefully attempts to set off when foiled heedless of all the lives—all of his own men included—he'll waste in the process.
      • "Nuclear Netherworld": Von Romme is a Corrupt Corporate Executive extraordinaire who built his company over a uranium mine. Von Romme abuses his own minions; looks the other way when his uranium irradiates the water supply of the local Hopi population; and when a local farmer tries to expose him, Von Romme has him murdered and his death made to look like an accident. Von Romme's true evil comes to light when it's revealed he's selling the uranium to terrorists for them to make nuclear weapons with, as Von Romme stays ambivalent as to whomever gets nuked so long as his bank stays intact.
      • "Eclipse": The succubus/vampire known as Elise Lenoir initially appears to be a victim, an innocent young woman on the run from evil men. However, Elise was actually maintaining her youth and beauty by draining the life from beautiful, innocent women, and the man hunting her was trying to avenge his sister when she fell victim to her. Elise murdered the men who tried to tail her, and later mind controlled Hadji into her slave to bring Jessie to her for her food source. When her right-hand man protested about Elise trying to replace him with Hadji, Elise declared he was right and sucked the life from him as well. When her deadline of an eclipse was approaching, Elise abandoned all pretense of charm and subtlety and assumed her monstrous true form to kill everyone around and drain Jessie's life.
      • "Diamonds and Jade": Dja'Lang Mukharno is a puppeteer and brother of Kumar who exploits his people's old traditions for personal benefit. Coaxing his weak-willed brother into routinely selling off a rare gem to greedy buyers, Dja'Lang summons a shadow demon to brutally kill the buyers and anyone else in the premises to keep the money and the gem. Dja'Lang attempts to kill the Quest family and their friend Jade alongside the cops in the area when Jade sets Kumar up, and when Kumar loses the gem to the Quest family, Dja'Lang turns the shadow beast on him with full intent to murder him for his failure, laughing that he should have killed him years ago.
  • King Kong:
    • The King Kong Show: Dr. Who is the most dangerous and persistent enemy of King Kong and the Bond family. Obsessed with the idea of taking over the world, Who tries to capture Kong on several occasions to use him as a weapon at his command. Throughout the show, Dr. Who attempts to subjugate the Earth by using various machines to cause a large amount of destruction all across the planet, such as a rocket armed with a nuclear device; a radioactive machine capable of melting the ice of the North Pole and flooding the entirety of the Western Hemisphere; a solar mirror powerful enough to destroy all the cities of the West Coast; or even mechanical monsters such as a robotic Sphinx and Mechani-Kong that are capable of causing lots of havoc. Not only does he successfully destroy entire cities more than once, his crimes also include repeatedly trying to kill the Bond family, even the two children, and holding a benevolent scientist's family hostage to force him to help him in his plans at one point. Callous and remorseless, Dr. Who is much more of a monster than any of the creatures fought by King Kong.
    • Kong: The Animated Series:
      • Chiros the Destroyer was once an Atlantean shaman named Shikala who sought to perform a ritual to help him master all the powers of the universe. Transformed into a powerful entity by the ritual, he decided to use his new power to Kill All Humans and rule over what remained of the planet afterward. Having been imprisoned by the Primal Stones, Chiros has his minions try and retrieve the stones to free him. In the finale, Chiros is freed with the stones and drains Professor Ramone De La Porta's life force to restore his power. He plans to imprison Kong the same way he was imprisoned, and keep him trapped there forever, where Kong will be kept alive for thousands of years but unable to leave.
      • King of Atlantis: Queen Reptilla is the tyrannical and power-hungry ruler of Atlantis. Formerly an Alchemist, Reptilla found a way to brainwash a large part of Atlantis's population into becoming her obedient slaves. After seizing the throne, she prepared an invasion of the whole planet, only to be stopped when the first Kong sunk Atlantis. During the following centuries, Reptilla ruled over her kingdom as a cruel and oppressive queen, and had most of her subjects forced into slavery. In the present day, Reptilla tries to take advantage of the Eclipse to make Atlantis rise from the ocean, which would ravage the entire world and make it easier for her army to conquer what's left. To prevent the new Kong from stopping her plan, she manipulates him into joining her as Atlantis's king, while secretly planning to brainwash him as well and make him her personal slave. When Kong eventually realizes the truth and turns against her, Reptilla sends her most powerful warriors to massacre him along with all those who rebel against her.
      • Return to the Jungle: Hunter Stag III is a famous billionaire adventurer whose specialty is hunting animals of all kinds. Ever since he heard the story of his grandfather capturing the first Kong, Stag has become obsessed with the idea of surpassing him by capturing every creature of Kong's Island. Allying himself with the notorious criminal Professor Ramon(e) De La Porta, Hunter Stag finds the island and sends his army of Cyber-Hunters to brutally captures all the animals before bringing them to New York City. Once there, Stag deliberately lets the prehistoric creatures escape and attack the city, endangering countless civilians in the process, as he wants to capture them again before witnesses and be seen as the city's savior. Stag also cruelly betrays his partner De La Porta, putting the blame on him for the animals' rampage. When Kong, Jason, Tann and Lua attempt to oppose him, Stag uses a soundwave device to drive the Tyrannosaurus rex crazy, and sends it after Kong while he tries to kill the others himself. Devoid of any compassion for animals and humans alike, Hunter Stag proves to be so ruthless that even De La Porta himself is horrified by his actions.
    • Kong: King of the Apes: Doctor Richard Remy is a nature-hating bionics expert, and the twin brother of conservationist Lukas Remy. Despising his brother's pet gorilla, Kong, from the moment that they first met, Richard blames Kong for the childhood accident that cost him an eye, even though he caused the accident himself, and only survived it thanks to Kong. Richard uses a painful Shock Collar to make Kong go on a rampage before framing him and Lukas for the destruction of a military warehouse, the contents of which Richard sells on the Black Market. Richard also sells weapons-grade uranium on the black market; uses a virus to turn people into rage zombies; tries to melt the arctic to get at the resources buried beneath it; attempts to kill Kong by blowing up an African volcano, not caring that this will destroy all of the surrounding villages; and convinces various governments to purchase his Bionobots, which were secretly programmed to turn on their buyers in a violent coup that would allow Richard to implement his "New World Order". Richard frequently abuses his android assistant, Botila, at one point uploading her consciousness into a Bionobot against her will while ensuring her continued obedience through the use of an Agony Beam. Eventually renouncing his humanity completely, Richard turns himself into a grotesque mutant cyborg before trying to murder all of his enemies all at once on Kong Island.
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: Dr. Emilia is the finest and most steadfast proponent of Fantastic Racism in a series that otherwise emphasizes the importance of reaching out to people. Years ago, Emilia murdered her own brother Liam for reaching out to the surface-dwelling Mutes and used his death as an act of propaganda to further her eventual designs of Mute eradication. Emilia helped shape the misanthropic views of Scarlemagne with her cruel experiments on him when he was still Hugo, and used her former colleague Song as a brainwashed weapon for years on end after Song became a Mega Mute, kicking off the series by coldly ordering Song to murder her own child Kipo and devastate her people's burrow in the process. In the third season, Dr. Emilia invents a cure that forces a permanent Death of Personality on the uplifted Mutes, using it to devastating effect on several of Kipo's allies as well as the remaining members of Wolf's old Mute family. Emilia consistently rejects and suppresses every single attempt to better herself to the end of the series, attempting to kill human and Mute alike when the two sides reconcile and trying to kill Kipo after the latter saves Emilia from a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Kulipari: An Army of Frogs:
    • Lord Marmoo, the brutal Evil Overlord of the scorpions, believes that the weak have no right to survive. Longing to destroy the fertile Amphibilands, Marmoo teams up with the Spider Queen Jarrah and leads the armies into battle, killing the Turtle King Sergu. Upon his initial defeat, Jarrah makes Marmoo stronger than before, whereupon he repays her by murdering her. Drunk on his newfound might, Marmoo attacks another village to raze it to the ground and kills the chief of the frogs himself. Returning to the spiders, Marmoo kills many of them by collapsing their fortress, not even caring his own men and brother Pigo are within. Forcing the surviving spiders into service, Marmoo attacks the Amphibilands, killing many frogs and even sneering that the only scorpions to die are those too weak to survive. Upon his victory, Marmoo banishes the frogs into the desert with no supplies, condemning them to slow death by heat and starvation. Not even his men are immune to his cruelty, as any scorpion injured in the fight, including Pigo, is given the choice of leaving or being eaten alive. Ambitious, brutal, cruel and egotistical a monster as they come, Marmoo believes only in power, domination and revenge with nothing to stand in his way.
    • Dream Walker: Lord Darkan, the ruler of Cardigal, is a vicious lizard who relishes in dominating those in and around his city. With an army of lizards and spiders at his command, Darkan and his forces seek out strong warriors around the world, kidnapping and imprisoning them before forcing them to fight in the Kingdom of Fighters tournaments. Those who refuse to fight are either killed or cajoled into fighting after Darkan threatens to murder their families. When Darkan learns that Koa is a Dream Walker with extraordinary power, he and his army storm Koa's village and force his father to deliver Koa into his custody. After Koa initially refuses to join the Kingdom of Fighters tournament and threatens to kill Darkan, Darkan convinces him to fight by smugly telling Koa that should anything happen to him, his soldiers will slaughter all of the prisoners in Cardigal as well as Koa's entire village.
  • Kung Fu Panda:
    • Legends of Awesomeness's "Enter the Dragon": Ke-Pa is an ancient demon who terrorized the Valley of Peace with his army of demons, driving out or killing the citizens. After his army was sealed away by Oogway, Ke-Pa spent decades waiting for the peach tree that his powers are bound by dies, then, with his power returned, transformed into a dragon and lay siege to the Valley of Peace, threatening to eat the citizens one by one. Capturing and torturing Shifu under the belief that he has the Hero's Chi, Ke-Pa tries to crush the Hero's Chi out of him to free his demon army, before doing the same to Po and succeeding. Once his demons are unleashed, Ke-Pa orders them to kill everything in the Valley of Peace, bragging that he will destroy all mortals on the planet and reign supreme.
    • The Paws of Destiny: The Voice in the Shadows, aka Baigujing, aka the White Bone Demon, once roamed the land devouring souls of entire villages and leaving dolls behind to mark her crimes. When sealed away by Sun Wukong, the White Bone Demon eventually contacts Shi Long, corrupting the young girl into being her slave and using her to assassinate the Emperor, Shi Long's own adoptive father. Having Shi Long steal the Wellspring for her, the White Bone Demon's plans lead to a drought plaguing China, and Shi Long destroys entire villages to serve the White Bone Demon. The White Bone Demon's spirit inhabits a Humongous Mecha with Shi Long's help in the finale, betraying Shi Long and eating her alive before viciously trying to kill Po, his students the Four Constellations, and all of their friends before bringing an age of darkness onto China.
  • The Legend of Calamity Jane:
    • Bill Doolin is a dirty little bandit out to make a big score. Disguising himself and his men as Comanche, he rides into one town, shooting it up and beating the sheriff to near-death in order to frame the peaceful tribe to provoke a war between them and the US military so he can steal a supply of gold. Later freed from jail, Doolin steals a train carrying explosives so he can use them for his scores, heedless of the lives lost, and when Jane faces him, Doolin even tries to kill her beloved horse just to hurt her more before he kills her.
    • "Troubled Waters": Mr. Filbert is an arrogant, racist bureaucrat in the pocket of his greedy higher-ups. He proves himself far worse than most disposable bureaucrats by muscling onto Apache territory while trying to use outdated legal tactics to force them off. When intimidation fails, Filbert forces Sheriff O'Rourke to push them off and shoot any who resist, eventually revealing his plans to murder their leader to spur them into war and massacre them all to the last, even trying to burn Jane and O'Rourke to death for getting in his way.
  • The Legend of Prince Valiant:
    • "The Walls of Tyranny": Baron Frederick von Holsing manages to outdo even recurring villains with his greed and lack of regard for human life. Von Holsing is a noble in the kingdom of Kengary, which has been at war with a neighboring nation for as long as anyone can remember. When King Ian, Frederick's uncle, makes inroads to initiate a lasting peace, Frederick murders him to frame their enemies and keep the war going. It is revealed that Frederick intends to prolong the war indefinitely so he can take men, women and children as slaves to work to death in his private mines for his personal profit. When Valiant uncovers the plot, Frederick attempts to murder his friends, send Valiant to his mines and kidnap Valiant's female comrade Rowanne with the threat of making her his. Vain, selfish and greedy, Frederick von Holsing stands as the worst representative of nobility in all the series.
    • "The Sage" & "The Rings of Truth": Sage Advisor Selena is the Treacherous Advisor to King Michael of the North. She engineers a civil war, which causes the deaths of several hundred people, to arrange a better puppet figurehead to become king. She also conspires to murder an infant, frames Rowanne for a crime which makes her leave Camelot in disgrace, and turns an invention of peace into a war weapon in an attempt to frame Merlin for a crime. Vain, with no loyalties to anyone but herself, Selena surpassed the Mordred in terms of monstrosity.
  • Legend Quest:
    • Quetzalcoatl is the reincarnation of a long line of other Quetzalcoatls. The others were arguably well-intentioned, and would destroy humanity every 10,000 years and remake it at the cost of his own life with the intention of bettering humanity. This one's methods, however, were deemed too cruel, and he was locked away. The current Quetzalcoatl, feeling "bitter" and "betrayed" by serving a race of "ants", spent the last 10,000 years plotting to Kill All Humanspermanently—and remake the world in his own image. First, he spread the legend that destroying the Esfera egg using the Celestial Point would destroy him, in an attempt to have the new Quetzalcoatl killed so his existence won't be averted. He enslaved the witches and unleashed his Horrorosos on Puebla, turning it into a Zombie Apocalypse. He also opens a portal into the mortal realm in an attempt to destroy the world. When Leo and his crew thwart him, he pulls the town into his dimension and enslaves everyone in it—sans Marcella, Godofredo and Rosa—turning them into beasts under his command. He also tortures Marcella, threatening to take her soul out in front of Leo. Eventually pulling the entire world into his dimension he goes to war with the Brotherhood, killing a large number of them. He kills Nu Gui, and rips Leo's soul out of his body and takes control of his lifeless body in an attempt to destroy the Esfera.
    • "Ghost Of Medusa": Medusa is a Gorgon from Pompeii who lived in the cave of Mount Vesuvius, and had the unique ability to turn anyone who gazed into her eyes into stone. She had used this power to turn several humans into stone, until one day a man named Perseus turned her into stone and killed her. Upon becoming a ghost, she gained the power to turn other ghosts into stone. She had turned many warriors who tried to defeat her into stone. She eventually made a deal with the Mayor that if they provide her a sacrifice every year she will spare the town. After being disturbed by an unwitting Leo, she reneges and turns the ghost of the townsfolk into stone, where they will crumble into dust once the sun rises. When Leo and Teodora stumble into her cave they find the skull of someone Medusa slayed; she also tries to kill them by lowering them into a pool of lava.
    • "Vodnik": The Vodnik was a human tinkerer who intended to use his inventions to help others, however growing fed up with the impurities of his fellow adults, he turned himself into a frog monster, and became a collector of souls. He would kidnap any children who went by a lakes or even the smallest puddles, pull them underwater, suck their souls out and put them in cups or jars. He has been doing this for decades, possibly centuries, and has acquired a collection large enough to fit three whole shelves, each with over 20 souls. When Alebrije goes in search of the Grimsword Root, the Vodnik kidnaps him and sucks his soul out, and attempts to do the same to Leo. Despite his claims of wanting to save children from corruption, The Vodnik was every bit as corrupted as the worst adults himself.
  • Love, Death & Robots's "Good Hunting": The Governor is a vile politician with a penchant for machines. Unable to become aroused by regular human beings, the Governor decided to drug and capture Yan. Afterwards, he had several surgeons operate on Yan, cutting her body to pieces all while she was still conscious. Once all of Yan's flesh was gone, the Governor had his surgeons turn her into an android, and promptly used Yan as his personal Sex Slave.
  • Martin Mystery's "They Came from the Gateway": In a series filled with supernatural beings and monsters that have some semblance of redeeming traits, the ghostly Gatekeeper is wholly bereft of them. Keeper of the gateway to the underworld and longing to take over the human world, the Gatekeeper violently turns the head of the Center, M.O.M., into his slave and proxy while sending out monsters to kill her young agent. Hungering to “feast on the bones” of anyone who opposes him, the Gatekeeper's ultimate goal is to swarm the entire world with monsters from the underworld and rein in the bloody slaughter of mankind, even managing to unleash his monsters on several populated cities throughout the planet to wreak wanton havoc before he's ultimately stopped.
  • Men in Black: The Series:
    • Alpha was once the top agent for the Men in Black; however, after getting his hands on an alien device known as the Cosmic Integrator, he began his path of evil that leads him to become the monster he is in the present. Originally offering his partner, Agent Kay, a team up to use the Cosmic Integrator for immoral schemes, Alpha coldly gunned down his pupil when he refused Alpha's offer. Alpha went on to butcher aliens across the galaxy, ripping off or tearing out parts of their bodies that he would then fuse to his own biology via the Cosmic Integrator, with his most targeted part being the heads of aliens, attaching them to his torso while they stay conscious of their current state but unable to do anything of consequence to help themselves. Throughout the series, Alpha regularly mutilates aliens, nearly kills Agent Kay and his partner Jay in various sadistic ways, and murdered at least one human to steal his body parts. Trying numerous times to subjugate the Earth by way of mass murder, from using a Kill Sat to trying to flood half the planet, Alpha ultimately allies with the psychopathic Vangus to lead a full-scale assault on Earth, laying siege to numerous cities and causing countless amounts of destruction, all in his quest for total domination of first his own planet, then the galaxy. A sociopath with a lust for power above all else, Alpha was an arrogant, manipulative genius who used his intelligence for nothing but his own gain.
    • Vangus is the leader of the Ixion Federation, a race of planet-plundering aliens who value oil as an extremely valuable commodity and go from planet to planet draining them dry of their oil. Vangus sets his eyes on Earth and strikes up a deal with the traitorous MIB agent Alpha to invade Earth and steal it of its oil, leaving what remains of the Earth itself for Alpha to dictate. Vangus grows tired of waiting after Alpha postpones the invasion and, after a failed attempt to scout out oil fields which leads to his capture, Vangus breaks out in the series finale and teams up with Alpha to invade the Earth. Vangus sets his forces to obliterate both the UN and the Washington Monument before leading his forces in an all-out invasion on Earth, ravaging cities all across the world. Out of sheer impatience with the continued resistance, Vangus ultimately attempts to detonate a bomb to wipe out all life on Earth to make the planet's oil ooze to the crust, callously betraying Alpha and setting a torpedo en route to Earth with the assurance he'll come back and clean up whatever's left after the attack.
  • Mighty Orbots: The massive bio-computer Umbra is the leader of SHADOW, an intergalactic terrorist organization dedicated to universal conquest and the dissolution of the United Planets. Umbra's schemes include attempting to ravage the Earth with monsters and an asteroid; framing the Orbots for terrorist attacks in order to get them thrown into a Hellhole Prison secretly run by SHADOW; bombing and nearly overtaking the United Planets headquarters; and enslaving a peaceful race of primitives whose planet he spitefully tries to blow up when they are freed from his control by the Orbots. When a minion successfully completes his assigned mission, Umbra informs him that he is abandoning him to die due to no longer having any use for him, and when a scientist later complains that Umbra is treating him more like a servant than a partner, Umbra responds by infecting the doctor with his own deadly plague. In the series finale, Umbra wipes out an entire solar system with a weapon called the Sun Smasher, which he threatens to use on the Milky Way unless he is declared overlord of Earth. When the Orbots launch a desperate direct assault against him, Umbra captures them and tortures them with nightmarish illusions while smugly informing them that soon everyone they know and love will be either under his control or obliterated.
  • Monster Force:
    • Count Dracul(a) himself is the Big Bad of this series, having enslaved countless to his vampiric curse in his constant efforts to pursue power and see Dr. Reed and his Monster Force exterminated. Dracula tries various schemes throughout the series, from trying to trap a member of the Monster Force in his lycanthropic form, to have him kill his own friends, to trying to trick a large group of vampires into performing a ceremony that would allow Dracula to take their power and become a god, killing all of them in the process. In his nastiest appearance, Dracula murders the real Abraham Stoker to take his appearance to trick Reed, forcing him to listen as the rest of Monster Force is seemingly killed—only to reveal he's intending to make them his vampire slaves to have Reed die at their hands, admitting the whole plot was solely to make Reed suffer. An elegantly vicious creature of the night all the while, Dracula consciously rejects his own humanity to see all before him destroyed in the finale.
    • "Dark City" The Dark Town is a living and malevolent entity that takes the shape of a town to lure in prey, while it sadistically relishes in their fear as it drains their lives and souls, the fate that befalls two luckless travelers in the opening. The Dark Town has been traveling for centuries, depopulating entire towns that it lures into its borders before devouring them, vanishing to repeat the cycle anew before trapping the Monster Force themselves.
  • Moral Orel: Cecil Creepler was the local ice cream man of Moralton who was in truth immensely depraved. After failing to lure 12-year-old Doughy Latchkey into the back of his van, Creepler became a prolific Serial Rapist who targeted dark-haired women. Assaulting seven women, Creepler's last victim was schoolteacher Miss Agnes Sculptham when she dyed her hair black to compel him into entering her apartment. Despite his death, Miss Agnes suffers a psychological breakdown upon hearing the news, making it self-evident how broken she had become because of his actions.
  • Moville Mysteries's "The Day Rico Became Smart": The avaricious Professor Kindly has taken to eliminating his rivals so that he can steal and profit from their ideas. Finding his targets through papers that have been submitted for peer review, Kindly lures the victims to his lair, where he cuts their brains out while they are fully conscious and aware, at one point informing a would-be victim, "Now then, this won't hurt a'll hurt a lot!" After extracting information from the excised brains, Kindly keeps them as souvenirs, preserving them in jars that adorn his mantel. When Rico Caliente, a jock who gained Sudden Intelligence from a concussion, loses his newfound intellect and escapes Kindly's clutches before his knowledge can be harvested, Kindly sees it as no big loss, since no one will believe what the boy has to say, and he still has Rico's stolen cold fusion thesis to claim as his own and get rich off of. A greedy, sadistic Serial Killer, the professor stands out as the show's starkest example of Humans Are the Real Monsters, as his episode is the only one without any paranormal elements.
  • My Little Pony: The G1 TV works had some surprisingly dark villains, including these two Bad Bosses:
  • The Mysterious Cities of Gold:
    • Conquistador Francisco Pizarro is the conqueror of the Incan Empire and a cruel, greedy man out for his own enrichment. Seeking the Cities of Gold, Pizarro tries to have entire villages razed and to kill or enslave young Esteban and his friends. Taking over the Incas, Pizarro forces them into slavery and massacres a great deal of them, wiping out their empire to establish control. Ostensibly loyal to the Spanish crown, Pizarro's only true loyalty is to himself and his insatiable greed.
    • King Menator is the cruel ruler of the Olmecs, an underground race seeking immortality. Tyrannizing many of the local tribes, Menator kills and harvests countless innocents for their skin cells to rejuvenate himself and the Olmecs, trying to have Esteban and his friends subject to the same fate and ordering an entire village massacred when they escape into its borders. Menator seeks the Cities of Gold for its priceless technology, using his flying weapon to vaporize many of the Mayans—-whom he regards as utterly inferior-—when they rise up against him, and even horribly beating the young Tao against a cliff side with the threat of killing him if he's not allowed access to the Cities of Gold. Though preaching everything he does is for the benefit of his race, Menator only intends to preserve those "worthy" while dismissing the lives of the rest and even his own loyal soldiers, intent only on taking what he can and killing everyone else in his way.
  • The New Adventures of Ocean Girl: Galiel is an alien sorcerer whose obsession with obtaining eternal life and ultimate power led him to steal one of the four magic crystals that sustain the planet Oceana. Using the crystal's power, Galiel spent the proceeding 2,000 years conquering and plundering worlds like Bandor, whose emperor he executed in front of the man's son, Prince Jobah. When his crystal's energy begins to wane, Galiel is reduced to a decrepit state, so he returns to Oceana to get the other three gems, opposed by the planet's prophesied chosen one, Princess Neri. In his quest to obtain the crystals, Galiel terrorizes the Oceanans with natural disasters, attempts to bomb the royal palace, and repeatedly possesses King Nemon to try and turn everyone against Neri. He also frequently tortures his two minions, Elgar and Moza, and is eventually revealed to be the one who destroyed the latter's home world, only sparing the infant Moza so that he could be raised to serve him. When Elgar takes one of the crystals for herself, Galiel seduces her into giving it to him, and uses it to rejuvenate himself before abandoning Elgar and setting off to get the remaining two crystals while laying waste to all of Oceana.
  • Ōban Star-Racers: Canaletto is a scheming, self-concerned ex-god who orchestrates the ruinous events in Eva's life to assure his own return to godhood. Formerly the Avatar, Canaletto embarked on an omnicidal, planet-destroying crusade to wipe out all life in the galaxy and restart it according to his flawless designs, before being sealed away by the next Avatar Satis. Canaletto patiently and seamlessly manipulates events in his favor for the next 10,000 years, using Eva as his pawn by causing the accident that killed Eva's mother and fractured the relationship between her and her father, ruining Rick's racing career and murdering his own servant after Rick learns of it, and personally killing Sul to place Eva as the lead of the Oban Cycle. Once he eventually frees himself, Canaletto reduces Oban to a life-deprived desert, before trying to claim the powers of the Avatar. Though Canaletto claims himself as "the Lord of Purity," his definitions of "pure" are twisted, a fact which Satis calls Canaletto out on before Canaletto tortures him to death in fury before moving on to restart his omnicidal agenda. A callous, selfish, and arrogant demon of a deity, Canaletto remorselessly ruins the lives of everyone he manipulates to further his own ascension and spares no pity to the many who ultimately die at his hands.
  • Over the Garden Wall: The Beast is the nightmarish creature that stalks the woods of The Unknown. Finding lost travelers wandering the forest, The Beast would turn their souls into Edelwood trees after driving them into complete despair, then grind the trees into oil to fuel his lantern, prolonging his own life. When The Woodsman steals his lantern, The Beast tricks him into continuing to grind Edelwood trees and keep the lantern burning under the illusion he was saving his daughter's life. The Beast later makes a deal with Greg to show him and his brother, Wirt, the way home, however said deal was just a trick to drive the boy into despair. When Wirt attempts to save Greg, The Beast tries to manipulate him into becoming his new lantern-bearer, falsely promising Greg's soul would be kept alive within the lantern. After Wirt turns down this offer and reveals The Beast's lies to The Woodsman, The Beast makes one last attempt to kill the boys by trying to coerce The Woodsman into cutting them down with his axe. Taking deep joy from committing his atrocities, The Beast was a cruel and manipulative monster who prized his own immortality above all else.
  • Papyrus: Aker, the High Priest of Set, is fanatically devoted to the rule of the god of evil and destruction. Ruling a cult of demons, Aker sends his minions who take possession of innocent bystanders to carry his plan in order to bring disasters to Egypt. Aker regularly plots to murder Pharaoh Merenre and his daughter Theti; imprison benevolent gods; and inspire wars between Egypt and other nations. His worst crimes include striking the land with a drought; poisoning the source of the Nile; causing a country wide conflagration; destroying Thebes with an earthquake and turning its citizens into stone; flooding the country with the Nile; and announcing the death of all childbearing women in the land. Furthermore, Aker is revealed to be behind the death of heroine Theti's mother and the burning of Papyrus's village.
  • The Pirates of Dark Water: The Dark Dweller is the being behind the titular "Dark Water," a menacing oily substance that devours whatever it touches and is spreading all throughout the world. By proxy, the Dweller is responsible for countless deaths of places that the Dark Water has devoured. The Dark Dweller is focused on domination and destruction who plans to unleash its Dark Water throughout the world, focused only on consuming and controlling what it can.
  • The Powerpuff Girls's two-parter "Knock it Off": One-shot villain Dick Hardly is a former colleague of Professor Utonium defined by his greed. Seeing financial profit in Utonium's daughters, Dick manipulates the girls into giving him samples of Chemical X and mass produces crude replicas of the girls that deteriorate easily. Displaying his callousness towards his sapient creations by ordering a perfect replica of Buttercup melted down for its excess Chemical X, Dick traps the real Powerpuff Girls and slowly, painfully drains them while boasting that he could kill the girls and have Utonium as his slave at the same time. With no charm or comedic traits to his name, Dick was a monster even before drinking Chemical X.
  • Prisoner Zero: General Vykar is a brutal, ruthless, yet superficially charming Imperium officer, renowned for his habit of casually destroying planets or just killing their entire populations. In the first two episodes, he has the neutral world of Arcadia enslaved, bombarded, and then destroyed, all because of his injured pride over the fact he lost control of the Rogue, an ancient starship. Imprisoning an entire planet's population, Vykar uses the people as Bioweave capacitors, granting himself superhuman abilities. After being deprived of this, he proceeded to commit atrocity after atrocity to further for his goal of ultimate power, uncaring how many innocents died because of his actions. In the series finale he betrays the Imperium, slaughters multiple ships of their fleet—killing his own loyal soldiers—and attempts to gain ultimate power by draining the life of everyone in the galaxy who was connected to the Bioweave. Vykar is so bad that one of the plans for dealing with him at this point involved sacrificing an entire planet's population to get him away from his latest superweapon.
  • Project G.e.e.K.e.R.:
    • Mister Moloch, the CEO of Moloch Industries and one of Geeker's creators, is a callous businessman hellbent on retrieving Geeker so he could use his powers in his goal of taking over the universe and crushing all those who oppose him. Moloch hires a band of thugs to lure Geeker and friends to an abandoned amusement park to get Geeker's friends killed by homicidal A.I.s while expecting to have the thugs murdered by them so he wouldn't have to pay them 10 million dollars; imprisons countless innocent, sapient dinosaurs until he gets Geeker back, planning to have them all wiped out once he gets him back; forces a female alien creature to hypnotize Geeker while holding her lover hostage and refuse to release him, thinking she might be useful to him. In a dystopian future, Moloch swapped bodies with Geeker, using the latter's powers to enslave the entire galaxy to his will. Forcing people to worship him as a god, Moloch sends those who defy him to "reprogramming camps"; traps his foes within a museum as trophies; and turns one of Geeker's friends into becoming a mad senile man who lost all hope of stopping Moloch.
    • "23": GKR 23 is an artificial human with a computer brain made by Doctor Maston as a replacement for Geeker. However, after realizing his powers makes him superior to his creators, GKR 23 decided to betray them, claiming they are inferior to him. GKR 23 would later plan on taking over the world himself by eradicating all of humanity on the planet so that he could have Maston breed a new species of artificial humans for himself to rule over. When Geeker refuses to join him, GKR 23 decided to have him killed along with his friends as he deemed him a threat to his genocidal plans and world domination.

    R – Z 
  • Rambo: The Force of Freedom: General Warhawk, the leader of S.A.V.A.G.E. (Specialist-Administrators of Vengeance, Anarchy and Global Extortion), is a power-hungry despot bent on world domination. He tries to blow up the Boulder Dam as a diversion to rob Las Vegas; demands to be paid one million dollars and blows up the shipping on the Suez Canal when his demands are not met; tries to start a war between two neighboring countries by stealing a white rhino; seizes control of the Warton Missile Complex and launches an attack from the missile base to all of North America when his demands aren't met; along with his troops hijacks a supertanker, planning to cause an ecological disaster unless his demands for a warship are met; and sends Mad Dog to hijack a space shuttle called Xenon with plans to blow up satellites unless his demands are met. Not even children are safe from his wrath, as he has tried to have young peace activists killed.
  • Re/Visioned: Tomb Raider's 3-part premiere "Keys to the Kingdom": Osiris is one of the gods from Pleroma, who desired to be worshipped again. Taking over the body of recently deceased Zahir Zalat, Osiris started to put in motion his scheme of triggering a major religious war. Manipulating Lara Croft and the group of the religious organization "The Cabal" into entering Pleroma, Osiris lured all the leaders of modern religions there and closed the portal, resulting in their souls being forever separated from their bodies. Tricking one religious group into finding the bodies to make it look like they killed them, Osiris thus triggers a religious war, which killed many people and brought chaos and destruction all over the city.
  • Reboot: Megabyte, an order-obsessed virus, loses all his positive qualities after season 2, as shown when he uses an Eldritch Abomination's invasion as a way to trap Bob in an Eldritch Location. With Bob out of the way, Megabyte tries to capture Mainframe, with the end goal of infecting the Supercomputer and the entire Net. To that end, he lets his sister Hexadecimal get crushed with the side of a game cube, then has her rebuilt with a Shock Collar so she is forced to power his Death Ray. He makes it incredibly difficult for Enzo to continue beating game cubes, dooming thousands of binomes to A Fate Worse Than Death and causing untold destruction for the sake of driving the kid into a Heroic BSoD. When he gets into the Central Office, he decapitates Phong and tortures his severed head not only for information, but for his own sadistic amusement. His minions, Hack and Slash, are terrified of him, and he often breaks Herr Doctor's fingers as punishment. Even after being defeated, he's caused so much damage Mainframe can't recover and the heroes are forced to deliberately cause a crash for a chance at rebirth. Later, he returns to Mainframe and impersonates Bob, turning everyone against Glitch-Bob before proposing to Dot and almost marrying her for no reason other than to amuse himself.
  • Redwall: Cluny the Scourge, from the first season, adapts all the nastiest parts of his book counterpart's villainy and goes beyond that. A searat warlord with a propensity for abusing his own men who vies to take over Redwall Abbey, Cluny is established to have massacred the hero Matthias's peasant village in the past, attempting personally to slaughter the young mouse. In the present, Cluny tries every scheme he can to take over Redwall, from trying to starve everybeast within to death and having an unfortunate mouse who tries to deliver food to the abbey executed, to taking various hostages and trying to see them all slaughtered to goad out the heroes—even managing to capture Cornflower, torturing her for her impudence against him. Setting up his own traitorous minion to die in an assassination attempt against his life and regularly imploring the rest of his band to slaughter innocents with aplomb, Cluny finally attempts to take over Redwall by ordering the massacre of everybeast within.
  • Ring Raiders: Scorch—real name Stanley Smith—is the leader of the evil pilot organization, "Skull Squadron". During his college years, Scorch challenges another pilot, Victor Vector, to see who's the best of them all, using underhanded tactics to do so, even so far as to murder him. Disgraced after the fight, Scorch kidnaps several scientists in order to make him stronger, and after he forms the "Skull Squadron", he causes destruction across the world. Scorch hatched several nasty plans to Take Over the World, such as attempting to cause a chain reaction of explosive volcanoes that would wipe out several major cities across the world; stealing a Kill Sat; and confiscating a plane that contains a pollen in order to unleash a plague if the world didn't surrender to him. In addition, he kidnaps a Ring Raider pilot in order to challenge Vector, threatening him by sending her to the Jurassic period.
  • RoboCop: Alpha Commando: Mr. Brink is the leader of DARC (Directorate for Anarchy, Revenge, and Chaos), a terrorist organization that serves as the primary threat of the series. In the three part pilot, Justice Reborn, he instructs DARC to assassinate the premiere of Naugmenastan to cause a war so they can sell weapons to the country, eventually deciding to bomb the room the premiere is in and kill everyone. His organization continues to commit atrocities throughout the series, including converting Francesca Alliata into a cyborg slave to make her bomb a city; attempting to nuke all of the world's capitals; and trying to destroy a plane filled with the Goodwill ambassadors from the Asian Alliance nations, which would cause the Asian Alliance to declare war on the world, allowing DARC to sell weapons to the highest bidders. In the Family Reunion two part episode, Brink sends robots to take over New Detroit, and kidnaps Robocop's family, threatening to kill them if he tries to stop him. Though Brink himself is not seen again, his organization continues to perform evil actions, such as trying to destroy the world's landmarks with a laser, and supplying a corrupt gentleman with a detonator that will allow him to destroy a ship.
  • Rollbots: Vertex, a vicious spiderbot who desires to tear down Flip City's defense grid and Safety Net so as to lead a full-scale genocide against all Rollbots, enacts various atrocities in an attempt to see his plans fulfilled. These atrocities include setting apartment complexes aflame; bombing a race track and its audience; or trying to freeze every Rollbot in an endless time loop. Having zero care for his minions who he regularly abuses, Vertex murders one of them to ensure that important knowledge is kept to himself, and later butchers a rival crime lord to secure his position of power. In the end, Vertex is revealed to have wiped out Spin's entire tribe in a destructive campaign against the Rollbots, and drags Captain Pounder down with him to his death.
  • Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends: Many antagonists in this series are well-intentioned, tinted in gray, or otherwise redeem themselves. However, many are still irredeemably vile:
    • "Devil Inside": The Aeseri twins, Odin and Loki are rampaging psychopaths released from the Alliance's maximum security containment unit to commit wanton havoc. Shooting down every Alliance operative that pursues them, Loki is captured and contents himself with playing sadistic mind games with Nick Logan, utilizing illusions and later attacking his way through the Alliance to commandeer one of their airships. Odin, meanwhile, makes his way to Iceland, attacking a submarine and a town in Iceland before making his way into the mountains. Once the two reunite, they reveal their ultimate plan: release and control the Frost Giant and cause an apocalyptic Ragnarok for no other reason than to thrill themselves, with Loki gleefully stating he can't wait until the two reach a populated city.
    • Lord Hanek is the vampiric leader of Intracom, a powerful family of vampires disguised as a worldwide organization. Hanek is behind several of Intracom's malevolent affairs, such as burning down vast sections of the rainforest to biting and turning several innocent people into vampoid slaves. Hanek demonstrates his vileness by attempting to have the Tree of Light destroyed, which would in the process completely wipe out the Banshee Sisterhood, and turns an innocent woman into his vampoid concubine to hurt one of the Alliance's agents. Hanek truly comes into his own in his last appearance in season 2's "Showdown": to power his teleporter technology, Hanek attempts to utilize the Banshee as living generators, in the process tortuously draining the life from them and eventually killing them. Hanek endangers the life of main character Nick Logan to lure Sh'lainn and the Sisterhood into his clutches, tricks the escaped Minotauri Kahn Mort into downing a helicopter filled with his own men into a hospital, and finally forces Nick into a Sadistic Choice involving the lives of Sh'lainn and his stepfather Nathan. Always possessed of a callous sophistication in whatever situation he's in, Hanek stands miles above the other major alien antagonists in terms of depravity.
    • The Shadoen agent Wraith is the one responsible for nearly all the misery within the story. Stationed in Earth back in 1946 to divide the alien races and allow the Shadoen to invade and conquer the planet, Wraith butchers the real James Rinaker and assumes his identity, bombing a Conduit safehouse and killing several innocent aliens to pin the blame on the Alliance's co-leader Walter Logan before trapping Walter himself in eternal stasis to take over the Alliance. As Rinaker, Wraith traps hundreds of innocent aliens in the Alliance's prison and has little compunction in arranging torture, bombings, and heavily destructive missions with little care as to who or what gets caught in the way, whilst simultaneously sabotaging several of the Alliance's missions and endangering several more lives. After his initial attempt to pin his crimes on Nick Logan, Wraith personally murders Ms. Smith-Heisen once she gets too close to the truth without an ounce of emotion on his face before discarding his disguise, rigging the entire Alliance bunker to explode and take out half of New Mexico, and savagely murdering Trueblood with his own claws. Rejoining the Shadoen fleet and still unsatisfied with how he's being treated, Wraith tricks the Shadoen high command into being nuked by the human army and spearheads the invasion himself, ultimately resolving to blow up the moon and kill off most of humanity to conquer what remains, with his only stated regret being the loss of "breeding stock" this will incur. A traitorous, manipulative sociopath even by the standards of the world-destroying Shadoen, Wraith is the most dangerous—and vile—alien to grace the series.
  • Samurai Jack (season 5): While Aku himself is Made of Evil, this duo from the final season proves that, sometimes, Humans Are the Real Monsters:
    • The High Priestess is the leader of the Cult of Aku, and a zealot dedicated solely to appeasing the dark god she worships by any means necessary. Drinking Aku's essence and giving birth to septuplets with Aku's dark energy within them, the High Priestess dubs them the Daughters of Aku and proceeds to horribly condition them into unfeeling weapons whose sole purpose is to kill Samurai Jack. The High Priestess systematically abuses them for years on end, searing their flesh with hot coals while they're still young and putting them through brutal, life-or-death training routines where every slight distraction means torture and beatings—sometimes simply for things as minor as looking outside. Having the Daughters graduate by having them massacre her own devoted followers, the High Priestess sends the Daughters into the world to kill Jack and callously brushes off the deaths of most of them at Jack's hand, furiously attempting to kill Ashi, her only surviving daughter, with her own hands after she finally turns on the High Priestess. An unfeeling fanatic able to rival her own dark god in evil, the High Priestess justifies her cruelty simply by stating Jack must die at any cost—regardless if that cost is her own flesh and blood.
    • "XCVI": The Dominator is a sadistic Torture Technician seemingly motivated purely by a desire to hurt people. Slaughtering a village of innocents and abducting all of their children, the Dominator painfully transforms all of the children into psychotic killing machines to be used as weapons, and tests them out on Jack and Ashi once they try to retrieve the children, with complete knowledge Jack's refusal to hurt innocents makes him easy prey. The Dominator brutally tortures Ashi upon capturing her with clear lascivious intent, gloating that children are easily manipulated tools—and that Jack's refusal to hurt them only makes him a "righteous fool".
  • Sandra the Fairy Tale Detective: Bluebeard is even more monstrous than his original counterpart. Having already murdered his seven previous wives, Bluebeard keeps their bodies in a room in his castle. When his eighth wife Marie discovers his secret, Bluebeard attempts to kill her along with fairy tale detectives Sandra and Fo, who have come to rescue her. A Serial Killer and attempted child murderer, Bluebeard was a surprisingly dark villain for such a lighthearted children's show.
  • The Savage Dragon:
    • Overlord is the leader of the Vicious Circle, and Dragon's most persistent, personal enemy. A Superfreak who seeks to take over Chicago and enslave every human in the city, Overlord uses his gang of freaks to commit crime and spread fear across the city. These include murdering She-Dragon's father for refusing to sell him a chip that would grant him access to the city's computer system; taking the city's train passengers hostage and attempting to have them crash into an unfinished tunnel; planting a series of bombs across town, with the final one planted inside the police department during a charity ball; and gaslighting Dragon into believing that he was the original leader of the Vicious Circle in an attempt to break his mind and ruin his life. Despite his rhetoric of freaks never harming other freaks, Overlord frequently tries to have Dragon and pals killed, and isn't afraid to torture or gruesomely punish his lackeys should they fail him, even once attempting to assassinate a freak running for mayor under the belief that only he shall lead the freaks.
    • "Possession", "Armageddon", "Ceasefire": Horde is a sapient Hive Mind of leeches from ancient times who seeks to obtain global domination. Having the ability to control one's mind by planting one of his leeches onto them, Horde seeks to have every human on Earth under his control, viewing the concept of humans lacking free will to be exciting. After Horde is resurrected after an encounter with Dragon, he manipulates the corrupt Dr. Reginald into using his new laser to destroy the ozone layer, which will cause a heat-themed apocalypse that'll allow Horde to walk amongst the earth and take it over, later betraying Reginald when his plan's almost complete. Returning one final time, Horde possesses the minds of the Vicious Circle to get closer to the world's leaders, hoping to plant his leeches onto them and be able to control the world through them.
    • "Loathing", "She-Fiend", "Endgame": The Fiend is a demonic entity who gleefully feeds on hatred. Regularly possessing people who have a strong hatred for somebody, the Fiend regularly enacts his hosts' hurtful desires for fun. Possessing a hateful self-help guru about to give a seminar on a yacht, the Fiend tries to have everybody on the yacht killed by steering the ship into an island. Later taking control over She-Dragon to feed off her hate for Overlord, the Fiend taunts Dragon over the fact that he's endangering her. In his final appearance, the Fiend acquires a magical orb, using it to absorb the agonized souls of hateful people to increase his strength, utilizing its power to open up a portal and suck up every hateful soul from across the entire universe.
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: The Nibiru Entity is a member of a normally benevolent inter-dimensional alien race called the Anunnaki, which considers him the most evil member of their entire species. He's spent untold centuries corrupting and manipulating everyone around him, especially the team pets of mystery solving teams, by perverting his species' ability to use animals as mediums to communicate, all working towards freeing him from his prison. In the process he's ruined and ended countless lives through his pawns, including Professor Pericles, who the Entity turned into a murderous psychopath. When he's finally released in the finale, he proceeds to gleefully eat his loyal minions alive, along with Mr. E. He follows this by turning Crystal Cove into Hell on Earth and devouring the entire town with sadistic glee, planning to move on to the rest of the universe when he's done, all for the sake of power. When Mystery Inc. finally kill him, erasing him from time in the process, we see what Crystal Cove would've been like without his influence: a normal town with everyone living good, happy lives, showing just how much pain and misery he was truly responsible for.
  • The Secret Saturdays:
    • Vincent Vladislav ("V.V.") Argost is the Arch-Enemy of the Saturday family and the eerie host of "Weird World" whose lust for power is only matched by his charismatic flair for the theatrical. A Himalayan Yeti who years ago spent his days hunting and attacking travelers in the mountains, taking trophies from his kills and claiming the lives of Drew and Doyle's parents during this time, Argost eventually disguised himself as a human so as to better hunt down the legend of Kur. Argost would go on to steal the Kur Stone from the Secret Scientists in a fight that left 43 of his enemies dead, and years later concocted a series of schemes to further bring him clues to Kur, from killing the king of Kumari Kandam and spurring the civilization towards war to assisting the Naga in their murderous plans. Eventually draining the power of Kur from Zak Saturday's doppelganger Zak Monday at the cost of the boy's life, Argost hoped to first conquer, then kill, all of humanity, and nearly murdered Zak Saturday in the exact same way as Monday in an attempt to achieve his goal of subjugation and extermination of all humankind as his grandest "show" yet performed.
    • Rani Nagi is the Queen of the snake race known as the Naga, and is obsessed with the utter extinction of all humanity. At first allied with V.V. Argost in a search for Kur, Rani Nagi strikes out on her own and causes earthquakes worldwide, threatening to destroy the entire planet's surface and all life on it. Upon discovering Zak Saturday is the current incarnation of Kur, Rani Nagi tries to force the boy to be their God of Evil by attempting to slaughter his family then lead a massacre of humankind. When Zak consistently resists her corruption, Rani Nagi turns back to Argost and convinces him to use his newfound Kur abilities to wipe out the human race, with Rani Nagi later murdering Leonidas Van Rook for standing in her way.
  • Sectaurs: The evil General Spidrax, lord of the Dark Domain, seeks the powerful Hyve of the Ancients to destroy Shining Realm and all within it. In his conquest, Spidrax opens the series by razing a village; traffics in slaves while gleefully planning to work two of his Arch-Enemy Dargon's friends to death when he captures them; has a corrupt magistrate try and feed the heroes to a monster which nearly destroys another village; and abuses his own men and allies, cowing murderous bandits to his command and tossing another ally who fulfills his demands to the letter to his intended death with a mocking "good job".
  • Seis Manos: El Balde, real name Baldemar, the Orphan Maker, is a brutal drug lord who seeks power and the expansion of his organization. Having been manipulated by his mother Alejandra to murder his father as a child, Balde became a gangster who kills parents while leaving their children to become orphans, having killed Silencio's father and pregnant mother and mutilated the young Silencio's tongue. Discovering the power of Alejandra, he locked her in a tomb once she grew old, using her blood, tears, and flesh to turn himself and his own men into monsters, which Balde plans to use to take over San Simon. With zero care for anybody, even his own men, once Balde takes over San Simon, he kills the drunk Piyojo; murders the town mayor in front of the townsfolk to send a message, while also fatally wounding Garabina; murders every adult in town; and keeps the children as slave labor for his drug operation. Faced with Alejandra, Balde sheds all love for his mother by trying to kill her in order to prove himself as a true man, a sadist without a heart.
  • Shadow Raiders: The Beast Generals, the malevolent servitors of the world-devouring Beast Planet who help their master The Beast scourge entire solar systems and destroy all worlds within them, each qualify in their own right:
    • Lamprey is a master of deceit and subterfuge who weakens worlds from the inside out through complex gambits, occasionally pausing to murder people who cross her path for little other reason than to amuse herself. Lamprey introduces herself tricking Emperor Femur into installing a device meant to drain all the life from Planet Bone. After this, Lamprey possesses Tekla and tries to use her to destroy the Alliance from the inside out, contenting herself with subjecting her to horrific Mind Rape of her planet's destruction and trying to slowly kill her from the inside once this fails. After this fails, Lamprey murders a resident of Planet Fire and pins it on Jade's hands, intending for her to be horribly executed by being dipped into a fall of lava. Lamprey's final crimes in the series stem purely from petty spite: Seeking revenge against Tekla, Lamprey has her Beast drones attack a bar with the intent to kill everyone inside, personally disintegrates Captain Blaze once he gets in her way, and furiously attempts to kill everyone who stands between her and Tekla before her own demise.
    • Blokk is a brutish warrior who firmly believes in the power of absolute force over everything else, preferring to overrun worlds through his armada to destroy all they see whilst basking in the carnage. Blokk's repeated attempts to attack the planets in the Cluster result in numerous deaths and the successful destruction of Planet Jungle. Blokk personally attempts to trick Cryos into killing his own daughter whilst leaving his planet vulnerable, and grows more and more vicious after his repeated punishments at the hand of the Beast. In the finale of the series, Blokk takes over Planet Rock by force by besting and killing Lord Mantle, while promising to give the Alliance members he's captured—two children among them—a slow death at the Beast's hands. Once he's left stranded on Rock, Blokk slaughters his way to Rock's World Engine, personally executes Feldspar, and sets the entire planet on a collision course with the nearest star out of sheer spite.
  • Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century:
    • Dr. Martin Fenwick is Professor Moriarty's right hand man. Assisting Moriarty in his crimes, Fenwick would commit many crimes, but his worst crime is creating a black market organ trafficking ring by tricking homeless citizens into giving him their DNA. He would then clone organs for back-alley transplants that would inevitably fail without warning, and attempt to freeze Holmes and Watson to death when they uncover his scheme. He would exploit the love of a woman named Jill to manipulate her into stealing technology that would allow him to mass produce even more faulty organs for his ring, only to abandon her to save his own skin. Despite being Moriarty's minion, Fenwick proves himself to be even viler than his master.
    • "The Adventure of the Deranged Detective": Dr. Culverton Smith is a neurosurgeon turned thief. When Inspector Lestrade finds evidence of his crimes, Smith uses stolen nanobots to turn her into a feral, insane lunatic to destroy the evidence while lighting several buildings full of people on fire, conscious but unable to stop herself. Framing his superior for his crime, he would attempt to drive Holmes insane too when he catches on in order to have him kill Lestrade and then wipe his memory. When Holmes outsmarts him, Smith orders Lestrade to execute a helpless Holmes, smiling as he watches.
  • Silverwing: Goth is a giant cannibal bat from South America. Captured by humans, he gets sent to a lab in a North American city for study. After escaping the lab, he begins to kill owls and birds, which General Brutus blames on the Silverwing bats, causing him to persecute them. Goth kills an Owl trying to kill Shade, a Silverwing bat. Goth pretends to be Shade's friend, saying he will protect Shade's colony, but he really plans on eating them all instead. Shade discovers Goth's true nature, when Shade discovers the corpse of a Brightwing bat Goth had eaten. Later Goth and his brother-in-law Throbb eat a coven of bats and took the metal bands they were wearing as trophies. When Shade and Goth are trapped in a mine, Shade suggests they work together to escape, but makes Goth promise to allow him and his friends to live, a promise Goth instantly reneges on when he is out of danger. Near the end of the series, Goth teams up with the Wolves to take over the forest and goes on a killing spree against the Owls to fulfill his part of this deal.
  • Skeleton Warriors: The suitably-named Baron Dark was an ambitious nobleman who hungered to steal the Lightstar Crystal powering the lands of Luminaire. Dark arranged for the king's shuttle to crash in hostile territory, and manipulated his younger son Joshua into going for the Lightstar Crystal himself before attempting to steal it. Its energies made the Baron's evil manifest fully as he became the first Skeleton Warrior, an immortal living dead creature who transformed all his forces into the same. The Baron attacked Luminaire's civilians and upon discovering he could only turn evil people into Skeletons, Dark furiously ordered the rest of the population murdered, only relenting when one of his men reminded him they'd need slaves. Dark would force a population's compliance by starving them and withholding medicine to force them to do his bidding, attempted to wipe out the ape-like Semigons to steal their refinery, and once he gained the Lightstar Crystal himself, Dark attempted to remake the world into a hellish landscape where only his chosen Skeleton Warriors would survive.
  • Skyland:
    • Oslo is a Commander of the Sphere; a powerful Seijin; and a megalomaniac who believes himself to be The Chosen One who is destined to rule all of Skyland with the help of a prophesied "Lady of Light" who will give him the means to take over the Sphere. After imprisoning his old friend Mila, Oslo begins hunting for her daughter, Lena, a young Seijin who he is convinced is the Lady of Light. Regularly terrorizing "the peasants" and crushing all resistance to the Sphere's regime, Oslo worst atrocities include blowing up a hidden refuge full of orphaned Seijin children; increasing his own power by sucking the life out of his kindly twin brother Darius; and rampaging through Temuera in search of a power-enhancing relic, at one point attempting to force the Temueran leader to talk by threatening to make him watch as his people are either enslaved or executed by the Sphere's Brigadiers.
    • "Secret Power": Shinseiki is a Seijin who was kicked out of the Guardian Academy due to her obsessive belief that she alone was destined to bring about the reunification of Skyland by telekinetically reshaping it back into the Earth. Abducting other Seijins, Shinseiki uses a machine to leech their power to add to her own, and is implied to have fatally drained numerous Seijins by the time she captures Lena. While she admits that her attempt at reassembling the Earth will probably ravage entire inhabited Blocks and kill thousands, Shinseiki dismissively states that that is a small price to pay for "my kingdom" and the chance to get back at the Sphere for expelling her from the Guardians. When Dahlia tries to stop her by challenging her to a fair fight without any powers, Shinseiki initially plays along, but then cheats and uses her abilities to try and kill Dahlia and Mahad before attempting to suck the life out of Lena and her other captive Seijins.
  • Solar Opposites' second season: Ethan is amongst the many people the alien Yumyulack shrunk down and sent to The Wall. Dealing with his murderous tendencies, Ethan tries to suffice them by causing the Flooding of the Nerds, killing countless people. Being saved by Halk, Ethan embraces his homicidal urges and develops a god complex, becoming a Serial Killer who has murdered at least 5 innocent people in gruesome fashions. Detained by Halk, Ethan proudly confesses to committing these atrocities while planning to blackmail The Wall's leader, Tim, about a passageway Tim was keeping secret so he could let Ethan go and allow him to continue killing more innocents.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM): Dr. Julian Robotnik is the absolute ruler of Mobius in the present day, having acquired the throne by betraying every person he used to be loyal to and using the monstrous Roboticizer to transform the planet into a hellish, mechanized dystopia. A tyrant whose only love is reserved for the pollution choking his entire empire, Robotnik subjects countless Mobians to Unwilling Roboticisation, a process they object to and fight against even after it happens. One of Robotnik's first victims of this was the Roboticizer's inventor, Sonic's own Uncle Chuck. Robotnik has mercilessly wiped out almost all resistance to his empire and tries time and time again to torture and kill Sonic and his Freedom Fighters, employing his "Doomsday Project" in the finale to kill off all life not already roboticized. Robotnik is also happy to execute his own worker-bots at his own whim and ultimately tries to leave all of his minions, including his long-abused nephew Snively, to die.
  • Spawn:
    • Jason Wynn is the director of the NSC, who ordered the death of Al Simmons by having him burned alive. In exchange for favors from a corrupt Senator, he covers up the crimes of said Senator's son, child killer Billy Kincaid. Using his position to steal weapons from the U.S. Department of Defense, Wynn sells them to various terrorists and dictators across the globe. When one of Wynn's employees, Terry Fitzgerald, discovers Wynn's crimes, Wynn frames him for them and later orders a hit squad to kill Terry's wife Wanda and his daughter Cyan. Wynn later has his former subordinate, Major Forsberg, thrown into a cell and starved when he tried to leave Wynn's services. Seeking the mask of Genghis Khan, which will give him the powers of Hell, Wynn tries to get answers from Forsberg by threatening to kill his family. When Terry tries to kill Wynn in revenge, Wynn has him dragged to an opium den and forcibly drugged, to make his death as slow as possible, while gloating about how he will sell his wife into forced prostitution.
    • Clown/Violator is a demon in service to Malebolgia whose job is to ensure that Spawn remains firmly on the side of evil, pushing him into increasingly violent acts so he can lead Hell in its conquest of Heaven and Earth without remorse. In his own time, he takes pleasure in the carnage left behind by Spawn and others, standing by while knowing that Billy Kincaid is raping and murdering children on a whim, and helping him abduct Cyan Blake. He's also not above engaging in violence himself, abducting a deaf boy while disguised as an insane priest, murdering cops in front of him, and attempting to blow him up with a bundle of grenades strapped to his chest along with a whole SWAT team. Once Spawn has Billy Kincaid cornered, he makes one last effort to goad him into killing him in cold blood before he goes down to finish him off himself.
  • Spicy City:
    • "Sex Drive": Otaku works for M&G Corporation, and is involved in virtual prostitution. To this end, Otaku abducts prostitutes, experiments on them, and extracts their personalities on behalf of his superiors, leaving the prostitutes catatonic, subsequently reworking their personalities on a disc to make them complacent. Capturing the cyborg prostitute Virus, Otaku extracts her personality and programs her to seduce his superiors at M&G and extract their intelligence so he can overtake them. When Virus returns, Otaku gropes her as he extracts information from her, unaware that police officer turned taxi driver Nisa Lolita is recording the exchange.
    • "Raven's Revenge": Corbin is the CEO of AlternaCeuticals, the company that created Raven. A psychopathic eugenicist, Corbin wants to wipe out all those he's deemed genetically inferior and aberrant, and plans on doing it with a virus that he tests on Raven and carnival freaks. When symptoms begin to manifest in the carriers, Corbin has the crowded carnival bombed under the pretense of containing an outbreak before instructing his men to Leave No Witnesses as they move in to capture Raven. When confronted, Corbin implies that he was responsible for the death of Raven's mother, and rants about how he is going to eliminate all the "mutants and freaks" with his plague, which he also intends to profit from thanks to his "good fiscal policy" of Withholding the Cure to diseases in favor of overpriced treatments that are developed as slowly as possible.
  • Spirou (1992-1995 series): Cyanure does everything her comic counterpart did and goes much farther. When she comes across one of the Count's creations, which can reduce anything or anyone's size, she uses it to reduce anything's and anyone's size for her own amusement. A sadist, Cyanure laughed at Spirou and Fantasio's cries of pain when she uses speakers at maximum volume against them, and laughed at a tied-up mini Fantasio when a toy train was about to run over him. In an attempt to kill all humans by mass-producing herself into an army, she kidnaps Professor Sushiyaka to record his paralyzing scream. When he refuses, Cyanure attempts to kidnap her nephew, and when capturing Fantasio instead, she dismantles and set aflame one of her own clones in front of Sushiyaka and threatens to do so to Fantasio if he doesn't record the scream. Even Cyanure's supposed care about machines when she talks about liberating them from humanity's control is subverted when she badmouths Domus's robots and shows no empathy to their destruction (nor Domus's, who was completely faithful to her), proving that Cyanure ultimately cares for no one but herself.
  • Stargate Infinity: Commander Da'kyll of the Tlak'kahn Empire is the ruthless, bloodthirsty leader of the Warrior caste, known for his habit of turning his adversaries into living trophies in suspended animation while he works on finding a way to break their spirits and turn them into mindless servants. After orchestrating the massacre of Major Gus Bonner's old team, Da'kyll has him framed as a traitor to Stargate Command, and relentlessly pursues him and his new squad across the universe, intent on capturing Bonner's mysterious alien ally Draga, who Da'kyll is convinced is one of the Ancients. Da'kyll at one point takes a village hostage, and threatens to destroy it unless Bonner surrenders to him; when Bonner does give himself up, Da'kyll orders that the village be razed anyway before deciding that it would be more fun to let its inhabitants die slow deaths from an illness that is ravaging them. When the Mardan, one of the Tlak'kahns' Slave Races, help him capture the Stargate crew, Da'kyll destroys the team's cure for a plague that the Mardan are suffering from while noting that if the Mardan manage to survive the sickness on their own, they will have proven worthy enough to be used as Cannon Fodder. Da'kyll threatens soldiers who fail him with torture, murders his professional rivals, and frequently flouts the authority of the Nax'kan Council, who he intends to overthrow using the knowledge and power of the Ancients.
  • The Story Keepers: While the series teaches that you should forgive your persecutors, the villainous Nihilus stands against this, with his unwillingness to live up to his mistakes and accept forgiveness that makes him a monster. The centurion to Nero, he attempted to purge Rome of the Christians by force throughout the series, including him building a catapult and sending flaming debris into the tunnels that persecuted Christians were hiding in. Upon learning that a fellow centurion was a Christian, he tried to have him killed for treachery. He later set fire to homes of children with them still inside, all because they didn't submit to his emotional manipulation of them. He also arranges a public crucifixion for Ben and murders his student when he stops him from carrying it out. In the end, Nihilus had one single defining trait: his utter lack of a conscience.
  • Superbook (2011):
    • Satan himself is the cruel, manipulative devil who rules over Hell and wants to taint all of God's creation. After leading a failed coup in Heaven where he murdered many angels, Satan corrupts Adam and Eve, unleashing his influence onto the Earth and allowing him to spread death and chaos. Satan causes natural disasters for fun, orders his demons to drive people insane, and personally ruins the life of Job, killing many of his servants and sons in the process just to try to prove a point. Satan's final plan is to destroy most of humanity and enslave the rest, a plan which he personally tries to start by murdering two children while mocking them.
    • Haman is the despicable advisor to King Xerxes who, after feeling personally insulted when the Jew Mordecai won't bow to him, decides to exterminate every Jew in Xerxes's kingdom. Haman tricks Xerxes into believing the Jews are a violent and treacherous people and sends out the order to kill every Jew young and old in the kingdom, personally constructing a gallows in his own home so he can watch with glee at Mordecai's death by hanging.
  • SWAT Kats:
    • Dark Kat is one of the Swat Kats' most recurring, and wicked, villains. A complete madman obsessed with the death of the Swat Kats and the destruction of Megakat City, Dark Kat is introduced trying to use a nuclear weapon to annihilate Megakat City and its thousands of residents, attempting to force Lieutenant Feral to watch the carnage as it unfolds. Later attempting to turn the Swat Kats into ground meat while using their jet to frame them for opening fire on civilians and blowing up entire buildings, Dark Kat follows this up by convincing Razer he severely wounded innocents to throw him off his game while Dark Kat uses a robotic arachnid to attack and hopefully tear Megakat City to shreds. In his arguably worst outing, Dark Kat makes an alliance with Dr. Viper, using him to rebuild the Metallikats then install chips in them that allow Dark Kat to torture them at his leisure. Using the Metallikats and Viper, Dark Kat lures the Swat Kats, Feral, and assistant mayor Callie Briggs into a trap to kill them all, ordering the Metallikats to kill Viper when he outlives his usefulness, and ultimately attempts to blow up the entire base as a last ditch effort to kill the Swat Kats, their friends, and all of Dark Kat's own allies in one fell swoop.
    • Dr. Viper was once Elrod Purvis, a greedy scientist whose plan to sell the Viper Mutagen to the highest bidder ended with his supposed death and subsequent mutation into the evil Viper. In his schemes to destroy Megakat City and replace it with a festering "Megaswamp City", Viper regularly attempts to mutate and murder all he can through his chemical weapons and monsters; painfully transforms one-shot villain Morbulus into a mindless bacteria creature that he sets loose on Megakat City, leading to dozens of deaths, including that of Viper's former colleague Zyme; attempts to drown the entire city in toxic spores; teams up with Dark Kat; and finally floods the city with mutative chemicals in a bid to mutate everyone within the city. Regularly murdering innocents in his attempted conquest and seeing beauty only in the fetid and festering, Dr. Viper was about as remorselessly evil as his sinister appearance would suggest.
    • "When Strikes Mutilor": Mutilor is a brutal mercenary who takes over a ship from a peaceful race called the Aquians and attacks Earth, planning to drain every drop of water from the world to sell it off, saying that if Earth dies as a result, then that's just business. When the heroic SWAT Kats interfere, Mutilor tries to torture them to death with electricity, and when the ship is taken, Mutilor attempts to destroy it out of spite so that it crashes into Earth and causes a devastating catastrophe that could easily kill every cat on the planet.
  • Sym-Bionic Titan:
    • General Modula is a cold, cruel man responsible for all the misery within the series. A treacherous man who once served proudly under the Galalunan Kingdom before being mistakenly thought dead by the King, Modula lets his cruelty consume him, allying with the monstrous Mutraddi and launching an invasion on Galaluna that leads to countless innocent people killed and the rest enslaved, with Modula murdering many of the rebels himself. Intent on utterly breaking the will of the Galalunan people by killing Princess Ilana, Modula sends the Mutraddi to wreak swaths of havoc and death on Earth to kill her, even using a living bomb called Tashy 497 to potentially decimate the entire planet to get at her—vaporizing his own minion once he fails to do his job and threatening his successor with the same fate should he fail him. A man who has long abandoned any honorable traits he may have had, Modula is a walking nightmare worse than even the literal monsters he rules over.
    • "Escape from Galaluna": The unnamed Galalunan commander is a smug, ambitious traitor who uses his front as an obstructive, obnoxious military head to ensure the death of captive hostages while pinning their deaths on Lance and leaving him to hang. In truth having allied with Modula, the traitor sells out his entire planet to the Mutraddi forces to see the royal family killed and its populace decimated and enslaved, looking over the carnage and gloating that the only reason he sold his planet out was to lead Galaluna into an age of "conquest and strength"—and the prospect of a vast reward from Modula.
  • Tales From The Cryptkeeper's "Town Gathering": Sleazy businessman Ben Arnold is secretly working for a group of aliens who have developed a taste for human flesh. The aliens have hired Arnold to find a small town where they can capture the town's population and devour them, without attracting attention from the government. After stumbling across the small town of Deep Woods, Arnold goes to the mayor and suggests holding a town meeting to discuss a business proposal for the town, so that the aliens can capture the town's population all at once. When a local young girl named Erin discovers the aliens, Arnold tries to silence her by trying to feed her to the aliens. Arnold also reveals that after the aliens have devoured the town's population, he plans to sell them out to the government for a reward.
  • Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic: Vell is an unscrupulous industrialist who, unsatisfied with the vast riches that he has acquired from plundering the resources of various countries, made a deal with a trapped extra-dimensional entity that had previously destroyed Atlantis. In exchange for unfathomable power, Vell will release the creature and let it ravage the Earth. Needing one of the Starfire Gems to unleash the beast, Vell slashes, burns, and bulldozes his way through the Amazon in search of the Emerald Gem. After acquiring the stone, Vell uses its power to mutate his long-suffering pet jaguar into a monster that he sics on Princess Tenko, who frees the jaguar and shatters the Emerald Gem. Still possessing half of the Emerald Gem, Vell proceeds to manipulate Tenko's rival, Jana, into helping him steal the other half of the Emerald Gem from Tenko, who they lure into a trap by causing a destructive eruption at Mt. Vesuvius. Once he no longer has any use for her, Vell tries to feed Jana's soul to his imprisoned master deep within the ruins of Atlantis.
  • ThunderCats (2011): Mumm-Ra once commanded a number of races he kept enslaved using explosive collars that he placed around their necks. In his quest to rule the universe, Mumm-Ra, as we see in flashbacks, ordered the destruction of a star system in a highly-inhabited solar system, killing billions in the process, simply so he could use the remains of the star to forge the Sword of Plun-Darr. Defeated and sealed inside a coffin, Mumm-Ra is freed by Grune, and soon attacks Thundera with his army, killing Lion-O's father Claudus and enslaving most of the Thundercats. After taking over Thundera, Mumm-Ra proceeds to torture Jaga for information. In "Between Brothers", Mumm-Ra tries to trick Lion-O and Panthro into killing each other. In the two-part series finale, "What Lies Above", Mumm-Ra threatens to destroy the Thunderkits when they interfere with his plans, and tries to collapse an entire city to kill his enemies.
  • Time Jam: Valerian & Laureline: Raymond de Tancarville is a tyrant who steals away the Earth itself and keeps humanity trapped in Medieval Stasis to rule unchallenged, enforcing his rule with robots that have been shown to blast the populace indiscriminately at sign of challenge. To rule the galaxy, Raymond created the Vlagos race and, upon finding a telepath to guide them, murdered her parents and mind-wiped her into believing her own ruler was responsible, in order to have her turn on her people and lead the Vlagos to dominate and destroy countless worlds. To fulfill his ambition, Raymond also tries to murder Valerian and force Laureline to marry him, gloating he'll have her mind rewired to make her a willing, submissive and obedient wife.
  • Totally Spies!: Helga Von Guggen is a greedy fashion designer who makes "seamless" fur coats by kidnapping innocent people, injecting them with a serum that turns them into Beast Folk, then skinning them alive in what appears to be a giant industrial crusher. She makes her debut having already done this to a boat with two hundred people on board, bragging about one of her coats, claiming that it's "genuine lawyer." She later designs a line of apparel that crushes people who wear them, with heavy implications that it manages to kill an innocent shopper off-screen in the opening minutes of the episode it was introduced.
  • The Twins of Destiny: The Empress Dowager of China is a wicked tyrant who lives in lavish luxury while her oppressed, poverty-stricken people starve and are terrorized by her soldiers and eunuchs. When two children who were prophesied to bring about her downfall are born, the Empress orders them killed, has their doctor imprisoned and tortured, and turns their fathers into inanimate—but still awarestatues, because death would be "too easy", as a punishment for the "defiant act" of bringing her would-be usurpers into the world. After learning that the children were secretly smuggled to France, the Empress gives her eunuchs free reign to destroy anything that gets in their way in their mission to slay the twins. When the twins make it to China, the Empress deploys her armies against them, and allows the soldiers to raze villages and summarily execute people in an attempt to flush the children and their allies out. The Empress regularly threatened her servants with death and mutilation, had planned on murdering her Evil Sorcerer on the unfounded suspicion that he was disloyal, and foregoes executing her incompetent head eunuch in favor of demoting him, because the eunuch spending the rest of his life haunted by his disgrace is a far crueler and more amusing punishment than death.
  • Ultraforce's 3-part pilot: Atalon is the king of the Fire People who seeks the annihilation of mankind. Harnessing an immense hatred of humans for casting him and his people underground, Atalon decided to steal some nukes and launch them on populated countries as a declaration of war. Despite his own people and the Ancient Kings viewing his acts as horrific, Atalon kept pushing on, even lying to his people and manipulating them into joining his war against the Earth. With the Ultraforce showing up to stop him, Atalon decides to launch his nukes at the Earth's crust, causing earthquakes and cracks to form and killing more humans. Despite the Ultraforce making peace with the Fire People, Atalon refuses their offer and still tries to murder them.
  • The Venture Bros.: Dr. Jonas Venture is the self-absorbed and abusive father of Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture who masquerades as a noble and beloved adventurer and scientist. Taking Rusty on dangerous adventures since he was three years old, Jonas allowed him to be trapped, tortured and put in harm's way, to allow himself the excitement of "rescuing" Rusty as the hero. When working on scientific inventions, Jonas frequently grew bored of his works with dire consequences, in one instance leaving a group of orphans to suffer drug-induced nightmares after an A.I. he created ran rampant, much to Jonas's apathy. His own team meaning nothing to him, Jonas viewed his bodyguard as property, taking him from his "best friend" Blue Morpho as "payment", and turned another into a violent Blood Knight by forcing him to use dangerous drugs. Ruining Morpho's life, Jonas coerces the happily married man into an orgy, then blackmails Morpho with the knowledge and forces him to do his dirty work, and later resurrects Morpho into a cyborg slave, which earned the disgust of his team. After spending several decades in a mostly-dead state, Jonas attempts to have the cyborg Morpho killed so that he may steal his body for himself, and then flies into a rage and tries to do it himself once this order is refused. Killing any villains he grows bored of, Jonas proves under the exterior of grand heroics he paints himself with to be an utterly despicable Psychopathic Manchild.
  • Victor and Valentino's "The Collector": Chip is an antique collector, obsessed with keeping his merchandise in mint condition. Growing unsatisfied with collecting only items, he decided to collect people. He turns them into dolls, where they are conscious, but trapped, a fate which he has inflicted on many people, including Valentino's younger brother. He is more than willing to inflict the same fate on Valentino when he tries to rescue them.
  • WesToons (aka WinneToons):
    • Chief Matto-Sih, unlike the other largely peaceable Natives, is an arrogant renegade who only cares about wealth, power, and eliminating his rival, Winnetou. Matto-Sih conducts violent raids against both settlers and Natives alike, and during one of them nearly kills a baby with a hail of Flaming Arrows. Matto-Sih frequently collaborates with the unscrupulous logger Santer, but just as frequently betrays him, at one point abandoning Santer's men to die in the wilderness while also planning to later dispose of Santer. Matto-Sih has enslaved Winnetou's tribe in order to force them to dig for gold; framed other Natives for potentially deadly attacks on railroad workers; attempted to burn down an entire town full of people; and brainwashed another Chief into siding with him for the sole purpose of using him and his tribesmen as disposable Cannon Fodder against the U.S. Cavalry.
    • Harry Melton is a conniving weasel of a man who is introduced attempting to knife an onlooker who had interrupted his rigged game of poker. After installing a fake sheriff, Melton steals all of the gold that prospectors had stored in the sheriff's office, pinning the theft on Old Shatterhand. Melton then abandons his henchmen and tries to kill the phony sheriff after rallying an angry mob to hang Shatterhand. Melton also frames the Apaches for cattle rustling, causing violent tensions to arise between them and the settlers, and tries to crash a train just kill Shatterhand. Melton later uses two Apache youths as shields against booby traps during the search for a legendary treasure, and attempts to gun the two children down once they reach the riches, even though they had earlier saved him from a Pit Trap. In his worst outing, Melton abducted Apache women for use as slaves in a mine; when Shatterhand and Winnetou began closing in on him, Melton covered his tracks by blowing the mine up with all of the slaves still in it, afterward quipping, "You know what they say, the only good Injun is a dead Injun!"
  • Wild C.A.T.s's "Lives in the Balance": Majestic is far more villainous than his comic counterpart. The former commander of the Kherubim forces, Majestic is utterly obsessed with achieving his "destiny" of conquering the galaxy with the help of the Orb. In the past, Majestic crashed his spaceship into the Daemonites' spaceship, not caring about the lives of his own men, causing them to crash on Earth, while he escaped. Awakened in the present, Majestic immediately began construction of the Vortex Device, which he planned to use to destroy the Daemonites, simply to eliminate the "competition". Stealing a quantum energy module from the military base, damaging its core in the process, which endangered all the workers there, Majestic used his Vortex Device to lure Helspont to his trap, while he activated it, despite knowing that thousands of innocent people within that area will be killed along with the Daemonites.
  • Wild West COW Boys Of Moo Mesa: Skull Duggery, despite only appearing in the episodes "The Legend of Skull Duggery" and "Skull Duggery Rides Again", is one of the vilest villains to appear in the show. Skull Duggery was originally a old miner, by the name of Tom Duggery, who staked a silver claim and was too greedy to share it with anyone. He died in a cave in, but his ghost continued to haunt the mine. Marshall Moo's Kid Sidekick, Cody Calf, and 2 other kids go to the mine to look for the silver. Skull Duggery catches them, traps them in a mine shaft and fills it with water, attempting to drown the children. Marshall Moo saves the kids and causes another cave in, sealing Skull Duggery in his mine. However Skull Duggery escapes a year later. Obsessed with revenge against Marshall Moo, Skull Duggery recruits 2 other ghosts to help him. Skull Duggery plans to use a magic spell that rapidly ages everything, people and buildings alike, to destroy Cowtown.
  • Xcalibur:
    • Kwodahn is the demonic mastermind of all evil in the story. Originally a Shogi Monk who turned evil to gain power, Kwodahn began bargaining with potential villains and evildoers to fully back their plans in exchange for their souls. Allying himself with the depraved Prince Bragan, Kwodahn uses every trick up his sleeve to ensure Bragan's rise to power and the elimination of all his foes. Kwodahn's crimes range from granting Bragan armies of demons he uses to slaughter opposing armies, to unleashing a soul-devouring demon onto a province, to later trying to turn an entire city into statue-like zombies. His evil not limited to mass murder and corruption, Kwodahn once sought the sword of Excalibur, and, when the noble Prince Erwann refused his request, Kwodahn first tried to kidnap the man's infant daughter, before settling for murdering his wife for rejecting him. When Bragan is beaten and all their plans ousted, Kwodahn murders Bragan then tries to corrupt and turn the young Arthus into becoming his new servant, before finally flying into a rage and unleashing his forces onto the entire kingdom with orders to kill every living thing they come across.
    • Prince Bragan is the brutal, sociopathic Regent of the kingdom who rose to power thanks to allying with Kwodahn. Murdering his own brother, King Erwann, to ascend to Regent, Bragan immediately begins manipulating his child nephew Arthus into becoming nothing more than a figurehead, while Bragan rules the kingdom with an iron fist. Driving villages to starvation, massacring entire temples, and torturing his foes being regular atrocities of Bragan's, he also frames Prince Edwin and his daughter, Djana, for murdering King Edwin, and constantly tries to execute Djana and her friends in various cruel methods, along with many attempts at slaughtering entire villages they have taken up residence in. Once failing to poison Arthus and claim the throne for himself, Bragan eventually hands Arthus to Kwodahn to with as he pleases, before trying to strike down his partner for ditching him in exchange for Arthus.
  • Xyber 9: New Dawn: Machestro is the Evil Overlord of the Machina, and the orchestrator of all evil in the series. As the Man Behind the Man to King Renard, Machestro supplies him with all the resources and technology he needs to keep his war with the heroic Queen Tatania going, resulting in Terrana's current wasteland state, and even supplies him with a city-destroying rail gun to destroy as much of Tatania's kingdom as possible. Causing droughts, famines, and overall chaos throughout Tatania's forces with his plans, Machestro uses the ancient Hunter Claw robots to lay waste to entire cities and set crops aflame out of spite. Seeking to claim the Xyber 9 so as to blanket Terrana in never-ending darkness, then lead a full scale annihilation of the human race, Machestro tricks the Machina as a whole into believing that they are unable to live in sunlight to keep them under his thrall. In the end, Machestro tries to use the Eye of Darkness to cause an unending night, either unaware or uncaring about the fact that it will result in the deaths of all living things, himself included. Machestro was a sociopathic warmonger obsessed with total domination, and would doom the entire planet due to nothing but his own arrogance.
  • Zorro: Generation Z's "The Rival": Admiral Rodriguez is a corrupt Navy officer who was forced into early retirement by automation-induced downsizing. Becoming obsessed with proving that he was still a force to be reckoned with, Rodriguez sets out to get revenge for his dismissal by orchestrating a series of deadly attacks against Pablo Grande. After his men steal tons of munitions, Rodriguez has the ammo loaded onto a galleon, which will be rammed into the city's naval base. Once the base is blown up and hundreds are dead, Rodriguez will deliver his coup de grâce using hijacked satellite missiles that will annihilate all of Pablo Grande, killing thousands more. When a subordinate suggests that they evacuate the rigged galleon early due to the presence of Zorro and the Scarlet Whip, Rodriguez reveals that the escape submarine only holds one, and that it had been his plan all along to abandon his crew—which included his own nephew—to die in the terrorist attacks.

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