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"He was the worst, wasn't he?"..."He was a psychopath. A monster."

The Flash: It's me you want Thawne, you don't have kill thousands of innocent people to bring me down.
Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash: No, no I don't. But I choose to, knowing it will make your last moments pure agony.

Similar to the comics, DC animated works feature some Complete Monsters.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Batman: The Animated Series:
    • The Joker is Batman's Arch-Enemy. Before becoming a Monster Clown, the Joker was a mobster and hitman who murdered Andrea Beaumont's father, Carl, over money owed to the latter's employers; a murder he committed even after the debt was repaid. This set in motion Andrea becoming the supervillain Phantasm and took away Batman's one chance of a normal, happy life. Following his transformation into the utterly psychotic Joker, he now commits crimes more often for fun than he does for any profit. Samples of his crimes include repeatedly abusing his girlfriend Harley Quinn; trying to bomb a child's birthday party; setting up Catwoman to go through a grinder; psychologically tormenting Charles "Charlie" Collins for two years, before using him in a scheme to blow up much if not all of the entire Gotham Police Department, which would kill Charlie as well; murdering countless people with Joker venom; using Ace in an attempt to drive 70 million people insane; attempting to nuke Gotham City; and going on a rampage with a Kill Sat. Perhaps his most infamous crime was when he brutally tortured Tim Drake into insanity and implanted a microchip in the child so that the Joker could take over Tim's body and perform a Post-Mortem Comeback.
    • Grant Walker, from "Deep Freeze", is a seemingly affable theme park mogul who seeks only to prolong his life by way of Mr. Freeze's ice technology, but in truth harbors much darker intentions. Kidnapping Freeze and using his comatose wife as a bargaining chip to convince Freeze to give Walker his icy, undying condition, Walker soon enough reveals his plan to use a massive freeze cannon to plunge the entire world into a new Ice Age for years. Walker hopes to kill off all of humanity except for his "chosen few", then repopulate the planet with his own Garden of Eden, and though his plan is foiled, Walker returns in The Batman Adventures, where he kidnaps several scientists to cure himself of a lethal condition, planning to kill them all and then restart his scheme to wipe out humankind.
  • Batman Beyond (includes the Comic Book, besides Brother Eye):
    • Derek Powers is the corrupt CEO of Powers Technology, who eventually devolves into the psychotic supervillain Blight after a radioactive accident. Before his accident, Powers cheerfully attempts to sell a bioweapon that horrifically melts away its victims to terrorists who would use it on wider scales, unnerving even the Kaznian diplomat after he exposes an employee to it purely to demonstrate its effects. Powers becomes the archnemesis of the second Batman, Terry McGinnis, after Powers has Terry's father murdered and the Jokerz framed for it. Powers' deteriorating sanity from the accident only accentuates the monster he is inside, as experiments on and then kills Mr. Freeze; disinherits and then flat-out attempts to murder his own son Paxton; and, upon his vengeful return in the comics, attempts to initiate a nuclear meltdown, heedless of all the downtrodden lives this would consume. Powers has ruined so many lives in the name of self-interest his only reply to Terry's accusation that You Killed My Father is to snarl "do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?!"
    • Douglas Tan, from the comic book's "10,000 Clowns" arc, is a disturbed youth obsessed with The Joker and his carnage, and dedicates himself to proving the fundamental meaningless of life and becoming the Joker's own Superior Successor. Fashioning himself "the Joker King", Douglas drugs dozens of Jokerz from around the nation into becoming suicide bombers, using them to wreak havoc across Gotham and cause thousands of deaths in an attempt to destroy the city, murdering his own best friend on a random whim just before the destruction starts. Douglas eventually decides to murder his entire family too, attempting to kill his comatose father in the hospital and only hesitating when his sister steps in the way—before deciding without another second of hesitation to kill her too.

Superman: The Animated Series

  • Darkseid, who later appeared in Justice League and was the top threat of the entire DCAU, is the Evil Overlord of the wasteland planet Apokolips, and ultimately desired total dominion over all life in the universe. To achieve this end, he forever seeks the cosmic power of the Anti-Life Equation to use as the ultimate weapon. Incapable of love or empathy, he abused his loyal son Kalibak, handed over his adopted son Scott Free to be tortured and brainwashed by Granny Goodness, and attempted to murder his other son, Orion, for opposing him. His servants are likewise subjected to torture or death should they fail or even question him. Setting his sights on conquering Earth, Darkseid launched a full-scale invasion, only relenting when the planet was declared off-limits by Apokolips's sister planet, New Genesis. To compensate, Darkseid murdered Dan Turpin solely to spite Superman. He would make numerous more attempts to conquer or annihilate the planet, including attempting to destroy it with an comet and brainwashing Superman into leading an attack on his adopted world, turning the Man of Steel into a pariah for years—but not before Darkseid had the brainwashed Superman basically raped. He later attempted to use Brainiac's programming to collect the Anti-Life Equation and bend the universe to his will, leading to his death in a battle with Superman. Upon his resurrection, Darkseid immediately launched another invasion on Earth, not out of a desire for power, but solely to make Superman suffer. Ruthless and tyrannical, Darkseid is Superman's greatest enemy, and one of the few villains he has outright tried to kill.
  • Brainiac, who also appeared in Justice League as a threat surpassed only by Darkseid, is a Robotic Psychopath and collector of data who views himself as superior to all organic life. Once the supercomputer responsible for running Krypton's day-to-day affairs, Brainiac lied to the Council of Elders about the planet's impending doom, prioritizing saving himself over preserving the lives of his creators. Escaping into space, Brainiac roams from world to world, assembling all of a planet's information, and then destroying the original in order to increase the value of his stolen memories; his objective is to repeat the process across the universe until he has "destroyed all of creation". Along the way he murders the crew of a spaceship that was investigating his presence, tries to steal Superman's body for himself, and eventually, after fusing with Lex Luthor, tries to wipe out the entire universe in one fell swoop, aiming to rebuild it in his own image.

Justice League & Unlimited (see above for Joker, Darkseid & Brainiac)

  • Lord Orm, from "The Enemy Below", is the treacherous and power-hungry half-brother of Aquaman. Resenting his brother for having never wiped out the surface-dwellers, whom Orm despises, Orm seeks to usurp the throne from his brother and wage a war against the surface-dwellers to eradicate them. To achieve this end, Orm hires Deadshot to assassinate Aquaman, blaming the attack on the surface-dwellers and using this as a means to justify war, forcing Aquaman's wife Mera to cooperate by threatening her infant son. When Aquaman returns, Orm reveals his treachery by abducting him and chaining him to a cliff near a volcano. To ensure his place as ruler over Atlantis, Orm attempts to plunge both Aquaman and his son into the volcano, forcing Aquaman to severe his own hand to save his son. Orm then arms an Atlantean thermal reactor to melt the polar ice caps, thus submerging the entire planet underwater and sentencing all surface-dwellers to death.
  • Mongul, cruel dictator of War World, forced warriors to fight to the death in order to take his people's minds off his oppressing them. When Superman refuses to kill the former reigning champion, Draaga, after succeeding to defeat him, Mongul threatens to destroy Draaga's planet if Superman doesn't allow Mongul to defeat him in his next match. After his efforts were foiled, Mongul returned for revenge against Superman, using a plant called the Black Mercy to trap Superman in a perfect dream world. With Superman out of the picture, Mongul planned on turning Earth into a second War World. Superman was eventually able to free himself from the dream world—but not before Mongul delivered a brutal beatdown to Wonder Woman—but the emotional pain of doing so was enough to make Superman actually try to kill Mongul before returning to his senses.
  • John Dee, from "Only a Dream", as well as several cameos as a member of the Legion of Doom, started out as a minor convict who only fantasized of killing the Justice League to make a name for himself among super villains, but after an experimental machine gives him ESP, Dee quickly decides to make his fantasy a reality. Becoming Doctor Destiny, his first action is to take revenge on the wife who left him while he was in prison. As she's sleeping, Destiny goes into her dream and begins to torture her for hours. Eventually, the nightmare causes her to have a cardiac arrest and die of terror. Destiny then invades the dreams of each member of the Justice League, trying to use their worst fears to kill them one-by-one. These nightmares include making Superman think he killed his friends with out-of-control superpowers; and burying the claustrophobic Hawkgirl alive.


DC Universe Animated Original Movies

Justice League of America continuity
  • Crisis on Two Earths: Owlman was already a criminal and founding member of the Crime Syndicate of America. Upon discovering the existence of the multiverse, Owlman became enraged by the fact that, with every choice a person makes, they create another world in which they made the opposite choice. Determined that his choices had to affect not only his world, but all existence, Owlman journeyed to Earth-Prime, the Earth that supported the existence of all other Earths, planning to destroy all reality in a fit of existential angst. About as selfish as they come, Owlman was reviled even by his compatriots in the CSA.
  • Doom: Vandal Savage is a conqueror with genocidal plans for Earth. He manages to steal the protocols that Batman designed to defeat the Justice League in case one or more members turn evil. Savage makes these protocols more lethal and sadistic and then uses them to take out the Justice League. After his Legion of Doom seemingly triumphs over the Justice League, Vandal Savage informs them he plans to Take Over the World by using a missile that will cause a solar flare that will kill half the world's population. This event will also render the rest of the world's population so weak and helpless that they will naturally accept his leadership.

DC Animated Movie Universe, by release date

  • Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox: Eobard Thawne, aka Professor Zoom, is the Reverse-Flash and opposes everything Barry Allen stands for. Thawne hires various other Flash villains to break into the Flash museum. Thawne straps bombs to the villains he hired after they defeat Flash, planning to blow up the Flash museum and several surrounding blocks, just so the Flash will be tormented knowing that several innocent people will die with him. After his initial defeat, Thawne mocks Flash over the fact his mother died. After Flash uses his speed to travel back in time and save his mother, the world is sent to a twisted alternate state, in which a war between Atlantis and the Amazons has caused massive devastation. Thawne delights in Barry's agony at the new world and enjoys the carnage as it makes his nemesis suffer. When Barry tries to fix the realities, Thawne tries to stop him, meaning he is willing to cause and allow the deaths of countless innocents, as well as himself, solely to satisfy his hatred of Barry.
  • Darkseid Appearances : The Lord of Apokolips seeks to conquer the Earth and add it to his dark empire, having conquered countless worlds and massacred the populations. Having many humans abducted to be agonizingly mutated into his Parademons, Darkseid launches attacks on the Earth, bombing entire cities before being driven back. Later responsible for unleashing Doomsday to run rampant so it will kill Superman, Darkseid killed the wife of Hank Henshaw and corrupted him into the Cyborg Superman, using him to help Darkseid come to Earth where he intends to obliterate Metropolis and then Take Over the World in bloody conquest. Later taking over the world and killing most of its defenders, Darkseid converts others into unholy fusions of machine and later orders a brainwashed Batman to kill his own son, stopping at nothing to add Earth to his empire before he moves on to other worlds and continues the slaughter.
  • Son of Batman & Teen Titans: The Judas Contract: Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke the Terminator, is a contract killer who'd shown promise to be Ra's Al-Ghul's successor as leader of the League of Assassins. Ra's ended up choosing Bruce Wayne as his heir instead, making Slade turn on Ra's due to this rejection and slaughter many of the group's assassins in his hostile takeover. He manipulated and abused Bruce's son Damian Wayne in order to keep him in line; conducted Lazarus Pit experiments to create flying Man-Bat assassins which he'd planned on selling off as slave mercenaries; tortured Damian's mother Talia al Ghul and made Damian watch; and attempted to kill the Bat-Family, Damian included. He is later saved from death and serves Brother Blood as part of a contract to take out the Teen Titans and deliver them to Blood in order to have the young teens drained of their life force, granting Blood their powers. To carry this out, Slade sends Terra Markov, a teenage girl he's raised and groomed to follow in his footsteps, to infiltrate the Titans as The Mole and ultimately betray them over to his side. Damian Wayne gets betrayed and captured ahead of schedule, so Slade wastes no opportunity to beat the crap out of him and attempt to break him as vengeance for costing him the League of Assassins. Slade's made Terra so dependent on him after having saved her life that she's developed a romantic attraction to him, a much older man, and uses this by promising her they can be together once the job is completed. But when he's seemingly killed Nightwing and is told by Brother Blood that he needs a Titan in Nightwing's place to complete the contract and be paid at full price, Slade has zero problem turning Terra over to have her life and power drained, coldly telling her "Sorry kid, but a contract is a contract."
  • Justice League: Throne of Atlantis: Black Manta readily assists Orm with his plan to start a war between Atlantis and the rest of the world, by slaughtering Atlantean civilians in sea craft that is disguised to look like a US military sub. Near the end of the film, Black Manta revealed he has been manipulating Orm into starting a genocidal war with the surface world, claiming that the war was his idea. Black Manta ultimately plans to kill Orm and take the riches of Atlantis for himself.
  • Batman: Bad Blood: Talia al Ghul, the new leader of the League of Assassins, is a Control Freak of the highest order, and Took a Level in Jerkass from Son of Batman. Her ultimate plan is is to use Bruce Wayne's technology to brainwash the world leaders attending his tech summit, in order to expand the League of Assassins' influence over the planet. Talia assembles a team of villains under the command of the Heretic, the adult clone of her and Bruce's Child by Rape Damian Wayne, and orders them to capture Bruce so his mind could be broken with Mad Hatter's machine; Mad Hatter has been forced to cooperate by means of an Explosive Leash. Later, Talia sends Heretic to attack Wayne Enterprises in order to steal technology necessary for her plan, near-fatally wounding Lucius Fox in the assault. When Heretic breaks down and begs for Talia to love him as a mother, and wishing to have Damian's memories, she shoots him in the head for disobeying her orders regarding Damian. As the brainwashing is taking place, she orders a mind-controlled Bruce to shoot Dick Grayson and their son Damian dead, coldly proclaiming that she and Bruce could always "make more".
  • Justice League Dark: Destiny is a malevolent sorcerer with a god complex. A former man of science, Destiny became consumed by a lust for power and, using a combination of Black Magic and his own soul, created a magical artifact called the Dreamstone, which had the ability to force its victims to live their worst nightmares, often driving them into a murderous rage. Destiny used the Dreamstone to spread fear and chaos across the land until he was defeated by the demon Etrigan and Merlin, but not before he mortally wounded the knight Jason Blood, resulting in him merging with Etrigan to save his life. His physical form destroyed, Destiny's spirit resided in a fragment of the Dreamstone for centuries until it was uncovered by Ritchie Simpson, who was dying of a magical illness. Playing on the man's desperation for immortality, Destiny manipulates Ritchie into spreading the Dreamstone's dark magic across the world, resulting in casualties on a global scale, while Destiny fed off of the negative energy of the stone's victims. Upon returning to physical form upon the Dreamstone being united, Destiny possesses Ritchie's body and sets off to continue his worldwide conquest. Affecting a nearby city with the Dreamstone's magic to gain power, Destiny causes mass chaos and destruction, and kills Swamp Thing when he attempts to intervene. Even when defeated, Destiny mortally wounds Jason Blood, resulting in the latter's death.
  • Constantine: City of Demons: Nergal is a depraved and sadistic demon from Hell. When John Constantine summoned him to save the young Astra from being sacrificed by her father Alex Logue, Nergal not only killed the latter and his followers but then slaughtered the people at the club before tossing Astra into a portal to Hell for nothing but his own enjoyment. Unsatisfied with his work in Hell, Nergal, under the identity of Beroul, settles in Los Angeles to run his own hellish dimension where the damned souls are tortured and gruesomely executed in various ways by demons. He gets his supply of souls from comatose patients in hospitals. He's also a man-eater who regularly bathes in a pool of liquefied human bodies. The demon abducts the soul of the young Trish Chandler, keeping it inside his own body in order to compel John into getting rid of his five demonic rivals. After John fulfills his demand, Nergal doesn't keep his words and keeps Trish as a bargaining chip to force the man into working for him. When John turns against him, Nergal strangles Chas Chandler and gloats about his ill intentions for Trish.
  • Wonder Woman: Bloodlines: Medusa, upon being freed, murders Dr. Cyber and then kills Dr. Poison before using Poison's serum to strengthen herself. Going on a killing spree, Medusa petrifies and slaughters Amazons, proclaiming her intent to exterminate all of Themyscira, threatening to torture Hippolyta to death before trying to kill Diana in front of her people.

Other Continuities

  • All-Star Superman: Solaris the Tyrant Sun is a gigantic computer that wanders the cosmos, consuming stars for fuel and leaving the inhabited planets to die. Contacted by Lex Luthor to assist him in his master plan to defeat a dying Superman, Solaris turns the Sun red in an attempt to depower the Man of Steel. Supes counteracts this and leads an army of sapient robots to battle Solaris, but he destroys the army in one blast before announcing his plan to betray Luthor, consume the Sun and force the Earthlings to worship him as a deity or freeze to death in eternal darkness. Superman then tries to feed the Tyrant Sun to a Sun-Eater, but Solaris destroys it. Before Superman destroys the mad machine, Solaris turns the Sun blue to spite Superman by destroying his people.
  • Batman: Gotham by Gaslight: Jack the Ripper—in reality Commissioner James Gordon—is a psychotic Knight Templar and Serial Killer who believes in ridding Gotham of the "filth" of the streets, especially women. Kicking off a murder spree where he hunts down and slaughters numerous innocent women on the streets, the Ripper later tracks down and kills the kindhearted nun Sister Leslie. When he learns Dr. Hugo Strange has discovered his identity, the Ripper ambushes Strange and throws him to his own asylum's patients, who tear Strange apart. The Ripper then murders an old woman to frame Bruce Wayne for his crimes, and when Selina Kyle tries to prove his innocence, the Ripper targets her as well. The Ripper even regularly tortures his wife by burning the latter to "burn the sin away", until the latter has been utterly Driven to Madness. Utterly consumed by misogynistic fervor and a fanatic devotion to bloodshed, the Ripper showcases the true evil on Gotham's streets hiding within a human being.
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood: The Joker opens up the film by brutally beating the young Jason Todd, the second Robin, to a bloody pulp with a crowbar, before leaving him to die in an explosion he sets off. After Joker is released by a reluctant Black Mask from Arkham Asylum to kill Red Hood, Joker demonstrates his random violence by slitting the throat of one of his guards and shooting the other four dead, and soon after backstabs Black Mask by gagging him and the members of both his and Red Hood's gang, intending to burn them all alive for the purpose of getting Red Hood's attention. Once it's revealed Red Hood is in fact a resurrected Jason Todd and Batman turns the tides against Red Hood in the final confrontation, Joker tries to pin Batman down for the purpose of dying with both his arch-rival and Red Hood in an exploding building, absolutely ecstatic that he gets to die getting everything he wants.
  • Green Lantern: Emerald Knights: Atrocitus is a terrorist who has been imprisoned on an abandoned world for 700 years. Killing the first person who crash lands there, he commences a killing spree of Green Lanterns by making them overuse their power rings so he can butcher them at his leisure. When his fourth target, Abin Sur, manages to defeat Atrocitus, Atrocitus tries to smash the Lantern's power battery to take the planet with him. After Atrocitus is captured, he tries to break Abin Sur by prophesying his best friend's fall to evil.
  • Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles: Harley Quinn, as she appears in the "Twisted" short, stands in stark contrast to her mainstream portrayal. A psychopathic Serial Killer, Harley Quinn abducts civilians before mutilating and killing them, making "toys" out of their mangled corpses. When Batman rescues a teenage girl Harley kidnapped, she tries to kill them both. During their fight, Batman comes across a makeshift "family" of the people Harley has murdered, including a young boy.
  • Superman: Doomsday: Toyman is a criminal with an unhealthy obsession with children who views the entire world as his plaything. Taking advantage of Superman's death, Toyman uses a giant robot spider to rob banks, then uses the robot to take a school bus full of children hostage, threatening to drop the bus off a building if the cops don't let him keep the money. Lois Lane manages to save most of the kids, but a robot toy on the bus prevents her and one of the children from leaving. Seeing that most of the children he kidnapped have escaped, Toyman attacks Lois and the child. Toyman's robot throws the bus off the building with Lois and the child on board before being captured. Toyman quickly escapes from the police and attacks a day care center, where he kills a four-year-old.
  • Superman Unbound: Brainiac is a galactic-scale Control Freak and genocidal conqueror who seeks the knowledge of the universe, shrinking and stealing the city of Kandor for his goal while allowing the rest of Krypton to be destroyed by natural disaster. Later attacking another planet, Brainiac takes its capital before using a Solar Aggressor missile to cause its sun to explode, killing the rest of the population. Brainiac also has his drones come to each planet he invades and instructs them to kill inhabitants at random. Stealing Metropolis from Earth, Brainiac tortures Superman for information about Kandor before attempting to massacre the rest of Earth's population.
  • Superman vs. the Elite: Atomic Skull, a psychopath with a grudge against Superman, starts to murder civilians to lure Superman out. Atomic Skull is about to kill 2 women and a baby when Superman attacks him. Superman defeats Atomic Skull and he is arrested, later escaping and starting to kill more civilians. Superman and the Elite team up to defeat the Atomic Skull, but not before he kills Professor Baxter, a prominent Superman supporter. Atomic Skull is so vile, that he helps the Elite gain support for their brutal tactics from the public.

DC Showcase shorts

  • Catwoman: Rough Cut is a diamond smuggler who has taken up Human Trafficking. Kidnapping a dozen women at a time, Rough Cut has them placed in crates and sold into slavery. When his gang abducts teenager Holly Robinson, her friend Catwoman pursues them. She finds them trying to kill a cat for the jewels on its collar, and ends up chasing them. Rough Cut makes a semi truck crash in the hopes it will kill his enemy, before offering her a 10% cut if she leaves him alone.
  • Jonah Hex: Madame Lorraine is a seductress who makes a practice of enticing men and luring them into her clutches. Once she has them, Lorraine coldly shoots them dead, takes their money, and has her flunkies dump their bodies in a mine shaft. Lorraine comes into conflict with Jonah Hex after she kills one of his bounties and attempts to repeat the process on him. Once Hex forces Lorraine to show him where his bounty's body is, Lorraine shows him into the mine shaft, where the decaying bodies of all the men—at least 15 victims—Lorraine has killed are seen.
  • The Phantom Stranger: Seth is a centuries-old sorcerer who looks like an attractive young man. Discovering an ancient amulet that allowed him to retain eternal youth by draining the life of others, Seth would murder many people to keep himself immortal. Taking over one mansion whose previous owner is implied to have been murdered by him, Seth started luring teenagers there to drain their lives, and when he invited his latest victims, he managed to drain nearly all of them, only being stopped by The Phantom Stranger, whom he intended to keep as fuel, due to his large life aura, openly saying that he would slowly and painfully drain him for a hundred years.
  • Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam: Black Adam is presented here without any of his more redeemable traits. Once chosen as the Earth's savior, Adam's power consumed him to the point where he considered himself nothing less than a god, forcing Shazam to cast him out in a far point in space. Upon coming to Earth, the very first thing Adam does is redirect his impact path into an inhabited parking lot, before seeking out and intending to kill Shazam's next candidate, the young Billy Batson. Throughout his appearance, Adam shows glorification in exercising his own power over living beings, attempting to flood all of Fawcett City as a distraction and taking a hostage to force Billy to depower himself—later trying to kill the hostage anyways—while relating his supremacist philosophies to Billy. Once he's beaten, Adam contents himself with smugly trying to goad Billy into killing him. Adam would willingly hurt anyone and anything so long as the result would be to his benefit.


  • The Batman:
    • The Joker was once a man who wanted to make people laugh, but after he fell into a vat of chemicals, he became an insane, murderous Monster Clown and Batman's Arch-Enemy. Devoid of any empathy, Joker commits crimes he views as "jokes" at the expense of Gotham. Terrible things he's done include poisoning people with his deadly laughing gas; putting people in various death traps; torturing Detective Ethan Bennett for hours and causing Bennett's mutation into Clayface; impersonating Batman and gassing people for minor crimes; using Bane's venom to go on a rampage; attempting to drop a teenage boy into a vat of chemicals; frequently mistreating his henchmen and his girlfriend Harley Quinn, as well as abandoning them to be arrested or even to die; and filling the abandoned tunnels and mine shafts beneath Gotham with miles of dynamite to collapse the city to oblivion.
    • Professor Hugo Strange is an amoral psychiatrist who worked at Arkham Asylum; during his time there, he toyed with his patients' well-being just out of curiosity, in one instance curing Arnold Wesker of his split personality Scarface only to break his mind again. Strange became a full-fledged supervillain when he infected Batman with a hallucinogen that made the latter attempt to flood Gotham with fear toxin—hallucinating that it was the antidote for a Zombie Apocalypse—just so Strange could witness the results. In his grandest moment of depravity, Strange allies himself with the alien race known as the Joining, selling out humanity to be destroyed by the Joining and assisting the aliens in incapacitating the Justice League, all for nothing more than the promise of ultimate knowledge of the universe.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold:
    • Chun Yull, known exclusively as the Faceless Hunter, is the The Heavy of season 2's Starro Invasion Arc. Originally from the Saturnian moon Klaramar, the Hunter was an outcast among his people for being a violent hunter, and in retaliation, the Hunter made a deal with the planet-devouring being Starro to destroy his homeworld in exchange for being Starro's herald. Spending the following years mind controlling the populations of entire planets then offering them up for Starro to devour, the Hunter arrives on Earth to continue his work; however, he is forced to flee when the heroes of the Earth destroy Starro. Kidnapping the hero B'Wana Beast, the Hunter painfully forces him to use his powers to create a monstrous creature the Hunter plans to use to destroy the Earth, before moving on to the rest of the universe. Though the Hunter is beaten, B'Wana Beast is forced to sacrifice himself to save the Earth from the Hunter's machinations. Cruel and homicidal for no defined reason, the Faceless Hunter stood out as a surprisingly dark villain for this fairly lighthearted series.
    • Psycho Pirate, real name Roger Hayden, from season 1's "Inside the Outsiders!", is a sadistic supervillain who feeds on the emotions of his victims until he destroys their minds, standing out even among world conquerors and city destroyers as a despicable predator. Kidnapping three young, rookie superheroes, the Outsiders, as his latest victims, Psycho Pirate invades their minds and mentally tortures them with their worst fears and bad experiences. Forcing Katana to relive her master's death over and over, subjecting Black Lightning to constant hate and prejudice from everyone around him, and convincing Metamorpho that his supposed friends see him as a freak, Psycho Pirate severely harms the teenagers' psyches and even gets them to nearly snuff one another out. When Batman arrives, Psycho Pirate subjects him to a horrid illusion of the Outsiders dying, hoping to force the hero to give in to his murderous hatred so Psycho Pirate can devour his emotions and mind for good.
  • Batman vs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder and Ra's Al-Ghul are the leaders of the Foot Clan and League of Assassins, respectively, who struck a deal in the past. Shredder would help Ra's build a machine, capable of spreading dangerous mutagen across Gotham City, while Ra's in return would provide Shredder with the location of the Lazarus Pit, which would grant Shredder immortality. Shredder, invading various corporations and killing the staff who happened to be there and stealing technology, was able to nearly complete the machine, only failing to acquire the Cloud Seeder. Hearing about the failure, Ra's Al Ghul changed their plans and took Shredder with him to invade Arkham Asylum, killing all the guards there and freeing prisoners, but not before taking the formula for Joker Venom from The Joker and giving him mutagen, so that he could mutate the inmates to distract Batman and the Turtles. After Ra's hired The Penguin to steal the Cloud Seeder, he and Shredder take it away, killing all of Penguin's henchmen and threatening to kill him as well when he demanded a payment. Hoping to combine Joker Venom with mutagen and create a far more dangerous virus, that would not only painfully mutate people, but make them homicidal and extremely aggressive, Ra's and Shredder prepare to spread this to thousands of citizens of Gotham, to create chaos and destruction, before repeating this process around the world.
  • Beware the Batman: Anarky, Batman's Arch-Enemy, is a far cry from his comic version. An utter madman who views himself and Batman as two kings on a chess board, one representing order and peace, the other chaos and destruction, Anarky commits all of his crimes out of a pathological love for attention and a sheer enjoyment of being evil. In his first appearance, Anarky grants two petty crooks high-tech weaponry before sending them on a rampage through Gotham, after which he rigs two gondolas filled with people to explode unless Batman can stop them in time. Later, Anarky pits Batman and the League of Assassins against each other as part of a plan to unleash a lethal plague onto all of Gotham, and attempts to bomb a populated park filled with police officers while trying to frame Batman. At the end of the series, Anarky makes corrupting District Attorney Harvey Dent into evil his personal pet project, and successfully drives Dent to institute martial law in Gotham while threatening the lives of all those who stand in his way. In the sequel tie-in comic, Anarky unlocks every door in Gotham City for a single night, then tries to spur all of the citizens into a panic-induced riot that he hopes will tear Gotham apart in the ultimate display of chaos. Though soft-spoken and eerily polite, Anarky is the most wicked foe Batman faced in the series, having no empathy, no mercy, and no motive at all except his basic whims.
  • Gen¹³: The Movie: Ivana Baiul is the headmaster of an academy that invites what it considers the best and brightest into its ranks. However Baiul knocks out the students and performs dangerous experiments on them every night, hoping to give them superpowers and create an army of Super Soldiers, that she will use to overthrow the US government. When one of them, Caitlin Fairchild, develops super powers, Baiul wants her taken, either dead or alive, so she can run more experiments to create more superpowered beings. Baiul captures Fairchild's friends and has them tortured. When military aircraft arrive to investigate her base, Baiul orders them to be shot down. After the military forces get through her defenses, Baiul orders one of her troops to blow up the base. When he refuses, noting it would kill several of their own men in the process, Baiul kills him and activates the bombs after she escapes. Baiul's main henchman, Matthew Callaghan, believes the government killed his parents, but at the end of the film it is revealed that Baiul herself experimented on and killed his parents.
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series, by first appearance:
    • Myglom, from "Razer's Edge", is a seemingly moral warden of a Green Lantern prison, but is in actuality a sadist who masks his villainy as a "rehabilitation program". Myglom subjects dozens of prisoners to a machine that makes them relive their worst memories over and over again before webbing them up to be devoured at his leisure. When Hal Jordan and Kilowog deliver the Red Lantern Razer to Myglom's prison, Myglom subjects Razer to the same torments of his other prisoners, and when Hal and Kilowog realize Myglom's villainy, he captures them and plans to eat them alive after using his nightmarish machine on them.
    • Prince Ragnar, brother of Queen Iolande, is an unfathomably petty, spiteful narcissist. Craving the power of a Lantern so as to rule his world, he poisoned his life-long mentor Dulok to get his Lantern ring and later tried to do the same to Kilowog, believing himself the only one worthy of its power, before attempting to slit his own sister's throat to ensure if he couldn't rule, neither could she. In his second appearance, Ragnar's rage earns him a place in the Red Lanterns ranks, taking over his world with them and waging war on any resistance. He would then have the Red Lantern Corps plant a "Liberator" on his world, intending to exterminate his own people of 2 billion lives, simply to spite them all for not wanting him as a ruler.
    • The Anti-Monitor, the Big Bad of the second arc until Aya takes over, is an omnicidal machine obsessed with nothing less than the obliteration of everything in the universe that isn't himself. Built to be a knowledge-gathering robot, the Anti-Monitor quickly realized his superiority to all life in the cosmos, and was banished to another dimension soon after his proclamation to destroy everything in his path. The Anti-Monitor proceeded to turn trillions of planets in this alternate dimension into Anti Matter which he then consumed to make himself stronger, and, though making a deal with the last remaining planet's population to not consume them should they build him a portal back to his own dimension, the Anti-Monitor drained their sun of nearly all its life before he left, ensuring that the planet would still die soon after he was gone. Once back in his home dimension, the Anti-Monitor reactivates the Manhunter robots across the universe and orders them to kill everything they see, and, when confronted by Hal Jordan, the Anti-Monitor tries to force him to watch as first his friends, then entire worlds, are consumed before him. Even when beaten, the Anti-Monitor desperately tries to strike a deal with Aya to assist her in her plans to destroy reality itself to save his own hide. A megalomaniac who couldn't stand anything living except himself, the Anti-Monitor's narcissism was only matched by his petty sadism.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes: Brainiac 1.0 was a menace from the past who quickly became one of the most dangerous foes the Legion has ever faced. Brainiac 1.0 was introduced in a flashback, where he shrinks and steals the city of Kandor from Krypton. Within Kandor was a power source that was stabilizing Krypton, but with this power source gone Krypton was soon destroyed. Brainiac 1.0 himself was destroyed long ago, but his programming resided within Brainiac 5, cut off from the other systems, waiting for a chance to be released. This chance came when Brainiac 5 accessed Brainiac 1.0's programming to gain knowledge to defeat Imperiex. Though Brainiac 1.0's knowledge was useful in defeating Imperiex, every time he used it Brainiac 1.0 was able to gain more control. Brainiac 1.0 slowly corrupted Brainiac 5, until eventually he took control of Brainiac 5's body. Then Brainiac quickly betrays Imperiex—who had helped Brainiac 1.0 take over Brainiac 5's bodykilling him because he was no longer useful to him. Brainiac then proceeds with his plan to bring the entire universe under his control, by transforming all living beings in the universe into streams of data. After digitizing some planets, Brainiac returns to his home planet Colu and reprograms all the inhabitants there to serve as his army and aid in his quest to digitize the universe.
  • Ruby-Spears Superman:
    • Chilton Bone, from "Bonechill", was a former university professor fired for spreading his theories on the occult. Bone steals the Talisman of Olaf from the university and transforms himself into a ghoul named Bonechill who can create monsters. Bonechill creates monsters and sends them to kill some university students who could identify him. Bonechill also kidnaps the Daily Planet staff and puts them into death traps inspired by Edgar Allan Poe after they try to investigate him. Bonechill's end game is to create an army of monsters and have them destroy the university, attempting to kill everyone on the campus.
    • Dealmaker, from "The Last Time I Saw Earth", is an intergalactic criminal who hires a Bounty Hunter named Starrok to steal a NASA shuttle, with Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen on board. Starrok takes Lois, Jimmy and the rest of the crew to meet Dealmaker at a city he rules over. Dealmaker seems pleasant at first, offering them a feast to eat, but after the feast, he imprisons them in capsules and has his scientists study them. Dealmaker reveals that he is going to sell the Earth to some aliens who will become immortal if they devour humans. When Superman comes to rescue everyone, Dealmaker fills the capsules with poison gas.
  • Superman: Brainiac Attacks: Brainiac is an alien android who desires to conquer Earth and drive humanity back to the dark ages. After failing to kill Superman and having his entire body, aside from one chip, destroyed, Brainiac uses Lex Luthor to rebuild himself in a new more powerful body. Tracking down Superman on his date with Lois Lane, Brainiac attacks him in the middle of Metropolis, endangering countless numbers of innocent people in his quest to destroy his hated nemesis. After Superman's apparent death, Brainiac takes over Metropolis, causing more death and destruction. When Superman was revealed to be alive and starts to fight him, Brainiac deliberately targets hundreds of innocent bystanders to gain the edge over Superman in a fight. When the fight started taking too long, a frustrated Brainiac attempts to overload a nuclear reactor near the city to cause a giant explosion. When Superman defeats him, Brainiac follows him to the hospital and smashes the cure for the deathly sick Lois, simply out of spite.
  • Teen Titans: While Lighter and Softer than the comic, whenever these two show up, the tone darkens significantly.
    • Slade—never called "Deathstroke" here—was a cold, manipulative criminal mastermind. Slade's main goal throughout the series was to find himself an apprentice whom he could mold into being just as cruel and ruthless as he was. First targeting Robin, Slade came up with various schemes to test the Boy Wonder's mettle before finally infecting Robin's friends with nanobots that would destroy them from the inside out should Robin not follow Slade's every command. When his plans for Robin were thwarted, Slade next turned his attention to Terra. Taking advantage of her status as an outsider who would never be accepted because of her destructive powers, Slade manipulated her into joining and befriending the Titans, betraying them and finally trying to kill them. After Terra finds herself in over her head while fighting the Titans and retreats, Slade physically abuses her for defying his orders. When Terra tries to quit her apprenticeship, Slade reveals that the suit he gave her to enhance her powers also gave him complete control over her body and vowed that he would never let her go. Though Slade dies when Terra rebels against him, he is eventually resurrected by the demonic Omnicidal Maniac, Trigon, to act as the demon's dragon. Slade took a vicious pleasure in his work towards ensuring the apocalypse, mind raping Raven with visions of her destiny as the Antichrist and selling out all of humanity to Trigon in exchange for Trigon giving him back his soul. Even when Slade rebels against Trigon, it isn't out of altruism, but because Trigon refused to honor their bargain.
    • Trigon the Terrible himself, father of Raven, had conceived her solely to serve as a Human Sacrifice to become his portal into the realm of mortals so that he could destroy the Earth and all life on it, just as he did to Raven's homeworld of Azarath; Raven has been repressing her powers and emotions in order to avoid letting this come to pass. After Slade died in season 2, Trigon rescued him from Purgatory and offered him his life back were he to serve him in bringing Raven to her destiny. Trigon later comes to Raven in a vision, emotionally abusing her and cruelly attempts to break her will so that she submits to his demands of her. When Slade asks for his promised payment, Trigon calls the deal off because, thanks to Trigon's own manipulations, Raven had come to him willingly rather than Slade delivering her to him, and Trigon attempts to incinerate Slade on the spot. Trigon then destroys the world immediately as he arrives, turning all mortal life to stone and creating a Hell on Earth for him to reign over. He then plots to expand this destruction to all worlds in the dimension so that he could conquer the universe and all would worship him as a deity, and when the Titans fight back, he not only brings out their own dark sides to torment them for his amusement, but he tries to murder his daughter, whom he openly deems to be worthless.
  • Vixen: Benatu Eshu is a ruthless Zambesi warlord and season 2's Big Bad. Desiring the Totems of Zambesi, Eshu led a raid on Mari's village when she was an infant, massacring scores of innocents, upon learning that the village possessed the Anansi Amulet; among those killed was Mari's father, who Eshu callously executed when he attempted to stand against the madman. In the present, Eshu arrives in Detroit under the guise of an ambassador and continues his quests to find the totems. To achieve his goals, Eshu bribes a thief into stealing the Fire Totem for him, then promptly kills the man once he's no longer of any use. With the Fire Totem in his possession, Eshu attempts to kill Mari to steal the Anansi Amulet. Failing in this, Eshu goes on a city-wide rampage in a fit of homicidal rage, burning down a massive portion of Detroit in an effort to draw Mari out. When Mari and her allies attempt to stop him, Eshu incinerates Mari's sister Kuasa right before her eyes before trying to kill Mari herself. Even when he is stripped of the power of the Fire Totem, Eshu continues his attempt to murder Mari in order to steal her amulet and harness its powers for his own purposes.
  • Young Justice:
    • Orm the Ocean Master, first appearing in season 1, is the treacherous younger brother of Aquaman, King of Atlantis. Masquerading as a loyal brother and supporter of the crown, Orm participates in the evil activities of the council known as the Light, while attempting to seize Atlantis. Using a racist group of Atlanteans known as the Purifiers against the "impure" Atlanteans, Orm attempts to inspire them to wipe out anyone they deem as impure, knowing it will cause a civil war, after which he will take over what’s left. He also kidnaps his sister-in-law Mera and tries to drain her powers, slowly killing her, despite knowing well that she is pregnant. After the attempted genocide and civil war fail, Orm is eventually exposed and imprisoned for six years until he escapes. Seeking revenge, Orm intends to enact the "nuclear option": finding where the heroes' loved ones have their play dates, Orm waits until 18 of them have arrived, including babies and children alike, before planning to blow the house up and kill them all solely out of spite for being deservedly punished for his crimes.
    • Count Werner Vertigo is always second in line to the throne of Vlatava. Having murdered his brother, Vertigo also assists the Injustice League in destruction to gain a hefty ransom with no regard for the lives of the innocents in the cities he would see leveled. Trying to murder his 10-year-old niece Queen Perdita, Vertigo is eventually bested, only to later return as a major figure in the Bedlam Syndicate. Vertigo happily captures teenagers with the metagene, subjecting them to experimentation with a massive fatality rate, all to eventually take the throne of Vlatava, whoever he needs to murder along the way.
    • Frederick DeLamb, from season 3, is the security chief and brother to the Queen of Markovia; he is also secretly Baron Bedlam, leader of the heinous Bedlam Syndicate. Bedlam masterminds the capture and trafficking of countless young metahuman children and teenagers, having them tortuously experimented on and drowning them in a thick tar of his own creation to awaken their metagene. Killing enough of them to warrant regular mass burials of failed experiments, those who do survive are mutated and auctioned off as living weapons to the highest bidder. In his own grab for power in Markovia, Bedlam has his own sister and the King assassinated before killing the Quraci assassin himself, throwing pressure onto the Quraci populace as a convenient excuse to screen for more metagenes. Bedlam even has his own niece and nephew, Tara and Brion Markov, subjected to the experiments, mocking them later for how he's orphaned them. Bedlam attempts a coup in the season 3 finale, attempting to have his nephew Gregor's loyalists killed while snidely vowing never to stop trying to kill his family and take Markovia's throne-—a sentiment that prompts Brion to kill him.
    • Granny Goodness, aka Gretchen Goode, from season 3, is one of Darkseid's most powerful followers and a savage sadist underneath her kindly, grandmotherly facade. With a love of "discipline," Granny abuses and tortures her followers, conditioning them by forcing them to bear the conditions of her agonizing X-Pits, while operating a massive trafficking business that steals hundreds of young metahumans across the universe to be twisted into slaves for Darkseid. Gretchen uses her persona as Gretchen Goode to further this agenda on Earth by peddling a series of VR goggles that scan wearers for the metagene, repeatedly attempting to torture and break the heroes with a pleasant, cheery smile. Granny, upon discovering Halo is the living personification of the Anti-Life equation, attempts to use her to spread Anti-Life all across the universe, horribly killing off all non-meta life and utterly enslaving the metahuman survivors to Darkseid's will.


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