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"mission.The_Dark_Lord = destroy"
"You still don't get it, do you? The entire reason you sim troopers were allowed to live this long? It's because you're all losers. Control was confident that you'd do more damage to these people than they could ever do to themselves... Locus and I figure we let you rack up the casualty count, then kill you after a few weeks. But then, you did something special. You gave these people hope. And with that, came a new level of motivation. To fight harder, to die faster. All with the belief that their sacrifice might actually mean something. But you know what, it all means nothing! At the end of the day, if I'm stronger than you, and if I'm faster than you, then I can kill you. And that's better than anything money can buy."

Much like their western and film counterparts, Web Animation is not lacking in vile villains.

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  • Animator vs. Animation: The Dark Lord was created by the Animator with the intent of stopping The Chosen One's attack on his computer, but instead turned against his creator and teamed up with his target to destroy the Animator's computer, killing every sapient program in it. Upon escaping into the Internet, the Dark Lord would terrorize and slaughter the citizens of various websites, before creating an army of Computer Viruses with the intentions of destroying as many computers as he could for no particular reason, uncaring of how many programs would die because of it. When the newly-redeemed Chosen One and other animations try to stop him, the Dark Lord tries to kill his years-long friend, temporarily kills the Fighting Stick Figures, and brutally injures the Second Coming. Wanting nothing more than to cause as much destruction as possible, the Dark Lord proves himself to be the most ruthless villain of the series.
  • Bluebeard - An Animated Short (link): In this prequel to the original fairytale, Bluebeard is seen presenting his newest wife with a necklace with four heart symbols on it. After she moves into his castle, he warns her of a chamber that she must never enter. Months later, as he is about to leave on a business trip, she swipes the key from him and goes to search the room. Inside, she finds a Magic Mirror that shows skulls in the reflections of the heart symbols of her necklace, revealing Bluebeard killed his previous four wives for disobeying his order to not enter the room, and uses the heart symbols on the necklaces to tally his kills. Bluebeard returns and kills her before moving on to his sixth wife.
  • Captain Canuck (link): Mr. Gold is a petty Arms Dealer who wants to move on to grander things, wanting to possess Captain Canuck's nano tech for himself. Mr. Gold lures Captain Canuck to Ottawa on Canada Day, planting a bomb at Parliament Hill, which endangers thousands of people. Gold does this so his henchman, Blue Fox can get some skin cells from Captain Canuck. When Blue Fox complains about Mr. Gold not telling her about the bomb, Mr. Gold attacks her. Although Mr. Gold claims he wants to use Captain Canuck's nano tech to make the world a better place, it's clear from his thirst for power and disregard for human life that he only cares about himself.
  • Chadam: Viceroy is the main villain of the series, kidnapping and conducting experiments on people to extract their imagination glands for him to feast on and get stronger just to satisfy his scientific curiosity. This process has the people he kidnaps turn into the zombie-like Pallids who mindlessly feast after glands, bringing catastrophe and death to the city of Vulture, something he shows complete apathy to. Viceroy later kidnaps a young girl named Ripley for which he attempts to extract her gland for him to devour.
  • Crypt TV's Woman in the Book (link): Antonio Navarro is a renowned book publicist, known in his community as a loving and generous man, but behind closed doors, is a deranged and misogynistic abuser. Obsessed with having a male heir, Antonio kept his wife, Christina, captive in a dungeon, continuously raping her, and beating her when he discovers her writing material. Whenever Christina would give birth to a girl, Antonio would murder the infant and cover it up with a stillbirth claim, before starting anew. After Antonio murders six of their daughters, he sneeringly tells Christina he'll let the next one live if it's a boy. When a broken Christina ends up drowning their son, Antonio drowns and smothers her to death. He then discovers Christina and his Curandera were working to expose him, and that the Curandera cursed made a curse to that Christina would live on; Antonio locks the Curandera in his dungeon, leaving her to die as he starts his search for a new wife to give him a new son.
  • Deus ex Machina (2007): Leonard Phillips is a sociopathic scientist who seeks to develop a suit of power armor for his boss. To this end, he turns a Covenant elite into a killing machine, and then commits robberies to fund himself, having his assistant kill any witnesses. When he learns about Deus Ex Machina's exploits, he has a civilian killed as a warning and threatens to kill more.
  • Harmony & Horror: Martin Greywhinder is the depraved co-founder of M&H Harmony Toys. Once a loving husband, he grew hateful, abusive, and cruel when he learned that his wife had children with his brother. Martin allied with demonic forces and aired a haunted TV program that horribly mangled the children who watched it. He also murdered his young intern, ripping her spine out. Martin kills his wife Gloria and shoots his brother, fusing him with an animatronic and forcing him to help murder Gloria's children, using Satanic rituals to force them into agonizing toy bodies. In his obsession with control, he turns his dog into a monster and tries to force him to kill the infant Ava. Martin continues to kidnap, mutilate, and kill swaths of children, using their souls to make them into living toys unable to die.
  • The Last Lamia: Dr. Theodore Erswick is the sociopathic leader of Avatech's Project Ascension. After forming a Faustian deal with a tribe of Lamias, Erswick has them kidnapped from their beds at night to conduct excessive experiments and Electric Torture on them, before wiping their memories so that his pact can remain intact. Erswick would later gleefully murder off all the Lamias when instructed, and when he comes across the dying Lamia, Sovereign, he tortures her by shooting her repeatedly, then burns her alive for his amusement. Erswick would later conduct horrific and torturous experiments on innocent people, killing them or transforming them into mindless monsters in constant agony. When rebel leader Xander makes a deal with Erswick to save his sister, Erswick betrays him and instead injects all four members of the rebel group with an experimental formula, with Lani burning to death from the inside and technician Brec transforming into another monster as a result.
  • Meta Runner:
    • Dr. James Sheridan, upon being revealed to have survived the lab incident, is the true mastermind of the series. Originally a scientist working for TASCorp, he, under the threat of being terminated, initiates Project Blue as a means of revolutionizing the gaming industry. His ego bruised by Derek Lucks stealing the idea of the Meta Runner arm from him, Sheridan went into hiding, orchestrating events which climaxed in hacking Masa's arm to force him to shoot Lucks. After incriminating Masa, Sheridan joins forces with Evelyn Claythorne and tries to kill his creation Tari and revive Lucinia to make her part of his team. Torturing and brainwashing Belle and Masa, Sheridan's madness reaches its peak when he transfers all Meta Runners into his server to force them to kill each other over and over while their physical bodies decayed.
    • Evelyn Claythorne is a Spoiled Brat willing to sink to her lowest to satiate her immense ego. Resenting Tari for getting more attention, Evelyn tries to kill her upon learning of her and MD-5's plan to expose TASCorp. When Dr. James Sheridan recruits her with the promise of exacting vengeance on Tari, Evelyn sadistically rips data fragments from Tari and personally crushes Theo to death to drag out Tari's despair. Fully complicit in Sheridan's scheme, Evelyn sends several Meta Runners into his server sentencing them to a painful death and respawning, taking sadistic glee in this.
  • Outpost 99 (link):

    Q - Z 
  • Red vs. Blue: In a universe that runs on Comedic Sociopathy, these villains are more sociopathic than comedic.
    • The Recollection (seasons 6-8) & The Project Freelancer Saga (seasons 9-10): Sigma, representing the Alpha's ambition and creativity, is the evilest AI in the Meta. Interested in becoming human, Sigma gradually took over the mind of Agent Maine and increased his violence. He also manipulated Agent Carolina into getting two AI, leading to a mental breakdown, and helped torture the Alpha. Using Maine, Sigma stole Carolina's AI before nearly killing her. As part of the Meta, Sigma hunted down other Freelancers for their equipment and AI. The AI would be forcibly implanted into the Meta, whether they were willing or not. He also slaughtered multiple simulation teams as well as any recovery agents encountered. In a final bid to steal the Alpha, Sigma and the Meta attacked Freelancer Command, killing everyone stationed there and cornering and almost killing Agent Washington. Even with his destruction by EMP, Sigma's manipulation ensured that the broken Maine would continue to act as the Meta.
    • The Chorus Trilogy (seasons 11-13) has two members of Charon Industries:
      • Malcolm Hargrove, the Chairman of the UNSC Oversight Subcommittee, poses as a Reasonable Authority Figure to hide his massive list of crimes. Using his position as the CEO of Charon Industries, Hargrove illegally used UNSC soldiers as a private security force. Starting up an investigation against Project Freelancer, Hargrove used it to take Freelancer's technology for his own use while arresting anyone involved in the project, even going as far as releasing a Serial Killer from prison to help him. Finding alien artifacts on the planet Chorus, he hired a group of space pirates to kill everyone on the planet by manipulating them into a Civil War. Hargrove sent ships containing cargo for the mercenaries to use to the planet, where the mercenaries killed everyone on the ship and stole the cargo for their own use. When the Reds and Blues got involved, Hargrove took advantage by having them escalate the conflict with the intention to kill them when they were no longer necessary. When the mission was jeopardized, Hargrove threatened to kill his lead mercenaries by sending a new agent to finish the job. When exposed, Hargrove decided to kill as many of the people as possible out of spite rather than surrender.
      • Felix, real name Isaac Gates, is a psychopath with a love for killing. When he fought in the Great War, he never showed any mercy to his enemies, even those that were trying to surrender. When one of his teammates, Locus, was broken by the war, Felix kept him from getting help and molded him into his partner. Hired by Hargrove as one of the space pirate leaders to create a civil war on the planet Chorus, the mercenary took pleasure in infiltrating one of the sides while he was leading them to their deaths. He also led the raid on a prison ship where the entire crew is killed and the prisoners who are not worthy to join forces with him ejected from the ship. Hearing about the Purge, a temple that could exterminate all life on the planet, Felix personally led the operation to activate it, dismissing the certain deaths of his own soldiers as acceptable losses. In the end, Felix proved to be unwilling to listen to any attempt at reasoning, whether it be from Washington, the Reds and Blues, or even his own partner.
    • The Shisno Trilogy (seasons 15-17): Genkins, aka a Trickster God, was part of a false pantheon of gods, the "Cosmic Powers", meant to trick other species into subservience. Desiring true godhood, he joined forces with Chrovos to remake the universe In Their Own Image. He proceeded to help manipulate the Reds and Blues into causing a Time Crash, going as far as to exploit Wash's PTSD he gained from his neck injury and generating a mini black hole to sadistically murder Huggins when she tried to interfere. After the time crash, Genkins traveled around the time stream to cause further paradoxes to further weaken Chrovos's prison. Eventually, Genkins stole Chrovos's power to devour them alive, before trapping the Reds and Blues in the Labyrinth so they could be psychologically tortured to the point of committing suicide.
    • Zero (season 18): Zero, the leader of Viper, desired revenge against the Alliance of Defense for dropping the project GLASS and taking away his chance to be the leader of Shatter Squad. Desiring the Ultimate Power, Zero attacked several bases in order to steal artifacts and coordinates for temples, viciously slaughtering those who got in his way, having Washington tortured, and only sparing those who he wanted to trounce again in the future. Finally achieving his goal, Zero declared his intention to "burn the world down" and "destroy everything", all to show off his own strength out of petty spite.
  • Rest In Peace (link): The Governor is seemingly just a friendly official in a happy, nameless town. Actually a man-eating demon, the Governor uses his influence to keep citizens ignorant of the dangers of an ever-growing hole to which he is connected. Organising the carnival in the name of his latest victim, Governor uses the opportunity to get rid of two protesters who spoke against him, showing them his true form before eating them.
  • Sherwood (2019): The Sheriff of Nottingham is the ruler of the now-almost-entirely-sunken London. At some point in the past, he gained the trust of "King John" and imprisoned him, leading everyone to believe that the King's will was for him to rule in his absence. He wastes no time creating a totalitarian regime where the wealthy upper class uses Lovecraftian-like robots to steal rations and medicine from the lower classes, leaving them starved and prone to disease. Hating his dependence on the lower classes to survive, the Sheriff spends most of the series hatching a plan to make the Upper City mobile, which damages the ecosystem further in the process. Next, he sends his robots to steal all food and medicine, leaving the citizenry to suffer a particularly violent epidemic that makes the victim cough blood before dying. When the protagonists try to contain the explosion of a power reactor, the Sheriff, now accepting of death. refuses to help them. On top of everything, he is also an abusive father, a sadist, and he attempts to kill his only ally once he sees no more use for him.
  • Something Scary:
    • The Gator Man of Elmendorf: The titular Gator Man, Joe Ball—loosely based on the real Serial Killer—seems to be a friendly bartender, who secretly lures or kidnaps women to feed to alligators on his farm. He is considered a local hero for leading the search for one of him youngest victims, earning the trust of said victim's family. Ball maims and kidnaps a man looking for his sister Ball kidnapped, intending to feed them both to the gators; said sister is being forced to participate in his crimes, and is seen feeding the gators a severed arm. When exposed, Ball intends to kill the detective investigating him, and when incapacitated, throws himself into the gator pit to avoid being arrested, laughing maniacally as he's eaten alive.
    • The Monster Who Mocks: The titular monster of this shory—dubbed the Mimic—is a humanoid shapeshifting creature who approaches a delinquent boy being disciplined at a boot camp. The Mimic makes a deal with the boy and tells him it can give them both what they want before taking his form. The Mimic proceeds to set the boy up for a series of dangerous and deadly pranks around the camp, continuously getting him into trouble. When the boy goes to confront the Mimic, the true horror is revealed; the Mimic knocks the boy out and he awakens to find his school reduced to a flaming wreck, with the Mimic slaughtering and devouring staff and students alike, assimilating their body parts. The Mimic sarcastically thanks the boy for the opportunity, before disappearing into the woods.
    • Spring Heeled Jack: The titular Spring-Heeled Jack is a demon that terrorizes Victorian England, preying on children during night hours. Jack prides itself in the terror he instills in his victims, using their fear to strengthen himself. Capturing the brother of a girl he earlier kidnapped, Jack attempts to eat one of them and force the other to watch. Blown apart by his would-be victims, Jack vows to return to exact vengeance on them and their descendants for trying to stop him.
  • Sunset Paradise: Sir Benedict Cumbersnatch is the leader of the Port Aurora Crime Syndicate. Once a powerful crime boss, Benedict attempted to steal the Phoenix Egg to use it ashes to become immortal and make a criminal empire that will last forever, uncaring that this will cause death and ruin to come to Port Aurora. Benedict is stopped and sealed inside an egg-shaped body by Sheriff Aloysius Bori, but only after mortally wounding the latter. Returning 100 years later, Benedict forms a crime syndicate to help him with his plans, while also ordering the Spud Buds to kill Aloysius' grandson, Auri Bori, just to spite his deceased Arch-Enemy. When Meggy and Auri interfere with his plans, Benedict has the Funky Fource frame them for attempting to assassinate Mayora Bora, before attempting to kill the duo with a bomb. Upon taking over Port Aurora's lighthouse, causing pain to several children in the process, Benedict has his minions rampage throughout the island, uncaring if anyone gets killed in the process. When confronted by Meggy and Auri, Benedict manages to kill Auri by attempting to shoot Meggy with a laser, forcing Auri to sacrifice himself to save her, before proceeding to gloat about it and attempts to use the Phoenix Egg to restore himself to his original form and resurrect his criminal empire.
  • Unclassified Encounter:
    • Lucius Varus, in the distant past, was a soldier for the Roman Empire. During one of their many big battles, Lucius's entire army was killed by an enemy, and Lucius was mortally injured. Lucius, in an effort to survive, would start eating the dead body of one of his fallen enemies, discovering that he could gain immortality by eating human flesh. Lucius returned to Rome and started luring people to him so he could kill and eat them to keep himself alive. After the Roman Empire fell, Lucius would become a traveller going from place to place and participating in anything that would retain his immortality. Lucius would participate in many historical atrocities including assisting Elizabeth Báthory, the Sawney Bean group of cannibals, as well as personally being responsible for the Jack the Ripper killings, the Man from the Train slayings, and the Hinterkaifeck killings. In "Episode Five: ELAH", Lucius disguised himself as a doctor on the British ship the Bickleigh Bridge. When one of the people on the ship recognized Lucius as the one who murdered her family, Lucius tries to kill her.
    • "Episode Three: NERTHOL": The unnamed alien was sent by its superiors to scout out humanity for an unknown mission. The unnamed alien attacks the RAF Pengam Moors, launching a beam weapon at it that instantly destroys it, killing thousands of people in the process. The alien then goes onto the ground inside a high-powered suit and kills anyone that survives his initial attack, viewing humanity as nothing more than pests that need to be eliminated.
    • "Episode Five: ELAH": Captain Krancke is captain of the Admiral Scheer, working for the German Army during World War II. In an effort to weaken the British forces, Krancke is leading a massive campaign to sink various British merchant ships, in an effort to prove to his superiors that this idea is effective so he can have the approval to sink even more British merchant ships. Captain Krancke attacks the Bickleigh Bridge after sinking another ship previously, killing many people in both of these sinkings.
  • The Walten Files' "The Mysterious House": The Pumpkin Rabbit is a robotic, masked rabbit who invites two children named Duckie and Tammy to his house to stay over for the night. In reality, however, he's a sadistic Serial Killer who has been killing children like this for what's implied to be years. Once Tammy enters one of the rooms in the house, she finds the mutilated corpses of Duckie and three other kids who met the same fate before them. Once the Pumpkin Rabbit sees her, he kills and mutilates her corpse too, escaping without any punishment for his crimes.