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"Lucian looked up into Thresh’s ravaged features. His eyes were voids, dark holes into emptiness. Whatever Thresh had been in life, nothing now remained. No compassion, no mercy and no humanity."
—On Thresh, "Shadow & Fortune" (Chapter 4)

In the Fantasy Kitchen Sink world of Runeterra, among the various competing factions, these stand as the evilest.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!


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Main Continuity legends

  • Evelynn, Agony's Embrace: Evelynn, an exceptionally sadistic demon who takes the form of a succubus, has existed since the Rune Wars, glutting herself on the agony of millions. When the Rune Wars ended and Evelynn was forced to start working for her food, Evelynn fashioned herself a form pleasing to mortal eyes, tempting lustful mortals into her clutches. All the countless dozens who fall into her clutches are tortured to death, with Evelynn particularly preferring to flay her prey alive. Evelynn is so sadistic that she'll torture a loving husband to death while making his wife watch, and she eventually desires to plunge all of Runeterra into chaos to feed on a steady supply of easy agony once again.
  • Fiddlesticks, the Ancient Fear: Fiddlesticks, a malevolent demon and being as old as the world itself, delights in stalking its prey, repeating the final words of its many victims to new ones. Fiddlesticks gleefully attempts to mentally torture any victim it finds and is known to agonizingly slaughter its prey, even children. In "Voices", Fiddlesticks spends its time haunting a small village, eventually killing everyone within until coming at last for the one remaining inhabitant.
  • Hecarim, The Shadow of War: Hecarim, once an ambitious lieutenant who set his commander up to die for not naming him his successor, went on to happily raze villages and slaughter innocents for his paranoid king and, after the death of the queen, talked the king into allowing him to attack neighboring nations. Convincing the imprisoned Kalista to reveal the location of the Blessed Isles to the king, Hecarim pretends to take her side only to stab her in the back and ordered the villages ransacked. Eventually dying, Hecarim lives on as an evil spectre, killing any who happen upon the Shadow Isles.
  • Jhin, the Virtuoso: Khada Jhin is a crazed Serial Killer-turned-assassin who reveals a hidden dark side to the once-pure Ionian council. Originally convicted for mass murder in the province of Zhyun, Jhin was set free by shady elements in the council, and hired to serve as their "secret weapon" of sorts. "Mind of the Virtuoso" shows us his crimes through his eyes, as he casually murders four different people, seeing all of their deaths as a painting created by his gun. Jhin lives to kill, and as long as the Ionian elders have a grip on him, the law cannot touch him. His in-game dialogue also details an old plan of his to assassinate Shen's father, the master of the Kinkou Order, before Zed beat him to the punch. Now he wants to kill both of them, Zed as revenge for stealing his spotlight, and Shen to serve as his father's "stand-in". In the Zed comic, Jhin's vile acts culminate when he gleefully bombs the settlement of Nanthee, causing massive destruction and countless deaths.
  • LeBlanc, the Deceiver: LeBlanc is the secret master of the land of Noxus. Having once helped to overthrow Mordekaiser by having the lands bloodily invaded, LeBlanc took up the reigns as the secret master of the Black Rose cabal, where she conducts a number of wars and campaigns, manipulating the fortunes of the empire. Having also destroyed numerous minds for her schemes, LeBlanc has a deep enmity for General Jericho Swain, using pawns to be destroyed in testing him while also seeking his downfall, despite her lust for him. LeBlanc is also closely allied to the monstrous Elise, the Spider Queen, for centuries supplying a regular stream of acolytes for Elise to sacrifice.
  • Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant: Mordekaiser was once a mortal man by the name of Sahn-Uzal. Believing that conquest would give him a glorious afterlife in the Hall of Bones, he set about destroying every village and tribe he could to build his glorious empire of death. When he died and realized his fate was false, a wave of anger grew in him. He communicated to the living realm, promising great power to anyone who brings him back. When he was resurrected by a group of sorcerers, he repaid them by brutally murdering all of them and using their souls to make the mighty Mace, Nightfall. He then began his second conquest where he continued slaughtering more innocents for his plan. During this time he kidnapped a Yordle sorcerer named Veigar for his own twisted needs, brutally torturing him, an act that Mordekaiser has fond memories of. When he was eventually killed and returned to the land of the dead, Mordekaiser used the enslaved souls of all the people he killed during his second conquest, using the souls of the weak as building blocks for his new undead empire, their screams sounding like music to him. Now he waits to rise again and bring more death and destruction upon the world of the living.
  • Tahm Kench, the River King: Tahm Kench, an obese water demon with an insatiable hunger, lurks in Bilgewater's rivers and seas, seeking the desperate so he can entice his victims into accepting his bargains. Tahm Kench lavishes unimaginable fame and fortune upon his marks, allowing his victims enough time to truly cherish their wealth, before eventually coming back and taking everything they hold dear. In his teaser trailer, Tahm Kench recounts a time where he tempted a gambler who eventually struck rich and was to be married to a princess, only for Tahm to return years later and snap up everything, from the wedding gifts, to the buffet, to the bride herself. Living only to satisfy his bottomless stomach, Tahm Kench has terrorized Runeterra since ancient times, pulling the same trick over and over again, and his silver tongue conceals a pitch-black heart.
  • Thresh, the Chain Warden: Thresh, the secret architect of the Ruination, began life as Brother Grael, a simple custodian of ancient secrets who had always had dark leanings and a Lack of Empathy. When Viego came upon the Blessed Isles, Thresh capitalized on the slaughter and manipulated Viego into abusing the Waters of Life, resulting in not only the death of Thresh's entire order, but the corruption of all life on the Blessed Isles. Thresh came to embrace his transformation into a wraith, and set about capturing the souls of countless people to keep them in constant agony within his lantern; among his endless victims is Senna, the wife of Lucian, resulting in Lucian and Thresh becoming steadfast arch-enemies. Later in the Ruined King Saga, Thresh resurrected Viego and manipulated him onto another path of carnage, hoping to cause a second Ruination large enough to swallow all of Runeterra and plunge every living soul into his grasp. Unbound from the Shadow Isles since then, Thresh continues to reap the souls of any unlucky innocents who cross his path.
  • Urgot, the Dreadnought: Urgot, once a proud Sociopathic Soldier in the service of Noxus, was betrayed to the depths of Zaun by the usurper Swain. Hardening himself in the cruel depths of a chemtech mine called the Dredge, Urgot founded himself a new philosophy: pain is strength, and only the strong survive. Urgot took over the Dredge, butchered anyone who failed to meet the standards of his excruciating trials, then incited a riot that threw all of Zaun into chaos and death. Urgot now stakes out an ever-growing following in Zaun, making his mark by violently massacring chem-barons, everyone associated with them, and random witnesses, in one case leaving only one young would-be gangster alive to spread the word of his carnage. In "Child of Zaun", Urgot rewards a young cultist who survived an earlier massacre with painful death for his loyalty, twisting his followers into fodder with which he attempts to wage slaughter on both Zaun and Piltover. With a wrath that doesn't even preclude children, Urgot's final vision for the world is a grand and bloody war that he hopes to eventually steer to Noxus, so he can consume both Swain and the nation that betrayed him.

Main Continuity others

  • Zed comic: Master Kusho of Ionia was once a noble warrior who mentored the hero Zed. Succumbing to a dark lust for power in the wake of the war with Noxus, Kusho fakes his death and unleashes the monstrous Khada Jhin on the populace to slaughter numerous civilians, while preparing for a war with Noxus. With his forces killing many Ionians to stoke nationalist fervor, Kusho intends to rule Ionia and annihilate other nations, so one by one they fall to his new rule.

Alternate Continuities