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"[Xykon] seems funny and charming, but believe me, when you see for yourself the depths to which he'll sink—you will never sleep well again."

"I ripped off my own living flesh so that I wouldn't have to admit weakness. You're strictly little league compared to that. That right there? That's the difference between bonafide true Evil with a capital "E" and your whiny "evil, but for a good cause," crap. One gets to be the butch, and one gets to be the bitch—bitch."
Xykon, to Redcloak, The Order of the Stick, Start of Darkness

Just because Webcomics are online, doesn't mean they lack utterly despicable villains.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    A - H 
  • 5 Elementos: In a series filled with gags that constantly mocks its own premise, this trio stands out due to their awful actions.
    • Doctor Ebola is a virus elemental and the greatest scientist of his era. Murdering his superior to take his place, Ebola manipulates his team in order to create the forbidden Dusk Virus—a virus that empowers its host but eventually causes their death—before being discovered for the Secret Soldiers and Sebastian Rattengift. Killing all of them except Ember Llamaviva, which got accidentally infected with the Dusk Virus, Ebola moves to Beluga Town searching for Sebastian's family to obtain the Kimikoho—a ability that allowed him to see the chemical components of matter with his bare eye—before killing them except their baby Matarratas, which Ebola gives to an orphan girl to be raised as her brother while he watches them in the disguise of Desangrador, the chemistry teacher of the school, until Ebola discovered the Dusk Virus inside Kaji Llamaviva, son of Ember. Deciding that Matarratas was no longer useful, Ebola tries to kill him and his friends before being stopped. Returning later, Ebola returns to the Royal Army at the direct service of the King to help him in his invasion of the New World to reach Aya, the World Tree. Using several infected enemy Earth Elementals as workforce in an act that disgust even his colleague and former rival Colonel Blood, who Ebola murders, Ebola plans to reach its roots and infect Aya with the Dusk Virus and kill every non-Virus elemental in the world.
    • Kold Briz is a captain in a region bordering the forbidden beach. Ordered to capture the protagonists, Briz shows no mercy, even to the children. He later confesses to have participated in the genocide of Earth elementals in the infamous Day Zero and to have killed his fellow soldiers for their elements. Saving his own life by freezing himself, Briz comes back to aid in the invasion to the New World before finding his old enemies and trying to kill them in revenge, promising to give them a painful death while telling to the family of his victim that he was just "finishing the job" by killing their adoptive brother. A seemingly polite man, Kold Briz is a genocidal Sociopathic Soldier that is as cold as his element.
    • Colonel Turtle was a average soldier with Metallic powers turned into a powerful cyborg for Colonel Blood, and a nationalist soldier whose belief is that the best defense is a good offense, which translated into reacting with violence to any issue, such as almost beheading a prisoner when interrogating him. A man in love with war and carnage, Turtle happily reacts to the orders to invade the New World, where he can kill his enemies with no mercy with no regard for the consequences, including endangering the World Tree itself. When ordered to capture Lluvia Aquarrica, Turtle brutally beats her and her friends and tries to kill her best friend with his metallic claw in front of her before declaring that his coworker was a traitor for daring to order him to obey orders. A self proclaimed "Perfect Soldier" that embodies the worst of the militarism of the current regime, Turtle claims to love the army but disobeys orders that don't involve killing, disgusting even his creator, Colonel Blood.
  • Al'Rashad: City of Myths: The evil Dalakhra Ka'Kymal is one of the High Lords of Al'Rashad who betrays the city to the sorcerous empire of Ra-Boka. Dealing in slaves primarily, Dalakhra keeps those in the dungeons pliant by serving them water laced with a highly addictive drug, and using a group of pirates to destroy a ship of the Gundring people to eliminate their king Alric. Later murdering Al'Rashad's Caliph, Dalakhra reveals he also keeps undead soldiers he has personally killed and revived, trapping them in their bodies. Bringing an army of such soldiers, Dalakhra intends to conquer Al'Rashad to rule it himself, no matter how many of the city's 700,000 people he must kill in the process.
  • Breakfast of the Gods: Count Chocula is the mastermind of the entire plot, making his move once King Vitaman goes into a deep slumber to power the force field that protects Cerealia. Determined to locate Vitaman's resting place, Chocula kidnaps and brutally tortures several mascots, from Buzz Bee to the Rice Krispies, and, once they reveal they know nothing, has them continuously tortured or outright killed for fun. After manipulating Ayummayumma into getting his entire tribe slaughtered in a suicide mission, Chocula ruthlessly executes Cap'n Crunch, allowing his friends to live following the ordeal just to let them suffer more. Once coming under the assault of Tony the Tiger and many other mascots, Chocula not only reveals he has kept Sonny and Fruit Brute as his tortured prisoners to be used as attack dogs, but also that he has made an alliance with the Sogmaster and his army of Soggies. Chocula hopes to use the Sogmaster to destroy Cerealia's force field, thus allowing Chocula free reign to slaughter and feast upon each and every mascot in the land. Count Chocula was a heartless monster whose sole desire was to turn Cerealia into a buffet for himself to gorge on, sacrificing the lives of countless innocents simply to satisfy his sweet tooth.
  • Danger Zone One: Here are the worst criminals PCPD officers Reena Saffron and "Maniac" Madison Wynter have faced.
    • "Nightmare Island" arc: Daedin Alacore is the chairman of Alacore Industries, and the one responsible for the degradation of Volkan Island. Having secured a deal with a company to supply them with non-human Super Soldiers, Alacore took advantage of the deranged Dr. Beverly Hastings's plans to create the perfect marine-human hybrid by assisting her with her plans of world domination in return for her formula. Hastings would go on to kill dozens of people to test out her newest creation, with Alacore even ordering her to kill the scientists on the island to cover up loose ends. Once Alacore acquires the formula, he sends out the ninja Kijo to take out Hastings and her Subject 37 creature, feeling that they've outlived their usefulness.
    • "Fantasy Funland" arc: "Miss Bliss" is an elusive criminal on the ShadowNet who makes a living offering her services to others through the Black Market. Having engaged in crimes like drug trafficking and selling hazardous sex androids in the past, Bliss offers her services to struggling Fantasy Funland owner Dalton Trayer, establishing a human trafficking operation underneath the park to sell young women's organs for money. In her spare time, Bliss engages in torturing women until they break, gaining an immense amount of pleasure from it. Having captured Madison to be tortured for information, Bliss decides to keep her as her own personal pet, before attempting to kill Reena once she escapes and frees her stock.
    • Drezz Vargo is a twisted Pyromaniac with a mile-long rap sheet of arson and destruction. Vargo offered his services to those on the DarkNet, such as supplying Mr. Jack with enough explosives to destroy six city blocks, anticipating the amount of death that would've ensued. After faking his death to ward off the police, Vargo decided to work for scam artist Len Fyzer on his plan to destroy unoccupied NewGen factories. Trapping Reena and Madison in a factory, Vargo reveals that he implanted an explosive that will destroy an entire city block, laughing as he leaves them to die. After getting fed up with Fyzer's conscience, Vargo tries to have him, Reena, and Madison killed in a collapsing warehouse with plans to murder NewGen's boss Tyrone afterwards.
  • Dracula Everlasting: Dracula himself, upon his return to life, possesses his descendant Nicholas Harker and begins killing women for their blood, beginning with the mother of the young witch Hecate Ambrose. Targeting other women, Dracula later kills the mother of heroine Jill, Miranda, with her own stake. Having his vampire brides slaughter a police station, Dracula revives Hecate's mother as a vampire to torment her, and has his loyal servitors, the Renfield family, wiped out, save only the heir Mason, when they fail him. Gleeful in his nature as a predator, Dracula is as wicked as he ever was over a century prior.
  • The Dreamland Chronicles: The Dreamer is the master of the nightmare Hive Mind known as Abbadon, and the real power behind the Nightmare Realm. The Dreamer is, in actuality, Gilgamesh, whose pursuit of immortality led him to steal the dream-bodies of thousands of children to stave off his own death for millennia, trapping them in eternal nightmares to feast off the fear and agony. Gilgamesh, through Abbadon, manipulates King Nicodemus and all the misery in the plot, finally debuting in the final few chapters in his attempt to gain passage to Earth and destroy all life upon it. When Nicodemus is mortally wounded and begs him for help, Gilgamesh leaves him to die, and in a last-ditch move to gain the advantage in the final battle, Gilgamesh devours the souls of all the children he's kept trapped for a power boost.
  • Drowtales:
    • Snadhya'rune of the Sharen is steadily revealed as the closest thing the series has to a Big Bad. Snadhya masterminds the rise of the Nidraa'chal, a terrorist faction that specifically makes a focus on targeting civilians, in order to throw the city of Chel into chaos. Snadhya also masterminds the murder of her mother in order to seize more power, using her daughter Kalki as the Nidraa'chal's proxy leader to keep herself out of the spotlight. Snadhya is also a sexual predator at Orthobbae, the school she runs and also where she recruited many of the Nidraa'chal's members by seduction, including her longtime lover Mel'arnach. Snadhya uses Mel as a tool and sends Mel back to her controlling and brutal mother Quain'tana Val'Sarghress ,who breaks Mel's arms and holds her captive for 15 years. When Snadhya has several Sarghress captives, she toys with them before sadistically executing them to show off her new airship. Then when Kalki defies an order from Snadhya for the second time, Snadhya coldly informs her that she has run out of chances and has her killed by her summons without any emotion whatsoever.
    • Sene'Kha Vloz'Vress was the Drow responsible for turning the Vloz'Vress from a quirky Ragtag Band of Misfits into a far more sinister organization via manipulation of its super powerful, but child-minded ruler Kharla. Sene'Kha uses Kharla to kill her opposition or turn them into living dolls while using the Vloz'Vress as an expendable force. Sene'Kha even has them bind demons to themselves as practical suicide bombs and when finally captured, it is revealed she had planned to annihilate the vast majority of the City of Chel and rule over the remainder.
  • El Goonish Shive: Damien, the Big Bad of the "Painted Black" arc, was created as an attempt to fulfill a prophecy about one who would unite Human/Alien hybrids known as seyunolus; he took this to mean that he was a God with an Omniscient Morality License who was meant to kill humanity. When some of the people who created him questioned his plan to obtain a group of four seyunolus, Damien decided that they were heretics and killed them. He then went to the company who created the four previously mentioned seyunolus and slaughtered all of their other employees, deliberately killing people in front of the seyunolus to make them fear him. Damien planned to slowly grow the Seyunolu into an army to eliminate humanity, using the sole female seyunolu Grace as breeding stock. When Grace escaped from his nest, Damien sent Hedge out to recapture her, threatening him with death if he didn't return with something; when Hedge returns with a transformed Elliot instead, Damien hits Hedge for not returning with a female seyunolu and keeps Elliot tied up and refuses to provide him with food until he reveals information about where he came from. Finally, when Damien was wounded by Grace after he attempted to kill her friends, thus providing possible evidence of his mortality, Damien decides to self-destruct in order to defeat Grace, deciding that either he was a God and his body was irrelevant, or he was a mortal and life wasn't worth living.
  • Everyday Heroes: Wrecking Paul, from strips 88-134, originally appears to be The Big Guy for the organization Jane works for—and is actually the president of said company—until we find out that he is a Serial Killer of women. He specifically chooses locations where women will be present, either as the targets of the missions or as security guards. In addition, he always uses female sidekicks so that, if his regular target isn't available, he can turn on his own teammate; this is why Jane was able to get a job, as the last teammate had been killed. Goldie is also supposedly killed by Paul, who tries to kill Jane before being stopped.
  • Evon: Legune The Alchemist is the Resident Mad Scientist for The Cabal. The first thing we see him do is create a couple of homuncului to track down the title character, slaughtering a team of Cabal mercenaries sent by another Cabal member to do the same thing. The second thing we see Legune do is have Evon stripped naked and Strapped to an Operating Table, where he proceeds to violate Evon in the process of "procuring" biological samples from her. Then he decides that won't do and attempts to rape her outright, only being stopped by his patron, Maximus, but only because said rape might interfere with Maximus's own plans for her. We then see that Legune used those samples he took to create a clone of Evon. A clone which is physically and magically stronger than Evon, but since she lacks Evon's Super Empowering factor, she's deemed useless to The Cabal and turned over to Legune to do what he will with her. "What he will" turns out to be forcing her to give him oral sex while taunting her with imminent destruction if he doesn't please him.
  • Homestuck:
    • DocScratch serves as The Dragon to Lord English. In his bid to summon the latter into existence, he launches a complex Gambit Roulette spanning two universes. He abusively raises a troll girl as a Handmaid and forces her to manipulate troll history to turn the race from peaceful to hateful and aggressive; manipulates Vriska into killing Aradia and paralyzing Tavros in order to kick-start the events that would lead to his creation; and sets up the destruction of the entire troll race using an Eldritch Abomination. In the present day, he tricks Rose into creating the Green Sun, the power source of both himself and Bec Noir, using the Tumor, a bomb created from the destruction of two universes, one of which was directly facilitated by him and the other being the result of a Stable Time Loop with the Green Sun's creation. He intending on Rose dying in it and tried to get rid of the others by informing them of a way to essentially reboot their universe that would have wiped them from existence.
    • Lord English himself, Lord of Time and leader of the Felt, is an invincible, time-manipulating monstrosity summoned at the end of the universe, and is the one greatest threat in the story. Initially Caliborn, a condescending cherub, he becomes much worse after he completes his game of Sburb and has his soul merged with Gamzee's and Arquius's. Right after being summoned through the death of his servant Doc Scratch, English immediately sets out wreaking havoc. Using his powers of virtual omnipotence, English massacred the Horrorterrors, murdered Andrew Hussie out of spite from when he was still Caliborn, and obliterated a dream bubble, annihilating the hundreds of failed timeline souls within and causing horrible damage to the fabric of reality. Ultimately, everything English does is a result of his limitless desire to hurt his sister beyond repair, as well as hurt everything else, and English is ultimately the one character feared and dreaded by everyone else.

    J - Z 
  • Jack (David Hopkins): Doctor Rigor Thalmus is a child molester and child murderer who attempts to frame his subordinate, using his own cancer research and his subordinate's cancer-stricken wife as leverage. He also serves as a very dark deconstruction and subversion of a Bunny-Ears Lawyer; he believes that he's entitled to the horrible things he does precisely because he's working on cures for cancer, and his sole motivation for his acts is because he gets off on them.
  • Judecca: Lilith, often known as "Lily", is one of the damned souls populating the isle of Judecca. Lily gets her kicks by sleeping with men on a regular basis, before using her magic to transform them into animals and butchering them for a stew. The main character, Sharky, shares his room with a rabbit named Dickerson, one of Lily's few victims to escape her. When she encounters Sharky himself, Lily overpowers and rapes him before wiping his mind of the encounter as non-consensual. When she encounters him later, Lily uses a potion on him that she had fed another luckless soul; this potion makes centipedes sprout from the victim's insides until death.
  • Kagerou: James Valentine Beethoven, known almost exclusively as "Red", is one of the entities residing in Kano Jurgen's mind, and by far the most evil character both inside and out of his head. In life, Red was a sadistic Serial Rapist and Serial Killer who kidnapped, raped, and tortured young women for hours before brutally murdering them, notably doing so to an old school crush of his simply because she spelled his name wrong once. In another notable case, Red kept one of his victims locked up for half a year, subjecting her to daily rape, torture, and mutilation, before finally beating her to death in a rage. Though killed by one of his attempted victims, Red lived on by jumping into the young man Kano's mind, and began trying to take control of the mentally unstable man to continue his spree. In his final scheme, Red subjected Kano to brutal Mind Rape in an attempt to destroy his psyche, tried to rape the only girl who would help Kano, and finally tried to goad Kano into killing him to corrupt him into becoming a killer. Darkening nearly every scene he featured in, Red was a classic psychopath, acting only on whatever whims occurred to him at the time, disregarding any and all consequences for his vicious actions.
  • Kid Radd: The malicious and borderline omniscient Seer is a virus that was created to infect and destroy the entire Internet and ended up wanting to destroy even more. Upon realizing that humanity would survive the Internet's destruction and that there was a layer of cyberspace out of its reach, the Seer would manipulate Crystal into creating a body he could take over and usurp Crystal's conquest of the sprite's layer of cyberspace. After gaining complete control of both the cyber and real world he then planned to create a body in the real world just so he could see the look of fear on humanity's faces before destroying both worlds and spread out into the cosmos to search for and destroy all life in the universe to sate his bloodlust. In a world full of sprites trying to overcome the flaws built into them, the Seer gleefully embraced his lust for destruction.
  • Liquid Mercury: Angela Khyrie is a sadistic scientist whose funding was cut after it was discovered that she tortured her test animals and wanted to work on humans. Enraged with her boss, Monica Mason, Angela creates a goo substance that can transform humans into liquid metal androids. Angela uses the goo to transform Monica's fiancé Ryan into a female android assassin, sending her to kill a team of 44 mercenaries sent to neutralize Angela. Angela reveals to Monica what she did to Ryan before transforming her as well and making her kill her own father so Angela can take over the corporation. Angela briefly considers transforming another woman, only stopping due to the fact that any more disappearances might draw attention to her.
  • Magellan: After his son Brian fused himself with his dog, Professor George Lonsdale tried to replicate what he had done with other animals to find a cure. However, Lonsdale eventually began fusing animals together out of his own scientific curiosity, culminating in him trying to fuse a man with a lizard. When one of his assistants caught him, he fused her with a rat, afterwards proceeding to painfully fuse other humans and animals together. In the comic proper, when some of the fusions threaten to kill his son if he does not cooperate with them, Lonsdale coldly tells them his son is "long dead" to him and unleashes animal fusions to kill them all before trying to flee. Cold-hearted and callous, Lonsdale managed to be more of a monster than the horrific fusions he created.
  • Mindmistress: Les Kidman is a pedophile and Serial Killer who rapes and kills little girls to suit his depraved appetites. After murdering three children, he's hired by his wealthy employer Cromwell Lyons, a friend of Kidman's late father, to kill his mentally handicapped granddaughter Lorelei, whom he considers a weak link in his family dynasty. Kidman stabs Lorelei's dog to death, but is thankfully stopped just in time by Lorelei's father from harming her. When Kidman is released from prison 20 years later, he immediately returns to his old ways. When the superheroine Mindmistress arrives to stop him after he kills his latest victim, he tries to beat her to death with a crowbar.
  • The Order of the Stick: The silly-seeming but utterly ruthless Xykon plans to unleash the destructive Snarl to obliterate his enemies, uncaring of warnings that it is a beast with the potential to destroy the world. Sacking Azure City to claim their gate which will help him control the Snarl, Xykon gleefully uses a Symbol of Insanity to cause their entire guard to kill each other, deeming it to be the most fun way to wipe them out. In his backstory, when a then-child Xykon's dog dies and he resurrects it, he happily watches it devour a bird, showing he was twisted from the start. As a teenager, Xykon kills and zombifies anyone who bothers him in any way, including a man offering to train him as a sorcerer and his own parents for having let the man into their house at all. In the present, now a Sorcerous Overlord, Xykon carries out horrific acts solely for his own amusement and abuses his goblin henchmen to the point one tries to assassinate him. Allowing the brother of his would-be assailant to kill his brother, Xykon binds him to his service, then mocks him and forces him to bring his brother back as a zombie. Trapping the souls of two mages within a gem where they are doomed to suffer for eternity, Xykon is a Psychopathic Manchild of a ruler devoted only to hurting others to entertain himself.
  • Peter Is the Wolf: Deputy Gus Cramer is a truly nasty piece of work who believes that the only value in anyone is in strength, and that the strong can and should take anything they want from anyone they can take it from. In his case, that includes killing his wife, then beating, molesting and raping his daughter Rebecca "Butch" Cramer for years, keeping her in his house as a Sex Slave. He initially tried to keep her existence secret from the rest of the pack, and she had never left the house until they found out about her just before she should have been entering high school. Additionally, he has repeatedly tried to take over leadership of the pack, plans on taking Werewolf!Sarah as his new wife, and sold out his own kind by siccing The Men in Black on Peter, partly out of hatred for the existence of a runt and partly out of a desire to remove an object of his daughter's affection. Some time before the start of the comic, the pack held a vote on if he should be killed for their own safety. He only survived by two votes, both of which have later mentioned they wish they had voted differently, and the only reason they haven't held another vote is to keep unwanted attention away from the pack.
  • Penny and Aggie: Cyndi Kristoffer is a manipulative sociopath who almost gets off on driving people to suicide, in one case smiling while watching someone commit suicide in front of her. In a really creepy and incriminating file on her laptop, she documented how fun and easy it is to dig a hole into someone's psyche and widen it. She brags about nearly driving Michelle into starving herself to death and she had plans to destroy Daphne and Sara's relationship in the hopes of getting one or both of them to commit suicide. In the same strip this was all revealed, she successfully goaded Charlotte into slitting her own throat by using her Mommy Issues against her. Both her biggest "success" so far as well as her next intended victim, who she merely considers "practice"—Meg—are erstwhile members of her own clique from the "Popsicle War" arc.
  • Rockababy: Brutus Ophidian, a seemingly affable government agent seeking to give a safe haven to Buttons, is actually the sadistic head of Helix Genomics, where he tortures aliens in his care while selling their blood to the highest bidder, doing the same with Shifty when he first landed on Earth. After Shifty sees him strapping a Shock Collar to Buttons, Brutus detonates a tracker on his car and leaves him to die in the explosion. When Shifty and his friends break into Helix, Brutus forces his son into experimenting on Buttons, and when Buttons escapes, prepares to "tie up loose ends" and kill Shifty's friends so he can have him and Buttons for himself, with Brutus showing sadistic glee at this prospect while guilt tripping Shifty into getting his friends into trouble and forcing him to take responsibility for his cruel actions. It's later revealed that he plans to sell the alien blood to both the US and USSR governments, hoping to deliberately provoke both sides into engaging in nuclear warfare, while he watches the fallout from the stars. Enhancing himself with alien blood, Brutus fights Shifty and rips his tail off, saying it's like how he ripped the tails of lizards in his childhood. After his work is ruined, Brutus holds a gun to Buttons' head, and after failing, attempts to shoot and kill Shifty as revenge for not getting what he wants.
  • Sally The Ghost Hunter (link): Reverend Trevor was once a Friend to All Living Things, spending his time caring for young children and making them happy, but when his own ego and lust for eternal life became too strong, Trevor began slaughtering the children left in his care, mutilating and draining them of their blood so as to take baths, under the belief that it will grant him immortality. Though killed by enraged townsfolk after butchering nearly a dozen children, Trevor continued to haunt the area as a ghost, killing children throughout the town and draining them of their blood to continue his mad quest for life everlasting.
  • Scurry: Resher is an ambitious rodent yearning to take over the colony's council. Believing the colony should head to the city instead of waiting until spring arrives, Resher hires a group of cats to slaughter a team of scavengers in an attempt to scare the colony into leaving. He also repeatedly poisons Master Orim, the council's leader, until he dies, and tries to murder his daughter, Pict, once she overhears his plans. When Wix and Pict return from their adventures and try to expose Resher's treachery, Resher attempts to murder them both, and later has Kessel killed when he tries to save them. After Pict reveals Resher's schemes to the colony, Resher has his loyalists set the house on fire to cause a distraction. He later leaves his own rodents and the entire colony to perish, only returning so he can murder Pict out of pure spite.
  • Sidekicks:
    • Metheos, once the hero Dunkelheit, succumbed to greed and lust for power. Using one of the Pranas, the three items that govern superpowers, Metheos stole the body of his partner Guardian and began to recruit budding supervillains to his side by stealing superpowers and distributing them. Not even loyal minions were safe, as Metheos would happily steal from them and "redistribute", leaving loyal followers to die if a more convenient recruit arose. After stealing the body of Guardian's son, Metheos backstabs Guardian's former sidekick Camilla when she tries to protect him and attempts to annihilate multiple helpless sidekicks to force Metheos's own former sidekick to sacrifice his life. Awakening from a four-year coma, Metheos recharges his powers by draining the lives from thousands upon thousands of innocent people and initiates what he terms Project M.A.S.S.A.C.R.E: herding people from a city so he can drain their lives, filling up dozens of enormous mass graves, before having his men slaughter any survivors for laughs. Not satisfied with simply restoring his powers, Metheos intends to reach a level of power greater than any other by draining the life from hundreds of millions of innocent people, consumed with his hunger for power and believing all that exists should bow before him.
    • Iblis is Metheos's most powerful and evil servant. Once a sadistic sidekick-in-training as Olivia, she snaps upon failing her final exam, developing a seething hatred for successful sidekick Lamia and releasing the psychopathic Pluton to kill as many students as possible, hoping only she will be left as a potential sidekick. When this plan fails, Iblis joins forces with Metheos, testing her new powers by murdering innocents and happily assisting with her master's plans to kill every superhero in the world. As Metheos falls into a coma, Iblis works to revive him, murdering her own minions and innocents without a second thought along the way and plays a key role in Project M.A.S.S.A.C.R.E., using thousands of people as sacrifices to restore Metheos to power. Joining her restored master in the slaughter of millions to steal their life force, Iblis delights in having her minions hunt down survivors for sport. Using her powers while dueling with a hero, Iblis tries to force hundreds to kill themselves. A petty, sadistic, monstrous excuse for a human being, Iblis was all too willing to allow her jealousy to corrupt her into a villain every bit as sickening as her master.
    • Dr. Max is a sociopathic robotics expert obsessed with creating the ultimate machine. To this end, Max manipulates a powerful businessman, Mr. Ellison, to fund his creations, whom he regularly uses to murder weak superheroes and sidekicks, and brutally murders Ellison in front of the man's daughter when he outlives his usefulness. Using his powerful robots for various purposes, from massacring his entire lab staff, to ordering them to lay waste to a highly-populated city as a test run, Max eventually implants his mind in a robot body, and uses his new strength to sadistically duel with numerous heroes, drawing out their pain for his own entertainment. After trying to murder an innocent woman, Max plans to absorb the comatose superhero Darkslug's cells into his own body, hoping to make himself the most powerful being in existence and finish his research. Though a minor villain when compared to the likes of Metheos or Iblis, Dr. Max stands out as a truly depraved lunatic who is willing to wipe out hundreds of people and kill any of his partners for minor reasons, all to quench his obsession with perfecting his research.
    • Pluton is a psychopathic brute who stands out as a particularly vile Starter Villain. A mass murderer who slaughtered close to 5,000 people in a cheerful rampage, notably strangling a little girl to death after brutally murdering her father, all with a sick grin on his face, Pluton earned his reputation when he killed off 4 superheroes and 5 sidekicks sent to detain him. After being freed from his later imprisonment, Pluton carves through everything in his way, including the person who rescued him, and giddily brutalizes a group of sidekicks who attempt to stop him, speaking for the first time solely to reveal how much pleasure he's getting from hurting them. Even when nearly beaten, Pluton tries to sadistically murder a sidekick in front of Darkslug just to torture him. Utterly demented with no reason for his crimes beyond twisted enjoyment, Pluton set the standard for all later villains to measure up to in sheer, unadulterated wickedness.
  • Trace: The father of Jeong Hee-sub was a Mad Scientist studying the Trace. Formerly a loving father desperate after discovering that he and his family were becoming Traces, he started to use humans as material. Selling his own family to the government, he subjected them to lethal experiments of which only Hee-sub could escape. Sewing the mouths of his "material", Hee-sub's father used the families of many innocent traces—children included—as guinea pigs, severing their heads and preserving them around him. When Hee-sub and Kim Yun-Seong came to his secret laboratory, Hee-sub's father tried to excuse himself claiming that he did it for the sake of humanity before trying to kill or experiment in them. Dying ranting that he wouldn't ask forgiveness to his victims, Hee-sub's father killed entire families for his own greed and curiosity.
  • Unsounded: Arctrit Ramora, known almost exclusively as Starfish, is the leader of the Red Berry Boys, a criminal gang that kidnaps people, vivisects them, and replaces their organs with First Silver, which they then smuggle across the country. The procedure leaves their victims alive, but in a constant state of agony, the Silver feeding off their pain and gradually turning them into a gigantic monstrosity. Since Starfish is paid by the body, not by the amount of Silver in each body, he targets children for the procedure to stretch out his supply and weasel extra money out of his employers. Starfish has no empathy for anyone, including his own men. When one of them is grievously injured and begs for help, Starfish simply smiles and caves in the man's skull. After Quigley outlives his usefulness, Starfish goes back on his promise to release his child captives, tries to have Quigley drowned while forcing the man's son, Matty, to watch, and states Matty will undergo the procedure as well. Starfish is also a child molester, and, after knifing a prostitute who interferes, attempts to kidnap the seemingly ageless child protagonist, Sette, as a Sex Slave for himself.


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