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"You will watch and you will learn what happens when I am displeased!"

"When they're alive, you can enjoy watching them struggle. When they're dead, you can enjoy tearing out their guts. Tales are things you get to enjoy twice."
Bernkastel, Umineko: When They Cry

Here are the vilest villains that Visual Novels have to offer.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Ace Attorney franchise

  • Phoenix Wright series:
    • The first game: Manfred von Karma is an amoral prosecutor who uses underhanded tactics to maintain his perfect win streak. When defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth beats him by exposing his illegal tactics, Manfred becomes enraged, taking the chance given by an earthquake striking the courtroom to catch up with Gregory and his son in an elevator and murdering Gregory. Taking Gregory's son, Miles, under his wing, Manfred raises him to become a cold, ruthless prosecutor who cares for nothing but always winning a guilty verdict. Setting up a second murder, Manfred plans to frame Miles for both it and his own father's death, intending to see his adoptive son executed as the final act of his revenge against Gregory.
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    • Trials and Tribulations: Dahlia Hawthorne, the Big Bad, previously manipulated her boyfriend into assisting her in a crime, before framing him for murder and ensuring his suicide to cover her tracks. She later poisoned the lover of the defense attorney Mia Fey when he got too close to her crimes, before she seduced Phoenix Wright as well. When her twin sister Iris fell for Phoenix, she accelerated her plans to poison him. When an ex-lover of Dahlia's tried to warn Phoenix, she murdered him and tried to frame Phoenix. Despite being executed, she returned as a vengeful ghost, aiding her mother to kill Dahlia's cousin Maya Fey solely to spite her elder sister Mia's spirit. Taking steps to manipulate her twin again to help with the murder, she came back from the dead to possess Misty Fey—albeit due to Misty's desire to protect her niece Pearl—and attempted to murder Maya, being stopped only by the intervention of Godot who killed her host. But despite this she became convinced that she had forced Maya to murder her own mother and caused her to commit suicide, which she gloated over to their faces.
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  • Apollo Justice: The seemingly-helpful mentor, Kristoph Gavin, is really one half of the diabolical duo to usher in "The Dark Age of the Law" by disbarring Phoenix Wright. Kristoph did this out of a petty grudge for Phoenix being chosen as a lawyer for a client instead of him, and so murders said client and manipulates a shy artist and his own brother to enact his vengeance. Poisoning both the artist and her father, Kristoph intended for both to die, gloating to Apollo and Phoenix he knew their line of questioning would make her nervously bite her nails, where he had put the poison. Having started poisoning the artist when she was only twelve, Kristoph is happy to then sit back and watch her face conviction for her own father's murder committed by himself.
  • Investigations: While initially seeming like a frail, kind old man, Quercus Alba turns out to be the hardened, cold-hearted boss of a large and powerful smuggling ring. Thanks to him putting many highly-convincing counterfeit bills into circulation, the country of Zheng Fa has been thrown into economic chaos due to his machinations. He also ordered the deaths of Cece Yew, Deid Mann, and Byrne Faraday due to their efforts in trying to expose his role in the smuggling ring, and personally murdered Mask*DeMasque II and his subordinate Manny Coachen: DeMasque II for stealing the fake statue that contained the plates used for creating counterfeit bills, and Coachen due to him seeking to steal power of the smuggling ring from under Alba's nose. Ruthless and rotten to the core, Alba will kill anyone without so much as a second thought for the sake of keeping his criminal empire running.
  • Dual Destinies: The mysterious international super spy known only as "the phantom" is the other figure responsible for "The Dark Age of the Law". Murdering multiple people to assume their identities, the phantom has no qualms over the suffering his actions cause, allowing the neighbors of one of his victims to believe she had been killed by her eleven-year-old daughter. Sabotaging a rocket, the phantom nearly kills the astronaut aboard and years later bombs an entire space station; he later murdered yet another astronaut, Apollo's best friend, and framing the astronaut's coworker. Attempting to bomb a courtroom to destroy a piece of evidence, the phantom is willing to kill hundreds to get away and tries to frame Athena and her friend for his atrocities.
  • Spirit of Justice: Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in is the sadistic megalomaniac responsible for the Kingdom of Khura'in's draconic legal system. After being passed over for the throne in favor of her gentle sister Amara due to lacking spiritual power, jealously led to Ga'ran orchestrating multiple attempts on Amara's life in order to strong-arm her into going into hiding while framing her husband Dhurke for her apparent murder. After seizing the throne, Ga'ran passed the Defense Culpability Act, which would force a defense attorney to suffer the same fate as the accused upon losing a case; this led to hundreds, if not thousands, of unjust deaths of defendants and lawyers alike under Khura'in's one-sided court system. Completely uncaring towards her own family, Ga'ran forces Amara and her nephew Nahyuta to cater to her whims on threat of ruining her neice Rayfa's life, and doesn't hesitate to blackmail them into taking the fall for a murder she committed or secretly ordering for Amara to be shot in court. Heartless enough to leave the baby Apollo Justice to die in a fire which she started—and killing Apollo's father while leaving—and egomaniacal to the point of making standing up to her a crime worthy of execution, Ga'ran proved to be among Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice's most depraved foes yet.


  • Cinderella Phenomenon: Hildyr is a witch who has a huge resentment towards humans. Prior to the main story, she murdered the ten-year-old daughter of her former friend, Delora, out of spite. When she met with the King of Angellie, she rapes him and then uses her new position as the Queen of Angellie to make it a living hell after she kickstarts the war of humans, fairies and witches alike. When a certain family refused to gave their son to Hildyr because he was a magically gifted witch, she murders them and then turns the son into her own apprentice. She is also emotionally and mentally abusive towards her daughter, Lucette, brainwashing her and isolating her from the outside world. In one of the bad endings, Hildyr then tries to forcibly absorbs Lucette's magic power and does not hesitate to render her an Empty Shell when Lucette refuses to cooperate with her and then use her daughter's current state so that she could force her former apprentice to working with her again. Despite being a good witch a long time ago, Hildyr commits her atrocities with her own free will and is motivated to do so by hatred towards humans at best and her sadistic whims at worst.
  • Danganronpa: Junko Enoshima is a despair-obsessed teenager seeking nothing less than the complete destruction of hope. Growing bored with life due to her incredible analytical abilities, Junko used her manipulative prowess to force her high school's student council to kill each other; and then the fallout to drive the rest of the students into a brainwashed frenzy. Kidnapping the kind-hearted teacher Chisa Yukizome, Junko orders her lobotomized her to turn her into her slave and drives the 77th class into Ultimate Despair by murdering their beloved classmate, Chiaki Nanami. Humiliating, blackmailing and breaking anyone in her way to reach her goal, Junko commands the entire population of reserve students to commit murder-suicides, resulting in a catastrophic number of casualties. Erasing the memories of her surviving classmates, Junko forces them into a cruel game where they are made to betray and murder one another, hoping to break every last bit of hope they hold to in their minds. When she is eventually discovered, Junko brags about killing her own sister to keep her plans exciting, and when she fails to break the minds of her victims, opts to ignore their offer to give up her ways and chooses to kill herself, seeing nothing but excitement at even her own death. Even after her passing, Junko's devotion to spreading misery continues as she creates an Artificial Intelligence in her own likeness to continue her torment. Unwavering in her love of suffering, Junko passed no chance to showcase just how many people she could subjugate to utter torment.
  • Demonbane gives us a nasty trio in a world inspired by the fiction of H. P. Lovecraft:
    • Nya, aka Nyarlathotep, is the true Big Bad of the whole setting, having set up all the events, allowing Anticross to cause so much pain and suffering, as well as their experiments and the bloodshed that resulted. Her cruelty is such that she attempts to create an Eldritch Location where a hero who opposed her is forced to relive his life over and over, coming close to seeing his true love again, but resetting before he could get to her. Nya's ultimate goal is to release Azathoth and the other outer gods to consume everything, relishing in nothing more than humanity's suffering.
    • Tiberius is a sickening killer and necromancer loathed even by many of his Anticross comrades. Tiberius is introduced as an undead masked clown who wants "alone" time with the young heir of the heroic Hadō family Ruri. Once he catches her, Tiberius wastes no time molesting and trying to rape her. When his organization Anticross makes its move, the people of the city are placed in refugee shelters. Tiberius attacks one shelter and take his time slaughtering or violating every living thing, regardless of age, before he moves on to another shelter to attempt the same. When he catches Ruri, he uses her as a Human Shield in his fight with Kurō Daijuji and wastes no time in trying to rape her and other youthful females he finds during the fighting.
    • Vespasianus is the Mad Scientist of the aforementioned Anticross who masterminded the C Project, where orphans were taken and raised for his experiments, so he could transform them into superpowered servants for the Black Lodge. One of them tried to escape, which resulted in Vespasianus subduing him and turning him forcibly into the Black Angel Sandalphon. In the present, Vespasianus presides over experiments with the Deep Ones where he has them "breed" with human women and later sacrifices the lot of them before achieving the summoning of the God Dagon, which he knows will wreak havoc. Vespasianius later helps fellow Anticross member Augustus participate in the overthrow of their master Therion with the other 4 so he and Augustus can bind Cthulhu itself to their will. He has Cthulhu violate their captive Nero and later tries to usurp Augustus as well, driven by nothing but a drive to satisfy his intellectual curiosity.
  • Fate/stay night: Zouken Matou, head of the Matou mage family, is an ancient, revolting man who has long since forgotten everything save his pursuit of the Holy Grail and the power it can bestow upon him. Remaining alive by killing and stealing the bodies of his descendants, Zouken later adopted the young girl Sakura from the Tohsaka family, before using her as a host for magic worms, having them violate Sakura for over a decade. Zouken manipulates his wayward descendant Kariya into fighting the Grail War for him, fully intending on using Kariya as a sacrificial lamb, infesting him with the worms to shorten his life. After Sakura's power became too dangerous to control, Zouken had her adoptive brother Shinji rape her regularly to keep it under control. In the "Heaven's Feel" route, Zouken, as the Big Bad, engineers a great amount of death and catastrophe, provoking Sakura into unlocking her hidden dark side, intending to seize her body as well and finally claim the Grail at long last.
  • The Fruit of Grisaia: Kiyoka Irisu was born and raised to be the next head of the corrupt Irisu clan, a family behind political crimes and assassinations. When her husband tried to expose the family's sinister actions, she casually ordered her daughter, Makina, kidnapped to lure out her husband and have him executed in front of his daughter. Left for a week with the rotting corpse of his father, Makina suffered severe mental issues and was disowned by her mother. When Kiyoka needed Makina back due to needing a new heir when her other daughter Sarina was in critical condition, Makina threatened to expose her actions in order to get rid of her. Kiyoka responded by ordering her daughter's workplace to be destroyed and Makina herself assassinated, as well as anyone in her way. When Makina was placed into critical condition as well due to being shot, Kiyoka contemplated ending her life support.
  • Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni:
    • Yoshihito Kanamori, from "Mesomeso-san", started as the homeroom teacher of Marie Moriya, a young girl bullied by her classmates. He used to defend her from the bullies, until the stress of his job got to him and he started to take his stress out on Marie. His supplementary lessons include molesting her and putting it on camera. When Marie gathered up enough courage to stand up to him, he strangles her to death, singing her a song about graduation from life to death while doing so, then dumps her corpse in the old school's septic tank. He also considered murdering other children when he thought that they were eavesdropping. When he encounters Marie's spirit in the restroom, he gives her a long "The Reason You Suck" Speech about her not going to the police to report on him while she was still alive and called her an imbecile who couldn't fend for herself. He then opens the door to one of the bathroom stalls, and upon finding that Marie has apparently physically manifested, he tries to strangle Marie a second time. When the deed was seemingly done, he proceeds to rape the corpse when he notices it was still there. While he claims that he did all this out of love for Marie, it's ultimately proven hollow.
    • Nafumi Shintani, from Renoir of the Art Room, was an art room teacher who seemed to be a Cool Teacher, given her popularity among the young male students. In reality, Nafumi was a prolific child molester who got off on the suffering of young boys, deeming it as beautiful. To this end, she invites young boys into the art room, and she would offer them cups of drug-laced tea, after which she would proceed to torture their unconscious bodies with cigarettes and palette knives. In addition to this, she had dozens of sketches of abused boys in her desk. One of her past victims, Yuuki Noda, loved his teacher to the point that he allowed her to abuse him if it meant his feelings for her were returned. Eventually, Yuuki tried to escape her, but she grabbed his shoulder, which caused him to trip and fall underneath a table, resulting in a heavy bust falling on his head. A week later, she drugged and attempted to torture another boy, but she was stopped by the titular Renoir of the Art Room note . She expressed zero remorse for being indirectly responsible for Yuuki's death, stating that he was a "stupid kid" who deserved to die. Depraved and perverted, Shintani repeatedly showed that she cared only for herself and her lusts.
  • Kikokugai: The Cyber Slayer:
    • Zhang Jaobu is the head of the Triads' prostitution ring. In the course of his job, Jaobu routinely rapes the girls to break them and was one of five Triad leaders who participated in the attempt on Kong Taoluo's life, and then the gang-rape of his sister. After this, Jaobu's group took said sister Ruili to an infamous scientist and split her soul amongst five androids. Jaobu keeps one that he regularly rapes and prostitutes to wealthy clients while thinking that the real fear from the Ruili-bot is what makes it enjoyable.
    • Zhu Shaoyan, known as The Demon Empress, is another of the five who participated in Taolun's attempted murder and the gang rape of Ruili. Herself a Serial Rapist and Serial Killer, Shaoyan has modified her cyborg body to rape women with the "right equipment" and to tear her victims apart after. With her own personal Ruili-bot, Shaoyan routinely rapes and tortures her while introducing games to force the other woman to pleasure her within a certain timeframe. Failure to do so will result in horrible torture and abuse. At times, Shaoyan is simply so absorbed in her own thoughts that she damages Ruili anyways. Thinking back to Taolun, Shaoyan only sneers "That bastard was so smug... But I broke his precious little sister with my own two hands!"
  • The Letter: Lady Charlotte Ermengarde, the daughter of the founders of Luxbourne and also its head, is the one behind most of the conflicts in the story. Hiding behind a benevolent facade, she initially rescued a Japanese slave named Takako. However, when Takako accidentally found out about Charlotte's infidelity, the latter sentenced Takako to jail and let her men rape Takako while belittling her all the while. After her cousin and fiancé Eduard learned about her actions, Charlotte then spitefully orders her men to murder Eduard and Takako's cat in front of Takako while forcing her to watch. After this, Charlotte then incriminates Takako of the crimes that she had committed which ended up on Takako being burned to the stake. After being Driven to Suicide by Takako's spirit haunting her, Charlotte then fuses herself with her spirit while preventing Takako from moving on to the next life.
  • Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors: Gentarō Hongō, better known by his code name "Ace", first appears as a helpful and altruistic ally until he is revealed to be the CEO of Cradle Pharmaceutical(s). He created the First Nonary Game, kidnapping eighteen children and forcing them to commit numerous tasks with their lives on the line, for the sake of curing his prosopagnosia, inability to recognize faces. Hongō personally shoves the young Akane in an incinerator after an unsuccessful escape attempt where she burns alive, being too frightened and clueless to solve the Sudoku puzzle required to escape. In the Second Nonary Game, this time as a participant himself, he intends to betray and murder everyone in exchange for their bracelets, succeeding in the Submarine Ending. First, he successfully murders his three colleagues in order to hide his identity and keep his crimes from never reaching the court. He also murders Clover in the alternate Safe Ending, later taunting her brother Snake how he loved the sensation. An utterly corrupted, delusional and sadistic man, Hongō is willing to murder anyone who stands in his way while at the same time trying to claim that he is a tragic individual.
  • Phantom of Inferno: Dr. Helmut von Giuseppe, better known as Scythe Master, is a sociopathic neuroscientist who brainwashes people he sees potential in to becoming the perfect assassins. Kidnapping one such individual, Reiji Azuma, Scythe erases his memories, renaming him Zwei and having another of his assassins, Ein, whose memory he also wiped, train him before sending the duo off on countless missions to kill enemies of his organization, Inferno. When Reiji and Ein escape from his clutches, Scythe turns to Reiji's young friend, Cal, corrupting the young girl into hating Reiji and becoming his psychotic killer. Using Cal on many missions, Scythe even sends her after his own friend, who had sheltered him when he was framed for betraying Inferno. Deeming the three assassins prototypes, Scythe creates a new batch of emotionless killers and sends them after the trio, watching the combat with delight.
  • Policenauts:
    • Gates Becker and Joseph Sadaoki Tokugawa work together to push humankind into space to satisfy their desires for control and profit. With Gates as his hidden partner, Tokugawa created a Sex Slave operation where he had famous female celebrities cloned and used for pleasure by himself and the highest bidders. The two have anyone in their way assassinated; when Jonathan Ingram finds their headquarters, he realizes the extent of their evil: the two have been placing human beings in stasis and harvesting their organs while using cloning technology to regrow the organs for an endless supply.
    • Tony Redwood spends most of the game as a killer in a mask. When the aforementioned Jonathan Ingram comes out of a 30-year stint in suspended animation, Redwood kills his former wife with a car bomb, and later in the game guns down another of his friends. In order to frame Jonathan, Redwood murders a captive scientist with Jonathan's gun, placing him under suspicion for the murder. To escape, he also installs a bomb in a civilian shop so the police have to choose between chasing Redwood or saving innocent lives. Redwood takes the adopted child of Jonathan's partner hostage later and puts the partner in the hospital. When another operative fails in her task to shut off his life support and shows signs of performing a Heel–Face Turn, Redwood murders her despite her being his own mother. When defeated, Redwood opts to throw himself to his death, laughing madly, solely to deny Jonathan the satisfaction of taking him in.
  • Science Adventure Series (SciADV Series):
    • Chaos;Head: Norose Genichi is a sneering, arrogant maniac who specializes in the Mind Rape of young girls. Operating as The Chessmaster to get the heroes, superpowered beings called Gigalomaniacs, to do what he wants to further his ends, Norose also destroyed one's sense of self to make him break down. It also revealed he experimented on another's family, using her mother as a test subject in creating matter from artificial delusions. He forced a woman who had lost her baby to have a new one from her delusions until he decided he'd gotten enough information and ended the experiment, causing the woman to lose her mind and stab her eyes out, which Norose found quite amusing. While Norose claims he has good intentions, he is nothing more than a petty tyrant with a god complex seeking to enact his designs on a world he sees as having no point by hurting those in his way.
    • Steins;Gate 0:
      • Dr. Judy Reyes is an immoral agent who will do anything to unlock the secrets of the brain for her own use. As the main antagonist of two of the game's routes, Reyes was an agent of DURPA sent to infiltrate Stratfor to gather the data of their brain experiments and the memory data of Amadeus, even helping Stratfor's unethical experiments. In her mission, Reyes sent her men to raid and threaten numerous key figures, including burning down Kurisu's home and trying to kidnap Maho and Kagari at gunpoint. Whenever her men fail, they commit suicide out of fear of what Reyes and DURPA would do to them. In "Twin Automata", Reyes tried to kidnap Hiyajo Maho and the below-mentioned Leskinen to unlock Amadeus's memory data, and when Leskinen did so Reyes immediately executes him before threatening Maho for the access keys. In "The Promised Rinascimento", Reyes managed to kidnap Kagari and demanded Okabe to meet her, otherwise she'll kill her. During the meeting, Reyes reveals that she killed all the scientists working on the Amadeus and reveal her motivation was to unlock the secrets of memory implanting to create a series of deadly soldiers under DURPA's will before demanding Okabe to join her.
      • Alexis Leskinen is a Mad Scientist who will callously damn the world to conduct his experiments to understand Time Travel. In the Alpha world line, Leskinen caused the deaths of billions in his avaricious need to beat the Russians in their advancement. When Okabe and his resistance group try to build a time machine of their own, Leskinen attacks them and tortures Okabe into a coma. Sending messages to his past self and brainwashing another time traveler into helping that version of him, Leskinen from the past moves towards stealing a time machine, uncaring that doing so may cause a paradox and destroy the universe. Though stopped, Leskinen of the past repeats the original history and starts World War III anew.
  • Shining Song Starnova: Kenjiro Oda is the chairman of Golden Calf Productions, and the one who represents some of the darkest aspects of the idol industry. A pervert and pedophile, Oda, for at least four years, would use his position to molest and sexually assault any idol under him, even kids, and if they refuse he would destroy their careers as retaliation. This lead to numerous idols to receive scarred psyches, which Oda cared very little about. During the route of Sasari and Aki, Oda takes over the role of main antagonist, where he tries to usurp the role of CEO of his company through illegal means in order to continue his crimes and further his reach with his new position. In Sasari's route, he goes as far as attempt to rape her, and in the bad endings of both routes, he would succeed and begin forcing the women under him through "inspection". Sleazy and despicable, Oda is a chilling reflection of how horrible a human being can be in the idol industry.
  • When They Cry franchise:
    • Higurashi ("Cicadas"):
      • The unnamed head of the orphanage the young Miyo Takano was sent to is an ill-tempered authoritarian who punishes a boy for spilling his pen's ink by making him ingest it. When Takano and her friends make an escape attempt for his cruel establishment, he has her friend and the attempt's ringleader, Eriko, sent to the chicken coop to be pecked to death. Takano herself doesn't fare much better, as the head forces her to clean a filthy outhouse with her tongue. Though merely a flashback character, it was the orphanage head's horrific cruelties that broke Takano into becoming the psychotic, villainous woman she is now.
      • Nomura, the Greater-Scope Villain of the series is a representative of the secret organization Tokyo, and sought to topple the Old Koizumi faction. A skilled manipulator, Nomura tricks a despondent Miyo Takano into aiding her with her goals, claiming that she'd back her research in return. Working behind the scenes, Nomura masterminds the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, a catastrophic event in which a special forces unit is deceived into massacring over 2,000 people via improvised gas chambers. She then creates a cover up story, citing that sulfide gas spread throughout the town, killing everyone. Viewing Takano as only a tool, she attempts to dispose of her as to sever any loose ends, and ultimately leaves her to take all of the blame.
    • Umineko ("Seagulls")
      • Bernkastel, the Witch of Miracles, reveals herself as a cruel sadist over the course of the story. Embracing her role as Big Bad in the fourth arc, Bernkastel set up Ange Ushiriyoma to have a hell of a life in order to manipulate her as a pawn later on before deciding Ange is of no further use and leaving her to turn into shredded meat. In the "game" on Rokkenjima island, Bernkastel introduces a pawn named Erika Furudo to mentally torment the mentally fragile Natsuhi by accusing her of being the murderer. She helps the elimination of the Golden Witch Beatrice to seize control of the game and cement the protagonist, Battler, in a forced role of villain. Bernkastel's only real pleasure in life remains the suffering of others, and it's something she creates with endless amusement.
      • Umineko Golden Fantasia: Black Battler, who also appears in "Forgery no.XXX", is a negative Palette Swap of regular Battler Ushiromiya who lacks the good-guy depths that his real counterpart does. Not only does he talk about killing everyone on Rokkenjima, he also suggests to female characters that he's going to rape them, and he "tastes" male characters. He has a wicked habit of killing anyone he feels like killing, strictly For the Evulz, and laughing about it.

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