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"(M)y lovin' is hot. Very, very hot. So I hadda do 'em in th' ol' eye sockets. That's the only part of a normal human's anatomy that's sturdy enough to take ol' Willy Pete's lovin' for long. The rest of th' fragile ol' human body just burns an' melts an' vaporizes away before I can get off. A man has needs, know what I'm saying? Especially when his manhood burns hotter'n the surface of th' sun. Be lyin' if I didn't admit that th' screamin' helps get me off."
Willy Pete, Empowered

Remember when villains in Comic Books were harmless thugs and pranksters? These days, you'll find much worse. One of the marks of the Iron Age of comics is the increasing spread of cannibalism or rape as a routine feature of supervillains. And if it's a Garth Ennis book, both at the same time.

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