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Marquis de Fayet branding a slave.

"...He killed and killed. Enemy or ally. Civilian or soldier. Guilty or innocent. It mattered not... If he perceived one to be an obstacle, they died. He maintained that violence was a more efficient solution. It became his mantra... and it broke my heart."
Haytham Kenway, lamenting on the cruelty of Edward Braddock, Forsaken

The Assassin's Creed franchise is well known for its complex morality, with its struggle of Assassin vs. Templar, but several villains have managed to show they are nothing but monsters

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Video Games
  • Assassin's Creed II: Discovery: Tomás de Torquemada is a member of the Templar Order and the overseer of the brutal Spanish Inquisition. Given a list of targets by Rodrigo Borgia to eliminate, he would also execute those who are not Christian, with only a few rescued. He later sets the entire city of Granada ablaze in effort to kill Sultan Muhammad XII, while potentially killing hundreds of people living there. Then he is revealed in the 2016 film to have kidnapped the Sultan's son, holding him hostage in exchange for the Apple of Eden, making the son watch as he puts most of the Spanish Assassins, including their mentor on stake to be burned alive.
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  • Project Legacy/Brotherhood: Il Carnefice (''The Executioner") is an executioner in the service of the Borgias who expresses brutality and enthusiasm in his work. Given a list of people to execute by Fiora Cavazza, he tells her a sick joke that she on the execution list leaving her horrified; since Il Carnefice is illiterate, he doesn't go over the list and just executes who he wants, regardless of guilt or innocence, displaying the chopped body parts of his numerous victims to the crowds. He would also rape an innocent women before hanging her, and sends his men to kill her grieving husband when he tries to remove her corpse from Il Carnefice's noose.
  • Freedom Cry: Pierre, Marquis de Fayet, the Governor of Port au Prince, has the slaves on territories he rules over subjected to an extremely brutal system of oppression. When the Maroons end up freeing large amounts of slaves, de Fayet orders the slave ships about to be captured to be sunk with the slaves still on board, condemning them to drown while chained up. He then has slaves lined up to be tortured with a branding iron for information, shooting them when they don't comply. When Adéwalé finally has de Fayet at his blade's edge, de Fayet claims that blacks are less than human and he can do with them as he wishes.
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  • Syndicate: Tobias Jeffers, appearing in the The Dreadful Crimes side mission "Fiend of Fleet Street", is a leatherworker responsible for disappearance of several people of Fleet Street. After killing his victims, he sends their flesh to a bakery as meat for pies, grounds their bones into manure, which he sends to a florist shop, and uses their skin as a leather for his products. His most recent victim is Detective Murphy, who was investigating the disappearances; Tobias uses his skin to make a handbag. After deliveryman George become suspicious about the nature of products he was delivering, Jeffers kills him to avoid begin caught. Confronted about his crimes, he gleefully admits them.
  • Origins:
    • Flavius Metellus, known as The Lion, is the leader of the Order of the Ancients. A ruthless Roman warmonger who manipulates Cleopatra and Julius Caesar into delusions of grandeur, he also has Bayek accidentally kill his own son. Masterminding a conspiracy of murder, Flavius kills Bayek's best friend to take the Apple of Eden before using it to dominating the minds of the people of Egypt, forcing innocents to massacre each other, burn themselves alive or worship him to the exclusion of all else to feed his megalomania, all while styling himself a God proving himself a monstrous predecessor to the worst of the Templar order.
    • The Embalmer, from the side quest Man Beast, is an aristocrat of Krokodilopolis who has numerous men, women, and children in the city kidnapped and arranged to be Eaten Alive by crocodiles; there are dozens of body parts found throughout the waters of his secret hideout. He would hold private spectacles for his wealthy acquaintances to watch as the crocodiles devour them, while his prisoners watch and listen to their screams, terrified that they themselves will meet this horrific fate.
    • The Hidden Ones DLC: Roman General Gaius Julius Rufio is a member of the Order of the Ancients, though he plans to undermine his fellow allies Cleopatra and Mark Antony, while claiming all of Egypt for himself. He has his lieutenants enslave the people living in the Sinai Peninsula, forcing them to work in poor conditions before killing them, via crucifixion, once they are no longer useful. Learning where the Hidden One's hideout is located, he would destroy it, killing many assassins there, and crucify Bayek before torturing his friend to death. Rufio would later set numerous villages throughout the peninsula ablaze, massacring dozens of innocents, while having the survivors drowned by his boat to Make an Example of Them.
  • Odyssey: Even in the monstrous world of Ancient Greece, a cultist who Would Hurt a Child and a member of the Order of the Ancients manage to stand out:
    • Chrysis is a priestess of Hera who forbade medical treatment in Argolis, believing it to be sacrilege. She has also kidnapped the Eagle Bearer's younger sibling and turned him and numerous others into human weapons for the Cult of Kosmos by torturing them when they were infants. Chrysis would have a fellow priest's tongue ripped out and ordered a landlord to kill her own son, Dolops, when they witness Chrysis kidnapping the children. When confronted by the Eagle Bearer, Chrysis has the house with a baby inside burned, forcing the Eagle Bearer to choose between saving the baby and chasing Chrysis; should the Eagle Bearer chose the former, Chrysis would later ambush the Eagle Bearer, killing an innocent man along the way.
    • Legacy of the First Blade DLC: Pactyas the Huntsman leads the Order of Hunters to pursue Darius, killing his wife and children, with only one surviving. Tracking Darius and his remaining child in Makedonia, Pactyas would massacre numerous villages there, including ordering one's water supply poisoned, and would brainwash wolves to attack people with the Isu bloodline. Learning about the Eagle Bearer's whereabouts in Makedonia, Pactyas would gather soldiers whom the Eagle Bearer had killed, displaying the corpses hanging from a tree to manipulate their family members into attacking the Eagle Bearer; should the Eagle Bearer refuse to kill said family members, Pactyas would kill them himself. Battling the Eagle Bearer, Pactyas would use psychological torment to break them before attempting to kill them.

Other Media

  • Forsaken:
    • Reginald Birch is also the Greater-Scope Villain of the Kenway Saga. Initially a friend to Edward Kenway, when the latter's daughter, Jennifer Scott, exposes Birch to her father as not only a Templar of the British Rite but also their Grand Master, he sends mercenaries to the Kenway manor to murder Edward Kenway, and kidnap Jennifer to be sold as a Sex Slave to Turkish slavers, all while framing a innocent servant for the crime. He then takes in Edward's son Haytham, only so he could manipulate him into becoming a killer as well as a Knight Templar fanatic. From there he has Haytham kill many people, including the opposing Assassins. He even has a fellow Templar tortured and castrated when he got in the way of his plans. When Haytham finds where Jennifer is being captive as well as Birch being the true culprit behind his father's murder, Birch tries to have Haytham killed along with Jennifer. In his last moments Birch tries to pass himself off as well-intentioned, but Haytham can see right through him as nothing more than a self-deluded madman only using the Templar ideology as an excuse to claim more power for himself.
    • General Edward Braddock, known as "The Bulldog", is a fellow Templar. Presented as an ally of Haytham, it was revealed that he helped Reginald Birch cover up the Kenway mansion raid while pretending to investigate it. He later took part in the siege of Bergen op Zoom against the French Army, and when he was retreating a man asked if he and his family could come with him. When the man calls him craven when Braddock doesn't allow this, Braddock has him and his family killed, children included. When Birch assigns him and Haytham to various parts of the world to uncover First Civilization technology, the former only questions Reginald's obsession when it meant his own life and position might be at stake; it doesn't detract from his cruelty during their search, as he continued to kill numerous people, not just his enemies, but also his allies and the innocent, much to Haytham's shock. During the Seven Years' War, Braddock oversees the annihilation of many French camps, and when one of them tries to offer a truce, he ignores it has order his men to kill them all, causing needless deaths on both sides of the field. He also has destroyed many uninvolved Native American tribes, solely to fuel his sadism. When he believes one of his men to be insubordinate, he kills him, something he has done many times before. When one of the tribes, with the help of Haytham, ambushes him and his men, he leaves them for dead, while trying to escape.
  • Trial by Fire: William Stoughton, a member of the Templar Order, is the orchestrator of the Salem Witch Trials, using the hysteria to convince the masses of people into eradicating the Assassin Brotherhood. Because of his machinations, at least 20 innocent people were documented to be executed via hanging, and the undocumented deaths were a result of Stoughton's tortuous experiments where the victims had succumbed to their wounds, all because of his belief that one of them happens to be a Piece of Eden called the oracle. When he learns that fellow Assassin Tom Stoddard and Jennifer Querry know about the oracle's whereabouts he captures them, tortures them for the information, and later shoots the latter In the Back. When Stoughton eventually discovers the oracle's identity, Dorothy Osborne, he sets a fire to kill Tom while admitting to torture Dorothy as well as more innocents so he can copy her powers onto other people creating more oracles; this shocks fellow Templar Samuel Parris. This cause a guilt-ridden Dorothy to throw herself into the fire, which enrages Stoughton only because he had just lost his oracle and will have to start his search all over again. While strangling Tom, he promises to burn entire colonies to the ground during his search for another oracle.


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