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Image from Action Comics #544, art by Ed Hannigan

"Think the countdown's almost up. So you and mom can argue about morals and values all you want but you're both about to meet up with Daddy El. Glad I got to complete the whole family set."

Superman is one of the oldest superheroes and the symbol for goodness and heroism in the DC universe. So it's not surprising that the members of his Rogues Gallery, which is appropriately massive, are the exact opposite. There are a few that are exceptionally vile, however.


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  • Brainiac, the Coluan android, is possibly Superman's greatest Arch-Enemy after Lex Luthor. His crimes over the years range from shrinking cities and planets for his private collection, to coldly slaughtering thousands in a quest to destroy the "Master Programmer" (Superman) and become God. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Brainiac tried to exploit the chaos of the oncoming apocalypse to his own ends, gathering an army of supervillains with which to conquer the universe, and icily vaporizing Earth-2's Alexei Luthor when he objected to the robotic mastermind's plan. When Brainiac truly proved he was beyond redemption, however, was when he brainjacked Lex Luthor, his one friend in the supervillain community, and led an assault on the Fortress of Solitude leading to the deaths of Luthor, Lana Lang, and Jimmy Olsen in Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?. Always out only for itself, Brainiac proved how horrifying even the least emotional of intelligences could be.
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  • Black Zero, from issue #205 ("The Man Who Destroyed Krypton!"), is an alien saboteur, the architect of Krypton's destruction and a shockingly vile foe for the single issue he appears in. Tasked by his mysterious employers to destroy Krypton, Black Zero rekindles the atomic fires in Krypton's core to detonate the entire planet and kill billions. Black Zero arrives on Earth with intention to do the same to it as he did to Krypton, disintegrating a spy that gets in his way while merrily taunting Superman about the death of his homeworld and the inevitable destruction of the world he protects now. Foiled in his plan, Black Zero attempts to use his psycho-particles to destroy all of Metropolis out of spite.
  • The Bronze Age incarnation of Mongul was a deeply nasty piece of work, particularly given the time period. In his first appearance, he kidnapped Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Steve Lombard in order to blackmail Superman into giving him the keys to Warworld, then tries to kill both Superman and Supergirl with the weapon. He later traveled to Prince Gavyn (one of the Starmen)'s homeworld, murdered Gavyn's sister, and tried to force Gavyn's girlfriend into marrying him so that he might take over the planet. Beaten by Gavyn and Superman, he seized control of a Sun-Eater and unleashed it on Earth's solar system, seeking to wipe out all human life. It was in his last appearance, however, in the iconic For the Man Who Has Everything storyline that Mongul showed just how low he could sink. Ambushing Superman on his birthday, Mongul trapped him in a fantasy world, from which Superman could only escape by sacrificing his heart's desire; in Mongul's own words "It must have been like tearing off your own arm." While Superman is occupied with this, Mongul tries to beat Wonder Woman to death, while gloating about how women are too weak to stop him. Eventually trapped by the same weapon he had used on Superman, Mongul dreams of a galaxy awash in bloodshed, with himself seated on a throne, orchestrating it all.


  • Post-Crisis Brainiac isn't any better than his Pre-Crisis counterpart. Since the reboot he has fed on human spinal fluid, possessed countless victims and destroyed their minds in the process, exploited the Imperiex War in an attempt to rewrite the fabric of the universe, tried to destroy New Krypton, and gone in for planetary obliteration and city collection in a big way, destroying entire civilizations so that the information he has about them will become more valuable in the process. On a more personal level, he's also a coldly calculating sadist, who is only too happy to engage in the prolonged torture and mental manipulation of his victims once he has them in his clutches, and lives to reinforce his mental superiority over all other beings. He has never shown any remorse, his presence in a story inevitably signals that the body count is about to rise, and in Supergirl's words "is everything bad about aliens."
  • Mongul the Elder did not improve with the reboot. A sadistic tyrant with a taste for Gladiator Games, Mongul was overthrown when Superman paid a visit to his home base of Warworld and incited a revolution. Deposed and enraged, Mongul allied with the Cyborg-Superman, razing Coast City as part of a plot to convert Earth into a new Warworld (via building an "Engine City" where Coast City once stood) and ruin Superman's reputation in the process. When the plan failed, Mongul fired up Engine City anyway, planning to shake the planet to pieces. Jailed in a lunar penal colony, Mongul broke out, slaughtered his fellow inmates, and made his way to Debstaam IV, where his dictatorial rule proved so insufferable that the population chose death over serving him.
  • The first Post-Crisis version of General Dru-Zod was from a Pocket Universe. Manipulating Lex Luthor into freeing him and his allies Quex-Ul and Faora, the three took over Earth. When Luthor led a resistance, the three responded by exterminating humanity. After our Earth's Superman depowers Zod and his allies, they vow to find a way to get back their powers and head to his universe to slaughter everyone on his Earth as well, causing Superman, in a rare occurrence, to kill them.
  • Of all the Evil Counterparts Superman has had over the years, Superboy-Prime is easily the most repulsive one. While the reader could at first sympathize with him a little, since he lost his homeworld, it quickly becomes clear that he is nothing more than a selfish, immoral and absolutely ruthless sociopath who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Throughout his numerous appearances, he has killed and crippled several Teen Titans (Superboy among them), massacred countless alternate Supermen (for being inferior to him) before blowing up their Homeworlds, carved his way through the Green Lantern Corps and the Legion of Superheroes, and killed his own girlfriend because she was repulsed by him. His most common excuse is that his victims brought it upon themselves. In Blackest Night, it seemed like he wanted to redeem himself, but he promptly threw his chance out of the window in his next appearance, when he tried to attack the Titans again.
  • Alexander Trent, the second Bloodsport, is a neo-Nazi extremist fueled by a rabid hatred of those he deems "impure". Adopting the Bloodsport mantle in the service of the demon Bloodthirst, Bloodsport massacres his way through Hob's Heights, massacring over thirty minority people, including a building full of innocents, while also attempting to burn over a dozen hostages alive and trying to take as many police down with him in a suicide run. Revealed to have survived his seeming death, Bloodsport later slaughters his way through countless dozens more in Metropolis after Lex Luthor's schemes leave it in ruin, massacring an entire family the moment he's able to again, distracting Superman by having his automated weaponry fire upon a poor neighborhood, and even attempt to massacre a crisis relief center set up to provide shelters for those left homeless in the fall of Metropolis. Willing to kill even fellow white "race traitors" under the flimsiest of pretexts, Bloodsport is a raging sadist who distinguishes himself as one of the most disgusting minor foes Superman has ever fought.
  • Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey: Bertron was an alien obsessed with creating the so-called "Ultimate Lifeform." Every day he exposed a newly cloned child to the harsh environment of prehistoric Krypton; when the child died, Bertron would incorporate its memories into the next child, which would be exposed the following day. Bertron continued this process across the course of his lifetime, slaughtering, in his own words, "thousands upon thousands" of children in an effort to achieve the result he wanted. The creature he finally created was, unsurprisingly, completely insane, and sought to destroy everything it encountered, butchering all the life on ancient Krypton, including Bertron himself, before moving onto the rest of the galaxy. Its name was Doomsday, and in it, all of Bertron's malice and Lack of Empathy would live on, devastating all that it encountered.
  • Preus, introduced in the "Godfall" arc, is a Kryptonian CPC officer. First encountering Superman in the bottle city of Kandor, Preus pursued him to Metropolis, where the manifestation of his Kryptonian abilities convinced Preus that he had become a deity with a duty to "cleanse the impure." Furious at Superman—whom he had once worshiped as a god—for having let the citizens of Metropolis live, Preus tried to level the city before being stopped by Superman and Kandorian Empireth Lyla. Recruiting a cult of white supremacists, Preus set himself up as a god-figure, forcing the women in the cult to sleep with him-an experience many did not survive—and readying them for a race war with the rest of the USA. When Martian Manhunter tried to stop him, Preus crucified him and tortured him with fire. When Superman arrived, Preus ordered his cult to launch a Suicide Attack on the Man of Steel, aiming to force Superman to massacre the humans he was so dedicated to protecting. Hating everything that did not conform to his ideas of racial purity, Preus was representative of the very worst Kandor had to offer.
  • "Camelot Falls" arc: Hassan-I-Sabbah, aka Khyber is the lord of The Hashshashin, having his assassins slaughter whomever they wanted before seemingly fading into myth to prepare for his greatest attack on Earth yet. As a foretold Bad Future portends, Khyber divides nations and causes horrible terrorist attacks for centuries, dealing and divvying power to a variety of supervillains, before defeating Superman himself and using the ensuing chaos to scar the world with war and disasters, killing billions and allowing whomever survives to exist in nuclear winter under the cruel rule of the supervillains he's dealt with. Killing Superman himself for real during their final battle, Khyber's ultimate end comes in the form of his own creation Sirocco, a man whom Khyber put all his capacity for remorse and guilt into, making him immortal while forcing him to bear the emotional torment of every atrocity Khyber has committed for centuries.


  • Steel Annual #1—Crucible of Freedom (Elseworlds), by Ande Parks et al.: John Henry Irons is a slave during the American Civil War, and Arthur Forrest and Mr. Haig embody all the evils of American slavery. Forrest used to be an innocent child in love with Arthurian Legend and even befriended John, but when he was punished by his own father, Arthur blamed John and became cruel even by the standards of his family, personally killing a black slave who had sex with his white crush and allowing the overseer Mr. Haig to abuse the slaves, with John being forced to allow himself to be whipped in place of his pregnant wife. When the Civil War begins, John is forced to create a steampunk armor at Arthur's orders, who threatens slave children by having Haig put them in a box in the open air. When a downpour comes, Haig allows the babies to be drowned in rainwater and gives orders attack their parents when they rebel. When John takes Arthur's armor to help the slave revolt, Arthur, a delusional man who sees himself as the new King Arthur, compares John to the legendary Mordred before blowing himself up, trying to take John with him.
  • "Super Seven" (Adventures of Superman & Superboy 1994 Annuals): Kryll'n, aka Grend'll, is the leader of the Malazza-Rem Confederacy, a group of alien marauders who Rape, Pillage, and Burn their way through entire planets to take over as many as they can. Coming to Earth, Kryll'n has his hordes destroy Coast City, killing 7 million people, ordering 500 or even a thousand more innocents killed for every time a meta-human was seen or rebelled. Viciously massacring the rest of the rebellion himself, Kryll'n eventually enslaves mankind, harvesting them for the use of the Malazza-Rem, and, when the Super Seven unite, Kryll'n promptly makes a point of trying to kill every last man, woman, and child within Metropolis to spite them. Kryll'n is even revealed to have murdered Superman's love, Lois Lane, using Lana Lang to lure him in with the promise Lois was still alive to entrap Superman, murdering Lang the instant her use expires and dragging down Superman with him in death.
  • Superman: At Earth's End: The DNA Diktators, revealed to be cloned twins of Adolf Hitler, are two biology-perverting madmen obsessed with continuing their work from World War II in creating a "Master Race". As clones of Hitler, the Diktators happily take responsibility for their original form's crimes, and continue these in the present by rounding up thousands of innocents, performing horrific experiments on them that leave them in constant agony, then grinding them up into raw material to create an army of mutant Nazi stormtroopers. After their mutant monsters fail to murder numerous children who escaped the Diktators' grasp, the Diktators order the children, alongside Superman, all murdered by their various creations, even having defiled the corpse of the hero Batman by using his corpse to create nightmarish bat monsters that they sic on Superman to torment him. Utter sociopaths with delusions of godhood and megalomania, these clones of Hitler display all of their original's cruelty and evil in their quest for a perfect race.
  • Superman & Batman: Generations:
    • The Ultra-Humanite attacks the Metropolis World's Fair with a giant robot in 1939, intending to kill civilians until he gets $1 million. After he is stopped, he takes Lois Lane as his hostage until Batman and Superman find his lair. He reveals that he has set the Hyperglobe to blow up Metropolis, but Batman and Superman stop him. Though seemingly killed, it is later revealed he has swapped brains with the below-mentioned Lex Luthor. Years later, he exposes Lois's unborn son, Joel, to Gold Kryptonite, rendering him powerless, and manipulates him into believing that Superman stripped him of his powers. In 1979, Joel and the Ultra-Humanite attack the wedding of Bruce Wayne Jr. and Supergirl, leading to the deaths of Supergirl and Lois. Hours later, Joel also dies, because the concoction from the Humanite that gave him superpowers is ultimately fatal. In 1989, when Superman tracks him down, the Ultra-Humanite reveals he had several of his close friends and family murdered and plans to swap brains with Superman to gain his powers. When Superman stops him, it is revealed that the Ultra-Humanite has made it appear that Superman killed him in cold blood out of spite for Superman.
    • Lex Luthor is far worse than his mainstream counterpart. In 1929, he betrays his boss, Dr. Erwin Stanislaus, and has a robot wreak havoc on the city until it is stopped. In 2008, Luthor, now a brain in a robot's body and calling himself Metallo, attacks Metropolis and is stopped, but not before he detonates an EMP that causes a blackout in Metropolis. In 2025, Luthor escapes from prison and detonates a larger EMP, causing humanity to fall back into the Dark Ages temporarily, with hundreds of millions dying. In the 25th century, Luthor is freed again and goes to the Superman Museum, planting a bomb and intending to gain control of every computer grid on the planet. The bomb is contained safely, but Luthor succeeds in gaining control of every computer grid, and wages war on humanity until he is stopped.
  • Superman: The Dark Side, by John Francis Moore et al.: Darkseid uses a Boomtube to teleport baby Kal-El's ship to Apokolips after the destruction of Krypton. After murdering two of his slaves who discover the ship, Darkseid raises Kal-El in isolation. Naming Kal-El Superman, Darkseid presents him to the public in a gladiatorial match, where Superman defeats Darkseid's son Kalibak. Darkseid orders Superman to kill Kalibak after he is defeated. Darkseid then orders Superman to go to New Genesis and destroy it with an Omega Bomb. Though High Father manages to save some of the New Gods, most of the population of New Genesis dies. High Father reveals Darkseid's lies to Superman and teleports Superman to Earth. However. Darkseid soon arrives on Earth and discovers that Superman's DNA contains the Anti-Life Equation. Darkseid has Desaad torture Superman and then uses the Anti-Life Equation to turn everyone on Earth into his mindless slaves, intending to do the same to the rest of the galaxy.
  • Superman: Red Son: Brainiac stands as a stark contrast to the misguided intentions of this Superman, who grew up in the USSR. At first allied with Lex Luthor to defeat Superman, Brainiac shrinks down the city of Stalingrad and puts it in a bottle. Superman easily defeats Brainiac and reprograms him, making him his servant. Brainiac becomes the USSR's chief scientist and comes up with a horrifying way to deal with people who threaten Superman's rule: turning them into lobotomized robots. Brainiac tries to push Superman into more extreme actions, like declaring war on the US in a preemptive strike, noting that if they attack now only 6.5 million people will die and the US will be conquered in a matter of hours. Lex Luthor confronts Superman and Brainiac, wanting to debate Superman, but Brainiac has him taken away to become a robot. Superman relents and agrees to invade the US. Superman is confronted by Lois Lane, who uses a letter from Lex Luthor to convince Superman what he is doing is wrong. After calling off the invasion, Superman is attacked by Brainiac, who was not really reprogrammed, and was simply pretending to be Superman's ally because it suited his own purposes. Brainiac plans to kill Superman, conquer the world and then conquer the galaxy. However, Lex Luthor escaped and manages to shut down Brainiac, but after his defeat, it is revealed that Brainiac has rigged his ship to explode if he has ever defeated, which would cause an explosion that would destroy the Earth and every thing in 15 million mile radius, willing to kill the human race out of spite.
  • Superman: Speeding Bullets, by J.M. DeMatteis, Eduardo Barreto, et al.: In this comic in which Thomas and Martha Wayne adopt the boy who would become Superman, Lex Luthor is a businessman of Metropolis with no respect of the law and is mostly interested with power. After surviving the industrial accident that nearly killed him, Luthor then embraces his role as the Arch-Enemy of Batman known as The Joker. He was responsible for sending burglars to Bruce Wayne's house, and executed them when they failed. When Lois Lane rejects his advances, Luthor then throws her in the streets, and after revealing himself to be the Joker, he then attempts to take over Gotham by mercenary forces, causing massive destruction, in order to make his state known as Jokerania, with Lois as his queen.
  • Superman's Metropolis, by R.J.M. Lofficier, Roy Thomas, et al.:: In this universe that transports the world of Superman into the world of Metropolis, Lutor is the corrupt leader of the town. Years ago, he killed Marta when she spurned him for Jon-Kent, and tried to do the same to their adopted son. Years later, he builds a robot called Futura, has her disguise herself as Lois, and sends her to spread discord among the soldiers and pull a switch that will cause the machines to boil over, causing a cataclysmic disaster. He later kills Jon-Kent, kidnaps Lois, delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to Superman, and strikes Lois when she tries to intervene.


  • Frank Miller's Dark Knight trilogy:
    • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns; All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder; Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade: The Joker is a psychotic murderer, responsible for deaths of hundreds, including Dick Grayson's parents and Jason Todd. Beginning his criminal spree with trying to poison Gotham's water supply, the Joker continues causing chaos and destruction in Gotham by having his gang commit crimes for fun. Setting up a trap for Jason Todd, Joker manipulates several inmates in Arkham Asylum to mutilate themselves, before starting a riot, killing countless guards before escaping. After having gone into unresponsive catatonia for a decade due to Batman retiring, the Joker returns to his old habits after the return of Batman to Gotham. The Joker marks his return by fatally gassing the entirety of a talk show audience with his Joker toxins, causing them to die a slow death as they laugh themselves to death. To goad Batman into coming after him, the Joker sells poisoned cotton candy to dozens of children, which resulted in all of them quickly dying. After Batman started chasing him, the Joker shoots randomly many innocent people and when Batman snapped his neck thus paralyzing him, the Joker defiantly snaps his own neck the rest of the way anyways and dies with a wide smile on his face, intending to frame Batman for his own death, proclaiming he'll meet Batman in Hell.
    • The Dark Knight Strikes Again:
      • Lex Luthor is Superman's Arch-Enemy and the current de facto ruler of the United States. Seizing control of the country after installing a hologram to assume the role of the president, Luthor proceeded to turn the entire country into a police state. Recruiting the help of Brainiac, Luthor kept the superheroes of Earth in line by threatening to kill their loved ones. The heroes that Luthor did not find useful were either imprisoned or subjected to horrific genetic experiments. After a series of raids led by Batman reinvigorates the public's interest in superheroes, Luthor snaps and begins cracking down on any super-heroic activities. Luthor launches a missile strike against Costa Rica that kills Hawkman and Hawkgirl, while he orders his forces to open fire on a concert held by "The Superchix". Luthor has Brainiac kill thousands of people in Metropolis in an attempt to discredit superheroes, not caring at all about the innocent lives lost. Luthor later captures Batman and begins torturing him while gloating how the rebellion has given him the perfect opportunity to use his satellite defense network to kill most of the world's population and allow him to rule what's left. Lacking any pretenses of helping his fellow man, Lex Luthor is motivated entirely by his lust for power.
      • Brainiac is an alien cyborg who partners up with Lex Luthor in order to make sure that Superman is compliant with Luthor's regime. Holding the bottled city of Kandor hostage, Brainiac murders a Kryptonian family for every time that Superman refuses to follow their orders. In an attempt to publicly discredit superheroes, Brainiac attacks Metropolis and orders Superman to not fight back or he'll have all of Kandor destroyed. Brainiac proceeds to wail on Superman when he refuses to flee, and continues on his rampage. While he is eventually stopped by Superman's daughter Lara, Brainiac's assault ends up killing thousands of people, including Captain Marvel, Jimmy Olson, and Lois Lane. Lara travels to Brainiac's hideout to free the citizens of Kandor by pretending to surrender, but not before Brainiac attempts to turn her into his subservient slave. Driven by sadism rather than his usual logic, Brainiac takes immense pleasure in the pain and suffering that he causes others.
    • Dark Knight III: The Master Race: Quar is a Kryptonian cult leader who was shunned by the citizens of Kandor for his fanatical beliefs. Believing it was his right to be worshipped by humanity, he slaughtered any who opposed him and tricked Ray Palmer into enlarging his congregation back to normal size. Quar destroyed the remaining citizens of Kandor with his heat vision and led his "children" on a trail of mass destruction across the globe. After having one of his followers suicide bomb the city of Moscow, Quar ordered humanity to surrender or face his wrath. He turned Superman's daughter Lara against him and threatened to destroy Gotham if they didn't surrender Batman to him. After a failed attempt to kidnap Superman's infant son, Quar killed most of his flock when they express a desire to leave humanity alone. With his remaining children, he planned to destroy the rest of the Earth by blowing themselves up at a fault line. With a massive god complex to go along with his powers, Quar believed that Kryptonians were the true Master Race.
  • Supergirl (primarily New Krypton): The Post-Crisis version of Benjamin Martin Krull, aka Reactron, is Supergirl's Arch-Enemy. Having been rebuilt by Lex Luthor into a cyborg with a Gold Kryptonite heart, Reactron invades New Krypton alongside Metallo, depowering and killing numerous Kryptonians, threatening to rape Supergirl, and then murdering her father, Zor-El, in front of her by giving him radiation sickness. Tasked by General Lane with eliminating Supergirl, Flamebird, and Nightwing, Reactron murdered all the soldiers assigned to help him when they expressed doubts about the mission, and did his best to slowly torture Supergirl and Flamebird to death. Captured and tortured by Supergirl's mother, Alura, Reactron waited until Supergirl came to free him from the torture chamber to reveal that his capture had been a set up and that Luthor had transformed him into a living bomb. Detonating himself with a smile, Reactron gives a serene look as he incinerates Alura, the city of Kandor, and the entire planet of New Krypton, killing over ninety percent of the population in a single fell swoop.
  • Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves & Batman vs. The Undead, by Kevin VanHook, Tom Mandrake, et al.: Professor Herbert Combs is a twisted scientist who seeks to discover the secrets of the undead, planning to use them to conquer the world. Discovering a portal to the undead, he would kidnap its inhabitants and use their blood to experiment on countless innocents of all ages, turning them into vampires and werewolves and sending them out to the public to kill people, having done so to Dimeter and Janko. After Superman saves a child named Chadd, Combs captures Chadd and turns him into a vampire. Escaping from Arkham Asylum, Combs travels to New Orleans to become a student of Mama Ezili, hoping to learn the secrets of Voodoo and rule the world with a zombie army. Kidnapping Dimeter's girlfriend Olivia to lure him to be sacrificed, Combs sacrifices a man to become his zombie slave, planning to do the same to Batman when he arrives to stop him.
  • Superman vs. Aliens II: God War, by Chuck Dixon et al.: Darkseid is the tyrannical dictator of Apokolips who uses the monstrous aliens known as Xenomorphs as weapons in this crossover series. Introduced by forcing his men to drag a spacecraft out of Apokolips and crash it into the slums, Darkseid callously ignores his minions' protests that it will kill millions of his slaves before it does just that. Discovering the eggs of facehuggers, entities that implant the infant Xenomorphs inside hosts, Darkseid tests a facehugger on one of his top scientists, leading to the man's brutal death as a Xenomorph bursts from his chest, and Darkseid then begins his new plans for war with New Genesis. Implanting dozens of his soldiers with Xenomorphs, Darkseid has them attack New Genesis, only so as to allow the Xenomorphs to burst forth and slaughter everyone in their way, and, when Superman and Darkseid's son, Orion, travel to Apokolips to stop him, they stumble across the fact that Darkseid has used hundreds of his slaved as breeding materials for more Xenomorphs. In the end, Darkseid "saves" Orion and New Genesis from the Xenomorph threat, solely to plant doubt in Orion so he will one day turn on New Genesis and become Darkseid's slave.
  • Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man: Lex Luthor himself proves to be the most evil version of the character ever seen in the Pre-Crisis continuity. Initially content with causing mayhem across Metropolis for the purpose of luring Superman out, Lex eventually allies with Doctor Octopus and teams up to ostensibly threaten the world with a weather machine. Kidnapping Lois Lane and Mary Jane as leverage and hypnotizing a tribesman to act as the unwilling, murderous guardian of his secret lair in the process, Lex finally reveals the absolute depth of his wickedness when he reveals he simply intends to use the weather machine to annihilate the entire planet as the culmination of his “black ambition,” gloating that even after his plan is sabotaged he's still doomed the Atlantic Coast to a tidal wave. Beholden to none of Luthor's more honorable traits here, Lex ultimately attempts to destroy all humanity out of petty spite for never recognizing his genius, horrifying even Doc Ock with how far he'll sink to hurt Superman.
  • Superman vs. The Terminator: Death to the Future: As in the Terminator films, Skynet is a malevolent A.I. who killed billions of humans on Judgment Day after gaining access to every computer grid on the planet. When John Connor and the other surviving humans revolt, Skynet sends Terminators back in time to kill John and his mother, all attempts being unsuccessful. When Superman is transported to the future, Skynet captures him, along with an aged Steel, intending to forcibly retrieve information from their heads that will help it defeat La Résistance. Skynet also reveals that after it finishes wiping out humanity, it plans on committing genocide on every other species in the universe until only machines remain.


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