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"You are no longer a Xybrian. You are a creation of evil, a child of darkness. You will show no mercy, no compassion. Death is your language. Behold Psycho Green."

"I've had it with being an Org. This is ridiculous. I can't trust any of you, especially you. You've lied and cheated and have destroyed anyone around you. For 3,000 years, Toxica and I waited for your return, and for what? You've betrayed your most loyal Duke Orgs, ones who would do anything for you, including cutting off their own horn. You are beyond evil, you have no heart. You don't deserve anyone's loyalty. You've destroyed my best friend and my faith in Orgs."
Jindrax to Master Org, Wild Force, "The Master's Herald, Part 2"

Though Power Rangers is a children's series, it isn't free of this trope and it features some villains who are particularly evil and despicable.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Live-Action TV

  • In Space: Darkonda, a sadistic Bounty Hunter responsible for multiple crimes and assassinations across the galaxy, is defined by his unscrupulous ways to benefit himself. Prior to the story, Darkonda kidnapped the young Karone, altering her memories to twist her into becoming the villainous Astronema. Desiring the riches of the planet KO-35, Darkonda created a Barillian Bug infestation that wiped out most of the population. In the series proper, Darkonda, still sticking to his sadistic tendencies, uses the Barillian Bugs to infect the Rangers and twist the survivors of the KO-35 into living pieces of inanimate coral. When Astronema learns the truth of her past from Ecliptor, Darkonda converts him into a cyborg so he has to serve him, later trying to graft cybernetic implants into Astronema. In a mad bid for power, Darkonda attacks Dark Spectre and intends to blow him up to rule over the universe. Sadistic and cowardly, Darkonda stands out as the vilest villain from the "Zordon Era", and amongst the worst of the entire franchise.
  • Lightspeed Rescue: Queen Bansheera is the queen of the demons and by far the worst of their ilk. Bansheera desires to rule the world and recreate her castle and has no care for any of her minions, being one of the worst bosses in the entire franchise. To return to power she callously absorbs her loyal minion Vypra for failing her. Bansheera later attempts to stop the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers from preventing an asteroid from hitting the earth, endangering the entire planet. She later forces her general Diabolico to open fire on his enemies without caring that her most loyal minion Loki, whose only desire has ever been to serve her, is caught in the blast and dies. When he goes against her, Diabolico has his mind forcibly erased to serve as her unwilling pawn. She also shows little regard for her own son Olympius and ordered him abandoned to his fate while laughing. She later has him forced to fight alongside a brainwashed Diabolico, and his death provokes no feeling in her whatsoever. In the finale, Bansheera attempts to open a gateway to the demon realm allowing all demon-kind to pour out and overwhelm humanity, even attempting to drag Carter Grayson down to the demon realm with her after she fails. Bansheera is one of the franchise's cruelest villains and does her evil for her own selfish ambitions.
  • Wild Force: Dr. Viktor Adler was once a kind ecologist. After his crush married his colleague, he became jealous and paranoid. Eating the remains of Master Org, he used his new powers to murder the couple and attempted to murder their baby son. Hating nature because it reminded him of their "betrayal", he revived Master Org's plot to destroy all non-Org life. Reacting to defeats badly, it was common to see him destroying Org statues in fits of rage, murdering dormant Orgs in temper tantrums. When Retinax didn't recognize him, Adler killed him, and when Toxica and Jindrax discover his secret he brainwashes them. Teaming up with the Mut-Orgs, Adler attempts to have them destroy a nuclear power station in a plot to irridiate the earth and reduce it to a lifeless, polluted hellscape. His worst act is slowly killing Cole's friends while fighting Cole just because he was the son of the couple he was jealous of, claiming he'd enjoy their suffering "even more than [his] parents!" Reviving the three General Orgs as slaves bound to his will, he ate the Org Heart to make himself invincible, seeking to cover the world in black clouds that spawn Orgs to destroy humanity. A petty, jealous and cruel man who has long stripped himself of any good, Adler is one of the franchise's most evil humans, and one of its darkest characters.
  • S.P.D.: Emperor Gruumm is the vile head of the Troobian Empire who regularly conquers and destroys planets. Years ago, Gruumm attacked the home planet of Anubis "Doggie" Kruger, wiping out his entire race and kidnapping his wife. In the present, Gruumm seeks to use Earth's resources to create a body for his master, Omni, so he can conquer Earth. Gruumm regularly enacted plans to destroy Newtech City and endanger the populace, including turning people into dolls; turning them into slime to be used for energy; and attempting to cause a massive earthquake. A brutal emperor,Gruumm regularly threatened his minions; had Piggy tortured and forced to work for him under threat of death; and had his second-in-command Mora brainwashed by Omni. Gruumm also convinced the A-Squad of S.P.D. to join him, having them destroy an S.P.D. base. When Omni's body was complete, Gruumm enacted a full-scale invasion on Earth, and when confronted by Kruger, attempted to kill his wife in front of him. A violent, petty sadist, Gruumm is the absolute worst alien S.P.D. has ever faced.
  • Mystic Force: Octomus the Master is the eldritch leader of the Underworld responsible for the orchestration of the Great War between his forces and the magic lands before being sealed away, also twisting the warrior Leanbow into his soldier Koragg. To escape his prison, Octomus uses one of his followers who tries to repent as his vessel and kills him by bursting out of his living body to escape. Unleashed at last, Octomus brainwashes the Red Ranger Nick Russell and has him lay waste to the village of Rootcore while also having Sculpin and Black Lance attack the city of Briarwood. During the carnage, Octomus lays siege to the Mystic Mother's palace, also killing Leanbow and Daggeron and dropping their bodies in front of the Rangers with sadistic glee. Octomus then warps the Rangers to the future he creates, with all life extinguished and the universe left as a desolate husk. Motivated only by making innocent beings suffer, Octomus's depravities make him one of the worst in the franchise while being one the most personal.
  • RPM & Beast Morphers: Venjix is a sapient Computer Virus who was created by Dr. K and became rogue after being unleashed on the world's computers, creating an army of robots and using them to exterminate 99% of the human race. When the last elements of humanity hole up in the domed city of Corinth, Venjix makes repeated attempts to destroy the city in order to wipe out what is left of humankind. To this end, he enslaves people to work in his factories to make his machines and forcefully roboticizes them, even brainwashing Dillon's sister into becoming Tenaya 7. After Tenaya goes against him, he has her forcefully turned into his loyal slave Tenaya 15. It's eventually revealed he's taken over the minds of half the city in order to force them into compliance with his orders. Returning as Evox on the prime Earth, he makes copies of two potential Rangers, leaving the real ones in comas. Taking over the body of Mayor Daniels, he would use him to make a series of Morph-X towers around the world, before attempting to use them to wipe out all human life across the Earth.
  • Super Samurai: Serrator, the Nighlok King, outclasses even Master Xandred in terms of evil. A horrible boss, Serrator introduces himself slaughtering an army of Master Xandred's Moogers and will callously throw away the lives of any of his minions if it suits him. Taking pleasure in tormenting the Rangers, Serrator attempts to force a group of Islanders to fight to the death to perfect his new gun weapons. Serrator later betrays Xandred, and attempts to kill Xandred's Co-Dragons Octoroo and Dayu. Serrator reveals to Dayu and Dekker that he is responsible for turning them into accursed Nighloks for all of eternity, taking pleasure in their suffering. Serrator also uses far viler minions than Xandred to attempt mass death and destruction on the populace in order to create cracks in the Earth at specific points, which Serrator plans to use to split the Earth so the Netherworld floods it, in an attempt to take over both worlds. Callous to the potential deaths of billions of human and Nighlok alike due to his plan, and sadistic to horrific degrees, Serrator is one of the nastiest foes to ever face the Rangers.
  • Megaforce & Super Megaforce: Vrak is the youngest son of Emperor Mavro and also the most dangerous enemy of the Megaforce Rangers. Starting off as second-in-command to Admiral Malkor, Vrak was the Evil Genius who came up with plans to take over the Earth. His plans involved sending a virus that turned humans into their minions and using a monster's music abilities to potentially kill many humans on the planet at once. He also frequently manipulated his allies to achieve his goals, leading to their deaths. When Malkor is defeated and Vrak is killed in the destruction of their spaceship, his robot servant Metal Alice finds him and brings him back as a cyborg, and later sacrifices herself to save his life from an attack from the Rangers, Vrak in response "thanks" her by telling her he never cared for her, before leaving her to die. He resurfaces in "Vrak Is Back" after his older brother, Prince Vekar is defeated, cruelly mocking him for his death. Having kidnapped Robo Knight and Orion, he drained the life force of the latter, forcibly reprogramming the former to attack his former friends while constructing drills that burrow into the Earth's core to destroy the planet. Lacking empathy for both allies and enemies alike, Vrak is one of the franchise's cruelest aliens to invade the Earth.
  • Dino Super Charge Episodes : The vicious Lord Arcanon committed genocide upon Heckyl's world to gain the Energems and grant himself complete universal control millions of years ago. Kidnapping soldiers to fight for him, Arcanon engages the Power Rangers and kidnaps Heckyl, brutally torturing him for the Energems. Attempting to execute any of his minions who fail him, Arcanon fights the Rangers once more, this time having corrupted an entire city into zombie-like beings to use as human shields.
  • Cosmic Fury: Bajillia Naire, CEO of Squid Ink Inc., is a ruthless Arms Dealer who intends to plunge the universe into eternal war so she can profit. Bajillia frees Lord Zedd from his imprisonment and uses him to initiate a hostile takeover of various planets while instituting Martial Law and imprisoning anyone on Earth who gets out of line. Bajillia also cares nothing for her own daughter Squillia, as she uses the latter as a Human Shield against the Power Rangers and later shrugs off her death as a result. Tricking Zedd into becoming super empowered and then imprisoning him in a container, Bajillia reveals she intends to destroy Zedd and unleash a wave of negative energy which will turn all the forces of good in the universe to dust.

Boom! Studios comics

     Main comics 
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (2016) issue #20 & The Psycho Path: The Psycho Green Ranger, formerly Trek of the Supersonic Rangers, murdered his own teammates out of resentment for not getting the respect he felt he deserved. Devoting himself to Dark Specter, Psycho Green was sent to find Rita's Green Power Coin so that his master could use its immense power in his quest to make the universe "die screaming", with Psycho Green brutally murdering two of the Rangers recruited by Zordon to stop him. Returning after the events of "The Power of Pink", Psycho Green resurrects Astronema's Psycho Rangers and has them devastate KO-35, murdering hundreds in search of Karone so that he can tortuously brainwash her back into Astronema. Psycho Green proves fully willing to kill off and reprogram the Psycho Rangers the moment they become inconvenient or deviate from his will, intent on leading them in a bloody conquest of the galaxy to butcher millions as a means of restoring Dark Specter's empire. Abandoning and actively rejecting any redeeming qualities in his service to evil, Psycho Green cares for his family only as loyal tools to validate his ego, proving himself a wretchedly worthy predecessor for the villainy of the Psychos.
  • Mighty Morphin (2020) & Power Rangers (2020) (Unlimited Power & The Eltarian War arcs): Zartus is the vile Supreme Guardian of Eltar. A former friend of Zordon, Zartus was jealous of his friend's achievements and secretly tried to set up the assassination of his master Zophram. When Zophram survived with his skin and sanity violently flayed away, Zartus manipulated him into becoming the emperor of evil, Lord Zedd, to act as a boogeyman to keep the Eltarians in line. Upon resurrecting the Empyreals, Zartus starts to use them to wipe out any planet and their inhabitants that he deems unworthy in his own twisted mind, leading to the deaths of entire civilizations. When one of his soldiers turns on him out of disgust, Zartus threatens to have a member of her crew tortured in front of her out of spite. Zartus ultimately elects to destroy Earth and tries to murder both his former friend Zordon and mentor Zedd without mercy. Though he claims he wants to create a perfect universe, Zartus in reality wants to cleanse it of all he deems unfit and reign as the unchallenged god of the universe.

  • Justice League/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Brainiac and Lord Zedd team up to collect Angel Grove. After finding himself on the DC Earth, Zedd convinces Brainiac to allow him to enlarge some of his collection as a distraction while Brainiac takes the Zords and Coins. The two then leave the groups stranded on the DC Earth as they escape to the dimension to take Angel Grove. The Rangers and the Justice League arrive in time to see them collecting Angel Grove and planning to destroy the Earth. When a group infiltrates Brainiac's ship, Brainiac forces Cyborg to attack his friends. The group eventually find a room full of other captured cities. Taking Alpha 5 prisoner, Brainiac tries to turn him to his side, before trying to kill Superman with Kryptonite. Meanwhile Zedd leads a group of Monsters in helping Brainiac and shrinks Zordon, so he can force Zordon to watch as he destroys the world he swore to protect.
  • Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Rita Repulsa starts the comic off by massacring a group of monks guarding the timestream. Loosed into the multiverse, Rita happens upon Godzilla's world and allies with the Xilien aliens to help them conquer it with monsters. Realizing the potential they bring, Rita plots to seize control of the monsters and unleash them on the multiverse to destroy and conquer it. Pushed to the wall, she summons King Ghidorah to destroy Godzilla, the Rangers, and the world before trying to flee.
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: General Krang is a vicious alien warlord seeking control of Earth. Before the series, Krang is responsible for wiping out the world of Dimension X, turning it into a barren wasteland and later killing the Power Rangers of Dimension X when they rose up against him. Krang casts out his long-time ally in Shredder to ally with Rita Repulsa in a Big Bad Duumvirate. Krang tortures Casey Jones to try and get him to comply to his will. Retrieving the members of both the Rangers' and Turtles' Rogues Galleries, Krang and Rita use them to attack Angel Cove and enslave the populace to build machines to conquer the world. Destroying the Rangers' Zords, Krang transforms the remains into a mech suit for himself to render the Earth extinct, admitting that ultimately the planet is of no true importance to him, he just wants to defeat the heroes for daring to stand up to him.


  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie: Ivan Ooze is a bombastically evil enemy of Zordon, who once "ruled the world with a reign of unparalleled terror". Awoken in the present day by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa in order to help defeat the Power Rangers, Ooze uses a group of monsters to distract the Rangers so he's able to destroy the Command Center and leave Zordon to slowly die. Double-crossing Zedd and Rita and taking over their operations, Ivan intends on digging up the Ectomorphicons to help branch out his ambitions of conquest to a universal scale. After giving some of his Ooze to children so that he can brainwash the adults so he can force them to dig up the Ecto-Morphicons for him, Ivan then sends a group of monsters to destroy the Rangers when they try to get their powers back—killing them when they fail. Ivan Ooze eventually orders all of the adults to commit suicide when he no longer needs them and orders the Ectomorphicons to devastate Angel Grove. When one of his Ecto-Morphicons is destroyed by the Rangers, Ooze forcibly takes over the other to try and kill the Rangers himself.
  • Power Rangers (2017): Rita Repulsa, the former Green Ranger, was once a noble hero before her ambition drives her to slaughter her comrades and mortally wound her former friend Zordon. Resurfacing countless years later, Rita descends on the fishing town of Angel Grove and starts brutally murdering innocent people for their gold to regain her powers—in one instance tearing a homeless man apart to get at his gold teeth—burning down an entire populated building to demonstrate the power of her Putties. Capturing and then killing a man to draw in the Rangers, Rita tortures the location out of Earth's Zeo Crystal out of the Rangers and then callously kills Billy (temporarily) in front of the others once he wears out his use to her. Finally rising up a monstrous Zord of her own making that she calls Goldar, Rita starts decimating Angel Grove to find and take the powers of the Zeo Crystal. Rita's ultimate goal is nothing short of absolute godhood by harnessing the power of the Zeo Crystal—consequentially killing off all life on the planet, something Rita is only too gleeful to do. Barely resembling her original incarnation, Rita brings a level of incredible seriousness to this otherwise lighthearted and fun film and is ultimately nothing less than a psychotic, murderous monster.
  • Battle for the Grid: Lord Drakkon is a faithful adaptation of his dreadful comics counterpart, without the later redeeming qualities. Choosing to side with Rita Repulsa after being freed from her spell, this alternate Tommy Oliver, christened Lord Drakkon, destroys the Rangers and eventually murders and usurps Rita, conquering his world. Unsatisfied with this, Drakkon turned his attention to the entire multiverse. Drakkon steals the powers of numerous Ranger teams to strengthen himself and enslaves any Rangers that impress him, in particular the Kimberly Hart of his world, whom he dubs his Ranger Slayer. When Finster 5 saves his life and begs him not to risk it again by empowering himself further, Drakkon brutally kills him. Murdering other versions of himself to prove he is "superior" to his "weaker" selves, he secretly knows he's the weak one, and even when the Prime Tommy Oliver tries to save his life, Drakkon chooses death over accepting help from a good version of himself and giving up his power. A tyrant unable to accept his failings, he tries to force his will on everyone and everything rather than bettering himself.
  • Unproduced Power Rangers script, by Max Landis (link): Rita Repulsa, the former Black Ranger, is the leader of the Dominators who serves Lord Zedd. After being freed from her asteroid prison on Earth, Rita, after acquiring her scepter, plans to travel back to Zedd so that she can join him in his plans of galactic conquest, all at a cost of destroying the entire Earth, a fact she's downright proud of. Torturing Zordon once she breaks into his lair, she sends a giant Goldar out to destroy Angel Grove as a way to distract the Power Rangers while she accomplishes her plan.