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"We could only watch as Drakkon stood before the multiverse itself. As he took dimensions...worlds...universes...And simply made them cease to exist."

"Once again Rangers, you're too late. There's no stopping me this time. All three drills have already...[started] digging into the Earth's usher in the coming darkness than with a solar eclipse...[which]...will unleash the darkest of my powers...This planet will meet its end as it deserves, in darkness and despair!"

Though Power Rangers is a children's series, it isn't free of this trope and it features some villains who are particularly evil and despicable.

The TV Series

In Space
  • Darkonda is a sadistic and ruthless Bounty Hunter who loves to backstab and manipulate other people so that he could become "King Darkonda". Years before the series began, he was tasked to kidnap the young Karone, and Darkonda altered her memories, resulting in her becoming the villainous Astronema. He was also involved in causing KO-35's population to abandon their colony, using a Barillian Bug infestation and took the planet and its riches for himself. His crimes in the series include using the same bug creatures to infect the Rangers; forcibly fusing with his rival Ecliptor and using him a shield; and attacking the survivors of KO-35 with a monster that turns victims into coral whilst framing the Rangers for it. When Astronema learned the truth and Ecliptor refused to betray her, Darkonda turns him into a cyborg so that he can't betray him. When they recapture Karone, Darkonda forcefully grafts cybernetic implants into her. In part 1 of the finale, he makes his last bid for power by directly attacking Dark Specter with two torpedoes capable of destroying a planet. A power-hungry, gleeful psychopath who endangers all around him, Darkonda is the vilest villain from the "Zordon Era".

Lost Galaxy

  • Deviot, in a show full of villains with standards, had none. He was a manipulative, treacherous Starscream who would cheerfully throwaway his men's lives, thought brainwashing was a useful tool, and had no loyalty to anyone. When Scorpius wouldn't allow him to enter the cocoon, Deviot arranged for his death. When Trakeena, and not he, inherited control of the army, he sends two of his men to kill her; when she survives the assassination attempt, he kills the assassins to cover his tracks. He later brainwashed Loyax into fighting the Rangers, leading to his death as well. Deviot ambushes Trakeena, forces her into the cocoon, and fuses with her. The absorption of his evil soul drives Trakeena completely over the edge, leading her to murder her mentor, Villimax, use her men as suicide bombers, and try to regain her human form by stealing the life energy of others. Totally untrustworthy, and out only for himself, Deviot proved that on his own, or influencing Trakeena, he could do more damage than any other villain in Lost Galaxy.

Lightspeed Rescue

  • Queen Bansheera is the queen of the demons and by far the worst of their ilk. Bansheera desires to rule the world and recreate her castle and has no care for any of her minions, being one of the worst bosses in the entire franchise. To return to power she callously absorbs her loyal minion Vypra for failing her. She later forces her general Diabolico to open fire on his enemies without caring that her most loyal minion Loki, whose only desire has ever been to serve her, is caught in the blast and dies. When he goes against her, Diabolico has his mind forcibly erased to serve as her unwilling pawn. She also shows little regard for her own son Olympius and ordered him abandoned to his fate while laughing. She later has him forced to fight alongside a brainwashed Diabolico, and his death provokes no feeling in her whatsoever. In the finale, Bansheera attempts to open a gateway to the demon realm allowing all demon-kind to pour out and overwhelm humanity, even attempting to drag Carter Grayson down to the demon realm with her after she fails. Bansheera is one of the franchise's cruelest villains and does her evil for her own selfish ambitions.

Wild Force

  • Dr. Viktor Adler was once a kind ecologist. After his crush married his colleague, he became jealous and paranoid. Eating the remains of Master Org, he used his new powers to murder the couple and attempted to murder their baby son. Hating nature because it reminded him of their "betrayal", he revived Master Org's plot to destroy all non-Org life. Reacting to defeats badly, it was common to see him destroying Org statues in fits of rage, murdering dormant Orgs in temper tantrums. When Retinax didn't recognize him, Adler killed him, and when Toxica and Jindrax discover his secret he brainwashes them. His worst act is slowly killing Cole's friends while fighting Cole just because he was the son of the couple he was jealous of, claiming he'd enjoy their suffering "even more than [his] parents!" Reviving the three General Orgs as slaves bound to his will, he ate the Org Heart to make himself invincible, seeking to cover the world in black clouds that spawn mooks to destroy humanity. A petty, jealous and cruel man who has long stripped himself of any good, Adler is one of the franchise's most evil humans, and one of its darkest characters.

Mystic Force

  • Octomus, aka The Master, is a demonic entity intent on destroying everything good. Prior to the start of the series he brainwashed Leanbow into becoming his loyal servant Koragg. Once he emerges, he possesses a follower who had turned good and was trying to prevent his rebirth and mutates his body into his own twisted image; he then possesses Leanbow's son Nick directly, transforming him into a much more sadistic and vicious version of Koragg who laid waste to parts of the forest and Rootcore before he was saved. After being exorcised from Nick, he attacks and destroys the Mystic Mother's palace in a matter of minutes and kills both Leanbow and Daggeron when they investigate the destruction before dropping their corpses down before the Rangers; finally he obliterates time itself, transporting the rangers to the future he plans to create where he's reduced the Earth to a barren, lifeless husk for no apparent reason other than because he can.


  • Venjix is a sentient computer virus who was created by Dr. K and became rogue after being unleashed on the world's computers. After being unleashed he would create an army of robots and use them to exterminate 99% of the human race. When the last elements of humanity hole up in the domed city of Corinth, Venjix makes repeated attempts to destroy the city in order to wipe out what is left of humankind. To achieve this end, he enslaves people to work in his factories to make his machines and forcefully roboticizes them, even brainwashing Dillon's sister into becoming Tenaya 7. Venjix is also a user and abuser of his minions, to the point that he will kill perfectly loyal minions for no other reason then he can and discards any henchmen he no longer needs. After Tenya goes against him, he has her forcefully turned into his loyal slave Tenaya 15. In the finale, it's revealed he's taken over the minds of half the city in order to force them into compliance with his orders. Possessed of no good qualities, and with one of the highest body counts in the history of the franchise, Venjix is among the worst that the franchise has to offer.


  • Serrator, the Nighlok King, introduces himself by slaughtering Master Xandred's army of Moogers. Under Xandred's services, he sadistically torments the Rangers and forces people on an island to fight each other to the death. He later betrays Xandred, attacking his Co-Dragons Octoroo and Dayu, admitting to have turned the latter and her beloved Deker into accursed Nighloks for all of eternity, taking pleasure in their suffering. Serrator's plan would be revealed wanting to crack the Earth so the Netherworld to flood it, in an attempt to take over both worlds, uncaring about the billions of lives lost in the process, human and Nighlok alike, cementing himself as the vilest foe both heroes and villains had ever faced and outclassing even Master Xandred in terms of evil.

Megaforce & Super Megaforce

  • Vrak is the youngest son of Emperor Mavro and also the most dangerous enemy of the Megaforce Rangers. Starting off as second-in-command to Admiral Malkor, Vrak was the Evil Genius who came up with plans to take over the Earth. His plans involved sending a virus that turned humans into their minions and using a monster's music abilities to potentially kill many humans on the planet at once. He also frequently manipulated his allies to achieve his goals, leading to their deaths. When Malkor is defeated and Vrak is killed in the destruction of their spaceship, his robot servant Metal Alice finds him and brings him back as a cyborg, and later sacrifices herself to save his life from an attack from the Rangers, Vrak in response "thanks" her by telling her he never cared for her, before leaving her to die. He resurfaces in "Vrak Is Back" after his older brother, Prince Vekar is defeated, cruelly mocking him for his death. Having kidnapped Robo Knight and Orion, he drained the life force of the latter, forcibly reprogramming the former to attack his former friends while constructing drills that burrow into the Earth's core to destroy the planet. Lacking empathy for both allies and enemies alike, Vrak is one of the franchise's cruelest aliens to invade the Earth.


Boom! Studios comic & Shattered Grid
  • Lord Drakkon is an Evil Counterpart of Tommy Oliver who chose to serve Rita Repulsa instead of joining the Rangers, assisting her in conquering the world and destroying the Power Rangers, with him personally killing Zordon, Jason and Billy and becoming a White Ranger after stealing their powers. Killing Rita after she taught him magic and ruling the world in her place, Drakkon also brainwashes a vengeful Kimberly to uses her as his Ranger Slayer. Defeated due to overconfidence, Drakkon ends in the main world and is incarcerated by the Promethea Company. When Saba tries to execute him, Drakkon kills him and uses his remains to create portals to kill the Tommy of the main world before searching Ninjor and tricking him into rebuilding his Morpher to recover part of his powers, before imprisoning and brainwashing him. In a crossover with Hyperforce, Drakkon beheads one of the hostages to force them to help him to get the Serpentera before heavily injuring one of their members while they try to avoid it. Invading the worlds from multiple series to get their Morphers, Drakkon kills multiple versions of himself until almost defeated, saved by his loyal servant Finster 5, who Drakkon kills after Finster tells Drakkon, for his own safety, to stop empowering himself. A cruel tyrant secretly envious towards his counterparts, Lord Drakkon destroyed the multiverse to create a world where everyone loved him.

Justice League/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

  • Brainiac is an android who teams up with Lord Zedd to collect Angel Grove. To do this, Brainiac allows Zedd to enlarge some of his collection as a distraction while he takes the Zords and Coins. Brainiac leaves them stranded on the DC earth as he and Zedd escape to their dimension to take their home city. The Rangers and the League arrive in time to see him collecting Angel Grove and planning to destroy their Earth. When a group infiltrates his ship, Brainiac forces Cyborg to attack his friends. The group eventually find a room full of other captured cities. Taking Alpha 5 prisoner, Brainiac tries to turn him to his side, before trying to kill Superman with Kryptonite. An egomaniac who believed he could foresee every outcome, Brainiac thought all as beneath him.


  • Power Rangers (2017): Rita Repulsa, the former Green Ranger, was once a noble hero before her ambition drives her to slaughter her comrades and mortally wound her former friend Zordon. Resurfacing countless years later, Rita descends on the fishing town of Angel Grove and starts brutally murdering innocent people for their gold to regain her powers—in one instance tearing a homeless man apart to get at his gold teeth—burning down an entire populated building to demonstrate the power of her Putties. Capturing and then killing a man to draw in the Rangers, Rita tortures the location out of Earth's Zeo Crystal out of the Rangers and then callously kills Billy (temporarily) in front of the others once he wears out his use to her. Finally rising up a monstrous Zord of her own making that she calls Goldar, Rita starts decimating Angel Grove to find and take the powers of the Zeo Crystal. Rita's ultimate goal is nothing short of absolute godhood by harnessing the power of the Zeo Crystal—consequentially killing off all life on the planet, something Rita is only too gleeful to do. Barely resembling her original iteration, Rita brings a level of incredible seriousness to this otherwise lighthearted and fun film and is ultimately nothing less than a psychotic, murderous monster.


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