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"I'm Dr Henry Miller, and I'm going to teach you all what you failed to learn the first time I slaughtered each and every one of you."

"Death was present, death was many. The terror had been unleashed in a fire ball of fury. Nothing would escape its wrath. When smiles and tears are dust, all that will be left are the bones."
Chovian Fields Fairy Statue on Morlach's actions, Lost Isle

Fan Games and Game Mods created by fans can have characters just as bad—if not worse—as the works they are based on.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Hearts of Iron:

  • Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg: William Dudley Pelley is the leader of the far-right Silver Legion faction within Huey Long's America First Party. During the Second American Civil War, Pelley allies with Huey Long as a part of his right-wing American Union State, fighting against the left-wing Combined Syndicates of America and the Federal Government. If the AUS wins the civil war, Pelley will launch a coup if Huey Long rejects measures to enforce Prohibition. If victorious, Pelley purges everyone in the AUS government that's not in his faction and executes Huey Long, turning America into a white supremacist Christian fundamentalist nation. Once in power, Pelley enacts policies such as enforcing Jim Crow laws across all of America, absorbing the Ku Klux Klan into the government and forming a Klan-led Secret Police, and sends dissidents to forced labor camps. Pelley also proposes acts to restrict African-American freedom of movement, cuts African-American education to only focus on labor education, and expands African-American criminalization and penal labor to bring back slavery. Pelley also fosters rabid anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, leading to the biggest polio outbreak in American history.
  • Kaiserredux: A Kaiserreich Expansion:
    • Lavrentiy Beria is the leader of the "People's Guard", the armed wing of the neo-Bolshevik movement in the Socialist state of Georgia, and Ioseb Jughashvili's second-in-command. In the wake of Jughashvili's ascension to power, Beria would facilitate the arrest and subsequent purging of the Mensheviks from Georgia's government. If Jughashvili dies in a hunting accident implied to have been orchestrated by Beria, Beria would seize power for himself, killing anyone suspecting his role in Jughashvili's death. As leader of Georgia, Beria will launch a persecution of ethnic minorities, implementing laws forcing them to have only one children while enacting propaganda promoting the "genetic superiority" of Georgians, and subsequently pushing minorities and any political dissidents into slave labor in the Gulags where they are forced into penal battalions or experimented upon in the name of progress. In addition, Beria will take advantage of the economic liberalization he initiates in Georgia to establish Human Trafficking routes, with the intention of using it to track down women, children and the mentally ill to serve as his sex slaves.
    • Ante Pavelic is the leader of the far right wing of the Croatian Party of Rights. When Illyria falls into chaos as a result of its ethnic tensions with its Slovene and Bosniak population, Pavelic and elements loyal to him in the military may attempt to launch a coup of its government. If he succeeds, he declares a campaign to rid the nation of "enemies of the state", choosing to focus on either suppressing Republican Croatians, or going after either one of the Slovene and Bosniak minorities. He then unleashes death squads and gives them the order to patrol the countryside and use scorched-earth tactics against all that oppose him; these scorched earth tactics turning the sky black and causing immense damage to the soil in Illyria. Later on, he forcibly conscripts the entire Croatian population into the army and launches a massive campaign of violence against anyone demanding independence from Illyria; this campaign of violence results in a massive refugee crisis in the Balkans.
    • H. P. Lovecraft is the leader of the occult white supremacist Providence Circle cult operating in New England. While initially a figurehead for the Providence Circle, Lovecraft fully embraces his role as the "Yellow King" of New England if the Providence Circle takes over New England in the wake of the Second American Civil War. Upon taking power, Lovecraft establishes Delta Green as a means of enforcing his will on New England, and launches a campaign of violence against Irish-Americans in order to create a pure white Anglo-Saxon Protestant New England, along with a massive crackdown on Abrahamic religions in New England; said religions being replaced with worship of the Elder Gods. If Lovecraft establishes his New Order on either New England or all of America, he launches a massive genocide of non-whites and immigrants deemed to be worms and barely human and enforces a Spartan lifestyle on all his subjects.
  • Red World:
    • Theresa Brasier is the leader of the far-right Phoenix Front party in Britain. If the British Conservatives decide to work with the far-right, Brasier takes advantage of this political opening to launch a false-flag bombing of Parliament with the goal of discrediting the Conservatives as weak on national security; said bombing forces a snap election totally dominated by far-right parties. If victorious, Brasier abolishes the position of Prime Minister through the National Salvation Act and establishes the position of High Secretary. As High Secretary, Brasier launches a violent crackdown on leftists and Scottish secessionists opposing her rule; enforces Protestant fundamentalism; establishes concentration camps for non-Christians, Socialists, Jews and Muslims; and establishes a total surveillance state to spy on any political opponents using agencies such as "The Eye" and "The Finger". She also launches a war with Ireland over control of Northern Ireland and drags Britain into war with the Soviet bloc under the pretense that Normandy was once controlled by the British.
    • Bal Thackeray is the leader of the Army of Shivaji, a Hindu Fundamentalist Paramilitary Group that emerges in the wake of the Bharatiya Janata Party's empowering of the far-right. If the Bharatiya Janata Party initially reverses efforts to suppress them and installs Thackeray's nephew Raj Thackeray into the Indian government, Bal Thackeray and his movement will use this opportunity to take control of the entire government. Once in power, he uses Raj as a puppet, along with a combination of bribery and working with the Mumbai Mafia to consolidate power. He will then seal off India from Bangladesh and Pakistan' re-implement the caste system' and launch violent pogroms on Muslims that could potentially spread to other minorities in India, resulting in said minorities either being expelled from India or segregated in areas totally isolated from the Hindu population.
  • Red Flood: The Avatar, real name Maximiani Julia Portas, proves herself to be a psychotic megalomaniac even without the influence of Nazism. Taking advantage of the chaos that erupts if Winston Churchill fails to maintain control of the United Provinces, the Avatar and her followers would attempt to seize control for themselves. If successful, they will place the United Provinces under the rule of a Kali-worshipping death cult legalizing Human Sacrifice and cannibalism, while conscripting anyone they could find, even children, to fight for them under the threat of the massacre of their families. Upon unifying India, the Avatar will declare war on the rest of the world, seeking to destroy the world utterly and remake it in her own twisted image.
  • The New Order: Last Days of Europe explores how unjust structures and cycles of violence perpetuate evil rather than uniquely depraved individuals. As such, many dictators and mass murderers in the setting are depicted as not standing out as especially vile, ultimately pathetic, or tempered by genuinely humanizing qualities. There are, however, still exceptions to this rule:
    • Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler is the leader of the SS and the creator of the Burgundian System. Following the German economic collapse in the 1950s, Himmler would attempt a failed coup to overthrow Hitler. Being offered the SS State of Burgundy by Hitler to sate his ambitions, Himmler would spend the next decade laying plans for a second coup against Hitler. Upon failing to assassinate Hitler in 1963, Himmler shifts his focus towards instigating a nuclear war to wipe the planet clean of non-Aryans and pave way for total Aryan dominance. To achieve this goal, Himmler would develop Burgundy's nuclear capabilities while intervening in the German Civil War in favor of Heydrich and later Goering. He would also worsen various other conflicts around the world, with the SS assassination of Farouk of Egypt setting the stage for the Oil Crisis. In order to wipe out the French and Belgian population within Burgundy, Himmler would enslave the population and work them to death in the Rodomo complex, while slaughtering anyone speaking or teaching French. If defeated by a horrified Heydrich, Himmler's last act is to rant about how with his plans in ruins, Germany will forever be at the mercy of the "undesirables".
    • Gutrum Vagner, real name Alexey Alexandrovich Dobrovolsky, is the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood, a brutal Nazi-emulating state based in Permhaym. A former conscript in the Red Army, Vagner embraced Nazism after the Germans won the West Russian War, and would seek to impose Aryan ideology on Russia to destroy its Slavic culture. In Permhaym, Wagner would run a racial ruling caste enslaving all non-Aryans, with many of these slaves suffering a lack of food and being used as cannon fodder by the Brotherhood; following the German Civil War, they would start to reunify Russia. Gutrum and his men would commit horrific atrocities against everyone they conquer—committing genocide on the Muslims in Bashkiria; unleashing a mass purge of Orthodox priests in Gayny; and launching a massacre against everyone in Komi. If Vagner unifies West Russia, and subsequently fights off an attempted coup by interior minister Zigfrid Schultz, he will replace the Russian way of life with his own version of a Germanic Aryanized culture. If he takes over Siberia, he will declare Siberia to be "infested with subhuman trash", he will settle "Aryans" in Siberia and launch a massive ethnic cleansing campaign, either killing or enslaving non-Aryans in the area.
    • Zigfrid Schultz, real name Valery Nikolayevich Yemelyanov, is the interior minister of the Aryan Brotherhood. If the Aryan brotherhood unifies Western Russia, Schultz will advocate in converting as many Slavs to Aryans as possible, using this to build a power base capable of overthrowing Vagner. If successful, he will declare himself as Velimir, High Priest of Hyperborea and all Russia. He will then create a horrific theocracy based on Slavic supremacy and the worship of the Hyperboreans headed by him. He will destroy any literature deemed to be "heretical" and enslave anyone who adheres to Russian cultural identity or Communism, with said political enemies being put in concentration camps where they are sent on death marches, killing hundreds, if not thousands in order to weed out "true Aryans" deemed worthy of joining the Brotherhood. Once he has unified Russia, Velimir will start planning to invade the middle east on the pretext that all of Palestine once belonged to the Slavic Hyperborean race, also making plans to capture Germany and drown all of Europe in blood, regardless of the consequences.
    • SS-Oberführer Oskar Dirlewanger is the leader of the Dirlewanger Brigade. After being driven into the wastes of Russia following Himmler's failed coup attempt in the 1950s, Dirlewanger has reorganized his brigade into a bandit army, killing and pillaging anything they see. Setting his sights on the Orenburg Commune and the Ural League, Dirlewanger works with Trofim Lysenko of Magnitogorsk to kidnap Russians from both locations for the purposes of human experimentation. If Dirlewanger succeeds, he will slaughter the entire population of Orenburg and the Ural League; massacring entire villages and carrying out mass rape of women, with anyone he can't kill being sent back to Magnitorgorsk to be experimented on. Eventually, he will turn on Magnitorgorsk, and, if successful in killing Lysenko, Dirlewanger will declare himself the second coming of Alexander the Great, seeking to conquer Russia and be remembered as a boogeyman that the children of Russia will forever fear. If civilization is destroyed in nuclear war, Dirlewanger and his brigade will be remembered as personifications of evil by the various cultures emerging from the ruins of Russian society.
  • Thousand-Week Reich: Heinrich Himmler is the leader of the SS and one of the key instigators of The Holocaust. In the power struggle following Hitler's death, Himmler takes advantage of the political chaos to seize power for himself. If the power struggle escalates to the point of civil war, Himmler would have no qualms with regards to using nuclear weaponry to destroy his opponents. Upon taking power, he enacts policies to ensure the SS has total control of Germany, enforcing total surveillance of everyday life and the banning of any non-Nazi literature and any scientific discoveries by Jewish scientists under the pretext that they serve as Judeo-Bolshevik propaganda. With power fully secured, Himmler will seek to erase all traces of Jewish and Christian culture in Germany down to the last tenant and replace them with a twisted Neo-Pagan religion, even going as far to declare the formation of a new "Aryan" Empire under his control should he prove deranged enough to do so.
  • Equestria at War (Using My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic):
    • Lavender Berry was a police officer in Baltimare who was secretly in league with the stallionist IU party. Upon the breakout of the Lunar Civil War, Berry betrayed his fellow officers and took over the city, starting a brief rule that persecuted "enemies" of communism. Should he take control of the Baltimare Republic after the War in the South, he'll purge all of his enemies in the communist party and the government. He then creates a totalitarian government that eliminates the freedom of speech and sets up reactionary labor camps to have his enemies do hard labor until they die. To quell the native resistance, Lavender Berry initiates campaigns to burn the jungles, which kills over a million native ponies and thestrals, while cutting the entire population of the region by a sixth.
    • Edler von Wingenberg is the leader of the Strumgrife, the paramilitary wing of the Reformisten movement in Hellquill. Upon Wingfried von Katerinburg's ascension to power, Edler and his cohorts will push forward a plan for the industrialized mass murder of Ponies. If Wingfried approves of these plans, Edler's faction, empowered by Wingfried, will overthrow him and take power for themselves. Wingenberg will then establish death camps where Ponies are all worked to death or experimented on in order to extract their magical energies, and launch a mass purge of anyone suspected of expressing any sympathies for the Ponies. In order to facilitate the destruction of the River Ponies, Wingenberg conscripts children into the army with the goal of explicitly teaching them to kill ponies as horrifically as possible, and then launches the purple plague onto the Riverlands by releasing imprisoned ponies and letting them run loose. This leads to the deaths of many of Ponies in the Riverlands and ensures that the Riverlands will never recover from any war that Wingenberg would wage on them even if he is defeated.



Ace Attorney
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Case 5: Turnabout Substitution: The Mysterious Bust Killer, Apollo's partner Rhea Wits, murdered a dozen people, including her brother. Wits tricked the innocent Robert Erlenmeyer into believing he was responsible for the murders, and made him confess. After Erlenmeyer's escape, Wits planned to kill him and hide his body so the police would be left searching for a dead man, leaving Wits free to kill again. After the judge witnessed Wits trying to bury Erlenmeyer alive in a cemetery, Wits decided to just kill the judge and frame Erlenmeyer for his murder as well. After being accused by Apollo of being the true killer, Wits taunted him and implied that Apollo would be the next target. When finally revealed, Wits said that at least she made better use of her life than the victims did of theirs.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Conflict of Interest: Carlo Luciano was an assassin for the Rivales Family, killing many people. After Francisco Mendirez tried to kill him, Luciano faked his own death and devoted his life to making Mendirez suffer. Impersonating Mendirez, he contacted Nathen Togamera and got him to work for him, before murdering Cody Hackins and framing Togamera for it. He proceeded to try and have Maya Fey assassinated, intending for his henchman Raphael Donatello and Donatello's forced accomplice Meredith Fey to both be convicted for it. Finally, he goes on a killing spree, murdering various people and framing Mendirez for the killings in an attempt to have him executed. When Phoenix proves Luciano is the true culprit, the latter takes Mark Watters hostage and tries to shoot and kill Phoenix.

Cave Story

  • Jenka's Nightmare: Doctor Fuyuhiko Date/The Doctor returns as the true mastermind behind the titular nightmare. Now a spirit seeking revenge for his defeat, Date hijacks Jenka's mind to control her nightmare and use it to control the island, warping the heroes back inside. Turning Sue, Toroko's spirit, and eventually Misery back into their monstrous forms, he reveals himself in the True Ending path and possesses Quote, also corrupting Curly's adoptive children, the Colons, and thus forcing Curly to fight her loved ones. He eventually reveals his ultimate plan to sink the island and kill everyone within, and when Curly confronts him, he gleefully reveals that he killed Daisuke Sakamoto, Quote and Curly's adoptive brother, because he stood in his way.


  • Super Danganronpa Another 2: Kanade Otonokoji, though seemingly sweet and shy, is the psychotic killer of Chapter 3. Mentally abusing her twin sister, Hibiki, since preschool in order to make the girl completely dependent on her, Kanade remorselessly murdered or crippled everyone who ever got close to her, from their pet dog, the teacher that Hibiki had a crush on, to even their parents. In the Killing Game, Kanade puts Hibiki in a trance to control her and forces Hibiki to murder Setsuka Chiebukuro to stop their friendship from disrupting the brainwashing. Then, just before their execution, Kanade makes Hibiki conscious again just to arouse herself with the sight of her sister breaking down. She also burns Setsuka's note, which contained important information, solely out of spite at being found out as the culprit. Despite being wholly unconnected to Void, Kanade eclipses all of them, even the mastermind, in cruelty.


  • Hedon: Nithriel is a dark elf warlock who leads a cult to obtain the Crystal Heart, an ancient artifact located in Valc and guarded by Iron Division. To that end, Nithriel manipulated the mind of the head witch of Iron Division to do her bidding after the latter's research on creating Super Soldiers had failed. This resulted on the citizens of Valc getting massacred by Nithriel and her cultists. Failing to brainwash Zan to do her bidding, Nithriel then attempts to steal the artifact by summoning a huge demon to massacre the members of Iron Division.

The Elder Scrolls

  • Malevolent (Oblivion): Lucius Maelin is the aspiring Champion of Cyrodiil and a captain of the guard. When the Player is made Champion instead, he plots revenge. The Player meets Maelin while he is ambushing a lich threatening a town. He leads the Player inside the lich's lair and lets several of his soldiers die so the Player will be desperate to help. After equipping armor found inside and destroying the lich, the Player is informed by the living armor that with or without the Player's help, he will murder the blacksmith and the enchanter involved with its creation. After these murders the Player gets rid of the armor in a tomb; however, Maelin ambushes the Player. Maelin then informs the Player that he commissioned the armor and he altered the personality. He did this to pin it all on the Player to strip the Player of rank. He then gloats that with the deaths of the guards, no one will believe the Player. Knowing he will be champion for the just fighting you, he escapes, gloating that one day he will ensure the Player is executed. Captain Maelin insures the deaths of many of his allies all because he wasn't made Champion.
  • Skyrim:
    • The Forgotten City: Jarl Metellus is the tyrannical, self-appointed ruler of the titular city. Taking advantage of the Dwarves' Law, which threatens to kill everyone if even a single resident commits a crime, Metellus bullies the other citizens into doing whatever he says, knowing that their fear of annihilation prevents them from fighting back, and starves those who prove to be unproductive, including the mentally and physically disabled. Metellus also proves to be a hypocrite when it's revealed that he abducted a woman named Maisi and locked her in a room where the city's eyes cannot see and proceeded to make her his Sex Slave for months on end, free to violate the Dwarves' Law without consequence, and then murdered another citizen who discovered his secret. If confronted by the Dragonborn, Metellus coldly boasts that they can't do anything about his crimes without violating the Dwarves' Law.
    • Interesting NPCs: Korrilan, a "tailor" in Riften, has perfected the ability to Body Surf, transferring his soul between bodies to stay alive, and also just when he tires of wearing his current "outfit." He gets bodies by using a modified Black Soul Gem creation process and healing magics to trick the souls of living beings into leaving their bodies, rendering them soulless shells for him to use as he likes. It's implied he's done this across Tamriel for years if not decades, has gone through several victims in the process, and has killed others who found out his secret and tried to stop him. As he calmly explains this, he not only refers to the braindead bodies he uses as "clothes," but treats them as dismissively as though they were, having the Player Character kill his current host body without a care so that he can demonstrate his ability.
    • Falskaar: Yngvarr Unnvaldr is the Jarl of the city of Staalgarde, as well as the secret benefactor of the bandits plaguing Amber Creek. Fueled by jealously against the Borvaldur family—resulting from his own incompetence—Yngvarr seeks immortality from the Heart of the Gods; to this end, he orders massacres of helpless civilians and slaughters the city of Borvald to a man. When the heroes act against him, Yngvarr kidnaps Agmar's wife and son and threatens their lives in exchange for the keys, then goes back on his word and tries killing them all. Proving callous towards his own men and even own city, which he fools into sacrificing itself for supposedly "noble" reasons, Yngvarr proves himself the greatest monster in Falskaar's history, and would willfully kill everyone on it for his own gain.

Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Dayshift at Freddy's series: Dr. Henry Miller is a dangerous Serial Killer and Mad Scientist who killed numerous kids in his own pizzeria and put their souls into machines, torturing them to be obedient, in the hope of having a soul helping him to pass the barrier that divides the living world from the afterlife. Henry manipulates his own "partner" William Afton into helping him, arranging his horrible fate in a suit to make him a murdering monster and causing a multitude of deaths throughout the Freddy Fazbender locations, eventually damning numerous souls and causing more destruction. In the "Evil Route", Henry possesses Jack, making him insult and then brutally kill William/Dave, to continue his killing spree.
  • Five Nights at Candy's: RAT was a callous, violent alcoholic in life, until one of his coworkers killed him in self-defense after he tried to strangle him to death for demanding he go home after showing up to work drunk. Since he was playing hide-and-seek with Mary Schmidt at the time of his death, he blamed her for it and related by mutilating her brother in front of her and a crowd of people when he possessed his old costume. This results in Mary having terrifying nightmares, which then enters as Shadow RAT to torture her mentally. When Mary became a security guard at Candy's years later, he gleefully attempted to kill her then but failed. After Mary was fired, RAT brutally ripped apart Chester, one of his fellow animatronics, for opening the door to his room. He then killed a night guard, and got Candy framed for the deed, resulting in the sapient Animatronics being being left to rot in their old robotics factory. When Marylin, Mary's daughter, arrived at the factory on a dare, he attempts to kill her too. If he gets her, her wounds would be considered those of a bear attack.
  • The Return to Freddy's: Alison starts out as the head of a drug mafia, before becoming a petty monster after getting his hands on a suit machine. Having already slaughtered the scientists who created it for not selling it to him, he soon opens up a restaurant to act as a front for his criminal deeds. A horrifically awful boss, anyone caught slacking would be sent to slave labor, being forced to worship a torture suit under the threat of being stuffed into a springlock suit and brutally killed. Alison also has a trio of animatronics slaughter any lazy slaves, themselves springlock victims tricked by Alison. Gaining a grudge against Gron for sabotaging his operation, Alison purposely slams his car into Gron's family car as revenge, sending the family to the hospital, where he shortly has a hitman kill Gron's wife in front of him, and years later would kill his eldest son in cold blood. Eventually, hacking into the government laboratory he raided, Alison has the helpless animatronics attack the guard, with the place eventually blowing up, taking years of research with it. Being responsible for the events of the series, Alison was a petty crook with a lust for power.

Half-Life 2

  • Nightmare House 2: Doctor George Romero is the Mad Scientist who decided to conduct experiments on Mind Control, hallucinations and resurrecting the dead through his creation, the Core. Using his wife Emily as his test subject for the Core, causing her to commit suicide, Romero attempts to revive her, only succeeding to bring back her vengeful spirit, leading to Romero hiding in Never Lose Hope Hospital, where he continued work on the Core, keeping Emily at bay. When the Patient arrived, Romero, paranoid that Emily had found him, decided to activate the Core, resulting in the deaths of the entire hospital, turning them into zombies. Deciding to use the Patient as a test subject, Romero presents himself as a guide trying to help them escape. When a SWAT team arrives to kill him, Romero convinces the Patient to destroy the radio station, allowing him to Mind Rape and sadistically kill them.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (primarily Stardust Crusaders)

  • The 7th Stand User: DIO proves to be just as vile as his canon counterpart. After murdering and stealing the body of his adoptive brother Jonathan, DIO murders and drains the blood of countless innocents to heal himself. When DIO senses the presence of the Joestars, he infects Kakyoin and Polnareff with flesh buds to mind control them into being his minions, knowing that these flesh buds will eventually kill them. When the heroes attempt to take a plane to Egypt, DIO has Grey Fly bring down the passenger plane they're on. It's also revealed that he had another one of his men stationed in Japan to destroy any plane the heroes would return in even if they abandon their quest. When his loyal right-hand woman Enya Geil is captured by the party, he hires Steely Dan to murder her to ensure that she doesn't divulge his powers. If the Player Character decides to watch over Kakyoin in the hospital after he gets injured by N'Doul, DIO will send Oingo and Boingo to set off explosives in the hospital. When pursuing the heroes, DIO abducts Senator Phillips, forces him to drive at lethal speeds through pedestrians, and then kills him when he's caught up with the heroes. In the Betrayal Ending, if the protagonist has enough friendship points with Kakyoin and Polnareff, DIO and the protagonist will manipulate them into betraying and killing the Joestars.

The Legend of Zelda

  • Lost Isle: The soul-devouring Morlach is the demon responsible for the deaths of every human on the eponymous island. When he was previously known as Worlach, he terrorized the island until the day the islanders sealed him in Horgrus Mountain. Generations later, Worlach set his eyes on the hunter Morvayn and took over his body, becoming Morlach and transforming Morvayn's apprentices into brainwashed cronies called Morachs which he used to take over the island and procure the arts needed to break Morlach's seal, while at the same time turning more people into Morachs. When the surviving islanders attempted to resist, Morlach had them killed either on the spot or dragged off to be tortured to death in the Oderra Catacombs and/or the Doom Cave within. Morlach also had the Plague Fortress constructed to study the arts needed to break his seal and eventually transform the island into a flying fortress for his plan of global domination. Finally, when Link puts him down for good, Morlach reveals that his death would result in the island's destruction, and dies content that Link would die with him.


  • UNKNOWN: Seneca in the full game differs greatly from his Affably Evil version in the demo. A small yet malicious fox, Seneca aims to remake the remains of the world in his own image. He begins his streak of evil by physically and sexually assaulting the cat Charlotte, traumatizing her. When the heroes infiltrate his lair, he shows off his affinity for psychological torture, first by disguising himself as the Judge's dead brother Valerie to attack him, and then by trapping Ghost Batter in a small room while taunting him that, as a ghost, he can never escape the room even through death. He then presents the puppeteer with horribly mangled and suffering clones of the heroes that he created to test out his powers, before giving the puppeteer a demonstration of his soul-sucking machine that he uses to gain power. It is revealed here that, in the demo timeline, he tricked Zacharie into sacrificing himself to the machine to restore the world, a deal he had no intention of honoring, and that his prior kindness in said timeline was a façade. He then kills his scientist Louis for secretly helping out the puppeteer, before killing one of the clones for annoying him, and then expresses contempt for his creations, whom he beats whenever he feels angry. Finally, in the game's main ending, he turns a Brainwashed and Crazy Zacharie against the puppeteer in a last attempt to win. A sadistic dictator who outright denies feeling any remorse for his atrocities, Seneca proved to be far more wicked than even the Batter.


  • Pokémon Dark Rising: Order Destroyed: Hoopa is an ancient Pokémon who manipulated the events of the first two games to get rid of Arceus and Darugis and gain control of the universe. Hoopa turned the world into a wasteland and inflicted the "Trainer's Curse" on anyone who owns a Pokémon, which will cause them to die and eventually become a zombie should they lose a battle. He has the zombies hunt down any trainers, seeking to remove anyone he deems unworthy of existing in his "perfect" world, with no mercy given to children. Hoopa also commits personal crimes, such as taunting Kaz that he's becoming a remorseless killer thanks to the Trainer's Curse and having Joel turned into a zombie, causing Kaz grief. At the end of the game, Hoopa tries to have the heroes killed, but he only manages to kill Kaz. A childish fiend that views his world as his playground, Hoopa proved to be crueler and more dangerous than Darugis.
  • Pokémon Reborn: In this Darker and Edgier version of the franchise, Lin is the true leader of Team Meteor, behind many of their terrorist attacks on the region and the PULSE Pokemon, mutated Pokemon created by immoral experiments. Feared even by her own team, she attacks Reborn City and forces the Player Character and other trainers—their friends—to play a sadistic game where the loser would be tortured, with one of them losing an eye and, after defeating the regional Champion, Ame, Lin kills her with her Hydreigon. Later, Lin tries to throw a Gym Leader to burning lava and—depending of the player's choice, allows a Team Meteor member to die in her place. After Team Meteor unleashes the PULSE-Hypno in Agate City, Lin retrieves a unknown artifact before sending a gym leader to the void while using a brainwashed, sapient, talking Gardevoir. A cold, cruel and stoic woman with a mysterious past that proudly believes that power is the only thing that matters, Lin ruined many lives, both directly and indirectly.

SCP Foundation

  • SCP – Containment Breach: SCP-106, The Old Man, is just as monstrous as his canon counterpart. Taking advantage of the titular containment breach, 106 goes on a killing spree, killing a janitor, a doctor, and possibly Dr. L and Dr. Maynard. When he encounters the D-Class Personal, he relentlessly pursues him, at one point throwing the mutilated corpse of the doctor at him to scare him. If captured by 106, the prisoner is brought to his Pocket Dimension, where they'll be hunted by 106, or almost bleed to death. He also leaves creepy taunts written on the ground in this pocket dimension, along with coffins filled with his still-living victims. In order to contain 106, the player character needs to break the femur of another D-Class prisoner. This will result in 106 being attracted by his screams of pain, and take the man to his pocket dimension, allowing him to be contained.

Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)

  • Sonic Epoch takes place in a Bad Future:
    • Dr. Julian Robotnik, beneath his politeness and despite his tragic past, is every bit as vile as before. When Sonic and Sally attack one of his bases, Robotnik attempts to disintegrate Sally by using his prototype teleporter against her. After Sonic saves Sally at the cost of disappearing in the teleporter, Robotnik installs several teleporters in the Green Forest where he can send his robots, overwhelming Knothole and the Freedom Fighters. Roboticizing Bunnie, Rotor, Antoine and several other Mobians, Robotnik gleefully break Tails and Sally's spirits by talking before sparing them so that they could live knowing that they lost their home and everyone they knew and loved. Ten years later, upon learning that Sonic reappeared and that Snively failed to stop him, Robotnik roboticized him. When facing Sonic for one last fight, Robotnik, having roboticized himself, reveals that he plans to send a gas to freeze the atmosphere and thus, the entire planet, killing every non-roboticized Mobian so that he could control the world forever. When defeated by Sonic, he spitefully self-destructs to take Sonic with him. A genocidal racist, Robotnik manages to darken the already darker setting of Sonic Epoch whenever he appears.
    • Game Boy Advance version only: Snively is Robotnik's nephew, second-in-command, and is a far cry from the joke he used to be in the original show. Ten years after Sonic mysteriously disappeared and Robotnik took over the world, Snively stumbles upon Sally tending to Sonic. Desperate to kill Sonic before Robotnik finds out, Snively attempts to kill the duo several times, sending his robot '53 to destroy Sally's home in an attempt to kill them both. When '53 comes back with only a teenage Tails, Snively threatens to disintegrate him. When Sonic and Sally ends up in Kumquat Village, Snively sent the Daemon Bug to kidnap and brainwash Sally, fully aware that Sally will still be conscious when the Bug will brainwash her. When Patrick Facade fails to keep Sonic inside the village as Snively told him, Snively sent '53 to destroy Kumquat Village in one last desperate attempt to kill Sonic and Sally.

Super Mario 64

  • Super Mario 64: Last Impact: Rashay is a snarky, cruel moon spirit who seeks to force the moon to crash into the Mushroom Kingdom, and kill everyone on the planet solely for the thrill of it. After revealing his presence near the end of the game, he kidnaps Princess Peach and forces Mario to exchange a large amount of Power Stars for the Princess to ensure her safety. After infiltrating his Moon Cellar, where at one point Mario is forced to fling himself through painful lava for Rashay's amusement, Mario fights Rashay only to find out that he can't be hurt through conventional means. Upon this revelation, Rashay defeats Mario and continues to viciously beat the fallen plumber even after his loss, purely out a deranged sense of bloodlust.


  • Dusttale: The Fallen Child, Chara, is a far cry from the enigmatic figure of the main game. No longer caring about their old goals, and now focused on sadism and power, Chara has completely taken over Frisk's body and soul and used him to go on 327 Genocide routes, involving a cycle of killing their former friends and loved ones, destroying the world and restarting the process all over again in a new timeline. This eventually drove the self-aware Sans mad, going on a killing spree of his own to stop Chara, something Chara sees as annoying competition. Chara forces Frisk to kill regardless of the latter's input or attempts to rebel. Should Chara kill Sans, Frisk is forced to restart their world again so Chara can keep their memories, implying this isn't the first time this has happened. Should Frisk prove too rebellious, Frisk will fight Chara to the death, successfully destroying Chara forever and undoing everything they did, but at the cost of Frisk's life in that timeline.

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