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Xenia Onatopp gets off on anything that shooting until it doesn't.

Elliot Carver: "What you are about to witness, Ms. Lin, is not so much a missile attack, but the launch of a new world order. In precisely five minutes after your countrymen have attacked the British fleet, I shall retaliate for dear old England by sending this missile into Beijing, where General Chang has just called an emergency meeting of the Chinese High Command. Unfortunately, General Chang will be delayed in traffic, arriving just after the missile has killed your leaders, and too late to stop the air force from sinking the entire British fleet, but he will be just in time to take over the Government, negotiate a truce, and emerge as a world leader, with the Nobel Peace Prize."
Wai Lin: "And what do you get?"
Elliot Carver: "Me? Oh, nothing. Just exclusive broadcasting rights in China for the next hundred years."

The James Bond franchise features a lot of masterminds and businessmen who have various nefarious intentions. Several go above and beyond to establish their pure malevolence.

Entries in each group are by release date.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld, head of Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion (SPECTRE), is an icy sociopath interested only in what profits him. Running SPECTRE with an iron fist, Blofeld facilitates terrorism around the world, and any underling who fails dies a painful, ignominious end. When he and Bond finally come face to face, Blofeld is attempting to start a nuclear war to have the Soviets and the Americans wipe one another out, allowing SPECTRE to blackmail the newest superpowers. When this fails, Blofeld undergoes plastic surgery and attempts to swindle his way into a pardon and a noble title, with brainwashed women spreading a bacteria to annihilate the world's agricultural supply. When this fails, Blofeld takes revenge by murdering Bond's new wife on their wedding day. Later having plastic surgery again, Blofeld has multiple diamonds stolen to power a satellite with an orbital laser. Blofeld calls an auction between the Soviets, Chinese and Americans: The winner will possess nuclear supremacy in the world. The losers will be wiped out by the satellite.
  • Goldfinger: The titular Auric Goldfinger is a man whose wit and politeness only mask the dangerous psychopath that he is. Obsessed with increasing his wealth at any cost, Goldfinger plans on poisoning an army barracks and the surrounding town, which would kill 60,000 people—for which he cares nothing about—and then detonating a nuclear device in Fort Knox to trigger a major economic crisis for his own profit. He punishes his assistant, who becomes a Bond girl and costs him a rigged card game, by having her murdered with golden paint that suffocates her, and later tries to have James Bond sawn in half with a laser. He gloats to his mob partners even though he was always planning on killing them and does— simply to bask in his own ego at his plan. Despite being one of the earliest villains that Bond ever faced, Goldfinger still remains one of the worst.
  • Thunderball: Emilio Largo is the sadistic, cruel Number Two of SPECTRE. Plotting to blackmail the world at large, Largo has a pilot murdered to have an agent steal his identity, leaving the man to drown when his usefulness is expended, and stealing two NATO warheads. Largo showcases a willingness to feed failed agents to sharks, and is an enthusiast for torture, with one British agent taking cyanide to avoid that fate. Later torturing his mistress Domino, Largo reveals he plans to nuke Miami when his ransom isn't met.
  • Moonraker: Hugo Drax is a cold, snobbish, understated executive who wishes to exterminate the human race, except for those he considers "superior beings". To this end, Drax captures men and women whom he sees as physically perfect, planning to keep these people in his giant space station while he covers the Earth in a rare toxin that will kill every human being on Earth. When one of his Moonraker space shuttles is hijacked, Bond is sent to investigate. Fearing that Bond will discover his plans, Drax sends his assassins to kill him, not doing the job himself because he wants Bond's death to amuse him. When he discovers that his personal pilot, Corrine Dufour, helped Bond uncover his plan, he fires her, then sends his dogs out to rip her apart. After he tells Bond his plan, he traps him and one of his scientists, Dr. Holly Goodhead, under one of his rockets, planning on burning the both of them. When he discovers Bond and Goodhead on his space station, he threatens to shoot them both out the airlock. When Bond corners him after his plans are failing, Drax finds a gun and threatens to shoot him, knowing that he'll at least "have the pleasure of putting [Bond] out of my misery". Drax is a chilling, dark villain who stands out in such a campy, silly movie.
  • A View to a Kill: Maximilian "Max" Zorin, the former KGB operative in charge of Zorin Industries, presents himself as an affluent and fashionable individual, but is in truth a vicious, greedy psychopath who will do anything to further his own gains. Abandoning the KGB in order to pursue his scheme to submerge Silicon Valley and monopolize the global microchip supply, not caring that his plan will cost millions of lives, Zorin proceeds to involve his investors in his scheme, having a detractor ejected from his airship when the latter refuses to co-operate. When James Bond and Stacey Sutton go to San Francisco city hall to investigate, Zorin kills a city official and a CIA Agent, framing Bond for the murders before setting the building on fire. After placing explosives along the Hayward and San Andreas fault lines, Zorin floods the mines where the explosives were placed, proceeding to gun down any fleeing employees, despite their loyalty, driven by a combination of resource disposal and schadenfreude, and allows his mistress May Day to die in an explosion alongside his remaining employees. When Bond sabotages his plot, Zorin attacks Bond and Sutton atop the Golden Gate Bridge with an axe. Despite his civilized façade, Zorin makes his mark as a particularly vicious individual.
  • Licence to Kill: Franz Sanchez can be charming, but he's also uncommonly brutal and ruthless in dealing with his enemies or those he perceives as disloyal to him. He brutally whips his mistress, Lupe Lamora, with a stingray-tail whip as a punishment for infidelity, and also orders his top henchman Dario to remove the heart of the man she has slept with. He feeds Bond's best friend, Felix Leiter, to a shark—after having had his newlywed wife raped and killed right before—and he kills one of his collaborators, locking him in a decompression chamber, believing he stole his money. Towards the climax, he also decides to start "cutting overhead" and shoots his financial advisor. While lacking the body counts of other villains that Bond has faced, Sanchez makes up for it by having a visceral cruelty that is unmatched.
  • GoldenEye: Xenia Onatopp, a psychotic Russian assassin working for the Janus Syndicate, has the dubious honor of being the most depraved Femme Fatale that Bond has ever come across. Initially seen as a charming, elegant woman, Xenia reveals her true nature when, in bed with her target, she kills him by crushing him between her thighs to suffocate him, getting clear sexual ecstasy from the murder; she later tries to kill Bond the same way. She steals his security clearance and murders several innocent sailors before eluding Bond. Later, when Xenia arrives in a Russian facility, she massacres all the techs with machine gun fire, getting very visibly aroused by the killings; even her partner for the mission looks a bit stunned at this. Xenia has one of the largest body counts for a Dragon in the franchise, and unlike the majority of her male counterparts, Xenia is in it for money and thrills. She has no issue helping to use the GoldenEye satellite to plunge England into the dark ages as long as she gets rich from it. The fact that this gives her the ability to express her sexualized love for killing is just a bonus.
  • Tomorrow Never Dies: Elliot Carver is the head of the Carver Media Group Network who utilizes various unethical practices to enrich himself. Carver sinks a British ship, guns down the survivors, and destroys a Chinese jet in order the escalate tensions between the two countries. Carver then plans to launch a stolen missile into Beijing to destroy the Chinese government and start World War III, all so that he will get exclusive broadcasting rights in China from the new government. When James Bond investigates this, Carver murders his wife Paris when she gets too close to Bond, taunting him with a broadcast that frames it as a murder-suicide committed by Bond. Carver later orders the brutal torture of Bond and Wai Lin by Richard Stamper, and guns down his own associate when he's "outlived [his] contract". Already a wealthy man, Carver is willing to cause millions of deaths just to satisfy his greed.
  • Quantum of Solace: General Medrano raped and killed Camille's family in front of her, and burnt down the house. He conspires with Dominic Greene of the organization Quantum, deliberately engineering a nationwide drought in Bolivia to allow Quantum to get its hands on his nation's water supply and having the gall to frame the government for selling off its rainforests. Medrano is willing to plunge his nation into drought and famine, dooming multiple innocent people, just so he can have an excuse to seize power. When Greene informs Medrano how expendable he truly is to Quantum, Medrano buckles under pressure and acquiesces to Greene's demands before trying to rape his maid out of frustration. When Camille intervenes, Medrano tries to rape and murder her as well, mocking her about her mother and sister.
  • Spectre: Ernst Stavro Blofeld, born Franz Oberhauser, was once a sociopathic boy who murdered his own father for loving a young, orphaned James Bond the Oberhauser family took in. Faking his own death and adopting his new name, Oberhauser built up the criminal organization SPECTRE, which finances and facilitates terrorism around the globe, allies with interested parties to topple governments, prolong civil wars, horde natural resources, and eventually involves itself in the sex trade where hundreds of thousands of women and children are trafficked to feed SPECTRE's accounts. Oberhauser gleefully reveals himself as the architect of James's pain, having arranged various events to result in the deaths of Bond's friends, and loved ones. He was also the one behind Raoul Silva, having wanted M herself to die to hurt Bond. With Bond himself, Oberhauser has small needles drilled into his head to torture him and even threatens to steal his ability to recognize faces by drilling in the right place. When this fails, Oberhauser holds Bond's Love Interest in a rigged chamber—also forcing her to watch the footage of her father committing suicide—so Bond must either try to save her and die in an explosion, or abandon her to save himself and live with the shame of it. Obsessed with destroying his stepbrother and devoted only to his own massive megalomania and eagerness to condemn the world to chaos or tyranny if it suits his purposes, Oberhauser is the ultimate villain of the rebooted chronology to date.


  • Ian Fleming's original novels:
    • Moonraker: Though his plan is smaller in scale than his film counterpart's, Ian Fleming's original version of Sir Hugo Drax is no less vile. Born "Hugo von der Drache" in Germany and an avid fan of Hitler, Drax ran undercover missions against Britain for the Reich until he was mistakenly wounded by his own side and nursed back to health by the British. Stealing the identity of a MIA soldier with a similar name and feigning amnesia, Drax murdered the first rich man he could find after leaving the hospital for startup money and began plotting to avenge Nazi Germany's defeat. Using his family's holdings in rare metals, Drax paid out of his own pocket to design the Moonraker, a state-of-the-art nuclear missile meant to defend Britain from the Russians, with Drax's philanthropy elevating him to a national hero. The only problem was, the missile was set to destroy London on its first test-firing with a real atomic bomb. When Drax describes the intended death toll for this catastrophe to him, Bond, a hardened killer himself, is left almost catatonic. Other crimes include running a motorist off the road and over a cliff due to the mere possibility he might've been a spy, and having people tortured for information with welding torches. For Drax, the mere destruction of their greatest city was not enough; he made himself into the British people's greatest hero just so their collective spirits would be crushed when the nuke hit.
    • From Russia with Love: Donovan "Red" Grant has been afflicted with a burning urge to kill during the full moon since his youth. Starting with animals, he graduated to vagrants and tramps before becoming a Serial Killer who targeted young woman in his native Ireland. Escaping justice by joining the military, Grant would defect to the Russians after he realized they could offer him the bloodshed he craved. A ruthless, efficient killer, Grant rose to the position of head executioner of the clandestine group SMERSH and was indulged in being allowed to murder with impunity during the full moon. This even extended to Grant being allowed access to prisons with chainsaws during those nights. Bond's chosen executioner, Grant kills his ally Darko Kerim and proceeds to try to murder Bond and his lover, admitting that all he cares about in life is his ability to murder people.
  • Scorpius: The titular Vladimir Scorpius is a weapons dealer who mostly trades with terrorists, making him indirectly responsible for over a thousand deaths before the book even begins. The main story of the novel concerns of him using the cult he has established—The Meek Ones—to produce generations of suicide bombers for sale, simply for more profit. He declares a "holy war" against mankind, inducing his cultists to commit several terrorist acts to kill hundreds of people in the United Kingdom in particular. He is treated with utter revulsion by those who know the real man beneath his persona as Father Valentine, and Bond even states he is the worst criminal he ever had to deal with.
  • Zero Minus Ten: Guy Thackeray is a British shipping magnate in Hong Kong who is furious about the transfer to the Chinese government on account of losing his company to an obscure clause from his ancestors. Arranging terrorist attacks and many murders, including that of his board of directors, Thackeray intends to destroy Hong Kong with a nuke after fraying the tense peace to the breaking point, With this, Thackeray hopes to kick off a war between Britain and China to punish both countries and sate his spiteful ego.
  • Young Bond series: These are the worst of the varied enemies that the young James Bond faces on his path to being a superspy:
    • SilverFin & By Royal Command: Dr. Perseus Friend is a cold, cruel Nazi biologist infamous for producing biological weapons. Friend helps Randolph Hellebore create a serum which warps the minds and bodies of its users, intending to sell the resultant soldiers to the highest bidders, with Friend even experimenting on and killing a young child. Faking his death, Friend returns and stages a car crash with Graf Otto von Schlick to graft his skin onto himself, but not before having Otto's wife killed. Friend joins up with the Third Reich and participates in a scheme to inspire the workers of Britain to revolt against their leaders with a Communist front, resulting in the assassination of King George V, which would place the Fascism-friendly Edward VIII back on the throne, allying with Hitler's Germany in order to start a deadly war with Russia and convert the entire continent to the cause of Adolf Hitler. When he has Bond and his Love Interest Roan Power captive, Friend decides to repay Bond for their previous encounters by flaying Bond alive while recording it for later viewing and forcing Roan to watch, just for the amusement that he'll gain.
    • Heads You Die: Scolopendra is a genius Mad Scientist with a Social Darwinist bent. Born Audacto Solares, Scolopendra clawed his way to found his own industry and believes all of humanity should be shaped the way he wishes. Developing a plague, Scolopendra intends to unleash it to force the submission of the world, with the deaths of millions thanks to contaminated banknotes while all nations beg him for the cure, having it tested on living victims. Even his own daughter Jagua is tormented and tortured by him, Scolopendra even trying to shatter her skull when he decides she's too weak to live.
    • Heads You Die & Red Nemesis: La Velada ("The Veil"), Soviet agent, is one of the young Bond's most enduring enemies. Working with and manipulating Cuban industralist Scolopendra, La Velada helps him to experiment on victims with Scolopendra's deadly virus, which she plans to help unleash it upon Great Britain and the entire Western world. La Velada also treats Scolopendra's daughter Jagua awfully having her friend killed out of spite and later trying to sell Jagua herself to slavers. Returning to ally with Adam Elmhirst, La Velada is revealed as an architect of the plot to flood London by collapsing pieces of the city and flooding it with the Thames, potentially killing millions in order to allow Britain to become part of Soviet control.
    • Red Nemesis: Adam Elmhirst, in his first appearance, is a seemingly friendly SIS agent. In truth a longstanding traitor for the Soviet Union, Elmhirst is the man who murdered James Bond's parents for stumbling on his plot. Capturing Bond, Elmhirst replays Bond's parents' pleading final moments in order to psychologically mess with Bond's mind, and promises to cripple his current Love Interest if he doesn't get him the information that he needs. Having dug tunnels with explosives, Elmhirst will detonate them and flood London from the Thames, killing countless innocents so he can have the king murdered and surrender the nation to the USSR.

Comic Books

  • Serpent's Tooth, by Doug Moench, Paul Gulacy, et al.: The madman Indigo is a reptilian-looking man running a base called New Eden. Abducting women from their families to serve as brainwashed concubines, Indigo experiments on them to eventually make them breeding stock for his new world, also converting innocents into degenerated neanderthal-like brutes to serve as muscle. Indigo plans to detonate nukes upon sea cradles, causing waves that crash down on all coasts, 100 miles inland, wiping out 83 percent of all terrestrial life and leaving a new people he can rule himself.
  • Dynamite Comics comic, by Warren Ellis
    • Slaven Kurjak, from the first arc, VARGR, seems to be a respected Serbian inventor, but in actuality is a former worker at concentration camps during the Kosovo War. Longing to replicate the series of contained tortures and experiments on an unprecedented scale, Kurjak starts peddling a flesh-eating drug throughout Britain as a test pool, resulting in countless lives being agonizingly lost to the drug. Once ousted, Kurjak slaughters the totality of his own staff and gloats to Bond as he leaves him to die in a decontamination chamber that his intention is to turn the entire world into a grand system of horrific torture and cruelty, where he and other like-minded sadists can slake their thirst for hurting people with full impunity.
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    • Hammerhead Spinoff, by Andy Diggle & Luca Casalanguida: Victoria Hunt intends to usurp her father's company and take the railgun project Hammerhead for her own by having her father murdered. Secretly the underworld mastermind "Kraken", Victoria seduces Bond and arranges a nuke to be delivered to Yemen to be detonated there. When this fails, Victoria opts to nuke London to wipe the city and everyone in it off the map while blackmailing Britain's allies to fall behind her in a resurgent British Empire. Upon seeing the approach of British forces, Victoria has Hammerhead simply begin vaporizing all of them, intending to rule the world from the shadows in a brutal regime.


  • Rafael/Raphael Drake is a beloved philanthropist who secretly plots to remake the would into a corporate dystopia answerable only to himself. The CEO of the environmentally-friendly corporation Phoenix International, Drake poses as a respected anti-nuclear weapons activist who uses his company's wealth and resources to decommission nukes; in reality, he takes these weapons for himself to be used in a private arsenal against anyone who resists his takeover. Key to his plan is a new space weapons platform developed by the US; James Bond is put on Drake's case after it is discovered the latter has stolen the weapons guidance chip for the satellite. When one of his subordinates tries to turn informant for MI6, he orders not just the man's death, but those of his innocent household servants as well; he later murders his mistress by defenestration, forcing Bond to watch, after she is exposed as a deep-cover French agent. As his plan commences, he rockets into space to commandeer the weapons platform personally, the platform and his private arsenal giving him enough power to wipe any dissenters off the face of the Earth.


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