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"The British in India will be slaughtered. Then we will overrun the Muslims. Then the Hebrew God will fall, and then the Christian God will be cast down and forgotten. Soon, Kali Ma will rule the world."

"We will crush the intruders out and wash the earth with their blood. Their deaths will cleanse us. Their screams from the stake will lull us to sleep. For it is such a purity death has, such a perfect beauty."
Mattias Targo, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, "Masks of Evil"

Indiana Jones may hate snakes, but the Adventurer Archaeologist has faced far worse.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: Mola Ram, head of the cult of Kali Ma, intends to find the Sankara Stones to bring forth the reign of Kali in a wave of slaughter. To find the stones, he has children abducted from their villages and enslaved, forcing them into grueling labor and abuse. Ram also has a habit of ritualistic sacrifice by ripping the hearts out from his victims and dipping them in lava to burn alive and screaming. Mola also uses the "Blood of Kali" to brainwash local politicians and royalty to become devout servants of Kali, doing the same to Indy and nearly having him sacrifice his own love interest Willie, and finally attempts to plunge Indy to ravenous crocodiles in the climax, dumping his own men to their deaths while attempting to hit Indy.


  • Bantam Books series (set before the films):
    • ...the Sky Pirates & ...the White Witch: Konstantin LeBlanc Cordas is a sadistic crime lord, billionaire, and leader of a group of terrorists, who under previous identities worked slaves to death in drug fields and sold weapons to the Nazis. Seeking to prevent WWII merely so he can control the minds of the masses himself. Cordas fakes his own death by tricking six people into assuming the identities of himself and his entourage before blowing them up in a rigged accident. Later, in pursuit of legendary hidden gold, Cordas and his men come to the village of St. Bernard's Glen and massacre a large chunk of the populace, killing everyone who can fight back before killing dozens of women and children to dissuade further rebellion. Cordas tortures the village's leader to death in full witness of her husband, promises worse atrocities should the villagers' information be of no use, and is remorseless when he's finally found, merely goading the daughter of the deceased leader into killing him.
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    • Indiana Jones and the Interior World, by Rob MacGregor: Maleiwa, the tyrant ruler of the Waluya people in the "interior world" Indy discovers, revels in defying the one creed of his people: nothing by force. Maleiwa has hundreds executed in his regime, and, with designs to rule the exterior world as well, attempts to use a powerful talisman to ingratiate himself with the Nazis, allowing them to win and kill millions in the process. Maleiwa intends to betray Adolf Hitler and take over himself when all is done, brushing off the chaos he'll throw both worlds into and attempting to have Indy trapped forever in the Land of the Lost for opposing him. Speculated to be the counterpart of Hitler himself, Maleiwa demonstrates himself to be worse than almost any Nazi or enemy of Indy's fought then or since.
    • Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs, by Max McCoy: General Tzi is a Mongolian warlord feared for his rampant cannibalism. Eating his many victims with aplomb, Tzi murdered and ate the wife and children of one of Indy's allies, Tzen Khan, before torturing Khan's friend to death and sending him his ear to spite him having anything left to call precious. When Tzi captures Indy, Tzi decides to eat his brain and heart to gain his courage, trying to have the American missionary Joan sold as a prostitute and his other friend fed to his abused, man-eating dogs. Tzi finally comes down on the village of the Dune Dwellers to recapture Indy, willing to destroy everyone in the valley to get what he wants.
    • Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth, by Max McCoy: Rudolf Reingold, an SS captain appointed by Hitler himself to make the Nazis gods, wastes no time in proving himself one of the worst in the Nazis' ranks, ruthlessly running a helpless old man over to steal his briefcase and attempting to bury Indy alive. Reingold manipulates his subordinate Alicia into Nazi clutches, and when she attempts to renege due to her love for Indy, Reingold shoots her dead, mocking her as she dies at the prospect that he would ever let a "woman" into the SS ranks. Reingold fully intends bring glory to Germany upon finding the godlike power he's been searching for, allowing the Nazis to destroy millions and annihilate entire cities as gods among men.
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis novelization, by Dale Dassel (link): Klaus Kerner is an ambitious SS colonel who seeks to use the Atlantean mineral orichalcum to fuel Nazi superweapons that will be able to blast any nation that dissents to the Reich "back to the Stone Age". Kerner shoots Jones in the gut and walls up a crying 10-year-old child to die with him in the ruins of Atlantis and later turns over their female companion to be raped with scarcely a look back. Kerner's regard for even his allies is almost non-existent, and he murders his own ally Dr. Ubermann to obtain the godlike secrets of Atlantis alone.
  • Indiana Jones and the Mystery of Mount Sinai young adult novel, by J.W. Rinzler: Obergruppenführer Helmut von Mephisto is a cybernetic Nazi member of the SS Ahnenerbe tasked to find ancient weapons for the Nazis through which they will win World War II and crush the rest of the world. Mephisto attempts to kill Indy and his allies in pursuit of the weapons, agonizingly murdering their ally Roca and kidnapping Bert and his two children. Upon finding a defense mechanism that crushes everyone too impure to cross the gates, Helmut drags scores of his own men to be crushed in the trap until one of them manages to pass, and when this fails, Mephisto attempts to force Bert's children to cross. When Indy volunteers himself under the agreement Mephisto will not kill the children, Mephisto agrees—so he can send Bert and the children to the camps, laughing that he won't be the one to kill them.
  • Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead, by Steve Perry: Boukman is a powerful, almost two-hundred-year-old bokor in Haiti with powers over zombis, with a known tendency to murder countless "young and beautiful" natives on the island to turn them into servile revenants, or merely drugging them into slaves who can do nothing but utterly obey Boukman's every command. Boukman seeks ultimate power via a talisman of the Maldye which will allow him to unleash a zombie army upon the entire world and kill countless people, intending to use his own great grand niece Marie—whose mother he murdered—as a sacrifice to empower himself, as well as Indy, his allies, and the entire village of locals he's terrorized for so long.

Other Media

  • The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones' issue #19 ("Dragon By The Tail!"): General Makimura is a Japanese mystic who attempts to capture a living dragon to unleash it off the coast of California, allowing it to ravage most of the USA and countless lives with it before he and his men take over the rest. Inevitably—and to his apathy—Makimura's recklessness cause the dragon to be freed and destroy his men and whatever else is in its path, nearly killing numerous children before being stopped by Indy.
  • The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles' "Transylvania, January 1918" (later remade into "Masks of Evil"): Mattias Targo is a bloodthirsty Romanian general and a literal vampire all but explicitly stated to be the reincarnation of Vlad Tepes himself. Targo liberates an Austrian P.O.W. Camp solely for his own ends, murdering dozens by turning them into members of his vampire army and keeping them trapped in undeath, and killing many more by having them brutally staked all around his castle. Targo murders three foreign spies sent to investigate his affairs, sending their body parts back to their superiors, and when Indy and his allies break into his castle, Targo kidnaps them all with gruesome designs for them. Targo tortures one of Indy's allies to death by horrifically vivisecting him alive and screaming with similar intent for Indy and his other friends, after which he intends to have his army sweep through Romania and cleanse it in a wave of blood, slaughtering all those he decrees "intruders" onto his land.
  • Thunder in the Orient comic, by Dan Barry et al.: General Masashi Kyojo, a wicked Japanese soldier with ambitions of conquering Asia, introduces himself double-crossing and murdering a treasure hunter who imparts vital information to him. In pursuit of the fabled Covenant of Buddha, Kyojo spares no expense: killing his own Giant Mook on a whim; forcing three of his own soldiers to commit hara-kiri for their failure; and even gleefully having a village airbombed. Kyojo sneers to Indiana Jones that today his head will roll, and tomorrow the West will follow him.