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Who can forget the iconic "Raiders' March", a theme that has become synonymous with adventure itself. Indeed, if adventure has a name...

Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • The Theme Music Power-Up that plays when Indy swings to safety from the angry natives.
  • "Flight to Cairo" mixes Marion's graceful theme with an Egyptian motif.
  • The upbeat and comedic track that plays during the street fight in Cairo.
  • "The Map Room:Dawn", is simply gorgeous as we hear the Ark's haunting theme as it grows more dramatic and finally triumphant when Indy finds the location of the Ark.
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  • "Desert Chase" is an exciting track from start to finish, one notable moment is the triumphant fanfare of Indy's theme when he rides his horse to chase the ark. Another part is the when the music transitions into a more intense tone as Indy gets beaten and thrown off the truck.
  • "The Miracle of the Ark" is an epic yet haunting rendition of the Ark's theme which transitions into a nightmarish tone as the Nazis get killed by the Ark's powers.

Temple of Doom

  • The classic song "Anything Goes" that Willie sings in the very beginning of the film.
  • "Short Round's Theme" is a very majestic piece that plays when Indy and the gang set out for Pankot Palace.
  • "Nocturnal Activities" is a romantic song that has comedic elements mixed with dramatic suspense during the assassination attempt on Indy.
  • The demonic and chilling chants of the Thuggee during the sacrifice scene.
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  • The epic song that plays when Indy approaches the Sankara Stones.
  • "Slave Children's Crusade" is simply awe inspiring and heroic, as Indy manages to free the child slaves while fighting the Giant Mook.
  • The intense and exciting music during the famous mine cart chase sequence.
  • The music during the rope bridge battle at the climax. Special mention goes to the reprise of the Thuggee chants and the triumphant usage of the Sankara stone theme when Mola Ram dies.

The Last Crusade

  • "Indy's Very First Adventure" is a great track all the way through; the best part is definitely the train chase. The song was even parodied in Family Guy.
  • The triumphant music combined with the theme of the Holy Grail that plays during the Travel Montage of Indy traveling to Venice.
  • "Escape from Venice" is great track which mixes Italian music with exciting suspense.
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  • The music during the motorcycle escape is an excellent piece with a combination of intense action and the lovely motif depicting the relationship between Indy and his dad.
  • "Belly of the Steel Beast" is a thrilling and epic piece that has a march-like tone. The song plays when Indy fights the Nazi officer on the tank.
  • The score for the scene where Indy goes through the trials of the grail is simply beautiful. The best part is the piece when Indy does the leap of faith.
  • The beautiful and grand piece that plays when Indy chooses the right grail and manages to heal his father.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


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