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"And when he was ready he'd...cremate them in their houses...slaughter their children and wear their infants' bowels as necklaces."

"He no longer wanted to kill his foe in darkness and silence. His lust was to stand naked upon the moonlit stage, with his arm stretched high and his fingers spread, and with the warm fresh blood that soaked him sliding down his wrists, spiralling his arms and steaming in the cold night air—to suddenly drop his hands like talons to his breasts, and tear it open to expose a heart like a black vegetable—and then, upon the crest of self-exposure, and the sweet glory of wickedness, to create some gesture of supreme defiance, lewd and rare; and then with the towers of Gormenghast about him, cheat the castle of its jealous right and die of his own evil in the moonbeams."
—On Steerpike, Gormenghast

Before video games, movies, and television showed up, many forms of short stories and novels provided multiple kinds of twisted, abhorrent characters that are still remembered to this day.

Examples from Gamebooks can be found here, and examples from web literature can be found here.

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