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"I'm going to talk to this one. Girl to Girl"

"Out in the corridor, Frank [Bryce] suddenly became aware that the hand gripping his walking stick was slippery with sweat. The man with the cold voice had killed a woman. He was talking about it without any kind of remorse—with amusement. He was dangerous—a madman. And he was planning more murders—this boy, Harry Potter, whoever he was—was in danger."

The darkness and evil of the Wizarding World is personified by these psychotic and disturbing foes that Harry Potter and others have been forced to deal with.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Literature and Films
  • Lord Voldemort, born Tom Marvolo Riddle, is a sociopath who refuses to accept love. Obsessed with becoming all-powerful and immortal, Voldemort murdered people to rip his own soul apart and create Horcruxes, even knowing how dangerous that can be. Of those murdered were his Muggle father and grandparents, whose deaths he framed his maternal uncle for. Beginning his career proper as a Hogwarts pupil, he opened the Chamber of Secrets to let a monster loose on Hogwarts to murder all Muggle-born students, while amassing a cult of loyal "friends" to do his bidding. Deeming Muggles and Muggle-born Wizards lesser than "pure-bloods", Voldemort waged a genocidal war against them, despite being a half-blood himself. Learning of a prophecy that foretold his defeat, Voldemort murders the Title Character's parents before trying to kill baby Harry himself. Upon his return he resumes his genocide, eventually turning Magical Britain into a fascist state while trying to kill Harry no matter how many innocents or allies had to die first, even murdering the seemingly loyal Severus Snape the second he believes doing so would grant him greater power. Subverting any possible tragic childhood, it was Voldemort's unyielding choice to pursue power and hurt anyone who got in the way that defined him, set him as Harry's opposite and earned him his place as the most feared and hated Wizard for a thousand years.
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  • Bellatrix Lestrange is a psychopathic Death Eater who seems to be motivated primarily by her desire to inflict as much pain on as many people as possible in the name of Voldemort's cause. Bellatrix, gleeful cruelty incarnate, has a special fondness for torturing people with the Cruciatus curse, and tortured Neville Longbottom's parents to the point where they exist in near-comas, and will never recognize their own son again; she is also an accomplished arsonist, burning down multiple residences basically just for the sake of it. Bellatrix is the cause of death for half of her non-Death-Eater family members, including her cousin Sirius Black and her niece Nymphadora Tonks, as well as Dobby, and delights in the torment these deaths cause.
  • Dolores Jane Umbridge is a domineering and abusive matron figure and a bureaucrat whose pettiness and personal failings cause catastrophic harm to those under her control, all while maintaining a kind, grandmotherly veneer. In Order of the Phoenix, she becomes a teacher at Hogwarts and forces students who speak up against the Ministry of Magic—or who just displease her—to use the Blood Quill, which uses the writer's blood as ink and can result in permanent scarring. At one point she threatens to use the illegal Cruciatus curse, which has been shown to cause unimaginable pain, and reveals that she sent the two Dementors after Harry and his cousin. In Deathly Hallows, she willingly supports the Death Eater-controlled Ministry, and holds hastily rushed and sadistic trials against Muggle-borns, where she accuses them of stealing magic and gleefully sentences them to the Potter-verse's worst fate, the soul-stealing Dementor's Kiss.

Literature only

  • Fenrir Greyback is a savage werewolf who enthusiastically supports Voldemort's regime for the chance to indulge his violent nature. Unlike many other werewolves, Fenrir relishes in turning others—such as Remus Lupin—and ruining their lives. Fenrir especially has a disturbing fondness for attacking children. In addition, Fenrir is a cannibal in both human and wolf form, and expresses a desire to eat Harry in Half-Blood Prince after savagely mauling Bill Weasley and leaving him for dead. Fenrir even states he participates in the attack to get his claws on as many children as he can. In Deathly Hallows, Fenrir serves Voldemort's regime by helping in rounding up the "unclean" wizards or those who will not submit and expresses a desire to eat Hermione after Bellatrix is finished torturing her.
  • Illvermony School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Gormlaith Gaunt is Lord Voldemort's distant cousin from the 17th century, sharing all of his ruthlessness, bigotry, and devotion to the bloodline of Salazar Slytherin. Murdering both her own estranged sister and brother-in-law for helping their Muggle neighbors, Gormlaith adopts her 5-year-old niece Isolt and spends the next twelve years psychologically torturing her, even forcing the child to watch as she used dark magic on animals and innocent Muggles. When Isolt flees to America and starts a family with a Muggle husband, Gormlaith hatches a plan to repeat the entire process again by trying to slaughter the couple and kidnap her great-nieces, who would be subjected to the same horrors that their mother had to endure.

Films only

Hogwarts Mystery

  • Patricia Rakepick is a Dark Witch seeking the power of the Cursed Vaults for herself and the organization known as "R". During Jacob's time at Hogwarts, Rakepick would work with Jacob in finding the Cursed Vaults, only to betray Jacob by willingly leaving him trapped in a portrait world within the Fifth Vault upon fleeing from the dragon guarding it. Resurfacing in Hogwarts in 1987, Rakepick would pose as a Curse-Breaker and use this position to gain the trust of Jacob's sibling and their friends, with the goal of using them as expendable bait for the dragon. After revealing her true colors at the end of the Fifth Year, Rakepick callously subjects Merula Snyde to the Cruciatus Curse multiple times and would have killed her had it not been for the intervention of Jacob's Sibling. Returning in the Sixth Year, Rakepick would launch an ambush in the Forbidden Forest and kill Rowan Khanna with a killing curse meant for Ben Cooper. When defeated at the end of Year Six, she displays no remorse for Rowan's murder, claiming that Rowan brought it on themselves by diving in harm's way.