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Characters / Harry Potter

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The Loads and Loads of Characters from the main Harry Potter series now get a page per group. Be warned: there are lots of spoilers.

For an index of the actors and actresses who have their own page on this wiki, see here.

Index by category:

  • The Trio
  • Hogwarts Students: Click to expand 
    • GryffindorClick to expand 
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    • SlytherinClick to expand 
    • RavenclawClick to expand 
    • HufflepuffClick to expand. 
  • Hogwarts StaffClick to expand 
  • Ministry of MagicClick to expand 
  • Order of the Phoenix MembersClick to expand 
    • MaraudersClick to expand 
  • Death EatersClick to expand 
  • MugglesClick to expand 
  • Other CharactersClick to expand 
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  • Magical BeingsClick to expand 
  • Animals and PetsClick to expand 
  • Fantastic Beasts
    • Newt Scamander and friendsClick to expand 
    • Grindelwald's ArmyClick to expand 
    • New York CityClick to expand 
    • OthersClick to expand 
    • Magical CreaturesClick to expand 
  • Hogwarts Mystery Click to expand 
  • Other Canon
    • Humans, Witches and WizardsClick to expand 
    • Humans, Muggles and No-MajsClick to expand 
    • Beasts and SpiritsClick to expand 

Index by entry in chronological order: