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Sorting Hat Chats Database

"Two friends wanted to know exactly what the other meant when they said 'Gryffindor'. Over hours of conversation, the Sorting Hat Chats system emerged and has delighted them ever since."

See here for much more information of this Harry Potter Hogwarts House sorting system of Inky and Kat's creation.

    Main terms in a nutshell 

  • Primaries are the MOTIVES. WHY does one do things?
    • Gryffindor Primary (Lion Prime, GP): Moral intuition (they decide what's righteous with their heart)
    • Hufflepuff Primary (Badger Prime, HP): Sense of community (they wish to improve the lives of all whom they regard as "people")
    • Ravenclaw Primary (Bird Prime, RP): Systems of values (they build their logic from the outside world)
    • Slytherin Primary (Snake Prime, SP): Individualist allegiances (they prioritize people they are closest to)
  • Secondaries are the METHODS. HOW does one do things?
  • A model is a way of life that has been learned by someone and can be comfortably used, but isn't central to the extent of true primaries and secondaries.
  • A performance is one's ability to convincingly look like a different primary and/or secondary.
  • Burning is when someone is unable to use their primary or secondary.
  • Exploding is when someone takes a primary or secondary to an unhealthy extent.

    Important Notes 

  • Contrary to the names, secondaries are no less important than primaries; they are just different aspects of a person.
  • No primary or secondary is inherently better or worse than others. Any of them can be very healthy or very unhealthy, any of them can be immature or developed, and any of them can be used for immense evil... or immense good.
  • All the qualities mentioned above exist to varying degrees in all sapient beings. However, a true primary consists of the motives one finds their moral core in, and a true secondary consists of the methods one regards as the most optimal to them.
    • For example, someone who is hardworking and fair could be putting up a model and/or performance, and thus isn't necessarily a Badger Secondary. However, someone who genuinely values Badger Second qualities, whether or not they can use said qualities well, is likely a Badger Second.
  • The basic Primary and Secondary houses are summarized starting places used as a basis for further exploration. Each House has its own vast range of possibilities outside the traditional “stereotypes.”
    • This means that not all Gryffindors are loudly emotional, not all Hufflepuffs are nice or caring, not all Ravenclaws are logical intellectuals, and not all Slytherins are ungenerous or manipulative.

    House Pairings 

  • Idealist vs Loyalist: Lion and Bird Primes focus on concepts of what is right, while Badger and Snake Primes are heavily people-driven.
  • Constructed vs Felt: Bird and Snake Primes prioritize systems of motivations, while Lion and Badger Primes are much more in touch with their gut feelings.
  • Internal vs External: Lion and Snake Primes derive their morals from within themselves, while Badger and Bird Primes derive them from external circumstances.
  • Solid vs Fluid: Lion and Bird Seconds are relatively static and stable in their abilities, while Badger and Snake Seconds are often more flexible in how they act to reach their goals.
  • Situational vs Inspirational: Bird and Snake Seconds succeed heavily in solving problems and predicaments, while Lion and Badger Seconds more commonly utilize their own persistence and rally others.
  • Improvisers vs Builders: Lion and Snake Seconds jump into the middle of adversary and react on the fly, while Badger and Bird Seconds utilize whatever they have already brought with them.
  • Thus...
    • Lion Primes FEEL their IDEALS from the INSIDE.
    • Badger Primes FEEL their LOYALTIES from the OUTSIDE.
    • Bird Primes CONSTRUCT their IDEALS from the OUTSIDE.
    • Snake Primes CONSTRUCT their LOYALTIES from the INSIDE.
    • Lion Seconds INSPIRE by IMPROVISING in SOLID ways.
    • Badger Seconds INSPIRE by BUILDING in FLUID ways.
    • Bird Seconds SITUATE by BUILDING in SOLID ways.
    • Snake Seconds SITUATE by IMPROVISING in FLUID ways.

    Fictional Examples 

    Troper Examples 

  • This quiz can take between 10 and 180 minutes, depending on how much you argue with it.note 
    • Please avoid altering anyone's house combo or additional interactions beside your own.
    • Sort tropers for each combo by alphabetical order.

  • Double Lion:

  • Lion Badger:

  • Lion Bird: AquaEclipsenote  YouthD48note 

  • Lion Snake:

  • Badger Lion:

  • Double Badger:

  • Badger Bird:

  • Badger Snake:

  • Bird Lion:

  • Bird Badger:

  • Double Bird: Azdraannote , dynamicDiscoverynote , Green Lizard 9note , The Troping Alliancernote 

  • Bird Snake: Herman J Sparks

  • Snake Lion:

  • Snake Badger:

  • Snake Bird:

  • Double Snake: cottonblossomsnote