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Characters / Harem Prince

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    In General 

     Takuhiko Koizumi 

The main protagonist of the series, Takuhiko is a perverted otaku who spends most of his time watching anime, reading manga, playing video games, and doing any other activity that would consider him lazy. But when his mother confiscates his computer, he is forced to interact with people, much to his chagrin. But he makes the best of his situation and promises to build the best Harem he possibly can.


     Neko Sumisu 

First introduced at the end of the second chapter, Neko seems like the perfect girlfriend for Takuhiko. She's attractive, an otaku, and oozes with Moe. Seems like the perfect head of his Harem. After they actually meet, she reveals herself to be a crazy Weaboo that thinks they're reliving a past life. Now Takuhiko is very unsure.

     Aya Waseda 
A shy and clumsy girl in Takuhiko's class who becomes his tutor. And it seems effective because she is apparently so cute that Takuhiko pays more attention to her than the actual teacher. She seems like another perfectly good candidate for his Harem.

     Maiko "Mai" Kirigoe 
A recently "graduated" idol who transfers to Sakuragi High School after losing interest in fame and her fans.

The mysterious leader of the Occult Club who may or may not have supernatural powers.

     Keiichi Fujiwara 
A popular, attractive boy at school who Takuhiko declared as his romantic rival.

     Kaori Koizumi 
A pretty successful manga artist and Takuhiko and Sakutaro's mother

     Sakutaro Koizumi 
The five and a half year old brother of Takuhiko who he has a small sibling rivalry with.

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