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"Wherever there is a ZAFT presence, we'll torch everything in sight. Anyone suspect of being intimate with them needs to be taught the lesson again. They need to remember that Naturals and Coordinators are different. And anyone who betrays that fact will find they've bought a one-way ticket to Hell."
Lord Djibril, SEED Destiny, "Stella" (Episode/Phase 32)

The various Gundam series, and related works, have a habit of trying to show war in various shades of gray, and as a result, most villains—if they can even be called that—are tempered with sympathetic human qualities. However, there are still exceptions to the rule.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Universal Century
  • Mobile Suit Gundam:
    • Gihren Zabi is the eldest son of the Zabi family and de facto dictator of the Principality of Zeon. A cold, Machiavellian personality who takes being compared to Adolf Hitler as a compliment and fully believes that Despotism Justifies the Means, Gihren doesn't care about anyone's lives, including those of his own family members, and is willing to do anything to conquer the world. He turns his little brother's funeral into a political rally while the rest of his family looks on in horror; preaches a philosophy which he doesn't buy into himself; uses a Colony Drop to exterminate vast swathes of Earth's population; deploys chemical weapons against the very colonies he claims to be liberating; and later blasts his own father and General Revil into oblivion just so they won't reach an armistice. When his sister Kycilia, no angel herself, confronts him about what he's done, Gihren's sneeringly offhanded disregard for her anger cements his status as an utterly hollow psychopath. Had he won, he admits that he would have reduced Earth's population to less than a billion and kept it that way so that they could never rise up against him. Various side stories involving him only add to his list of crimes—he helped Ginias Sahalin and his Apsalus Project; and arranged, through his secretary, Cecilia Irene, two elaborate false assassination plots with himself as the supposed victim in order to frame Kycilia and garner public support for clamping down on his political opposition. When Det. David Schiller became an Unwitting Pawn in one of these schemes, he was rewarded by seeing his entire family, members of the anti-Zabi faction, imprisoned or executed. Decades after his introduction, Gihren remains the standard to which Gundam's other monsters aspire to, with numerous equally-monstrous expies influenced by him.
    • Colonel Asakura, a ruthless and self-centered technical officer within the Principality of Zeon, is willing to commit war crimes with the use of Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Proving himself to be Gihren's go-to guy for the dirtiest of jobs, Asakura participated in the development of the infamous G3 Gas that would be released into the air system of space colonies by both the Principality of Zeon and the Titans. Left in charge of the construction and management of the Solar Ray, Asakura evicted the population of Mahal and turned their colony into a superweapon for Gihren, mercilessly firing it at an entire fleet. As was the case with his boss, more of his atrocities are explored in various supplementary material. As Cima Garahau's commanding officer in the early stages of the One Year War, Asakura tricked her and the marines into gassing an entire colony, pinning the massacre on them just so he could join Axis Zeon to evade the responsibility of ending countless lives.
  • War in the Pocket: Lieutenant Colonel Killing A. Danigan is a high-ranking Gihren loyalist who took part in Operation Rubicon. He deliberately sabotaged Operation Rubicon—which revolved around stealing or destroying the new Alex Gundam—causing the death of nearly the whole Cyclops Team; he did that just to give his superiors an excuse to destroy the civilian colony of Side 6 with nuclear weapons. When his commander overrides the order to destroy Side 6, Killing shoots him dead and usurps control of the operation, orders the nukes launched, and prompts Bernard "Bernie" Wiseman—the only surviving member of the Cyclops Team—to launch a suicidal attack on the Gundam Alex in the hopes of heading off the strike.
  • Zeta Gundam: The Titans were a haven for terrible people of all kinds, but none quite as bad as these two:
    • Yazan Gable is a warmonger who goes so far to admit that he joined the Titans' military so he could legally kill members of the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG). He has no interest in the rules of warfare, murders solely because he is good at it, and gladly participates in the Grenada Colony Drop, knowing it would have killed thousands of civilians and seeing it as an opportunity to shoot down anyone who tries to defend Grenada. When a superior officer tries to stop a pointless battle, Yazan takes this as a hindrance to his bloodlust and arranges for the officer to die at the hands of an AEUG pilot. When Paptimus Scirocco betrays the Titan leadership, Yazan does so as well, out of his belief in fighting for the strongest military power. In the finale, Yazan leaves his mark on the show's tragic take on war when he goes on a savage killing spree, leaving numerous major heroic characters dead and even murdering some of his own allies. With a series of equally-monstrous expies in the franchise, Yazan is a blight upon his world, more of a feral predator than a man.
    • Captain Bask Om, the second-in-command of the Titans, represents the worst of Earthnoid supremacy. Cruel and cold-hearted even as a member of the regular Earth Federation Forces, Bask showed nothing but glee when killing his own soldiers and paving the way for the Titans to become a reality during the conclusion of Operation Stardust. In Zeta proper, he is first seen beating Bright Noa for opposing an order that risked civilian lives and has Kamille Bidan's mother, Hilda, put in a capsule in outer space without a spacesuit in order to retrieve the Gundams stolen by the AEUG, and orders one of his men to shoot at it. He is also the man responsible for the Titans' brutal treatment of Spacenoids in the first place, gassing colonies and favoring the murder of hostages to get people to go along with his plans, and being a major proponent of the use of Cyber-Newtypes, teenage super soldiers created through Mind Rape and a cocktail of Psycho Serum.
  • Gundam ZZ, while Lighter and Softer than earlier works, still has this duo:
    • Rakan Dahkaran is an Axis-Zeon Ace Pilot with a tenuous grasp of personal loyalty. Cold-blooded and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, Rakan has no qualms about harming civilians. This is best demonstrated in Episode 35, where he impassively guns down hospital ships and evacuation craft fleeing the Dublin Colony Drop, and destroys roads and bridges in order to make sure that nobody escapes the blast radius. He kills longtime Gundam veteran Hayato Kobayashi when the latter tries to stop him, and, following his defection from Haman Khan's forces, willingly kills many of his old comrades, including Mashmyre Cello and Royal Guardsman Lance, before being stopped by Judau. Axis's go-to guy for the dirtiest of jobs, Rakan proves that in the end, his only loyalty is to himself.
    • While the anime version of Glemmy Toto had enough redeeming traits to keep him off this list, the same cannot be said for his manga counterpart, who is bad news from his first appearance to his last. Coldly manipulating Puru, an unstable Child Soldier, into doing his killing for him, Glemmy keeps a small army of brainwashed clones of her as backup for when she inevitably dies on him. He burns down a village to draw out Judau Ashta, has a defecting Puru killed by her Evil Twin Puru-2, and eventually betrays Haman Khan, triggering a devastating Enemy Civil War in the process, as he aims to make himself the dictatorial ruler of both Earth and the colonies, unleashing his entire clone army in the process. Idolising the franchise's original monster, Gihren Zabi, whose DNA may run in his veins, Glemmy promises to be every bit as brutal a tyrant as he was, and betrays no concern at all for the dozens of little girls who are dying to make his dream a reality.
  • Victory Gundam: Prime Minister Fonse Kagatie, de facto ruler of the Zanscare Empire, exploits Queen Maria Armonia's Newtype cult to leave her as a figurehead to his dictatorship. Executing all commanders who fail their objectives and any dissidents, Fonse also uses Operation Giant Roller to attempt to wipe out all of Mexico. Creating the "Angel Halo", Fonse intended to eradicate life on Earth via psychic attack, powering it with Maria and later her innocent young daughter, as well as thousands of Newtype cultists by claiming their powers were broadcasting a message of peace. The connection to the Angel Halo also meant any attacks it received were redirected upon the Newtypes.

After Colony

  • Gundam Wing: While perhaps Lighter and Softer than other works in the franchise, that can't be said about the Romefeller Foundation's Chief Engineer, Ken Tsubarov. A loud, abrasive man, Tsubarov eventually reveals himself as a Blood Knight by proxy who enjoys watching his Mobile Dolls slaughter enemy soldiers, supporting Duke Dermail in the hopes that the latter will trigger an enormous war for his Dolls to show off their skills. When Lady Un], a major supporter of his project, reveals that she likes the automated Mobile Dolls because they will cut down on human casualties, Tsubarov turns on her, as he wants his Dolls to have the chance to kill people, and plenty of them. When the White Fang rebellion reaches the colonies, Tsubarov betrays Une, seizes control of the colonies, attempts to murder the captive Gundam pilots by cutting off their oxygen, and guns Une down when she tries to interfere. He proceeds to improve his Dolls, and begins construction of the Kill Sat Libra for his boss. When the rebels come for him, Tsubarov finally snaps, undergoes a huge Villainous Breakdown, and turns his Dolls loose on the civilian population, ranting like a madman the entire time about how, through them, he will achieve invincibility.
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  • The Last Outpost/G-Unit manga, by Kōichi Tokita: Dr. Berg suffers from a terminal case of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. He is willing to betray and murder in order to complete his research and create the most powerful Gundams ever, as he takes pride and joy in inventing newer and newer ways for humans to kill each other. He has no regard at all for human lives and only considers people as guinea pigs for him to toy with. It is also revealed later on that he arranged for the death of Dr. Burnett and his wife, the parents of series protagonists Odin and Odel, in order to divert funding from their research to his own weapon manufacturing; this sends Odel into an Unstoppable Rage and drives him to kill Berg. Unfortunately, Berg activates his Grand Shirio's doomsday program to destroy the colonies and drop itself on Earth to pollute it with its nuclear engines.

After War

  • Gundam X: Seidel Rasso is the leader of the Space Revolutionary Army. In the aftermath of a war that nearly wiped out humanity, Rasso became the leader of the twelve million people living on the colony of Cloud 9. Turning it into a Police State, Rasso suppressed all dissent, and preached a philosophy founded on the notion that since Newtypes could only be born in space, the colonists, rather than the people of Earth—called Oldtypes—should control the destiny of the human race. Knowing this to be false, Rasso also kept all information about Newtypes on Earth quiet, while gearing up for another war. Destroying the rebellious colony of Satelicon, including its largely civilian population, with photon torpedoes in order to consolidate his power, Rasso had his right-hand man, Nichola, arrested and summarily executed for suggesting peace talks with the New Earth Federation, and tried to use a Kill Sat to exterminate those humans remaining on Earth. When the supercomputer DOME revealed that Newtypes were really no different from the rest of humanity, Rasso refused to accept it, even as his Arch-Enemy, and ardent Newtype hater, Fixx Bloodman of the NEF reconsidered his own position. Pushing his own lies to the end, Rasso's last act was to violate a ceasefire between himself and Bloodman, ranting about how Oldtypes like the NEF president were all scum who deserved to die.

Correct Century

  • ∀ Gundam: Gym Ghingnham is a cunning, brutal warlord. His actions range from threatening to rape his guest/prisoner Kihel Heim, to attempting to restart the Dark History, the centuries of apocalyptic warfare that nearly brought about the extinction of humanity, because he thinks it'd be fun. Gym is also awful to his subordinates. He casually murders them on the slightest pretext—up to and including an impromptu weapons test for his new suit. In one notable case, Gym kills an associate for offering him assistance in a battle—only to then turn around and beg for help from another subordinate the moment the fight is going against him.

Cosmic Era

  • SEED: The sociopathic Muruta Azrael, leader of the terrorist organization Blue Cosmos, wants to kill all the genetically engineered Coordinators and takes delight in their slaughter, making the omnicidal Rau Le Creuset seem sympathetic. A raging hypocrite who uses drugs and brainwashing to turn children into the Extended, while claiming that genetic engineering is a sin, Azrael is behind both the Atlantic Federation and the Earth Alliance Forces, whom he manages to corrupt and goes out of his way to make sure that neutral nations are co-opted or destroyed. Having started the war by launching a nuclear assault on the Coordinator homeland, Azrael hopes to end it the same way, willing to blow up his own men to do it. The side-story Stargazer, adds some further atrocities to his name, showing that he regularly took children from their parents, put them through brutal training and brainwashed them with anti-Coordinator propaganda in an effort at creating pilots who could match Coordinators in combat but without the drug problems of the Extended. A man moved by hate, Azrael's sole motivation is that he was bullied by Coordinators when he was a kid.
  • SEED Destiny: Lord Djibril is Muruta Azrael's successor, with all of his predecessor's bigotry, but none of his intelligence or charisma. Having returned Blue Cosmos to its terrorist roots, he continues the Extended program; exploits the tragedy of the Junius 7 Colony Drop, opening the war with a nuclear assault on the colonies; unleashes the Destroy, piloted for one of his Extended, on Eurasia—leading to the deaths of thousands, if not millions, of civilians—personally kills over a million innocents with the superweapon Requiem while bragging about having the guts to do it; and is responsible for turning Mu La Flaga into his minion Neo Roanoke. Convinced that his own survival is paramount above all else, Djibril cowardly and regularly abandons his allies when the going gets tough and entertains plans of ruling the world when the war is over. A low-functioning sociopath with access to unlimited resources and technology, and determined to annihilate the Coordinators as a race, Djibril was a combination of impotent rage and cowardice, but with the money, influence, and total immorality to make him horrifying instead of merely pathetic.

Anno Domini

  • Gundam 00 features the Big Bad and his top henchman:
    • Ribbons Almark is an unbelievably arrogant Artificial Human who views himself and his fellow "Innovators" as destined to rule over humanity. Setting himself up as a messianic figure, Ribbons takes control of the United Earth Federation after betraying Alejandro Corner—who genuinely liked him—and arranging for the death of Aeolia Schenburg, his creator. Almost all of the atrocities that Ali Al-Saachez commits, such as razing Azadistan; murdering the Trinity siblings—who Ribbons genetically engineered in the first place; and attempting to kill all the members of Celestial Being, were done on Ribbons's orders, and once he's ruler of the world, his crimes include ruthlessly manipulating the unstable Louise Halevy into becoming his pawn, forcing Anew Returner into a battle to the death with her Love Interest, using the A-Laws to crush anyone who gets in his way, and utilizing a Kill Sat to murder thousands of people.
    • Ali Al-Saachez is a sociopathic Blood Knight who will do anything if the pay is right, and flat out states that he's "the worst kind of person there is". Ali raised an army of Child Soldiers while in Krugis, convincing them that every act of terrorism they committed—including murdering their own parents—was being done in the name of God—a God that Ali does not believe in. During the course of the series, he proceeds to kill off a sizeable number of characters, including Lockon I, supposed allies Michael and Johan Trinity, and Kinue Crossroad; singlehandedly burns down a country; and aids a conspiracy in a successful bid to conquer the world. Ali even goes out a bastard, dying while trying to kill a man who had just spared his life.

Advanced Generation

  • Gundam AGE: Desil Galette, a seven-year old Vagan Ace Pilot when first introduced, sees war as a game, and his victims as nothing more than expendable toys. As the pilot of the Zedas, he spearheads genocidal attacks on colonies, and is implied to be the one who orphaned Yurin L'Ciel. He subsequently hijacks the AGE-1, and tests out its capabilities by butchering his own allies. He later captures Yurin, puts her inside of a remote-controlled mobile suit, and forces her to attack her Love Interest, Flit. When Yurin tries to fight off his control, Desil kills her, while laughing about how she was "just a plaything". That's all in the First Generation. By the Second Generation, he's thirty-three years old and has, if anything, gotten worse. Deeply resentful of his younger brother Zeheart for having been promoted past him, he takes more and more insane risks. This ultimately leads to his getting most of the Magicians Eight killed as a part of a grudge match against Flit and murdering Flit's friend, and Flit's son Asemu's mentor, Woolf. It gets to the point where Zeheart, realizing what his brother has become, leaves Desil to die at Asemu's hands in the aftermath of a losing battle.


  • Iron-Blooded Orphans: Nobliss Gordon, while publicly a beloved businessman and supporter of noble revolutions, is in truth a greedy monster who cares nothing for any cause but filling his wallet. Manipulating the young Kudelia Aina Bernstein into becoming the figurehead for the Mars independence movement, Nobliss has her spied on while tricking the revolutionaries into dying pointlessly. When Kudelia reaches the height of popularity, Nobliss attempts to have her murdered to make her a martyr and spark the biggest, bloodiest, most violent revolution imaginable to profit on it from his arms trade. In the second season, Nobliss continues his corrupt practices by manipulating the media to portray victimized Child Soldiers as villains in the media to help facilitate their slaughter and continue to line his pockets.

Other Media

  • G-Saviour: General Garneaux is the Big Bad. While appearing to be a man trying to save his people, he is later revealed to be the opposite. Desiring a special serum that will save CONSENT from starvation, he plans on destroying it in order to implement a policy of selective starvation, all for the sake of power; he orders Lt. Col. Jack Halle to kill the Illuminati when they break into a Hydrogen rig to steal the serum. Heading to Gaia to acquire the serum from Mark and Cynthia, he starts a war between CONSENT and Gaia as a distraction, using Mark’s fiancée Mimi as a spy.
  • Gihren's Ambition: The Menace of Axis V (Updated Re-release of Gihren's Greed: The Menace of Axis): Bask Om, the Titans' second-in-command, is revealed in the Titans campaign to be behind all of the Titans' atrocities during the Gryps Conflict. In response to an anti-Federation protest on Side 1's Colony 30, Bask would deploy G-3 gas against the protesters, killing all 10 million of them; the backlash from this massacre would lead to the formation of the AEUG. During the Titans campaign, when the AEUG launches an attack on Jaburo, Bask would demand to be placed in charge in commanding Jaburo. If allowed to, then Bask would place a nuke below Jaburo without telling any Titans soldiers there of the nuke, ensuring that many of them die in the resulting explosion. When Blex Forer and Quattro Bajeena arrive in Dakar to protest a bill that would give the Titans absolute control over the Federation Armed Forces, Bask would propose the assassination of Blex to ensure the bill passes securely. If not deposed at the end of the campaign in favor of Paptimus Scirocco, Bask would overthrow Jamitov and execute him on claims of being too soft on Spacenoids. He then launches a war on the Jupiter Colonies, plunging the Earth Sphere into endless chaos.


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