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"Thomas LeBlanc preys on women. He tortures them and rapes them and kills them."
"De Rais predates Báthory by nearly a century. He was a French knight who fought with Joan of Arc. Legend says he killed hundreds of children. While some claimed it was occult sacrifice on behalf of a demon, trial records indicate he was closer to a modern serial killer, murdering children for sexual pleasure."
Cassandra DuCharme on Giles Reyes/Gilles De Rais, Spellbound

The men and women of The Otherworld, including Elena Michaels, live in a world where the supernatural stays hidden from humanity as a whole. Of all the various monsters and evils that threaten this world, these rank among the worst.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

The Otherworld
  • Stolen: Tyrone Winsloe is a rich "gamer" who enjoys capturing and torturing supernatural beings for experiments. Obsessed with his own twisted ideas of fun, Winsloe also runs a game where supernaturals are captured and released on his grounds so he can personally hunt them down with vicious hounds. Obsessed with the werewolf Elena, Winsloe attempts to force her to kill an innocent man, even threatening to have her gang-raped should she refuse.
  • Haunted: The Nix is the most vile of the Nixen and one of the worst chaos demons in existence. Not content with just tempting mortals to evil, the Nix discovered a way to possess women and allow them to go on murder sprees, even being responsible for the crimes of Lizzie Borden. The Nix has a special love for murdering children and frequently leaves her hosts to take the blame for their murders before starting again. Gaining a hatred of the ghost Eve Levine for hunting her, the Nix tries to cause a school shooting in the high school of Eve's daughter Savannah. A monster who intends to continue killing forever, the Nix later tries to possess Savannah and cause her to kill her adoptive parents just to spite Eve.
  • No Humans Involved: May Donovan is an attorney and the secret leader of a dark cult that focuses on Human Sacrifice for power. Leading them to multiple murders and even having a potentially disloyal members killed while framing others, May even sacrifices children and binds their suffering souls for her own power while leading an attempt to sacrifice supernatural beings to enhance herself even further.
  • Frostbitten: Travis Tesler is a sadistic werewolf. A voracious sexual predator who admits he doesn't like consenting women, Tesler tortures, rapes, and kills women and has done so all across Europe. Planning to bring his and his brother's illegal gunrunning operation to America, Tesler starts his killing spree anew and intends to wipe out the pack which stand in his way and allow his men to run rampant on the population of Alaska. Torturing an old man to death after viewing him as a threat, Tesler also tries to corrupt the man's mentally ill grandson into evil. Gaining an obsession with heroine Elena, Tesler tries to rape her and when she rejects his advances, he leaves her to be eaten by wendigos.
  • Spellbound & Thirteen: Giles Reyes, real name Gilles de Rais, was a Serial Killer of children with a legacy of evil that spans centuries in his quest for immortality. Giles has for centuries experimented on supernaturals in ghastly ways and has gone onto inspire countless other killers and monsters in the series into following in his footsteps. Leading a movement for supernatural rights, Giles launches terrorist attacks against humans which take the lives of dozens. In his grandest plan, Giles has innocents tortured and killed to create a virus that will turn humans supernatural with mass casualties while testing it on members of his organization with no regard to the mass deaths that occur. Seeking to enslave even Lucifer, Giles tries to capture the devil's heavily pregnant daughter Hope Adams and murder her and the unborn child should Lucifer not bow and assist him with spreading the virus over the world so he may rule it. One of the most evil monsters to ever inhabit The Otherworld, Giles is feared throughout it for his legacy of evil and even long after his demise, his evil lives on in surviving members of his organization who continue to pose a threat to the world at large.


  • Seasons 1-2: Malcolm Danvers is a power-hungry werewolf and Jeremy's abusive father. When Jeremy became alpha, Malcolm left the pack, and reemerged after his assumed death, as the orchestrator behind the mutt uprising, using Daniel Santos to recruit psychopaths, killers, and rapists to destroy his son's pack, resulting in the murders of several innocent people and Jeremy's pack members. Malcolm also stalks Elena; he has Victor Olson, who molested her as a child, turned and having him show up at an art gallery to torment her. Malcolm shrugs off the deaths of his army; confronts Jeremy about his intentions on continuing their war, taking Elena for himself; kills her boyfriend, leaving his head for her to find; and kidnaps Logan's pregnant girlfriend Rachel. Malcolm claims his reasoning for the latter is to punish Elena for wanting to have a human life. Finding himself stalked by Aleister, Malcolm goes on the run, leaving his followers to die, and killing an old man who gave him a ride. It's also revealed that Malcolm tried to kill Clayton as a child, being the werewolf who bit him, and killed Clayton's mother that same night, resulting in his father committing suicide.
  • Season 1: Thomas LeBlanc is a deranged misogynistic Serial Killer and Serial Rapist, who kept a scrapbook of his previous exploits complete with parts of his victims. Recruited to Daniel Santos's army, LeBlanc takes part in an ambush in which he stabs Jeremy with a poisoned blade, before Elena breaks LeBlanc's wrist while interrogating him for the antidote. Forming a vendetta towards Elena, LeBlanc plays a cat and mouse game with her, and callously kills a woman he mistook for Elena. When Amber demands to be turned into a werewolf, LeBlanc bites her and watches with amusement as she goes through a painful botched transformation, which reduces her to a vegetative state. LeBlanc has fun chasing down and trying to kill Logan's pregnant girlfriend, and when the time comes to attack Stonehaven, defies orders to keep Elena alive, intending her to be the first in a new scrapbook he's planning. A deviant who admits to having no morals, and openly disdains his allies, LeBlanc's habits and attitude cross enough lines that one of his bosses, Karl Marsten, decides to help Elena kill him when he's had enough of LeBlanc.
  • Season 2: Clara Sullivan was once a rebellious and spiteful young witch. While she had a moment of humanity, where she delivered and rescued a baby from death, knowing the prophecies of him growing up to be the Destroyer, she would later use this act later in life for more nefarious purposes. Having her magic stripped away as punishment for killing people, Clara would later track this child, Aleister, down and reveal his destiny to him, to bring about the Undoing—which would kill every witch on the planet—for revenge. With Clara as Aleister's partner and mentor, Aleister gains a cult and army, entailing mass murder, torture, and brainwashing on numerous people. Clara has Aleister seek women for her to possess, either destroying their souls or trapping them in their own mind. Clara wants the body of young Savannah in order to survive the Undoing, and take Savannah's powers for her own. When the time of the Undoing comes and an attempt to kill Aleister starts to prevent it, Clara and Aleister track down his mother Ruth to kill her, and when Savannah tries to escape, Clara chases her down, gloating about how she'll use her powers to cause havoc and kill Savannah's friends.

Alternative Title(s): Bitten