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"You will be an excellent meal. Once I have your memories, your friend will be easy to find."
"Tony had once seen an ancient Egyptian wizard devour the life of a baby while the baby's parents walked on, unaware their child was dead. The shadows were pieces of the Shadowlord. Dark memories. Memories of a world where those parents would thank the gods that their baby was safely dead. The shadow had known what he knew from the moment it had entered his body. Now he knew what the shadow knew. It was like seeing a private slide show of atrocities against the front of his skull. Had Tony been in control of his mouth, he would have screamed. Then cruel intelligence on the other side of the gate called the shadow home and the slide show stopped."
Tony Foster on The Shadowlord, Smoke and Shadows

Whether in various novels, or on TV, Vicki Nelson, Henry Fitzroy, and company have faced several foes in their supernatural investigations. These are the most despicable.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!


Blood Books

  • Blood Price: Norman Birdwell is an utterly self-centered university student who, upon discovering a way to summon demons, promptly uses them as a way to brutally mutilate and murder any who have "wronged him". Norman gains an unhealthy obsession with his fellow student Coreen and intends to either murder her or keep as his personal Sex Slave. Norman's ultimate plan is to sacrifice Vikki, which would unleash the demon lord Astaroth on the world to murder all those he despises and remake it in his own image in order to crown himself as a king.
  • Blood Lines: Anwar Tawfik is a mummy wizard priest who worships the dark god Akhekh after losing status and power after Set was cast down. Reviving in the present down, Tawfik begins devouring the Ka of citizens, absorbing their life and souls while plotting a massive sacrifice to summon Akhekh for greater power. Not content with this, Tawfik roams the streets, murdering those he encounters but with a special love for the life of children. Tawfik targets and drains children, even killing a baby he passes at one point, all because he savors their lost lives all the more.
  • Blood Debt: Dr. Mui is an organ trafficker who sees a way to make more money than her more sympathetic employer Ronald Swanson intended. Targeting the poor and desperate, Mui brings them in to supposedly draw blood and perhaps donate a kidney, but instead drugs them, drains them of blood and removes the organs to sell on the Black Market before discarding the bodies. Mui begins killing many innocents, plotting to simply blame Swanson and skip out with the money, slowly draining detective Mike Celluci of blood when he uncovers her activities as well.

Smoke and Shadows

  • Smoke and Shadows (first book): The Shadowlord is the wicked ruler of a fantasy realm set parallel to our own. Once a sorcerer who mastered the use of shadows, he devastated the world, killing countless innocents to subsume it in a nightmarish dystopia where he is the ruler, only a select few escaping, including the wizard Arra. Once she fled to our world, the Shadowlord opted to hunt her down to kill any who escaped him, but decided he wanted Earth as well. Plotting to dominate the populace into mental subservience, the Shadowlord intends on devastating Earth until he is the ruler, heedless of the death toll in the process.
  • Smoke and Mirrors: Creighton Caulfield used his mentally handicapped son, Richard, as a conduit of negative energy, enslaving Richard while luring in victims to the Caulfield house to murder. Often forcing them to kill their loved ones, Caulfield entrapped their souls as well, forcing them to relive the nightmarish killings over and over again, and even continuing this long after he and Richard were ghosts themselves. Caulfield traps Tony Foster and his friends in the house, intending on murdering them, to add to the growing pool of energy so he can transform himself into a dark Eldritch Abomination and achieve ultimate power, even having made a mother burn her own baby alive in one of his most heinous crimes.
  • Smoke and Ashes: Ryan Cyratane is an ancient demon lord or Arjh who feeds on lust. Five thousand years ago, Ryan had the village which worshiped him massacred, leaving only his lover Leah as the sole survivor who he bound as a way to allow him to gain a foothold on Earth. In the present, Ryan unleashes murderous lesser demons on innocent civilians as a way to frame a rival demon lord and get her out of the way, and kidnaps Leah. He intends to murder her in a petty act of spite but not before using her to open the demon gate, allowing demons to invade the Earth and create Hell on Earth where demons will slaughter without mercy and gaining the power he so desires.

Blood Ties (2007)

  • Norman Bridewell is an intelligent but slimy and egotistic nerd whose unassuming exterior hides a petty, vicious psychopath who will stoop to any depth to benefit himself. Debuting in the "Blood Price" two-part series premiere, Norman summons a demon to bring him everything his heart desires. Informed that each time will require a blood sacrifice, Norman doesn't care, continually asking for more. Developing an obsessive desire for Coreen Ferrel, Norman orders the demon to make her boyfriend one its victims, and then for her to love him. Duped into believing Astaroth will grant this wish, Norman happily goes along with more sacrifices, even directly ordering the demon to murder a blonde woman who rejected him when he forcibly came onto her. Defeated and sucked into Hell, he escapes in "Norman", being granted demonic powers, which he uses to brutally kill people and trick Vicki into helping him complete the ritual. Forcing Vicki to bring to him the last artifact, Norman tries to release Astaroth upon the world, despite knowing how much destruction it will bring.
  • "Deadly Departed": Lavena O'Connor is a wicked Irish sorceress. While her son Magnus was in his teens, she used her dark magic to corrupt him into a killing machine, so she could profit from him. Magnus grew up to become a freelance assassin, performing several hits under his mother's guidance to pay for her lifestyle and business, before finally being caught with a severed head in his car. Angered at her son's imprisonment, as it meant she could no longer control him, Lavena forced Magnus to perform a ritual that would bar his spirit from the afterlife and then to slit his wrists. Under her power once more, Lavena used Magnus's spirit to crush the hearts of the people who took him from her: first his defense attorney, then the prosecutor, and then the judge. When her younger son Sean was investigated by the police, Lavena cursed him causing his hands and feet to melt, leaving him crippled and in agony. A monstrous Control Freak, Lavena died trying to use Magnus to kill her final target, Chief Alison Crowley the officer who had arrested Magnus.
  • "Heart of Ice" & "Heart of Fire": Monsignor Javier Mendoza is the former Grand Inquisitor of The Spanish Inquisition, notorious for "persuading" confessions out of victims. Imprisoning Henry in 1742, Mendoza tortured him for days on end, pushing him to the brink. When his devotee Maria had been turned into a vampire, he immediately drove a stake through her heart and decided to purge the vampires. Torturing the secrets out of "Iluminación del Sol" out of a mystic, Mendoza used this weapon to cripple the vampires by attaching it to them and letting it drive spikes into their hearts, as he drained them of their blood and used it to extend his life. After over 250 years of hunting vampires and draining their blood for the ritual, Mendoza arrived in Toronto, capturing and torturing Delphine Guillaume, whom Henry sired, and leaves her chained up so she burns to death upon daybreak. Framing Henry for the murder of a prostitute to manipulate Mike Celluci into incapacitating Henry, Mendoza kidnaps and brutally tortures Henry, demanding Henry confess for imagined sins. When the broken Henry finally does so in an attempt to save Vicki, Mendoza refuses to accept his confession and tries to make the out-of-control Henry kill Vicki, just to further his suffering.
  • "DOA": The Ekimmu is a chaos-loving Babylonian spirit created by being Barred from the Afterlife. A possessing entity, it forcibly evicts the souls and burns through its victims, causing them massive cellular damage until it eventually abandons them to die for a new host. Having already made its way through at least four victims, the Ekimmu ends up possessing Paul "Dirty" Deeds, who's undercover as a criminal biker in the Wolverine's gang. Recognizing an opportunity, the Ekimmu sets its sights upon Chuntoa Fang, the leader of rival gang the Dragons, as its next body. Sabotaging the Wolverines, it helps the Dragons seize their territory, ensuring it more power when it takes over Fang. Stealing Fang's police file to win her trust, the Ekimmu steps up its game, gleefully murdering two Wolverine members to impress her. Seizing its chance, it tries to steal her body but is destroyed by Vicki. Despite this, the damage is already too severe, and upon regaining his body Paul dies. A self-admitted lover of violence and mayhem, the Ekimmu tore through people's lives "like a tourist at an all-you-can-eat buffet".
  • "Wrapped": Pacha Camac was an Incan High Priest. Hungry for more power, he turned to worshiping Supia, god of death, and tried to steal the throne of Cuzco. Defeated, his ajaya was imprisoned within an amulet and his body was mummified. In the present, whilst on loan to Tortono museum, two thieves, Roy and Wendell, steal the amulet, awakening him. Pacha proceeds to devour Roy's ajaya and enslaves Wendell, who he has bring him more victims to devour, doing so to one man simply to take his home. Sensing Henry's presence and knowing that his soul would make him invincible, in an attempt to find him Pacha attacks Henry's mind whilst his body is resting, causing him to suffer nightmarish scenarios of his death. Pacha plans to build a new cult into the thousands and then dedicate a mass sacrifice to his master. Deciding he no longer needs Wendell, Pacha devours his ajaya and that of a pizza man. When Vicki offers him her ajaya instead of Henry's, Pacha seemingly agrees, only to reveal he'll still hunt Henry right before he tries to devour her soul.

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