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"He's a bloody king of torture, he is. Humans, demons, politicians, makes no difference. Rumor has it he invented several of the classics, but he won't tell me which ones. Beneath the cool exterior, you'll find he's rather shy... except with kids. You like kids, don't you Marcus? Well, 'likes to eat' and other nasty things."
Spike, about Marcus, Angel, "In the Dark"

Amongst the numerous vampires, demons, and other creatures inhabiting the Buffyverse are some loathsome villains. Some are actual monsters, while others are just monstrous.

The entire Buffyverse
  • Liam, AKA Angelus, described by one of the most ancient, powerful and evil vampires—Buffy's season 1 Big Bad The Master—as "The most vicious creature (he'd) ever met," set the gold standard for evil in the Buffyverse. For centuries he was the scourge of Europe, with countless murders, rapes and torture to his name. When he returned home, fresh from the grave, his little sister who opened the door remarked that he "had returned to her an angel." After slaughtering his family, he adopted the Latinate of angel, Angelus, as his name to mock that comment. Refusing to kill a longstanding nemesis vampire hunter, Angelus contented himself by murdering the man's wife and baby son, turning his young daughter into a vampire to force her own father to destroy her. His self-admitted masterpiece was seducing Drusilla, a pious, tormented girl with psychic powers, murdering her family and driving her to a convent before slaughtering everyone in the walls and turning her into a vampire to preserve his insane, broken work of art forever. When his soul is lost again, Angelus delights in psychologically tormenting his former beloved Buffy's friends and family out of disgust for the human feeling Buffy gave him. The ultimate culmination of this was his brutal murder of Jenny Calendar, leaving the corpse for her lover Giles to find in a parody of a romantic rendezvous. Angelus's evil extended to his hope of awakening a demon to suck all of humanity into a hell dimension for eternal torture, solely for the fun involved.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (both the TV series and the comic)

  • Caleb, from season 7's last five episodes, is a defrocked priest turned Serial Killer of young women, who uses the trust that people have in him to get closer to his victims, before torturing and killing them. In his first appearance, he guts one of the Potential Slayers and leaves her at the side of the road, as a message for Buffy. He then kills another one of the girls during a battle, mangles the arm of another, and puts out Xander's eye, cracking bad jokes the entire time. He also coordinates the actions of the Bringers, organizing the bombing of the Watcher Council's headquarters (resulting in most of their deaths), arranging the assaults on numerous Potentials, and trying to have Faith killed while she was in prison. A misogynistic sadist, who believes that all women are whores and deserve what he does to them, Caleb is The First Evil's right-hand man, and lives for the oncoming apocalypse, seeing the end of the world as a way to dispose of all those who do not share his mad religious convictions.
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  • Simone Doffler, the Big Bad of season 9, initially started out as a rebellious Slayer who didn't see the value of the lives of others and believes that Slayers are superior to normal people, and therefore should rule over them. In an attempt to soften her she was put under the watch of Andrew Wells; instead she goes rogue and steals a demon to use as a weapon and asks Buffy to turn over Andrew, who she wants to kill since he annoyed her. She also led a small but growing army of rogue slayers who set up base on a small island, where Simone beat up an old woman who gave them food and shelter. Simone's gang would later commit acts of terrorism, including raiding a military base and killing their general, relishing in the fearsome reputation it gave the slayers. Later Simone learned of the zompires, and plotted to find a way to become one and keep her mind intact, for the sole sake of killing Buffy, with which she has become obsessed. To experiment, she feeds her own followers to them. When she learns Buffy's sister Dawn is dying, she manipulates their friend Xander with a chance to save her by finding the deeper well. Her true intention was to awaken the Old One, Maloker, so that he would sire her into a vampire.
  • The unassuming White House Press Secretary Joanna Wise, from season 11, is really the orchestrator of the Supernatural Crisis Act and the Pandora Project. Summoning a Chinese storm dragon, Wise sets it loose on San Francisco alongside a giant tsunami, killing thousands. The backlash resulting in increased hate crimes against magical beings and practitioners of Wicca and the government cracking down on magic users, having them detained in the hellish "Safe Zone" prison and stripping them of their human rights. Putting the detainees to work on a magical draining device, Wise is apathetic to the fact many species need magic to survive. After a breakout in the Safe Zone, Wise has a town eradicated to frame an army of escaped vampires, increasing tensions; and when the Scooby Gang investigate the Pandora Project, they discover Wise conducts experiments on humans and animals to create her own brainwashed army and intends to use satellites to have her machine drain magic across the world. A depraved megalomaniac who ultimately intends to rule a world where only she has access to magic, in her final fight with Buffy, Wise even drains her own dragon to bolster her magical strength.


  • Marcus, from season 1's "In the Dark", is hired by Spike to extract information from Angel on the whereabouts of the Gem of Amarra, a magical ring that gives Vampires complete invulnerability from harm and their usual weaknesses, such as sunlight. A man obsessed with the "art" of torture, Marcus is rumored to have inspired some of the more favored and gruesome techniques used through history. Serenely, playing Mozart in the background, Marcus falls into a rhythm of torturing Angel, impaling him with hot pokers then asking Angel what he truly wants. When Angel refuses to answer, the cycle begins again, each time with Marcus hoping to truly break Angel and lay his soul bare. He also burns Angel with sunlight and forces him to suspend himself in the air with his chains in order to avoid being incinerated. Marcus is also a pedophile who specializes in feeding on and molesting children, and, after Marcus betrays Spike and takes the ring for himself, the first thing he does with his newfound invulnerability is attempt to murder a group of girl scouts, only being stopped due to the timely arrival of Angel.
  • Darin MacNamara from season 1's "The Ring" is a greedy ringmaster and, despite being only human, is one of the most monstrous villains that Angel has ever faced. Running an arena where he kidnaps other demons and forces them to fight to the death, Darin refuses to let any of them go until they've had their 21st kill. Anyone who tries to escape gets incinerated by an electric bracelet they are forced to wear, and anyone who refuses to fight gets tortured. After kidnapping Angel, he holds Darin's brother and partner-in-crime hostage as a way of forcing him to let them go, stating "he's your brother". Darin, without any hesitation or look of remorse, shoots his brother to death, simply explaining, "Now he's my dead brother", and has Angel tortured afterwards. After Angel refuses Darin's offer to be let free for his own financial gain, Darin, believing Angel had outlived his usefulness, puts him in a fight against the ruling "champ", who's at his 21st fight, in hopes of him getting killed. Greedy, ruthless, and even seeing his own brother as a mere tool, Darin proved to be more monstrous than any of his demonic contenders.
  • Billy Blim, from season 3's "Billy", despite appearing to be a normal young man, is a half-demon with the ability to incite violent misogyny in other men through touch or contact with his bodily fluids, causing them to become extremely violent towards anyone female. Despite claiming to have never harmed a woman himself, he deliberately uses his powers on unsuspecting men, resulting in a number of women being badly injured and killed. A vile misogynist himself, Billy believes that all men hate women as much as he does, and that all victims of his abilities deserve what they get. After being freed from a hell dimension by Lilah's machinations, Billy thanks her by using his powers on her rival, Gavin, causing him to savagely beat Lilah. Later allowing himself to be arrested, Billy causes a male cop to assault his female partner in order to escape. Billy goes on to blackmail his cousin into arranging for Billy to flee the country by threatening to use his powers at a crowded party. Confronted by Cordelia and Angel, Billy first tries to use his powers to force Angel to kill Cordelia, then beats down Angel himself when this fails. Essentially a one-man Hate Plague, Billy is a smug sadist driven by a pathological hatred for women and the sheer amusement he derives from the carnage he causes.
  • Matthias Pavayne, also known as "The Reaper", from season 5's "Hell Bound", is a malevolent ghost haunting the L.A. office of Wolfram & Hart. A Mad Doctor and Serial Killer in life, Pavayne performed fatal surgeries on his victims before moving on to dismembering them in ritualistic killings for over twenty years. Sacrificed by Wolfram & Hart to deconsecrate the holy ground on which they were to build their Los Angeles office (a task which required a particularly evil soul), Pavayne's spirit endured as a ghost. To avoid his fate of being sent to hell, Pavayne tortures the souls of other people who died in the building, condemning them to hell in his place. Exploiting the High Turnover Rate at Wolfram & Hart, Pavayne spends over two hundred years cheating damnation and reveling in his power over others, with Wolfram & Hart being completely devoid of other ghosts by the time Pavayne's presence is uncovered. When Spike becomes a ghost bound to Wolfram & Hart, Pavayne targets him as his latest victim, tormenting Spike with visions of Pavayne's past victims. When Angel and his team bring in a psychic to help Spike, Pavayne gruesomely murders her to keep from being detected. After revealing himself to Spike, Pavayne physically and psychologically tortures him before trying to throw him into hell. When Fred tries to make Spike corporeal again to save him, Pavayne starts strangling her, intending to force Spike to choose between saving himself and letting her die, or saving Fred and allowing Pavayne to send him to hell. A terrifying and sadistic psychopath, Pavayne condemns countless souls to hell in order to save himself, and takes a deep pleasure in doing so.

Alternate Continuities

  • In the 1992 film, Lothos is a vampire king, famous and feared for killing numerous Slayers over the centuries, whom Buffy has haunting dreams and visions of. Arriving in Los Angeles, Lothos starts a new killing spree to track down Buffy and take over the city, having his follower Amilyn track down and turn numerous people into his vampiric army for him and bring Lothos new victims to feed on, even turning one of Buffy's friends to find her and kills another. During his first confrontation with Buffy, Lothos kills her watcher Merrick by turning his stake onto him, letting Buffy go at the time as he was expecting more of a challenge. Later, Lothos leads his minions on an attack at the school, killing several students. Lothos is completely indifferent towards his followers and their deaths, as seen when he refuses to save Amylin when Buffy stakes him, giving him an unsympathetic smile as he mockingly plays a fiddle. After Lothos fails to hypnotize and/or seduce Buffy, Lothos stops his flirtatious advancements in favor of going in for the kill, putting his sadistic personality on full display as he notes to the rest of the students that he will kill them all himself once he's done with Buffy. Despite the campy style of the movie, which is considerably more lighthearted than the following series, Lothos manages to be a remarkably serious and evil villain as the first Big Bad Buffy ever faced.
  • The Book of Fours novel, by Nancy Holder: Cecile Lafitte is a voodoo priestess who serves the horrific demon known as the Gatherer, harvesting souls to give to him. Tormenting and experimenting on countless souls to make them into zombies, Cecile uses her descendants to return to life. In one case, upon returning to life, Cecile seduces plantation owner Duvalier, making him her servant, and has him burn his own family alive. In the present day, she aims to find and destroy Slayers to offer her master their special souls. Cecile destroys the Watcher of the previous Slayer Kendra before coming to Sunnydale, unleashing the Gatherer with the knowledge it will devour the world and all existence, keeping every soul it takes in unending torment within.

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