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"The entity known as Apophis knows only one thing: corruption. It has been around since time began and it exists to defile and destroy. It is the ultimate trickster, the overwhelming darkness and the unceasing perversion. Among the minions of Isis and Osiris, Apophis is considered the source of all evil. Many are drawn into the Great Serpent's snare unwittingly as their natural desires for success and wealth are slowly tainted by Apophis' insidious influence."

In the nightmarish World of Darkness where countless horrors go bump in the night, a select few bring fear and loathing even to their fellow monsters.

Games are listed roughly by release date.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Old World of Darkness

Midnight Circus

  • Devyn Cavendish, born Anastagio Salvatore, is a powerful Nephandi mage who has sold his soul for power. The longest serving ringmaster of the Midnight Circus, Cavendish manages the day to day affairs, eliminating troublesome employees, spreading murder and mayhem, and harvesting countless souls to give to the "Old Shareholders", or the hellish forces behind the Circus, while stealing some for his own experiments. A selfish and murderous man, Cavendish tricks multitudes of innocents into surrendering their souls or outright lures them to their doom, while enslaving supernatural beings to do his bidding. One of the vilest beings in the World of Darkness, Cavendish represents the utter rot and monstrosity that the once-noble Circus now embodies.

Vampire: The Masquerade (includes associated novels)

Camarilla-aligned clans (includes antitribu)
  • Heinrich Himmler himself, the Tremere Primogen of East Berlin and head of the Final Reich, is a secret agent of the Sabbat playing both the Camarilla and the Anarchs against each other. A self-admitted beast of a vampire who promotes racist rallies and terrorist attacks, Himmler proudly confesses to have committed numerous war crimes during his military career as a key architect of The Holocaust—including overseeing Project: Werewolf, in which countless vampires, werewolves and fairies were taken to the Devil's Mountain to be experimented upon with the use of magick, radiation, and chemicals. Himmler is also behind the feared Hunting Party, a coterie of sadistic and psychotic killers that diablerize their own people en masse.
  • Ventrue:
    • Gehenna scenario: Hardestadt the Younger, inheriting the name of his sire after the latter's assassination, is the true mastermind and architect of the Camarilla. Enforcing the Masquerade and being responsible for the horrific corruption and brutality of his sect, with countless killed to preserve secrecy, Hardestadt embodies the worst of the Ventrue clan in the depths he will sink to cling to power. Constantly manipulating his subordinates and childer, Hardestadt refuses to accept the coming Gehenna and tries to murder scholar Cuthbert Beckett when he lets slip he knows the secret of Hardestadt's sire. When the Withering hits, Hardestadt implements concentration camps to have countless young vampires taken, staked and kept in painful storage to be fed on by their elders, a mass diablerie that he gleefully participates in himself, while viewing any other vampire as simply a competitor for the blood.
    • Gustav Breidenstein is a megalomaniacal Ventrue who hides his fragile ego behind a taste for Disproportionate Retribution. Jumping at the opportunity to join the Camarilla after having diablerized his own sire, Gustav became the tyrannical Prince of Berlin and executed vampires for minor offenses by letting the sun burn them alive. Holding petty grudges against the other clans, Gustav was deposed after having started World War I solely to display the might of the Ventrue, all the while bragging about having the guts to do it; Gustav tried to get his power back by supporting the Nazis during World War II. Found by the Brujah-led Soviet Union and appointed as their totalitarian figurehead, the capital under him is turned into a Police State where the sentence for any infraction is Final Death.

Sabbat-aligned clans

  • Lasombra:
    • Ambrosio Luis Monçada is one of the most powerful Lasombra in all the Sabbat and a key architect in its rise after he murdered his sire Silvester de Ruiz. Embracing a true faith even in undeath, Monçada believes that he must earn the damnation given to him by God and fosters the Sabbat and his followers to be the most nightmarish monsters they can. Unleashing Vykos upon the US and masterminding the East Coast war, Monçada even has his wayward Childe Lucita assassinate an archbishop to discredit his own allies so he may eventually sweep in and annihilate the Camarilla after bloody fighting before taking possession of Lucita anew. Frequently beating her for any defiance and even trying to kill her for rebelling, Monçada plans nothing less than the Sabbat's horrific victory over the world itself.
    • Marcus Vitel, born Lucius Aelius Sejanus, in life the puppet master of the vicious Emperor Tiberius, ran the Secret Police and killed many thousands. After being defeated, Sejanus was embraced by a Lasombra Methuselah and spent centuries trying to see Rome annihilated. Later awakening in Washington, D.C., Vitel joined the Camarilla while pretending to be a Ventrue, later arranging the death of his lover Prince Marissa and all her supporters to seize control of D.C. Assisting the Sabbat in the conquest of the East Coast from within the Camarilla as a traitor with countless dead, Vitel plotted to launch the nuclear arsenal in D.C. to devastate the world so he might shape it anew to his will.
  • Tzimisce:
    • Tzimisce, the eponymous Tzimisce Antediluvian, was by far the most inhuman of all the vampires both by an utterly alien personality and by the sheer depravity of his evil. Tzimisce was fascinated by his curse and sought to achieve perfection through his own twisted definition of evolution. He created the discipline of Vicissitude, flesh shaping, which allowed him and his bloodline to not only shape their own physical form, but also defile other living beings by twisting their own flesh and bone into torturous forms. Secretly, the discipline also allowed him to possess and consume anyone of his bloodline, giving him true immortality. Tzimisce spent the following centuries perfecting his art by torturing countless humans and vampires, and is even said to have created the Baali bloodline by teaching them demon worship. During Gehenna, Tzimisce enacted his master plan by first devouring and fusing with the millions of people in New York City. He grew powerful enough to function as a disembodied spirit and possessed Tremere during his ritual to control humanity. Through the ritual, he fused with every living thing on Earth and turned them into abominations in his image, an act considered so unholy that God himself finally stepped in and destroyed Tzimisce forever.
    • Yorak, the most loyal childe of the Tzimisce Antediluvian and the Voivode among Voivodes, takes the vileness inherent to the Path of Metamorphosis to its highest level. Freely turning entire families into tortured slaves and experimenting on innocent lives, Yorak is responsible for the cultivation of one of the Tzimisce's most ghastly projects: the Cathedral of Flesh, a masterpiece of Human Architecture Horror comprised of hundreds of thousands Yorak has personally melded into a single, labyrinthine building. Yorak has tended and added to the building for centuries, leaving most victims comprising the structure hideously aware of their state for all those centuries, manifesting such suffering that the Cathedral formed a gestalt consciousness and finally devoured its own creator alive.
    • Sascha Vykos, born Myca Vykos, is a monster whose legacy dates back to 11th century Constantinople. Sired by the Tzimisce Symeon, Vykos eventually destroyed his sire by repeatedly consuming and regurgitating him before a final act of draining him to death. Changing his gender and taking the name "Sascha," Vykos became a major figure in the Sabbat, feared even by its clan. Vykos invents new tortures, having perfected them upon countless unwilling victims whose agony it can prolong for years to centuries, alternating it with incredible pleasure to make the victim unsure if it is experiencing torture or rape. In modern times, Vykos plays a major role in the war for the United States East Coast, using its fellow Sabbat as Cannon Fodder or torture victims when it's bored. One luckless failed assassin is reshaped to its servant, tortured and broken so she may experiment with how loyal it has made him. With a thousand-year reign of horror, an insatiable hunger for knowledge and an unspeakable appetite for torture, Vykos is the one who shows the rest of the Sabbat what it truly means to be a monster.
    • Doktor Totentanz was suspected to have been a male eugenics scientist, Heinrich Lundt, who was sired by a Tzimisce for the terrifying passion he had for his work. Totenkanz used the Tzimisce's flesh-warping abilities to change his own gender and indulge to the fullest in her chosen proclivities, whipping up enormous, savage Sabbat war parties to murder as many people as she can. Totentanz is given a wide berth even by the rest of the Black Hand for the sheer audacity of her slayings, and her chief regret only ever seems to be that Pol Pot still has her beat for sheer amount of people slaughtered. Totentanz sires the equally vicious childe Weissrarech to carry on her Nazi ideals, and is scorned and considered a humiliation by the rest of the Sabbat she is dubiously loyal to, precisely because of how much of a hateful creature she is.
    • Weissrarech is the equally vile childe of Doktor Totentanz. One of the first Tzimisce glatzen, or skinheads, Weissrarch leads her pack to target non-whites throughout Europe, slaughtering laborers and refugees, even attacking Bosnian refugee war camps. Gleefully turning the Sabbat ideology into her own race war, Weissrarech plans to cleanse as much of Europe as she can while also striking at the Camarilla to kill whoever she can.

Independent clans & clanless

  • Baali: Nergal, one of the three founders of the Baali bloodline, manages to stick out even by their standards. Almost solely responsible for turning the Baali into a Religion of Evil so vile that they make the Followers of Set seem tame by comparison, Nergal ruled a city in ancient Mesopotamia as a king and unleashed a plague on his own people in an attempt to awaken a sleeping Eldritch Abomination. Moloch, another of the clan's founders, realized just how bad of an idea this was and actually joined forces with the other clans to put an end to his plan. Declaring himself a God to the Aztec people of the New World, who named him "Huitzilopochtli", Nergal went on to establish a particularly brutal practice of blood and human sacrifice. When the Lasombra-led Spanish Conquistadors showed up, Nergal abandoned his followers and went into torpor beneath what is now Mexico City. Even in the present, the surviving descendants of Moloch seek to stop Nergal's loyalists from breaking the world by creating Hell on Earth. How bad Nergal is can be demonstrated by the fact that nearly half of a bloodline universally regarded as the most malevolent in the entire setting thinks he's a menace and needs to be stopped.
  • Giovanni: Augustus Giovanni, the Giovanni Antediluvian, is the most selfish and monstrous of his clan and family. A mortal merchant sired by the Antediluvian Cappadocius, Augustus masterminded the Conspiracy of Isaac to create enough chaos to murder and diablerize his own sire before exterminating the entire Cappadocian clan. Using his own family to become new members of the Giovanni clan, Augustus left the mortal bloodline intact, crafting his family into incestuous, cannibalistic necromancers who regularly enslave the dead and scheme and backstab for his favor and the honor of being embraced. Desiring to supplant God himself, Augustus enslaves countless wraiths to eventually destroy the Shroud and cause the world to be utterly overrun by the dead so he can enslave both the living and the dead and become the unquestioned master of everyone.
  • Ravnos: Ghivran Dalaal, the "Dead God", is a Ravnos with a mind for sadism and torture. In his mortal life, Ghivran was already a vile psychopath who used his charisma and hypnotic charm to brainwash many people into becoming his slaves. Ghivran would torture his followers to death in every depraved way he could concoct, prolonging their suffering for as long as he could and constantly replacing their number so he would always have victims. Going so far as to force his followers to hand over their own children for Ghivran to flay alive and then cannibalize, Ghivran, upon his embrace into the Ravnos clan, quickly betrayed his own sire Markus and used his slaves to slowly devour him alive until Markus was screaming for death. Ghivran now operates the "Cult of the Dead God", indoctrinating countless people to his whims to unendingly torture as he pleases while hunting down fellow vampires so can torment them in ways too gruesome for mortals to handle.

Spinoffs and video games

  • Vampire: The Dark Ages (spinoff):
  • Kindred of the East (spinoff): Mikaboshi, once a mortal sorcerer who ascended to Yama King, is a ruthless, greedy ruler who corrupts countless souls for his Wicked City realm of hell. Seeking to become Demon Emperor and usher in violent Hell on Earth, Time of Judgement has Mikaboshi help invent the Screaming Plague to wipe out most of the Kuei-jin and send their souls screaming to Yomi. In the scenario "Wicked City", Mikaboshi corrupts most world metropolises, driving countless to rape, murder and violence while having "security" forces try to purge the supernatural and torture many in their path so he may reap countless more souls and strengthen his own position to become Demon Emperor and usher in the nightmarish Sixth Age.
  • Redemption (video game): Vukodlak was the most heretical grandchilde of the Tzimisce Antediluvian. A wicked Voivode even by the standards of the Tzimisce, Vukodlak was sentenced to deep torpor by his own vile clan for his mad desire to diablerize the Antediluvians. Taking sadistic gratification in defiling innocence and purity, Vukodlak spends centuries torturing his own ghoul, forcing her to bind men and women to the walls of his masterpiece, a replica of the Cathedral of Flesh made of countless corpses. While superficially claiming to be saving the vampires from the Antediluvians, Vukodlak wants to usurp their place and rule a world where all vampires bow to him.
  • Bloodlines (video game):
    • Andrei the Tzimisce, as Archbishop of the L.A. branch of the Sabbat, takes the Sabbat's ideals of embracing their inner beast and renouncing their humanity to a whole new level. Andrei lives in a house that he has decorated with body parts in order to make it resemble his ancestral estate. The walls are coated with bloodied human flesh, and the furniture is made from bones and organs. Equal parts Evil Sorcerer and Mad Scientist, Andrei uses live people and vampires as materials in his construction of the monstrous abominations that serve as his soldiers. He then tests the killing capacity of these monsters by unleashing them on defenseless mortals, with his ultimate goal being to use them to wage war against the Camarilla. In particular, he plans on wiping out the Nosferatu in order to "gouge out the eyes of the Camarilla". Also, should the player not send away their ghoul friend/lover, Heather Poe, then, upon reaching the Sabbat's lair, the player will arrive just in time to see Heather brutally murdered by Andrei's goons.
    • Bishop Vick is the egotistical leader of the plaguebearer cult, the Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle. Losing his faith in God and humanity after his embrace, Vick formed the Brotherhood to spread a fatal, gruesome disease amongst prostitutes and the homeless, and anyone he deems "enlightened", with the intent of infecting vampire and human alike, utterly decimating the latter population. By the time the fledgling reaches Downtown LA, the cult's sicknesses have already reached levels high enough to bring the CDC in. His human followers residing in the crack house are shown to have been reduced to little more than rotting, mindless zombies.


  • Toreador: Enver Frasheri is a Toreador "artist" who excels only in cruelty. A musical prodigy who lost his spark upon his embrace, Enver enacts his envy on talented artists by ruining their lives, torturing them to death and keeping trophies. Enver commits himself to the ruination of those he targets, torturing them physically and mentally while framing innocents for his crimes to the authorities. Enver delights in killing everyone close to his victims and posing the corpses artistically, tolerated by the Ivory Tower for his skill in dealing with the Sabbat, even if it brings about large amounts of civilian casualties.
  • Ventrue: Andrew Seneca is a Ventrue former slave whose "taste" only allows him to feed on slaves. Seneca proceeded to try to sabotage The American Civil War to keep slaves in bondage and was forced to flee to nations that still allowed slavery, keeping them in painful enslavement. Upon realizing that it was the despair he craved, Seneca tried to crush the Civil Rights Movement and deny minorities any rights. Bested in this endeavor, Seneca maintains a hand in Human Trafficking, ensuring immigrants are kept in subhuman conditions or forced into brothels while he serves the aims of the Camarilla and his own pleasures.
  • Sabbat-aligned clans:
    • Righteous Endeavor is a Tzimisce Priscus of the Sabbat and one of their most feared Inquisitors. A ruthless man who was a Puritan witch hunter in life, Righteous Endeavor was also a witch who would attend Black Masses and then betray them to his fellows for torture which he gleefully participated in, as well as personally raping numerous "sinners" himself. Upon being turned, Righteous Endeavor rallies Sabbat blood packs to further violence and continues to slaughter witches in present day, trying to purge all he can and torturing any mortal or vampire unfortunate enough to fall into his depraved clutches.
    • Maciej Zarnovich was a death-obsessed murderer in his mortal life who became ten times worse after his embrace into the Tzimisce clan. Joining the Sabbat war effort, Zarnovich was behind one of their most dangerous weapons against the Camarilla during the 19th century—using his circus to shatter the minds of audiences with perverse horrors, Zarnovich led a wave of madness across Europe, always unleashing the insane mobs on the general populace. Fleeing to North America to evade execution, Zarnovich reforms the circus to attack Camarilla-held cities in New England and Canada. Having the defenseless as his favorite subjects, Zarnovich mutilates everyone from babies to the elderly in order to create new abominations for his spectacles, disregarding the culture of his clan in favor of satisfying his need to understand death.
  • Baali: Hay-Tau, childe of Nergal, seeks to finish his sire's work in the aftermath of the Baali Wars. Hay-Tau is responsible for devastating Egypt and Constantinople with the Justinianic plague, which quickly becomes a pandemic that engulfs other countries and kills millions of innocents, with Hay-Tau using the Nosferatu to spread it even further—the plague would later resurface as The Black Death. By replicating Nergal's plan in a much larger scale, Hay-Tau hoped to awaken the same evil forces that his sire tried to bring to this world.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

    Examples (includes other media) 
  • Zhyzhak is a feared Black Spiral Dancer and the greatest servant of the Wyrm. A beast who lives to kill, Zhyzhak has slaughtered countless Garou, nearly wiping out entire clans or tribes, sending the corpses to her destined enemy King Albrecht with prophecies carved into their flesh. In Time of Judgement, Zhyzhak brings the war to her foes to wipe out the children of Gaia, having her soldiers attack a town in Maine before torturing and slaughtering every inhabitant, using the few survivors to bait Albrecht in. Seeking to cause the apocalypse, Zhyzhak has been promised the honor of breaking the world apart and will let nothing stand in her path.
  • Peter Culliford is the head of Pentex and the mastermind behind many of its atrocities. Promoting slavery, human experimentation, the ruination of countless lives and sparking conflicts in as many nations as possible to kill countless individuals and dredge on human misery for as long as humanly possible, Culliford's ultimate goal is the complete extermination of everything in the natural world not bought and sold by Pentex itself.
  • Harold Zettler is a sadistic Malkavian who has been a Serial Killer, a tyrant and engaged in human experimentation at Auschwitz as a Nazi doctor during The Holocaust. With a reputation for wickedness, Zettler sits on Pentex's board and runs the division dealing with human and inhuman experimentation, savoring the pain of others to shape them into monsters, all to fuel both the goals of the Wyrm's defilement of the world and the Sabbat's monstrous ends to drown the world in blood.
  • Chester van Gelding is one of the leaders of the Seventh Generation's Business caste. A vicious sadist, van Gelding promotes money into the Seventh Generation's operations to keep them abducting, torturing and violating children while engaging in parties that promote sacrifices and the abuse of children. Gleefully describing himself as "doing well by doing evil", van Gelding tends to adopt children, shapes them to look like him and eventually murders them to take their places when they are old enough.
  • Gunther Draggerunter is one of the leaders of the Seventh Generation's Medical caste. Likewise promoting the twisted abuse and engaging in sacrifices, Draggerunter runs the media operations and psychology rings where he prevents victims from healing, gaslighting and mentally torturing them to engrave their pain into them, also discrediting them to ensure they will never be believed for the glory of the Wyrm and potentially twisting them into becoming members of the Seventh Generation, themselves consumed by their desire to hurt others.
  • Earthblood (video game): Richard Wadkins is the CEO of Endron and a devout servant for the Wyrm. Eager to destroy the Wyrm's enemies, Wadkins opted to use his company to destroy the ecosystem, thereby weakening the spirit of Gaia. He also hired various soldiers and mercenaries to murder environmental activists as well as rival werewolf tribes that stood in his way. Knowing that his soldiers were no match for the werewolves, he tested a biofuel called Earthblood on hundreds of prisoners and conducted various scientific experiments on them in an effect to increase their strength, indifferent to those who succumbed to the biofuel's effects. After finding out that Cahal and his tribe intend on sabotaging various Endron locations, Wadkins lets them all destroy the foundations all so he can lure Cahal's daughter, Aedana, into a trap and kidnap her. As Wadkins performs experiments on Aedana, he tests Earthblood out in public, flooding a desert in Nevada with the gas and turning dozens of activists into Fomori mutants. Wadkins eventually transforms Aedana into a Wyrm mutant that Cahal is forced to kill before it's later revealed that he intends on exposing the whole world to Earthblood.

Mage: The Ascension

  • Voormas, Grand Harvester of Souls and master of the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy, is a mage who began as a Thuggee cultist for Kali and Shiva. After numerous murders, he began to fear for his karma and obsessed over finding a way to cheat death. After taking out of the House of Hekela, Voormas turned it into a place of atrocity with countless murders through the world. Arranging numerous mass killings and other horrors through the world to reap Quintessence from the fallen, Voormas puts his plans into place at the Time of Judgment. Killing and reaping even gods and the souls of their realms, Voormas plans to destroy the Wheel of Life and Death, replacing it with himself and condemn all things to a static, unchanging world so he might never need to face the penalties that come after death.
  • The Unnamed, al-Aswad, the first of the Nephandi, was the first man to make a pact with the Outer Dark. Sacrificing his true name for power and assembling the Aswadim, the Unnamed is responsible for the proliferation of the evil Nephandi and their devotion to evil and spreading atrocity. Even sabotaging the Nephandi as not to see himself upstaged, The Unnamed has caused countless catastrophes over the ages. Taking center stage with the Time of Judgment in "Hell on Earth", the Unnamed performs a strike to instantly kill the majority of the world's Awakened, having almost all the Mages massacred as the heroes rush to stop him. Unleashing the horrors of the other side on the world, the Unnamed takes a seat to reign over mankind, having brought Hell on Earth while countless humans are slaughtered and others remain as tortured slaves at the Unnamed's cruel whims.

Mummy: The Resurrection

  • Apophis, the Great Serpent, is the lord of Izfret and enemy of Ma'at and Osiris. Seeking to corrupt and destroy the world, Apophis has its servants corrupt and desecrate all they can while twisting and devouring countless souls in order to suit its dark designs on Earth. The ultimate enemy of the Resurrected, Apophis also commands Human Sacrifice and further evil deeds from its cults, seeking the day when it can rise and completely obliterate everything that lives. Apophis is also a patron of the wicked Midnight Circus, giving the ringmasters the power they need to corrupt and destroy countless souls themselves.

Demon: The Fallen

  • Abaddon was once the leader of the Ebon Legion, one of Lucifer's most trusted Archdukes. Breaking with Lucifer in the belief humanity should serve rather than be elevated, Abaddon led the Time of Atrocities where he saw entire cities put to the torch and humans slaughtered and enslaved in huge numbers. With Asmodeus, Abaddon had human women raped to produce the Nephilim and kill the angels Lucifer entrusted with educating humanity. One of the first Earthbound, Abaddon emerged from Torment as a ravenous monster dedicated to spiting Lucifer and destroying humanity, wiping out entire civilizations and promoting as much bloody horror as possible.
  • Asmodeus, Archduke of the Silver Legion, joined Lucifer's rebellion for his own reasons, being a major architect behind the fall of the Great Experiment. Helping to sway Abaddon to darkness and assisting in the Time of Atrocities, Asmodeus was the one who ordered mass rapes to create the Nephilim and destroy Lucifer's dreams, returning as one of the Earthbound to dominate the world with his twisted experiments after being unleashed from Torment.

Chronicles of Darkness

Mage: The Awakening

  • Aaron Murphy is a Banisher who leads the Huntsmen Cabal. A former soldier and lifelong misogynist, Murphy used his Awakening to join the Banishers, whereupon he was given the chance to torture a female mage for over twelve hours. With the Huntsmen, Murphy hunts down and slaughters Mages under the pretense of defending the world, while only using the hunt to gratify his sick desires, savoring the death and torture of as many women as he can.
  • Joe Beal, aka "the Blood of the Lamb", is a Scelestus who was entranced from a young age by the story of Jesus, and grew to believe it made Christ the "apex predator" upon his Awakening. Beal hunts down anyone he can, torturing them in every way he can think of, psychologically and physically, while considering them his "prey". Eager to even worship the Abyss for more power, Beal's one joy in life is to torture everything he sets his mind to, giving them all manner of pain he can conceive of, until they beg for death.

Promethean: The Created

  • Oleg Wormwood, Ukrainian mobster and would-be bringer of the apocalypse, is unlike most evil Prometheans who are motivated by years of torment they have received at the hands of regular mortals. Created at the time of the Chernobyl disaster, Oleg witnessed the meltdown, and, despite having a relatively good life by Promethean standards, desired to replicate it across the face of the world. Joining the Ukrainian, and then Russian branches of The Mafiya, Oleg killed numerous men—and gave large numbers of prostitutes cancer—in the process of making a name for himself, all while building up the connections and resources he would need to achieve his dream. He has purchased plutonium for terrorist causes, stirred up trouble between India and Pakistan, and otherwise done everything he can to manipulate the world's leaders into creating the nuclear holocaust that he so desperately craves. Emotionally hollow, and incapable of remorse, Oleg has no desire to ever be human, viewing mortals as nothing but tools to aid him in triggering the apocalypse.

Changeling: The Lost

  • The Shrike is a wicked Charlatan who emerged from the Fae lands to prey upon mortals, including children. Dragging them back to her larder, the Shrike would impale them on thorns to die in agony and feast on them at her leisure. Upon meeting the human Serial Killer Earnest Marker, the Shrike bonded with him and gained a new appreciation for taking life now that she could understand it better. Stalking her prey and slaughtering them, the Shrike relishes nothing so much as torture and agony, with even her ostensible host not being safe if she is discovered.

Hunter: The Vigil

  • Jack the Ripper himself, also known as "Saucy" Jack, was a depraved murderer who loved to kill women. After murdering many of them publicly, Jack was scouted out by Ashwood Abbey to help kill the Supernatural. Disgusting even the rich sociopaths of the Abbey, Jack returned to butchering women, prompting them to hunt him down and end his life. Surviving as a spirit of murder, Jack is always ready to appear to budding killers and guide them to be their worst, adding even more to the legend of the Ripper.
  • Larry Meeks, alias Captain Hook, is a small, pudgy, uninspiring man who runs a bait shop, dresses like he's going on a fishing expedition and has a fanatical hatred of anybody he thinks is better looking, more successful, or stronger then he is. A murderer since the age of fifteen, when he first determined to "prove himself", Larry baits in his victims with kindness, playing the role of the favourite neighbour or kindly uncle. Once he's won their confidence, he then subdues them with a gaffhook, and hangs them up in his fishing shack with thousands of tiny fish hooks embedded in their skin. Slowly draining his victims of blood over the course of several days, Larry then guts and cleans them "just like a pretty trout." Active for years, a recent invitation from the Subtle Collectors' Association (a cabal of like-minded killers) has convinced Larry that it is time to up his game, and he plans to move onto still bigger and better targets in the hopes of impressing upon his compatriots the is the best. Totally consumed by his need to hurt people, Larry spends most of his off time talking to his customers about his murders, using fishing metaphors to obscure what he's really going on about.
  • Harvey Ecks, known variously as The Rest Stop Killer, The Torso Maker, and (his preferred sobriquet) The Driver, had a dream when he was still in the womb. In it, he learned that by understanding the Dream Pattern, he would be able to gain total control over all reality. In his quest to achieve this goal, Harvey discovered that by forcing people to watch their limbs being amputated, he could make them reveal pieces of the Pattern. Once a roving killer who left headless torsos at rest stops, Harvey decided that this was too inefficent. Staking out a patch of the interstate highway, Harvey brainwashed diner waitresses, gas station attendents, and state troopers into blindly serving him, then installed video surveillance cameras on billboards. When he sights a likely victim, he forces his servants (who know him only as The Driver) to help him capture that person, whom he then tortures to death in the hopes that they will reveal more of the Pattern.
  • Thomas Salvatore, the head chef and owner of the Epicurean Club, is leader of the Pate de Fois Gras cult. A would-be chef, and gourmand, Salvatore was never able to get his restaurants to work. At least not until he'd visited Papua New Guinea and gained a taste for "long pig". Returning home, Salvatore recruited a gang of equally amoral chefs, purchased Briarwood Farms, and used it to raise his food of choice—human children. Keeping the kids locked in filthy cages, Salvatore and his compatriots force the children to bulk up on food and stimulants, before cutting out their livers and serving them to their patrons, none of whom have a clue what they are eating. Determined that he will be known as one of the world's greatest chefs, Salvatore plans to ride his new-found success all the way to the top—no matter how many children he has to butcher in the process.
  • "John Smith" is an aimless vagabond unable to remember his past, his identity, or anything about himself. For years, John Smith has floated from identity to identity to satisfy himself, always by means of attaching himself to a new victim and gradually convincing them that he's the only one that they can trust. John Smith slowly takes more and more of the victim for himself while murdering anyone who might suspect him of ulterior motivations, until he finally decides to frame his victim for an unspeakable crime and take them on a trip, which ends with John Smith murdering them and finally "becoming" them entirely until the next point John decides he doesn't fit in his new clothes.

Other Media

Kindred: The Embraced

  • Eddie Fiori, the Brujah Primogen of San Francisco, is Prince Julian Luna's arch-nemesis for most of the show. A callous and power-hungry mobster, Fiori seeks to overthrow Luna by orchestrating a war between the clans, starting by executing the Gangrel Primogen and ordering a drive-by shooting against a crowded Toreador club. A Bad Boss to his own clan, Fiori is happy to throw his right-hand man under the bus and use the Brujah as Cannon Fodder in the war that he wants to ignite.
  • "Romeo and Juliet": The unnamed Ventrue pediatrician is the cruel head doctor of a children's hospital. Feeding exclusively on his own patients, he turns the hospital into his personal blood-farm, keeping the sickly children malnourished and in constant fear of him. When Prince Julian Luna—who tries to give a fair trial to every vampire—learns the extent of the horrible conditions at the hospital, he immediately sentences the doctor to Final Death.

Alternative Title(s): Old World Of Darkness, New World Of Darkness, Chronicles Of Darkness